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Andee Returns to Las Vegas - Chapter 2

Andee Returns to Las Vegas - Chapter 2

Wife's trip to Vegas turns out to be more adventurous than she intended - Part 2
Andee smiled as she read the text message on her phone. Before breakfast, she had sent a somewhat vague note to her friend from the night before about wanting to try Roulette again, wondering if he might interpret the suggested sexual undertones – especially after the enthusiastic round of sex from the night before. She thought for a moment, wondering just how acquainted she wanted to get with Connor. It seemed her “one-night stands” in her sexual adventure were more like weekend-long affairs, with a couple turning into very complicated emotional tornadoes. Not exactly what she expected from the scheme her husband had cooked up for her, but it was hard to complain about. There weren’t a lot of women who had the kind of freedom to explore like she did – even if it left her increasingly battling moments of guilt.

“Wear layers,” was the reply he had sent, making a humorous reference to her confession about losing clothing when making bets. She chuckled out loud and caught the cab driver stealing a peek at her in his review mirror.

Andee’s pussy was still tingling from her morning shower. The lustful sensation was usually more than enough to make her lower her guard when it came to sharing this kind of innuendo with men other than her husband.

“Maybe I’ll stick to spin the bottle.” She typed back, before quickly adding another text to the conversation. “Think I’ll head down to Fremont to see the lights tonight instead.”

She was wondering if maybe this was too much, as she knew Connor was in Las Vegas to visit his son and not fool around with some married woman whose husband would be arriving in town the next day. Hinting as to where he would be able to see her again was suggesting that something more could be in the offing – especially after already sleeping with him just hours following their first meeting.

Andee was just about to drop her phone into her case when the text notification went off again. “Where will I find you?”

She paid the cab driver and stepped out onto the sidewalk outside the convention centre. She walked along the outside of the building, taking in the warm Nevada weather and thinking for just a moment about how she was going to arrange meeting Connor again. It wasn’t so much that Andee was trying to convince herself to make the leap one more time, but she figured the fun thing might be to play a little harder to get and see just how serious he might be – if at all. Lots of men were the “one and done” types – struggling with the idea of facing a one-night stand in the daylight and reality of the morning after. Her mind raced through a few ideas before settling on one.

“Short red dress. Neon cowboy. 10.”

She dropped her phone into her purse and made a conscious decision that she would leave it at that, even if Connor did respond. Besides, she figured, she really did come all this way to actually get some work done.


Andee dropped all her stuff from the show onto the bed, kicked off her shoes and massaged the balls of her feet. Walking around a trade show floor for several hours and then standing for a sponsored cocktail hour could take its toll on the feet. She figured she had a bit of time before she would head down to Fremont and had to carefully plan her approach for the evening. She had a lot of fun the night before – and still had a bit of a post-fucking tingle going in her pussy – but her conscience was telling her to go easy this time. Her habit of getting mixed up with men that had marital baggage was a mentally-taxing challenge. It had only been a couple months since her tumultuous emotional experience in Houston, and she did not want to go through the same thing again.

But every time her thoughts drifted to the down and dirty side of this sexual adventure she was on, she couldn’t deny how exciting it was to have the kind of freedom she did – and there was no end to the incredible sex.

She sat for a moment on the bed and stared at the red dress hanging on the rail near the entrance to her hotel room. Sexy, slinky and form-fitting, she wondered if she really had the courage to take things to a somewhat slutty level for her last night in Vegas alone. The next day, her husband would be arriving and the dynamic of the situation would change – something she was equally excited about – and was really the reason why dresses like that one had found their way to Vegas with her.

“What the hell,” she muttered to herself. “No point in quitting now.”

And with that, she stripped out of her business suit and headed into the bathroom for a refreshing shower. Afterwards, she set to work on getting herself made up for the night, choosing this time to invest the effort into straightening her hair and creating a much different look than the “career woman” she had been decked out as for the past two days.

Dropping the towel onto the bathroom floor, Andee headed back out into her room and grabbed the sexy red dress from its hanger. It was by far one of the tiniest outfits she had ever worn out in public, and certainly not something she would ever slip on back at home. She definitely wouldn’t ever let her “every day” friends see her dressed in the role of vixen.

The dress clung to her curves and added a bit of lift to her breasts, making them seem fuller and perkier than perhaps her 38-year old mother-of-two body might suggest. There was no forgiveness in this thing, she thought as she took a quick look at her reflection. As such, it was something that would certainly not accommodate wearing a bra; and to avoid the telltale panty lines, she opted to make it one of those rare occasions when she would wear a thong.

After slipping into her these-are-gonna-kill-me heels, Andee paused to look at herself in the full length mirror by the door, twisting and turning to ensure nothing was out of place. She was amazed at the transformation she had undergone in the past several months. The workouts back at home had brought a great deal of definition to her legs – the one feature she had always counted on when it came to the flirting game – along with some firmness to her butt.

It was only when she caught herself in the eyes that the butterflies returned to her stomach. She heard the voice of her best friend, Bella, in her head again, reminding her that at some point she was going to take this adventure too far. Bella had been her confidante for some time and had patiently listened to Andee on more than one occasion as she wavered between her guilt and excitement.

“This is not how a married woman behaves,” she muttered as if she was having an actual conversation with the voice in her mind. She looked at her reflection again as her conscience played against itself in her head.

“Last time … I promise,” she said out loud as if she was trying to convince herself. She then grabbed her small clutch and headed out into the hallway for a night in Las Vegas not really certain if her friend would even make an appearance.


Andee sipped on her drink as she casually strolled along the famous pedestrian mall in the old section of Las Vegas. The crowd was enjoying the warm evening and the many buskers that come out to entertain the tourists – and more than a few of the male tourists had noticed her walking around, including a couple brave enough to offer a compliment as she passed by. For her, it was a far cry from the trade show floor, and even further away from the reality of being back at home and the routine of her role as wife and mother. She wondered how she would react if she bumped into anyone from the conference – and how she might explain her transformation from serious business to seriously sexy.

“Now there is a lady who knows how to dress to impress,” a familiar voice said from behind her. Andee smiled at the kind words, knowing Connor was behind her but didn’t turn to face him right away.

“Without question, a lady that knows how to shine brighter than the neon lights,” he continued as he came even closer.

Andee giggled. “I’m flattered … but ‘shine brighter than the neon lights?’ That was cheesy.”

“Hey, I was trying,” he laughed.

Andee relented in her flirtatious game, turned and gave Connor a hug, taking a long, deep inhale of his cologne as she held him close. She always appreciated a man who smelled good.

“I wasn’t sure you would show up tonight,” she said as she slowly backed away from the embrace. “Most guys like to get out of Dodge as quick as they can.”

“I think it was the ‘red dress’ comment that convinced me this would be a great way to spend an evening in Fremont…and I couldn’t care less about what they do in Dodge,” he told her with a big smile. “Besides, now that I have seen you looking as beautiful as a woman can look, I can say that I’m happy I made the right decision.”

She smiled and stroked his arm with her hand in a gesture of appreciation.

“What did you tell your son this time?” she asked.

“I told him the truth. I told him I was meeting this incredibly gorgeous woman in Fremont for a drink and some great conversation,” Connor replied. “Not to mention, he’s a 19-year-old athlete away at college. I think having his father hanging around cramps his style a little ... unless you feel like going to a college party tonight?”

Andee blushed at his compliments and touched him on the forearm as she leaned close to kiss his cheek.

“I think I’ll pass on the fraternity bash,” she replied.

“What did you tell your husband?” he asked as they started walking along the sidewalk. “Or is that something a bit too … personal … I mean … if you tell him things.”

“I haven’t told him anything yet,” she replied, pausing to take a sip from a rather large plastic cup filled with some sort of concoction that was branded as a marguerita. “But I will. There isn’t a lot that I haven’t told him about when it comes to the things that happen to me when I travel. I have nothing to hide so far.”

“So far?”

“Nothing to hide about what you and I have did last night. But I can’t say I have told him everything that has happened over the past couple years. Impossible to recount every moment,” she explained.

“Like what?” he quizzed.

Andee turned and looked into her friend’s eyes. She figured he wasn’t asking out of concern, but was instead angling for some salacious tidbit about her sex life. He already had a pretty good clue as to the kind of crazy situations she found herself in occasionally, so a little more information wasn’t going to change much between them.

“Hmm … Well, for one, my husband has no idea just how often my best friend and I … um … explore our bisexual curiosities together,” she said in a hushed tone. “But that’s because I’m not sure I’m ready to share her with him.”

“Fuck, that’s hot,” Connor said as he stared straight ahead. Andee figured he wasn’t really looking where he was going, but trying to form a picture in his imagination.

“Yes, it is,” she said as she let her own mind wander back to memories of the many Saturday afternoons she had spent naked with Bella.

“Ok, I have to get my mind off that,” Connor finally said as they reached the open doors to one of the casinos.

“You mentioned you were going to try Roulette again tonight? How about we slip inside one of these casinos and try something different – how about Blackjack this time,” he said. “It’s a card game. Whoever gets the higher score without busting gets to pick what we do next.”

For a second night in a row, Andee was feeling quite the buzz from drinking. Back home in Toronto, she rarely drank, which made her a bit of a lightweight when it came to partying on trips like this. And despite feeling flirty and enthusiastic for some fun, she also still had enough of her senses to remember that making bets never worked in her favour.

“I told you last night, gambling doesn’t agree with me,” she said playfully swatting at Connor’s arm.

“All I said is whoever has the better hand gets to pick what we do next. No big money involved, one hand, one bet, no losing of random clothing items.”

“Right,” she replied as she looked through some souvenir items on vendor’s wagon one the sidewalk. “I can pretty much determine what you would pick if you win.”

Connor pulled Andee against him so they were chest to chest. “And you aren’t going to pick the same thing?”

For a moment it seemed like time stopped as she looked into his eyes. The sexual tension had been growing all night and the drinks had erased her earlier apprehension. It was almost as if she was caught in slow motion as she watched Connor lean closer and closer. She closed her eyes and parted her lips just slightly as his pressed against her. She sensed the slight hint of his whisky on his tongue as he slid it into her mouth and teased hers.

And just as quickly as it started, it stopped. Andee kept her eyes closed for just a moment longer, enjoying the sensation of being in his arms and letting the effects of his kiss flow through her body. Her pussy was getting warm.

“Well … uh … since you put it that way,” she said breathlessly. “One hand? I can do it with one hand.”

She slipped her free hand into Connor’s as they walked into the noisy atmosphere of the casino. The ones downtown seemed a bit seedier to her, probably because every male head in the area turned as she practically pranced in. Her sexy tight dress and stiletto heels were not exactly in sync with the shorts and Hawaiian shirt crowd that occupied most of the gaming tables.

Still, even though a day without a few too many drinks and the security of a male companion would likely leave her feeling a bit out of her element, she enjoyed the attention. This was one of the big reasons behind the idea of breaking out of her shell and slipping into skimpy dresses and impossible heels.

“Do you know the game?” her friend asked as they approached a blackjack table with some room.

“Yep, twenty-one or as close as you can without going over,” she replied putting her one and only five chip down. Connor, on the other hand was set on putting a bit more on the table and laid out a nice little stack of ten chips. The dealer smiled and dealt out the cards. Andee knew it wasn’t quite enough to win, but she held at seventeen. The dealer and Connor still had to play out to see who was going to best her. Connor called for one more card and ended up with nineteen, forcing the dealer to play out.

“And just like that, I not only got your bet back for you,” he said handing Andee a chip. “But I also made a little extra fun money.”

Andee sighed and stared at the chip Connor was holding for her to take.

“I keep telling the guys in my life, gambling doesn’t agree with me,” she said as she scrunched her mouth in resignation. “So, I guess we are going back to my room … again. ”

“Not right away,” Connor replied. “I have somewhere I want to take you first … somewhere I think you might like for a souvenir for yourself. And the casino is buying!”

He grabbed Andee’s hand and led her through the casino towards the cashier.

“No tattoos,” she said as she playfully clicked along behind him in her red stilettos.


Andee stood at the entrance to the lingerie shop, first looking in and then back at Connor. Her silence was carefully employed, waiting for her friend to explain himself. She had known him a little better than thirty-six hours and already he was suggesting that she “slip into something more comfortable.”

He flashed a big childish grin at her as he nodded in a suggestive way that they enter the store. Andee just giggled; she always found it amusing how giddy men would get at the sight of lacy underthings in a storefront window.

“Did you not tell me that you lost your panties in a bet? So, here you are in the gambling capital of America and … well … last night you didn’t have any on,” he said with a wink. “Tonight … I’ve been desperately trying to figure that out … but either way, it’s obvious you need some new ones.”

Andee laughed and gave him a playful swat on his arm. “Desperately trying to figure it out, eh? Good.”

She left Connor standing in the entrance and walked towards some of the sexier displays inside the store, knowing he would be tagging along behind her in a matter of seconds. The store had a seemingly endless selection of everything from everyday underwear to some pretty kinky leather corsets. She loved lingerie, and was in heaven looking around the racks and hangers.

“Find anything you like?” Connor asked as he approached.

“Hard to narrow it down,” she replied with a smile. “I’m not sure if I told you, but lingerie is something I absolutely adore.”

She stared at Connor for a moment and the purposefully glanced down at his crotch, knowing he would see her obvious intent. Andee could tell that her flirtatious behaviour and what she was doing to his imagination was having the affect she was looking for.

“Of course, you do know that there is very little here that can actually be worn under a dress like this,” she said in a quiet voice so only he would hear.

Connor leaned in closer and whispered in her ear, “I think the idea is that you don’t wear anything but the lingerie. I’m pretty sure most of it is designed for showing off to horny boyfriends and husbands.”

Andee smiled at his statement, wondering if he had considered where he fit into his point. He was neither a boyfriend nor husband. In reality, he was just someone she had met randomly on a plane and ended up fucking because her husband was adamant she try some sexual adventure in her life.

She crouched down to examine a few thongs on the lower part of the rack, allowing Connor to peek down her cleavage as she did. The bulge in his pants was even more visible from this new position and she lingered for a moment, allowing her friend to get a good long look down her dress.

“Well, I think it’s pretty obvious you enjoy getting laid and things like this certainly … um … help.”

Andee mulled over his comment. It seemed a little out of place and she was trying to understand what he meant by it.

“Haven’t you … um … slipped on some stockings and garters to fuck with a few guys along the way,” Connor said as he inspected one of the corsets hanging on a rack beside them.

Andee stood up and looked at him. It wasn’t so much the way he asked, because it was a pretty innocent question given the circumstances, but it hit her in a way that stung a little. She wondered if he thought she was this adulterous floozy that bedded a guy each time she went away for business. Unfortunately, the more she thought about it, the more she realized that it was pretty much the truth.

“Wow … I wasn’t expecting that,” she answered as she looked away from him for a moment.

“I didn’t mean anything by it … sorry,” he offered with sincere surprise at her reaction. “Shit … I guess it was a bad way of me trying to start the conversation around … you know … here we are looking at sexy bras and panties … tell me all the naughty things you’ve done ... because it sounds like a hell of a lot of fun.”

She figured the hurt must have been pretty obvious on her face, as her friend continued to apologize.

She was still struggling with the conflicted feelings in her heart, but didn’t want to dwell too much on it. There wasn’t much she could change about the past; she just never figured someone would put it so succinctly – particularly as they stood in the middle of a lingerie shop filled with an endless array of Sin City debauchery and sex.

“It’s okay … I guess it just brings things back into perspective for me,” she finally replied with a sigh. “You know, the whole idea behind my husband’s scheme has been to allow me the chance to explore my sexuality without the guilt of ‘having an affair.’ The things we did last night … I’ve never considered any of what I have done to be cheating … and I’m not sure if it will go on much longer. It gets kind of hard … and I guess, when I hear it put like that … makes me feel a little ashamed of what I’m doing.”

Andee placed the hanger she had in her hand back onto the rack, looked around the store awkwardly as she tried to avoid eye contact with her friend. One of the other drawbacks to her having a few too many was how emotional she could get.

“Andee, I didn’t mean to upset you,” he said as he gently took hold of her arm and turned her to face him. “See … it’s stupid comments like that … now you can see why I’m divorced.”

He smiled reassuringly. Andee took a deep breath and let it out, releasing some of the tension that had risen in her. She smiled at her friend and put a hand on his chest.

“Some days, I’m not as brave as I like to think I am,” she explained. “Seriously, Connor … what 38-year old married mom in her right mind dresses like a sex-crazy slut and allows a man she barely knows to take her shopping for sexy underwear in Las Vegas? Don’t even get me started about what happened last night … Who behaves like that?”

Andee could feel a wave of disappointment building inside her. She had been struggling with her behaviour when it came to these business trips and was learning that even though she had the freedom to explore sexually, it often came with a huge emotional cost.

Connor placed both hands on Andee’s shoulders in an effort to calm her down, tilted his chin downward and looked deep into her eyes.

“Only the kind of woman who knows that life is meant for living to its fullest,” he flashed her a half smile, the kind where just the one side of his mouth curled up as if he was waiting to give her the other half of the smile when he knew she accepted his point. “And excuse me for being so blunt, but you don’t look anything like a slut. You don’t even look thirty-eight. You look like … no, you are … my god … this incredibly gorgeous and unbelievably intriguing woman. Sexy, mysterious … fucking dangerous.”

Andee planted a soft kiss on his lips as a reward for the compliments. The fact is, the more time she spent searching the aisles of the shop, the hornier she was getting. It was hard not to let the imagination run wild after strolling along rack after rack of merry widows and garter belts, even if she was feeling like she was out of her comfort zone again.

“The underwear part … I was just going on what you told me about having a bad habit of losing yours,” he said.

“Now, just like Roulette last night … take a chance just once … and pick something out. Something I could maybe even see you in,” he added with a wink and a boyish grin.

Andee laughed at the suggestion, somehow knowing that once they left the store they would be headed back to her hotel room and another night of sweaty sex. Still feeling quite light-headed from the night of drinking and flirting, she figured she had already gone this far and one more time before telling her husband she was done with the adventure wouldn’t hurt.


Andee placed her hands against the wall of the elevator as Connor inched up the hem of her tiny dress. When his hands reached the waist band of her thong panties, he hooked his thumbs under the wisp of elastic fabric and slowly pulled them down.

When the tiny little red lace underwear cleared the heels of her shoes, he stood back up and casually slipped them into his jacket pocket.

“You won’t need those,” he whispered in her ear before flicking her earlobe with his tongue. Andee could feel the goose bumps rising on her legs as he did. It was one of her erogenous zones and she was already in a very turned on state of mind and body.

“See, you finally figured out I was wearing something under my dress,” she replied in a breathless voice. The sensation of his hands and mouth on her were making her head spin even more.

“And once I have that off you, I want to see you in the sexy little items from our shopping trip,” Connor said before kissing her on the lips. His hands still roamed over her body and pulled up the hem of her dress to expose her pussy. He was just about to slip his hand between her legs when the elevator stopped at Andee’s floor.

Incredibly horny now, she didn’t even try to pull her dress back down as they made their way to her room. She figured if anyone saw her walking along with her lower half exposed it would only be a bit of entertainment for them; she was on her way to another night of getting fucked and her inhibitions were almost gone.

Once inside her room, Andee turned and wrapped her arms around Connor. She kissed him deeply, using her tongue to explore his mouth and gently rubbed his calf with one foot. She moaned softly as he picked up where he left off in the elevator with his hands caressing her body and edging her dress up even higher.

Andee broke the passionate embrace and stepped slightly back from Connor. She grabbed the bottom of her tiny dress, pulled it up over her head and tossed in a heap on a chair. She was now naked except for her shoes.

“Fuck, you are one sexy thing,” he said in a low tone. “Fucking incredible.”

“Thank you,” Andee whispered in reply. She playfully opened the shopping bag that was sitting on the bed and lifted out the sheer red baby doll.

“Modelling … or fucking?” she purred at her friend.

“Put it on,” he replied bluntly.

Andee turned to remove the tags and undo the little ties so she could easily slip on the see-thru top of her new outfit. Once she had put the top part of the ensemble on, she held up the tiny matching g-string and flashed her friend a naughty grin – before tossing them onto floor.

“Won’t need those,” she said as she strutted over to where he was standing. Andee wrapped one arm around his neck and used her free hand to stroke his growing bulge through his pants. She looked down to his crotch as she did and then looked into his eyes, teasing him as she did by licking her lips.

Connor smiled before gently guiding her to a sitting position on the edge of the bed. He reached into the bag and pulled out a few things she had not noticed.

“You obviously picked out a couple items I didn’t know about.”

“I have a thing for incredibly sexy women in hosiery, what can I say,” he replied.

Connor smirked as he watched Andee eyeing up the items he had laid out on the bed in beside her: a red blindfold with eye-patches shaped like hearts, a pair of black thigh high stockings and a small tube of lube. Andee picked up the last item and glanced up at her friend.

“This is interesting,” she said before reading the label. “Mmm … added pleasure with a warming sensation. Can’t wait for that.”

Connor smiled, reached down to pick up the blindfold. He gently wrapped the ties around her head and knotted it behind her. Andee heard him opening the package of stockings and felt his grip on her forearm. He used one of the stockings to tie her hands together in front of her. Andee had a little experience with some light bondage with her husband, but never a man she had only just met.

“This is a little kinky,” she said.

“It will bring all your other senses alive. I think you’ll like it,” he whispered as he leaned close to her ear. “And then, when you wear the stockings back home, you will remember this moment.”

Andee listened as Connor removed his clothes. By peeking just under the edge of the blindfold she could see in the muted light of the hotel room that his cock was showing signs of getting hard as he pulled his shirt over his head. Once he was completely naked, he stepped directly in front of her and crouched down. He put her hands over his head and knelt for a moment as they kissed passionately. Andee’s mind was already swirling from the drinks, and the sensation of his kiss went straight down to her pussy.

After a moment, he wiggled her hands down over his shoulders so that she was now tied in a hug around his waist.

“Last night it was my ankles … tonight my hands?” she said, not really expecting an answer. She could sense things were about to get extremely hot and she was getting exceptionally turned on with the anticipation.

She knew his erection was only a couple inches away from her mouth in this position; and she could tell by the feel of his movements he was stroking himself. Andee felt a soft warm nudge against her cheek and she smiled as she realized he was rubbing the head of his cock against her face. He gently stroked her cheek with the tip, and she could feel a tiny moist streak of his pre-cum. She playfully turned her head, sticking out her tongue hoping to catch him with it.

“Last night, you only held this between your lips for a couple seconds,” he said intently. “Tonight, you are going to taste all of it.”

He grabbed her hair with his hand and pulled her head up slightly, shuffling forward at the same time so his erection was in line with her chin. Andee knew what he wanted and she complied, opening her lips to let him enter her warm mouth.

Connor’s warm flesh passed along the surface of her tongue and towards the back of her mouth as he entered her for the first time. She tried to control the amount of cock he was sliding in, but couldn’t do much with her hands tied and wrapped around his waist.

Andee tried to bob her head at best as she could, but it was obvious that this blowjob was going to be dictated by her male lover.

Connor placed a hand on the top of her head and grabbed her hair to guide her back and forth on his cock. Andee was turned on by the feeling of giving up any power she had in the moment; something very different for her when it came to oral sex.

She used her tongue to tease the sensitive area along the bottom of his cock as he slid in and out. After a few minutes, she could taste a hint of the familiar saltiness of a man’s cum. As Connor began to grow harder, Andee added some more enthusiasm to her efforts, wondering if he was getting ready to blow his load in her mouth.

Andee was really getting into the moment when she felt Connor pull away from her. Reluctantly, she let his swollen cock slip from her mouth and offered a disappointed little “aw” as it did.

She felt her friend bend down and out from arms. He placed his hands on her shoulders and guided her around on the bed until she figured she was in the middle. Connor gently moved her arms so they were above her head. Andee could feel him climbing on the bed and positioning himself between her legs. She felt his hands on her thighs as he began to softly caress her flesh. As if to tease her even more, he avoided any contact with her now wet and inviting pussy.

His hands then moved up across her stomach and under the thin sheer fabric of her lingerie. Andee arched her back a little, pushing her breasts upwards as Connor’s hands lightly fondled them. Her nipples grew hard as his palms rubbed them back and forth. Andee let out a tiny gasp as she felt his mouth on one nipple, his tongue flicking around it, making it harder.

The sensation of having Connor suck and nibble on her breasts was making her pussy even wetter. Every time he would gently bite one of her nipples, she would react with an “mmm” and a wiggle of her hips. The feeling, mixed with the erotic notion of being blindfolded made every nerve below her waist come alive. Andee could feel she was now completely soaked as a tiny dribble of her own juice slithered down towards the sheets under her. She could also feel Connor’s hard cock poking between her legs every now and then, but never quite at the moist opening of her cunt.

After a few minutes of this seductive foreplay, Connor rolled Andee onto her elbows and knees, still with her hands bound by the soft nylon of the stocking around her wrists. Connor placed a couple of the pillows under swollen breasts so that she was partly supported in this position.

She could sense he was digging around for something in a bag and then heard the opening of what she figured was cardboard. Another kinky addition, she thought for a moment. And then Andee heard the familiar crinkle of a condom wrapper being torn open. She giggled softly when she heard the faint sound of the packaging land on the mattress just in front of her face. The blindfold was still doing a good job of keeping his actions a bit mysterious, but she knew full well that his cock was about to penetrate her cunt. She spread her knees and arched his hips up just a bit in a move she hoped would invite him to get started.

The excitement reached a new level when Andee felt Connor’s hand on the centre of her tailbone, followed by the feeling of him sliding the head of his condom-covered cock along the wet opening to her cunt.

“Mmm … someone seems like she is ready for a good hard fuck,” he said as he slowly worked his erection between her swollen outer lips.

Andee moaned with frustration from his sexual teasing, trying to push her hips back against the rigid shaft. “I’m more than ready for a good hard fucking … come on … put it in … please.”

Connor used his free hand and pushed Andee’s hips down onto the mattress and then spread her legs wider with his knees. He slipped just the head of his cock into her and placed his hands on either side of her shoulders.

“Do you like dirty talk, Andee?” Connor asked as he leaned against her back and kissed between her shoulder blades.

“Uhn,” Andee let out as she felt his erection sliding further between her wet pussy lips from behind. He had her hips pinned the mattress and was slowly building up his rhythm as his inched slowly into her wet hole. “Uh huh … I do … especially when I’m getting fucked. Now come on, stop tormenting me.”

“Do you think you’re a slut?” he grunted as he pushed his cock into her even deeper. “Huh? Tell me, Andee … are you really a slut?”

“I am … oh fuck, yeah … oh god, I am,” she moaned back. “I’m your slut.”

“And what happens to sluts, Andee?”

“They get fucked,” she moaned as she felt his cock flex deep within her. “Oh god, they get fucked … please … fuck me like a slut.”

Andee was slightly shocked as she heard herself say things like that back to him. She enjoyed talking dirty with her husband, but never described herself as a slut. Between the slightly drunken state she was in and the sexual fire raging between her legs, her mind was far from the reserved, married thoughts that guided her back home.

Connor pounded her cunt from behind for a few minutes like this before he pulled her up onto her hands and knees to fuck her doggy style. Andee let out little grunts each time he pumped his shaft further inside her. Although she had enjoyed larger cocks, Connor was very stiff and slid across all the right spots in her cunt to make her moan in delight.

Andee felt him begin to massage the sensitive flesh around her asshole as he kept pumping her pussy from behind. She knew he was using the wetness from her cunt to lubricate her asshole for something more; and just as the idea crossed her mind she felt his thumb slip into her ass.

“Oh god yeah,” she let out as she felt him push deeper into her ass. “Oooohhh, that feels good.”

“You like that, don’t you,” Connor continued with his verbal teasing. “Little slut likes her ass being stuffed.”

Andee could only grunt in agreement as she pushed back against the sensation of his thumb in her ass and his rock hard cock sliding in and out of her cunt, faster and faster with each question.

“Do you like it in your ass?” he asked as he wiggled his thumb inside her hot rear hole.

“Yessssss,” she moaned into the mattress. She was really horny with the sensation of what he was doing to her. “I … love … it.”

Without question, Andee loved the sensation of having both holes stuffed when she was this horny. Back at home with her husband she would often pull out her long skinny rubber dildo from her night stand and slip it into her ass while he fucked her pussy. It was that sensation which always sent her imagination to her fantasy of having two men at her disposal.

Not so much a fantasy anymore, after the time with the guys in Denver, but definitely something she eagerly wanted to experience again.

“Tell me what you want, Andee?” Connor asked as he played with her anus. “You want it in your ass, don’t you?”

“Yes,” she whispered as she clutched at the bed sheets. Andee felt the quick chill directly on her asshole from the spurt of lube as Connor dribbled some out of the tube. Then, as he slithered his fingers to spread it around, she could feel the warming sensation kick in, just as the package promised.

Connor pulled his hard cock from between her now-swollen pussy lips. Andee could feel he was up to something down there, but just figured he was preparing himself for anal. She felt him place the head of his cock at the tight opening and push it slightly in. Andee closed her eyes and tried to relax her muscles to make it easier for him to penetrate her. It had been several months since she last had anal sex.

“Fuck that’s nice,” he groaned as he inched his dick deeper in. “You have a nice tight ass, you little slut.”

Andee could only moan as she felt him slide further and further in. Connor had a nice cock, but she was secretly thankful he wasn’t as large as some of the others she had encountered lately. And even with the alcohol helping her to relax, she could still sense a bit of pain initially as he pushed deeper into her backside. She bit into the pillow beside her head as her lover worked himself in and out of her tiny hole.

She could feel her friend dribble more lube onto his shaft as he pulled out and then pushed back into her asshole. She flinched at the forcefulness, but then settled into a nice relaxed rhythm as Connor began to fuck her. His strong hands held her hips and guided her back and forth on his rod.

“That feel amazing,” he said as he leaned forward, placing his hands on each side of her shoulders and angling his cock so that with her downward thrust he would drive her hips into the mattress. “I can tell you’ve been fucked hard up the ass before … haven’t you. I know you have, you little slut. You like it too much to not have had some rock hard cock fucking your ass.”

Andee tried her best to answer, but her lover just pushed even harder as she tried to catch her breath enough to respond. She was now bracing herself against the top of bed with her outstretched hands as Connor drove aggressively into her from behind.

“Tell me about the best anal fucking you ever got,” he whispered. She was surprised that a man who really didn’t know her that well would want to know about her past sex life; especially about her anal sex experience.

“Are…you… oh god, that feels amazing … really interested … right now?” she moaned from underneath him. Propped on her elbows and knees, she had her face half-buried in the bunched up sheets. The blindfold, which earlier had created an intriguing mystery to the moment, was now pushed sideways on her head.

Andee proceeded to describe everything that happened to her with the guys in Denver a few months earlier, how they took turns fucking her before they each filled a hole. She could tell Connor was getting off on hearing about her experience because his cock was growing harder as she filled in the graphic details about having three men at her sexual disposal.

Then, just as she finished by telling him about having their cum dribbling out of every hole on her body, she felt him go completely rigid. Connor pushed his hips down against her butt with one last thrust and unleashed his cum into her ass.

“Oh fuck! That’s tight,” Connor said as she squeezed her muscles around his steel hard shaft.

“That’s right, baby, cum in my ass,” she encouraged from underneath. “Cum for me.”

“Fuck, you’re a little slut,” he grunted as he shot spurt after spurt into Andee. It wasn’t really a strange sensation for her, as more than a couple guys had cum in her ass – but it was the first time she realized that Connor had removed the condom he used during his pounding of her pussy.

She moaned loudly as his cock throbbed and pulsed deep in her butt. He fell on top of her as his cock slowly grew soft. She could feel him slowly slipping from her well-lubed ass and his cum drip down across her pussy lips.

In her still slightly inebriated state, she thought about asking him why, but then slowly slipped off into a dream world between the reality of hot sex and the exhaustion of the past couple days.


Andee opened her eyes as her brain started to interpret the noise. Someone was knocking at her hotel room door. She rolled to the side of the bed and tried to shake out the cobwebs from her mind. She was naked and groggy. Connor had obviously slipped out sometime during the night, leaving her to sleep.

The room was a mess, with the comforter from the bed piled up on the floor against the desk. Her new lingerie was strewn about in a dead giveaway that something seriously sexual had taken place. The little red dress she had worn the night before was draped over the back of the chair, with one of her stiletto shoes on top. She noticed the other was sitting on the night stand, lying against the opened package of condoms Connor had bought. Her suitcase had been knocked off the stand and spilled her clothes.

“Geez … what the hell …” she mumbled to herself as she stood up. Her head was still spinning from the drinks. “Not good … so not good.”

As Andee shuffled to the door, the reality of how raunchy the night before had been settled into her body. Her ass was sore and her pussy still swollen from the sexual pounding her friend had given her. Her nipples felt raw and hurt as she wrapped a coat around her body.

She opened the door and blinked as the light from the hallway caught her eyes.

“Oh, this ought to be a good story.”

Andee just smiled and wrapped her arms around her husband.

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