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Annie Receives a Gift - Part 2

I watched as my wife knelt down in front of Jim, kissed his cock and looked up into his eyes.
I watched as my wife climbed up off of my cock as my cum ran down the insides of her thighs and walked over to the three men she had just met at the bar downstairs and knelt down in front of Jim and started sucking his cock as cum dripped out of her cunt onto the carpet. She sucked his cock deep into her throat as she reached out and stroked Paul and Bill at the same time then she pulled back and looked up at Jim and asked, “Do you want to fuck me now?”

Jim just smiled at Annie as he pulled her up to him then she let him go and walked over to the dresser and opened her purse and pulled out a handful of condom packages and turned to Jim and said, “You have to use these.” Then my slutty wife looked at me and smiled and walked back to the bed and lay back with her legs spread wide and looked up at Jim again and simply said, “Fuck me..”

I rolled off the bed to give them room. Jim, Paul, and Bill joined my wife on the bed as Jim was rolling a condom on his cock. But instead of moving between her legs he lowered his mouth to my wife’s cum filled pussy. He looked over at me and said, “She’s so fucking hot,” then he started sucking my wife’s cunt. Annie’s eyes opened wide as he stuck his tongue deep into her pussy and she squealed as he sucked on her aroused clit.

“Ohh fuck, I’m cumming,” Annie moaned as Jim ate her cunt and she fucked his face. After a minute or so, Jim pulled up and moved up to Annie’s pussy and slipped his cock into her wet cunt and started to fuck her hard. He didn’t last long though as he dumped his load inside Annie’s cunt in just a few minutes.

After Jim finished, Annie looked up again and smiled and asked, “Who’s next?” then she lay back and spread her legs wide once again opening her swollen cunt to the guys. Paul rolled a condom on as Annie spread her legs and looked at Paul and said, “I need your cock inside my pussy now!” Paul wasted no time in slipping his thick 7” cock into her dripping wet cunt and started to fuck her hard making wet squishy sounds as he fucked her.

“Ohh fuck meee, fuckkkk meeeeee!” Annie yelled as he pumped her hard. Just as he was beginning to tense, Annie pulled him back and said, “Don’t cum in my pussy.. Give me your cum in my mouth.”

Paul pulled out of Annie’s cunt, pulled the condom off and moved up so that he could slip his cock into my wife’s open mouth. She took him all the way up to his balls as he continued to fuck her mouth. After just a few strokes, Paul groaned and started to cum in Annie’s mouth. He must have pumped his load down her throat for 30 seconds before he pulled out and Annie lifted up opening her mouth to show him his cum then she smiled at him and looked at us as she swallowed. “Mmm, that was good, now I need some more cock!” She said as she lay back and opened her legs again.

Bill moved between her legs and slipped his cock into Annie’s pussy as Jim knelt down on the side of the bed near her face and offered her his cock again. Annie moaned and looked up at Jim as Bill fucked her and said, “Mmmm, let me taste your cock.” Jim moved up and Annie tongued the tip of his cock before she took it into her talented mouth and began to slowly suck him. Jim and Bill started to build a nice rhythm as they both fucked her, one in her mouth and the other in her wet cunt. Annie moaned as they began to move faster. As Bill began to tense, Annie pulled off of Jim’s cock and moaned, “mmmm fuck meee..” Then Annie grabbed Jim’s cock and pulled him back into her eager mouth. She started sucking his cock deep down her throat as Bill began fucking my wife’s cunt really hard..

After a couple of minutes of hard fucking I said to Bill, “She likes it in her ass too.”

Annie heard me and looked up with Jim’s cock still in her mouth and smiled at me. She stopped sucking him and Bill pulled his cock out of her pussy as Annie started to move and turn. Jim and Bill both stopped and let her turn over and get up on her hands and knees then Annie turned to Bill and said, “Mmm, please, just fuck my ass, Mmm I want your cock in my ass.”

Bill dipped his fingers into Annie’s wet cunt and then put one into her tight little brown hole and worked it in up to the knuckle before he stuck a second finger inside her ass and moved them around. Annie pushed back hard against his fingers then pleaded, “Ooohh fuck, give me your cock in my ass, I want you to fuck my ass!”

Annie had a look of pure pleasure on her face as Bill positioned himself behind her and started working his cock into her tight little hole. Annie pushed back and Bill’s cock slipped past her tight ring with a little pop then he started to slowly fuck her. Annie had her eyes closed just concentrating on the wonderful sensations coming from her ass as she reached for and grabbed Jim’s cock and guided him back into her mouth.

Paul meanwhile slipped under her on the bed and started sucking one of her nipples as he stroked his growing cock with his free hand. Annie began to moan and started to push back hard meeting Bill’s thrusts as he pushed deep into her ass. Jim picked up the pace as Annie sucked him and he began to lose it and shoot his cum into my wife’s mouth. Annie opened her eyes and moaned again as Jim fucked her mouth. She couldn’t take all his cum down her throat and some spilled out around his cock and ran down her chin as Bill continued to fuck her ass hard.

Jim pulled his soft cock from Annie’s mouth as she began to yell, “Ooooohhhh fuck…. I’mmmm cummiiiiinnngggg, fuck my ass, fuck it hard….. oooohhhhhh fuckkkkk, Oh God fuck it harder…. I’mmmm cummminnngggggg, fuck meeeee!!” she screamed..

Bill couldn’t take it any longer and pushed hard into her ass and flooded her with his big load. Annie just collapsed on top of Paul who was still underneath her playing with her nipples. Bill’s cock began to soften and slipped out of Annie’s ass along with a lot of cum which ran down into her gaping cunt. His condom had broken! Then they just lay there a minute before Annie looked up at me and smiled saying, “God I love to fuck!”

Annie rolled over off of Paul onto her back and opened her legs for me. As I moved up between her legs and dipped my hard cock into her slit, she looked up at me and said, “Oohhhhh, fuck me with your big cock while they watch us.” I slipped my rock hard almost nine inch cock into her pussy and worked it in all the way after a few strokes. Annie groaned saying, “Ohh God that feels sooo fucking good!” I was fucking her with long deep strokes which Annie was meeting as she worked her hips in perfect, well practiced unison with my thrusts. As we were fucking, Jim, Bill and Paul watched. Paul was working his hard cock with his hand when Annie noticed and reached out and took his cock into her own hand and started to move it up and down his shaft as she continued to fuck me.

Paul was getting pretty worked up as Annie stroked his cock and after a minute he said, “Annie you better stop doing that or else I am going to cum again..”

Annie looked up at me and then over to Paul and smiled and said, “Cum on my tits while Rob fucks me.” Then she started to move her hand really fast on Paul’s cock. After another minute Paul began to moan and press his cock into Annie’s hand then he leaned up and pointed his cock at Annie’s tits and began to shoot his cum on her tits and face. Annie watched in fascination as his cum shot out of his big cock in spurts. As I began to fuck her harder Annie began to scoop Paul’s cum off of her tits with her fingers and stick them into her mouth. I couldn’t stand it any longer and began to dump a huge load inside my slut wife’s cunt as I continued to fuck her a little longer. Then my cock began to soften and slipped out of Annie’s cum soaked pussy.

Annie had a huge smile on her face and pulled me down to her to give me a wet messy kiss. I could taste cum in her mouth as I kissed her then she pulled back and said into my ear, “I love you soo much Rob, I love being your fuck slut wife sooo much.”

I kissed her and asked, “Are you having a good time?”

“Ohh fuck yes..” she moaned.

We all sat on the bed for a few minutes just catching our breath. Annie was sitting up with her back against the headboard and had her legs propped up and spread open. All the guys were sitting in front of her. What a sight she was, she had cum in her hair and on her tits and leaking from her well fucked pussy and asshole. Annie smiled at all of us then asked, “Did I see that you all brought some wine for our little party?”

Jim smiled at her and said, “We sure did, let me get it for us,” then he moved up off the bed and I said I’d help.

When we walked back into the bedroom a few minutes later, I saw Bill’s head between Annie’s legs with his tongue swirling inside her pussy while Paul was sucking one of her nipples as he fondled her breasts. Annie’s eyes were closed and she had a huge smile on her face. As we walked in she opened her eyes, smiled and said, “We started our little party again without you but you can join in too.”

I handed her a glass of wine and then sat down on the bed as Bill moved away from her pussy and sat up to get a glass of wine. Annie’s pussy lips were thick and swollen and I noticed that her cunt was rhythmically contracting in and out as she sat up with her legs spread.

We all stopped for a little while and talked and had a glass of wine before Annie said, “I want to fuck some more, I hope you guys still have some more cum for me or else I’ll have to go back down to the bar and find some more cocks to fuck.” Then she laughed and opened her legs wide for us.

We all laughed and Jim said, “I think we can help out a beautiful slut in need of some more cock.” Then he took her empty glass, put it aside on the night stand and began to kiss her as he fingered her open cunt.

Annie moaned and leaned back and said, “Mmmmm fuck me again.”

We all put our glasses down and moved up onto the bed next to Annie as Jim began to fuck her. Annie looked at me then at Paul and reached out to grab his cock and stroked it as she smiled and licked her lips. “Give me your cock, I want to suck it.”

Paul moved to her face and she reached out and began to lick his cock as she continued to work it in her hand. Bill moved over to her other side and offered his cock to her as well. Annie turned to look at him and smiled saying, “Mmmm two cocks to suck while I am getting fucked, what more can a fucking slut want?” She then took Bill’s cock into her mouth and licked it for a few seconds before she turned and did the same with Paul’s cock. Jim continued to fuck her while she alternatively sucked Bill and Paul’s cocks.

After a minute or two, Jim pulled his cock out from Annie’s cunt and told her that he wanted to fuck her ass. Annie stopped sucking Bill and Paul and got up onto her hands and knees and opened her ass for Jim. He wasted little time in working his cock into her tight asshole and started to fuck her with long strokes. Jim was soon balls deep in my wife’s ass fucking her with deep long strokes when Annie turned to Paul and said to him, “I want you to fuck my pussy, I want two cocks in me, fucking me at the same time, mmmm fuck..”

Jim slowly pulled his cock out of her ass then Annie looked back over her shoulder and told him to lie down on his back. Jim stretched out on the bed on his back as Annie turned away from him and straddled his body before she lowered herself onto his hard cock taking it all the way up her ass in one motion. Then she leaned back with her legs spread to open up her pussy and told Paul to fuck her cunt. Paul began to slowly work his cock into her pussy as Jim slowly fucked her ass from behind. Annie moaned as Paul’s cock worked its way into her tight cunt then she began to move and fuck them both. “Ohhh God, I feel soooo fucking full.. Fuck me, fuck mmmeeeeee!” Annie yelled as she bucked against the cocks in her pussy and ass.

Bill then stood up in front of Annie’s face and offered her his cock. Annie opened her mouth and took his cock and sucked it down her throat as Jim and Paul continued to fuck her in rhythm. Soon Bill, Jim, and Paul were all moving in unison as they fucked each of my wife’s holes.

Annie’s eyes were closed as her orgasm took over her body. When it hit she arched her back and pushed against the cocks in her ass and pussy as hard as she could then Bill started cumming in her mouth. Annie swallowed as much as she could then turned her head as she screamed, “Oooohhh fuck, oooohhh fuckkkk, I’mmm cummmiiinnnngggg!!! Fuck meeeee, fuck meeeeee!! OOOhh God fuck meeeeeee, I’m cummmmiiiiinnnnnnggggggg!!”

Paul started to cum inside her pussy at the same time as Annie continued to thrust hard against their cocks. After a minute, Paul’s cock slipped out of her dripping pussy. Jim continued to slowly fuck her ass as she leaned back and fingered her cunt for a few seconds then she looked over at me and said, “Rob, fuck my cunt, I want you to fuck me now too.”

I moved between Annie’s spread legs and slipped my cock into her hot wet dripping pussy. I could feel Jim’s cock slowly working in her ass as I began to slowly work my dick into her slippery cunt. It was a new sensation for me to feel another man’s cock in my wife’s ass as I fucked her.

We fucked Annie with long deep strokes. The smell of sex was thick in the room and as we fucked her I could hear the squishy sounds of our cocks moving in her cum filled holes. Annie moaned and fucked us back as she pulled her knees up towards her shoulders opening her holes even more for us.

I began to feel her cunt contract around my cock as I fucked her and Jim began to moan as he began to throb inside her ass. Annie picked up the pace and started fucking us harder as she began to moan, “Mmm I’m gonna cum… Mmmm, mmmm fuck me, fuck mmmmeeeee,” Annie groaned, “OOOOhhh fuck! I feel sooo fulllll…. Mmmmm, God I’m cummmiiiinngggggg, Fuckkkk!!”

Just then I felt Annie’s cunt squeeze my cock hard and I am sure Jim felt the same in her ass then he began to shoot his load. I could feel his cock pulse in my wife’s asshole and then I tensed and began to shoot my cum deep inside her pussy. We both continued to fuck her for another minute then I pulled my softening cock out of her cunt and moved away as she rolled over off of Jim’s cock and lay on her back with a smile on her face and her eyes closed. After a few seconds, Annie opened her eyes and looked around at all of us and said, “Ohh God that was soo wonderful, I feel sooo fucked.. It’s the best feeling I have ever had..”

Annie was a mess, cum was all over her tits and in her hair and as she lay with her legs spread open, cum was dripping out from her asshole and cunt forming a puddle on the sheets. Then Annie just closed her eyes and relaxed, we had been fucking her for more than two hours.

After a couple of minutes, Jim got up and poured us all another glass of wine. When he held the cold glass up to Annie’s cheek she opened her eyes and smiled up at him and sat up to take her wine. “Thank you for a great party tonight, it was so wonderful,” Annie said as she took the wine. She was sitting up against the head board on the bed again. With her free hand she was fingering her pussy and spreading some cum leaking from her cunt over her belly.

“Annie you are a beautiful sexy woman and a really great fuck,” Jim said as he watched my wife play with her pussy.

“I’m a fucking slut,” Annie said as she smiled at him then the other guys, “and I love it, I love to fuck and you guys were really great tonight, I feel so well fucked right now.”

Bill and Paul both leaned over to kiss her on the cheek and gently stroked her tits and pinched her nipples. “Mmmm, I think I want to taste your cocks one more time,” Annie softly said.

Bill smiled and leaned towards Annie so she could take his cock in her mouth. As she held her wine glass in one hand she sucked on his cock and played with his balls with her other hand. Bill didn’t last very long but before he came again, Annie asked him to shoot his cum on her face and tits. Bill pulled back and began to shoot his load all over Annie’s face. She held her mouth open and stuck her tongue out to catch as much cum as she could. Just as Bill finished, Paul began to shoot his load on her tits then she grabbed his cock and pulled it into her mouth to catch his last few spurts. After he was finished she opened her mouth and let his cum run down her chin and onto her tits.

“Oh God, I’m a fucking cum slut!” She moaned as she ran her fingers thru cum on her face, tits, and tummy. She then looked at all of us again and smiled and said, “Thank you so much for a wonderful night, I’ll never forget it.”

Jim, Bill, and Paul got up and began to dress as Annie just lay there and finished her wine. They each came over and gave her a wet kiss before they left. Then I walked them out and locked the door and came back to the bedroom. I laid down on the bed on my back then Annie rolled over on top of me facing away and leaned over to take my cock into her mouth again. Then she turned her face to me and said, “I want you to fuck my cunt and stick your finger in my ass hole at the same time one more time tonight.”

Annie moved forward still facing away from me and lifted up and moved her dripping cunt over my cock and slowly began to let it slide into her wet hole as she looked over her shoulder into my eyes with a beautiful smile on her face. “Ohhh fuck, your cock is soo fucking big and it feels sooo good in my cunt. Mmm I love it. I love fucking big cocks. Mmmmm stick your finger in my asshole too and fuck me,” Annie moaned as she rode my cock.

I licked two fingers and then stuck them into her well fucked asshole all the way in one motion. Annie pulled up away for a second as she moaned then pressed back down on my fingers and began to move again on my cock as I worked my fingers in her ass. I could see cum leaking out of her little brown hole as I fucked her cunt with long deep stokes. Annie began to really work hard on my cock as she pumped me hard, “Ohh fuck me… fuck mmmeeeeee…. Fuck my cunt…. Fuck it…. Fuck It!!”

As Annie moaned and fucked me back, I began to feel my balls tighten again for the fourth time that night and then began to add another load into her already well fucked pussy. As I was cumming deep in her cunt, I felt her asshole contract around my fingers and felt her tight cunt muscles rhythmically milk my cock as she came again.

Afterwards, Annie leaned forward giving me a great view of her cunt with my dick still in it and cum leaking around my softening cock. Annie moaned, “It felt so good Rob. Mmm, I love being your fuck slut wife, Ohh God I love fucking you.”

Annie moved off of me and turned around on the bed and snuggled up to my side and kissed my ear as she softly said, “I had three cocks in me at the same time tonight and I felt so full, so fucking full.. It was wonderful Rob. You all fucked me so good tonight.”

We lay in bed together for another few minutes without saying a word just enjoying the feel of each other. Then Annie once again started stroking my soft cock and very softly said, “Rob, I want to do it again too.”

“Do what Annie?” I teased her.

“I want to go out again wearing my ankle bracelet.”

“So you can fuck more guys?” I asked…

“Uh huh, I loved it Rob.. I love fucking and I love being your hot fuck slut wife.”

“Annie, you are a fucking slut you know it.”

“Mmm, yes I know,” She softly moaned as sleep was about to overtake her.

“Annie?” I asked.

“Huh,” she sleepily moaned.

“I want you to do it again too,” I said.

“Mmmm, I will,” my wife softly said as she fell into an exhausted sleep.

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