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An ordinary young English wife - part one of two

This a true story about a training course I went on many years ago.

Let me start with a very important assertion. I am (I hope) a nice enough guy but I’m an ordinary guy. I’m not drop dead gorgeous - but not bad either, I think - and I’m only 5 feet 7 tall. I am averagely endowed and don’t mind saying so. In other words, I’m nothing special.

In this true story you will not find me bragging about girls unable to resist me, about huge cocks or about having five orgasms in a row. This is a real story. One thing that I do know makes me stand out is my voice -I have a very “Queen's English” voice. My father was an Air Force officer and I inherited it from him. I also have a very strong voice, and the combination of that and my pretty good command of the English language does attract attention. Even Anne Robinson commented on it when I was on, and won, The Weakest Link a couple of years ago. It particularly seems to have an effect on American ladies when I have to call the USA on business.

Equally the girl in the story, Rachel (not her real name) was an ordinary girl - about 25 years old, pleasant to look at but not a head-turner in the street. Nice enough figure but, again, no super-model. She was bright, had a soft Northern-English accent and was the very epitome of a straightforward young wife.

That is why this series of incidents is so dear to me…no sex-Gods or Goddesses partaking...just two normal people who had a totally overwhelming few weeks with each other. It’s 33 years on now, and I still miss her. Despite the disastrous way it ended, I would meet up with her tomorrow if I could track her down. So, here we go.

The story

This true story, in every detail, took place in 1978. I was 26 at the time and had been married for four years. During that time I had strayed once, very early on, with an ex-flat mate of my wife, a girl with whom I had shared a few afternoons before I was married. It was good sex, but meant little emotionally. The girl concerned was screwing half of Cambridge at the time.

By the time of this story I had moved to the South Coast and got a job with a large energy company. I was selected to go as one of two guys on a course in the North West of England, not too far from Liverpool. Each region sent two representatives, a total of twenty people. The course was for seven weeks but split into three different spells (of three weeks, then three, then one), with six week breaks in between.

Of the twenty delegates there were, I recall, four girls. At the opening social gathering I identified one of them – Rachel - as being quite attractive. She was short-ish, average figure, nice pair of breasts, cheerful and nice. She was married and seemed extremely “straight” – an ordinary married girl from North England. I thought I might come on to her a little but thought there was little chance of any response.

The course began and after two days of team-building exercises we all ended up in the bar one night. I had played a prominent role in the exercises, perhaps too much so for some people there, and I think most people had noticed my personality as being a very lively and confident - or perhaps arrogant, I guess - one.

I was sitting by Rachel (can’t remember if I contrived it or not) and had made a point of chatting to her. We all had to fill out comment sheets on each of the other delegates and then read them in privacy. I asked if she had read the one I had done on her…she hadn’t and I suggested she did so there and then. I said this because, after all the boring professional stuff, I had written that I thought she was “sexy”. She fetched my comments out, read them and smiled in a kind of “stop being forward but thanks anyway” way. The drinking round the table carried on.

I was wondering how if at all I could make any sort of move. There were twenty people there and her response would probably be negative anyway. What’s more if I overstepped the mark and she objected I could find myself in trouble.

I decided on the following – if it went wrong I could probably pass it off as accidental. Sitting forward in my seat and leaning in towards the table I slipped my hand under the table and just brushed her hand. I expected her to move away but to my astonishment she didn’t…instead she immediately reciprocated so our hands were pushed together. Stunned, I pushed on and started stroking her hand in a very evidently deliberate manner. Again she responded and we ended up grasping hands in a very hard – almost painful – way.

This went on for what seemed like ages; occasionally we would stop and take a drink but we always resumed as before. This was all far more than I could have hoped for but how did I progress it?

I should explain that Rachel had been allocated a twin room in the hotel with one of the other girls so I could hardly turn up there. I was now desperate to get her on her own so during one of the breaks from holding hands I nonchalantly put my room key on the table in front of us with the room number clearly visible. I couldn’t dare nudge her or anything so I just hoped she had got the hint.

After a decent interlude I feigned tiredness and said I was turning in. With my heart in my mouth I went up to my room and went in. I left the door open and the light off... there was just a faint glow from the streetlights outside.

Every few moments I looked down over the rail to see if there was any sign of Rachel. After a gap of maybe ten minutes I saw her very casually pick up her key from reception and slowly come up the stairs. I took it as a good sign that she was using the staircase that would bring her past my room at the top – there was another one that she could have taken instead. I was praying that no-one else would come up at the same time – that would blow everything apart. It seemed an age until she passed my room. I softly called, “Rachel.” 

She had clearly been expecting it and turned around smiling in what looked like a “this has gone far enough” way. I said very quietly that I had wondered if I could have a goodnight kiss. Hovering at the door but not coming in, she said that she had to behave in a way that her husband would approve of, or something similar.

I said, “Yes, but a little kiss won’t hurt, will it?” I gently pulled her inside saying, “Just let me shut the door in case anyone sees us.”

She didn’t object and came in. I pushed the door and we fell into each other’s arms. There were no preliminaries – full frantic kissing from the start. I broke and breathlessly said, “Will you stay up here for a while?”

I did not know what she would say but she nodded in the darkness and said, “All right then.” I can’t remember the exact thing she said but she added something along the lines of, “But don’t get any ideas.” Something to mean she wasn’t going to let me fuck her.

The kissing resumed as before and I tugged her over towards, then onto, the bed. She did not hesitate and we were now lying, fully clothed, by each other, kissing urgently and hands mauling each other’s bodies, but not the “forbidden” parts as yet.

It suddenly occurred to me that my request to stay “a while” could be taken in so many ways and so I thought I’d qualify it. I said, “Will you stay up here for an hour or two?”

She immediately whispered, “All right.” 

During our mauling of each other I had put my leg between hers and she did not object…indeed she pushed her crotch against my thigh. At this point I thought that surely I could go a little further. My state of sexual excitement at this point was immense and she, despite her words, seemed to be in the same state.

I started to feel her breast through her clothes…no reaction, just more kissing. I “accidentally” let my thumb catch in the front opening of her blouse so that it was caressing bare flesh – no problem, more kissing and squirming. So I overtly undid the middle two or three buttons on her blouse and slid my hand into her bra – no objection. She had really lovely breasts - large but not over large, soft, smooth, with medium sized, very responsive nipples.

I think by this time I was reckoning that she was going to let me fuck her in the end but I still had to take it slowly. A slap in the face and a flounce out of the room would not have been a good result at this stage. Even so, I thought it was time to stop acting quite so much like 16-yearp-olds groping, so I leaned up on my left elbow and undid her blouse completely…then, resuming kissing, started to feel behind her back for her bra catch. I couldn’t find it.

Then came one of the single most significant moments of what was to become an amazing three weeks. I said to Rachel, “Does this open at the front?”

I saw her grin in the street light glow and she nodded. No objections, just a little tease. So I reached to the front and unclipped her bra then pulled it to the sides to expose her very lush tits. So, another barrier down. Her husband surely wouldn’t have approved of this!

Over the next hour or two each barrier went down slowly. Almost every time she gave me a sharp rebuke when I tried something on for the first time, but persistence paid off. I had undone and removed my shirt (no problem) but when I unzipped my trousers she initially tried to stop me. Second or third attempt I did it and I persuaded her, just through placing her hand there, to massage me through my pants. She still let me simulate sex with her…groins mashing together through undergarments…but when I tried to break through these last barriers she would stop me.

It must have taken me half a dozen attempts to let her stroke her most intimate parts through her knickers. I’d get brushed aside but with less resistance each time when I slid a finger along her lips. Each time I did it with a little more insistence until she stopped complaining.

I could feel the wetness and heat coming from her and desperately wanted to feel the real thing, but again she rebuffed me each time, but less and less assertively, until she stopped altogether and for the first time I felt her velvet, wet, tight channel. I removed her trousers; she still wouldn’t take her knickers off but they were no longer performing much of a function. I took my trousers off and unprompted she massaged me through my pants.

This was a long, gradual build up, with constant kissing and stroking…hugely intense, but very deliciously slow.

This bit all becomes a bit blurred, but somehow I managed to go down the bed and suck her cunt through her pants. When her lusty side won over her prim side and she started to moan quietly I went for gold and slid her pants off her. Her cunt was juicy, very wet, and tight. She was not shaved but had very little hair. It was gorgeous, and at this point I felt I was going to explode. Unasked, she spread her legs wide open…her musky scent was strong and heavenly.

Without asking I took off my pants and at last we were naked together. Thinking I had succeeded, I went to roll on top of her, but she said softly but firmly, “NO…I am not doing that,” and pushed me off. So for about fifteen minutes she stroked my cock and I explored her pussy with my fingers and mouth.

This bit was bizarre. She would let me soak my fingers in her cunt and then very openly suck her juices off my fingers…and also lick her, by now, very open cunt but every time I tried to move things forward she would say, “I am not going to be unfaithful to my husband.” You can imagine my confusion!

I remember at one point asking her to suck my prick and she very sharply refused but then a few minutes later while sitting over me she pushed her long hair to one side and sucked me to the point of explosion. When she broke away she said, “I don’t do that to the end….I don’t think it would taste very nice,” at which point she sat on my hips grasping my prick in both hands and rubbing it just along – but not into – her labia. The combination of her slit and hands at one point misled me into thinking I was actually inside her.

By now it was very late and Rachel still had to sneak back into her shared room. She kissed me deeply stroked my prick and whispered, “I really should be going.”

I said, “But I can’t leave you in this state.”

She said very foxily, “And I can't leave you in this state either.”

By now I knew that going all the way was out of bounds – for then anyway – but I did want some release for myself and to have at least taken this happily married young woman to orgasm. I said, “I’ll do you first.” She lay back and I kissed, sucked and fingered her all over. She pointed my fingers just outside her entrance to an area just above her fanny. She was soaking and very smooth. After perhaps ten minutes she heaved her back into the air, shoved my fingers into her and orgasmed very strongly – but quietly.

Now it was my turn. Giving me a wicked grin she licked one of her hands, wiped the other over her labia and proceeded to wank me in a most astonishing way. After five minutes I spurted spunk over her tits and stomach – there was a lot of it and it went everywhere. She gently continued to massage me as I came down from an intensity of orgasm I’d seldom experienced.

So there it was, I had seduced this prim and pretty wife up to a point where there was little that we hadn’t done but what next? Would she say, “Oh God, what have I done?” Would she turn against me?

In fact she said, “I need a tissue.” I knew there were some in the room somewhere so I turned on the light. And there she was….nude, splattered with cum, walking around the room without a second thought. I knew then that it was not over.

As she dressed I said, “I hope I’ll get a chance to see those (her tits) again.”

She answered in a softly naughty voice, “I expect you will.”

We kissed, deeply for perhaps five minutes…and then with a squeeze of our hands she slipped out onto the landing and back to her room.

To be continued in part two.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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