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Amber's Sex Day - The Final Chapter

Amber ends her Sex Day with a gang bang at a house party.
Amber straightens herself up after saying goodbye to Marcus. Her sexual appetite is kicking into overdrive. She’s now ready push the boundaries of her free day to new limits. Amber considers going back into the casino and talking to the cute guy at the blackjack table, but she also ponders the fun that could be had at Tim's party. She then thinks about what her husband Matt would like her to do. She reminds herself that the deal was she got to choose whatever she wanted.

Amber wants both to please Matt, by providing him his fantasy, and also her own desires. The bottom line to the deal was ultimately to see what she would do sexually if totally unencumbered by guilt or obligation. Amber decides that she is going to fully embrace the deal and do what she desires. She takes a long moment to think about who she really wants to be with, who she’s curious about, who would be fun, and who would be thrilled to fuck her - even if they weren't on the top of her list. Her only worry is who might be a jerk about it later. She thinks about the cute guy from the casino and whether he would be cool, she thinks about all the hot guys that work at the various stores she shops at, and she thinks about several guys from the gym.

One thing Amber does know is that she wants to try a group situation. Matt has talked about it a lot and the thought has stuck with her. Each time she's thought about a group setting it has become increasingly exciting to her. It really wasn't something Amber had fantasized about before she met Matt, but now was now a repeating thought. Amber decides she has to pursue it. She figures her best chance at pulling it off, with at least a few people she is interested in, would be Tim's party. Tim’s hot and she knows form all the flirty he's tried with her that he really wants a shot at her. Amber's seen Tim at the gym with some of his friends and she wasn't disappointed at how they looked. She figured some of them would be at the party and that they probably wouldn’t be too hard to convince to give into her fantasy.

Amber parks across the street from Tim's house. There are a few cars parked in the driveway and on the street in front of his house. It doesn’t appear to be a huge party, which is a slight relief to Amber. After checking herself in the mirror and taking a deep breath Amber gets out of the car and walks to Tim's front door. She takes a deep breath and shakes off any remaining anxiety. She knocks and waits. A few seconds pass then the door opens. Tim smiles widely when he sees Amber. His eyes trace up and down Amber taking in her figure and what she’s wearing. Her black dress hugs her perfectly and flares at just the right spot, leaving lots of leg to see.

Tim invites Amber in and it isn’t long before she is introduced to everyone at the party. She is excited to see that there are more than a few hot guys to consider. She counts at least four that she will definitely try to get involved. There aren't many women there, maybe six, but she does notice that about half don’t seem too thrilled about her being there. She decides not to let that dent her mood.

After a few hours of small talk disappear along with a few drink, the energy at the party begins getting electric. Another hour slips away and soon the party is down to the good looking guys and one woman. It isn’t long before one of the remaining guys suggests getting in the pool. Tim echoes the idea and says he has spare trunks and asks who’s going in. All the remaining five guys nod or say yes.

Amber smirks at the idea. She can easily see the look in the guys eyes that they are anxiously awaiting her to say yes. Amber looks at Jen, the only other woman left. Jen is a spitting image of Alice Eve from the newest Star Trek movie. Jen is just a bit shorter then Amber with medium length straight blonde hair and in her mid twenties with a great looking body and nice tits that are a little bit bigger than Amber's.

Jen looks nervous but doesn’t object to the suggestion. Amber, not wanting to outright give the appearance she is up for anything, says to Jen, “I’m game if you are. We can wear our panties and bras.” Amber knows from earlier conversations that Jen has a crush on Tim and is probably still hanging around in hope of getting some one on one time with him. Amber also knows all of the other guys would love a chance with her.

After a moment, Jen finally says, “Sure, why not.”

Devon, the only black guy left, speaks up, “Well, in that case I’ll just wear my boxers.” The other guys agree that if the women are going to wear their underwear in the pool the least they could do is the same.

Amber watches in excitement as each guy strips down to their boxers. She can easily see most are somewhat excited. It’s exhilarating. Then she notices the guys sneaking peaks at Jen as she pulls off her top and slips out of her tight jeans down to her white matching panties and bra.

Amber follows suit, but strips slowly. She does look to confirm, but she knows the guy's eyes are on her. After a few exhilarating moment, Amber is down to only her panties and bra. She tossing her dress onto a nearby chair and turns to see Tim staring at her. She smiles and looks him up and down. He’s unmistakably excited at seeing her and Jen in their panties and bras.

“It looks like you like what you see,” Amber comments to Tim as she flashes her eyes down to his boxers.

Tim smiles and says, “What’s not to like?”

Devon chimes in from a few feet away, “Damn Tim, you weren’t kidding when you said you invited a woman from the gym with a hot body.”

Amber looks to Devon blushing, and smiles. Her eyes soak in his body, 6’2 and fit. Amber raises her eyebrow in an approving manner.

Jen notices the attention on Amber and walks to the pool and is the first to jump in. Seconds later she springs up. “Damn that’s cold!” she exclaims. Jen quickly climbs out. All the guys stare. Their attention is totally focused on Jen and her white panties clinging to her body and outlining her pussy. She blushes at all the attention. “I’m going to warm up in the shower.”

Devon frowns and says after Jen has left for the shower, “It can’t be that cold.” Tim agrees and they both jump in the water. They surface and look at each other wide eyed.

“Fuck it’s cold,” Tim say. Devon nods and they both climb out. Amber takes the chance and looks at how their wet boxers cling to them and outline their cocks.

The other guys, Mark, Joe, and Curt, all comment about perhaps finding something other than swimming to do.

Amber takes the opportunity to move the night in the direction she wants it to go, “You two need to warm up. Let’s head to the shower, too.”

Tim’s heart skips at hearing that. Devon eyes widen and he looks at Tim for a signal. Mark comments, “I’m not sure Jen would appreciate us all barging in on her.” Joe and Curt nod.

Amber frowns and looks to the dissenters, “Would it help if I got in too?”

Tim responds, “I think that would help.”

Amber looks at Tim, “Let’s go.”

Devon reply’s, “Let’s go it’s cold standing here all wet.” Devon starts to walk inside. Amber smiles at Tim and follows. Then the rest follow. Ambers heart starts to beat fast with anticipation of what might happen.

A moment later they enter the large master bedroom. The door to the bathroom is open a bit and the shower is running. The glass is all steamed up, but the outline of Jen’s body can still me made out. Her wet panties and bra are on the sink.

Tim's back is to everyone as he looks into the bathroom, “She’s still in the shower. And I’m freezing in these.” Tim reaches down and slips his wet boxers off.

 Amber stares at his firm ass.

“Damn right, it’s cold in wet boxers,” Devon follows suit and takes his wet boxers off. Amber turns her head and looks at his tight ass. Devon asks Tim, “Were can I toss these?”

Tim turns and puts his boxer on the dresser, “Anywhere, just don’t forget them later.” Amber gets a quick peek at Tim’s cock. Even wet and cold, he's excitement and a good size. Amber is happy to see that Tim’s cock is big, maybe just a bit bigger then Matt’s.

Devon tosses his boxers in the corner by the door and turns. Amber’s eyes widen as she sees Devon has a massive cock. Amber can tell it will be at least ten inches long and thick when hard. She gulps instinctively. 

Amber can hear the shock from Mark, Joe, and Curt as they stand in the hallway at the entrance to the master bedroom.

Devon catches Amber looking at his cock and smiles, “Now it’s your turn.”

Tim adds, as he turns to face Amber, “Fair is fair.” Amber can help but look and sees that Tim’s cock is growing to full size quickly. 

Amber bites her lower lip gently for a moment, then reaches back and undoes her bra. She lets it fall. Tim’s and Devon’s eye brighten as they see her exposed chest. Amber then hooks a finger from each hand under the sides of her panties. She pauses and looks at Tim. “I think I need some help with these.”

Tim’s cock twitches at the offer. He walks to Amber and grabs her by the waist. His hands grip her firmly. She likes it. Tim’s cock is just inches away from touching her. Tim guides Amber back to the edge of the bed and pushes her down on to it. Amber lays back on the bed. She looks at Tim standing in front of her. She knows there is no stopping the events now.

Tim’s cock is rock hard and every bit of eight inches. Tim reaches down and grabs Amber’s panties by the sides. Amber lifts her hips so Tim can easily slide her panties off. Tim’s heart is racing. He can’t believe he is about to pull Amber’s panties off. After all the times he’s seen her at the gym and fantasized about doing just this, he still can’t believe it. He can’t want any longer, he pulls Amber panties down slowly, savoring the moment and every inch of skin that is exposed.

“Oh fuck,” Tim mutters as the panties slip down enough to expose Amber’s smooth waxed pussy. Amber smiles. Tim drops the panties and stares. Amber enjoys Tim’s excitement. Then after a moment Amber starts to spread her legs. Tim’s eyes widen and grow brighter as he sees what Amber is doing. All his life he’s dreamed of a hot woman like Amber doing this.

Amber’s heart beats fast and strong at the anticipation of all that is sure to happen. Amber finishes spreading her legs. Tim moves in between and leans over Amber. His cock hovering above her pussy. Tim whispers to Amber, “Don’t you have a husband?” Amber nods. “What if he finds out about how this?”

“He told me to come out tonight and fuck anybody I wanted,” Amber whispers back.

“Even somebody you see at the gym all the time?”

“He said anybody.”

“You know that we’re all going to fuck you tonight?” Tim whispers as his eyes darts to the others.

“I hope so.”

“But first you’re gonna feel my cock in that perfect looking pussy of yours,” Tim says as he moves his hips and presses the tip of his cock against Amber’s smooth pussy.

“Hmmm,” Amber moans.

Tim slowly presses his hard cock into Amber’s tight hole. He savors each inch as it slides into her hot wet cunt. “OHHHHhhhhhh,” he moans as he realizes his fantasy of having his cock in Amber. Amber lets out a moan of pleasure also as she feels Tim’s nice hard manhood push inside her. 

When Tim is finally all the way inside Amber he looks her in the eye and says, “Fuck you have a nice cunt.”

“You have nice cock," Amber replies. 

Tim pulls out then thrust back in. They both moan. Again and again Tim pulls almost all the way out, just to thrust hard again. He looks down and watches his cock move in and out of Amber’s tight, warm pussy. He loves it.

Amber grips the sheets in pleasure as Tim fucks her good. She moves and moans at the pleasure he is giving her. The realization of the moment and pleasure overwhelm her sooner then she ever imagined. She begins to tense up in advance of an overwhelming orgasm. She looks at Tim, her mouth open a bit, her eyes wide as she is about to explode. Tim feels she is close, past the point of no return. He rams his cock in her again and again pushing her over the edge. Amber moans loud in pleasure as her orgasm arrives.

Tim feels her pleasure and is pushed over the edge also. He can’t stop. He thrusts in hard and with out even asking, or warning Amber, he lets his cock explodes deep inside her pussy. “OHHH Fuck!” he moans as his erupting cock pulsates and releases it’s cum deep inside Amber’s cunt.

Amber pushes her head back into the mattress in pleasure as she feels Tim’s cock unloading cum inside her. Tim’s body shakes as he cums in her. His mind spins with physical pleasure and with the knowledge that he is cumming insider Amber pussy.

A few moments of pure pleasure pass before Tim relaxes. He looks down at his cock pressed into Amber and then up along her smooth firm body to her eyes. He smiles. “That was fucking amazing.”

Amber smiles in response. She also looks down Tim’s fit body to his cock and her pussy. Her next thought is that she has the best husband in the world for letting her have a sexual fantasy like this, for letting her fuck the men she wants, at least one day out of the year.

Tim breaks her thought when he says, “I hope your ready for the rest. You’re in store for a gang bang.” And with that Tim pulls out and moves away.

Amber immediately sees Devon starting at her with his cock fully hard. Her eyes flash as she sees, his ten inch, thick as a can, dick.

“You think that little pussy of yours can handle this?” Devon asks as stands between her legs at the edge of the bed holding his cock with one hand.

Amber eyes light up. Devon grabs her by the feet and pulls her to the edge of the bed. “Suck it,” Devon commands quietly.

Amber slips off the bed to her knees in front of Devon. Tim’s cum drips from her pussy onto the carpet. She looks up and opens her mouth. Devon grabs her head and holds it as he pushes his big cock into her wanting mouth.

Devon looks down with pleasure in his eyes of the kind he's never felt. It wasn't just that Amber was amazingly hot, and that her warm mouth was physically pleasing to his cock, it was that she wanted it. She wanted to be fucked, to me made to suck, to be gang banged, to be sexually used, and to out right sexually use strange men for her pleasure. That was thrilling to Devon.

"Ohh ohh fuck!" Devon moans as Amber's lips, tight around his meat, slide along it taking it as deep as she can into her mouth.

Just then camera flashes go off. Amber's eyes dart to the side. She sees Tim and the others all filming or taking pictures of her sucking Devon's big hard dick. Amber flashes her eyes for the cameras. Devon pulls almost all the way out and then pushes back in slowly. Then again and again does that. Devon moans softly as he enjoys the feeling of Amber's mouth around his cock. After a moment or two more, Devon pulls all the way out.

Amber looks up. Devon reaches down and helps Amber to her feet. Devon's cock brushing along her chest and stomach as she stands. Devon looks into Amber's eyes with lust and desire. He pulls Amber's lips to his. He kisses her as he grabs her waist and pulls her beautiful, firm, body into his. After a long kiss Devon guides Amber back onto the bed. Amber slides up into the center. Devon looks down, his huge cock swaying back and forth as he looks at Amber. Amber smiles and slowly begins to spread her legs. Devon smiles at Amber offering herself to him.

"I want you to fuck me with your huge cock, and I want you to fill my pussy up with all the cum you can pump into it,” Amber says seductively.

Devon smiles wider and climbs onto the bed between Amber's spread legs. Soon he is over her looking down at her beautiful face. His hard manhood hangs down and the tip rests near Amber's belly button. Amber looks down at Devon's dick. She can't wait to feel it filling her pussy, for it to make her cum, for it to pulsate insider her as Devon giver her his cum. Amber is tingling with anticipation, her heart beats faster as she imagines what it will feel like to actually feel Devon's cock throbbing inside her as he releases his cum.

Devon looks down at his cock resting on Amber's smooth, firm, flat stomach. He slips down allowing the tip to drag across Amber's stomach to her pussy. Devon stares at Amber's smooth pussy as the tip of his cock presses against it. Devon's heart races as the thinks about how her cunt will feel wrapped around his cock, how it will feel to thrust it in and out of her, how it will feel to cum in her.

Devon rocks his hips forward and pushes the tip into Amber's eager cunt. Amber moans. Devon moans. He looks up and into Amber's eyes. He thrusts hard, pushing all of his huge cock into Amber's cunt. Amber moans and arches her body in pleasure and excitement. She presses her head back and closes her eyes as she savors the feeling of Devon inside her.

Camera flashes go off.

"Oh fuck Amber! You're pussy is fucking awesome," Devon moans. Devon pulls out a bit then thrusts back inside Amber. Again and again Devon pulls out a bit and thrusts back in. Amber's grips the sheets tightly and rocks her hips into Devon's thrust to maximize force of his thrust, and to signal Devon the she wants to fuck him as much as he wants to fuck her.

Devon lifts up and leans back with his manhood deep in Amber. He grabs her hips and hold them tight as he thrusts into her, he also pulls her hips, her body, into him. Amber moans. She loves that Devon is controlling her body, moving her body and with it her pussy on his cock as thought she was a toy and he was using it to jerk himself off.

Amber is overwhelmed by the moment and the pleasure, she explodes in another overwhelming orgasm. Her body tenses in pleasure, her legs tighten, squeezing Devon's waist. Devon is pushed past the tipping point by Amber's intensity. "Oh god yes!" He moans. "Oh fuck, get ready!" Devon warns.

Devon holds onto Amber's hips firmly, pulling her tight onto his cock as he presses his hips forward pushing his cock as deep into Amber's tight cunt as he can. He moans loudly as he arches back. "FUCK!" Devon’s cock swells and explodes inside Amber's orgasming cunt.

Amber's eyes flash wide. She looks down at Devon, at this toned body flexing, she feels his swollen cock buried deep in her pussy. She feels the first pulse, then the second. She smiles knowing what is happening. She moans in pleasure as feels Devon's cock shooting cum into her pussy.

Devon's body shakes as his cock pulsates. Devon feels his cum rushing down and out of his cock into Amber's cunt with each twitch. His mind records the feeling as he enjoying the physical pleasure of cumming as much as he enjoys the knowledge of who he is cumming in. He feels a sense of conquest as he knows he is cumming inside another man's wife. With each pulse another stream of his cum is pumped into Amber's cunt. He loves it.

Amber's eyes trace over Devon's body as she watches him orgasm. She watches as his stomach and hips flex with each twitch of his cock inside her. And with each twitch she knows she is being filled with more of his cum, the cum of yet another man. A naughty thrill she relishes. A naughty experience she savors.

After a moment Devon relaxes and looks back to Amber. He smiles. She smiles back. He pulls his cock out of her and a flood of cum pours out of her cunt onto the sheets. Camera flashes go off.

Just then Jen walks out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her, covering her from chest to mid-thigh. Mark and Curt are caught speechless. Tim opens is mouth to say something, but Devon turns around in that moment and Jen's eyes immediately move to look at his still hard cock. Amber looks up from the bed still smiling from her experience with Devon. Jen then looks from Devon's cock to Amber's pussy.

Amber notices something in Jen's eye just then, something changes. Amber smiles at her. In that moment, Jen lets go of something, she make a decision to take an action that would forever change her approach to sex. Jen starts to walk toward the bed. All eyes are quietly on her. As she gets to the bed she pulls on her towel, loosening it, and then she lets it fall.

All the men's eyes widen at the realization of the moment. Jen is bare naked in front of them. They all immediately look her body, not knowing if she'd quickly grab the towel and cover up, they all want, need to know what see looks like naked. The curiosity of what her tits look like and what her pussy looks like is impossible to resist. They look. And they see. They see Jen's nice c-cup chest with small areola's and firm nipples, they see the inch wide strip of hair that shows the way to her otherwise smoothly waxed pussy. It is everything they had hoped to see.

Jen is exhilarated by what she is doing. The release of worry about what people think of her, the release of the restraints that that worry brings is refreshing. Seeing Amber free of constraints, seeing her explore and enjoy with abandon, sweeps away Jen's fears. She feels the mens' eyes on her. She know they are staring at her tits, and her pussy. She loves it. She loves that she is giving them something so secretive to most women. She prides herself on her body and how she keeps it. She is glad to show it off.

Jen makes another decision then, a choice driven as much from curiosity as it was from the desire to shock the men in the room. Jen crawls on the bed in between Amber's legs and press her lips to Amber's pussy. Amber takes a deep breath in excitement. Jen's lips part and her tongue slips out and runs along Amber's wet, cum dripping pussy. Jen pushes her tongue inside Amber. Amber moans and lets her head fall back to the bed. Jen can taste the cum in Amber's pussy. She knows she is tasting at least Devon's cum, but she also knows she could be tasting Tim's.

The men watch in awe. They mutter to themselves and to each other as they see Jen going down on Amber. Their eyes wide as they see Jen on her knees, her ass in the air as she tastes Amber, her pussy on display from behind. It is nothing short of a perfect scene to the men in the room. A scene no porn has done better. Tim and Devon are hard hard again. Mark and Curt's pants do nothing to conceal their excitement.

The sexual energy in the room is electric. Amber is taken again to the brink of orgasm. It doesn't matter that Jen has no experience going down on a woman; she is a woman herself and knows what to do. Amber moves on the sheets with the pleasure Jen is bringing to her pussy. Jen's tongue is soft at the right moment, firm in the right places, and moves at the right speed. Amber reaches down and grabs Jen's head holding Jen to her pussy. Jen lips pull, her tongue presses, her breath heats, all the right place. Amber body tightens in advance of another spectacular orgasm.

"Oh fuck!" Amber moans loudly as her orgasm hits. She lets go of Jen's head and grabs for the sheets as she is take over by waves of pleasure. Jen keeps her lips and tongue working as she feels Amber orgasm.

Amber's pleasure bleeds into Jen. Jen is more sexually charge then before, it surprises her. As Amber's orgasm diminishes Jen's inhibitions diminish as well. Inhibitions of every kind fall away. Her mind opens up to everything.

Jen lifts her head and looks back at Devon, deliberately avoiding eye contact with Tim. Their eyes meet and a second later Jen slowly slides her knees along the sheets, spreading them. Devon's eyes sparkle with a new brightness. He looks from Jen's eyes to her pussy, seeing it more and more exposed as Jen's legs spread wider and wider. The other guys mumble enthusiastically as they see Jen shift into a more erotic, slutty, wanting, submissive, sexual position.

Devon's cock twitches as he realizes he is going to be the first to fuck Jen's sweet looking pussy. He can't believe this is actually happening. He's dreamed about, and jerked off thinking about, fucking Jen for some time. He doesn't hesitate. Devon quickly moves in behind Jen and grabs her by the hips. Jen turns her head forward and looks at Amber. Amber bites her lip seductively; excited by what Jen is about to do. Amber looks down between their bodies and sees Devon's hard cock move up into position against Jen's pussy. Just as she see's Devon begin to flex and push his cock into Jen, Amber looks at her. The look on Jen's face is pure excitement. Jen's body jerks forward a bit and her eyes flare wide, her mouth pops open and she mutters, "Oh god!" Amber knows in that moment that Devon is thrusting his hard dick into Jen's cunt.

Jen moans as her body rocks forwards and backwards each time Devon pumps his hard dick in and out of Jen's warm tight hole. Amber watches from her vantage point under Jen. Amber can look down and see Devon's meat sliding and thrusting in and out of Jen's pussy. She can also look up and see the bliss on Jen's face at having totally giving into the moment and the immense pleasure Devon is bringing her. Jen's fingers begin to tighten on the sheets as Devon picks up the pace of his thrusts. Jen's moans become stronger and primal as she is at the brink of an orgasm. Then the inevitable begins. Jen feels Devon's cock getting bigger, swelling up inside her. Jen can almost not believe what she is going to let happen.

"Oh god yes!" Devon blurts out loudly. His hands firmly gripping Jen's hips, he pulls her back hard as he thrust forward forcefully burying his cock as deep as he can into Jen's tight cunt. Devon explodes deep inside Jen. "Oh fuck Jen!" Is all Devon has to say. Everyone knows what is happening. Devon's balls tighten up as he unloads his cum inside of Jen's cunt. Devon can't believe what he is doing, it's too good to be true. He has to say it out loud, "Oh fuck Jen, I'm cumming in your hot little cunt."

Jen stares down at Amber, her eyes flared wide again as she feels Devon's cock pulsating inside her, as she realizes he his filling her cunt with his cum. In the next moment Jen explodes in orgasm. She moans and grips the sheet as she feels the best orgasm of her life hit her. Devon moans agains as he feels Jen orgasm and as he is still in the midst of pumping stream after stream of cum deep inside her tight cunt.

Mark, Curt, and Tim stare in awe at the perfect sight. Amber naked under a naked Jen with Devon deep inside Jen from behind.

Over the next hours Devon and the remaining guys, Mark, Curt, and Tim fulfill various sexual fantasies with Amber and Jen. And Amber has her fantasy of a gang-bang fulfilled. Amber's did have a couple requests for the guys. She wanted to be on her hands and knees with them fucking her from behind when they cam inside her at least once. She wanted to be looking into the camera when they cam inside her. She wanted Matt to see the expression on her face when then pushed their cocks into her and also the look on her face when they were cumming inside her. The second was that they video close ups of their cocks deep insider her when they cam. Amber wanted Matt to see their balls rise up when they cam and their cocks pulsating as they shot cum insider her, and lastly she wanted Matt to see the moment they pulled out and their cum dripped from her pussy.

Jen wanted to be on her back and have each guy climb on top of her as least once when they fucked her. She later said she wanted the image of their faces in her memory as the each fucked her and the memory of their expressions as they cam in her. They obliged.

As for the guys, they asked for all of the basics from Amber and Jen from being able to cum inside them to cumming on their faces and shooting cum into their open mouths. And, of course they wanted to watch them swallow. Amber and Jen were all to happy to agree. They also asked if the could talk dirty to them as they did things to them. Amber and Jen were both very curious to hear what they might say in the heat of desire and passion and agreed. The guys were thrilled and took full advantage of the opportunity. It wasn't long before they were calling them "sluts" and "bitches" in a sexually charged way. They also liked announcing what they were going to do before they did it, and all liked saying a version of "I'm going to give you my hard cock and fuck your tight little cunt like the slut you are." And while they were actually fucking Amber or Jen they'd say something like, "Oh fuck bitch, a pussy as good as yours needs to be filled with cum." They also wanted Amber and Jen to say things like, "I want to taste your cum," "You can cum on my face if you want," and "Cum in me, I want to feel your cock filling my pussy with cum." They did.

Amber got home early the next morning with a copy of all the recordings and pictures for Matt to see. Her day was over, and she was without regret. She had lived a sexually free day and it was all she imagined and more. She had fucked six different guys since the morning of the previous day. She new Matt would be thrilled. She could wait to share the stories from the day with him.

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