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Amazing Session

One of my most intense amazing enjoyable sex sessions.
It had been several months since Jane and I had any sort of sex. Five weeks ago Jane gave birth to our beautiful first baby Liz. I was completely okay with waiting for sex. After all Jane went through to deliver our baby girl 5 weeks earlier, I'm sure the last thing she would want is someone thrusting in and out of there. I was getting a bit worried however because I was horny as hell and had asked Jane if she would give me a hand job a few weeks earlier, which she wouldn't do because it felt weird. The same thing had happened a few days earlier, but she did agree to wank me off and did so. However, afterwards I could tell she hadn't really felt comfortable doing it. She said it was very emotional. I worried as I'd read a lot of women can go off sex for ever after childbirth. I decided to sit back and wait and hope Jane would get the urge to have sex again soon. 

It was a Friday night and we decided to open a bottle of sparkling wine to celebrate our baby daughters arrival. That bottle came and went and Jane moved onto her favourite cocktail, a Cosmopolitan while I went on the vodka and Coke. Could this be the night I thought to myself? Cosmos make Jane very drunk and also very horny. It had been a painful overnight visit from my parents 10 months ago that prompted Jane and I to get drunk to numb the pain, with her on the Cosmos that resulted in a steamy session on the couch and 9 months later our baby daughter.

Jane knocked back 3 or 4 cocktails and I started to initiate some passionate kissing. "Are you trying to take advantage of me," she said.

I grinned and denied it but we both knew. Jane knew what I wanted. She said, "I'm really worried about getting pregnant again straight away."

I reassured her that there were ways around that. "There's the condoms the health worker left us with, or we could just use a different hole," I said with a dirty grin on my face.

Jane knew exactly what I meant. I was always yearning to have her take my cock in her mouth. It's something she doesn't do very much, but it's always mind blowing when she does.

"It's not happening, I want to wait until I'm on the injection," she said to me. My heart sank.

A few more Cosmos went down and before long we were kissing passionately again. Jane told me how much she loved me and our new family.

I said, "I so want to make love to you."

Jane replied saying, "I want you inside me." She began to grind her hips against my rock hard erection in my Jeans.

I tried to get her to slow down as I was getting too carried away too quickly. It was too late I erupted in my pants. Not my proudest moment and I felt very embarrassed at this point.

Jane continued to kiss and grind against me until with a sad face I said, "I'm so sorry I've kind of just gone there."

Jane was very understanding as it had been months since I'd last had sex.

"Don't" worry about it, you will just last longer when you are inside me. I want you to go down on me now," she said.

There was no hesitation from me. I love giving Jane pleasure in that way and would rather lick her to orgasm and witness a mind blowing orgasm in front of me over having one myself any day. I pulled off her jeans and knickers and set to work with my tongue round her pussy focusing on her engorged clit. She started to breathe heavy immediately and I could tell she was loving every minute of it. I teased her, increasing the stimulation easing off just under her point of no return.

This went on for a while until Jane gasped at me, "I want to do something really dirty to you."

"What do you want to do?" I asked.

She replied, "What do you want me to do?"

I didn't have to think for any time, I wanted my cock in her mouth. I replied, "You know what I want you to do to me."

She began to talk dirty at me, asking if I was now imagining my hard cock in her mouth. It was almost enough to make me cum in my pants a second time but I made sure I held it back this time. I stood up to start removing my jeans and she pulled me towards the top of the settee where her head was and said, "I'll take these off." She undressed me and grabbed my rock hard cock and plunged it into her mouth. I was in heaven.

Jane rarely takes me in her mouth which makes it such a treat when she does. She continued to talk dirty to me in between mouthfuls of cock and passionate kisses. This spurred me on and I began to fuck her face grabbing her hair and really pushing my cock into her mouth. She didn't resist at all. This was the best oral I had ever had. I've always fantasied about fucking Jane's face just like this, and now it was actually happening. She sensed what would be coming and broke off for a second telling me not to cum in her mouth.

I was gutted. That part turns me on the most. I pleaded a little asking if I could cum in her mouth, but she was adamant against it. I was in a powerful position holding her head and thrusting into her mouth and could have easily continued until I shot my load down her throat but I respected her wishes and told her to stop just as I got to my point of no return. Even without finishing in her mouth this was the most enjoyable sexual position I had ever been in.

Next we moved onto the floor and got into a '69.' Once again a teased her hole with my tongue and I could hear her enjoying the stimulation all while sucking my rock hard cock. Before long Jane reached for the condoms we had been given by the health worker. Slowly she took it out the foil and placed it over my rock hard cock. This was it, she was ready to have me inside her.

I didn't want to hurt her it being the first time since baby Liz passed through those parts, so told her to stay on top to control the speed and depth of penetration. Slowly, Jane lowered herself onto my hard cock and we began to fuck. I asked if she was feeling okay and got the nod that there was no pain. As we continued I could see the orgasm building on Jane's face. I told her I was getting close and she said she was too. Moments later I started to cum and so did she. It was an amazing feeling to both climax together for the first time in months.

Overall the whole night was in my top two sex sessions ever. It was amazing.

I will wait for a few more cosmos next time and maybe I'll get to cum in Jane's mouth and she'll swallow. That's only ever happened once in 11 years.

Hope you enjoyed reading.

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