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Adventure Camping

Husband, wife and 2 friends go camping...
It had been a long 6 weeks that John had spent away from Emma. It had seemed like they’d hardly had any time together that year but finally the summer had arrived and John was home with some time off. They decided to spend a weekend camping in the Welsh countryside. The plan was to pitch a tent in the middle of the wilderness where they were unlikely to be disturbed. After a couple of days discussing the trip, the idea of inviting some company had surfaced. John got on the phone and spoke to Steve who in return agreed to come along with Stuart, his partner.

August rolled along until at long last it was the day to set off. The four of them jumped in the car with all their gear and headed for Wales. The drive took a lot less time than expected and they arrived at a car park in the mountains at 2pm. The sun was lovely and there was a fresh breeze that helped to keep them cool, after all it was an hour’s walk to the place they had picked on the map.

When they arrived at the site it turned up better than they had imagined. It was on a clearing in the middle of a large forest. There was a small lake maybe 50m across and surrounded by wood line. It seemed perfect for a private weekend of camping. John and Steve started on with the tents while Emma unpacked the essentials and Stu collected some fire wood. Time flew by as they built their campsite and as they just finished and had just lit the fire it was early evening. The sun was still hot and had cast an orange glow on the forest around them.

They had all worked up a sweat and discussed whether the water would be nice enough to swim in. Unanimously the answer was ‘yes’. They had brought no swimwear so the men just stripped to their boxers and Emma to her bra and sexy shorts. She looked stunning as she stretched to take off her top and all three of the guys couldn’t resist staring. John grabbed some beers from the cooler and handed them out, then they all ran to the lake a jumped in. The water was cool and refreshing, a welcome treat for them all.

About an hour passed by with some splashing and joking. One of the guys would regularly get out and retrieve more beers. The splashing calmed down and the beers kicked in. John was holding Emma around the waist and was holding her in his arms while they all chatted. The water was around chest height for Emma so she was mostly underneath. John decided to heat things up and began to rub Emma’s clit softly over her shorts. She did well to continue talking to everyone although her face started to flush. Steve and Stu clicked and realised what was happening. John unclipped Emma’s bra and threw it out of the water onto the bank. He then lifted his knees and took off his shorts and threw them too. Steve and Stu followed suit and within minutes all three guys were naked floating around the water. Emma decided to join in and removed her sexy shorts. There was a pile of underwear on the bank and four naked people whose minds were beginning to get dirty.

Emma took hold of John’s cock and realising it was getting hard begun to slowly stroke her hand back and forth. She made no effort to hide what she was doing. In fact she was intentionally teasing Steve and Stu who were floating closer to see if they could catch a glimpse. Emma kissed John passionately and then pushed herself back to float away. The guys had naturally formed a triangle and Emma was loose in the middle, drifting between them. John spoke, “Why don’t you show them what you were up to? I’m sure they’ll appreciate it.”

She floated towards Steve and reached her hand under the water to find his cock and once she had, cupped his balls and started to massage them between her fingers. She felt him grow as his 7 inches rubbed against her arm. She motioned with her free hand to Stu and told him to come closer. As he arrived she gripped his cock which was already hard and throbbing. Her hand tight around his 8 incher she began to wank him slowly. His face relaxed, his eyes glazed. She started giving Steve the same treatment, his eyes just staring at her pert A cup breasts in the water. Her nipples were solid and pointing out at least half an inch.

John was enjoying the performance but decided he wanted to be a part of it so he swam to the other three and placed himself behind Emma. He reached under her bum and began to rub her pussy, massaging her labia and gently rubbing her clit. She closed her eyes and put her head back, enjoying the moment. Steve took advantage of this and leaned forward to suck her nipples provoking a low moan. John moved his hand back as he felt Stuart’s come in. He started to put a little pressure on her tight arsehole knowing how much she liked it, leaving Stu to feel her pussy and discover her sweet spots.

5 minutes had passed and Emma was away with the sex fairies. A rush of blood came over her and she gripped Steve’s shoulders to lift herself up. She wrapped her legs around his waist and lowered herself onto his cock. Stuart held him and guided him into Emma’s tight wet pussy. Once again she threw her head back and began to grind on his hips, using the water as help. She leaned over to John and kissed him passionately while still fucking Steve. Stu reached in and continued to rub her clit, feeling his partner’s cock slide in to her pussy.

John held her around the waist and moved his cock underneath. He began to push it in to her pussy, using Steve’s as leverage. She gasped and gripped Steve’s shoulders harder. John’s cock slowly pushed in deeper until he was rhythmically fucking her pussy with Steve. She grabbed Stuart by the back of his head and pulled him in to suck on her nipples. The four of them were now in this lake alone, Emma being fucked by two cocks and getting her nipples sucked and clit rubbed by Stu. It was a stunning sight and amazing experience.

John and Steve both pulled their cocks from Emma and guided her to the bank by her hands. Stuart followed behind. They climbed out of the water and Emma knelt down grasping John’s cock in her hand and found Steve’s with her mouth. Stuart dropped in behind her and began to rub her pussy. She was so wet the water had no chance of washing her out. Stu rubbed her wet juices over his bulbous head and pushed it onto her lips. He slipped in with ease now that she had been opened by the other two 7 inchers. His extra inch was noticed as he buried it deep into Emma’s pussy. She could feel him pushing past her cervix and filling her completely.

The sun was dropping behind the trees and Emma’s wet tanned body looked amazing, her back arched to take in Stuart’s length and her mouth full, swapping between John and Steve’s cocks. Stuart was going hard now and Emma was struggling with sucking. She was in heaven and soon enough she came, hard and loud. Loud enough to send a group of birds flying from the trees above. Stuart kept fucking and within a minute he too was coming. He filled Emma’s pussy with his come, pushing his cock deeper until he had gave her every last drop. She could feel her pussy full of come but didn’t move, she wanted to keep it in for as long as she could. She softly gyrated her hips with her arse pointing in the air, not letting a drop escape.

Steve stood up and took Stu’s place while he lay back on the grass to recover. The instant Steve had pushed his cock inside Emma he started to fuck her hard. He could feel Stu’s come covering his cock which just turned him on even more. He fucked Emma hard and fast. The sound of bodies slapping echoed around the trees. John knelt in front of Emma wanking, occasionally getting sucked by her when she could find a moment between gasps. The sound of Emma’s wet pussy being fucked by another man gave John a buzz unlike any other. Seeing her arse tremble with every one of Steve’s hard strokes excited him so much he could feel it in his stomach.

Steve, after 5 minutes of nonstop hard fucking, eventually came and filled Emma with even more come. He buried his pulsing cock inside her. She could feel his cock ejecting more and more come every time he pushed. Once he had gave her everything he leant forward, resting on her back, leaving his cock inside her warm wet pussy for one more minute. He squeezed his length to make sure he had left her with everything he could and then pulled out. Emma stayed in the same position, just slowly rolling her perfect hips, feeling the two men’s come rock about inside her.

John was close to coming after seeing that, just knowing that his wife was holding on to their come and wanting his too. He moved around to her arse and slowly pushed his throbbing cock into his wife’s soaked pussy. Immediately he could feel the come of the others wrap around his cock. He started to fuck her, hard and fast. His body was slapping against her arse and her pussy sounded like it was overflowing with hers and their come. He pounded again and again until Emma screamed out, coming on his cock and gripping the grass below her. John continued to fuck his filthy wife and when he came he forced his length deep inside her, rubbing against her cervix, filling her with yet more come. He left his cock in her as the others did, making sure all of his come found the way inside her. He slowly pulled out and sat back on the grass.

Emma looked the sexiest she had ever looked. Her body glistening in the sunset glow, her hair damp from the water, her arse aiming high as she savoured the seed inside her. Covering her pussy with a hand she turned over to sit up. The come from her pussy poured into her palm and she looked at each of the men and licked her hand clean. She reached to her pussy for more and again licked her hand clean. She only stopped when there was not a single drop left. She said one thing, “What an amazing start to the weekend, I can’t wait for later!”

The foursome sat there naked on the grass sipping beers until the sun disappeared. Once they had recovered, they began to discuss what should happen next…

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