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An evening out

I bet you cant eat just one somebody exclaimed

Friday came and went by quickly, as I was wondering what to do about dinner, when the phone rang. It was my husband, telling me to get dressed and meet him at a trendy eatery.

What he really said, was to dress a bit provocatively, get into a cab, and meet him for dinner, drinks and fun.

I informed him I would there around 8ish, as he loved me to be a bit flirtatious while I was waiting for him. I'm sure to have a couple of glasses of wine, and maybe a shot or two of tequila by the time he arrives.

After showering, I had the fun task of picking out an outfit that would please him, as well as other on lookers. He loves me to flaunt my full cleavage my wearing a half cup push up bra that simply cradles my rounded globes. My skirts are all very short and form fitting, barely covering the bottom of my tight ass cheeks. My favorite black six inch spiked stiletto heels portrays me to be slightly taller than my real five feet two inch body is, allowing my breasts to be at the perfect display height. Tonight my nylons will be very naughty, as I picked a pair of black thigh high fish nets that show off my upper legs below the skirt hem line. I grabbed a white shear camisole top as it would allow my cleavage to shine through, and offer an occasional nipple shot to those interested.

I was getting so excited, thinking about the amount of flirtatious time I would have before my hubby gets there. He wants me fully aroused and ready for anything whenever he asks me to meet him in public

Looking in the mirror, I must admit that I looked much like a working girl heading out for the evening on the streets. Turning around I could see the visible nylon tops, and the raw skin below the skirt. Walking away, I could almost see my bare cheeks as my ass swaying in motion with every step as the cab pulled into the driveway.

The cabbie smiled as I entered the back seat, with both legs slung apart as he realized that there was nothing concealing my freshly shaved womanhood.

Turning towards me, cheerfully smiling at my titties on display, he asks "where to lady?"

"Nicks Have A Bite" on 6th" I replied, watching his eyes ogling me in the rear view.

It was a short ride there, with meaningless conversation about nothing things but his eyes told a different story. My pussy was tingling from his lack of concern that I knew exactly what he was looking at. I was wet from his efforts to see all he could through the rear view mirror, as I enjoyed the attention.

Eager to appease his need to look, I rather enjoyed the spark in his eyes when he noticed that my legs were parted for his viewing pleasure. Parting them just enough to show off my swollen protruding lips,  moments before arriving at Nicks.

Turning around, he blatantly starred into my upper thighs and said "hope you have a wonderful night" with the biggest grin on his face.

Grinning fully, I replied "I fully intend to" as grabbed his extended hand and giving him one final view as my skirt was hiked up over my tight ass.

I entered the combo bar and grill eatery, it was only six thirty but the crowd was festive. The jukebox was playing an older tune as I was swaying to the beat as the hostess greeted me.

"Table or bar" she asked looking up up and down

Looking around, I replied, "over there" as I pointed towards an empty seat on the corner of the bar.

I could feel the several eyes upon me as I sat up on a hi top stool, knowing my short skirt would reveal a portion of my ass. I didn't care, they could look all the wanted to because I was going to show it off anyway.

The bartender came over, but he music was loud and I could hardly hear him. Leaning forward, he got an eye full of my stiff nipples as they fell out of their tiny cradle. "I'll have a glass of merlot" I whispered, giving him ample time to look of my swaying titties before returning to the stool.

Realizing that the people behind me had just gotten a clean look at my fully exposed ass, I turned, smiled and raised my glass to them.

"Here's to you, you sexy lady" one of them announced as a group raised their glasses high.

"No, to her sexy ass" another commented

Sipping my wine, another suggested "that I should join their small group".

I responded my nodding a simple no as I walked towards the jukebox, and intentionally swayed my ass a bit harder than normal, knowing they could see my ass cheeks.

They began to hoot and holler at the quick glimpses of my naked ass walking across the room. Yes, the were looking and letting me know they enjoyed the peak.

Bending over the jukebox a bit, I selected several songs while dancing in place as the crowd looked on. I was getting so turned on just having these guys looking at me, knowing that they wanted to see more, and better yet, I wanted them to see more.

The dance floor was small, but when Super Freak came on, I had to let loose. Within seconds, there were several bodies gyrating all around me. Men, women and even a couple were sharing the close quartered floor as we grooved to the beat. Everybody was bumping into everybody when somebody grabbed my ass lightly and squeezed while I danced. I kept on moving to the beat when suddenly I felt the hands around my waist and a voice in my ear saying "are you really hear alone, dressed like this"?

"Umhmm, for now until my husband gets here" I replied "How long will that be" he asked, pressing his stiff cock against my ass and a hand under my skirt.

"Too soon for you to do what you want to do" I answered in a laughing manner as I spun away almost bumping into a gourgeous female with her tits almost hitting me in my face. I continued dancing to the beat as she smiled and whispered "your nips are so hard and look so inviting" as she eased her tall frame against me.

Dancing in front of each other, she looked into my eyes with a passionate leer as she pulled me closer, so that our breasts were rubbing against each others. Her nipples protruded like mini bullets as they swept across the shear material of my top making my nipples fully erect and aching for attention. My pussy was raging as my juices were evident on my thighs as I felt her hands creeping up my side as her crotch was grinding against mine.

Nuzzling her head against my neck, she whispered " I want to kiss them" as I felt her fingers caressing the sides of my breasts, easing underneath my thin bra.

Moments later, her warm hands had both of my rounded titties completely covered as she tenderly squeezed them. Her lips were nibbling intensely on my neck as she lifted both melons from their cradle and lowered my now unhooked bar.

"Mm" I moaned as she explored my breasts freely, while kissing down my neck towards them with passionate bites. I enjoyed her touch as she fondled my breasts as my nipples grew harder.

She knew what she wanted to do, as I felt her removing the bra and playfully raising my camisole top up until both breasts were totally visible to all. I didn't care, as I found a great sense of sexual freedom in letting her have some fun while my hands unbuttoned her skimpy top.

She smiled at me as my hands found her braless perky titties, with hard erect nipples were waiting for my touch as her hands were lifting my tiny skirt over my ass.

Dancing there, nipples to nipples as our mouths met each others passionately. Tongues flicking into each others mouth, hands revealing uncovered asses as we continued to explore each others body.

I felt another set of hands, and looked up a saw a tall ebony man with dreads down to his waist wrapping his arms around us, as if he were claiming us.

She whispered "he's my husband, its cool with me if its cool with you" as her tongue flicked my dark nipples as he placed a hand on each of our exposed ass cheeks and squeezed.

"Mm" I moaned, wondering what was their next move going to consist of and I didnt give it a second thought. I was there haing fun, waiting for my man.

She whispered, "he likes you, and thinks your fucking hot"

I replied by whispering, "I think your both hot as hell" as he pulled us both towards his lanky ebony frame and held us tight while walking us over to a table in the corner.

"You two play as if you know each other" he man (Johnny) stated as I tugged my exposed titties back inside my shear camisole top.

She (Terri) responded, "nope, we just bumped into each other on the dance floor" as she slapped my ass, leaving a red stinging hand print.

Ordering drinks, Johnny was busy burning holes in my shear top, checking our my bullet shaped nipples which were fully visible.

His dreads seemed to sway back and forth, hiding his piercing eyes from sight, but I could feel him looking at me, the was he looked at Terri.

"You got a jealous man" he asked me

"No not really" I responded, explaining how we often go out and play the field together.

"If he had seen you and Terry out there on the floor, what would he have done" he asked me?

"He would have watched for a little bit, then most definitely joined us" I replied

"If he'd seen you and me out there, what would he have done" he asked?

"Pretty much the same, he would have joined in" I explained, advising that he would be arriving in a little while.

"Cool" Johnny replied, motioning me to sit by him in the rounded corner table seat, as the young  waitress delivered another round of drinks clad in a mini t-back outfit. The straps barely concealed her erect nipples, as her thong displayed a perfectly set of rounded ass cheeks with the words my mojo tattooed on them.

"Your a hottie" Johnny told her as he tipped her for the drinks.

She responded by smiling and bouncing her ass cheeks up and down in a fast teasing motion

Sliding into the seat, Johnny was checking out my legs, thighs and ass as my skirt had hiked way up. Now braless, in a thin shear top, Johnny whispered "do you like playing the third wheel with couples" as he pinched my nipple teasingly?

"Sometimes I do" replying with a giggle in my voice, feeling a good buzz from the well poured drinks.

"Want to be our third wheel" he asked as hand roamed freely along my wet inner thighs

"Maybe, we'll see" I answered teasingly after seeing his cock swelling against his pants leg as his fingers invaded my wet inner lips.

"Mmmmm" I moaned in response to his deep penetration as Terri slid in the booth seat, seating on his other side with both titties semi exposed. My thoughts turned to Terri's nipples rubbing against mine out there on the dance floor, made me more excited than I cared to admit.

Her well darkened nipples stood erect like two bullets waiting to be fired into my ready and wanting mouth. My pussy was being fueled by my own sexual thoughts, and Johnny's fingers invading me in the open, as I saw him inserting a finger into Terri's now exposed pussy.

I was so fucking wet at this point as he skillfully worked me into a climax right there as I started to cum.

"Ah shit, I'm cum ming Johnny, don't stop" I whispered into his ear as Terry began rocking her ass back and forth to meet his hand. I whispered in his ear " yes Johnny, I want to be your third wheel, just tell me what to do" as I released my juices all over his fingers and hand.

"I knew you would" he replied laughingly as the waitress returned to check our drink levels. Noticing that his hands were buried deep in pussy, she smiled at us and said she would be back in a while.

"That girl has an ass that don't quit" Johnny remarked as Terri began fumbling with his zipper as I watched her hand disappear inside his pants. I could see her stroking that big cock as she freed the swollen knob and then eased the lengthy pole from his pants.

"That's right Terri, you know what you want to do, just do it then" he said while she stroked his cock to a beautiful erection. Johnny placed my hand around the base and said, "go ahead Tai, don't be bashful there is enough for the both of you" he said as I began to feel his pole in my clutches.

Oh dam, I thought to myself, seeing that there was definately enough cock for the both of us. It was like a tube of dark chocolate, and I wondered what he would do with it.

I felt his hand on the back of my head, pressing down until Terri and I were face locked on his chest stroking his black manhood. Our lips met softly, as she invited me to part my lips with her tracing tongue. His hand moved to my ass cheeks, playing in the trail between my wet pussy and tight asshole.

His fuck pole was fully erect as we continued to masturbate it inches from our faces. Terry looked at me and smiled as she flicked the knob with her tongue then pressed it towards my lips. Nodding at me in approval as my tongue lashed out, flicking his shaft and then her lips as Johnny pressed our heads down until we were in his lap.

"That's right girls, lick my big dick" he instructed us as he released the hold of our heads, and immediately raised our skirts fully over our asses. Our tongues were busy gliding over his shaft and into each others hungry mouth as we rose above the fat cock head. Terri's salvia made the knob glisten as I attempted to suck on the base and his nut sack. Watching her skillful tongue in action, Terri began sucking his other walnut size ball into her mouth. We took turns taking a nut into our mouth and sucking on it as we closed our lips around it as his fingers probed our exposed holes aggressively.

Terri took the swollen cockhead between her lips then pushed it into my open mouth with her tongue as Johnny pushed downward on my head. Taking the instructions, I began working the thick shaft into my mouth inch by inch. The thickest part of the shaft was stretching my lips like never before but I didn't care, I wanted it all in my mouth.

Johnny's hands began picking up the pace, my head was going up and down the shaft, faster and deeper. I could feel his cock swelling in my throat as he pushed me on it deeper, gagging me for a moment. My drool was flowing onto his balls as I pressed them up towards my descending mouth.

"Ummm I moaned", feeling his knob pressing deeper into the depths of my throat, swallowing it as he pushed harder.

"Umm" as I could feel the pulsation of his cock building into a faster tempo as he pushed one final time as my lips were now touching the base. I could feel his balls at my lips, as my drool flowed onto them.

His cock began throbbing, spurting gobs of cum into my blocked throat, gagging, I had no choice but to slowly withdraw his massive shaft from my throat. His cum flowed out of my mouth, as my salvia had mixed with it. As I pulled off the sticky coated head, another blast from his cock hit me squarely in the face, sending streamers running to my chin as he pressed my head back down his shaft. feeling his cock erupt aagain, I sucked the pearly cream as I slowly returned to the sticky head. Terri's tongue was busy licking the cum from his shaft as I polished his knob with my cum coated tongue, when my husband arrived to see me with cum coated face.

He stood there and watched as Terri hungrily licked every drop away, noticing that Johnny finger was still lodged in my saturated pussy.

Finally I sat up, smiled and introduced everybody to my husband as I adjusted my clothes. Everybody slid around the seat as my man joined us.

Johnny spoke up and said that "your wife wants to be a third wheel for the night, but I figured I should discuss it with you" he stated.

"We can join you for an evening of fun, if shw would like to" my man replied as I saw Terri grinning at me.

"Cool" Johnny replied, "and dont worry, you will be well taken care of as well"

We had a few more drinks, then made our way to the parking lot as Terri was walking me by the arm. "Ride with us Tai, please" she whimpered as she kissed me on the cheek.

"Go ahead" my husband replied,stating "he had to stop by the house for a minute to make a business call". He was given the address, and Terri quickly wisked me into the back of the conversion van as Johnny sped off.

The music was soft and the lights were very dim as I peered through the heart shaperd divider, to see which way we were going.

"What a glass of wine or something" Terri offered as she bent over looking in the minature refriderator. Her tiny thong was hidden between those lucious ass cheeks, and the sweet scent her nector was obvious as she teasingly pressed her ass lightly against my face.

Turning around, she handed me a half filled glass of wine and said "to tonight, and the fun we are all going to have" as we toasted together.

Standing before me, she began tracing her inner thighs until her finger was at the protruding lips, then slowly allowed her legs to spread apart as she worked between the swollen labia. Even in the dim light, I could see her finger glistening from her flowing love juices.

My own jiuces were flowing like hot lava, when Johnny asked "if we were comfortable"?

"Oh yea were cool back her" she replied as I was starring into her spread pink inner pussy only inches from my face. I wathched her ginnining at me as she placed her finger into her mouth and nastily began to lick and suck her juices off.

Ah fuck I thought to myself, as I wanted to touch my own fevered pussy but I really wanted to see what was in her plans. My uncovered nipples were puhing hard  against the shear top I had on, and I couldn't hide my excitement from Terri.

She inserted a finger into her glass of wine, then softly rubbed it all over her inner lips then returned it to her hungry mouth while gazing at my bullet shaped erect nipples. Her inner lips were tainted in a watered down purple color, as were her mouth lips and fingers as she slowly removed the tiny thong and tossed it up front to Johnny.

She removed her bra top and tossed it up front as well, standing there spread eagle with a pussy that looked so inviting. Inserting her wine coated finger fully into her honey pot, she slowly moved it in and out so that I could see her inner pink lips.

Removing her finger, she slowly presented it to my parted lips, allowing me to sample how sweet her nectar was. It was a sweet pleasant taste and I wanted more of it.

"Mmm" I moaned, tasting her juices in my mouth as she fingered it in and out a bit.

"You like that taste Tai" she asked nastily as she stepped her pussy to my lips.

Flicking my tongue between her labia, I replied "mmmhmmm" as she slowly pressed my face into her womanhood.

"Lick it" she whispered as she lifted my top to my shoulders and began tugging on my aching nipples.

"Mmm yes, thats right Tai, you know how to lick it" she whimpered as she rocked her pussy up and down my face. Her wettness covered my face at this point, she had cum once but I knew she was about to cum again as I sucked her clit between my closed lips.

"Ah shit Tai, I'm gonna" and then she squirted juices into my mouth and onto my face in a stream, turning me on like never before. I have watched pussy cum in a mini jet stream, but never as she did on my face.

Pulling into their driveway, Johnny announed "ok girls were here" as he opened the side door for us to get out. Both of us were half naked as we exited the van, realizing that we were not at a house, but a big brick warehouse looking building. Johnny was ready for action as he escorted us into a smoke filled club while talking to my man on the phone.

"Ok, we will see you here in a few minutes" Johnny said as he hung the phone up.

The club was huge, with a fully second floor and people were engaged in all sorts of sexual activities. It was bizaar to see as many types of sexual things going on under one roof. I wasnt sure what to expect, as I had just met Johnny and Terri but my lust was going out of control.

Women were doing all sorts of things to men and women, while, others seemed to be watching intensly.

Terri was topless, and my own breasts were fully visible to everybody we passed. Our tiny skirts were up around our asses, as we were pranced around infront of the crowd. I noticed some guys jerking off as they watched women giving face to each other, or others pleasuring each other with double headed dildos.

Johnny guided us to a couple vacant bar stools, in a dimly lite area of the bar as he ordered drinks for us.

The waiter, a well buffed ebony man in his twenties delivered our drinks and said "welcome to Long Dongs". He was muscularly defined and wearing nothing but what appeared to be a cloth tube which showed off his lenghty endowment.

Standing between Terri and myself, I could feel his cock brushing against my leg as he sat the drinks down on the table. He looked at Terri's exposed breasts, then turned and smiled at me before walking away. His ass cheeks clinched firmly with every step he took, and my juices were once again flowing.

The three of us toasted "to a night of fun" and clang our glasses together.

I was ready for some fun and they knew it as they looked at the smile on my face. I began squeezing my inner thighs together firmly, as the buzz in my pussy was making me crazy. I wanted to cum, yes right there, right then.

Releasing the muscles in my thighs, I slipped a finger into my wet trail. I sat there watching the action and began to masturbate myself until the waiter walked back over.

Seeing a finger lodged inside my wet box, he placed my other hand over his groin and move it back and forth. His cock was huge as I continued stroking it, while fingering myself. Arching his hips backwards while I stroked his cock, his snake like cock freed itself from the tubular sheath.

I felt my juices running onto my leg as his cock seemed to get even bigger with evry stroke of my hand. The thick veins were protruding as he looked at me and asked "if I would like to do more"?

With my passion burning like a forest fire out of control, I nodded my head up and down and returned a teasing smile. He helped me off the stool and led me across the room as others watched, not knowing what was about to happen.


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