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Always wanting more - one orgasm is never enough

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one orgasm is never enough
Early this morning my hubby went the bathroom and came to bed with a hard on; how yummy. Of course, I got all hot and bothered at the site of it. He told me he didn't want to play and wanted to save his sperm for our weekend getaway. I thought to myself, are you kidding me?

I asked him if we could spoon together and lay his cock between my pussy lips. I did not have to do much convincing and he agreed. It was hard for me just to lay there so I started moving very slowing, enjoying the feel of his cock against my warm wet pussy. The tip of his cock touched my clit which stimulated me even more, but, once again, he said he did not want to fuck. He wanted to save all his energy for the weekend. 

I did not argue and we cuddled and fell asleep, but I asked him to place his right thigh between my legs. I felt his thigh between my wet hot pussy lips. I have to say it was hard not to fuck him, but I honored his wishes. I can't be too demanding or he just denies me sex.

A couple of hours later we spooned again. He still had a hard on and he opened my legs and inserted his cock between my still wet pussy lips, moving his cock up and down and finally he inserted his cock into my hot, dripping wet pussy. It felt great. He all of a sudden stopped himself and said he was going to be late for work. There was no way I was going to let him leave me hanging without getting my well deserved orgasm.

I started to entice him some more; I took off my tank top and showed off my large, soft yet firm breasts. I started to play with them, tweaking the nipples and then I licked one of them and that set him off. He could not hold back and he started to fuck me deep, hard, and animalistic-like in the missionary position.

During this whole time I did not say a word, trying to be the good girl he likes, and obey. He looked me dead in the eye and he asked me if I wanted his sperm. I nodded yes. He became more intense and told me he was going to spray me with his sperm deep inside my pussy. He did.

It felt warm and wonderful, but now it was my turn to reach my point of climax. I grabbed his cock in my right hand and rubbed the head onto my clit and I took my other hand and reached inside my pussy, first with one finger then two and finally three. I was feeling great and approaching my climax quickly. Finally, I could not take it any longer and I came; I could feel the deep pounding and throbbing of my pussy. It was glorious. My clit was still so sensitive.

He got out of bed and went to the bathroom to get ready for work. I waited for him to turn on the shower. Once I heard him turn it on I reached for my nightstand drawer and pulled out my best chubby buddy vibrator to pleasure me.

I took the hot pink vibrator and dipped the head of it into my super wet pussy, filled with his sperm and my pussy juice, then I brought the head of it to my clit. I slowly massaged my clit, starting off on the lowest setting and gradually working my way to the highest speed setting. While I was continuing to dip and bring back to my clit, I started to fantasize about my lover.

I recently started an affair with my ex from almost two decades ago. He was truly unforgetable and his sex drive matches mine. He recently told me that I am a female version of him. He is my drug and I am addicted to him.

I thought of my lover in a motel room waiting for me. I knocked on the door waiting in anticipation for him to open it. He opened the door and asked me to come in. He was wearing no shirt, his blue jeans were on and the top button of the jeans was open and the zipper slightly pulled down just enough for me to see his skin and a bit of his cock; how exciting. His body looked firm and pumped as if he just finished working out. His head completely shaven clean, his facial hair at a minimum but I could see a light moustache and gouty forming. It looked rather sexy and quite appealing.

I walked in wearing a chequered pencil skirt, tight and just above the knee, with a tight, black, plunging neckline blouse. I had on light black stockings with stiletto heels. He asked me to come in and he wrapped his arm around my waist and started to kiss the back of my neck while his other arm was wrapped around my neck and his two fingers were in my mouth. He started to rub his hands all over my body; it felt great.

He kissed my lips, face and neck and slowly started to take off my blouse. I was wearing a sexy, black, lacey bra that pushed up my breasts. He kissed the tops of my breasts but left the bra on. He started to kiss my chest, stomach and then you worked your way to my back, which always gets me. While he was still kissing me he started to unzip my skirt and pull it down off my body and it revealed my black, lacy, garter panties that were attached to my stockings. He was impressed.

He started to kiss my ass, then my hips and worked his way to my pussy. He was driving me crazy. He worked his lips down to each leg and kissed them with the stockings still on. It was so exciting I started to tremble in anticipation. He worked his way back up to my lips and we started to kiss passionately.
He was slowly moving me backwards to the bed. He gently pushed me onto the bed and started to work his lips down from mine to my pussy. His hot breath was driving me crazy and he started to suck on my pussy through the panties. I could feel that I was going to orgasm in no time. He knew how close he was getting and suddenly stopped. He loved to tease me like that.

I started to pull off his jeans and saw that beautiful cock; large, hard, and purple in color. I could not resist any longer. I had to lick the pre-cum off the head, which he was never in short supply. I suckled his cock lovingly at first then like a whore. Kissing and licking his balls. It drove him crazy.

He started to take off my bra and panties and wanted us to 69 each other, so we did; it was great. I was arching my back so much. I knew it was not going to be long before I would cum in his mouth and he in mine. Finally it happened, we both felt amazing. I swallowed his cum in a gulping manner just the way he loves. We kissed passionately and then lay in each other’s arms for a while until we fell asleep for a bit.

He was so much like me; one orgasm is never enough. We fucked some more in my favorite position, doggie style. He stood behind me and fucked me hard and deep and it was not long before we both came together. I love the way he moans and talks dirty to me as he is fucking me. He finally sprayed that luscious cum deep inside my pussy. I felt great. He is one man I could never turn down and it would be very hard to give him up.
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