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Annie is Taught a Lesson

Annie opened her legs to show her husband her panties full of her lovers cum...
Unlike my other stories on Lush which took place more than four years before, this one happened just a week ago. It was such an exciting experience for me that I just had to write about it.

Not long ago, I read a story on Lush written by a friend that was about a young woman who had had her first experience being dominated after her boyfriend wanted her to go out and fuck another man for him. I must say that the story had a big effect on me because I had never had the experience of being dominated before.

I am a strong willed and confident woman and actually the thought never occurred to me till after I read that story. I told Rob, my husband, how excited it made me to think about that and he read the story too and just said to me that he learned something new about me after 15 years of being married. So that is the background for my story so now I will tell what happened and I hope you like reading about it as much I enjoyed doing it!

My name is Annie.

I am a Japanese woman, 39 years old and I am happily married to a wonderful man and I am a ‘hot wife’ now for five years and my husband loves it. I am 5’-4” tall and weigh about 110lbs and have nice firm 34C breasts with dark brown nipples and of course I keep my pussy waxed and smooth for my husband and my guy and girl friends. We have had an open marriage for five years and it is ok with my husband for me to fuck anyone I want to fuck and I do!

I love to fuck, both men and women and I love to show off too.

Over the years, I have gone out on many dates with men who I have found attractive but until a few weeks ago, I have always told Rob, before, that I was going out so he would know where I was and who I was with. Then after I got home he would want to know every detail of what I did and I would of course tell him everything and let him inspect my pussy and little brown hole and sometimes he would discover a little cum leaking out of me and then we would fuck. We both really enjoyed that very much.

But a few weeks ago I decided to surprise Rob by going out without him knowing about it then come home to him with my panties full of another man’s cum for him to discover.

That one day I called Rob from my office to tell him that I had to go to a business dinner with some new clients which I do from time to time in my job so it is not unusual, and that I would be home around 10pm that night. But instead, that night, I met a man who was a friend of mine that I had been with many times before, had dinner then went to his hotel room and let him fuck me two times and cum inside my pussy both times. I told him what I was going to do and he just laughed and told me that Rob will be surprised! He knows my husband and is a good friend and a wonderful lover.

After we finished I carefully got up out of the bed and put on my white bikini panties and dressed and tried not to let his cum leak out too much. I wanted to save it as much as I could inside me till I got home. It took about twenty minutes for me to get home and I was clinching my pussy as tight as I could the whole way.

After I got home, Rob was in our den and the children were already in bed. I walked up to him and leaned over and gave him a little kiss and told him that I was really tired and that I was going to go onto bed and asked if he wanted to come too. He said he would in a few minutes so I went into our bedroom and took off my clothes except for my panties which were soaked and had a big wet spot of my lovers cum over my cunt. Then I just lay down on our bed facing the door with my legs open so when Rob walked in he could see my panties between my legs.

A few minutes later, Rob walked in and saw me and just stopped and looked at my panties then me and said, “What the hell Annie!”

I just smiled at him and didn’t say anything. Then Rob walked over to our bed and sat on the edge and put his fingers on my wet panties and rubbed my pussy and said, “You fucking slut, you got fucked tonight didn’t you..”

I just smiled at him again and didn’t say anything again then he leaned over and kissed my panties and licked my lover’s cum thru my panties. Then he pulled my panties down a little and started to lick my cunt, tasting my lover’s cum.

“You fucking slut, you went out tonight and fucked some guy and didn’t even tell me about it!” Rob said as he stood back up and undid his trousers and pulled his pants and boxers down at the same time. “You fucking slut!!” He said smiling at me then he began to lick my pussy some more.

I love it when Rob talks dirty to me and I like to talk dirty to him too so I told him, “Not slut, fucking whore. I made him pay me to fuck me twice and cum inside my cunt. I made him pay me three hundred dollars to fuck me like that!”

I didn’t really do that but I wanted to tease Rob that I did it.

Rob just looked at me and smiled and said, “You fucking whore!” Then he almost ripped my panties off and fucked me so good and so long before he came inside my pussy. It was one of the best fucks we had for a long, long time and it was so wonderful for me to surprise him like that.

Afterwards, we cuddled and he kissed me and I asked him if he liked my little surprise for him and of course he said he did then he asked me the guy’s name and if I really fucked him for money. Then I told him no, I didn’t but I didn’t tell Rob his name either just to keep the mystery going. It was so exciting for me to do that because I made Rob so surprised and happy that night.

That happened about a month ago and I thought about it all the time so last week I decided to do it again and surprise my husband again.

So when a nice young man I knew from another company that we worked with asked me if I’d like to have dinner last Thursday night I said yes!

I had met him in my office two or three times before and liked him so I had flirted with him a little. His name is Jason and he is younger than me and single and also very good looking. I was looking forward to dinner last Thursday! Thursday morning before I left for my office I told Rob that I had a business dinner that night and that I would be home a little late. He just looked at me and smiled and said, “That’s fine, let me know when you will be home when you know.” So I kissed my husband and said I’d call later and went to the office.

Thursday at the office time went so slow!

I was anxious to meet Jason for dinner at seven o’clock and hopefully for more too. So after I finished for the day, I went to the ladies room and took off my panties and my bra and put them in my purse. I was wearing a tan mini skirt and brown blouse and brown three inch heels. I undid a couple of buttons on my blouse so my cleavage would show a little then put on my gold anklet on my right ankle and walked across the street to a bar to have a drink before I met Jason at the restaurant.

I called Rob about 6:30 and told him that I was leaving to go to dinner directly from the office and that I thought that I’d be home around 10pm and Rob just told me to have fun and said he’d see me later. After that, I drove the few blocks to the restaurant getting there right at 7:00 and Jason was waiting for me in the waiting area.

When he saw me he smiled and looked me up and down and told me how pretty I looked. I just smiled at him and told him that I was glad that he liked what he saw then I took his hand and the waiter took us to our table.

We had a nice dinner and conversation about some work things and general stuff and then after we finished our dinner and coffees. Jason told me thank you for a wonderful dinner and that he had a really nice time talking with me. I could tell he was still a little shy with me so I just looked at him and told him that I wasn’t ready to go home yet and could we go for a drink? He looked at me and smiled and said sure then we went to the bar area of the restaurant and sat on the bar stools and ordered a drink.

After our drinks came, I turned my stool to face Jason and just smiled at him and said, “I am glad that we could have a drink so that I didn’t have to go home so early, my husband would be surprised if I came home this early tonight.” Then I took Jason’s hand and placed it on my leg just above my knee. Jason looked down at his hand and then up to me and I could see his eyes open wider and I knew then that he got it. He just smiled at me then I said, “My husband doesn’t mind if I go out with other men either.”

Jason smiled at me and said that his apartment wasn’t too far from there if I’d like to go back and have another drink with him there. When a woman wants to get fucked it is so easy sometimes to catch her man!

So we finished our drinks and I followed Jason to his apartment. I parked in the visitor’s space and met him at the door buzzer and then we went inside to the building elevator and up to his floor and to his apartment. For a young single guy I was impressed by his apartment. It was clean, neat and very nicely decorated and I felt very comfortable with him.

I sat down on his sofa while he poured us a glass of wine and when he came back and sat down with me I turned and opened my legs so that he could see up my short mini skirt. We talked a little more while we sipped our wine and I ‘accidently’ let my legs open a little wider and let my skirt ride up some more too while we talked. I noticed Jason’s eyes drifting down a couple of times while we talked and I knew he was looking between my legs under my skirt at my naked pussy. Then I just moved my hand to his thigh and let my hand rest just below his cock and looked into his eyes and leaned over to kiss him tenderly. Jason moved his hand up my leg under my skirt and onto my pussy and he slipped a finger inside my wet hole and kissed me deeply then he took me by my hand and lead me to his bedroom.

I smiled at him and unbuttoned my blouse and let if fall to the floor then I unzipped my skirt and stepped out of it as he sat on the bed looking at my naked body. Then he stood and got undressed as I watched and fingered my wet cunt for him.

Jason opened his night stand and took out a condom package and smiled at me. I just looked at him and opened my legs and said, “you don’t need those, I’m not going to get pregnant..” Then I leaned back and asked him to fuck me..

Jason was on me in a flash fucking me hard and deep and I was really enjoying the feel of his cock inside my pussy then after a few minutes I felt him tense and shoot his cum deep inside my cunt then he collapsed on top of me. I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him and told him how much I love how he fucked me so good as I kept slowly working my hips with his cock still inside me.

I love young guys because they can stay hard for so long and it was just a few minutes before his cock was fully hard again still inside my wet cunt. Then I started talking dirty to him telling him to fuck my cunt again and give me more of his cum. Men really like to have dirty talk, Jason started fucking me hard again and in another ten minutes he gave me another hot load of his cum in my pussy.

We just lay in his bed for a few more minutes as we relaxed and kissed some more. Then I told Jason that I had to get dressed and go home before it got too late. He let me up and I went to his bathroom and got my panties out of my purse and put them on then put on my skirt and blouse and went back into the bedroom and gave Jason a kiss before I left his apartment. Before I left, I told Jason that I wanted to see him again soon, then kissed him again and left.

While I was driving back home I felt so slutty and I was so excited thinking about the surprise I was going to give Rob again tonight when he found Jason’s cum in my panties. But when I pulled into our driveway at about 11pm there was another car in the driveway and I recognized it as my girlfriend Lacey’s car but I knew she was out of town for the weekend visiting her son in North Carolina. Lacey is one of my best girlfriends and she and her husband Ferguson are very close friends of ours.

When I got out of my car and went inside to our kitchen, I could feel Jason’s cum leaking from my pussy down my leg and I was wondering why Lacey’s car was here then I saw a note on the kitchen counter. It said, ‘Ferguson and I are down stairs watching Thursday night football, come down when you get home, Rob’.

I didn’t know football was on TV last Thursday. Anyway I put my purse down on the kitchen counter and walked down the stairs to our home theater/game-room wondering what I was going to do now. My surprise for Rob wouldn’t work with Ferguson here too. After I got downstairs, Rob and Ferguson looked up from the ESPN show they were watching and smiled at me and Ferguson said ‘hi’. I said ‘hi’ back and walked over to Rob and leaned down and gave him a little kiss on his cheek and asked how the game went.

Rob said that it had just finished but that it was good then he looked up and asked me how my dinner was. So I told him it was OK, I was getting a little nervous though because I could feel some more cum leaking onto my leg and I just wanted to go back upstairs and clean up since Ferguson was still there. So I told Rob that I was a little tired and was going to go to bed and kissed him again on his cheek. Then Rob stood up and pulled me close to him and he felt my left breast and pinched my nipple and I immediately realized that I had forgotten to put my bra back on at Jason’s and I left my gold ankle bracelet on too. I realized I was caught..

Rob pushed me back from him a little then asked me in a stern voice, “Annie, what did you really do tonight?” I looked up into my husband’s eyes but didn’t say anything then Rob demanded, “Where did you leave your bra and why do you have that anklet on for a business dinner, you fucking slut!”

I just looked up at Rob, I was startled by his harsh talk and said, “I did go to dinner..”

“And then?” Rob demanded again in a loud stern voice.

I could feel my nipples getting hard and my pussy was beginning to tingle with him talking to me like he was.

I looked down and softly said, “I met a man..”

“Take that fucking blouse off and let me see your tits..” He demanded.

I unbuttoned my blouse and took it off and stood in front of my husband bare from my waist up and he looked at my breasts and touched my hard nipples then told me to go stand in front of Ferguson so I did. Then Rob asked Ferguson to take a close look at my tits to see if he could see any bite marks. So Ferguson leaned forward on the sofa and looked real close at my tits then Rob told him to touch my nipples. When he touched me, I felt my pussy contract again and I knew that Jason’s cum was running down my legs.

“Do you see any bite marks?” He asked in a stern voice.

“No man, they look OK to me,” Ferguson said.

“So you met this guy and then what else did you do, you fucking slut?” Rob demanded.

I was about ready to cum just from his rough talk to me. He had never spoken that way to me before and I was excited and humiliated at the same time standing in front of Ferguson while Rob yelled at me.

“I went with him to his apartment,” I softly said as I stood in front of Ferguson.

“Did you fuck him Annie?” Rob demanded as I stood quietly in front of Ferguson looking down at the floor.

“You fucking slut! Do you have your panties on whore?” Rob demanded to know in a loud voice.

“Yes,” I whispered.

“Take that fucking skirt off whore and let Ferguson look at your panties.” Rob told me.

I unzipped my mini-skirt and let it drop to the floor then I stepped out of it and stood up straight in front of Ferguson. He looked at me and smiled. I knew that he could see cum on my panties and some that was running down my legs too.

“What do you see?” Rob asked Ferguson.

“Oh Man Rob, her panties are soaking wet,” Ferguson told him.

“Feel her cunt and tell me if you think it’s cum or not.” Rob said.

 Ferguson put his hand on my panties as I spread my legs a little for him and slipped a finger or two down to my cunt and rubbed me through my panties. When he did that, I had a little orgasm and my pussy contracted again and I felt some more of Jason’s cum leak out into my panties.

“Mmm, man she is so fucking wet and it feels like cum Rob,” Ferguson said to Rob as he looked into my eyes.

“You fucking slut, get over here and take those fucking panties off right now!” Rob yelled at me.

As I began to reach down to take off my panties, I could see my hands shaking, I was a little afraid of Rob but also I was so excited too and I could feel my pussy pulsing and leaking again.

When I peeled my panties down my legs, I could see a little string of Jason’s cum stick to my panties and pussy lips before I pulled them down farther and stepped out of them and left them on the floor in front of Rob.

Rob sat back down on the sofa then told me to come closer to him so I did. When I got close enough he reached out and pulled me to him and smelled my pussy then looked up at me.

“You’re fucking full of cum whore, how many men did you fuck tonight slut,” he demanded to know.

I looked down at my husband and softly said, “Just him, just one, he fucked me two times.”

Rob looked at me with hard eyes and told me to pick up my panties and give them to him so I did. Rob looked at them carefully then he just threw them at my face and I had to move quickly to catch them. Then he told me, “Lick the fucking cum out of your panties slut!”

I could feel more juices and cum running down my legs as I began to lick Jason’s cum from the crotch of my panties while Rob and Ferguson just watched me. It was so humiliating.

“Lick it all up, whore.” Rob loudly told me.

Then he turned to Ferguson and said, “I think we need to punish my fucking slut wife for going out tonight and fucking some guy without telling me, what you think?”

“If she was Lacey, I sure would have to punish her.” He told Rob with a serious look on his face.

 I was just standing looking at them holding my panties in my hands when Rob said, “I think the whore needs more fucking cock tonight so she won’t go out without my permission to fuck some other guys, what do you think Ferguson?”

Then Rob looked at me and ordered me to get on the bed we have in the game-room and get up on my hands and knees and just wait.

I did as I was told.

Meanwhile, both Rob and Ferguson took off their clothes while I waited on my hands and knees on the bed with my cunt dripping. I was so excited and needed to be fucked!

Rob and Ferguson both got up on the bed with Rob behind me and Ferguson in front, then Rob said, “Ok whore, you are gonna get fucked so hard tonight that you will never ever go out to fuck some other guys without telling me ever again!”

Then he grabbed me by my hair and pulled hard making my head pop back and up and it hurt! Then he just rammed his big cock into my cunt all the way inside in one stroke. I screamed out! Rob began to fuck me hard while he kept pulling my hair and it did hurt and I was getting a little scared, Rob had never done anything like that before!

“Freguson, get up and fuck the sluts face while I fuck her whore cunt!” Rob yelled and then Ferguson stuck his cock in my open mouth and started pumping my face. I was beginning to enjoy the rough sex and started to moan as I could feel my cunt contract around my husband’s big cock. They both fucked me for a few minutes then I felt Rob tense and felt his cum gush into my cunt while he fucked me a little more.

He pulled out and then slapped my ass really hard making me scream again and tears even came to my eyes it hurt so much then he just told Ferguson to get behind me and fuck me hard. I had been with Ferguson many times before and even though my husband has a big cock, Ferguson’s is even bigger and I love him to fuck me. Ferguson got behind me and grabbed some of my hair and pulled but not as hard as Rob did then he began to work his big cock into my wide open wet cunt. Oh God it felt wonderful!

Then Rob pulled up my head by my chin and said, “Ok cunt clean up my cock while Ferguson fucks you like the whore you are!” So I opened my mouth and began to suck Rob’s cock while Ferguson fucked me with slow gentle strokes.

Rob and Ferguson fucked me for several minutes and I really started to enjoy the pleasure they were giving me. Ferguson can reach places inside me that no one else has ever touched and he is so gentle and after a few minutes I began to have a mild continuous orgasm and started to cum on his big cock. It happens almost every time he fucks me! Then Ferguson started fucking me harder and I knew that he was about to give me his cum and he did a few seconds later. Rob was still in my mouth when I just pushed forward onto his stomach after Ferguson came inside my pussy.

After a few seconds, Rob pulled my face up by my hair again and looked into my eyes and asked, “Had enough cock whore?” Then he smiled at me for the first time since right after I got home.

I just looked at my husband and smiled and answered softy, “No..”

Rob looked at me and then said in a loud voice again, “You fucking whore! Did your boyfriend fuck your ass too tonight?” he demanded to know.

“No,” I said.

Then Rob moved up to me, as Ferguson moved out of the way and pulled me over to my back and got between my legs and pushed my knees up to my shoulders. He dipped his cock inside my cum filled cunt and then moved the head of his cock to my little brown hole and pushed.

“Oh fuck!” I screamed as my husband pushed his cock into my tight asshole and started to fuck me hard there.

He was all the way inside me in just a few strokes and then he began to steadily fuck my ass as my orgasm began to build again. I love anal sex and when I get fucked in my asshole I can cum almost all the time. While Rob fucked me there, I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the wonderful sensations for a few minutes.

Then I opened my eyes again to see Ferguson watching us and stroking his big cock. I like to be watched when someone is fucking me so I looked over to Ferguson and asked him, “Do you like watching me getting fucked?”

“Shut the fuck up, whore!” Rob yelled at me then he said, “I will tell you when you can speak!” Then Rob pushed hard and I could feel him cum inside my ass.

He pulled out and asked me again if I wanted more cock so I told him I did then Rob told Ferguson that it was his turn again!

I wanted him in my ass and since he is so big the only way for me to fuck him that way is for me to be on top so I can control how deep he goes. So I asked Ferguson to lay down on his back and I just climbed on top and slowly began to lower myself onto his cock taking him into my dripping brown fuck hole. Mmm, he felt so good inside me! In just a minute he was all the way inside my ass and I was slowly rocking my hips as he fucked me with deep long strokes. Then Rob got in front of me and told me to clean his cock again so I took my husband into my mouth and sucked his cock while Ferguson fucked my ass. Rob kept talking dirty to me while they both fucked me and I loved it! After a few more minutes Ferguson gave me another load of his cum in my ass and finally I was exhausted! I fell onto to Ferguson’s chest and just lay there for a minute catching my breath before I rolled off of him onto the bed.

I must have dozed off for a few minutes because when I opened my eyes again Ferguson was already gone and I was laying on the bed with my legs spread and their cum dripping out of my pussy and asshole. Rob was next to me and he kissed me when I opened my eyes and asked if I liked it. I told him that I loved it and really enjoyed the way I was punished and humiliated then I kissed my husband and fell back to sleep.

The next day, Rob told me that it was still ok with him if I went out without telling him and then brought back a surprise in my panties for him from time to time too.

It is wonderful to have husband who loves to give me surprises and lets me give them to him too!

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