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Adored 3

Adored 3

Shayla seeks to expand the family.
When Kevin arrived home after a mid-July excursion to buy a new weed whacker, Jason sat in the den with a beer and the TV remote.

“Our wife would like you to attend her on the pool deck,” he said, grinning.

“What this about?” Kevin asked him.

Jason shrugged crookedly. “I guess you’re going to get laid. Isn’t that what usually happens when we’re summoned?”

Kevin grunted. He stood the box he carried on its end near the door and walked through.

Shayla lay with her back toward the door. She was naked except for the large, black-framed sunglasses. Kevin could see the lotion shining on her skin.

“Jason lube you up like that?” he asked as he pulled a chair next to her.

Shayla laughed lightly. “He did. And somewhere in the process, he even managed to steal a couple of licks and kisses where it matters. It took all my self-control not to climb on his cock and fuck him.”

“Why didn’t you?”

“Because you weren’t here, my darling,” she said as if talking to a fourth grader. “I never want to fuck him behind your back. That would be cheating.”

“You have a very strange idea about fidelity, my darling,” he said. “In the future, you may fuck your other husband whenever and wherever you want. You don’t need my permission. A simple statement ‘Jason and I fucked this morning,’ is sufficient to circumvent the provision of cheating.”

“Why, thank you, my darling,” she responded. “That’s very generous and agreeable of you.”

“We are where we are, my love,” he grinned at her. “No point in putting additional restrictions or limitations on it.”

“With the stipulation that I fess up to my misdeeds,” she smirked.

“I’m nosy,” he laughed. “He told me I’d been summoned.”

Shayla raised her glasses to see him. “I assumed you’re naked under the shirt and shorts.”


“Take them off and be naked with me.”

Kevin stood up and shucked his shirt and shorts. He tossed them into another chair and sat down naked. “What’s going on?” he asked.

“I’ve been thinking we need to expand our circle of intimacy,” she said.

Kevin was silent for a few seconds. “You want another husband?” he asked, trying hard to keep the incredulity out of his voice.

Shayla laughed aloud. “No, not that,” she said. “Jason needs a wife.”

“Honey,” Kevin replied, “he already has a wife. You. And, as far as I can tell, he’s quite content with the existing situation.”

“He needs a wife,” Shayla said emphatically.

“All right,” Kevin surrendered. “So, are you just going to cut him off?”

She laughed at him. “Of course not. Maybe I didn’t say it properly. He needs another wife. We need another wife.” Kevin couldn’t mistake the emphasis on the word “we”.

“We,” Kevin said, mimicking her emphasis, “Don’t need another wife.”

“Yes, we do,” she stated. “And I know who we’re going to get.”



“Susanna?” Kevin asked. “Susanna, the flaming redhead with all the curves and… well, you know.”

“And the attitude,” she confirmed. “Yes. That Susanna.”

“What have you done?” Kevin asked cautiously.

“We had lunch last Tuesday.”

“Don’t make me pull it out of you, Shayla. Tell me all of it.”

She sighed. “You won’t get mad at me?”

“That depends. What did you do?”

“I told her. I told her everything. I told her about you and about Jason. She said she was envious.”

“What exactly happened, Shayla,” Kevin asked with an edge to his voice.

“Okay. She asked me how my life was going. So, I told her it was glorious. I told her about how much I loved you and what a terrific husband you are. She said she was completely jealous because all the good ones had been snapped up. So, that got me to thinking. Anyway, then I told her about Jason. She remembered him from that New Year’s Eve party? She said he was beautiful and very nice. She tried to find him at midnight to get a kiss from him, but couldn’t find him.”

“He left early,” Kevin said. “Remember?”

“Anyway, I told her that he was my second husband. She was sort of pissed off at that. She said it wasn’t fair that I had two great guys and she had nobody.”

“Oh, boy,” Kevin whispered ruefully.

“So, I was thinking if she wanted to, she could come be a member of our family.”

“You didn’t tell her that, though, did you?”

“Not exactly.”

“What, exactly, did you tell her?”

“Just that I was thinking about extending our family.”

Kevin shook his head.

“So, here’s what we’re going to do,” Shayla said. “Just like we did with Jason, we’re going to get her to give us a test run for a couple of weeks.”

“Shayla,” Kevin started. She cut him off.

“What’s the matter with you? Don’t you like Susanna?”

“I love Susanna, honey. I’m just not sure about…you know.”

“Susanna is beautiful and funny and fun to be around. Jason is going to love her.”

“But, baby, if she’s here all the time, you know, like us, like we are now…”

“You’re going to want to do her.”

Kevin gave her a crooked shrug.

“And that might piss off Jason?”

“Jason isn’t the problem.”

Shayla lifted her glasses and stared at him for a long time. “You’re a dolt, Kevin. Sometimes you’re just so dense I wonder how I tolerate you.”

“Have you talked to Jason about any of this?”

“Of course not. I mean, you’re my real husband. I wanted you to know first. Besides, I want to surprise him. It’ll be like a present we’re giving him.”

“If he really falls for her he may want to move out.”

“He won’t. Believe me. When Susanna gets to experience all the love and adoration I’ve had from the two of you, she won’t let him leave.”

“From the two of us?” Kevin asked.

“Of course,” Shayla snapped. “Did you think I was going to bring her here and tell you that you can’t sample the goodies? That’s at the root of the whole deal, darling. You have to love her, too, just like I love Jason.”

“Pandora’s Box, Shayla,” Kevin said cautiously.

“Nonsense,” she responded.

“We’ll see.”

“So we will,” Shayla said. “She’s coming Friday night for dinner and staying the weekend.”

“Sex and all?”

“She doesn’t know about that, yet, but it will become sort of obvious early on.”

“And you think she’ll go with that?”

“I think she’ll be moving in before the next weekend,” Shayla said confidently.

Susanna was wearing a filmy, orange, yellow, and white summer halter-top dress and white sandal flats when Kevin opened the door for her at 5:30 the following Friday night. He was in a Polo shirt and khaki shorts. He took the proffered bottle of wine from her, kissed her on the cheek and invited her into the house.

Shayla and Jason were waiting the den when Kevin ushered her in.

“A Chardonnay?” he asked. “You remember Jason, don’t you?”

“I do,” she beamed. “Maybe now I’ll get that New Year’s kiss I missed out on.” She took three or four steps toward Jason as he struggled out of his chair, stopped, and said over her shoulder, “And a Chardonnay would be lovely.”

“How are you?” Jason asked awkwardly, extending a hand toward Susanna. She brushed it aside and ran her arms around his neck.

“I wanted to kiss you at midnight on New Year’s,” she said, “but you were gone. So, I intend to collect right now.”

She pulled him to her and planted her lips on his, holding the kiss for long enough that she felt him start to stiffen inside his shorts.

“Hello, Jason,” she whispered. “I’m Susanna.”

“I know,” Jason replied. “Nice to meet you again.”

“I can feel that,” she quipped, then released him. She turned toward Shayla. “Thanks so much for inviting me,” she said, “and letting me share him for a little while.”

Shayla held up a hand to stop her. Then she smiled brightly and said, “Jason, this is Susanna. She’s here for dinner and will stay the weekend with us.”

“Oh, really?” Jason said, sounding confused.

“Isn’t she beautiful?” Shayla asked him.

“Yeah, she is,” Jason chuckled. “Kisses good, too.”

The three of them were laughing when Kevin returned with a wine glass full of golden liquid and extended it to Susanna.

“Dinner’s in about a half-hour,” he said. “Jason, steaks are at the grill.

“Right,” Jason said, and quickly moved toward the backdoor and the three steps up to the deck.

Susanna looked at Shayla and raised an eyebrow. “Sure,” Shayla said.

Susanna followed Jason out to the deck.

“So you’re the designated cook,” Susanna stated as she stepped up onto the pool deck where Jason was loading the steaks onto the grill.

“Designated griller,” he corrected her with a chuckle. “Shayla cooks everything else.”

“How long have you been living here?”

“About a year,” he said.

“You like it?”

He nodded. “Yeah, I really do.”

“Would you recommend it?” she asked.

Jason paused. “The thing is,” he said finally, “there’s sort of an arrangement…” he stopped.

“I know all about your arrangement,” she grinned at him. “I think it’s lovely.”

“Yeah,” was all Jason said. He laid the steaks on the grill and closed the top.

Susanna sipped her wine, looking at Jason over the top of the glass. “Do you remember me from the New Year’s party?”

“I do. If I remember, you had on a different halter top, though. Black. Hair all up with tendrils near your ears. Kind of dangly, sparkling earrings.”

“Good memory,” she grinned at him.

“I’ve got a good memory for beautiful women,” he said.

“So you do think I’m beautiful,” she said.

“Oh, yeah,” he grinned. “No doubt.”

 “I’m sorry if I embarrassed you with the kiss.” Her voice was low and soft.

“No. It’s just that this thing going on…” he stopped.

“You want to be a faithful husband to Shayla.”

“Something like that. How did you know…?”

“Honey, Shayla’s told me all about it. Kevin’s her original husband. You’re his friend and lusted after her for ages. Finally, at Kevin’s urging she and you became intimate. At some point, Shayla decided you could be her husband, too.”

“Yeah,” Jason nodded. “I guess that’s what happened.”

“So, if you had stayed at the New Year’s party, would you have kissed me at midnight? I mean, even with your situation here?”

“Maybe that’s why I left,” he said. “I wanted to, but I might have felt bad about it.”

“I really did look for you,” she told him. “Of course, I didn’t know about your arrangement. Thinking back, I’m wondering if it would have made any difference.”

Jason was silent.

“So, Jason, do you know why I’m here?”

“Shayla invited you, I guess.”

She smiled. “Yes, she did.”

“I guess she likes you.”

“And I like her, too. We’re kind of like sisters of a different mother. But, with a setup like she has, why would she invite another woman? Wouldn’t that upset the balance of things?”

“I don’t know, Susanna.”

She smiled at him. “I like the way you say my name. It’s kind of soft and easy, like the last word in a poem.”

“I don’t read much poetry,” he grinned.

“But you’re a very good kisser,” she told him.

“Thank you.”

“I hope we’ll do it again over the course of the weekend.”

“That would be nice,” he said. “You’re a really good kisser, too.”

There was a long pause.

“Could we, you know, do it one more time, right now?” she asked.

“I don’t know,” he said, obviously uncomfortable. “They might catch us.”

“Just one, Jason,” Susanna asked. “Besides, I don’t think they’d mind.”

“You don’t?”

She shook her head slightly. “Just one more, Jason. I really liked it.”

“If you think it’d be okay.”

This time, Jason wrapped his arms around her and felt the smooth skin of her back where it was revealed by the halter top. Her lips were soft, moist, and very warm. He could feel her tongue pressing against his lips and he opened his mouth to allow it entry. They explored one another tenderly and Jason felt his manhood swelling in his shorts. The kiss ended with multiple tiny touches of lips to lips before Susanna stepped back.

“You’ll do,” she whispered, then turned and rapidly descended the three steps and dashed back into the house. She paused at the door for a second to call back to him. “Don’t burn the steaks, Jason.” Then she was gone.

“Holy crap!” Kevin said to Shayla as Susanna headed toward the deck. “Did you see the way she kissed him?”

“Are you jealous already?” Shayla laughed.

“No, no!” he protested. “But, damn!”

“They’ll make a great pair,” she said, feeling very self-satisfied.

“My little matchmaker,” Kevin chuckled.

“For my plan to work, though, you’re going to have to seduce her after dinner to get her naked.”

“She doesn’t know about that?”

“Well, she knows the three of us rarely wear clothes around here. But, the idea is that you start on her, get her naked, and then turn her loose on Jason. Meanwhile, you and I will be getting it on together. After that, well, we’ll see what happens.”

“I’m really supposed to do her? I mean, you really want that?”

“Baby, you’ve been watching me for a year now. It’s my turn.”

“Of course, she may not want me.”

“Honey, she wants you. I already found out about that. She’s not all that different from me. She’s going to want both of you.”

When Susanna came back into the room, she looked at Shayla. “All right. What the hell is going on?”

“What?” Shayla asked.

“It’s so obvious he’s completely devoted to you, but I kissed him again, and he was into it.”

“You do know it’s possible to love more than one person at a time, don’t you?” Shayla asked her. “I’m proof of that.”

“So I’m competing with you for Jason?”

“Absolutely not,” Shayla said. “Whatever happens between you and Jason is between the two of you. At the same time, I’d ask you not to forget Kevin.”

“What about Kevin?” Susanna nearly screamed.

“Kevin thinks you’re incredibly hot,” Shayla began before Kevin cut her off.

“Kevin can speak for himself. Yes, I believe you’re incredibly hot. I hope you’ll not be offended if we dance a bit, perhaps share a kiss or two and get comfortably intimate with each other.”

“What about you wife?” Susanna asked suspiciously.

“His wife,” Shayla said, “is the one who invited you, remember?”

“Okay,” Susanna said, taking a slug from her wine glass, “I’m thoroughly confused. What am I supposed to do?”

Shayla stood up and looked into her sparkling blue eyes. “Love and be loved. Enjoy and be enjoyed. And, if at any time you feel completely uncomfortable, all you have to do is say so.”

Kevin stood up and walked behind Susanna. He leaned down, brushed her hair aside, and kissed her tenderly on her right shoulder between her neck and the rounded portion of the joint.

“Stop that!” Susanna demanded.

“Why?” Shayla asked.

“Because it will make my nipples hard and show everybody I’m turned on.”

Kevin chuckled in the back of his throat, then kissed her again in the same place. “There’s just the four of us,” he whispered, “And we want you to be aroused.”

“Well, that kiss that Jason just gave me at your pool had me gushing,” Susanna stated. “And what you’re doing isn’t helping.”

“Honey,” Shayla said softly, “Now you know what I’ve been going through for the past year. I need some help.”

“Why me?” Susanna said softly as Kevin switch sides and laid several tender kisses on her left shoulder. “Oh, fuck!”

“Exactly,” Shayla said. “You, because I knew you were attracted to Kevin, and because you asked me about Jason after the New Year’s party.”

“Am I supposed to fuck them both?” Susanna asked in a low moan.

“Why not, darling?” Shayla said. “I do.”

“Does Jason know?” Susanna whispered.

“Not really,” Shayla told her. “But he’ll keep looking to me and I will encourage him.”

“And when does all this start?”

“After dinner,” Kevin said, “Just like this.” He leaned down and kissed her at the base of her neck, softly drawing her flesh between his lips and lashing it with his tongue.

“Oh, please!” she pleaded. “Fuck!”

“After dinner,” Shayla said sternly, rubbing a thumb across Susanna’s erect nipple and making her shudder with desire.

As usual, dinner was superb. Jason was a master at the grill and the steaks were tasty and juicy. Shayla’s salad and baked potatoes were nearly as spectacular as the steaks.

“Now you see why we keep him around,” Shayla grinned at Susanna. “Isn’t he marvelous?”

“He is,” Susanna confirmed. “A good kisser, too.”

“You could tell that from the one kiss here in the den when you arrived?” Shayla teased.

“Actually,” Susanna smiled slyly at her, “We cheated. We had another one out by the grill.”

“Jason!” Shayla said reprovingly. “Did you cheat on me with this slut?”

Jason’s eyes flared in anger. “I didn’t cheat. And, don’t call Susanna a slut.”

“I thought you loved me,” Shayla complained.

“Of course I love you,” Jason protested. “For corn’s sake, Shayla, it was just a kiss.”

“With tongue?”

Jason shifted uncomfortably.

Shayla laughed. “I don’t care, Jason,” she said easily. “Susanna is beautiful. I can’t think of anybody who could resist her. I’ve even thought of kissing her.”

“Excuse me?” Susanna interjected.

Shayla shrugged her shoulders. “It was just a thought.”

Kevin leaned back in his chair and surveyed the table. “I had no idea,” he said.

His wife looked at him with a twinkle in her eye. “Bet you’d love to see that.”

He shifted his gaze to Susanna, then back to Shayla, but kept silent.

“You did a great job with this salad, Shayla,” Jason said.

“Abrupt change of subject,” Kevin laughed.

“Thank you, my darling,” Shayla replied. “And your steaks are heaven.”

“Susanna didn’t tell me how she liked hers, so I just made them all the same way.”

“Speaking of heaven,” Kevin said, “Has anybody noticed how shiny and kissable Susanna’s shoulders look?”

“Stop it, Kevin,” Susanna said, and turned to Jason. “It’s perfect, my love,” she said. “Just the way I like it.”

“Two lousy kisses,” Shayla chided her, “And he’s “my love”? What’s up with that?”

“You may not have noticed, probably because you’ve come to take him for granted, but he is gorgeous; a real hunk, and he kisses like Prince Charming,” Susanna said.

“He’s a damned fine grill chef, too,” Kevin said, “in spite of being the world most miserable Alabama fan.”

“I am not miserable,” Jason retorted. “What makes you think I’m miserable?”

“A miserable Alabama fan,” Kevin said. “Miserable Alabama.”

Susanna looked confused.

“College football,” Shayla instructed her. “It’s like a damned religion around here. You can barely get laid on a Saturday afternoon during the fall because of the damned football games.”

“Well, we’ve got at least two more months before football season,” Kevin observed. “Plenty of time to get laid.”

“And speaking of getting laid,” Shayla said, “Jason, you need to understand something. Being a slut isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I’m a slut, you know.”

Jason looked down at his plate. “I would never say that you are a slut.”

“Honey,” Susanna said, laying a hand on his arm, “It just means we like to get laid. Any woman worth a damn would admit she likes it. I do. So, I really am a slut.”

“Sluts are women who don’t care who they screw,” Jason said defensively.

“Not so, Prince Charming,” Shayla said with a quick wink at Susanna. “These two sluts are very particular about who we screw.”

“True,” said Susanna. “It’s a very short list.”

“I hope I’m on it,” Kevin chuckled.

When the phone rang, everybody seemed to tense up. Kevin looked at Shayla. “If I answer it and it’s for you,” she said, raising her arms in surrender. Kevin took the call.

“Yes?” Kevin said.

“I do,” he answered after a pause.

Kevin listened for a long time.

“Is there, really?” he said finally.

“If you think that’s necessary,” Kevin said after another short pause.

“It is inconvenient, but that’s why they pay me what they do.” He rolled his eyes to the ceiling.

“Fine. Thirty minutes. Yes, I can do that.” He hung up and looked around the room. “Guess who’s going to Colorado?”

“Now?” Shayla asked, incredulous.

“All arrangements made. A car will arrive in thirty minutes. Red-eye to Denver and a short hop to Boulder. Apparently, I’m the only one who can straighten out this issue.”

“What issue?” Susanna asked.

“Programming,” Shayla answered. “For the government. All very hush-hush.”

“Defense?” Jason asked him.

“Can’t say,” Kevin grinned. “But I’ve got to go pack.”

“How long?” Shayla wanted to know.

“Two, maybe three days,” Kevin said.

“Suits?” Shayla asked as she rose from the table.

“One,” Kevin said. “Couple of Polo shirts and khaki trousers. Undies and toiletries. I’ll be wearing their provided jumpsuits most of the time.”

“Okay,” Shayla said. “I’ll help you. Jason, you entertain Susanna.”

Kevin and Shayla left toward the back of the house.

Susanna looked at Jason. “That’s unfortunate,” she said, draining the remains of her wineglass.

“I’ve been living here almost a year. It only happens every three or four months,” Jason told her. “Usually he’s only gone for a couple of days. Once, though, he was gone for nearly three weeks.”

“What do you do?”

Jason shrugged. “Live. Go to work. Keep Shayla company.”

“You sleep with her when he’s gone?”

Jason reddened. “Most of the time.”

She smiled and nodded. “Well, I guess we could clear the dishes.”

“Yeah,” Jason agreed, standing up.

“Do you think Shayla would mind if I stayed?” she asked him, gathering the empty plates and staking them. “I kind of let a friend stay at my place.”

“I don’t see why not,” Jason said. “We can pretty much hang out here until Kevin comes back.”

Shayla walked into the kitchen carrying the four wine glasses. “We’re going to have to get fresh ones,” she said. “I don’t remember who belongs to whom.”

“I don’t mind,” Susanna told her. “Nobody’s got cooties.”

That seemed to bring Shayla out of her state of anxious efficiency. She laughed. “You’re right. We’ll just recharge them and get a little sloppy.”

“Susanna wanted to know if she should stay,” Jason informed her. “I told her she should.”

“Oh, absolutely,” Shayla said enthusiastically. “We can still party without Kevin.” She took up station next to Jason who rinsed the dinner dishes in the sink and passed them to Shayla. She loaded them into the dishwasher.

“What can I do?” Susanna asked.

“Make sure the table is cleared,” Shayla said, “then pour us three glasses of wine.”

Jason looked at Shayla after Susanna left the kitchen. “I’m sorry.”

“Nonsense,” Shayla retorted. “We’ve been through this before.”

“You and I have,” he observed.

“It’ll be okay,” Shayla told him with a sweet smile. “We’ll be fine. Trust me.”

Susanna returned with hands empty. “Plating everything out here makes for much less mess, doesn’t it?”

“It does,” Shayla said, handing her a damp cloth. “If you’d just scrape up the crumbs the men left on the table that ought to do it.”

“Sure thing,” Susanna replied.

Kevin walked into the kitchen wearing a jacket and tugging a single black rolling bag suitable as an airline carry-on.

“Don’t bring that thing in here,” Shayla ordered. “Put it by the front door so you won’t forget it.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Kevin chuckled and exited with the wheels clacking gently on the tiles.

Susanna returned, shook out the cloth over the trash bag, handed it to Jason and proceeded to pour three glasses of the Merlot for Jason, Shayla, and herself. Jason shut off the water and dried his hands on a towel as Shayla pushed the dishwasher door closed with her hip, punched a couple of buttons, then reached for the towel Jason had used.

“Take yours and mine into the den,” she told Jason. “Susanna, please join us.”

A muffled horn sounded through the house.

“Car’s here!” Kevin called out from the front hall.

“Come kiss me goodbye before you leave,” Shayla called back.

Kevin walked quickly into the den and wrapped his arms around Shayla. Their lips met in a lingering kiss.

“I love you, baby,” he said. “Sorry about this.”

“No big surprise,” she said. “We’ll be fine. Hurry home.”

“How about me?” Susanna asked, standing up from her seat on the sofa.

“Oh, certainly,” Kevin replied with a laugh. He wrapped her in his arms and gave her a tender kiss.

“Love you, too,” he said.

“Hurry home,” she mimicked Shayla.

Jason stood and shook Kevin’s hand.

“Keep ‘em in line,” Kevin told him.

“Not much chance of that,” Jason grinned.

“All right,” Kevin said. “Got to go. See everybody in a couple of days.”

The door slammed closed and he was gone.

The three of them turned back toward each other and took seats in the den. Shayla sat in a recliner, while Jason and Susanna sat at opposite ends of the sofa.

“So, what I’m thinking,” Shayla said, “is that we spend another half hour enjoying each other’s company here, finish that bottle of wine, then go for a quick dip in the pool.”

“The wine’s gone,” Susanna offered.

“Well, crap!” Shayla said. “We’ll just have to open another. Jason?”


“You’re up. Pop the top, or whatever it is you do,” Shayla said.

“Yes, ma’am.”

“And stop calling me ‘ma’am’,” she ordered.

“Yes, ma’am.” He left the room to find another bottle of Merlot.

“Honey,” Susanna said to Shayla, “I didn’t bring a bathing suit.”

Shayla took a long sip from her glass. “Me, neither.”

“Oh,” Susanna said.

She looked, Susanna thought, like one of those Greek goddess-types as she descended the steps at the shallow end until she was submerged up to her waist in the sparkling water of the pool.

“She’s beautiful,” she told Jason, who stood next to her watching Shayla.

“She is,” he agreed.

“Does she do this often? Swim naked like this?”

“We all do,” he confirmed. “Does that make you uncomfortable?”

She looked at his face and was touched by the concern she found there.

“Caution to the wind,” Susanna said. “Come on.” She led him around the perimeter of the pool to the small pile of clothing Shayla had left on the deck.

As Jason disrobed, he tried and failed to keep his eyes from Susanna as she slipped out of her summer smock revealing she wore no bra and the tiniest bit of a brilliant orange thong. Shayla, he thought, had some real competition on the beauty front from Susanna. He watched mesmerized as she descended the same steps into the water until she turned to face him.

“Are you watching my ass, Jason?”

“I’m,” he stammered. “No! Not your…” He paused. “I was just thinking that you’re as beautiful as Shayla. Kind of like a water nymph.”

She turned to Shayla. “I think he likes me,” she said.

“What about you? You like him?” Shayla asked.

“I do. Yeah, I do like him. He’s cute and polite and sweet and, yeah, I like him.”

“And he’s a good kisser, too,” Shayla said.

“I already know that.”

“Come on, Jason. We’re waiting for you.”

Jason descended the steps and the two women converged on him.

“Kiss me, Jason,” Shayla demanded, wrapping her arms around his neck.

When Jason complied, Shayla told him to kiss Susanna. “Kiss her, just like you kissed me.”

Jason turned his attention to Susanna. Her arms naturally wrapped around his neck. She felt her breasts push into his chest and sensed his growing arousal as his cock began to swell against her thigh.

When Susanna broke the lip contact, she looked into his eyes, keeping her arms in the tender envelopment above his shoulders. “You do that so well,” she whispered. “I could get used to it.”

Jason smiled at her. “Your lips are very soft,” he said quietly.

Shayla waded past them toward the stairs. “I’m not about to stand here and watch the two of you moon over each other,” she said. “I’m going to have some more wine.”

“You want more wine?” Jason asked Susanna.

“No,” she said firmly. “I want more of you.”

“Are you sure?” he asked her.

“Yes,” she said, and pulled him into another kiss.

“I’m sorry,” he said when she finally ceased tonguing his mouth and pulled back for a breath.

“For what?”

“For my boner, you know. I can’t control it.”

She smiled. “I like knowing that I arouse you.” She reached her hand down and softly enveloped his erect cock in her fingers.

“Susanna,” he said uneasily, “You know I’m in a relationship.”

“With Shayla? Yeah, I know.”

“So, I’m not exactly free to, you know, fool around.”

“Honey, did you hear Shayla tell you to kiss me, just like you kissed her?”


“Why do you think she did that?”

“I don’t know. Being polite, maybe?”

“The plan is for you and me to get acquainted with each other.”

“There’s a plan?”

She pulled him down for another short kiss. “There’s a plan,” she whispered.


“I only know my part, sweetie. I am alone. I mean, I’ve had relationships before and most of them sucked. So, Shayla decided that the two of us should meet, get acquainted, and see what develops.”

“I love her.”

“I know you do. But, does that mean we can’t have a relationship, too?”

“I don’t know. I guess we could. It’s just…you’re a lot like Shayla, you know?”

Susanna smiled at him. “How do you mean?”

“You’re both beautiful, and nice, and, I guess I could get confused.”

“You mean like calling out her name when you’re making love to me?”

Jason looked shocked.

“It’s okay, Jason,” Susanna said. “Shayla is sort of like my sister. Not genetically, but emotionally, spiritually. We love each other, too. I mean that, Jason. Both of us want the best for the other. Kevin is the best thing to come Shayla’s way. Then, there’s you. She’s so very happy with you and Kevin.”

“So, why, I mean, what brings you into the equation? Is that too harsh?”

“No, sweetie. Shayla loves you. She wants the best for you, too. She wants you to be completely and totally happy.”

“I’m not unhappy.”

“Neither am I, Jason. But, maybe she sees something in me and in you that she thinks fits.”

“What about you?”

Susanna laughed. “Well, I love the way you kiss me. It makes me all warm chocolate inside. And this,” she said, squeezing his members, “really fits nicely in my hand.”

“You think I should go talk to her?”

Susanna released her grip on his meat and placed both hands on his face. “Do that, Jason. Talk to her. And, when you’re ready, I’ll be right over there.” She nodded toward the corner of the pool at the deep end.

Jason kissed her softly and turned to climb the stairs.

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