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After we switched partners, we did something for the ladies

After we switched partners, we did something for the ladies

After letting the men see them eat other out, they want to see something.
A couple months ago, my best friend, Pat, and I switched partners for one night. We fucked each others' wives, and everyone loved it. We didn't expect to see our wives take a liking to each other.

Our wives eating each other out entered our vision, and we both shot our loads when we saw it. After that night, efforts were put in to get them to do it again for us. They agreed, but wanted something in return. 

As one couple sat on one couch, and the other on the other couch, the women told us just what they wanted.

"So, we've heard from both of you, that you liked seeing us eat each other out, and we would like to give you what you want," Jessica said.

Pat and I looked at each other, and the same feeling came to both of us.

"I think we both feel a 'but' coming," Pat mentioned.

"Well, we'd like to see something too," Rachel let us know.

Sceptical looks appeared on our faces.

"And what would that be?" Pat wondered.

No possible ideas came through our heads.

"We want to see you two suck each others' dicks," Jessica said.

Immediate thoughts of 'No way in hell' came, but their magic over powered us.

"Come on, it'll be worth it. We may even show you other things too. You know you can't resist us," Rachel made clear.

In the end, we didn't have a choice, our backs were against the wall. The knowledge of how much we loved it too, came into the equation. We were reluctant, but we both gave in. Pat got down on his knees, and came towards me.

We had been best friends for many years, even before either of us met our wives, so how horrible could this really be? His head leaned down towards my cock, and took it right into his mouth. It felt very weird right away, but the women loved it.

His lips went about halfway down my cock, and remained right there. My eyes went to the women, and they were drooling. Their feet began tip toeing towards us, and each wife got close to their husband.

Jessica hands went to mine, and transferred them right onto Pat's head. I had no desire to make Pat go down any further, but I did desire to please my woman.

"Make your women cum, from watching you two," Rachel demanded.

All four of their eyes stayed on us, and were about to cum too. A little bit of passion came into it by Pat, and he proved to his wife just how much he loved her. Jessica's arms wrapped around me, and whispers wandered into my ear.

"I love you, Steve, you are a saint for doing this for us," Jessica whispered.

My lips kissed her once, and then her knees bent to the floor. Her tongue arrived at my balls, and Pat seemed to get off on that. That served as her attempt to make me get off a little faster, and it worked. Even with my cock in a guy's mouth, cumming still happened.

"Fuck, Pat, I gotta shoot now," I muttered.

My cock exited, and Jessica took the cum. A lot more appreciation came from her.

"Fuck, that hot. Pat, your turn," Rachel said.

My knees landed on the floor, and Pat stood up. His cock immediately traveled into my mouth, and I sucked on it as passionately as I could right away. He got the chance to prove his love, so obligation came my way to do the same.

His hands landed on my head, but he made me go a little further on his cock. I was fine with that, but he seemed to be really liking it.

"Fuck, Steve, you are a good dick sucker, I had no idea," Pat let out.

The women laughed, and then Rachel did Pat the same favor that Jessica did for me. She began licking his balls, and that made him wanna cum a little faster as well. I guess they were just so thankful for the sight, that they wanted to grease our wheels a bit.

Then Jessica got down there with her, and sucked on his other ball. So he had his cock and both of his balls occupied. I kept sucking on his cock, but it was becoming too much for me.

I had never sucked on a cock before, and my limit came due. I took it right out, and Rachel took it right in her mouth. She sucked on his cock like a pro. I sat down on the floor, and Jessica sat down with me. She grabbed onto my cock, and began stroking it.

"Come on, it wasn't that bad, was it? At least it's been in Rachel, and my mouths too," Jessica said.

"True, but it's still not my cup of tea. Does this mean that we won't get to see you two go at it again?" I wondered.

Our eyes went to Pat shooting his load onto Rachel's face, and then we looked back at each other.

"I wouldn't say that, but could you at least give your best friend a kiss?" Jessica pondered.

"You mean him, right?" I asked.

"I'm your best fucking friend forever, he's just your best friend forever. There is a big difference," Jessica made clear.

I kissed my BFFF once, and then I got up. I walked towards my BFF, and gave him a kiss. It lasted for about ten seconds, but the women definitely loved it. Then we saw the women fingering each other. They were loving it, so it seemed that they were gaining a lot more points than us.

So my hand came to Pat's cock, and began stroking it. It was still hard, and it didn't go limp. Then Pat decided to do the same, and we gave the ladies another great sight. We both began stroking each others cocks really quickly, and we both let out some soft moans.

The women were still fingering each other, but kept their eyes on us. Although, a minute later, Jessica took out her phone, and took a picture of us.

"Send me that picture," Rachel said.

"That better not end up on Facebook," Pat said.

"And sent," Jessica let out.

"Hey, sweetie, you are kidding, right?" I asked.

"No, I'm not kidding. I just sent the picture, to Rachel's phone," Jessica replied.

Then Rachel's phone went off, and I noticed that both of our cocks went limp. I guess that was to be blamed on the fear of other people seeing that picture. We focused on them fingering each other for a minute, and then our cocks got hard again.

We kept it up, and we both seemed committed to making each other cum. He eventually leaned towards me, and whispered.

"Damn, man, this is fucked up," Pat whispered.

"Something like that," I whispered back.

I guess by then, we become a little used to each others' touch, but we still didn't love it. I was coming close to cumming, but that was mostly due to watching the ladies. I began breathing heavily, and he could tell what was about to happen.

He took his hand off my cock, and backed away a little bit. I came, but I didn't get him. Then he was unwillingly to let me finish the job, so he went to my wife. She took his cock in her free hand, and she jerked him off.

It didn't take too long for him to grace my wife with some hot cum. After he shot his load, he fell to the floor. The women were still fingering each other, and I had to make sure I got a picture of them. I grabbed my phone, and they even smiled for the picture.

"Send that to me," Pat said softly.

I did that for him, I sat down next to my wife. My hands landed on her boobs, and kissed her too.

"Damn, Steve, you must really want to have sex with Rachel. Wait a minute, you already did," Jessica said.

"What does that mean?" Rachel inquired.

"Steve has had a slight thing for you for a little while now. I've noticed him checking out your ass a couple of times, and I busted him on it. He caved immediately, and told me he was sorry. He admitted to having the hots for you, but how could I be mad? I had the hots for you too. Pat, you landed a major hottie," Jessica explained.

"So, you must have been jumping up, and down when we suggested switching for one night," Pat suggested.

"Yes, but it's not like you got screwed, metaphorically speaking. My hot wife had sex with you too," I let him know.

Then Pat got up and cuddled with his wife. All four of us just enjoyed the sex in the room, and said nothing. In the long run, Pat and I doing gay stuff was worth it. We had some great memories, and we both got to feel some intense pleasures from each others wives.

I'm not too sure that our sex lives are so dull that we need to rely on switching partners every now and then, but it is quite a treat. I guess we could break it out on special occasions.

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