An Unexpected Gift (Part 3)

By Silverl0cust

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Her pleasure is my pleasure.
Once your breathing returns to something like normal, you open your eyes. You turn your head to the side, slowly, not daring to break the spell that has you cocooned in a private world of sexual hunger. You look at my eyes, glazed over as if in a waking dream. You see my chest rising and falling with my excited breathing. You see my fist sliding unhurriedly backwards and forwards along the length of my cock. It is as stiff and engorged as you have ever seen it, the veins on the shaft standing out in stark contrast to the dark smoothness of the head.

You wonder briefly at the unnaturalness of what has happened. Of you being so excited by a woman’s touch. Of you showing yourself to another man. Of me being so obviously aroused by my wife’s sexual offerings to others.Then you understand that this eveningwasn'tjust a gift to you. Not only a realisation of your own most secret desires but of mine also.

You are overtaken with a need to see me as fulfilled as you have been. You give me a sexy smile and decide that it’s about time that I came too.You are amazed at how even that abstract thought can begin to excite you again, even after so much sex. It seems that each orgasm you have takes you to a higher plane of sexual urgency and abandon. Now you want to arouse me, to have me teased and excited and thrilled to a shocking orgasm.

Without thinking too much of what you are about to do, you pull me down so I’m sitting on the end of the bed. You kneel next to me and reach out to the man who is still standing there. You put your hand around the back of his thigh and draw him towards you. Your head is level with the man’s groin.

I follow every movement as you run your right hand, tantalizingly slowly, up the inside of his leg. As your thumb reaches his low-hanging balls and brushes against them, I notice his limp penis twitch in response.

You now cup his balls in one hand and with the other, lightly run one bright red fingernail down the length of his penis, from the bush of curly, black hair, along the shaft and over the ridge to the end of his foreskin. Before your finger reaches the end of its journey, the foreskin is tightening and rolling back to reveal the smooth, dark head once more.

You move your mouth to within an inch of the man’s organ, purse your lips and gently blow on it. Once more, his penis gains some stiffness, enlarging in little, bouncing jerks.

Now you bring your right hand up and slowly but deliberately, wrap your fingers around him. I watch, unblinking, as you squeeze firmly and very gradually move your hand towards him, pulling his foreskin back all the way. As you do, I see a single, clear drop of pre-come seep from the end of his prick. I stare in fascination as you reach out with your tongue until the tip of it barely touches the man’s slit and allows the droplet to run down your tongue and into your mouth.

As the man’s cock shudders and gains its full size in your slim, pale hand, you turn to me and give me a questioning smile. You see me give an almost imperceptible nod and the smile on your face turns to one of pure animal lust.

You slowly open your mouth and turn back to the man’s organ. Leaning forward, you ease your parted lips over the end of him in one smooth movement.

A sudden jolt shoots up from my groin to my stomach as I watch this stranger’s erect cock slide into you and there’s a churning of contradictory emotions in me. My senses are shocked by the erotic vision in front of me, I feel protective towards you but I can’t deny the intense and complete arousal I feel right now. I can’t take my eyes away from what is happening but I know that my own cock is now so rigid it’s almost painful.

Now hardened to its fullest, the man’s penis seems much too large for you to take completely into your mouth. You draw your head back a little, I think at first becauseyou'verealised he is too much for you and I’m surprised by the brief sense of disappointment I feel.

Then you move forwards once more, a little further this time and I too lean closer until my face is only inches from yours and I can see every detail – the veins standing out as they criss-cross the length of him, his ball sack gathered up tightly now and appearing to writhe under the gentle massaging of your left hand, your soft, wet lips drawn tight as they struggle to take in his full girth.

As you move back again to reveal the length of the man’s cock that has been in your mouth, I thrill at the sight of your saliva that is left on him. The wetness seems exaggerated by the erotic slurping sounds coming from your mouth as you suck on every inch that the man slides back from between your lips.

Once more you put your mouth around him and your lips seem to crawl their way along his swollen member until your face is almost brushing against his pubic hair.

You move your hands from his cock and balls and begin to slide them around his groin area, sweeping them over the tops of his thighs and around his tight, muscular ass. Separating the cheeks of his ass, you lightly run your fingers up and down his crack; he seems to shiver at the touch of you there.

You raise both of your arms up the man’s well-muscled torso and chest, feeling each defined muscle with your fingertips until they come to rest on his erect nipples. You seem to be in a posture of worship almost, kneeling in front of this statuesque man, your reaching arms laid reverentially on his body and your mouth openly accepting the very core of him.

I am brought back to a more earthly reality as you start to move your head around and use the inside of your mouth and your tongue to massage him. I see your cheeks concave as you suck hard on this stranger’s hot, thick cock. Your head movements become more exaggerated now as you start to enjoy this for yourself, rather than just to give me a thrill.

You grip him with your hand once more, tighter this time and hold his prick vertically as you slide your mouth from him and start to lick up and down the shaft.

More juices ooze from his slit and you use your middle finger to spread the liquid all over the head of his cock then take him into your mouth once more.

From the movements of your mouth, I know your tongue is working on his prick, the way it had with mine earlier. I imagine the tip of it running round that bulbous cock-head, pressing into the slit. I can almost feel your teeth lightly scraping his shaft as you push your mouth further onto him, the smooth, purple head sliding against the roof of your mouth.

Then, quite suddenly, you take your mouth off him and turn him around, pushing him backwards onto the bed with an urgency that I know comes from wanting to have your cunt filled.

The man is lying on the bed now, his legs slightly apart, his erect prick jutting out from his groin and curving backwards until it is almost pointing at his face.

I try hard to swallow but can’t, my mouth has gone dry as I start to anticipate what is about to happen.

You face me with your back to the man, as you lift one leg and straddle his hips. Looking down, you grab him with one hand and expertly separate your cunt lips with the other. I watch a slow, thick trickle of your juices slide down the inside of your thigh as you raise yourself on your knees.

You lift your sweet face and gaze expressionlessly at me, as invisible hands seem to grip my throat and my insides twist and coil. I stare at you, not daring to move, until your eyes start to flutter and your mouth gradually drops open.

I have to look down and am entranced by the sight of the man’s cock clutched in your hand, gliding around your dark, swollen lips.

You are using his cock-head to smear your flowing juices all around your opening and to tease your clitoris. Again and again, you slide his prick over and across your pussy lips until you are panting and your hips are rising and lowering rhythmically.

Then everything seems to happen in slow motion as you place the end of him at your entrance and you slowly, deliberately lower yourself onto the man’s huge cock.

The moment of penetration seems to last forever as the lips of your sweet pussy part and slide down over him as he pierces you deeper and deeper.

I hear a sound come from you and look up to see your eyes turn up until I can see the whites as a kind of feline moan escapes from your open mouth. You take in a deep gasp of air as you raise your pelvis from him again, revealing once more his rock-hard prick, this time bathed in your copious pussy-juices.

Again, you lower yourself onto him, this time taking him in completely so that his balls are pressing up tightly against your cunt lips.

It’s then that I feel a cool hand on my painfully stiff prick. The woman is behind me; I can feel her hard nipples pressing against my back as she starts to slowly jerk me off. The feeling is exquisite and I lose myself for a moment in the foreign feeling of another woman’s hand on my cock. I want you to look at me. I want you to watch as someone else jerks me off and makes me shoot my load onto her hand.

As I look at you again though, I know you are too lost in your own rapture to be aware of anything else. You have one hand on your mound, slowly rubbing just above your clitoris while the fingers of the other are caressing the man’s balls. You are lifting your hips until the slick, glistening penis is almost slipping out of you, then dropping down fast and hard until it can probe you no further.

You change your position, leaning backwards and supporting yourself on both hands as you place your feet out to the sides of the bed. Your cunt is now wide open and the man’s large hands reach around, over your thighs, his fingers spreading your outer lips even wider.

Now I have an uninterrupted view of the invasion of my wife’s gaping, wet pussy, the hardness of the man pushing deep into you, the thick ridge of vein underneath his prick pressing against your engorged clitoris.

I can’t believe how excited and aroused I am by the sight of another man’s stiff meat being rammed into you again and again, how it gives me an illicit thrill to watch you enjoying the feel of this foreign cock inside you.

The man too, reveals his rising excitement as he violently pushes his hips up against you, trying to get deeper into you and forcing a moan from you with each spasmodic jerk.

But you are abruptly taken with the desire for something else and this time when you raise your hips, you allow the penis to slip out of you entirely.

“Now it’s definitely time for you to cum.” You say to me, as you direct me to lie on my back with my feet at the headboard. Moving forward, you kneel over me in a ‘69’ position and lower your head onto my cock. I feel the firm grip of your fingers around my shaft, then the warmth of the inside of your mouth as it covers me.

Your tongue draws circles around the end of my prick that sends shivers to my balls and ass. Then I feel other fingers, cooler ones, rubbing the base of my cock and my balls.

Now I feel two mouths sucking on me, one on either side of my shaft, sliding lips up and down it in unison.

I imagine the woman’s mouth opening wide as she takes one of my balls into it and rolls it around with her tongue. I feel her cool fingertips trace the shape of my ass and linger over my hole and I stiffen even more inside your mouth.

I feel your arm stretch down between our bodies and see you run your fingers along the length of your slit, you easily slide three fingers deep inside yourself and draw them out glistening. You offer them to my mouth and I suck on them greedily, tasting the overpowering scent of your sex and something else. Are you aware I would detect the taste of the man on you too?

I feel you lift your mouth off me and hold my prick for the woman to suck on. Her mouth slides easily over me until her chin is pressing against my balls.

Then I hear you call to the man as he stands watching from the foot of the bed.

“Come on over here and give me your cock. I need it inside me so much.”

A hot thrill shoots through my stomach as I realise I’m about to get a close up view of you being fucked again by this stranger.

I feel the bed move as the man kneels on either side of my head. His cock is only inches away from my face as he moves up behind you, his balls pulled tightly up against his groin.

My eyes hungrily take in the view as I watch him lift his heavy member and gradually ease the end of it between your outer lips.

Then I see both your hands reach behind you as your fingers spread the lips of your cunt wide open.

“Now,” you growl “ram that beautiful, thick rod of yours deep into me.”

I feel that indescribable thrill again as I watch the man’s cock gradually disappearing inside you.

Now, from so close, I can see every detail – the skin of his shaft bunching up as it forces its way into you, then your lips being pulled outwards as he draws back. His heavy balls bouncing against your clitoris with each forward motion.

I can still feel the woman’s hot mouth and cool hands massaging my prick, the other hand teasing my asshole with her fingers.

Now you are talking louder to the man, urging him on, calling out to him to slam his big, thick cock into you harder. You are saying things you never say to me in our lovemaking, I’m shocked and excited to hear the urgency and desire in your voice as the lust that has been aroused in you pours from your mouth.

His hips thrust forward, slapping against your ass and driving his meat deep into your hot, open cunt. My mouth is right up against your opening and I can smell the rich, heady odour of your aroused sex.

I reach up with my tongue and rub it against your clitoris. You call out in ecstasy.

“Yes, do it, lick me there. Lick me while he’s fucking me.”

Then, as the man takes up a regular rhythm of penetration, “Oh yes, fuck me, fuck me hard. Slam it into me, I love to feel you inside me.”

I can feel your hard nipples rubbing against me as you lower your chest onto me and raise your ass, presenting your sex to him as an offering.

You are bouncing your hips up and down now and pushing back hard against the man to force him in deeper.

“Yes, that’s it, ram it into my cunt, I want your huge cock all the way in… I love that hard prick of yours in my pussy. Oh God yes, yes, I love you fucking me.”

The man’s hands are gripping your hips now and pulling you onto him at an ever-faster pace. My face is being sprayed by drops of your cunt juice, which are flung off in the frenzy of fucking going on above me.

The length of the man’s cock is a blur as he rams it wildly into your sloppy pussy, forcing grunts from you with the power of his thrusting.

I reach up and start to flick my tongue rapidly over your erect clitoris.

You yell out again, almost in pain as I struggle to keep my tongue on your clit.

“Aah, aah, oooooh. Oh yes, oh God. You’re making me come. Don’t stop fucking me, oooh. I love your cock, your big, hard cock fucking me. Yes, yes, keep fucking me, harder, harder. Oh I’m cumming. Oh God!! Aaaaahh!!”

The man rams into you three, four more times as his legs stiffen on either side of my face and his balls contract. I hear him let out a long, deep groan through clenched teeth as the base of his cock pulsates and he shoots load after load of his cum into your hot, engorged pussy.

I feel electrified by the utterly wild mix of emotions in me as I watch someone else’s cock erupting inside you, the size and hardness of him stretching your beautiful pussy to the limit. The bed vibrates under the force of his pelvis shuddering and thrusting in the throes of his extended climax.

Responding to the unceasing trembling, your own orgasm hits with breathtaking force, releasing what feels like a constant stream of fluid into your pussy and jerking your hips up and back to meet your lover’s final thrusts. You feel your cunt closing over his cock and squeezing it, milking it of the last remnants of his cum.

As the man begins to draw out of you, my nose, mouth and chin are pressed up against your slit. I open my mouth and allow the mingled juices of both your orgasms to run into it, tasting another man’s cum for the first time. I reach up with my tongue and run it along the man’s shaft as it partially slides from your soaking pussy, lapping the milky white coating from it and licking around where it rubs against your swollen lips.

Now you take the woman’s hand and press her middle finger against my asshole, slowly pushing it into me.

You watch in satisfaction as the movement of her hot mouth on my cock and her finger probing deep inside me, bring me to a sudden, spine-arching climax.

As my body is shaken by a string of uncontrollable spasms, I am vaguely aware of my cock spurting come into the woman’s mouth as strings of creamy juice run from your pussy and fall into my mouth.

I watch as the man’s now soft but still thick cock slides completely from between your puffy, wet lips.

You lower your sweaty, heaving body onto mine and I kiss your mound as I feel your head lower to rest between my legs, your mouth gently nuzzling my cock and balls.