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Ainsely 15

Ainsely's confidence gets shaken, new friend or mean rival?

"So how's my college girl doing?" I asked her.  She was sitting at the dining room table pouring over her notes and writing.  "Learning a lot?"

"Oh Jack, I hate having to do papers," she whined. "I just don't get anything out of it and he just doesn't like the way I write.  I wish I could just get credit for how good I can be with kids."

"I'm sure papers do you more good than you think.  It won't hurt you to learn to be a little more organized in your thinking.  That's what the writing is all about."

"I AM organized," she protested.  "but he keeps giving me Cs or worse.  I think he just doesn't like me."

"C'mon baby, everyone likes you," I smiled.  "I like you; Javon likes you," I teased.

Her brow knitted as she looked at me.  "I hope that's true."  She looked down at her hands.

"You actually wonder about that?  He really played it cool when your parents were here. If he didn't like you a lot, why would he do that? Not only that, but The guy has been over here a coupla times a week all semester fucking your pretty little white brains out.  And you wonder if he likes you?  Really?"

"I know," she said pensively, "but have you noticed that he's coming over less often?  I mean, he's only come to see me once this past week.  And it just doesn't feel right when he is here.  Something's different." 

Hmmm.  How do you use logic when a girl argues feelings.  "Well I like you.  I love you Ains, and I always will.  I hope that feels right."

"You're weird," she grinned, "but I know you love me.  It's just that everything is so, hard."

A few days later I bumped into Brown in the motor pool.  "Hey dude, whadda you gettin' tired of white pussy or what.  Ainsley's really missinthat black dick."  It was a playful jab, but he just brushed it off telling me he'd been busy.  I wasn't sure how to take that but I'd been pretty busy myself since we were still working off gigs from the IG inspection and now I had a new LT following me around, getting ready to take my job. I was getting moved over to the supply office.

Later that day Bob, the newbie, and I went to the snack bar for lunch where we met his cute young wife, Lisa.  She was bubbly and flirtatious with short blond hair and a curvy figure she didn't seem hesitant to show off.  I struggled to keep my eyes off of her ample cleavage and was very glad to be able to follow them out after lunch so I could watch that delightful wiggling butt.  And I was by no means the only one who noticed her. They were from Boston, just out of school and newly married.  Probably that's why Ainsley and I were supposed to sponsor them--show them the ropes.


"Listen honey, I don't mind having people over.  It can be fun, I know, but I just have too much to do.  Homework, keeping this place half way decent, hell, I haven't even been to the grocery store in two weeks.  Can't you just get someone else to have them over?"  He just sipped his morning coffee listening to me patiently.

I had to give it to my long suffering hubby. He explained again that we were supposed to be hospitable and helpful to people we were assigned to sponsor and that stiff arming them wasn't exactly the way to do it.  Extracting a promise from him that he'd get to the commissary over lunch and help me clean and straighten up, I let him reassure me. "They're kind of a neat couple.  You might get a new friend out of this if you just give them a chance."  That was a nice thought. But I decided I had to let him in on what was really bothering me.

"Javon might come over," I told him plaintively.  "He hasn't been here since last weekend." Jack kept cool, patiently reminding me that he usually came over on Friday nights so he can fuck me all weekend. "Yeah, I know," I whined a little, adding hopefully, "but maybe he'll come before that."

"That's why I invited them for Thursday night," he smiled, very self satisfied at anticipating me. 

"Okay," I finally relented.  I wrote out a shopping list for him and gave my sweet husband a kiss on the cheek, sending him off to work.  Dropping my notebooks in my school bag I went upstairs to try on the short dress Javon had asked me to buy.  I loved the dirty thoughts running through my mind as I wondered if how long it would take for Javon to toss it on the floor!


I was at the new captain's office that afternoon when I happened to glance out the window and see the delectable Miss Lisa getting the come-on of a life time from our dear Private Brown.  She was buying what Javon was selling and she didn't seem the least bit shy about letting him know what she had to offer.   Oh no, I thought. Now what?  How do I tell Ainsley about this?  What do I tell Ainsley about this.  Is there anything I dare try to tell Ainsley at all?

Bob came up beside me just then and asked what I was looking at.  "You better watch your wife with that black guy," I told him.  "He's a pretty aggressive, a real pussy hound."

Bob just laughed. "Don't worry bud, she can take care of herself."

"Really," I told him.  "He's after her for real.  Actually a lot of them will be.  She looks a little naive about it too.  He's not just joking around."

"You need to mind your own business, bud," he said.  "Lisa's a real live women's libber.  She gets to do whatever she wants to.  We both figured that out a long time ago.  Don't let that little miss innocent face fool you.  She's not as naive as she looks.  She was living with a guy on and off until the week we got married.  And he was only one of a bunch of them.  She's a real live walking talking Penthouse story in action!"

"Really?  You're okay with that?"

"Look bud, times are changing.  We both like the arrangement.  I've got a good job so we can have fun in a new place and get to do it with a sexy bunny.  So far she likes it here a lot. Just look at her batting her eyelashes at that guy!"

"So why'd you get married if that's how it is?"

"'Cause I like being with her and she wanted to get out of her hometown.  That, and her parents really really wanted us to get married.  So we figured it would be a hell of a party, a great send off, then we could do whatever we wanted when we got down here."

"Well it's not like that in the South," I told him. 

"Is that so," he sneered at me.  "That's not what I hear."


I was still in the blouse and shorts I wore to class when Jack came in with the groceries. I had already straightened up and wanted to get dinner ready.  Whining about how much I hated vacuuming, I got Jack to do that while I made up the hamburgers and sipped my first gin and tonic.  Everyone, even Boston yankees could be tolerated if one drank enough gin first!

We didn't get to talk until he switched off the vacuum, put it away and came up next to me in the kitchen to make himself a drink.  "I looooove the way you fill out those shorts," he teased me with a little slap to my rear.  "I'll go grill once they get here. They're supposed to be here about 6:30.  How was class today?"

"Fine," I lied.  I'd gotten a C on my paper, didn't really understand our next assignment, and was getting tired of listening to Brenda this Pious blabber non-stop every time the car started moving. Fortunately he just nodded, not really listening.  That was okay with me since I didn't really want to tell him anything. Not so deftly, I just changed subjects. "So, did you see Javon today?" My husband's expression, or perhaps it was his unusual manner, bothered me.  He hesitated to answer, kind of looking away, not looking me in the eyes.  "What?" I asked suddenly feeling a little nervous.  "Is he not coming this weekend?" 

Composing himself, Jack smiled and told me, "He told me the other day he'd be over, and lately he always comes on Friday."  He took a big sip of his bourbon.  "You worry too much.  He told me a coupla days ago he's just been busy."  Deciding I got rattled for no reason, I finished my drink as the doorbell rang.  "Now go be a nice little hostess," he teased, smacking my butt again as I went to the door.

Bob and Lisa were a nice enough couple, bubbly and lots of fun.  Despite their weird Boston accents, I could usually figure out what they were trying to say.  Bob went out to keep Jack company while he grilled so Lisa followed me into the kitchen.  It turned out we liked a lot of the same music and things to do and were just married and deliriously happy to be away from suffocating parents.  Then, out of nowhere, Lisa scared me.  "Have you ever seen so many hunky guys as there are on this base?  I mean there are sooo many good looking black guys here!"

At first, I wasn't sure I'd understood her right.  Then I almost froze, panicking at what she might mean.  So I just gave her this lame, "Yeah, I guess so."  She was super cute with her short blonde bob and cleavage that left me wanting to hide.  She looked soooo good.  I'm sure guys had been after her since she first sprouted them.  I was really surprised at how "open" she was until I realized she hadn't had the benefit of a superior classic Southern upbringing like me. She probably didn't know she was supposed to act like a lady.  Realizing the irony of me, of all people, thinking that spurred me to make us all a round of drinks.

Dinner was fun.  We laughed and talked like old friends.  Bob and Jack seemed to enjoy each others company and the more I got to know Lisa, the more I thought Jack could be right.  This might be my new best friend.  She wasn't as know-it-all as Carolyn or as motor-mouthed as Brenda.  And she was no prude.  I momentarily thought to myself that she might not be to judgmental or condemning of me if my 'secret' ever got out.  That's when the front door opened and everything changed on the spot.


Javon was in one of his black mesh shirts, the kind that showed his muscular chest beneath the gold chains that were just coming into fashion back then.   Conversation stopped cold as we all looked at him.  "Hey babe," he said. 

Bob and I looked at each other frozen.  Both girls smiled broadly at his greeting. We could almost see their hearts and pussies melting, as they answered him simultaneously, "Hi Javon."  This is where an author is sorely tempted to write, and then all hell broke loose.  But actually it didn't.  The girls looked at each other.  Bob and I held our breath as their little female minds flashed through what had just happened and decided what to do about it.

"Sorry, I didn't know you had company," Javon entered the moment, making no move to explain himself or leave.  Who knows, that might have been true.  But I doubted it.  He had to have seen their car out front.  I suspected that he might have times his entrance just to create the situation we were now all enjoying. But what he did, In fact, was sit on one of the living room chairs seeming totally unconcerned about anything.

Ainsley got up, not really knowing what else to do.  "This is our... Friend, Javon," she stammered.

"We've met," Lisa smiled.  "Haven't we Javon?"  Before he could respond, Bob nervously interrupted that it had been a wonderful dinner but they should probably go, getting up and pulling on Lisa's chair back. "Okay," she slowly replied her husband, letting him help her up and guide her toward the door.  Stopping suddenly, she turned and smiled widely, "So, until later then, Javon.  Okay?"

"Gotta take care of Ainsley tonight, babe.  I'll hafta take care of you later."  Javon put his feet up in the table and asked me for a beer. 

Ainsley dutifully followed her guests to the front door delivering the obligatory thank you for coming as Bob uttered the obligatory thank you for having us.  Lisa had this smug grin on her face even as Ainsely shot daggers of pure hate back at her.  I realized there was no winning word or deed for me in this situation, so I handed Javon his beer, got my drink, and gallantly headed out the back door to work on something in the shed that had suddenly become urgent.  All I could do now was hope Ainesly didn't find out or even suspect that I knew about Javon's attention to Lisa before hand.


I can handle this, I told myself.  I'm a big girl, I told myself.  I'm not some little airhead teenybopper with no control, I said to myself clenching my jaw.  Then I walked over to Javon as he was taking a swig from his beer and slapped it out of his hand, screaming like an insane girl, "ARE YOU FUCKING HER?"  His grin infuriated me.  In a rage, I pulled my hand back to slap him, but he caught my blow pulling me down onto his lap and holding me tight.

"I thought you loved me," I sobbed stupidly. "I love you.  Why can't you love me.  You said you do."  Even as the words came out of my mouth, I started to realize that they didn't make much sense.  Our situation... My situation... there was just nothing that fit together logically.  He said things.  I said things.  My husband said things.  All of it was a confused jumble in my mind.  I didn't want to hit him.  I didn't want to hurt him.  I just wanted him to know what I felt. I hurt.  Javon held me tight.  Whether it was to keep me from hitting or just to help me calm down soon stopped mattering to me.  I went limp in his arms crying softly.  "Just love me baby.  Please, just love me."

When he picked me up and carried me upstairs, I let myself submit, totally.  I kept telling myself I wouldn't. I kept telling myself I shouldn't. But I did. He laid me on the bed and undressed both of us, lying next to me, holding me close.  All of our time together, all of our physical and emotional interaction had been sexual until then, almost completely.  But this wasn't that.  I felt Javon was just loving me, easing my pain.  He was touching me between my legs, my breasts, but he was being loving, without words.  I felt he was understanding me, comforting me, loving me.  It never even occurred to me until much later, but my husband was nowhere in that time of need.  It was all Javon.  I got totally into his velvety black skin, his long loving fingers, his thick black lips, his big strong hands.  He loved me.  And I wanted nothing else.


I saw him carry her upstairs.  Quietly as I could, I began cleaning up.  I washed up the dishes, put away the food, stored the grill, and then sat on the sofa with my third bourbon and water.  I listened, and I thought, and I listened some more.  No doubt, Javon was after Lisa, and Lisa was ready to be caught.  I couldn't imagine how Javon could convince my wife to be down with that.  But the longer I listened, the more it seemed he might have figured it out.  Creeping upstairs to the guest room where I would sleep tonight, I realized I didn't need to worry about waking them. Javon was fucking her brains out.  They were noisy.  She was moaning and gasping in obvious orgasmic delight. They would get energetic from time to time but tonight the headboard was pounding against the wall with resounding thuds and her squeals were so loud I thought the neighbors would hear. 

Tired, I fell asleep quickly despite their orgy in the next room, but they woke me again about three AM.  Going past their room to take a least, my beautiful Ainsely was on her knees and elbow, Javon behind her fucking her viciously, pulling her head back by the hair, but she was obviously loving it.  I can't imagine what he must have told her, but whatever it was, it seemed to work.

I woke up well before them as usual, showered and dressed for work.  I was waiting on the coffee to finish perking when Javon came down the step dressed.  "How 'bout a ride to work,"  he asked.  I poured two cups of coffee and off we went.

"How'd you get out of that one alive?" I asked with true amazement.  He mumbled something about style.  "So are you coming over again tonight, as usual?" I wondered?  He said maybe, but added something about a party.  I let him out in the parking lot and was surprised to see him in formation, in uniform, only 15 minutes later.  Weird.


I put on my new dress on Friday night.  I didn't say anything to Jack, but that afternoon, I took a long hot bath, shaved my underarms, my legs, and my pussy.  I wanted to be perfect for Javon tonight.  I knew Lisa was cute, but I felt like I had an advantage.  I love him!  And she can't love him like I do.  Not this quick.  Hell, they just met!  I psyched myself up.  Javon could have any of dozens of white girls.  But he has me!  I'm special, I told myself over and over. 

Jack got home late, which would normally have pissed me off, but tonight I didn't care because it was Javon's night.  I worried a little that he might not come because he'd been here last night, but reminded myself what hubby had promised me, he always comes over on Friday so he can fuck me all weekend.  This weekend I was going to make Javon forget that Lisa ever existed!

Jack was so sweet.  He fixed dinner, made me my drink, rubbed my shoulders, and when I began to wilt with despair that Javon wasn't coming tonight, Jack told me he felt sure he'd be here, even if it was late.  By midnight he stopped trying to pretend Javon would come and talked me into stripping down for a nice full body massage.  I realized how selfish I was as I lay there letting him do everything in his power to make me feel better while sobbing about this black man who was probably out chasing that bimbo Lisa and her big tits!  I knew he wanted sex, but I was sore from my marathon fucking with Javon the night before and besides I was just mad. I wasn't mad at him, but my husband was the only one I could take it out on.  So I did.  Yeah.  I'm a selfish bitch, I guess.

In the morning I felt bad.  I was a little hung over from too much gin, but mostly I was feeling guilty for being so mean to my husband.  So when he started feeling me and kissing me, I responded.  He was gentle and loving, making me feel loved in his own quiet way.  After all the sex with Javon, I had a good understanding of what I liked, I thought.  But this morning Jacks slow steady passionate lovemaking struck me as all new.  He was way better than he had been before.  It occurred to me that I was different too, but as I started feeling better, I began looking at him with new eyes.  He gave me a delicious orgasm, and then, as we lay there glowing and feeling good, he ruined it.

He whispered in my ear as he nuzzled my neck, "I know I can never fuck you like that black bastard.  I know you're always going to have to have his black dick."  In the glow of the moment, I wanted to protest, nooo, but I didn't say anything.  I seem to spend a lot of time teary-eyed for such a supposedly happy girl.  "And honestly, I'm disappointed that I didn't get to see him fucking you last night.  You're so much more sexy and beautiful when you are under your black stud."  Yeah, that pretty much ruined the moment for me.  I mean how could I be the most special-est girl in the world for him if he kept pushing me to be with a black guy?


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