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Alison's Awakening

A middle aged housewife is seduced by her two best friends.
Alison's Awakening

Preface Chapter One 

Mrs Alison Barber is one of a new breed of middle aged housewives that are exploring a new sexual freedom. She calls it her ‘enlightenment’. Many of her close friends are experiencing a similar sexual renaissance as well. Like many women of her generation, sex in the early days of her marriage was new and exciting. Alison was a virgin when she met her husband Michael. The pressures of working life, commuting, keeping house, raising a child, and caring for elderly relatives began to take a toll. Over the last fifteen years the couples’ sex life has been lacklustre. This has not been due to a diminishing love for each other – no – circumstances have conspired to rob them of a healthy sex life.

Alison went into an early menopause three years ago when her only child was killed in a road accident. She suffered from severe depression for over a year and a half - and completely lost her sex drive. In the past year she has not only beaten the blues – but has emerged more than her old self. Her sex drive has returned with a vengeance. She turned to exercise to try and help and with a sensible diet she has lost three stone (42 lbs.), and regained her youthful figure and vitality. This return to a healthy mind and body has only made things worse. Her husband Michael suffers from permanent erectile dysfunction - due to nerve loss from an operation two years ago to remove a cancerous prostate. Michael has not been able to accept his condition. During the last year Alison has grappled with her situation. She accepts that the situation is not Michael’s fault. None the less - she feels like a cancer victim as well - because of Michael’s impotence. Her sense of loyalty and fidelity is a burden.

Part One

Chapter Two - Awakening 

Alison’s closest friends are Jessica and Robin - whom she has known for twenty five years. They have survived the ups and downs of any long term friendship. They are roughly the same age (middle forties to early fifties). Together they have shared the joy and heartache of pregnancies, preschool, birthdays, weddings and sadly, funerals. They all live in the same village in northern Hampshire, southern England. Alison’s husband Michael teaches at the same university in London with Jessica’s husband Leigh. He also knows Robin’s husband Richard. The three men regularly play golf together. All three couples belong to the same country club – where Richard is president.

The husbands are successful in their fields and none of the wives had ever needed to work. They would say they worked harder at raising children and keeping house and now their voluntary pursuits - than the men have in the city (London). All of the children – between the three couples - seven in total - are through university and on their own. Jessica and Leigh’s three girls are married and the two oldest have moved to America leaving the youngest - recently married - living in the neighbouring county of Surrey. Alison and Michael’s son Joshua died in a car accident on a wet and icy twisting Hampshire road a few years ago. Robin and Richard’s three un-married sons are amazingly all in the military – officers in Her Majesty’s Royal Navy. Undoubtedly influenced by their father’s early naval career and exploits in the Falkland’s War.

Almost a year has passed since Alison’s sexual desires re-awakened. She had a home gym installed in a spare room – complete with a sauna/steam room and shower. She exercised and masturbated to try and relieve her sexual tension and it has become increasingly difficult.

A few months ago Alison met Jessica for coffee as they do most weekday mornings at a local coffee shop in the village. The two women have always co-counselled each other through problems. Lately Alison had confided in Jessica her sexual frustration and how it is increasingly difficult to cope. Jessica also admitted to having a problem. She was anxious and seemed most worried about how Alison would feel when she found out Jessica’s secret. There was something funny about Jess that morning – make-up. She wouldn’t talk about her secret in the shop and asked Alison to come back to her place for lunch – all would be revealed.

The two friends got to Jessica’s home and went into the rec-room. Light filled the room through the wall of folding doors. Jessica used the remote control and opened them. Warm spring air filled the room with a wild flower scent. She made a couple of stiff whiskeys and asked Alison to sit down. She remained standing a few feet away by the snooker table.

“You’re got my attention Jess – what is this big secret?” Jess put her glass down on the mahogany running edge of the snooker table and untied her wrap around dress and let it fall to the floor. Alison dropped her glass on the rug next to the chair.

“What the hell is that?”

Jess was wearing tight nude coloured rubberised short shorts. They were similar to the ones worn by women athletes. The difference was - Jess’s shorts had a semi erect rubber penis about six inches long attached to the front near her groin. It hung down – sticking out a little in an arc - as if it were part of her anatomy.

“It’s my cock Ali.”

“When . . . ah . . .

“I’ve had it on since we met at coffee.”

“You were wearing that thing in the coffee shop?”

“You didn’t notice?”

“Well no – but I don’t stare at your crotch do I.”

“You are now.”

“Well . . . ah . . . it’s not every day you see your friend wearing a strap on penis.” Jess walked over to Ali while massaging her cock. She stepped up closer.

“It’s not a strap on penis – it’s my cock. Don’t you want to touch it?”

“No I don’t want to touch it – thank you.”

“Come on - when’s the last time you held a cock in your hand?” Ali had to admit it looked amazing. It was a realistic skin colour with raised light blue veins and a light purplish head. There was a circumcision mark below the head in a lighter colour. A pair of testicles hung down between Jess’s legs. The shorts were complete with what looked like well-manicured curly brown pubic hair. Ali kept looking; it does look natural - part of her anatomy. My God it looks like she has a cock. Jess began to play with her balls and semi clear fluid came out of the tip of the head. She spread the creamy liquid down the shaft making it glisten. Ali couldn’t help herself and without thinking she put her fingers on the bulbous head and pulled them straight back quickly as if she had put her them in a flame. Guilt immediately ran through her mind; what the hell am I doing – I should get up and leave.

“Feels good huh?”

“My God Jess . . . that feels real – it’s even warm.”

“It should be warm it’s been between my legs all morning.” Then Jess sat on the rounded arm of the tufted mahogany coloured chesterfield club chair. She put her feet up on the cushion directly facing Ali about a foot away with her legs spread wide apart. Ali could clearly see that below the cock and ball sack the shorts had an opening, which ran from Jess’s pussy past her ass hole. Jess was soaking wet – her juices were dripping from her pussy onto the leather of the chair arm. She continued to stroke her cock from the head to the base. Ali was feeling very uncomfortable but in a strange way. She would not have stayed in the room with a man who had exposed himself that way; but Jess was . . . her best friend. They had been at boarding school together in Devon for six years through their late teens.

Ali noticed that Jess must have been working out lately. She had a six-pack stomach and her thighs were nice and firm. She had always been on the thin side. Her breasts were gently heaving and her nipples were clearly erect through her very thin semi-transparent sports bra. Then Ali realised – her own pussy was moist and had already wet the front of her panties. If this kept up her skirt would get wet as she was only wearing a silk thong and no slip. She shifted her bum a little on the leather cushion. Involuntarily her legs were spreading open slightly.

“Do you want to taste it?”

“Taste it! Are you joking?”

“Come on – don’t be such a prude – just kiss the head – you’ve already touched it – can’t be that bad – can it?” Ali’s mind was in a whirl as she reached up to hold Jess’s cock and kissed the head. She was shaking involuntarily and almost felt sick. Not repulsed by putting Jess’s cock to her lips – no she felt a sense of betrayal to Michael.

“Come on you can do better than that – just put it in your mouth – just the head – see what my pre-cum taste like.”

“Your pre-cum!” Ali couldn’t believe what was happening. The shaking subsided slightly. Her palms were soaking wet and she was starting to sweat. She could feel the moistness under her arms, down her thighs and under her breasts. She put the head in her mouth and with her tongue licked the underside of the head. She could feel the veins and where the head joined the shaft. She stuck her tongue in the slit and tasted the fluid – it was salty. It had been a few years since she tasted Michael’s cum – but she could swear it tasted the same. She desperately wanted this to be a dream and she would wake up with Michael’s cock in her mouth. Within a few seconds she was sucking Jess’s cock. Jess gently touched the sides of Ali’s face and smiled.

“See you haven’t forgotten how to suck cock – good girl – take a little more in your throat. Here – I’ll give you some lube.” Jess squeezed her balls again and released more pre-cum into Ali’s mouth. Ali used her tongue to spread the fluid around making it easier to put more in her mouth. The over powering smell and taste of coconut mixed with fresh orange juice was invading her mouth and nostrils. The shaft of Jess’s cock felt like it had skin. It moved like a covering over what felt like muscles beneath. She closed her eyes and it wasn’t hard to imagine a live cock sliding in and out of her mouth. Ali began to really salivate as she moved her tongue around the ridge of the head.

“I’ll bet you can deep throat me if you really try.” Jess put her hand behind Ali’s head and put pressure on the back her best friend’s head. Ali opened her mouth wider and Jess slid her cock almost five inches down her throat. Ali could feel the pubic hair tickling her nose. The hair felt real and smelled of a luxurious exotic fruit shampoo. She still tried to remember the last time she sucked Michael’s cock. It was no use – all memory of his cock was gone. She grabbed the base and began to stroke Jess’s cock as she plunged it into her throat banging it against her tonsils. The rubberised shorts that held Jess’s cock were very thick and didn’t shift when Ali rhythmically tugged on the cock. It really felt like the cock was part of Jess’s groin

As Ali continued to suck she slightly began to moan and started to feel a warm glow come over her body. She was really wet now and began to play with her clitoris through her panties. She was actually going to climax. She began to moan louder as the tingling sensation rose up in her groin and spread to her abdomen and thighs. She curled her toes and let the feeling flow over her. Her skirt was covered in her juices and her nipples were straining at her bra to burst out and be massaged. Ali hadn’t been able to cum like this in a long time and it felt great. Jess looked into her eyes as Ali’s body began to relax.

“Fucking good huh?” Jess pulled her cock out of Ali’s mouth and replaced it with her lips. She parted Ali’s lips and stuck her tongue in to explore. They had kissed once in school when they were in their teens, but this was different. There was lust in this kiss. Jess worked her tongue all around the walls of her friend’s mouth seeking her tongue. They began a dance with Jess and then Ali plunging their tongues into each other’s mouths. Jess held Ali by the sides of her head. She withdrew her tongue and kissed Ali on the side of her face very gently. Then she nibbled at her ear lobe and stuck her tongue in her ear. She placed her hand on Ali’s breast and felt for her nipple, which was rock hard. She squeezed and played with the nipple as she kissed her again. Then Jess sat upright and looked across the room.

Chapter Three - Cock Robin 

“I told you she would love it.” Ali turned around letting go of Jess’s cock - to see her other best friend Robin walking over from the hallway door. She was wearing a cock as well, but hers was a good 9 inches long and thick as a cucumber. Hers was also part of a rubberised pair of short shorts. Except hers were jet black with gold embroidery down the sides. The black colour definitely suited Robin’s Mediterranean skin colouring. Although she left Italy when she was a teenager – she has never lost the swagger that many Italian women have – bags of self-confidence. Robin’s cock was definitely modelled on a black man with a huge head that was dripping white fluid from the piss hole. The shaft was ebony black with a light purple head. The head was much larger than the shaft and had a pronounced over hang. A large ridge ran down the whole length of the underside from the base to the head. Robin’s shorts had a mass of curly black pubic hair and a pair of massive balls hanging down between her legs. Robin didn’t have a bra on and her pendulous natural 38 inch D cup sized breasts swayed from side to side as she walked. Her areolas were dark reddish brown almost a rouge in colour and bigger around than a fifty pence piece. They were crowned by her nipples – which were a half inch thick, erect and standing proud. She had been a model when she was young and has kept her voluptuous hour glass figure. Her black high heels clicked on the tile floor. When she reached the throw-rug she kicked them off – leaving her in a pair of gleaming black and dark blue silk hold up stockings.

“You to – have you both gone crazy?” Ali couldn’t help notice how Robin stroked her cock spreading the fluid all down the sides and over the head making it shine. Robin continued over to the chair as Jess got off the arm and struggled slipping out of her tight rubber shorts. Jess sat back down on the chair next to Ali – she had slipped her bra off and was completely nude now. Ali looked in dis-belief at the massive cock hanging between Robin’s olive skin thighs. She always thought Robin was a bit of an amazon and the huge cock fit her perfectly. The balls hanging underneath the base of her cock were the size of large eggs. The wrinkled skin like sack they hung in had pronounced light purple coloured veins and pubic hair. Robin stroked her cock as she slapped it against her glowing moist oiled upper thighs. It was like no cock Ali had ever seen – she could swear it was throbbing. There was a look in Robin’s eyes like there had been in Jess’s eyes – a look of lust – a cat on the prowl. She was heavily made-up with thick long eyelashes and mascara. Her lips were a glossy fire engine red and her nails were like talons in a matching red gloss. Ali felt like a helpless prey.

“We didn’t want to scare you at first with a proper sized cock. We know you haven’t had one in a while – so Jess used her small one.”

“Her small one?” Ali knew Robin was right - she would have freaked out at seeing Jess with a monster cock. In Robin’s case it was totally in character – big woman - big ego – big cock. Still, watching Robin approach kept Ali rooted to the cushion. Jess put her hand on Ali’s knee and started to stroke her thigh. Ali was wearing her favourite silk Morning glory blue pleated skirt. As her legs parted Jess’s hand was on her thigh sliding her skirt up further and further. She looked at Jess and now saw a loving hungry look in her eyes as she licked her red lips. Ali noticed now in detail what she had suspected at the coffee shop. Jess who almost never wore any make-up – had eye shadow, mascara, lip gloss and nail varnish. Obviously Robin had done her make-up. Her two best friends were seducing her. Another rush of guilt overcame her and she began to shiver.

“I’ll bet your pussy tastes fantastic. God you’re wet enough Ali.” Jess swiped her fingers along Ali’s panties and put them in her mouth. The touch sent a tingling down Ali’s spine and put the hair up on the back of her neck. Her senses were in over-drive. It was like her skin had suddenly come alive after a long sleep. Robin sat on the opposite arm of the chair and was still stroking her cock. As Ali laid back in the chair Robin put her cock head at the opening of her mouth. Ali surrendered and parted her lips. She couldn’t believe how warm and sweet - yet salty it tasted as she took 4 inches into her throat. Again the coconut and orange smell was wafting up her nose filling her sinuses.

“No need to worry about teeth Ali – just suck as much as you feel comfortable with. You’re gonna have to learn how to suck cock all over again.” As Ali sucked Robin’s cock – now almost touching the back of her throat – Jess had slipped down between her legs. With her skirt fully around her waist Jess pulled Ali’s thong down her thighs. At first Ali wanted to press her knees together tightly. In resignation Ali knew then that she would now completely surrender to whatever her friends wanted to do with her. She raised her ass off the seat so that Jess could pull off her thong and she slipped further towards the edge of the seat cushion. Jess gently lifted her knees and spread her legs wide putting each one over the chair arms. Ali was completely open as Jess kissed her bush of pubic hair. The sensation of having another person close to her groin was delicious. Fingers gently kneading her thighs - was a sensation she had sadly forgotten and on some level thought she would never feel again.

“Oh, I’m glad you don’t wax or shave – it’s terrible having your pussy look like some little child. God you smell so good Ali, your pussy is quivering. Look Robin she’s so excited.” Then Jess’s tongue hit Ali’s clit and she raised her groin up to meet Jess’s mouth. As she spread Ali’s pussy lips with her thumbs - Jess expertly put her lips and tongue around Ali’s clit and started sucking. At the same time she put two fingers in Ali’s pussy up to her palm. Ali tried to look down – hard to do with a massive Negro cock in your throat. But, she saw Jess’s blood red finger nails disappear in her pussy.

“God you are wet Ali – the walls of your pussy feel like a velvet glove.” Jess’s fingers did feel good inside her womb exploring the folds and texture of her inner sanctum. Ali knew she would be cuming again soon. Robin gently held Ali’s neck massaging the cock through the skin of her throat.

“Go ahead and cum Ali don’t try to hold back – you’re gonna cum a lot more before you leave here today.” As Jess locked her mouth on Ali’s clit - Ali spit out Robin’s cock and screamed in pleasure. The feeling of jess sucking hard on her clit was wracking her body – one rush after another. The warmth of pleasure started in her groin and moved outwards to her stomach and down her thighs finally making her toes curl. Ali had never felt like this before – it was fantastic. As Ali relaxed Jess moved to her side and was now sucking on her left breast and nipple through her t-shirt and bra. She was biting gently while she pinched her other nipple. Robin moved between Ali’s legs and positioned the head of her cock against Ali’s swollen opening. Her pussy lips were bright red and coated in saliva from Jess and her own juices. Tears came into Ali’s eyes, why couldn’t this be Michael’s cock about to invade her most private interior. She tried desperately to intellectualise her situation and finally gave over to the lust in her loins. Michael’s cock would never get hard again and here was a hard cock ready to disappear inside her.

“I’ll take it easy this first time – I know Michael’s cock is much smaller.” She slipped the head in and another wave of pleasure sweep over Ali’s body. The pressure of the cock head against her clit from the inside of her pussy was magnificent. As Robin pushed more of her cock in - Ali slid further down the cushion to take more. It had been so long since a cock had entered her womb – but it was just like riding a bike. She began to squeeze the cock and massage it with her pelvic muscles. Then Robin reached down to the balls attached to her cock and started giving them a good squeeze. As the warm fluid pumped into Ali’s pussy she moaned in ecstasy. Each time Robin pushed deeper she tried to tense a little harder to feel the strength of the cock.

“OH MY GOD – FUCK ME – FUCK ME!” Jess looked down in admiration as Ali’s pussy pulled in more and more of Robin’s black cock. Robin slowly began to slide deeper and deeper into Ali’s hungry pussy. She pulled out to the head and then trust back deeper until she was bottoming out. As she reached bottom their pubic bones mashed. Robin was grinding her cock side to side filling Ali’s entire womb to the cervix. Michael had never fucked Ali like this. This was animal sex – raw and powerful.

“My God you fuck like a man Robin!” Robin gave Ali a short sharp slap on ass cheek – bringing up a red hand welt.

“No I don’t sister – I fuck like a woman – something you’ll have to learn.” Jess was squealing.

“I told you she was a cock hound Robin – just waiting to be set free. Look how she pulls your cock into her pussy. I’ll bet Michael has never fucked you like this.” Ali’s loud moaning was the answer to Jess’s question. Ali had already realised how right Jess was. Robin leaned in and gently kissed Ali full on the lips. Her tongue began to probe and Ali sucked on Robin’s tongue and then drove her own tongue deep into Robin’s mouth. Robin pulled back slightly.

“Now that’s it – kiss me like only a woman can. When I push this cock into you – fuck it – don’t just lay there and take it. Fuck like the woman you are.” Robin reached down and gave her balls an almighty squeeze and flooded Ali’s pussy with fluid. Feeling the warm fluid made Ali cum again and she clamped down with her pelvic muscles on Robin’s cock. She reached around Robin’s slim waist with her legs and pulled her tightly.

“Jesus fucking Christ – I’m cuming – I’m cuming – Oh God.” Ali’s entire body was convulsed and jerking with the pleasure as she continued to scream. She was experiencing her first multiple orgasm and she felt it right down to her fingertips. Could sex be this good? Ali had never fancied women in a sexual way. She had admired a good figure, clothing or hair. Her friends had opened her mind and her body to a new way of feeling. Both of them were feminine yet aggressive without the violent overtone. This was pure woman on woman sexuality and Ali knew that she would never be exclusively hetro-sexual again. She also knew that raging sexual desire would no longer be denied. How she would deal with Michael would have to wait.

To be continued

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