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An Almost Traditional First Date

Woman seduces man of her desire by recognizing his fetishes
Five years ago, I was a happy little stoner chick. I styled hair and did make-up for a living. Most of my friends were gay men I worked with and I felt safe. I got high when I felt like it and was promiscuous with both sexes; never caring about having a future with anyone. Then I met Cody. I can’t remember when we first saw each other, just that he took over my life once we started dating. Before I knew it, I was a mostly responsible adult where I defined myself being part of a couple.

However, like everyone else it began with a first date. Ours too was very traditional; he asked me out to dinner and I accepted. It began in the traditional way, at any rate.

I showered and dressed in a pair of black skinny spandex pants that snuggled my curves, with high-heel sandals, a tight low-cut tee and I smelled of coconut oil. I enjoyed Cody’s attentiveness when I greeted him at my front door. I detected his eyes lingering on my feet, which I always thought of as one of my best assets. I was thrilled to find a man that appreciated the effort I’d placed into painting my toe nails and making sure my skin was soft and smooth. We headed to the restaurant.

With two steaks between us, we talked like it was any other first date; until he looked directly into my eyes. I was wearing my blond hair straight and silky, with it flowing just my shoulders. “Your eyes are so blue. I could look into them forever.”

At one time, that romantic talk would have sent me running. It sounded forced and fake. Not that night. I was sucking it up, and I’d already decided to dispense with the three date rule and was going to fuck him that very night. Boldly, I took the lead and said, “Yes; they are also clear, wide and inviting.” I emphasized the work “Inviting.”

I took a short breath and said, “Okay, here goes. Stop me, I start to make an ass of myself. Cody, I’m very attracted to you.” I waited to see if he’d stop me, but he wanted me to go on. I continued, “I like how they can understand me as a woman, better than those macho types.”

“I’m not effeminate. Am I?” Cody had a soft artistic side that many women didn’t appreciate, but when he talked to me, that’s was what got my juices flowing.

“You’re comfortable with your own sexuality, as am I. Plus I like the one being in command in the bedroom.”

He admitted I had him pegged. I felt myself becoming aroused and could tell he was feeling the same way.

“Here’s the deal. I haven’t made the best choices in the last few years, but we’d be good together. If you can accept me.”

“Sure, I can. Can you accept me? You’ve seen some crap I’ve gotten myself into.”

I flashed a half-crooked grin at him, and he smiled back at me. I wanted him more than anything. “I’m going to lay myself bare. I’ve had twenty-three lovers before I met you. Furthermore, I’m bisexual, so it’s been guys and chicks. Even if we try a relationship, I’d need to date women.”

He tried to reassure me, “That’d be okay with me …”

I cut him off, “You won’t be included! I only go one on one. I’ll be totally loyal to you on men. You can date other men; I’m fine with that, but I can’t handle you banging other women. Can you deal with that?”

I could tell by the look on his face, the answer was already an enthusiastic “Hell, yeah,” but he waited, pretending to think it over. I could already read him like a blog page. “I can go with that. We’ll forget the past and move to a future; together.”

Here’s where things completely departed from the traditional first date. I rose and stood next to his chair. Using my sexiest low voice, I said quietly, “Also, the tidy whities you wear? Yeah, I’ve figured out the kind of underwear you put-on; I’m tossing those. You’re only wearing the sexiest panties I pick out for you. I’d love your tush to be in lace and satin.”

I could see his cock was fully erect and I worried that other patrons might notice. If not, they definitely noticed what I did next.

I’d seen him checking out my feet every time I wore high heels and open toe shoes when we were in the flirt stage. “I also know that you have a serious foot and shoe fetish.”

I placed my right foot on the chair between his legs. With my toe nails painted blood red; he stared admiringly at my foot encased in a web of narrow leather straps. “You want to caress my foot right here, don’t you?”

He nodded as people at the next table looked on. Like most women, I, too, have a shoe fetish. I love buying and wearing the sexiest ones I can find and love the power it gives me when I see a man sneaking a peek at my feet and toes. Cody, with his addiction to the iron grip of foot obsession was completely in my demanding control now.

“You like legs? You’re in for a treat. My legs are phenomenal. You’ll drool over me in a short skirt.”

He waved to pay the bill. “Let’s get out of here. You’ve completely seduced me.”
~ ~ ~ 

We raced back to his condo and rushed to the bedroom. He tore off his clothes, scattering them on the floor and sat naked on the bed while did a slow burlesque of removing my top, displaying my breasts, which I waved just out of the reach of his hungry mouth.

Next the tight pants went, with special attention to sliding them down my rounded ass. I remained in only a pair of black lace panties that hugged the curvature of each buttock and provided a barely obscured view of my hairless pubic mound, as I slipped my shoes back on.

As Cody looked on, he managed to blurt, “It’s a gross understatement to say your legs are phenomenal. For lack of better words, I’d have to use flawless, but even that couldn’t do them justice.” My legs were long, lean and tapered from my ankles to hips; smooth and inviting. I placed one foot between his spread legs and said, “You know where to begin.”

Through the straps, he kissed and licked each toe and worked toward the leg. He nibbled and tasted my silky flesh, working his way gradually to my knees. At that point, I switched feet and allowed him to start his exploration once more.

After ten minutes, I excused herself to the bathroom and returned with a bottle of warming lubricant that I happened to have in my purse. Removing my shoes, I coated each foot with a heavy film of oil and motioned him to position himself across from me, so I could access his penis with each foot. I rubbed his erection and testicles in a massaging motion as each toe separately caressed his hardness as the heat from the lotion intensified. In my closed eyed repose, I could feel my panties becoming moist.

With a clamping action of my heels against his genitals, I produced a gusher of white fluid in three orgasmic spasms; spraying my feet with his load. I continued the massage as the thick concoction worked its way between my toes and onto the soles of my feet. Once completely drenched in his seed, I moved one foot to his mouth and demanded, “Clean them.”

He lapped at his own sperm and drank as much as he could, until I pulled him toward me, kissing him and drawing some of his gooey mixture into my mouth. We traded the semen beck and forth between us.

“Did that satisfy your fetish?” I asked in a soothing whisper.

Still trembling from the waves of pleasure, he replied, “More that I could have imagined.” He drew a deep breath and asked, “And how can I satisfy your fetish?”

“Ah, there are so many. I love someone skilled with their tongue. You showed potential, but let’s see what you can do above my kneecaps.”

No time was wasted as he moved his tongue along my supple body. He kissed the recess of my navel and plumbed its depths, working his way to my breasts, carefully tweaking each nipple between his lips as I cooed approval of his technique.

Reaching down to slide my panties off, he readied himself for the fragrant nectar of my honey pot. As he was about to drop them to the bed, I commanded, “No, you wear them.”

His reanimating penis poked its head over the top of my panties, as the rest of his package felt the warm moisture of my vaginal juices still soaked into the gossamer material. Plunging into my alluring slit, he drank in my juices as he tickled my clitoris with his tongue.

“Your ass looks so sexy in those. You’ll never wear men’s underwear in my presence again,” I stated in between gasps.

I came with a loud cry of surrender, digging my nails into his shoulders and wiggled my semen smeared toes with abandon.

He kissed his way to my mouth and pulled the panties in front to below his nuts. With his hardness renewed, he rammed into my drenched snatch and pumped with all his remaining power. He shuttered as my nails ran along his back leaving thin temporary marks. I spewed a series of verbal obscenities while I unabashedly begged him not to stop.

My hands ran to the side of my panties around his hips. I pulled them tight causing an added strain against his scrotum. I came once more. A short time later, he emptied his load into me. I could feel his spunk gush into me.

We kissed and held each other for the next hour. We slept little that night instead preferring to spend the time recouping enough to make another attempt at satisfying our cardinal desires.

The next day, I moved into his condo. While friends said we were moving too fast, we knew better. When you find your soul mate, any time not spent together is wasted, and we had wasted too much of it already.

One year later we married. In truth, Cody stopped his encounters with other men once I came into his life. “I don’t have the energy or desire anymore,” he once told me as he ran his hand up my thigh and under my short black skirt as we talked in a drive to meet his parents for the first time.

Frankly, I don’t understand how women could be attracted to a man who has never had bisexual experiences. Those self-professed masculine types lack the knowledge to understand what a woman wants in bed, when they have never been in such a position themselves nor can’t they emotionally connect to us, without that kind of background, but that’s just my observations.

I’d like to say that I have completely lost my desire for other women, but in truth, I’m nearly as attracted by the sight of a feminine foot in a cute pair of high heels as Cody. He knows I occasionally enjoy dalliances with other women, but is completely fine with it, as long as I give him detailed accounts of my encounters.

I’m now comfortable in verbally sharing that part of my life with him. It’s benefited me both in arousing Cody for our spectacular love making sessions and the use of those graphic descriptions has aided me as a writer.

~ The End ~

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