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Amber's Sex Day - Chapter One

Amber gets her day to do what she wants, and as many as she wants.
Amber and Matt had been together over three years and it had been the best sex of each of their lives. They had the rare combination of being completely attracted to the other's physical appearance and being sexually like minded. They quickly realized that they had a sexual chemistry that couldn't be topped.

One of the many things that they enjoyed sexually with each other was roleplaying sexual situations together. A repeating theme developed from those roleplaying sexual escapades that they often talked about pursuing outside of roleplaying. Both were equally excited by the idea, an idea that most couples are in sync with.

Their favorite roleplaying theme was for Amber to be with other men while Matt watched and ultimately joined in. They often used the roleplaying nights as a time to push the boundaries of their sexual fantasies and incorporate new and different aspects of the theme of Amber being with other men.

The fantasy play started simply enough with a threesome where the other man would be included in a night of sex with Amber. The roleplaying quickly progressed from one man to several men, to Amber being able to choose the men she wanted, to Matt blindfolding Amber and choosing the men for her, to Amber being on her own and picking any man, and as many men as she wanted, and then later telling Matt about it.

Matt was particularly interested in the latest developments in their roleplaying. Matt introduced the idea of Amber going out deliberately on her own to pick out a man or men to be with. He mulled over the idea and examined it many different ways to see if he could come up with an aspect of it that he did not like. The only thing he could think was the possibility that if someone that knew them found out, or running into one of the men unexpectedly after the event.

Matt was well aware of the mainstream social conscience that would outcast him if he allowed his woman to be sexually free with other men. However, he was acutely aware of the excitement he got by living vicariously through Amber. He was also excited by thoughts of the men who would get a fantasy that seemed impossible; to have sex with another man's woman/wife without worry or later obligation.

Amber had given in to Matt's insistence that she let her sexual energy take over and pursue sex experiences. Amber's first time letting her sexual urges drive her was when she was on a business trip. She took Matt at his word, that he wanted her to, and she let a sexual encounter happen with two clients. True to his word Matt was thrilled when Amber told him of the encounter. She even managed to get a copy of a security tape that showed most of the events. Matt couldn't wait for the next time Amber let loose.

Amber was excited in two ways for the next time letting go. First, she was actually going out with the intention of picking any guy, or guys, she wanted to be with. Second, Matt knew what she was going to be doing. The only things Amber struggle with was who she should pick and how many.

Amber thought about the various guys she knew or had run across. She let her mind expand to allow her to think of them sexually. Normally, she would curtail detailed sexual thoughts of other men out of respect for Matt. But now she had the freedom to let her mind run through scenarios with guys she had met either at the gym, or a store, or even guys she'd known for a while. Her heart and mind raced with anticipation.

Amber also considered how she wanted the night to unfold. Would she let the encounter be totally dirty and allow herself to be dominated by the guy she chose or would she steer the events. Amber wondered if it would be more exciting telling Matt how she let herself be fucked in the back parking lot of a bar or to be taken to a hotel room and fucked repeatedly.

She wanted to please Matt as much as she wanted to be please herself. She had never been in a relationship where this would have been possible and she knew it might only happen once so she wanted to explore her fantasies as much as she knew she wanted to give Matt his fantasy. She decided that if since it might be a one time chance that she should make it count.

Matt also pondered many different possibilities. One was that Amber would go to a bar or club and let a few guys pick her up. He could visualize Amber fucking and sucking while others waited their turn. He also imagined her going one by one to guys she knew and fucking them.

The day finally came, and Amber and Matt were electric with excitement. Matt already guessed that Tim would be one of the guys Amber would fuck. Tim was in his early twenties and worked at the small grocery store Amber stopped at on her way home from work. Tim had actually worked up the nerve one day to ask her if she was interested in a drink. She politely declined, informing him that she was married.

Every few weeks he would ask her how she was doing. Amber was attracted to Tim and had admitted to Matt that if she were single, she would have slept with him right away. Matt was excited knowing that Tim was going to get Amber, that he was going to live that rare fantasy of being able to fuck that hot woman you see without any attachments or complications.

Amber had set the stage the day before when she told Tim that she and some girlfriends were going to be out at the local card room. She also told Tim that he should bring some cute friends of his along. Tim said he would try but that he was having a party at his house and that she should bring her friends there. Amber wasn't actually intending to bring any of her girlfriends out, she just wanted the possibility that Tim had some hot friends she might be able to include in her evening fun. And once she learned that Tim having a party at his house a new set of possibilities opened up.

Amber decided to wear a snug sexy black dress with tall boots. She looked irresistible, and Matt knew that she would have the eyes every guy on her. The deal was Amber had the entire day to do what and who she wanted. Matt suggested that if it was possible she should try to video her fun. Little did Matt know that at the time she left for the evening Amber had already had some fun.

Matt learned later that when he had left for his morning soccer game Amber had left to the gym. Amber didn't go to the gym to work out but in hopes of finding one of a few few men she wanted who worked out there. She was in luck. About twenty minutes into doing a light workout, Amber noticed Ron, a man in his early thirties who she had often caught checking her out. Ron and Amber had exchanged only the briefest of comments during their crossing paths at the gym. This time would be different.

-----At The Gym-----

Amber quickly finishes the set she's working on and moves to the machine next to Ron. Ron nods and smiles. Amber smiles, but this time a more friendly smile than her usual courteous gym smile. She also says, "Hi."

"Hi," Ron responds, excited by Amber's openness. "My name is Ron. We've passed each other in here countless times and I figured I should introduce myself this time."

Amber smiles again and introduces herself. As she does she gives Ron a deliberate quick up and down with her eyes. Ron notices and returns the look.

Amber decides it's best not to get caught up in small talk so she opens a proverbial door for Ron and asks, "I just finished up and was going to hit the sauna for a few. Wanna join me?"

Ron's heart nearly freezes. Fuck ya! his mind yells, but he replies, "I'd love to."

"Great, I'll meet you there, I want to change into my bikini first," Amber says as she smiles at Ron and turns for the locker rooms. Again Ron's heart seems to freeze. He can't believe the last two minutes actually happened. He pauses to watch Amber walk away admiring her ass and figure. Then he heads for the sauna.

Ron is sitting in the hot dry room anxiously waiting for Amber. He is relieved the room is empty. He adjusts his cock in his shorts so as to hide his semi erection. A few minutes later the door opens and Amber walks in wearing a towel around her waist. Ron immediately notices her awesome tits in her bikini top. His dick twitches at the sight. Amber smiles wide when she sees Ron in just his shorts. She looks at his nice muscular chest. She lets her eyes linger.

"Hey," Ron says casually.

"Hi," Amber responds with a hint of excitement. She then pulls her towel off from around her waist and lays it on the wooden seating. Ron can't help but to look at Amber. His eyes move all over her amazing body, pausing on her bikini bottom and how it hugs her perfect hips.

Amber bites her lip softly and seductively as she watches Ron check her out.

A moment later Ron looks up and sees Amber watching him. Their eyes meet. Ron is momentarily embarrassed, but before he can say anything Amber does, "Don't worry you can look."

Ron's mouth pops open with astonishment and delight.

Amber raises her eyebrows signaling Ron that she is serious. Ron smiles and stands up. He doesn't try to hide his excitement. His manhood, semi hard, strains at the front of his shorts. Amber smiles as she looks Ron up and down. Then she looks from his cock to his eyes and smiles.

Again before Ron can say anything Amber makes a move. She reaches up behind her back and pulls at the string to her bikini top, untying it. It falls to the ground revealing her perfect perky chest. Ron stares.

"Fuck you're beautiful," Ron mutters.

Amber smiles. She steps toward Ron and puts her hands around him and presses up into him. Ron heart races as Amber's soft firm tits press into his chest. Amber kisses Ron. Ron kisses back. Her kiss is one of seduction and passion.

Ron responds. His hands move to her back and he feels her body. As they kiss his hands move down to her hip and to her ass. He pulls her hips into his. He presses his now fully hard dick against her stomach.

Amber breaks the kiss and looks into Ron's eyes. She smiles devilishly, then slowly slides down his body as she drops to her knees in front of him. Ron watches. Amber looks up as she takes hold of Ron's shorts and pulls them down. Ron's cock springs free in front of Amber.

Amber looks from Ron's eyes to his hard rod. It's about 6 inches long but huge in girth. Amber's eye widen at the sight of its thickness.

Ron notices her reaction and knows why. "Haven't seen one that wide have you? Are you sure you can handle it?"

Amber looks up smiles and nods excitedly. Her heart races at not only being so close to taking another man in her mouth, but at taking such a thick cock in her mouth. It's a great surprise. She reaches up and holds his hard meat. She looks at how her fingers can't wrap around it. Ron moans at her touch. She strokes it, feeling it. Her other hand finds Ron's balls. Again Ron moans, "Fuck."

Amber looks up and watches Ron's face as she strokes his cock. He looks down and smiles as he looks the gym beauty he's fantasized about for months stroking his cock. "Fuck," Ron moans again.

With that moan Amber can't wait. She opens her mouth and takes Ron's cock inside. She can just barely open wide enough. Ron moans louder. Amber is dizzy with the excitement of taking such a wide cock in her mouth. It makes her feel like he is forcing it on her. She take him as deep as she can.

"Oh fuck yes," Ron moans. Amber body tingles with the sexual electricity. Then she feels Ron's hands at the back of her head. He holds her firm and pushes his hips forward, pushing his cock deeper into Amber's mouth.

"Mmmm," He moans. His cock almost reaches the back for her throat but it is to big to push farther in. Amber moves her hands to Ron's ass and pulls trying to get him deeper in her mouth. Ron reacts to Amber's sexual forwardness with a louder moan, "Fuck yes take it all, Amber."

Amber thinks for just a moment that she is married, but has another man's cock in her mouth. She relishes the thought that she is allowed to be doing this, savors the freedom to have any an she wants.

Soon Ron switches from pushing his fat hard dick deep into Amber's mouth to sliding it in and out of her mouth. Amber reaches again for his balls and holds them as she sucks his cock as he fucks her mouth with it.

Amber's mind races with the thrill she will have later of telling Matt about sucking his Ron's cock, but she want more than that to tell him. She wants to tell Matt about how he fucked her. And she just as much just wants to feel Ron's wide cock squeeze into her pussy. She wants to orgasm while he is inside her, she wants to feel his cock pulse and throb as he cums in her cunt. She can't wait any longer.

Amber pulls off Ron's cock. She looks up with wanton eyes. Ron knows the look. Ron steps out of his shorts, knowing he's only moments away from fucking this hot gym woman he's been eyeing for months. Amber stands up and unties her bikini bottoms. She lets them fall off. Ron immediately looks. He is desperately curious as to what Amber's pussy looks like. He is beside himself with excitement. Then he sees it. Ron sees Amber's smooth waxed pussy.

"Holy fuck," Ron mutters, "I'm going to fuck the shit out that."

Amber smiles at Ron's aggressiveness. Ron steps to Amber and grabs her hips. He looks Amber in the eye an then spins her around. He pushes her over at the waist. Amber braces herself with her hands on the wooden bench. Ron pushes Amber's legs wide with his feet. The atmosphere in the small sauna is electric. Amber's heart pounds with anticipation of feeling Ron inside her pussy, feeling him thrusting his cock into her. Then it happens. Amber feels Ron's dick press up against her wet pussy. He presses the tip against her pussy a few times with out pushing in. Amber's crazy with anticipation. The teasing is too much.

"Fuck me!" Amber blurts out. Ron's hands tighten on Amber's hips. She knows it going to happen. Ron thrust forward pressing the hard tip of his manhood into Amber tight cunt. Amber is surprised at how it feels. How it stretches her. "Oh! Ohh!" She moans.

Rona also moans, "Damn you're tight, Amber." Ron pushes harder, more of his cock slips in.

"Ouhmmm, Ohmmm, fuck," Amber pants as Ron forces his dick deeper into her cunt,

"Okay fuck this, ready?" Ron asks. But before Amber can answer Ron thrusts hard. Ron's cock penetrates deep into Amber. "Oh damn, you've got a tight pussy," Ron blurts out in pleasure.

Amber's eyes widen as she feels Ron's member fill her cunt. Fuck he's big, she tells herself, fuck yes. "You're filling me up, Ron, you're fucking huge," Amber says with pleasure oozing off of every word.

Ron holds Amber's hips and begins to pull his cock out a bit then he pushes it back in. With each thrust he moans at the pleasure Amber's cunt brings to him through his submerged cock. Soon he is pounding Amber good, fucking her as she needs to be fucked. Amber's pussy is alive with pleasure not only from Ron's cock but the excitement of the moment. It overwhelms her. She is caught almost by surprise. Her pussy and body explodes in orgasm.

"Oh fuck! Oh mmm," she moans loud as she grips the beams of the wooden bench. Ron feels Amber's orgasm and thrust in hard and holds his cock deep in her, feeling her pussy orgasm around is cock. A moment passes and Amber starts to relax from the orgasm. Ron starts to fuck her again. Amber feels his excitement and the erratic nature of his thrusts. "Turn me around," Amber tells Ron breathlessly. "I want to see your face when you cum in me."

Ron's mind and cock nearly explode at hearing Amber's words, ".. when you cum in me." This can't be real, Ron say to himself as he pulls out of Amber's pussy so he can turn her around. I get to cum in her! He tells himself.

He turns Amber over. She lays back on the wooden bench and spreads her legs wide, inviting Ron between them. Ron eagerly gets up on the bench between Amber's long smooth legs. He looks down to admire her smooth pussy again. Then he looks to her face and eyes.

He moves up over her and presses his cock against her wet pussy again. He looks down at hard dick against her wet cunt, we watches as she pushes it back inside. He memorizes the sight of her pussy taking his cock. "Oh shit," Ron's exhales. He looks back up at Amber. Amber has her eyes close and her head tipped back in pleasure. She arches her hips up into Ron's thrusts. She moans. Ron presses his dick deep into Amber's tight hole.

Amber's eyes flash open and she looks at Ron. "Ohhhh! Mmmm," she moans as another orgasm hits her.

Ron feels her body tense with pleasure. He looks at her body tense with pleasure and begins to thrust into her faster. He watches as he fucks her. It is too much. He knows it. He can't stop. He knows he doesn't have too. He thrust deep and hard into Amber's tight cunt.

"Oh fuck, Amber!" Ron yells. "Oh fuck yes!"

Amber feels Ron's body tremble excitedly, she feels his hard dick twitch insider her and begin to pulse. She know what is going to happen and asks for it. "Cum in me," Amber moans.

"Oh yes!" Ron grips Amber's hips tight and he rams his cock into her one last time hard and deep. He holds it deep in her and cums. "Ohhhhh!" He moans as he feels his cock jerk inside Amber as it releases stream after stream of his cum deep into Amber's tight cunt. "Mmmm yes. I'm cumming in you," Ron moans as his cock continues to twitch and dump more of his cum inside Amber's warm pussy.

After a moment of holding his cock inside Amber, Ron looks at Amber. She is smiling with pleasure.

"That was fucking amazing," Ron mutters with exhausted pleasure. "I can't wait to do that again." Ron slips his cock from her and looks down at his cum dripping from her cunt onto the wooden bench.

Amber, still smiling, quickly says, "Maybe in a year."

Ron, curious and confused, says, "What do you mean?"

Amber sits up, her legs still spread, cum dripping out of her, "My man only lets me come out once a year and play like this."

Ron's brows shoot up with astonishment. "Your husband lets you do this? Once a year?"

Amber nods.

"Fuck you have the best man ever. Any strings attached?" Ron asks.

"Not many. I have to tell him all about it. If I can I have to video some of it for him to watch," Amber answers.

"Oh really. Wow," Ron says as he slips on his shorts and hands Amber her bikini top and bottom. "That's hot."

Amber slips into her bikini. "Ya. I'm a lucky girl."

"So what else do you have in mind for today?" Ron asks.

Amber smiles as she reaches for the door. "Maybe a gang bang."

---- to be continued........

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