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Andee Heats Up Houston - Day 1

Wife accepts an invitation to meet a man from an earlier one-night stand
Andee edged her way through the crowd surrounding the luggage belt. She was happy to finally be off the plane after the three hour flight from Toronto, but still had some peculiar emotions about being in Houston. Ever since her encounter with Don back at the conference in Chicago she had been maintaining a casual connection with him, mostly on a professional level. When she received his invitation to come to Texas for a few days to explore first hand some of the research developments his company had been making, she was rather excited.

It had been several months since Andee had seen the handsome Texan with the huge dick. Their night together in the Windy City had been a great memory for her to revisit often, with the aid of some fresh batteries and her favorite vibrator. She didn’t have the nerve to broach the subject directly with him during their emails, but her imagination ran wild during those moments when she was alone and horny.

Making the trip to Houston wasn’t necessarily an easy decision to make; Andee had enjoyed the experience with him that night, but it was a big step away from who she really was – and how she traditionally behaved. As she began her adventure of sexual discovery and exploration, she never once considered she would be doing things without her husband being directly involved. Denver and Chicago emerged unexpectedly, although as the weeks passed, she found herself growing more and more curious about other opportunities.

An even bigger and unexpected surprise came when she told her husband about Don’s invitation to meet him in Houston. He had witnessed the whole scene in the Chicago hotel room via his web cam, so he knew there was some potential for something other than business to occur if she accepted the invitation. But instead of expressing any kind of apprehension, he was actually very encouraging, even to the point of helping her pack for the three days she would be away.

Even as she strolled along towards the arrivals gate, with her suitcase in tow, Andee still had some lingering concern. Emerging from the glass doors, she scanned the crowd for her friend until she spotted him waving to her. Andee dashed over to where Don was standing, threw her arms around him and gave him a big hug. He looked even more handsome than she remembered.

“You look even more beautiful than before,” he said as he took a long lingering look at her after she broke the hug. Andee had carefully prepared her travel outfit, mixing a bit of sexiness with a skirt suit and black heels with some professionalism. His compliment sent a bit of an excited vibe through her body as she kissed him on the cheek.

“Thank you,” she gushed in a bit of school girlish way. Her reluctance of making the journey was beginning to fade.

They talked randomly about nonsensical things as they walked from the terminal and out to the spot where Don had parked his car. The weather was definitely much warmer and just being able to escape the chill of the Ontario Spring was helping Andee relax and unwind from the flight…and she seemed to have caught a case of verbal diarrhea as she went on and on about nothing in particular.

As they got to the car, Don popped the trunk and dropped her suitcase in before opening the door for her like a perfect gentleman. Andee was still talking when he grabbed her around the waist and pulled her in close and planted a kiss right on her lips. She was momentarily shocked, but then relented to his probing tongue. She could feel her body reacting as she closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensation.

As quickly as he started, Don stopped the kiss and held the car door open for her, not saying a word. Andee smiled and slipped into the passenger seat, revealing quite a bit of leg as she did. She noticed him looking again as he climbed in behind the steering wheel and started the car. While pulled out of the airport parking and drove along the highway to her hotel, he gave her a bit of a condensed version of the tourist brochure, talking about the area and some of the things she might be interested in seeing while she was in town – besides the business at hand.

“There’s a great restaurant just a few blocks away from the hotel,” he said. “It’s a bit fancier than most around here, but nothing over the top. I think you’ll really like it, plus it will give us time to catch up.”

As Don helped her carry her bags into the lobby, he explained he would drop around in a few hours to take her out to dinner, gave her a quick hug and tipped the bellhop for her. She watched him as he walked back towards the front door, admiring his ass.

Once in her room, Andee popped open her suitcase and sifted through some of the outfits she had packed, hanging up a few items as she went to avoid having to iron them later on. She had been somewhat selective in her choices for the trip, choosing between business and sexy casual, but nothing too outrageous. Underneath one of her tops she found a gift-wrapped box about the size of a large book and an envelope taped to the top. She knew right away that it was something her husband must have slipped into her luggage before she left.

Andee opened the envelope and read the hand-written note, “The purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” It was an Eleanor Roosevelt quote she had posted on Twitter some months before hand; somewhat appropriate for the time, given how her sexual adventure had begun to unfold in front of her. She knew this was his subtle way of reminding her that she had his support if she found herself in another compromising situation.

She smiled at the realization of how her husband had put a great deal of thought into how this experience meant something to her, something more than just exploring in the safety of her own bedroom. Theirs was truly a unique relationship.

Andee carefully unwrapped the gift and then opened the lid on the box with great curiosity. She let out a little “Oh my god” as she held up the tiny bit of fabric that supposedly passed as a dress. It wasn’t exactly the kind of choice she would have made for herself on a trip like this – but she was also grateful for her husband’s occasional nudging on her fashion sense too. He definitely knew what she looked sexy in. The only other item in the box was a pair of tiny black panties. Only then did Andee suddenly realize the dress was designed in a way that not much else could be worn under it.

She noticed a small post-it note inside the panties and pulled it out. “An extra pair, just because I know you have a habit of leaving your panties in certain places.” She laughed out loud at the comment – an obvious reference to the time when she lost her panties in a bet. She tossed everything on top of her suitcase and stripped out of her travel clothes. She was desperate for a shower before her dinner plans.

She had just finished putting on her jewelry when she heard a knock on her door.

“Whoa,” Don said as he looked Andee up and down as she opened the door. The little black dress hung halfway down her thighs, revealing a healthy amount of her sexy legs. The top was cut with a plunging neckline that only prevented her breasts from being exposed by a small rhinestone clasp in the middle. Her black high heels served to accent the curves in her calves, and the glint of her anklet drew his eyes down. It had been a gift from her husband, upon her return from Chicago. When he gave her the chain, he said it was a small treasure she deserved for her adventurous spirit.

Andee struck a vampy pose, leaning against the door frame as her friend got his visual fill. She lifted one leg up and wedged the stiletto heel against the wooden trim. As she did, the hem of her flirty cocktail dress inched higher up her thighs. Don’s eyes were fixed below her waist as she did.

“You like?” Andee asked in a seductive voice.

“Do you ever not look like a million bucks?” he finally said, shaking his head slightly in disbelief at her continued ability to look amazing.

“What? This old thing?” she giggled as she turned, grabbed her purse off the dresser and headed out the door into the hotel hallway.

“You … you really look amazing tonight,” Don said as they waited for the elevator. “Just gorgeous.”

“Thank you,” Andee replied. “I wasn’t sure if this thing is over-dressing for the occasion, or under-dressing with too little fabric.”

“A bit too much fabric for my liking,” he kidded and flashing a big smile. “But no, it’s absolutely perfect.”

Andee felt a jolt of excitement through her body as Don’s hand gently touched the exposed flesh of her back when the elevator door opened.

They chatted somewhat innocently as they walked out to Don’s car and drove to the restaurant where he had made reservations. Andee could feel the eyes on her from some of the male guests as the maitre‘d led them through the dining room to a table for two, tucked away in a quiet corner. She walked a little deliberately, knowing they were watching. She wasn’t prone to vanity in situations like this, but she certainly appreciated the attention.

“It seems like I’m not the only one who appreciates a lovely woman,” Don said as he took his seat across from her. He had obviously noticed the other men stealing glances at his date for the night. Andee felt a little embarrassed, but it was still a good feeling to know she could turn some heads.

“Thank you again,” she said with a hint of shyness in her voice. She smiled at Don from across the table. Her ego was definitely getting a huge boost from the attention. “I’m feeling a little … um … on display.”

Over dinner, the conversation drifted between work and personal stuff. Finally, as it seemed they were both purposefully avoiding bringing up what had happened a few months previous, Don brought up their night together in Chicago.

“How did your husband react?” he asked, his eyes uncharacteristically avoiding hers. “I assume you told him about what happened?”

Andee wasn’t about to confess to her friend that she didn’t need to tell her husband. The fact that the computer had been on all night allowed him to have a front row seat for the whole encounter. Nor did it seem like the right time to talk about how he was the one who gave her the dress as a surprise for this trip. She carefully weighed her response before she spoke.

“It was easily a month before I could walk normally,” she replied, trying to spark a smile from him. And even though she was trying to lighten the mood with her comment, it was the truth. Upon her return from that week away in the Fall, she and her husband fucked repeatedly for almost an entire month; and continued to use the moment as fuel for some dirty pillow talk.

“It’s like I was telling you back in Chicago, we kind of have this … arrangement ... it’s very different from a lot of couples. It’s not freedom to go out and fuck whomever I like … it’s … it’s hard to explain,” she continued.

“You know, it’s damn sexy when a woman talks dirty like that,” he joked. “But try me … I’m trying to understand … this.”

“I grew up in a very sheltered Catholic house where the word ‘sex’ was only used when you talked about the gender of one of animals on our farm. Had I not met my husband, I would have never explored the sexual side of life. I probably would have married some guy right out of high school, had a bunch of kids and lived a miserable life thinking that was the way it was supposed to be.” Andee paused and took another sip from her glass of wine.

“My husband introduced me to so much … helped me discover my sexuality … gave me chances to try things, new things … sexual things that most women only ever read about in Harlequin books,” Andee explained.

“My husband is a pretty unusual man – he has been a big reason why I am ‘free’ to explore my desires. Obviously within reason,” she added. “It’s not exactly a typical marriage.”

“Is that a good thing? When you get right down to it?”

“You bet it is,” she fired back defensively then quickly pulled back on her emotions. “Despite what people would think … especially with what went on before, and me traveling a two thousand miles to see the guy I had a one-night stand with … that’s not typical. My husband knows where I am right now; and probably has a very good idea of what I’m up to.”

Don gave a half smile and nodded. Andee was trying to read in his face what his reaction was to her explanation of how she arrived on this path of sexual exploration and discovery.

“I don’t want you to think anything of this, especially with everything you just shared with me,” he said with a sense of seriousness she had not heard in his voice before. “My wife left me a couple months ago.”

“Oh, Don … I’m so sorry to hear that,” Andee said. His admission certainly explained his edginess when the conversation turned to marriage. Her stomach jumped a little because it meant a new dynamic to what she thought was just a little fun mixed with business. Her mind raced to find something else to add, but she was at a loss for words.

“It’s not like it was a surprise. I think I told you that when we were talking that night …” he voiced trailed off. “Anyway, she got a huge promotion at work and has probably screwed more than a few executives since then.”

Andee let her friend continue on talking about the split and the circumstances surrounding the end of his own marriage – a major contrast to her own situation. He told her how he had sunk himself into work and cut himself out of some relationships. After about an hour, he had gotten past the bitterness in the stories and she could tell he was finally starting to feel better about opening up.

“I don’t know why, but even though I barely know you, I find sharing this stuff with you comes a lot easier,” he said. “Thanks for listening … again.”

“Can I ask you a pointed question, Don?” Andee said when he was done. “Did you really invite me here just for work … or were you hoping to see if more of what went on between us in Chicago would happen again?”

She held his gaze, noticing the slight blush that was emerging in his cheeks.

“Um …” he muttered, looking away for a moment. The timing couldn’t have been more awkward for him, as the waitress placed the check down in front of him. Don fidgeted as he pulled out some money and slipped the bills inside the folder.

“Thought so,” she giggled at him. Andee picked up her purse, stood up from her chair at the table and sashayed her way back to the front door. She knew Don was following close behind so she tried her best to put a little extra wiggle into her hips.

When they got to his car in the restaurant lot, Andee leaned against the passenger door, preventing him from opening it for her. He smiled at her and tilted his head in mock indignation.

“You still didn’t answer my question,” she said in a flirty tone. She shuffled to block his hand reaching for the door handle.

“Are you really going to make me answer that?” he replied. Andee could tell he was a little embarrassed. She knew full-well that she had called him on his true intentions – not that she was disappointed in the least – but she playfully wanted to hear he friend actually admit it.

“Where’s this going, Don?” she asked, taking the conversation to a more serious point.

He stuck his hands in his pockets and settled back on his heels. He looked at her for a moment and then took a deep breath before saying: “After that night in Chicago, I … I wasn’t sure what was really going on. It’s no secret I’ve had one-night stands before … met women at conferences … but nothing ever like that night. Seriously, nothing like what happened with us. There was something … it was just different. And I couldn’t get you out of my mind.”

She watched as he fretted to explain himself. In a way, she was incredibly flattered that he was taken with her, but at the same time her reality was that this was nothing more than a brief adventure for her. She was extremely happy with her marriage and had no intention of throwing it away.

“It took me a few months to build up the courage to ask you to come down here. And when my wife left me … one thing wasn’t an issue … But the truth is I really did invite you down for work. I really do want to share that with you,” Don finally said. “The other part … I kind of thought … well … you get it.”

Andee stepped towards Don, affectionately placing her hand on his chest. She leaned in and gave him a little kiss on the lips.

“I’m here. If I didn’t think something was going on, I wouldn’t have come halfway across the continent,” she said, looking in his eyes as she explained. “I often think about that night in Chicago … and it was one of the most incredible nights of sex I’ve had. Honestly, it was fucking hot. So fucking hot. And I was curious then; still am. There are times when a woman desperately wants to shed everything society says she has to be – a wife, a mom, a lady – and give in to raw sexual urges. That’s what that was. It was an incredible night of sex.”

Andee paused to see if her words were making sense to Don. She didn’t want to discourage him, but also needed him to recognize that she wasn’t about to give up all she had back at home.

“But you have to know I’m not looking to leave my life behind … That night … and now … they’re just fleeting moments between two exceptionally horny people at a time when the hormones are raging and the opportunity is there.”

She looked deep into her friend’s eyes and stroked his arm with her hand for a moment.

“I came to Houston because I am interested in your work … but seriously, there’s no way any woman in her right mind would slip on something only slightly bigger than a cocktail napkin and five-inch heels just to hear about advances in pharmacology.”

He laughed and Andee could feel him relax a little bit.

“So, if you want to get this girl out of her cocktail napkin tonight, then it isn’t going to be here in the parking lot of a fancy restaurant … no matter how kinky you might think she is.”

She stopped talking and smiled at him. Don reached behind her and opened the car door without saying anything. He didn’t have to.

As Don pulled out of the parking lot and turned on the road, Andee turned slightly in passenger seat and loosened her seat-belt. She reached over and gently massaged the crotch of his pants. She knew, after the conversation just minutes earlier that she would have to take control for the time being.

“Too distracting?” she purred as she unzipped him. Don was slightly hard already and she could feel him begin to swell even more. But before he could give her an answer, she had his growing cock out of his underwear and was stroking him to hardness.

“Why don’t you take the … uh … longer way back to my hotel,” she whispered in his ear as she continued to play with the erection between his legs.

Andee adjusted herself so that she was now pretty much crouching on the passenger seat. Any transport driver passing would have been able to see a nice upskirt image of Andee’s firm ass and tiny black panties through the side window.

“I guess it’s been a while, Don.” Then without waiting for an answer, she dropped her head to his lap and slithered her moist tongue around the shaft of his dick just below the swollen crown.

She parted her lips and took a few inches of him into her mouth. Don’s cock felt very hot on her tongue. She had been amazed by his size the first time she had seen him, and was finally getting to test her oral talents on something so large. A bit of precum escaped from him, giving her a slight salty taste on her tongue as she bobbed up and down the hard rod.

“Fuck that feels good,” he said as she worked her magic on him. Don tried to keep focused on the road as he sped towards the hotel. As much as he was enjoying the blow job he was getting in the front seat of his car, it only made him anxious to get into her hotel room and down to some more serious fucking.

As soon as they were in the hotel elevator, Don pressed Andee against the side wall and kissed her aggressively. With one hand he held her arms above her head – not like she was resisting anyway – and slipped his other hand under the hem of her short dress. Andee let out a slight moan as his fingers rubbed her pussy through her panties. She could feel a sense of urgency in his sexual touch, which only served to make her already moist cunt wetter. Just as she wished he would slide a finger under the leg band and into her, the elevator came to a stop.

She practically dragged her friend down the hallway to her room and fumbled with the card as she tried to get the door open as quickly as possible. As they entered her hotel room, Andee playfully forced Don onto the bed, straddling his lap as he fell onto his back and resumed kissing him. She reached down to his pants and undid the belt around his waist and pushed his zipper open.

“Let’s skip the niceties and get down to business,” she growled.

It wasn’t the most romantic moment between them, as she struggled with his pants, but she wasn’t interested in wasting any more time. Andee shuffled back so that she was between his legs and pulled his pants and underwear down. She took his large cock in her hand and started to stroke him back to a full erection. Once he was rock hard again, she locked her lips around his massive erection and set to work on taking him to the edge with her mouth.

Andee slid her tongue around the swollen head, running her tongue across the sensitive spot just where it meets the shaft. She knew this was where a man liked to be played with, and Don’s cock throbbed as she worked him over. After licking the precum that covered the tip again, she angled her head and wrapped her lips around the top of his shaft and then slid down as far as she could. She could barely get half of him into her mouth before her gag reflex kicked in. Don was easily the biggest cock she had ever sucked. Still, she worked her oral magic on him, every now and then looking up into his eyes.

Don grabbed at Andee’s hair to hold her head at his crotch and she could tell he was nearing the moment when he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from cumming in her mouth. She forcibly pulled her mouth off his delicious cock and kneeled up on the bed.

“I have other plans,” she whispered seductively. Andee got up from her knees and grabbed a few things from her suitcase beside the bed as Don groaned with disappointment, frustrated by her oral tease. “Trust me, baby. It will be worth your while.”

Andee had remembered a lot of what Don had told her about his bedroom desires from back when they made their little shopping trip in Chicago. She had purposefully gone out and purchased exactly the kind of outfit she knew he would like; with a strong suspicion that her trip to Houston would end up with her on her back in a hotel room again.

She kicked off her heels and wiggled out of the short flirty dress that tempted her friend all night long. The panties her husband had sent along, wet straight through, hit the floor next.

Andee took the new hosiery out of the package and rolled them up her toned legs one black stocking at a time, carefully attaching the lacy top to the straps that hung from garter belt she had wrapped around her waist. This time her outfit would be without any panties because she was determined to get straight into the fucking. She had also found the perfect sheer baby doll to accent her body. Wispy and delicate, it made her 36B breasts look incredible underneath. Her nipples were already hard from the anticipation of what was about to come.

She looked at herself in the mirror and fiddled with her hair just a bit. She took a moment to touch herself between her legs, slipping a finger along her wet pussy lips. As she did, she wondered if her husband had seen her outfit when he tucked his little gift into her suitcase. She shrugged off the notion, thinking he would probably be better off for the mental tease anyway. Andee licked her own juice off her finger and reached for the door handle.

With a deep breath, she slipped out of the bathroom and leaned against the door frame seductively, just like she had done earlier in the night. This time, however, she meant business. The light behind her created a stunning silhouette, revealing the sheerness of her lingerie and the sexy curves of her body. Don’s eyes traced from her stiletto shoes all the way up the stockings and paused momentarily on the thin black fabric that didn’t even begin to hide her erect nipples. Finally he made eye contact with her as he sat up on the bed.

“Fucking incredible. You’re even more gorgeous than I remember,” he said, standing up and walking over to her.

“I bought it just for you,” she replied. Andee stared intently at his still-erect cock as he approached her. She took a couple of steps to meet him and wrapped her arms around his neck as she kissed him passionately. His cock was poking at her pelvis just above her bald cunt as they embraced.

“I remembered all the things you said turned you on when we went shopping in Chicago,” she whispered. “Then I just had to wait and see if I would get the chance to model it.”

“You are so fucking sexy,” he said as his hands roamed around her body. His touch was electric on her skin, setting off an incredible series of tingles that ran straight to her clit.

Don’s fingers traced the fabric around her waist to just below her belly button, then down along her bare flesh to the wet spot between her thighs. Andee placed one foot up on the desk chair beside her, giving Don’s hand easy access to her pussy. His finger gently stroked the moist outer lips before sliding into her hot cunt. As he slipped even deeper into her, Andee dropped her head onto his shoulder and moaned her approval and delight.

“God, that feels so good,” she said in a sultry voice. Her hands gripped his biceps as his finger found all the right nerves inside her.

“You’re going to make me cum.”

“That’s the idea,” he whispered into her ear.

He continued with his manual foreplay for a few minutes, mixing his penetrating with massaging her swollen clit. Her wetness had not only coated his hand, but was also starting to run down her thighs. Andee clutched at his hand as Don masterfully worked her inside and out, drawing her closer and closer to her orgasm. Don adjusted himself so he could slip in a second finger, stretching her pussy just a little wider.

“Oh god,” she moaned with this new sensation between her legs. “Please … that feels so good.”

As his fingers rhythmically slipped in and out, Don would drag his fingertips across the smooth muscle just inside her vagina, the glorious G-spot. With just the right amount of pressure, he could tell this was taking the gorgeous Canadian close to an orgasm. Her breathing was getting deeper and he could feel her muscles contracting against his fingers as he stroked her G-spot a little harder.

As she grew to the edge, she began to whisper in his ear that she was about to cum.

“I’m close … oh fuck … so close …”

Don pulled his fingers out from the hot wetness and massaged her clit between his thumb and finger, which sent Andee into a complete body shiver.

“Oh fuck, I’m cumming,” she panted over and over, her knees growing weak as she quivered through the orgasm. Andee had intentionally denied herself the pleasure for a couple weeks before the trip, ensuring her cunt would be anxious to respond in such a way to his touch.

“YEESSSS …. uh uh uh,” Andee let out as her cunt exploded into full orgasm. She bucked her hips against his hand as she clutched at his arms and let herself go. After a few seconds, she pressed herself back against him, gently biting into his shoulder. She hooked her arms around him to keep her balance as he slowly fondled her dripping hole, slipping a couple fingers into her and then out as the waves of her orgasm began to subside.

“Oh fuck. Thank you,” she murmured, still breathing heavily.

“Get on the bed,” he whispered into her ear. “I’ve been waiting for seven months to fuck that sweet cunt again.”

Andee eagerly lay back onto the mattress. Don spread her legs wide and knelt between her thighs. Her freshly waxed pussy was swollen with her excitement, and as his finger traced the moist outer lips, she let out a deep breath. Her body twitched involuntarily as he stroked her hot button again.

After a moment, he shuffled up closer and positioned the head of his cock at her swollen pussy lips. Using his hand, he gently rubbed the head along the outer edge, blending her cum with the little glistening moisture that had appeared from his dick. Andee pushed herself down towards him on the bed, forcing a little more of his erection into her wet hole.

Don leaned forward, placing his hand on the mattress on each side of her neck. His cock slipped easily into her dripping cunt as he did, causing Andee to let out a deep moan. She arched her back and closed her eyes as he pushed the rest of his massive rod forward.

“You’re going to fucking spoil me for cock,” she growled, holding him deep inside her by squeezing her pubic muscles.

Don looked down at the beautiful brunette underneath him. Her deep brown eyes were filled with a look of delight and sexual heat, which turned him on even more. This was the kind of moment he had often fantasized about since the time he fucked her in Chicago.

Don began his masterful technique of using his cock to torment her pussy. Andee was filled with a wild lust as he pumped in and out of her. She couldn’t control the grunts and moans that escaped from her as he used all nine inches on her cunt.

“Fuck me, Don … fuck me hard with that huge cock,” Andee purred.

Don drove himself as deep into her as he could. Andee could feel his heavy balls slapping at her ass with each thrust. She knew when Don would finally cum it was going to be a huge puddle between her thighs.

She grabbed his ass and pulled herself against his body each time his cock slid into her cunt. The leverage allowed her to feel the rigid flesh of his dick rub across her still-tingling clit as he did, adding an incredible sensation to the already hot experience.

Andee hooked her legs around Don’s calves to give herself more leverage to meet his thrusts with her own.

“Oh god you’re huge,” she moaned as she buried her face into his shoulder again. “I think I can taste you in the back of throat … it’s so big … so fucking big.”

Don picked up his pace as Andee moaned and wiggled with each downward thrust. Her pussy felt like it was on fire as he slammed into her over and over. His balls were wet from the moisture that had escaped from between her cunt lips and dribbled down towards her asshole. He could feel every squeeze as he drove his full length into her.

It didn’t take long for the sensation to reach the point of no return. Andee put her hands above her head and arched her breasts upwards so her nipples would brush against his chest as he pushed down on her. He grabbed her wrists and held her firmly while he pumped his hips harder and harder. After a minute, his massive erection went rock hard.

“I’m gonna cum,” he said, sitting up and grabbing her legs around her thighs. The new angle allowed Don to drive his cock deeper into her.

“Come on, baby … cum for me. Fill me up. Come on, Don … cum for me,” she panted between his hard thrusts, squeezing her pelvic muscles as hard as she could.

“AAAAHHHH,” Don groaned loudly as he unleashed a torrent of hot cum deep into her pussy, grunting as he thrust his cock harder into her with each spurt.

He collapsed on top of Andee, their sweaty chests meeting as he kept sliding his throbbing dick in and out of her. She kissed him, and toyed with his tongue as he continued to fill her pussy. Gradually, he slowed down and then eventually stopped. She could feel him twitched inside her, and even though he was spent, his soft cock filled her better than some of the other men she had fucked in her life.

After a few minutes of just silently laying there, catching his breath, Don rolled off of her and gasped with relief.

“Fuck, I needed that,” he said between breaths.

“Me too,” she replied, rolling over to cuddle beside him.

They lay there silent for a while, as Andee gently stroked the hair on his chest. She could feel his cum beginning to dribble from her pussy and the odd sensation strangely made her smile. For her, after learning about what her friend had been through, it felt like another reward – something to treasure, as her husband would say – on her path of sexual discovery.

“Call me weird, but I love the feeling when a man who hasn’t been fucked in a while cums inside me,” Andee whispered in his ear. “But what are you going to do to me tomorrow?”

Don closed his eyes and just smiled.

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