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Andee Returns to Las Vegas - Chapter 3

Andee Returns to Las Vegas - Chapter 3

Wife's trip to Vegas turns out to be more adventurous than intended - Part 3
Andee held her coffee in both hands as she sipped on it. Thecombination of her hangover, sexual exhaustion and lack of sleep, left her struggling to bring her mind around to some sort of clarity. Her hands were a little shaky as she stared blankly at the cup.

“I’m not too sure about all the details,” she mumbled across the table at her smiling husband. He seemed to be enjoying the whole thing a bit too much and had been pressing her for some information about her encounter.

She hadn’t yet explained that she spent two nights with Connor, believing she would gradually fill in the blanks with her husband as the opportunities arose. But given the state of her hotel room when he arrived, Andee knew she would have to tell him something.

“I had a lot to drink, it seems. More than I should have, that’s for sure. I don’t remember what time everything stopped … I’m not even sure if we did anything more than once, or when he left. But I can tell you my fucking ass hurts,” she added. “When did anal sex become such a big to-do with you men?”

For a moment, her husband just sat quietly across from her with a big grin on his face.

“Ever since we discovered some women enjoy it,” he replied.

Andee told CJ about meeting Connor on the flight down and how she mentioned she would be heading to Fremont. She avoided filling in too many personal details about him, knowing her husband was more interested in how his wife managed to end up in bed with the guy. She told him that she met him on the sidewalk – not exactly a lie – and they had a couple of drinks, how Connor dared her to try some blackjack ... and that bets never work to her advantage.

Andee’s husband just laughed and shook his head.

“Sounds like you had some serious fun,” he said to her. “But it sounds like you might be a little out of commission for any more fun tonight.”

“I wouldn’t go that far,” she quickly replied and then leaned over to whisper across the table. “I might need a bit of time before I let you fuck my ass, but there’s no way – hangover, sore pussy, sore ass – that I am not going to enjoy our time together.”

Andee reached out and stroked his hand. “After all, isn’t that a big part of what this ‘adventure’ is about ... not to mention, we are in Sin City. Now, let’s go find something for my headache and get on with our own adventure.”


As they walked along the outer edge of the constantly ringing and buzzing slot machines on the casino floor towards the front of the resort, Andee’s husband said he was going to stop at the front desk before they hit the Strip, and ask for some insight on where he might find some of the things he had in mind. As he walked over to counter, Andee plopped down in a puffy chair off to the side and leaned her head back against the wall and closed her eyes for a moment. Just as she was settling into a comfortable position, she heard the familiar sound of the text notification on her cell phone.

“Hope you are OK … we got a little carried away last night.”

Andee pondered the text for a moment and quickly scanned the lobby. Her husband was still talking with the cute young clerk at the information counter.

“My ass hurts like hell and my pussy is stretched out, probably bruised … it was fucking awesome fucking,” she quickly typed back, hoping not to be noticed as she did. “So hot. Thank you.”

“Husband there now?”

“Yes, we’re going shopping as soon as the pain killers kick in. Said he would buy me a sexy gift for being a ‘good girl’. LOL”

Andee kept a careful eye on her husband as she kept up the electronic conversation. So far she had not told him exactly everything from her first couple days in Vegas and wasn’t sure the middle of resort lobby was the best place for it.

“Mmm … you certainly are good. Would love to see you wearing your ‘gift’.”

“I bet you would. Any suggestions?” she was getting more playful with her texts as it appeared her husband was in deep flirtatious conversation with the young blonde concierge

“Something really slutty.” Andee giggled at the reference, remembering suddenly part of the conversation from the previous night. “Anything that shows off your sexy legs. Maybe it could go with those stockings...I told you I have a thing for hosiery.”

“Legs a given…stockings likely…but sexy not slutty. Thanks for last night, it was fucking amazing. xoxo”

Andee quickly slipped her phone into her purse as her husband approached. She smiled and explained that she had just come up with a really sexy idea – one they would even be able to use for some sexy pictures as a memory of their trip to Las Vegas. She kissed CJ on the cheek and then whispered into his ear. A devilish smile came across his face as he nodded in agreement.


Having spent most of the day shopping for the right outfit, Andee figured she had found the dress that would not only send her husband into a drooling tizzy, but also work exceptionally well with the little gift she had received the night before from Connor. The hem hung with a flirty little wisp, creating movement when she walked that might just reveal to anyone paying careful attention what her choice in hosiery was underneath; which meant she would be able to fulfill Connor’s request and slip on the stockings her had bought her the night before.

After emerging from the shower, Andee towelled off and slipped into the only lingerie she would be wearing: a sexy lace garter belt from an expensive shop on the Strip. Next, she rolled the silky stockings up her toned legs and then pulled the new dress over her head. She turned her hips back and forth in the mirror as she checked the fit and straightened it out down along her body. It was times like this when she wasn’t so angry at the young gay guy who ran the cardio boot camp at the gym back home.

“Now that is fucking sexy,” her husband growled as she stepped out from the bathroom. “You’re going to turn some heads tonight for sure.”

CJ stood and approached his wife, running his hands along her body and nibbling on her neck. Andee drank in the attention, wondering if her husband would notice and comment on her stockings. She held out some hope that she wouldn’t have to explain too much – as there was still a lot he did not know about what had gone on before his arrival.

“Not yet, lover,” she purred with delight as she gently massaged the front of his pants. “Save that excitement for later. You’re going to need it.”

“You’re a dangerous tease,” he whispered in her ear. He kissed her quickly on the lips before heading into the bathroom for his turn to prepare for the evening’s activities.

Andee agreed in her own mind that it was a dangerous game she could be playing, but she knew this was going to be the end to her sexual adventure. She had every intention of having a long conversation with her husband before they left for Canada. Things were getting to be too complicated for her – and she had long accepted the truth to dispel the doubts she had previously had about herself.

When she heard her husband turn on the shower, she slipped over to her purse and pulled out her phone. Connor had not texted her since earlier in the day while she was shopping with her husband.

“You wouldn’t believe your eyes,” she texted. “And I know you wouldn’t miss me in a crowd.”

She waited a moment and then texted the name of the restaurant and the time she and her husband had reservations for and then put her phone away. She figured some of the excitement for her would be not knowing if Connor replied, or even received her message. Andee figured she would just wait until dinner time and see if lady luck was on her side for just once.


In the cab ride to the restaurant, Andee would occasionally catch the driver trying to sneak a peek at her in his rear-view mirror. She playfully crossed and uncrossed her legs at convenient moments, wondering just how much she might be distracting him. She figured he must have enjoyed the sight, based on how quickly he got out of the cab to open the door for her when they arrived at their destination. She smiled knowingly at him and enjoyed his slight blush as she brushed against him as she stood up onto the pavement.

Once inside the restaurant, she glanced around to see if text had been answered, but she couldn’t see Connor from the door. Andee distracted her husband by pointing out a couple of incredibly gorgeous women in the bar area, grabbed the maître de and whispered “Make it a table for three” in his ear quickly as she slipped a $20 bill into his hand. The man smiled at her and announced that they were to follow him to their table. She was still holding out hope that her scheme would come together one last time.

Upon arrival, the host explained that the table was one of their better ones, even if there were four place-settings. He pointed out the view over the large courtyard and elaborate fountain, but Andee’s husband seemed not particularly bothered. He smiled and thanked the man as he pulled out the chair for his gorgeous date to sit on.

Andee smiled politely as she shuffled in and had a long look around the room. Her heart jumped a little when she came eye to eye with her new friend. Connor was sitting at the bar, raising his glass in a toasting gesture as he looked back at her. He then nodded his head in obvious appreciation for the outfit she had chosen. From his perspective, he was at the perfect angle to catch a glimpse of anything and everything she might flirtatiously flash his way but where her husband would never suspect anything.

Throughout dinner, she would occasionally look over CJ’s shoulder to where Connor was sitting. Her mind would drift back to moments from the past two nights, from the first meeting on the trip down, to the sensation between her legs as another new man slid deep into her moist pussy. There were still blank memories from the past 24 hours, when she was way too drunk and horny to fully comprehend her actions – but she just knew it was an incredible experience.

And then, just as it had following other similar experiences, the guilt eased into her thoughts.

“Honey, we need to talk,” she said in a quiet voice. “About … this whole … adventure. Um …”

“You want it to stop, don’t you?” he asked, giving her the open door she was looking for in bringing up the subject.

“I can’t begin to describe how much I love you, and how incredibly lucky I am. I know there are thousands of women who would love for just one second to have the kind of freedom you have given me,” she said before pausing for a quick moment to collect her thoughts. “I know you came up with this idea as a way to show me that I am all those things you say I am; sexy, desirable, sexual … and god, I have had an incredible time exploring. But now, it’s too hard. The guilt I feel after …”

“It’s OK, sweetheart,” he replied as he took her hands in his. “I said before, you are in control of this. It is your adventure; you call the shots. You want to stop, let’s move on.”

Andee looked lovingly into her husband’s eyes and smiled. She felt like she was in a really good place with herself and her marriage. As she leaned back into her chair, she quickly glanced at Connor. His eyes were fixated on her legs under the table. Andee slipped a hand down and quickly realized why – the hem of her dress rose enough to reveal not only the lace tops of her stockings, but the tiny clasps of the garters.

She looked back at her friend sitting across the room and caught his eyes with hers. She smiled as he winked and raised his glass in a mock toast of appreciation for the flash of hosiery. Andee stared at him for a second and let her mind wander back through the memories of the past two nights she had shared with him.

“I have one last request,” she said as she looked back at her husband. “One thing, just for me before we go home and back to being exclusive.”

CJ raised his eyebrows as he waited for further details from his wife.

“Be right back,” she said pointedly as she pushed her chair back and stood up.

Putting her best model walk to use, Andee strutted across the dining room to where Connor was sitting. As she approached, a huge smile came across his face. She flashed him one of her best false “not impressed” expressions and then lightly swatted him on the upper arm.

“That was an amazing view,” he said with a wry smile. “Very sexy ... thank you.”

“Uh huh,” she replied. “Bring your drink with you.”

Andee reached out her hand to take his and lead him back towards the table where her husband was sitting. CJ stood and extended his hand as his wife introduced Connor as a “friend from the trade show.” She thought it would be a lot more awkward than it was but the two men seemed to hit if off right away. As they made small talk around typical male things, Andee sat back in her chair and began to relax. She had a plan in mind to end her sexual adventure – or at least this part of it – in a very exciting way by drawing her husband into the experience.

As dinner wound down, she found herself growing sexually anxious. She had her lover of the past two days and husband at her disposal and wasn’t keen on waiting all night for the mood to inspire all of them.

She took each man by one hand and leaned into the middle of the table.

“I’m sure you would love to enjoy another drink and talk more ... but quite frankly, gentlemen, there’s no room in this dress for dessert and I would rather head back to the room and get down to the business we all seem to be avoiding in this equation."


The cab ride back to the resort proved to be another new experience for Andee – and most likely another incredible voyeuristic experience for the driver. Andee was just a little sad it wasn’t the same one from before; she figured it would have been even more fun to let him see the “after” since he already enjoyed the “before.” As she sat between the two men in the back seat, she was growing more turned on as their hands playfully searched her body. One of them was stroking the stocking covered thigh of her legs, while the other was stroking the exposed flesh of her shoulders. She could feel the warmth between her legs growing as the hands continued their erotic purpose.

She closed her eyes and let out a little moan as one of their hands slid up her thigh and brushed across her increasingly moist pussy. She felt herself growing lost in the sensations, less apprehensive of this moment being her last great adventure. She turned her head towards Connor and met his lips with hers as both men caressed her body. She could feel an incredible warmth building deep inside her as the torment continued throughout the trip. The ache between her legs turned from the slight friction burn and over-use to a sticky horniness and lust to have something more than a finger buried deep inside.

By the time the ride was over, Andee was practically dripping from the sexual teasing the two had inflicted on her in the back seat. As she slid out of the back seat, she couldn’t help but giggle at the driver’s comment to enjoy the rest of her evening ... because she had every intention of taking the night to the ultimate conclusion.

She didn’t wait for the men to settle up with the cabbie, instead strutted straight ahead, with her eyes and sexual determination set on getting into the elevator and upstairs to their suite as quickly as possible.

Once inside their room, Andee tossed her purse onto the hotel bed and grabbed Connor by the jacket lapels. She pulled him in close and kissed him deeply, using her tongue to search out his. Breaking the kiss, she smiled at him and ran her hand along the front of his pants as she made her way to where her husband was standing. She stepped in close, so she was pressed against his back and wrapped one arm around his waist, gently fondling the front of his pants with her hand.

Her husband turned a few of the hotel glasses over and dropped in some ice. He turned to their guest and offered Connor a drink as Andee sat on the edge of the bed.

“She can be quite the vixen at times,” he said as he winked at his wife. Andee was now sitting back with her arms stretched out behind her. She had crossed her legs, allowing the hem of her dress to inch up above the lace top of her stockings. She flashed a flashed a flirtatious grin as if she was agreeing to her husband’s statement.

“Whatever do you mean?” she questioned, playfully.

“Uh huh. Like you don’t know that these games you play can be very naughty,” CJ replied. “Naughty to the point, where a tease like you might need to be taught a lesson about playing with fire … especially the sexual kind.”

“And just who is going to be my teacher?” she answered playfully, reaching out with her foot to gently stroke the side of her husband’s leg.

CJ put his drink down and turned back to his wife, reaching out his hand for her to take. He pulled her up off the bed in one powerful move, causing her to yelp in surprise and she banged into him chest to chest. Her husband held her tightly against him and kissed her passionately. Andee could feel the stirring of his manhood as she ground her hips against him. It was obvious they were both growing exceptionally turned on by the moment.

Andee stood still as her husband’s hands explored her body. Her other lover had taken up a spot behind them, leaning casually against the dresser, watching as husband and wife continued with the foreplay. Andee could almost feel Connor’s eyes on them, but her mind was drifting towards the rising desire within her and the sexual heat her husband’s caresses was drawing out from her body.

“It might be your adventure,” CJ whispered in her ear as he paused from sucking on her earlobe. “But tonight, you are going to play by my rules and do what I say ... understand?”

“Yes,” she quietly replied, titling her head back to allow her husband to kiss her neck. His hands continued to set her body’s sensations on fire; caressing her breasts through the tight dress, down along her ass and across to her pussy. Andee sighed deeply as he touched her in all the right places.

After a few minutes, CJ stopped and stroked her cheek with the back of his fingers. She knew this was his signal that their game was about to begin and that she was going to be the focus of their attention – and the object of whatever her husband had in mind for her. Her stomach twitched in excited anticipation; she was strangely nervous despite being incredibly horny.

CJ turned away from her, picked up his drink from the desk and eased into the leather chair in the corner of the room. He crossed his legs and looked at her for a moment.

“Take your dress off,” he said, raising his glass to his lips. “But leave the rest on ... for now.”

Andee met his gaze with hers for a moment and bit her lip almost unconsciously – it was one of her cute quirks when she would get turned on in new situations. Without looking away from CJ, she reached behind her back and slid the zipper down and peeled the dress down over her hips. As it dropped onto the floor, she stepped out from it and bent over to pick it up, giving Connor a full on view of her swollen moist cunt. She felt slightly exposed, even though she had already been with Connor in the most intimate way – not to mention she was now almost completely naked standing only a couple feet away from a large window.

Andee glanced down at the street. The Strip was busy and the lights flashed and twinkle in typical Vegas kitsch. She wondered if anyone was looking up to the where she was, and would they see her standing in nothing but her stockings and high heels. Her nipples hardened with the idea and excitement.

“Isn’t she something, Connor?” CJ said, pulling Andee out of her momentary daze. Connor hummed in agreement.

“Spread your legs just a little ... and then lean over so Connor can see your wet pussy,” Andee’s husband said. She did exactly as he asked; placing her palms on the window glass and bending at the waist so her ass would tilt towards the other man.

“Tell me, Andee ...” CJ said, pausing to take a sip from his drink. “How did it feel to have Connor’s cock inside that wet pussy last night?”

At first she was stunned by his comment. Although it probably wasn’t much of a stretch of the imagination, she hadn’t actually confessed to her husband that her lover in Las Vegas had been the man standing just a few feet away. Her stomach knotted slightly as her mind raced. She licked her lips slightly and swallowed before she answered.

“Amazing,” she whispered in response, turning her eyes back to the flow of pedestrians and cars on the Strip below.

“And in your ass ...”

“I liked it,” she replied quietly after another moment of silence. Andee could feel the rush of blood to her cheeks in slight embarrassment over her admission.

“Does he have a big cock?”

Andee was momentarily shocked at the question. She had never heard her husband so pointedly ask her about another man like that; the fact that Connor was just a few feet behind her added to the shock.

“Um ... yes’s perfect,” she quietly muttered as she tried to give an answer to the unexpected question. She glanced quickly at CJ without turning her head, frightened to make eye contact but searching for his reaction.

CJ stood up and approached Andee. Placing one hand on the back of her neck and intertwining his fingers in her dark brown hair, he pulled her back into a standing position. He turned her head towards him hard and kissed her deeply. She could taste the sweetness of his drink as his tongue snaked around hers. His other hand slipped between her legs to the wet opening of her pussy and he massaged her clit until it was hard and her labia were swollen. His finger slipped into the hot opening and stroked across the smooth surface of her vagina just below her g-spot. Andee moaned as her husband worked his thick middle finger around inside her.

Then as quickly as he started, CJ broke off his torment and approached the large window overlooking the Vegas skyline. Andee kept her eyes closed for a moment and took a few deep breaths.

“You’re wet,” he said as she slowly opened her eyes and looked at him. He was licking her wetness off his finger.

“That’s your fault,” Andee answered and smiled flirtatiously at her husband.

“No, it’s not,” CJ quipped back. “Your cunt seems to get wet quite easily these days. I just wonder though ... is that just from you being turned on ... or is your cunt still full of Connor’s cum from last night?”

Andee’s smile slowly faded. She wasn’t sure where her husband was going with this new edginess in their game. The newness and unknowing made her feel a nervous excitement in her stomach, like butterflies.

“Connor ... is that your cum in my wife’s cunt,” she heard him ask. Andee was growing more nervous as she tried to run through the events of the past several hours.

“I’m afraid not,” Connor replied in a matter-of-fact tone. “I did fuck your wife...a few times, to be honest. But I always used a condom.”

“Perhaps we need to cool you down just a little,” CJ said as he put his glass down on the small table beside his chair. Andee watched as her husband dipped his fingers into his drink, remove one of the ice cubes and walk back to where she stood.

Holding the frozen cube between his fingers, CJ traced Andee’s already hardened nipples. She quivered with the sensation, biting her lip again as her husband circled around each one. She could feel the cool dribble of the water that was left behind. CJ held the ice cube to her lips and traced them lightly before moving in for a kiss. He then moved around behind her and traced down her spine. The tiny river of moisture edged downwards until it reached the feminine curve of where her back met her ass.

CJ moved back to the front of her body, running the ice down between her breasts and across her stomach. Andee closed her eyes and focused on how the ice and her sexual heat combined in an odd, but stimulating blend. She could feel the chill of the runoff as it dribbled into the tiny strip of pubic hair.

Her husband bent over slightly and sucked one of her now cold nipples into his mouth. Andee moaned as she grew even more turned on – and then gasped loudly as she felt the ice cube rub the outer edge of her swollen clit. The sudden change in temperature between her legs made her flinch, but as she grew used to the coolness, found it felt exceptionally good on her slightly friction-burned pussy.

“Oh god,” slipped from her lips as she gently flexed her hips against the strange sensation between her thighs. She found herself growing even more turned on as CJ continued to tease her cunt with the melting ice.

Andee groaned even more deeply when she felt her husband’s finger slide into her dripping hole. Allowing the ice cube to slip into the crux of his palm, he held it hard against her clit as he drilled his chilled finger in and out of her. The wetness, combined with her moisture created an odd sexual sloshing sound.

“Oh fuck,” she whispered through her gritted teeth. Then, much to her disappointment, the torment stopped.

“You know, Connor ... Andee is a bit of a sexual adventurous woman, but she isn’t sure she wants to continue with it,” CJ said with a matter-of-fact tone in his voice as he walked back over to where he had left his drink. He dropped the tiny sliver of ice he had used to tease his wife back into the glass. “Did she tell you about some of her experiences before coming to Las Vegas this weekend?”

Connor smiled and shook his head, taking a long sip of his drink.

“Let’s just say, Andee loves to fuck ...” he continued. “But I know you’ve figured that out by now.”

CJ stood up and turned to look out the large window for a moment.

“There was a time when she wasn’t like this ... would never have imagined herself standing naked in a hotel room looking out at the city lights while her husband tells the man she fucked the night before how much of a slut she is,” the words hit Andee with a sting. She never imagined herself in the role of a slut, but here she was, in stiletto heels and stockings as her husband and a lover stared intently at her.

“Andee used to be ‘the girl-next-door.’ Innocent, loyal, loving ... But as time caught up with her, she started doubting her sex appeal. She wanted to know if she could still turn on the sexual power ...” CJ’s voice trailed off for a moment as he circled around his wife as he spoke. “I had no choice but to prove her doubts wrong; to prove she was a sexual creature that could drive men wild. And almost … force … her into a lifestyle of spreading her legs to fuck other men.”

CJ paused in front of his wife for a moment, looking intently into her eyes as if he was searching her soul for her reaction to his words.

“Tell me, Andee, would like Connor to use his big ... hard ... cock on your cunt again?” His hand ran along the black lace of the garter belt and down across the tiny landing strip of pubic hair, his finger slipping into the wetness of her pussy.

Andee felt her cheeks flush and stomach jump again. To hear her husband say something like that out loud still came as a bit of a surprise. All she could do was nod slightly as she stared wide-eyed at him.

“Connor ... do you feel like having another go at my wife?”

She heard the familiar metal sound of a belt buckle being undone behind her, but she didn’t dare turn around. After a moment, she felt her lover behind her, his semi-hard cock poking between her ass cheeks as his hands caressed her back. Connor gently pushed Andee a step forward toward the window so she could brace herself as he fondled and kissed her.

Braced on arms and with her forehead pressed against the window, she could look down on the Vegas strip, with all its flashy glitz and hustle. The view toyed with her fear of heights and growing lust below her waist as her male lover slipped into her wet cunt from behind her. She momentarily wondered if anyone could see her from the street level, but the feeling of Connor's cock filling her aching sexual need soon took over her mind.

Andee let out a deep breath as Connor began to push deeper into her. The angle of her hips allowed his cock to press and slide against the smooth surface of her g-spot as he worked her from behind. Andee leaned against the window, the cool sensation of the glass on her already hard nipples felt incredible.

Connor’s cock was amazingly hard, just as she had remembered from the previous two nights; his girth stretching and filling her completely.

“Oh god, that feels incredible,” she moaned as her pussy grew hot and wetter from her lover’s efforts.

Andee couldn’t contain the moans and grunts that escaped from her as Connor picked up his pace, driving deeper into her with each thrust. She could feel his balls bouncing against her sensitive clit as he pushed himself aggressively forward. His hands, firmly gripping her hips, pulled back against his motions to give himself even more leverage.

Her mind drifted, away from the notions in her conscience and toward the sensations between her legs. Within a few seconds, she had forgotten that she was standing in front of a large window overlooking the Strip; that her husband was only a few feet away watching his wife get drilled by Connor’s impressive cock.

She heard herself groaning her declaration of pleasure over and over, begging for Connor to fuck her harder and deeper. 

Then, almost too suddenly, she was drawn back to reality as she heard the familiar voice of her husband telling her lover to stop.

“No,” she begged as she reached back to grab Connor’s wrist, hoping it would keep his cock deep in her soaking cunt.

She turned to see Connor just smiling as he slowly withdrew. CJ had moved from his seat in the chair to now standing beside her friend. He held a small bottle of lubricant in his hand and had a very devilish look on his face.

“Time for two,” he said as his smiled at her and winked.

Connor pulled out completely, just as CJ pulled Andee off the window. He spun her around, so that her hands were planted on the edge of the bed and she was bent over at the waist. CJ could see the redness of his wife’s swollen pussy, fresh from the fucking she had just enjoyed. She looked up at Connor, who moved around closer to her head, gently stroking his own cock as if he was massaging her wetness into his flesh.

For a moment, she just watched. Andee loved watching men masturbate, it was a huge turn-on for her. But it was then that she realized something – her new lover had been fucking her bareback. The condom he had previously claimed he uses were not to be seen on his cock. Andee looked up at him, and then back down at his cock, just as he grabbed her hair and pulled her mouth onto it.

Andee slithered her tongue around the head of Connor’s cock for a moment. She wasn’t sure what to say with this revelation, but her mind was about to be taken in a completely different direction. She felt a cool wet chill dribble onto her tight – and still sore – asshole, then the sensation of a finger rubbing and spreading the lube around.

“No, guys ... please ... easy. My ass still hurts from last night,” she begged as she let go of Connor’s cock from between her lips. But it was to no avail as she felt her husband’s lubricated middle finger slither up into her. “Ow ... ow ... ow.”

Her ass clenched hard around the invading digit, but slowly loosened as her husband gently massaged the inner walls. After a couple minutes of this, she felt him slip another finger into her hole, stretching the muscles just a little more.

Connor laid down in the middle of the bed, his hard cock pointing straight up in front of her. CJ kept his fingers firmly stuff in Andee’s ass, and pushed her forward until she was on her hands and knees hovering above the other man’s swollen erection. With his free hand, CJ manoeuvred Andee into a position so the head of Connor’s cock was directly below her dripping pussy – and then he pushed down on her tail bone until the rigid shaft slid between her moist cunt lips.

Andee moaned as she felt her new lover’s cock penetrate her again. She had often used her own fingers to play with her ass when she fucked her husband like this, but it felt that much more incredible to have someone else doing it. She felt full as she gently slid up and down on Connor’s shaft, her husband helping with the fucking motion by almost lifting her up with his two fingers in her behind.

She felt CJ gently pushing on her back, pressing her forward. Andee snuggled in closer and began to kiss Connor as she squirmed on his cock. She felt CJ’s fingers slip out from her tight ass, but let her mind wander back to the man under her. Andee could sense something else was coming. She could hear CJ getting undressed beside the bed, but the feeling of Connor back deep inside her pussy kept drawing her attention to her own needs.

Andee wasn’t sure she would be able to handle what her husband obviously had in mind – but she knew she wanted to finish her “adventure” with something remarkable. She felt CJ slip in behind her, and wiggle into the space between her and Connor’s legs. She felt the strange cool sensation again as the lube dripped directly onto her anus.

Connor held Andee’s arms tight as she grimaced slightly. Her ass was still quite sore from being fucked the night before, and having her husband slide his cock into her lubricated hole was still a little challenge; but once he had a couple inches into her, the unique feeling of having two hard cocks filling her up erased the slight discomfort.

“Oooohhh, fucking yesss ...” she sputtered as CJ pushed the rest of his rigid pole up into her backside.

The sensation was incredible. Every time she moved her hips one of the men would slide in deeper while the other would withdraw slightly.

Andee was just on the edges of her orgasm when she felt her husband lean closer to her ear from behind. She tilted her head back so she could hear him whispering. At first he was telling her how incredible she felt, coaxing her to let her mind go and let her orgasm flow from deep inside.

As she got closer to complete surrender, she heard him say, “You don’t really want to stop your adventure now, do you.”

She could only muster an “uhn” in reply. Her cunt was raging with sexual build-up, ready to explode and he was using this moment to make her commit almost against her better sense. Andee was torn between sensibility and crazed sexual passion; her mind spinning with the physical flood of desire between her legs.

“Cum for us, Andee,” he whispered. Andee tossed her head forward as the blood rushed to her pelvis; her orgasm was close. “Come on, baby … cum for us.”

She was very close when both men suddenly stopped their actions.

“No, no … no,” she moaned.

“Tell me you want to explore even more,” CJ demanded as he held her hips so she could not move. Andee tried to flex her pubic muscles to draw the two cocks closer towards orgasm and release inside her.

“Answer me,” he growled in a deep sexy voice as his grip grew tighter on her hips.

“Yes, yes … I do want to … oh god, I want so much more,” she said in an almost panicked voice. Andee was desperate to resume the fucking before her orgasm was lost. “Anything … god, yes, anything.”

Her husband released his grasp on her hips, allowing her to sway up and down on the cocks buried inside her. Andee’s mind swirled in drunken sexual desire as her orgasm came back around and she groaned loudly. Her body shuddered from her toes up through her head. She clenched at Connor’s shoulders, forcing herself as hard as she could onto his cock.

She felt her husband’s cock in her ass throb rapidly as he unleashed a torrent of his hot cum into her tight hole.

“Oh god, YES! Fill my fucking ass,” she encouraged as CJ grunted and pushed harder into her.

That sent Connor into the throws of his own orgasm. Andee felt the cock in her cunt become steel hard and then a hot wave as her other lover released a flow of his own cum into her pussy. The combination of milking two cocks sent her over the edge. She pushed a hand down to her swollen clit and rubbed the wetness from her pussy across the spot just to the right of her button – drawing out the last of what she needed to hit her own orgasm.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” she groaned through gritted teeth as her cunt exploded into a twitching, clenching, dripping release. She squeezed hard as she bore down on the stiffness that remained burning in her vagina. Andee bucked herself against the slowly softening cock of Connor as her cunt shivered through the last of her orgasm; her husband’s cock popping out as she adjusted her angle to enjoy the direct stimulation.

Finally, she collapsed on the bed between the two men, cum oozing from both her pussy and asshole and she lay there panting into the mattress. Her fantasy of having her husband involved in a threesome with her fulfilled, it was now time to rethink what she wanted from her sex life.

She continued to moan lightly between breaths as the waves of her own orgasm subsided. She kept her hand tucked between her legs, a finger lightly stroking the wetness. Her pussy would twitch every now and then as she touched the most sensitive spots.

“That’s my girl,” CJ whispered as he gently stroked her hair as she slowly came down from her high.

“No more, please ... I’m done, I’m done ... please,” she mouthed, her voice barely audible.

Andee was completely spent from three straight nights of fucking. She needed to rest and let her body recuperate from the sexual pounding – and let her conscience cope with her guilt.

Slowly her heartbeat returned to normal from the frenetic pulse of the height of her orgasm, her breathing grew deeper and calmer. She was just drifting off to sleep, curled up in the middle of the bed, when she heard her husband’s voice over the clinking of fresh ice cubes being dropped into a glass, quietly speaking to her new male lover.

“Man, she was fucked up this morning. What the hell did you actually do to her last night?”

“We took good care of her ... just like you asked ... and it’s all on video,” her lover whispered back.

“Perfect,” CJ answered.

She lay there motionless as her mind wandered through what could have possibly gone on. And then it occurred to her that the reason dinner had not seemed awkward was because the two men already knew each other.

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