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After Dinner Surprise

Jack and Steph see friends in a whole new light.

Friday. 6:00 p.m. Jack Flanagan had worked late every night that week, and was exhausted. He’d been so busy that he hadn’t given any thought to weekend plans, or even remembered that there was a weekend, for that matter. Jack had a thriving veterinary practice, which he loved. It had formed the backbone of his adult life. It was even how he’d met his wife, Steph, who had been his first vet tech when he’d opened the practice twenty-five years ago. But after recently turning fifty-five, he’d considered that it might be time to hire a partner after running the practice on his own for so long. 

On the train home from the office, Jack called Steph before he went underground, to see if she had already made dinner. If not, he planned to suggest that they go out to dinner. It was nearing the end of June, and their kids— a fifteen year-old son and twelve year-old daughter — had recently finished school.

Steph replied that she’d love to go out to dinner, and surprised Jack by telling him that her mother — who lived a couple hours away — had come to pick up the kids to spend the weekend. Steph knew he’d been working hard, and figured he would appreciate the opportunity to relax.

When Jack arrived home, Steph greeted him at the door with a kiss. Jack thought to himself, “She looks good,” and told her so. Steph was wearing a purple and white summery sundress, along with peep-toed heels with a cork-colored sole, showing off a new burgundy pedicure. Steph’s mom had come into town early enough for them to get pedicures before the kids got out of school.

After taking off his scrubs, Jack turned the shower on hot, and climbed in, closing his eyes, letting the steam melt away the week’s stress. Jack was a fairly good looking man, with close cropped graying blonde hair and blue eyes. He had swam and wrestled in high school, and still held some of the physique, though he was admittedly not as toned as when he was eighteen. Nevertheless, a running and weightlifting regimen kept him in better shape than most men his age. He’d recently completed his twentieth marathon. When he got out of the shower, Jack pulled on shorts and a short-sleeved button down, and stepped into some flip-flops. Feeling refreshed, he told Steph he was ready to go.

“Where would you like to go?” Steph asked.

“How about the Creekside Inn?” Jack suggested. Steph had gone to lunch there with her mother recently, but they hadn’t been there for dinner since he could remember. It was situated, as the name suggests, along a creek across the street from a park. In the park, the creek descended through a waterfall and created a pond at the far end of the park, with a trail following the creek’s path through the park.

“I was hoping you’d suggest that!” Steph answered. “It’s a perfect night for it.”

And it was. It was a mildly warm evening, as a late spring was finally blooming into early summer. The restaurant had a dining porch with retractable windows that would surely be open tonight.

Because it was such a nice night Jack and Steph were not the only couple eager to dine out. The area around the restaurant was so packed, with people at various restaurants and pubs in the area, that Jack and Steph had to park at the bottom of the park across the street. As they walked through the park, they held hands, and paused to watch the waterfall for a few moments.

When they got to the restaurant, Jack and Steph weren’t surprised to learn that there was a wait. That was fine with them. They weren’t in a hurry. They had the evening to themselves, and no babysitter to relieve at home. They stepped up to the bar, and Jack got a pint of a local ale, Steph a glass of white wine.

As they sat and talked, they glanced over to see Steph’s best friend, Amy, at the end of the bar. As they walked over to say hello — Steph and Amy greeting with pecks on the cheek — they saw that Amy was with a date. “Good for her,” thought Jack. Amy had gotten divorced the year before, and had not been out on the dating scene much. And she carried a glow that Jack hadn’t seen on her in quite some time. 

Amy is an attractive woman, but a contrast from Steph. Steph is five foot two, with dark blonde hair and hazel eyes. At forty-eight, having had two children, her gorgeous breasts are not as pert as they’d been in her twenties, although they look and feel perfectly good to Jack. Amy, also forty-eight, is taller, at five foot eight or nine inches, and has dark brown hair and green eyes. A runner, she has a leaner build, and has not had children — which is probably a good thing, as drama-filled as her life has frequently been. Some people just aren’t cut out for parenting. Whereas Steph is quiet and shy, Amy has a bit more of a wild streak.

The last few years of Amy’s marriage had been rough on her. Her husband, though a decent enough guy, had moved Amy away from home to Toronto, where he worked long hours in a high-stress job. Amy, who hadn’t found work — and hadn’t needed to, because her husband made a lot of money — languished away from home and her friends, and most often seemed miserable. It probably hurt that she didn’t work, because loneliness exacerbated her unhappiness. She just never adjusted to the city.

After moving back home, Amy got a job as a librarian in the local elementary school, which she enjoyed. She displayed a lightness of being Jack had not seen in her for years. It was refreshing. She had a big smile, and looked good.

Amy introduced them to her date, Phil. He was tall — a bit over six feet — and a ruggedly attractive guy. Short brown hair, and brown eyes, with the physique of an athlete. Broad shoulders and muscular arms showed through the light blue polo short he wore accompanying shorts and loafers. Having appraised him and approved, Steph was not surprised to hear that Amy had met him in a local running club. Phil had made good money as a barrister, but recently sold his firm for a small fortune, bought a vacation home on a nearby lake, and ran sports programs at a nearby youth center. He seemed like a nice guy. Again, good for Amy. And good for Phil. He’d made a good catch. Amy was in a skirt and spaghetti strap top, showing off her nice, lean runner’s legs.

Jack and Steph invited Amy and Phil to join them, but Amy and Phil had already eaten, and were at the bar for a couple of drinks and dessert. Amy told Steph that Phil lived on the other side of the park, and invited them to come by later for a nightcap after dinner, if they liked. Steph told Amy she’d keep the invite in mind.

Moments later, the table was ready, and Jack and Steph were fortunate to have gotten a table on the patio overlooking the creek. The breeze felt good, the food was delicious, and they sat and talked and splurged on dessert.  Steph had finished a second large glass of wine, and was getting tipsy. As they were ordering dessert, Amy came by the table to say that she and Phil were on their way to his house, and told Steph to text her if they decided to stop by. 

“It’s the white colonial on the corner across from the park,” Amy said. “The one with the new fence along the side. Phil just put in a new deck and fire pit.”

She added that they might stop on the way home to to pick up a bottle of wine, so it was possible Jack and Steph beat them there. 

“So be sure to text if you’re coming,” Amy said.

“We won’t be there too soon, if we come,” Steph told her. “We still have dessert to eat, and we had to park all the way on the other side of the park, so we’ve got a bit of a walk to the car.”

“Just let us know,” Amy answered. “If not tonight, let’s get together soon!”

After Amy left, Jack asked Steph what she thought about going to Phil’s. Surprising him, his shy and conservative wife put her hand very high up his thigh and said, “I’m going to have a third glass of wine. And then you can decide if you want to take me somewhere else or take me home.” Her hand nudged slightly higher, and Jack physically responded. Amy and Phil might have to wait for another time.

So Steph ordered a third glass of wine with dessert. Jack was torn between wanting to hurry her home and enjoy her apparent offer, and waiting to enjoy the evening (and allow her to finish her third glass).

Once they finished their dessert, and paid their check, Jack and Steph walked out of the restaurant, and held hands as they crossed the street and descended into the park past the waterfall. As they approached their car, Steph looked across the street, pointed out a house and said, “That must be Phil’s.” Sure enough, it was a white colonial with a new fence. 

“Let’s have a look,” Steph said. 

“Don’t you want to hurry home?” Jack encouraged.

“Indulge me. I’ll make it worth your while,” Steph answered. 

The back corner of Phil’s house had privacy shrubbery between the fence and the street — there was no sidewalk on Phil’s side of the street — and Steph headed between the shrubs, to take a peek between the fence slats. 

“I want to see his new deck — to see if he can give us some ideas for ours,” Steph said. Jack rolled his eyes. He’d been telling her that their deck was fine, for years, and she’d been insistent on putting in a new deck with Trex composite materials. Trex was nice — and permanent — but expensive. 

Plus, of course, Jack was in a hurry to get home.

Begrudgingly, Jack wandered across the street and stood nearby inside the shrubs as his tipsy wife went to peek between the slats. It felt like they were mischievous teenagers.

As Steph leaned forward to peek through the fence Jack saw that the back side of the fence had a gate at the corner. The gate was slightly open, as if the latch had not caught the last time it was closed, and Jack pointed at it so Steph could have a better look.

Jack leaned against the fence, behind the shrubs, glad that nobody could see them. Although they weren’t doing anything wrong — it was a friend’s house, and they had been invited — it felt mischievous. They hadn’t texted that they were coming, because they weren’t planning on staying.

Jack watched Steph look through the narrow opening in the gate, and she froze, her eyes open wide.

“Must be some deck,” Jack thought. As she remained frozen, standing there — which seemed odd to him— Jack went over to see what was the big deal. 

When Jack looked through the open gate, he understood why Steph had frozen.

Phil’s fire pit, built into the center of his deck, was in use. Shadows of flames flickered across the back of the house. Music was clearly playing — just loud enough for them to hear it where they were, but not loud enough to disturb neighbors —  from rock-shaped speakers at the corners of the deck.

And in the foreground of the fire pit, body slightly silhouetted from the lighting, Amy lay back on a chaise lounge chair.

Her legs were parted, her knees slightly raised, her skirt hiked up around her waist. A spaghetti strap had fallen off her left shoulder — or been tugged — and her left breast was exposed, revealing a dark red and very taut nipple. The thumb of Phil’s right hand grazed Amy’s nipple and, looking down, Amy’s fingers slid through Phi’s hair, his head between Amy’s parted legs.

Amy’s hips moved, circling, as her fingers moved through Phil’s hair, his tongue obviously gliding over and between her pussy lips.

Understanding why Steph had frozen, Jack froze, too.

Amy bit her lower lip and gasped, barely audibly to them over the music, as Phil’s thumb and forefinger pinched her nipple, tugging, her body pressing further against his mouth in response. 

Jack looked at Steph, and she at him, and Jack indicated with his head to their car, his eyes asking the question, “Should we go?”

Steph just looked back at him blankly, looked back at Amy and Phil, and raised a finger in the air, indicating “just a minute.”

Phil had stood alongside the chaise, and Amy was sitting up, leaning forward, her fingers at Phil’s belt. 

Phil looked down at Amy, and she back up at him. Her fingers crawled up his belly and chest, inside his shirt, pushing it over his head, before sliding back down to his now unfastened belt.

Phil reached down, as Amy unzipped his shorts, and tugged her spaghetti strap top over her head, her already unfastened bra falling off her body, her bared breasts dangling. They were smaller than Steph’s but pert and attractive with rigid, rouge nipples. 

The shadows of the flames appeared to lick their bared upper bodies, as Amy’s fingers curled around the top of Phil’s pants and tugged them off his waist.

Jack looked away for a moment, to glance at Steph, and saw her watching intently. 

Echoing his earlier thought of “good for Amy” when Jack saw she was out on a date, Jack thought “good for Amy” again as Phil’s rigid cock rose, silhouetted, into the night air. Jack is a man who is fairly confident in his size, with a dick about seven inches long, give or take, but Phil easily had a couple inches on him.

Amy looked hungrily at Phil’s dick, and then up into his eyes, as her fingers slipped around the base of his shaft. As Jack — dumbfounded — watched Amy’s fingers encircle Phil’s girth, Jack thought to himself that her wrists can’t have been much bigger around than his shaft.

Jack moved behind Steph, and said quietly into her ear, “Is this turning you on?”

She pressed back against him and whispered, ‘“Feels like I’m not the only one.”

Jack couldn't believe what he was seeing and hearing. Although Steph was mostly pretty shy and conservative about sex, they had used toys now and again, and watched and read erotica. Although they’d talked vaguely about watching someone else have sex, Jack never in a million years thought it was something that would ever actually happen. And although he might have imagined entertaining the opportunity himself, Jack was quite certain that Steph never would. Maybe it was the wine.

As they watched Amy’s head tilt forward, and her lips brush the head of Phil’s cock, Jack cupped Steph’s breast in his right hand and and lightly caressed it through the fabric of her dress. Amy knelt on the lounger and slowly spread her lips over the head of Phil’s cock. As she did so, she leaned forward, her skirt riding up to reveal the backs of her thighs and her bare ass. Either her panties had already come off, or she hadn’t been wearing any. Jack’s fingertips found Steph’s nipple through the fabric, and grazed against it. He couldn’t resist thinking about what it would be like to move behind Amy as she knelt on the lounger and slide his cock into her while she sucked Phil’s prodigious cock — or, hotter yet, what Steph would look like in Amy’s place.

Phil reached down to cup Amy’s breast and, as he tugged her nipple, she closed her eyes, pulled her mouth momentarily off his cock, and gasped. Her fingers remained wrapped around his shaft, slowly stroking as her breasts brushed against his open palms.

Following Phil’s lead, Jack slipped his fingers inside the top of Steph’s dress, pulling the cups of her bra off her breasts, and suddenly squeezed her nipples. Jack wasn't sure if she would object — or really how she would react — but she simply gasped and pressed her buttocks back against his hard dick.

Amy’s lips returned to the head of Phi’s cock, tugging it into her mouth, before her tongue extended to paint broad licks over the head and then trace down the front of his rigid erection. Once again, the silhouette of his large, engorged shaft flickered in the firelight. As Jack unfastened Steph’s bra to grant his hands more ready access to her heaving breasts, she reached back to cup his cock through his pants.

Meanwhile, Amy greedily licked down to Phil’s balls and let them rest upon her tongue as her fingers roamed in circles up and down around his shaft. Steph stuffed her fingers up the leg of Jack shorts and touched his balls.

Amy’s mouth and fingers found a rhythm, working in tandem up and down Phil’s gleaming cock. Steph’s fingers found the base of Jack’s shaft and gripped it, holding him, as they watched Phil slide his fingers through Amy’s hair and guide his dick in and out of her hungry mouth.

Steph couldn't help thinking about what Phil’s cock would feel like in her hands and mouth — what it would feel like to have him that hard for her. While Jack had imagined what it would feel like to move behind Amy and thrust into her, Steph imagined what it would be like to be in Amy’s place, sliding her lips and tongue over and around that incredible cock. She realized she was getting quite wet thinking about it.

Amy’s body swayed as she sucked, her ass bared, her breasts hanging. She had tugged Phil’s shorts off in the firelight. Even Jack found Phil’s cock an impressive sight to behold. 

Perceptively, Jack could only imagine the thoughts and feelings rushing through Steph’s body and mind as she watched Phil fuck her best friend’s eager mouth.

Phil and Amy’s hungry bodies moved in tune with one another. With the music drifting through the air, the fire lighting their bodies, and their shadows against the back of the house, it was almost hypnotic. 

Phil’s hips slowly drew back, pulling his cock out of Amy’s mouth, and he reached for Amy’s hips, turning her around on the chaise. He tugged her skirt off her hips and down her body until it fell onto the deck. She was kneeling in front of him completely bare, as he stood over her. 

This was an intensely hot moment. Amy was naked, on her knees, her breasts hanging down, her ass raised up, her knees parted, her feet dangling over the edge of the chair. 

Even Steph thought she looked hot.

There was no doubt what was about to happen. 

Phil, as naked as Amy, stood behind her, his hand wrapping around his glorious cock, prepared to guide it to Amy’s pussy. His muscles shone in the firelight. Amy looked back over her shoulder at him, in anticipation, as he looked down at her.

Jack hiked up Steph’s dress, hooked his thumbs into the waist of her panties, and tugged them off her hips and past her thighs, until they dropped around her ankles. Jack then slid his fingers up between Steph’s thighs, under her skirt, and stroked her pussy, as they anticipated what was about to happen. 

Steph gasped, watching, as Phil moved behind Amy, his large cock looming over her.

“Are you as turned on as I am?” Jack whispered in Steph’s ear as his fingertip grazed her clit.

She squeezed and lightly stroked his shaft as she answered, “Yesss.”

Phil reached down between Amy’s legs and stroked her pussy with his fingers as she moved her legs slowly further apart, opening herself to him. Her back arched as his fingertip penetrated her, apparently to ready her for his big dick.

“Phil …” they could hear Amy moan as she arched back against his fingers.

Amy leaned on her forearms, with her eyes closed and head dangling, as Phil thrust a second finger into her, readying her further.

“Phil ….” Amy moaned again.

Phil pumped his large cock with his left hand while he finger-fucked Amy with his right. Her body rocked in response.

“Phil!” Amy gasped.

“Now?” Phil asked as his dick rested for a moment against her bare buttock.

“Fuck me,” Amy demanded, as she arched and writhed back. Phil’s dick pointed upward and ready.

Jack’s fingers danced across Steph’s clit as they watched Phil press his cock to Amy’s pussy.

Jack’s mind was racing as they watched. Would Steph regret this tomorrow? Or would it be a hot memory?

Suddenly, Phil’s weight shifted forward and he penetrated Amy in one fluid motion. Her moaning response  filled the air as she pressed back against him, welcoming and greeting his cock deep within her. 

Jack’s middle finger curled into Steph, penetrating her. 

“Wow,” Jack whispered, “So hot.”

“Yes,” Steph gasped in response, awkwardly stroking Jack’s cock inside his shorts.

Phil’s hands gripped Amy’s hips tighter, and he withdrew slowly before slamming forward, back inside her. Amy’s buttocks rippled against the force of the thrust, and she let forth a soft grunt of pleasure, and moaned, “Mmmm, yes, babe. Fuck me.”

Phil’s hips drew back and thrust forward, repeatedly pumping himself deep inside her. Jack saw Amy’s fingertips gripping the edge of the chair, as if to hang on. With each forceful thrust, her entire body shuddered, and she emitted moans and grunts of pleasure.

“She likes getting fucked like that,” Jack whispered as his left hand cupped Steph’s breast and his right stroked her clit.

“So would I,” Steph answered, surprising herself. Was it the wine? She wasn’t sure. But she felt intoxicated by lust as much as by wine.

Amy’s eyes remained closed, and her body shuddered, with repeated, hungry thrusts of Phil’s impressive cock. He pulled nearly all the way out before diving fully back into her. Her moans blended into one another as she lowered her breasts and her nipples dragged against the fabric of the lounger’s cushion. She arched her body, raising her ass up to expose and open herself to Phil’s pounding dick.

Jack formed his thumb and forefinger around Steph’s nipple and squeezed as her pussy and clit ground against his other hand and he asked, “You want to get fucked like that?”

“Yes,” Steph answered, her eyes locked on Phil and Amy’s naked, heaving bodies, her fingers slowly pumping Jack’s rigid dick. 

Amy’s head tossed back as Phil thundered forward. She shuddered with the impact, moaned above the sound of the music, and cried out in pleasure. Her entire body shook as an orgasm overwhelmed her. Phil’s grunt followed as he leaned down into her, and he shuddered in orgasm. His cock emerged, and a spurt of cum rose into the air, landing on Amy’s bare buttock. Additional spurts gushed onto her ass as Phil’s tremendous organ emptied upon her. 

Steph’s thighs squeezed against Jack’s hand, and she shivered in a mini-orgasm.

Amy collapsed on the chaise, and Phil lay aside her. After a moment, they stood, and strolled hand in hand into the house, the shadows of the flames again licking their naked bodies. 

Steph turned around, facing Jack, and kissed him hard, her fingers still wrapped around his throbbing cock inside his shorts. As their tongues moved together, Steph’s fingers slowly pumped Jack’s cock. It turned Steph on to feel how hot and hard he was.

Just inside Phil’s gate, under a tree and at the back of the yard alongside a new storage shed, sat a bench for reading in the shade. Although Steph had planned to have Jack take her home, instead, she pulled him by the hand, stepped through the narrow opening in the gate, and sat down on the bench. She could feel the cool wood through her dress and remembered her panties were on the ground. She didn’t care at this point. She’d get them later. Steph’s fingers fumbled with Jack’s belt and the button on his shorts and, in moments, Jack’s shorts were at his ankles. His hard cock was exposed in the night air, insistently rigid and upright. Steph held Jack’s dick as she leaned forward and licked from his balls up the full length of his shaft, to his glistening head. She slipped her lips over and around him and took him into her mouth.

Jack closed his eyes and exhaled in pleasure as Steph slowly took his length into her mouth. Her fingertips cradled Jack’s balls in her hands as the soft warmth of Steph’s mouth contrasted with the mild crispness in the night air.

“What‘s gotten into you tonight?” Jack asked, just above a whisper, looking over his shoulder. They were a sufficient distance from the house that he probably could have talked in a normal voice, but he felt like he should whisper. The corner of the shed kept them out of view of the back door. Hopefully Amy and Phil had gone to bed.

“You want to know?” Steph answered softly back, her fingers slowly pumping Jack’s cock as he reached around her to unzip the back of her dress.

“Yes,” Jack answered, as his his fingers moved to unfasten Steph’s bra and tug it and her dress off the top of her body. Steph now sat with the top of her dress crumpled around her waist, her upper body naked in the night air.

“Are you sure?”     she asked, leaning forward to lick the head of his cock before sitting back again and looking up at him. 

“Who was this woman?” Jack thought to himself. And what did she do with his shy, conservative wife?

“Well …” she started, before trailing off.

“Go on,” Jack prodded.

“Well, first … “ she started, as she lazily stroked Jack’s cock in her hand. “First, the way Phil was making Amy squirm when I looked through the gate. I was shocked. I wanted to leave, but I couldn’t.”

Jack reached down and cupped and squeezed Steph’s naked breasts. Her nipples were rigid from the cool night air and from arousal..

“That feels good,” she told Jack, before continuing,  “And then, when Amy took his pants off and his … his …” she trailed off.

“His cock?” Jack offered.

“Yes,” she went on, persisting through shyness. “His cock was so big. And so hard. And watching her touch it and stroke it.”

After she said this, Steph leaned forward and sucked Jack slowly into her mouth, and then squeezed her lips around his shaft as she slowly pulled back, stroking him with her lips.

“Feels incredible,” Jack told her.

“I can’t believe how hot it’s making me to suck your cock,” she answered, pausing to stroke him as she replied.

Steph was not usually much for giving blowjobs. In twenty years of marriage, Jack could count the number he had received on one hand, maybe two.

“Probably not just my cock in your mind,” Jack chuckled, thinking how he had briefly pictured Steph in Amys place as Amy was sucking Phil.

“Maybe,” Steph answered, holding Jack’s balls in her fingers.

“Oh yeah?” Jack asked, gently squeezing Steph’s nipples.  “Are you thinking about Phil’s cock?”

Now I am,” she answered, looking up at Jack as she licked and stroked.

Were you?” he asked.

“Yes. A little,” she answered.

“Fuck,” Jack answered, leaking precum that Steph spread over the head of his dick with her thumb.

“Does that make you mad?” she asked.

“No,” was all Jack could manage for a moment, as his fingers slipped through Steph’s hair and he guided his throbbing dick in and out of her pursed lips.

“I even thought about that when Amy was sucking him,” Jack added. “My mind flashed an image of you in Amy’s place.”

Steph grabbed the base of Jack’s shaft and sucked his cock with a hunger he’d never seen from her, her lips squeezing up and down his cock as her tongue moved in circles around it. And he couldn’t help but wonder if she was thinking of Phil’s cock at that very moment.

She paused and looked up at him.  “Like that?” she asked. “Is that how you pictured me sucking him?”

“Is that what you want? To suck his cock?” Jack responded.

“No, but if I did, this is how I’d suck him,” Steph answered as she greedily sucked Jack’s cock into her mouth, her head bobbing back and forth as she slurped at his dick and licked down to his dangling balls. 

She looked up. “So is that how you pictured it?” she asked. 

“Yes,” Jack barely managed to gasp as she resumed caressing his balls with her tongue and licking back up his shaft until she quickly devoured him again, pursing her lips around his shaft as she fucked his dick with her mouth.

Jack was overwhelmed by the sensations. He had to pull his hips back to avoid erupting in her mouth. He didn’t want to cum yet. He wanted to fuck his incredibly hot wife.

Jack reached down to Steph and guided her to kneel on the bench. Her dress fell the rest of the way off her body and to the ground when she stood and turned to kneel. She was now completely naked in Phil’s back yard.  Jack pulled his shirt off and, like his wife, was completely naked.

When she knelt, she was in the same position Amy had been — naked, on her knees,  gorgeous breasts. dangling, knees spread, feet hanging off the edge of the bench.

Jack held his dick in his hand as his fingertip slowly penetrated her, and she edged her knees wider apart.

Steph moaned quietly when Jack slipped a second finger into her and the head of his dick touched her buttock.

“Are you going to show me how you’d fuck him, too?” Jack asked.

Steph laughed a little. “Do you want me to?”

“Yes,” Jack answered, as his hips sunk forward and he penetrated her.

“Oh Jack,” Steph answered, as his rigid dick sunk all the way into her.

“Show me how you’d fuck him,” Jack replied.

“You want to see that?” she asked.

“Want to show me?” he answered.

“Show me how you think he’d fuck me first.”

Jack grabbed Steph’s hips tight, and slammed forward ferociously, filling her immediately with searing heat.  Her whole body was jarred by the impact of his hips against her buttocks. Jack’s balls swayed when he made impact.

“Yes,” Steph moaned.

Jack withdrew slowly, and slammed forward again, jarring Steph, and sending sensations rushing through her body, down to her toes. Like Amy had done, she lowered down onto her forearms for balance, as Jack withdrew and thundered forward.

With both hands, Jack reached under Steph to roughly grope her breasts, finding and tugging on her nipples, sending spikes of sensation shooting through her body.

Jack watched Steph’s buttocks bounce with each hard thrust. He tugged her nipples and drove with his hips, thrusting as deep as he could, fucking her like he hadn’t done in years — maybe ever.

“Is this how he’d fuck me?” she panted amidst the powerful thrusts.

“Yes,” Jack answered 

He gripped his wife’s buttocks and fired repeated deep thrusts with his throbbing dick. As his hips slapped against her buttocks, her breasts swayed forward and back. Jack could imagine how sexy she looked from an observer’s standpoint, if he’d been able to stand alongside and watch, or circle around and observe her from all angles

Steph interrupted this thought, moving forward and pulling off his cock. She turned to him and said, “My turn.”

“Your turn?”

“To show you how I’d fuck him,” Steph answered.

“You want to show me how you’d fuck him?”

“Yes,” Steph answered. “I do.” 

Steph stood up from the bench and told Jack to lay down. Jack knew what was coming. He wasn’t surprised. Steph liked to be on top. Jack lay back on the bench, and Steph climbed over him, straddling him.

Holding Jack’s cock in her hand and guiding him to her pussy, she said, playfully, “You’re not as big as he is, but you’ll do.”

“I’ll do my best,” Jack answered, grinning at her.

“You do that,” Steph replied, as she sunk down over his cock, taking him all in.

Both of them gasped.

Jack closed his eyes, felling Steph’s pussy squeeze around him. It felt like Heaven.

Steph felt the heat of Jack’s throbbing cock filling her. She slowly rose up, feeling the sensation of his heat moving within her. As her pussy gripped his dick tight, she slid quickly back down over him.

Both of them gasped again. Steph felt so tight around Jack. And his cock felt so full within her.

Suddenly, Steph quickened the pace, rising up and grinding down onto Jack several times, brushing her clit against the base of his cock with each thrust. Her hips changed direction each time she descended over him, and she started slamming down even harder. When Steph leaned over to feed her delicious breasts to Jack’s mouth, his lips and tongue lashed at her hard, pink nipples.

She leaned down and whispered in his ear, “Do you like how I’d fuck him, Jack?”

“You’re so fucking hot,” he answered. “Yes!”

And then Jack added, “Do you feel hot? You should.”

“Actually,” Steph answered, “yes, I do. Now fuck me with that big, hard cock.”

It drove Jack wild to hear his wife talk like that. He reached to grab Steph’s ass and pull her down over him, as he thrust up to meet her. He leaned up to draw her nipples into his mouth, one at a time, tugging at them with his mouth.

“That feels so good,” she gasped, encouraging him.

Steph reached behind her to grab Jack’s hand on her ass and guide it further back. He immediately understood, and began lightly stroking the tender skin between her pussy and ass.

“Ohhhh,” Steph moaned when he touched her there.

Jack’s finger kept caressing that tender spot as Steph’s hips rose up and slammed down over and around his cock. Her clit brushed against him each time she thrust. Steph squeezed her breasts together so that Jack could draw both of her nipples into his mouth at the same time. The combination of sensations was overwhelming.

Jack felt her pussy throb around him, squeezing him. It was almost too much.

Jack’s fingertip brushed Steph’s anus, and her hips bounced in response. Her clit dragged against him, and her nipples burned in his mouth. Steph paused right there, and absorbed all of the sensations. 

Her body shuddered and began to convulse. Moans escaped her lips as her pussy pulsed again on Jack’s cock.

It was too much. 

Jack grabbed Steph’s ass tight in his fingers, and his hips gave a final thrust. Steph’s body met his. As the orgasm began to rush through her body, Jack’s cock erupted inside her.

Each time Jack spurted, Steph bucked against him, and her clit pulsed with the friction. Orgasmic sensations rushed over their bodies with increasing intensity before peaking, and then slowly, slowly subsiding.

They collapsed together, naked in the moonlight, as their breathing returned to normal and they basked in weightless, sated bliss.

After a few minutes of deep relaxation, they quietly stood and got dressed. Jack grabbed Steph’s panties off the ground outside the gate as they walked out, hand in hand, to the car.

“Take me home,” Steph told Jack. “We might need to do that again.”


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