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After-Hours Fun

Finally get to fuck the office milf!
I hadn’t been in a relationship for some time - years. I was in my late twenties and knew that now was the time to capitalize on my career so put in long hours at the office. It was paying off too. I was the youngest employee in my company to be fully in charge of an office and it was one of the most productive offices too.

As any red-blooded man, I had my sexual urges. I didn’t have time for a girlfriend and I wasn’t very good at picking up girls in a bar setting so I would often go to the local adult bookstores or swinger’s clubs and participate in the fun (usually gangbangs or orgies) or if I was really impatient, I'd get my fix off craigslist girls.

My office doesn’t have any attractive women; except for one. Her name is Sarina. She’s 48 years old and from Iran, although she’s lived in the states for almost 30 years. Sarina is a petite woman who keeps fit. Her smooth skin and soft face are accentuated by her brown almond-shaped eyes and it’s all framed by a short pixie-style haircut. It’s her attempt at staying young, she tells me.

We were the last two in the office one evening. I was watching her walk back to her desk since I’m often distracted by her firm ass when I asked, “Are you leaving soon?”

“My car is in the shop so my daughter will be picking me up once she gets off work.” She replied.

“I wish I’d known earlier,” I told her. “I would have arranged to take you home but my work will be keeping me for a few hours more.”

“Thanks Jay, but I’ll wait. My daughter will be here soon. You’re so sweet.”

I’m always sweet , I thought.

A little about me. I’m a 29 year old white male, fair skin brown curly hair and brown eyes. I’m 5’9” and during high school and most of college I was pretty skinny. I was also shy and didn’t participate in sports or anything that would make me popular so I was a ghost to all the girls, but often very nice to them. My senior year of college I started working out to try to change my physique. It worked. Between the effort in the gym and being a late bloomer, I started gaining some size. After college the girls started to notice me, but like I said, I prioritized my career above any relationships so the girls didn’t stay long. Anyway, despite my maturing physique, my face (which has been called handsome more than twice) always looked younger than my actual age; almost 5 years younger and cherubic. I’ve been called sweet more times than I care to recall.

“I’m always sweet ” I thought.

“What if I’m not sweet?! What if I’m just a caged animal that’s begging to be released?” I said aloud. Why did I say that?

“You need to be true to yourself.” Was Sarina’s reply. “If you’re not you’ll drive yourself and others crazy. Others will appreciate your honesty.”

Her frankness was refreshing. It sounded as if a Sage was lecturing me but he middle-eastern accent soothed the lecture and made it quite appealing.

“Then I hope you appreciate this.” I told her as I pulled her petite frame towards mine and kissed her dark cherry lips. Then we paused for a moment.

“I will continue to appreciate it” she told me as she kissed me again, this time her lips parting, making way for our toungue to dance.

I reached down to feel her firm, taught ass which always looked mesmerizing whether she wore a pencil skirt or plain black dress pants. She moved her hands up to my solid 42” chest to loosen my tie. I quickly removed my shirt, shoes and pants and she slowly unbuttoned each button on her blouse to reveal her beautiful bosom; natural C-cups so bountiful that you just wanted to lay your head on them like soft pillows. She slid her skirt down and stepped out of it. We were both left in our underwear: I was in my boxer-briefs and Sarina stood so innocently (almost embarrassed) in her black silk bra w/ pink lace and matching panties and her high heels. Her naturally darkened skin accentuated the core work she’d been doing and completely defied her age. Our hearts were racing, fully aware of the adventure ahead.

I pulled Sarina back into my arms to kiss her but she quickly dropped to her knees. My bulge was obvious in my boxer-briefs so she released my cock from its confinement. She gently caressed all 6” and lightly tugged on my balls. She then took my member into her warm mouth. Each time Sarina took me into her mouth she would deep-throat me and lick my balls. She would alternate between sucking my cock and licking me along the seam from the back of my sack to the tip of my cock.

Soon I was ready to blow my load.

“I want you to cum in my mouth” Sarina told me. “I’ll swallow it all!”

She must had felt me clench my ass when I was ready to cum because she deep-throated me again and I shot my cum right down her throat! Damn she’s amazing.

“It’s your turn to be appreciated.” I told her.

I unhooked her bra and her natural C-cups stayed firmly in place as her bra fell to the floor. Despite three kids, her tits remained in spectacular form. My mouth was directly drawn to her left nipple as I sucked hard on it, then circled it slowly with my tongue. At the same time I caressed her right tit.

I sat her down on the edge of the desk and slipped her panties off. To my surprise, I saw only a thin strip of well-manicured pubic hair pointing directly to her clit and swollen pussy lips; otherwise it was a clean working area. I slowly kissed her legs, starting at her toes (still in her pumps), down her calves, across the back of her knees then down the inside of her toned thighs. Finally I arrived at her golden gate.

I softly blew on her pussy lips, then lightly lapped them; this made Sarina want it even more. I sucked on her clit a little but then started licking her lips furiously. I would alternate sucking her clit and licking her lips until I got her really wet. Then I inserted one finger in her pussy as I continued to suck her clit, all along she's bucking her hips toward my face. A second finger easily slipped into her pussy and it was really getting her off. I continued to suck and finger fuck her until a wave of pussy juice squirted out of her and into my mouth. Some of her juices ran down her ass crack and that gave me an idea.

After her orgasm subsided I started fingering her and eating her again, but this time I started reaming her cute little ass hole w/ a third finger. A mix of my saliva and Sarina’s pussy juices gave me enough lubrication to fuck her ass w/ my third finger.

“I want your dick in my pussy” she purred at me.

My dick had gotten hard again from eating Sarina’s pussy and after lubing it a little with her pussy juices it slipped right in. I shoved it all the way to the hilt and just stood there for a minute. Her surprising tightness, warmth and silky-smooth skin felt so right at that moment. I lifted her petite frame in my chiseled arms as I stood straight, her lovely twat impaled on my shaft.

Slowly she moved up and down on my cock. She increased her speed until she screamed, “Oh Jay! I’m cumming again!”

I set her back down on the desk and she gave me a most devious look. “Oh God Jay, your cock feels so good and it’s the perfect size. Look, I’m so wet…” she showed me as she lifted her legs and spread her pussy and ass cheeks. “I want you fuck my ass. I want you to fuck my ass and cum in it.”

Who was I to deny her? I dropped to my knees again and reamed her ass with my tongue and stuck two fingers in to get her ready. She got off the desk and turned her ass to me. “Take my ass hole.” She commanded.

My dick was still lubed from fucking her pussy so I easily slipped the head into her back door. She wiggled a little, then backed herself to me more. Slowly I inserted my whole dick to the hilt. I started to pump in and out, feeling her constrict on my member. As I gained speed I could feel my balls slapping her pussy. The tightness of her ass made me want to cum quickly. Soon Sarina was cumming again while I shot a hot load of jizz up her ass!

We were spent. My dick limped out of her ass and we both collapsed onto the floor. I laid my head on her lovely tits.

“Wonderful things happen when you’re yourself” Sarina told me.

We cleaned up and got dressed. Soon after, Sarina’s daughter, Bella, arrived to pick her up. Beauty definitely runs in the family. I’d love to get my hands on her. I eventually hook-up with Bella but that’s a story for another time.

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