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The conclusion to the escapades of my adopted heroine, Ali.

Alissa, or Ali as she likes to be called, was wracked with guilt. After more than 20 wonderful, loyal years as a married woman she had betrayed her husband, James, twice, within a month, with the same man, Dan, a former client. The last time had been barely three days ago. She could not even understand the how or the why she had allowed herself to succumb to her need for attention. Was this her way of dealing with a mid-life crisis?

James was an attentive caring husband who had given her all she ever needed, including a quite spectacular three-way sex session. As a couple they always prided themselves on being able to talk anything through and yet here she was too afraid of hurting James to confess her sins. Had she become too comfortable with James’ attitude? Was it the forbidden nature of the sex or the fact that Dan had made her feel so sexy and desirous again? NO! Dan had blackmailed her for sex, at least he did on the second occasion, and she was sure this would not be the end to it.

Ali looked at her naked 5 foot 4 inch frame in the full length mirror of her bedroom and, whilst not a narcissist, she readily concluded that, at 41 years of age, it was too soon for a mid-life crisis and that she was still stunning. She ran her hands over her still firm 36C breast, down over her flat stomach and not too wide hips. Her right hand swept across to her well trimmed, blonde landing-strip of hair before pushing firmly down between her legs, allowing her index finger to gently part the lips of her pussy. She couldn’t help an involuntary moan as the actions of her hand ‘accidently’ moved over her clit and ‘accidently’ did the same thing, with the same deliberate slow motion, on the reverse upward stroke.

Ali glanced at the bedside clock and thought to herself, “Not even 10 o’clock in the morning and I’m already getting horny. What is wrong with me?”

With James at work and nothing or no-one for Ali to see or do, she returned her attention to the mirror, focusing on her needy mound and again allowed her hand to caress her pussy lips with a firm downward stroke. It felt good. It even seemed odd to her that she had never masturbated standing upright in front of a mirror before, a thing that she immediately decided she should correct.

Her left hand dropped down to her pussy and she began to gently rub and massage the outer left labia, feeling how smooth it felt and what a pleasing sensation it gave her to play with her outer lips of her pussy. The fingers of her right hand spread ever so slightly in order to see if she could obtain the same sensation on the other side whilst also allowing her thumb and fore-finger to roam over and around her clit or, deliciously, slip in between her ever moistening pussy lips. Her long shapely legs parted slightly and it was more comfortable for her to bend at the knees, just a little, as she slowly built up a steady rhythmic motion on her pussy.

Ali began to revel in the sensation of her own fingers playing in and on her pussy and soon began to drink in the sight of her own body slowly beginning to gyrate in the mirror. Her mind opened up the fantasy of her being explored, aroused and taken. She was genuinely surprised when, after several erotic moments, she thought she felt her pussy being penetrated, invaded by a firm cock only to realize she had unconsciously inserted two fingers into her now wet channel. She smiled dreamily at herself in the mirror at the ridiculousness of the thought before allowing herself to enjoy being finger fucked. She fantasized about being caught in this incredible position and of being made to satisfy a man’s (or would it be two men?) need to fuck her. Her left hand now seemed intent on only wanting to open up her cunt lips, to make more room for her invading right hand as the latter now sought to bury and swirl itself deep into her cunt. Ali barely registered her own frenetic motion as she strove to stimulate her clit and fill her channel the way only a fully erect cock could. Like Dan’s cock did.

Ali was both horrified and incredibly turned on by the image of Dan in her mind’s eye. Wide-eyed and screaming she saw herself orgasm in the mirror, pushed over the edge by her adulterous thoughts. She couldn’t stop the orgasm if she had tried, and the thought of removing her fingers from her sopping cunt was not an option, the orgasm was deep, hard and seemed to peak forever. Only as she crested, panting uncontrollably, could she find the ability to stagger sideways and slump on her bed, fingers still embedded deep within her.

Laying on her back, still enjoying the after glow of her orgasm, Ali decided she needed to confess her sins to James and hope that he would understand.


Ali was sat on the edge of the armchair, biting her lower lip and staring apprehensively at James. She had confessed everything (see “Massage Therapy” & “Ali Oops!”), had cried genuine tears of regret and had now been waiting for James’ reaction. When she had finished James had simply told her to let him think and to not say another word lest he say something he would regret later – that had been almost ten minutes ago. The agonizing silence was killing Ali.

James would be 57 years old in ten days time and still considered to be at the top of his game in the Corporate Legal world. The man Ali lived with and loved was nothing like the pragmatic, cut-throat Attorney who worked ten or twelve hours a day generating the firms biggest income stream. He dotted all his “I’s” and crossed all his “T’s” leaving little to chance. This was NOT the sort of birthday present he was expecting. He considered Ali his soul-mate and loved her dearly. He knew, instinctively knew, that everything Ali had told him was true and he only partly understood how she could have allowed herself to stray without his consent or knowledge.

When James had first heard of Dan he had immediately set about getting to know as much about him as possible. He had, mistakenly, hoped they could be friends and, given the flirtatious nature of Ali’s friendship with him, he was briefly considered as a candidate for Ali’s first threesome. Whilst James felt he and Dan had many similar traits, it was Dan’s approach to his personal life, particularly the way Dan treated his own wife, that had deterred James from offering the hand of friendship. Dan was a handsome, smug, ruthless man out for only his own self gratification and able to woo the pants off many a Bank Teller or married female customer. This despite being married to a seemingly wonderful woman, Marie, for the past ten years or so.

Whilst looking into Dan’s background, James had met Marie to satisfy his curiosity as to what sort of woman would marry a ‘Dan’. He found out that, whilst she suspected his philandering, she had adopted a “don’t know, don’t ask” approach in deference to the protection of her marriage and provision for their children. She was an attractive woman, about 5’ 6” tall, a slim 120lbs, mid-thirties, long straight brunette hair framing a warm, olive skinned oval face with deep, dark brown almond shaped eyes. If he had to guess, he would have said she was of Spanish or, at a stretch, Italian descent. He had manufactured a ‘chance’ encounter with her and persuaded her to have a coffee with him. Despite her obvious nerves, she was quite delightful to talk to. He even thought that she would be quite stunning if she made the effort.

It was with that thought that James finally broke the silence that hung over the lounge when he quite abruptly said to Ali, “I want you to invite him, and his wife, to my birthday party, but DO NOT tell him I know what you did behind my back.”

He then rose from his chair and left the room leaving Ali wide-eyed and with her mouth agape.



Ali was looking over the party guest list, displayed on her computer, and wondering if she should chance ‘forgetting’ to invite Dan when the telephone rang. Ali felt her mouth dry up when she answered the telephone and heard Dan’s voice on the other end. “Hello Ali, it’s Dan.”

“Wh..what do you want?” stammered Ali.

“Nothing, really. I’ve been thinking of you a lot lately and just wanted to hear your voice.”

“How did you get this number?”

“About as easily as I found out your e-mail address. It’s amazing what you can find out once you have something as simple as a person’s car registration number.” Dan’s smugness fairly oozed from the telephone. “I want you to check your e-mail, Ali. Look for a message from ‘Bankjob’. Do it now.”

Ali quickly checked her e-mail account and found the message Dan was talking about. She clicked on the message and opened the video file attachment that came with it. Ali’s jaw dropped as she viewed the poor quality imagery of her being fucked by Dan, next to her car in the multi-storey car park barely a week ago. It was clearly her and, at least from what she was seeing, she was clearly enjoying herself. “How? When did,…I don’t understand.”

“Do you like what you see, Ali? There’s plenty more, or would you rather I send it to James?”

“NO! Please, Dan, you don’t need to do this,” pleaded Ali.

“Do what? I’m not doing anything. Just sharing an intimate moment with friends, maybe hoping we can get together next week. Who knows.”

Ali could hear Dan chuckling to himself over the telephone and was at a loss as to what to say and so blurted out the first thing that came to her. “It’s James birthday a week on Saturday. We’ll be having a catered function at the Marriott, why don’t you come…AND BRING YOUR WIFE. We’ve got special rates on the rooms for anyone who wants to stay over.”

“Ooooh, Ali, you naughty girl. Not sure about bringing the wife, but I would love to see you at the party.” Dan was now fairly drooling over the telephone.

“No, no, you have to bring the wife. It’s a couples night and would look odd if you didn’t. Oh, and, it’ll be a black tie affair,” replied Ali.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever. E-mail me the details. Looking forward to it.” Then he just hung up.

Ali sat staring at the frozen image of her on the computer screen, dumbfounded at what had just happened. Well, she had invited the bastard, like James had asked, now she guessed she should let James know he is coming. But should she also show him Dan’s e-mail?


It was the day of the James’ birthday party and Ali could not recall ever being as nervous about anything in her whole life. It had been an uncomfortable last week or so and, whilst James had been pleasant, it was obvious that he was still wrestling with Ali’s revelations. At breakfast James had told her he had to go into the office for something or other, but that he would meet her in their room at the hotel just before lunch so that they could ‘talk’ about recent events. Hence the reason Ali found herself sat on the edge of the bed in their hotel room, again biting her lower lip, waiting for James to arrive. When she heard the door opening she stood up to greet him.

James walked up to his wife, kissed her tenderly on the lips, and then embraced her. After a moment or two he stepped back from her and then led her, by the hand to the small couch next to the coffee table. They sat side by side, holding hands when, quite unexpectedly, a tears welled up in Ali’s eyes and then rolled, slowly, down her cheeks.

“Ali, it’s okay. You hurt me, but, perversely, because of your honesty, I think I understand. I love you deeply. You are my soul mate and the mother of our beautiful daughter. Nevertheless, I feel as though a great wrong has been done to our marriage and I need to set that right. Do you trust me?”

Ali simply nodded, afraid to speak lest she break down in a flood of tears.


James’ birthday was not a milestone event, it was simply his way of acceding to Ali’s social instincts. One of the few times each year she would be allowed to plan a large social gathering of family and friends. This year, because of the number of invitees, it had been decided to rent a function room at a nearby Marriott Hotel. This would allow for the hiring of a live band, to have the whole affair catered and the option for guests to rent a room rather than risk driving home under the influence. The added bonus, as far as James and Ali were concerned, was the fact that it was not much more expensive than if they held the event at their own home again, except now they would not have to face any cleaning up the next morning.

The party was formal dress to give it that air of being a special occasion, especially for the ladies who liked to dress up. As she admired the assembling guests, Ali could not help but think how unfair it was that all a man had to do was wear a Tuxedo to look both perfectly elegant and dashing at the same time. It matters not a hoot that most of the men wear Tuxedos that are, to all intents, identical, nor how many times they have worn it in the past. If only the women could feel comfortable doing the same. Not that that had stopped Ali from selecting dress that clearly made her stand out from the crowd. She had correctly guessed that many of the attending ladies would err on the side of caution and prudence by wearing darker, slimming colours, mostly black, and would certainly be less likely to show too much flesh. She on the other hand had chosen a scarlet red chiffon gown with form fitting bodice, held up by cross-over straps that produced a revealing deep ‘V’ making her breasts seem fuller than they actually were. In deference to James, the full length gown had a front-left mid-thigh split that, when the angle was just right, offered the barest glimpse of her lace-top natural hold-ups. Although the dress precluded her wearing her favoured choker, she had decided to reinforce the youthful appearance by wearing her longest, chandelier like ear-rings, which were only partly concealed by her loosely worn, long blonde hair. She looked ravishing and she knew it.

Given that James and Ali knew almost everyone attending the party, it was easy to spot Dan and Marie when they arrived. Dan looked truly dashing in his black tuxedo, whilst, as James had guessed, Marie looked stunning in an off the shoulder, black dress with star-burst design exploding from the tight fitting bodice and disappearing into the folds of the long flared gown. With her hair worn up and accented with long dangly deep blue sapphire earrings and matching choker necklace she looked like a fairytale princess. Indeed, for the first time in a long time, Ali felt a hint of jealousy at the way James looked at and greeted her.

With pleasantries taken care of, the night progressed much as anticipated. The Wait staff ensured everyone had as much to drink as they desired and those that needed food were ably serviced by the floating trays of canapes or the carvery stations dotted about the room. The band catered to the demographic of the room and regaled its audience with an eclectic mix of music from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, it was a night for mingling, dancing and having fun.

Dan made a concerted effort to be at or near Ali’s side throughout the evening and, had it not been for James introducing Marie to some of their friends, he would have felt sorry for Dan’s wife. As it was, she had her hands full trying not to get flustered at Dan’s attentions. Inevitably, she ended up dancing with Dan on occasion and he made it abundantly clear as to what his expectations for the evening were. The constant threat of Dan confronting James during his party was unsettling to say the least and, in an effort to hopefully diffuse the situation, late in the evening, she agreed to take a brief walk with Dan, around the lobby and atrium area of the hotel.

“Honestly Dan, you don’t really expect me to just go up to your room and let you fuck me tonight, of all nights?” said Ali as she again removed Dan’s wandering hand from her waist.

“Come on, Ali. I’m only here because you invited me, and we both know how great the sex is between us. Anyway, who would know?” replied Dan as he again sidled up close, shepherding Ali into a secluded alcove down one of the corridors leading from the atrium. After making a furtive look around his surrounding he corned Ali up against the wall, grabbed her ass with his right hand and moved in to kiss her.

Ali pulled her face away and placed a restraining hand on his chest. “Please, Dan. Not here.”

Smiling inwardly, Dan replied, “Fine. Let’s go to my room.” And hoping that it would give her the hope of ending this he added, “We can talk. Agree on how to end this situation.”

Ali looked him in the eyes, unable to read his true motivations, but pretty sure she knew exactly what he had planned when she finally relented, hoping that she could finally get Dan to see that his behaviour had to stop. “Fine. Give time to make sure I won’t be missed and I’ll meet you by the elevators.”

Ali pushed her way past Dan and hurried off back to the function room, her heart racing at the implications of what she had just agreed to. Dan, on the other hand, was wondering how long he could keep Ali in his room before even he was missed.

Fifteen minutes later Dan was riding the elevator, with his right hand firmly up the split on Ali’s dress caressing her firm tight ass. He didn’t care about security cameras nor Ali’s feeble attempts to stop him kissing her. He made no attempt to hide the bulge in his pants and Ali felt sure that, had the elevator ride been much longer she would have found herself being fucked right then and there. So, it was with a sense of relief, for Ali, that the elevator reached the ninth floor and they made their way to Dan’s room.

Ali was disgusted at Dan’s attitude. Even as they opened the door to his room his pawing of her body and crude comments seemed designed to demean her already delicate self confidence. She was unsure what she expected, at an emotional level from Dan, but she had hoped for more than this shallow, self serving ass-hole. And yet, as they entered his room, she could feel her emotions in turmoil, sensations ran through her body that were akin to arousal and she chided herself.

“Ali, I’ve been looking forward to fucking that sweet pussy of yours all….” Dan was stopped mid-sentence by the image confronting him at the foot of his bed. Dazed, all he could say was, “I,,..umm. What the fuck is going on?”

There, knelt down with her dress gathered about her thighs was Marie, expertly sucking on James’ cock. Marie was looking directly at her husband and made no effort to stop her ministrations. Indeed, with the arrival of Dan and Ali, Marie seemed galvanized to work James’ cock harder and deeper down her throat.

“Ahem,” began James, obviously fighting the pleasure coursing up and down his throbbing member, “ I’m afraid Marie knows all about your adulterous, blackmailing ways, Dan, and has decided to make amends on your behalf.”

Marie, eyes still fixed on Dan and in one long slow motion, removed James from her mouth and said, “You bastard. I know everything and if you have any wish to save our marriage or your fucking job, then you better sit down over there until I’m done. Otherwise, get the fuck out.”

Marie looked up at James and continued, “I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to be well and truly fucked by this glorious piece of meat.” She then stood up, turned to face the bed, hitched up her dress over her ass, placed a supporting hand on the bed as she bent over at the waist, and then turned her head back to James and continued, “Fuck me. Hard. Please.”

Stunned, still unable to speak, Dan moved over to a chair and sat down, eyes still fixated on the scene evolving in front of him as James dropped his pants, grabbed his cock by the base and guided it towards an obviously already wet pussy. Marie’s pussy was trimmed, but not shaved and James made a deliberate show of parting those pussy hairs and partly concealed lips as he slowly shoved his raging hard-on up her channel. Pushing the rest of her dress out of the way, James ensured that Dan could see the full length of his cock slide up and into Marie making her emit such a passionate sigh of pleasure as to make him briefly look away from Dan to ensure Marie was alright. Satisfied Marie was truly enjoying her escapade, he slowly began the first of many withdrawals from a pussy that, for James, seemed a lot tighter that Ali’s. The back stroke pulled the lips of her pussy outward as they clung to his shaft and the contrast against Marie’s black pubic hair made her pussy flesh seem red, angry and somehow incredibly erotic. James began to build his rhythm, unsure he would be able to last as long as he wanted to.

James had told Ali to expect something when she walked into this room but this seemed surreal. She knew James planned to fuck Dan’s wife in front of him, but the scene as it was playing out gave her the sensation that she was floating above the room, here, but not here. She was incredibly aroused by what she saw but didn’t know what to do about it. Watching her husband take this woman’s pussy with those long, steady, deliberate strokes had her pussy on fire. Should she join in, and if she did, what should she do? She glanced at Dan, who was still sat, trance-like in his chair, an immense hard-on bulging from inside his pants, and then she looked down at her own hand and saw, in the few short minutes she had been standing there, how her hand was rubbing her aching mound. Dan was unworthy, but her pussy needed attention.

She undid the clasps on her dress and allowed it to fall to the floor. Ali then made her way toward James and Marie. “May I join in?” she asked her husband.

James could barely nod his assent and watched as Ali dropped down on one stocking clad knee and drew Marie’s face to her own. Ali kissed a visibly shocked Marie deeply on the lips. This turn of events sparked something within Marie as she suddenly broke the kiss and her face contorted as she emitted a gutteral, “Oh sweet Jesus…..aarrggh! I’m cumming, Oh god! Oh God, it won’t stop, oh god!”

Watching another woman cum as hard as Marie did at that moment made Ali relinquish all her inhibitions. As Marie came down from her exquisite orgasm, she looked up at her husband and told him, “Fuck me. Fuck me, please, whilst I lick her pussy.”

Ali eased Marie onto her back on the bed, legs spread, pussy dripping with her juices and, with her ass jutting up into the air, stocking clad legs spread, inviting her husband’s cock into the moist channel of her cunt, Ali buried her face into Marie’s swollen cunt and lapped up her juices as though it were the elixir of life. Ali fully understood how sensitive Marie may be at this moment, so her ministrations were delivered in a way only another woman could appreciate and the effort was not lost on Marie who felt the beginnings of another orgasm building on the vestiges of the last one. An evening of sexual surprises was awakening a lust Marie never knew she had and now that this impossibly beautiful woman was eating out her pussy as her husband began fucking her from behind was more than her previously sheltered life could handle.

James was in heaven. Another threesome, but this time with two gorgeous women. Ali looked awesome in her heels and stockings bent over for him to fuck with abandon. He could feel his cock swelling within Ali’s cunt, could feel the contractions within Ali that were the tell-tale signs of her impending orgasm and he wanted to time this jus right. The pace of his thrusts picked up as he drove down deep into the woman he loved, who knew him so well.

Ali was miles away, lost in the throes of her own lust as she wallowed in the taste and aroma of another woman’s love juices and felt the thick throbbing manhood of her husnabd plowing deep into her from behind. She was close to cumming but needed that little something to push her over the edge. She slipped her left hand up to her pussy, struggling to retain her balance, and began working her clit, frenetically. She was so close, so close, her mind was screaming “Please don’t stop, please, please!”

“Oh my god, not again. Oh yes, yes!” cried Marie as she began to buck under Ali’s tongue. Ali could feel Marie cum, the copious fluids, the warmth of her cunt, the fire racing through her body. Marie’s hands grabbed the back of Ali’s head pushing her deeper into her needy cunt. As Ali felt Marie crest she heard grunting off to her left and slowly lifted her soaked face from Marie’s satisfied cunt to be greeted by the sight of Dan, pulling firmly down on his cock, ejaculating into the air from where he sat in his chair. The scene was just enough to send Ali over the edge and she finally came, hard and long, her pussy forcing James to release his seed deep within his wife for a mutually fulfilling orgasm that make both of them go weak at the knees.

It took a little while for the assembled protagonists to compose themselves, however, once they were, James graciously thanked Marie, kissed her on the hand and wished her all the best for the future. He informed Dan that he had best have a long sit down talk with Marie and that he looked forward to neither Ali or himself ever having the misfortune of having to see him ever again, but that if they did, well, let’s leave some things unsaid.

Ali and James then left the room to rejoin their party.


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