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An Older Gentlemen Turned My Wife Into A Slut

An older gentlemen uses his big cock to over take a younger housewife while the husband watches
I had been scrolling through the personals when I came across something very interesting. There was an add wanting to see a mature couple making love to each other while he watched. I started to think about how excited it would be to make love to my wife in front of another guy so I decided to inquire more info from him.

He said all he wanted was to watched us make love while he watched. My wife is in her mid forties and we had been married for 20 years. I thought as long as he just watched and doesn’t touch it could be a lot of fun.

I knew very little about him though he seemed very harmless in his email to me. I finally came up with a great idea where he could watched us make love. 

There is a park by us that has several walking trails with woods all around. So I emailed him and told him that we will be at the park tomorrow afternoon and that if he wanted to watched he could follow us into the woods.

He was very excited about the chance to see us making love out in the woods while he had the chance to watched. I didn’t describe ourselves at all to him and we didn’t know anything what he looked like either.

The next day we headed off to the park. I had mentioned to my wife earlier in the day all about my grand plan. I also told her he probably wouldn’t even show up. She at first was surprised at what I had done but slowly accepted the idea.

There was several people out and around in the park as we got out and started to walked down the trail. My wife held onto a small blanket as I looked around to see if we were being watched.

We walked about a quarter mile down the trial as I began to looked back over my shoulder to see if anyone was following us. My wife said, ”Lets go down this trail.”

We followed a smaller trail off the main trail and headed down it. We probably went about a half mile down the trail when we came upon a clearing. There was no one in site so I said, “This looked like a great location to set up”

My wife said, “Are you sure about this idea of yours?”

“Sure! I am very excited about this.” I said.

My wife set up the blanket on the ground as we both looked around to see if anybody had followed us. I had no idea if this guy was young or old or who he even was.

At this point I was very horny and excited. I walked up behind my wife and I began to unbuttoned her shirt. I had told her previously not to wear any bra or underwear. Her nice looking tits were barely covered as I undid one button after another one.

I looked up over her shoulder as I seen an image of a gentlemen slowly coming down the trail. I sure had hope he was the guy or this person was going to be in for a very interesting show.

I pulled my wife’s shirt away from her great looking tits as they were exposed for him to see. He was still about a hundred feet away though he was slowly moving closer by the second. As I stood behind my wife I grabbed each of her lovely tits as I teased him as he watched on. I felt them up for a good 10 minutes as he inch closer to us.

I then turned my wife towards me as I began to kiss her hard on the lips. I undid her shorts and I slowly began to pull them down over her very nice round butt. I looked over my wife’s shoulder to see the stranger was only about 20 feet from us. I teased him as I left her shorts hang about half way down her naked butt.

I slowly let go of my wife’s shorts as they fell quickly to the ground. I gently massaged my wife’s ass with both of my hands for several minutes.

I then turned my wife around facing right at him. I slid my hand down inside her legs as I pulled them apart. I was really stunned that her pussy was so incredibly wet. As I began to rub my finger across my wife’s clit her body began to jerked. I hadn’t seen my wife this turned on in many years.

I whispered into my wife’s ear, ”Do you want to cum for him?”

“Yesss!” she whispered back.

I looked over towards him as he stood out in the open only about 10 feet from us. He had pulled his pants down and started to stroked on his cock. I was shocked to see an older gentlemen who had a very large thick cock.he had a very large and thick cock. His body was in very good shape even though he was older than my wife and i.

My wife looked over towards him as he continued to stroked on his big cock. This turned her on even more as she began to moan out as I continued to tease her clit with my finger.

She said, “Oh’ god! I want to cum!”

I began to finger her harder as her whole body went into convulsions. He watched her moan out loudly as she began to orgasm very hard on my finger. He was now extremely turned on as his huge cock was very hard.

I had moved my wife down to all fours. I quickly removed all of my clothes and I moved in right behind her ass. Her pussy was soaking wet as I plunged my cock into her pussy from behind. I was so very turned on as I watched the older stranger move even closer to us. He was about only 5 feet from my wife’s face as he continued to stroke on his huge hard on.

I pulled my wife’s face up so she got a good look at his enormous cock. This turned her on even more as I fucked her even harder.

I watched him as he slowly stroked on his enormous size cock. He was only a few feet from my wife when he edged himself towards her face. He had now pushed his big cock right in front of her mouth as I got a big surprised. My wife’s head forged forward as she took his enormous cock into her mouth. She was so hot and horny she began to sucked very hard on his cock while I fucked her from behind.

A few minutes later he reached down and asked her, “Do you want me to fucked you with this big cock?”

I was stunned as my wife didn’t answer him. It told him and myself that she did want his big thick cock inside her. He knelt down behind her and basically moved me out of the way as this 60 year old guy was about to fucked my wife while I watched.

I didn’t know what to say as my wife cried out loudly, “Oh’ my god!” as he sank his enormous cock into her very wet pussy. It only took a few minutes of him fucking her when my wife cried out into a very strong orgasm.

He began to fucked her very hard from behind as I watched my wife grit her teeth into the blanket. He asked her, “Do you liked it?”

“Oh’ yesss! Please don’t stop!” she said.

He fucked her very hard from behind for a good 10 minutes until she screamed out into another powerful orgasm. Her hands pounded the ground as he fucked her hard.

This continued on as I headed up the trail to make sure nobody had heard my wife scream out. A few minutes later I came back down the hill to find he had her on her back and he was on top of her. He had her legs pulled far back as he sank his cock very deep into her pussy.

She cried out again, “Oh’ Fuck! Oh’ Fuck!”

She started to cum very hard again on his very thick cock as he fucked her for another 10 minutes that way. He quickly moved her onto her side as he enter his enormous cock back inside her. I watched as he held her leg up in the air and slid his big hard cock back into her pussy. She laid on the blanket as she moaned and cry out very loudly. She was enjoying his big cock and he made her cum a few minutes later again.He went on to fucked her for naother 15 minutes as she was worn out.

She cried out, "Please I can't take anymore!"

She cried out one last time with another very powerful orgasm. I then watched him thrust his enormous cock into her spent pussy as he began to cum deep inside her lovely pussy.

He quickly got up and left in a hurry. My wife laid on the blanket as her pussy was still wide opened from the size of his enormous cock. I watched as his cum ran out of her pussy and down onto the blanket.

She said, “Wow! Did he fucked the hell out of me! I hadn’t cum that many times ever before in my life!”

We left the park and never heard from him again. I am still not sure what had happened that day exactly.

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