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Anne's First Massage Chapter 1

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Frustrated Air Force wife gets a massage........
Anne’s First Massage

Chapter 1

Anne woke up; tired and irritable. Her husband had told her some bad news the night before. He’d have to stay another six months in Korea. They’d been married 14 years before he had to go overseas. They’d only been separated a few weeks at a time before this.

The toughest thing was being a single parent in everything but name. The kids were great, but even great kids get sick, noisy or sassy.

To top it all off, try shopping at the commissary with a three-year-old who thought he was indestructible.

The most wearing issue was no chance to relax. Take the kids to Grandma’s, call the husband, clean house, because that’s what you do when you don’t have kids underfoot.

Maybe play with the bunny for a while, but the pleasure and orgasm only happens when you’re relaxed enough to enjoy it.

Today was a Mommy day. The kids were at Grandma’s and she’d slept late. Last night was nice. She’d stayed up and talked to Mike. Pretty soon the conversation heated up and they were having video sex. They’d talked long into the night about what they’d do to each other when he got home.

She was so hot and wet by the time they were done that it took only a few minutes for the bunny to do its work. It had been a good orgasm, but not mind blowing like the ones she had when he was home on mid-tour.

God, the way his mouth and tongue roamed their way around her body. That was what she thought about when she used the bunny. She loved the way he nibbled and tugged her labia. Sucking first one then the other deeply into his mouth and flicking them with his tongue. It was almost like he couldn’t get enough. Sucking at them and gently biting. His finger gently working her clit. His other hand caressing, teasing, pinching and twisting her nipples. First gently, then harder, more urgent as he sensed her arousal climb.

Then his finger would slide into her pussy and tickle the nub of her cervix deep inside, driving her wild. “Her little acorn”, he called it. He’d keep flicking the deep sensitive spot almost until she came, but then he’d curl his finger and stroke her G-spot. Different pleasures would blast through her body derailing her orgasm forcing it build again. Sometimes he’d pull out and begin nibbling again and the orgasm would again have to rebuild. The tightness in her belly never diminished. Her thighs gripped him as she tried to focus on cumming. Her pussy would grow more sensitive and the raw need to come would make her scream. He teased her unmercifully this way.

She thought about this as she stretched. God, she missed him. Not just sex, but everything.

She got up and made coffee. Hot cup in hand she went to the computer and surfed some local sites looking for something to do today.

She winced and stretched. She was so tense. She thought about running a nice hot bath. Maybe later she thought. Or a long shower. Long baths used to be her favorite past time, but lately even those weren’t working.

Mousing down a local happenings page she stopped.

“Hmmm,” she mused, “hot stone massage.”

She read with interest. She and Michael had played with hot stones before. It had been one of the best sex games they’d played.

A new spa had opened up on the waterfront. It had packages ranging from simple manicures to daylong spa pampering ending with the massage.

Anne clicked on the “what to expect” button and read a detailed description of each package. Just reading about placing oil-heated stones along the spine made her flash back to the night Michael had played a masseuse. She could still feel the warm slick stones against her skin. Her pussy tingled as she thought about the sex that night. He’d pounded inside her so hard…. They were both sore the next day.

Anne read on. Only the more expensive packages had the massage included. She saw they had an introductory package for $150 that included a manicure, pedicure, facial and hot stone massage.

Expensive, but she hadn’t done anything for herself in so long. No, it was too self-indulgent.

Hell why not. She’d do without Starbucks for a few weeks.

She called and made an appointment.

Her appointment was for one o’clock that day.

She decided to pamper herself and got the full package.

Well, better shower she thought.

Anne was excited about the spa. It’d be really nice to have a massage; it’d been so long since other hands had touched her.

With the shower steaming, she took off her clothes and stepped inside. The hot water made her skin pink as it slid down her body. She closed her eyes and breathed in the steam. She washed her hair and then began scrubbing her body.

As she washed her breasts she began thinking about taking showers with Michael. She loved the way he slowly scrubbed her body. Every time he touched her it was sexual. Michael couldn’t bathe her or massage her without getting a hardon. Sometimes she found it irritating because she just wanted to relax. In truth though, his massages were pretty sensual.

As she massaged the soap into foam, her nipples hardened. Without thinking she began teasing them through the sponge. The rough texture of the sponge sent waves of pleasure pulsing through each nipple and deep into her body. She felt her lower belly begin to tighten.

She eased a soap slick hand down to her pussy. So wet, she thought as she rubbed her clit. She imagined Michael’s strong fingers sliding between her lips as she slid deeper and tugged her labia. Her pussy felt hotter than the spray stinging her skin. She leaned against the shower stall and abruptly stopped. The cold wall brought her back to reality.

“Damn,” she muttered, “why can’t I do this? Michael doesn’t have a problem masturbating, even in front of me.”

She shook her head and began scrubbing between her legs. She spent a lot of time between her butt cheeks to make sure she was really clean. Not that she expected anyone’s hands to touch her there, but because it made her feel better knowing she was squeakily clean.

She stepped out of the shower and began toweling off. The bathroom was filled with steam so she cracked the door a little so the mirror would clear. She plugged in the blow dryer and ran a brush through her hair. Short now, it only took a few minutes to dry. She turned off the dryer and put it away.

She felt the cooler air brush over her as the air conditioner kicked on. She looked into the full length mirror. She noticed goose bumps on her skin. Michael loved to turn on the ceiling fan because it made her break out in goose flesh. It drove her crazy when he lightly stroked her breasts and then skim her body all the way down to her feet.

She looked at her body and shook her head. Overweight and boobs too big, she was often frustrated that she couldn’t lose the weight. Michael didn’t seem to care though, he said he liked her body just the way it is. She had a hard time believing that, but the way his hands and mouth explored her should have told her exactly how he felt. He really couldn’t get enough of her. Her soft, silky skin and the scent of her hot vagina did drive him wild.

He’d quietly encourage her when she had the initiative to work out, but he never made her feel bad when she quit. Michael said she looked beautiful, but she had a hard time seeing it. Maybe it was just love. They’d talked about getting in shape when he got back. She’d like to surprise him and be thinner and in shape when he got back, but the stress of being apart made diet and exercise difficult. For him too. He’d put on a few pounds since he’d been in Korea.

She shook her head and went to put on makeup.

Finished with the bathroom prep she thought about what to wear. The receptionist told her what to expect when she got there, so she opted for a skirt and blouse. She wore the pair of magenta panties Michael had bought her a few months ago. She wasn’t taking them off when she got there and they looked nice.


She parked the Honda and walked into the beautiful new building. She could smell the sea salt coming from the bay behind the spa. It was a wonderful location.

Inside the receptionist greeted her and asked her name.

“Anne McCormick,” she said. “I have a 1 o’clock appointment for the introductory half day.”

“Yep, I have you right here. Welcome to Spa Brazil. You can go right into room five. Please change into the robe if you like. It will be a few minutes before they are ready for you. It seems the intro price was very popular. My name is Karen by the way. And please let me know if you need anything.”

Karen led her to the room and closed the door quietly behind her.

Soft salsa music played in the background.

Anne set her purse down and looked around. It was a nice room in an industrial sort of way. There was a sharp, muted smell nail polish and remover.

She noticed the chair and table. This must be where I get the pedicure and manicure she thought.

She locked the door and found the folded robe on the table.

Wow, she thought, is that silk? She looked for a tag and sure enough it was. The robe was black and shone softly in the light. She put it on and immediately felt the silky coolness caress her body. She looked at herself in the mirror. The robe’s black material made her lightly tan skin look creamy and almost translucent. The front of the robe made her cleavage stand out.

She had to grin. The robe sure was short enough. If she lifted her arms the hem would show her pussy hair.

There was a soft knock at the door. She unlocked the door.

“Hi, I’m Vick and this is Sara. We will be doing your facial and nails.”

“Have a seat and get comfortable,” said Vick.

Anne sat down and Vick eased the chair back.

As they got started they chatted with Anne, asking her things like how she heard about the spa and if she was married.

They gushed over her ring.

It seemed like only moments and they had her makeup off and a nice smelling cream worked into skin. Vick worked the right hand and Sara worked the left.

“Is this your first time at a spa?”

“Yeah,” Anne said. “I’ve never been to one.”

“You’re going to love it here. We have a very good staff, and the spa itself is beautiful. You’re not in the spa proper right now. This is just where we do nails and stuff. We also handle walk-ins here, so if you ever want just your nails done, stop by.”

This was Sara talking. She was younger seemed more expressive than Vick.

Vick chuckled. “We also do waxes, but so far they don’t seem too popular here. I’ve worked all over the country following my Marine. Everyone in California waxes.”

“You’re married to a Marine? My husband is in the Air Force. He’s in Korea.”

“Mine’s deployed too, six months. How long is yours gone?”

“It was supposed to be a year, but it will be 19 months.”

“Jeeze, that sucks. Did he get to take a mid-tour?”

“Yeah, but that was a year ago.”

“I don’t know if I could go a whole year without sex,” Sara said.

“It’s been tough,” Anne said with a sigh. The idle chitchat had made her comfortable. She liked these two.

“So, what was the mid-tour like,” Vick asked.

Anne could feel herself blush under the face cream.

“Great. We spent a lot of time together.”

“I bet,” said Sara. “When my boyfriend comes home after a tour he’s like a raging sex machine.”

Anne laughed. “I know what you mean. It was like we were twenty again.”

Vick laughed. “Us too. It’s tough to be alone, but man the sex is great when he gets back.”

They finished Anne’s hands and started on her feet.

“We’ll be finished here in about fifteen minutes. Have you thought about what color polish you’d like? It’s included in the package. We market our own polishes and makeup; we’re trying to build a clientele.”

“I don’t know,” mused Anne, “Let me think.”

“No rush,” said Sara. “Also, we can blend colors to customize.”

Anne felt the hem of her robe lift and fall.

“Hey, I have a suggestion,” Sara said, “What if we use the same color as your panties. It’s a sexy color. We could even do a makeup palette. Use ‘smoky eyes’ as the central theme.”

“I don’t know,” Vick said. “It’s a little dark for makeup. As a polish it would be sexy, but too dark for the face.”

“What do you think, Anne,” asked Sara, “It’d be a sexy surprise for your man when he gets home. It wouldn’t be too dark for a romantic setting.”

“You know, that’s not a bad idea. Sexy makeup for a sexy night.”

“Well, we can give it a try, if you don’t like it, makeup comes off easy enough.”

They finished with her pedicure. As Vick removed the face cream Sara went to get the makeup and polish.

Sara leaned in the door. “Anne, if you don’t mind, can I have your panties?”

“What,” asked Anne; startled at the request.

“So I can get the shades right,” she laughed. “I have to scan the color into the computer, so I know what ratio of pigments to use.”

“That’s our Sara; subtle as a chainsaw,” said Vick.

Sara stuck out her tongue.

“Ok,” said a flustered Anne. She slid them off and handed them to Sara. Anne tugged the robe over her now bare pussy. The cool air caressed her.

Vick started setting up the equipment they’d need for Anne’s makeover.

“Anne, have you thought about who you want for your massage? Male or female, I mean.”

“Uhh, no,” said Anne, “I think I’m a little nervous either way. I’ve never had a professional massage before.”

Vick smiled. “Well, if you don’t indicate which one you’ll get the first available. It runs 50/50 for women the first time. As far as what gender they prefer, I mean. Regardless of whom you get it will be a great experience. You can stop at any time you become uncomfortable and request another if you like. They won’t be offended. They’ll know it’s your first time.”

“Ok, thanks, I won’t be specific. I’ll take the first available.”


Sara came out with the makeup palette.

“I think this is going to look so hot on you; with your features and skin tone.”

Sara started on Anne’s toes and Vick worked her nails.

“Vick, did you ask Anne about the masseuse,” Sara asked.

“Yep, she’s going for the surprise.”

“You know Anne, it doesn’t matter who you get. You’re going to love it. The hot stones will make you melt. Don’t fret if you get a male. They do dozens of massages a day.”

Sara finished Anne’s toes and started to apply the makeup.

“What I did is, use charcoal gray as the base color for the eye shadow. Then added pigment the same shade as your panties. Eye and lip liner are two shades darker. Also, some shadow two shades lighter so I can blend everything. We’ll start with the base. I added just the smallest touch of pigment. You can’t tell unless the light hits you just right. It will make your eyes the focus. With your almond shape you’ll have a smoky, smoldering look.”

Sara began to work. In less than fifteen minutes she was done.

“Ok,” Sara said handing Anne a mirror, “what do you think?”

“Wow, that’s dark,” said Anne. Way too dark; almost Goth makeup dark. Eyes mostly charcoal gray fading to a medium gray, almost black liner; she could barely see the magenta. Only when she turned her head, and only for an instant. But something about the whole package made her stare at her reflection.

Slutty, trashy. That’s how it looked. Mike just might like it if we ever play ‘escort’ again. Anne smiled at the thought. Another night of great sex games. Though he came too fast. He’d lost control and took over. She’d throw in some scarves this time. Keep him restrained; she’d keep control of the situation. Let him come on her timetable. Yeah, she’d go for the cock torture record this time. Restrained, blind folded, and in agony for….welllll, two hours next time. Anne’s bare pussy flushed with heat at the memory of the hard pounding Michael had given it. Maybe twenty strokes, so hard, definitely lust, almost painful payback for the teasing, and definitely the best.

“Here let me turn down the lights. Romantic setting, remember.”

The lights dimmed to a warm yellow glow. As Anne watched, the woman in the mirror transformed from Gothic bondage stripper to one with sex hungry eyes. Her eyes did smolder and her darkened lips looked pouty, soft, hot, as if they ached to be kissed. She couldn’t really see the base, but something subtle gave her cheeks a heated, breathless appearance.

Anne thought about how the lip color would look as she left lip prints down Michael’s body.

“The light really makes it look sexy.” She said.

“Sexy, and ready to be pounded into the mattress,” said Sara.

Vick snorted. “It does look sexy, although I would have said wild sex or something else.”

“You know what I mean. This is look says I’m in charge of the night’s festivities. It says, I’m going to make you beg and when I start, I’m not going to be gentle.”

“It does say that. What do you think Anne?”

“Michael’s going to love it.”

“Ok, glad you like it. I’ll have a kit waiting for you when you’re done with your massage. Are you ready?”


Vick led her through a corridor to an atrium.

“Here’s your room, someone will be in to get you set up. In the mean time there is wine if you want.”

“Wine would be nice. Maybe it will help calm my nerves.”

“We have a nice Riesling for white and a terrific Port for red. We rotate our wine selection daily. The Riesling is chilled and sweet, but I’d suggest the Port. Just below room temp, and a little more alcohol in the Port.”

“The Port sounds nice.”

Vick went to a niche and took the decanter and poured out half a glass.

“That should be enough, if not feel free. The Port has been out of the bottle for about an hour so it should be nice and mellow.”

“Thanks Vick.”

“You’re welcome. Have a good massage.”

Vick walked out and shut the door.

Anne sipped the wine and felt the warm liquid seep into her body. She looked around the room and noticed the window opened to the veranda. Her room overlooked the bay. A cool salt breeze floated through the French doors.

“This is gorgeous,” she said to herself.

She sipped her wine and stepped out on to the veranda. I wonder if I could talk Michael into coming here with me. A couple’s spa day would be so nice.

She had two ways she thought of her husband. Well, more than that, but he was either Mike or Michael. Unless he was acting like an ass then she thought of him as ASS. It was Mike for everyday things and Michael for more personal, intimate things. When they first started dating it was always Michael to differentiate him from her brother. But then they made love for the first time and she found it so special and good that she subconsciously reserved ‘Michael’ for just those times.

He had a special name for her too. Mila. It was a contraction of “My Love” or “Me Love”. She first heard it a month or so after they started dating. She smiled to herself as she thought of this. She was the first one to gather the courage to say, “I love you”, but whether he realized it or not he’d been saying it with ‘Mila’.

There was a discrete knock at the door that broke her from her reverie. A somewhat matronly woman entered.

“Hello, I’m Mary. I’m going to help you get set up.”

“Ok,” said Anne. Relief flooded her. Not a hunk or babe. This will be ok she thought. No pressure.

“If you’ll take off the robe and lay face down on the table. I’ll get to work. Here, you can put this over your bottom.” She handed Anne a thick, soft terry cloth towel.

“Oops, Sara forgot to give me my underwear back. She liked the color and used that for my makeup palette.”

“I thought I recognized Sara’s work. She’s really bold, but has good judgement and taste. It looks good on you.”

“Thanks,” Anne said. “I don’t normally wear so much makeup. I hope my husband likes it.”

“I’m sure he will.”

Anne settled face down on the low table and positioned the towel over her butt. Jeez, it’s only eight inches wide, it doesn’t cover anything. She compromised by placing it just where her butt met her thighs. I bet my crack is hanging out three inches she thought. Too late now though. Vick was right. Her masseuse was professional.

“Here, take this to lay your forehead on. It will keep your makeup straight.”

“Why is the table so low? I thought it would be waist high.”

Mary chuckled, “That’s normally true, but this table is set up for an oriental massage. Did you notice the bar bolted in the ceiling? The masseuse uses that to keep her balance. Don’t worry though you aren’t going to get stepped on, your masseuse will kneel next to you.”

Anne took the rolled up towel and lay her forehead down. It would keep her makeup from touching the hole in the table.

“For starters I’m going to place stones along your spine. They’re heated in scented oil. Let me know if it’s too hot.”

Anne felt the first of the hot, oily stones just below her neck. They were almost too hot, but she said nothing. Soon eight stones lined her spine. She could feel the hot oil slowly run off the stones and begin a slow meander down her spine to pool at the small of her back. As the flow of heated oil touched the next stone; sensations of pleasure and heat sunk within her. The sensations intensified with each connection. A pleasant tightness formed in the bowl of her pelvis and spread through her lower abdomen. The oil didn’t cool, but kept its heat as it spread down the length of her back. It also ran down her ribs with a slight tickle.

She lay; feeling the heat seep deep in her muscles. The tension bled away replaced with utter relaxation.

“Anne, I have some larger stones that I’m going to place in your palms.”

“Ok.” Anne eased her hands to her sides and took the hot stones.

“Don’t grip them Hon, just let them sit there.”

“Ok,” she breathed a deep sighed. This was so good. She could smell the oil now. Orange blossoms and something tropical.

“Now you just relax and let the stones do their work. It’s ok if you fall asleep. A lot of women do. Your massage will start in about ten minutes.

Anne heard the door close quietly.

She breathed the scent of orange blossoms in and held it.

“God,” she muttered. “This is a perfect way to spend the day.”

As she relaxed she let her mind wander. The heat and scented oil were so sensual.

She thought of the times Michael massaged her and her pussy began to tingle. She opened her legs a little and pressed her pelvis into the table.

Better think of something else or I’m going to embarrass myself.

She thought of Michael’s hands as they stroked her back. How his slick fingers would glide down her spine and knead the flesh at the small of her back. Right where the oil was pooling in fact. As she remembered the oil she felt the heat seeping slowly in. Nothing had touched her pussy, but she could feel the heat migrate to her clit.

She concentrated on the heat. She could feel her pussy get hotter and wetter. She could feel her juices start to flow. She clinched her opening and drew her legs closed, but that only made pleasure stutter along her labia. She relaxed her legs and her lips opened. Her labia infused with hot blood, rose from between her vulva. She could feel the cool air on them. She didn’t recall her inner lips acting like this; unless Michael sucked on them. She opened her legs a little more to ease the tension.

She heard the door open. Crap she thought, my pussy is right in line with the door. I hope the towel is hiding everything. Of course she probably isn’t looking anyway, it wouldn’t be very professional would it.

“Hello Anne,” said a masculine voice. “I am Paulo and I am your masseuse for the day.”

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