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Annie's First Swinger's Party

Our first swingers party was wonderful! Annie loves to be watched.
Rob and I went to our first swinger’s party about five years ago and we wanted to share it with you. Since then we have gone to many more but the first one is always special.

My wonderful wife Annie (my name is Rob) is a beautiful Japanese woman with long dark brown hair, dark seductive eyes, and a smile that will melt your heart. We had been happily married for nearly 13 years at the time. Annie was 35 years old (and I was 43) and is a petit 5’- 4” and weighs 110 lbs, she has perfect 34C breasts with dark sensitive nipples that get hard with the slightest touch, sometimes just rubbing against the silk fabric of her blouse will arouse her sexy nipples. Annie is a very sexual woman. She has always been an exhibitionist and loves to dress in short mini skirts and sheer silk blouses with color coordinated silk bras and silk thong panties that show off her attractive fit body. She especially likes to let guys have a peek at her tiny thong panties whenever she can. When she is out she will often sit with her legs opened slightly flashing her panties or bend over so a guy can have a look at her perfect ass under her short mini skirt. Annie keeps her pussy shaved bare so I am sure that the guys who get a peek at her panties can easily see her full pussy lips and clit thru her nearly transparent silk thong panties. Until about a year before our first swinger’s party, Annie had not fucked anyone other than me as she was a virgin before we met and married. But after I finally convinced her to experience another cock and Annie loved it, she has fucked a lot of men! She had several fuck dates, a three-some and an orgy with our friend Lacey, me and three other guys before we went to our first swinger’s party. Annie likes to fuck and get fucked in every hole and is willing to try just about anything. She is a wonderful slutty wife and I am the luckiest man on the earth!

One night, Annie came into our bedroom while I was reading and walked over to me and asked if I could come up stairs with her to her office. She explained that she had just received an email from Steve and Lisa and they would like to have a video chat with us in about 15 minutes. We had met Steve thru Annie’s friend Eric who had fucked her a few times and then we later met his wife Lisa who is very much a hot wife.

I looked up at my wife and smiled. Annie was wearing a short see through white silk camisole and a white silk thong panty that was nearly transparent. Annie’s perfect tits and naked pussy were clearly visible under her camisole and thong. I said sure and got up to follow Annie upstairs to her office. I could tell as I followed her up the stairs that she was aroused as I could see her pussy lips were swollen and there was a nice wet spot on her panties over her pussy.

We had gotten together with Steve and Lisa twice before for dinner and some fun in the last few weeks. They were a nice attractive married couple in their mid thirties who were also swingers. They lived in the Chicago area near us and belonged to a group of other like-minded couples. Steve and Lisa had invited Annie and me to come to one of their monthly parties before but we had been unable to arrange it. Annie and I had talked about it too, at first she was hesitant not sure if she could handle several different men in a short time but as we continued to talk about it, Annie began to warm to the idea and finally said that she would give it a try just one time to see how she liked it.

Annie sat down in the chair in front of her computer and began to open up the video chat program. I stood behind her in my robe and reached over her shoulders and massaged her breasts while I watched the monitor as the camera came on and began to show the images of Annie and me. I lifted Annie’s camisole up over her head and took it off so I could feel her tits and pinch her nipples. Annie moaned a little and leaned back in her chair against my growing cock under my robe as I continued watching the image of us on the monitor and waited for Steve and Lisa. Annie turned her head a little as I shifted over to her side so that Annie could take my cock into her mouth. She began to lick my cock and flicked the tip of my dick with her tongue as I massaged her tits. I watched on the monitor as she took my cock in her mouth and began to suck me gently. I moaned and began to slowly move back and forth as she continued to suck my cock deeper into her talented mouth.

Just then the monitored flickered and came into focus. Annie looked at the screen as she continued to suck my cock as a close up of Lisa’s naked ass filled the monitor. Cum was dripping out of her asshole and running down her slit to her swollen cunt lips as Lisa started saying, “Ooohh suck his beautiful cock Annie! Steve just fucked my ass. Can you see his cum dripping from my asshole down into my cunt? I love the feel of his cum in my ass!” Then Lisa moved her fingers between her legs and stuck a couple of her fingers into her cunt and fingered herself before turning around and looking into the camera at us, “Ooh I love that,” she smiled.

“Steve and I were hoping that you two could join us up in Wisconsin at the Lake Resort this weekend for one of our parties. We’d love it if you could come.” Lisa said with a smile on her shining face.

Steve then moved into the frame next to Lisa and said, “I’d love to fuck your ass too Annie so please come.”

Annie smiled at Steve and said as she fingered her pussy thru her thong, “I’d love for you to fuck my ass too and cum inside me like that.”

Then Annie smiled and looked at me before saying, “Well, it so happens that we don’t have anything planned for this weekend so I think we will be able to come this time!”

I smiled at my wife and then told Steve and Lisa, “We will be there for sure!”

“Great!” both Steve and Lisa said at the same time, then Steve gave me the name of the resort hotel in Wisconsin where the party was planned and said that he would email the address and directions from Chicago.

Lisa then stood up in front of their camera as it zoomed out to show her next to Steve, cum was running down the inside of her legs as she said, “We will see you on Friday then,” and then the monitor flicked off.

Annie shut the camera off and then turned to me smiling as she said, “I can’t wait! It is going to be so much fun!” I picked her up out of her chair and laid her down on the daybed in her office and fucked her ass and cunt till I filled her with my cum before we fell asleep on the daybed.

For next few days, I was so anxious that it was hard for me to concentrate when Rob fucked me at night. All I could think of was fucking Steve and whoever else was at the party and it made me so excited! I spent Friday afternoon getting ready. I had my hair and nails done and went to the salon and got my pussy waxed so that I’d be would be nice and smooth for everybody on Friday night. I felt so sexy when Rob and I got into our car for the 2 hour drive up to the resort hotel, my little pussy was tingling and I was already a little damp between my legs just thinking about the party.

Annie and I got to the hotel about an hour before the party was supposed to start. We checked into our room and then we both took a quick shower before getting dressed. Annie put on a beige micro-mini skirt and a white silk blouse with no bra underneath. Her beautiful breasts and dark nipples were clearly visible. As Annie walked over to our bed and sat down to put on her heels I noticed that she wasn’t wearing any panties. I asked, “Are you expecting something to happen tonight? I don’t see your panties,” and smiled at her.

“Mmmm, yea maybe I just might get fucked some and I’d just lose my panties anyway.” Then she opened her legs to show me her wet cunt and playfully stuck her tongue out at me.

Just then there was a knock at our door. I went to the door and checked the peep-hole before I opened it to let Steve and Lisa into our room. Annie got up from the bed and walked over to Steve and gave him a hug and kiss on the lips as I did the same with Lisa.

Steve said glad you both finally could come to our party and we thought it would be good if we went down to the party together so we can introduce you both. We have already told them that we are bringing a new couple to the party tonight who will hopefully join our group. Steve reached down and caressed Annie’s tits a second and turned to her and said, “And you are going to get a lot of attention tonight, everybody wants to meet you.” Then Steve kissed Annie again and slipped his hand under her mini skirt to finger her already wet pussy.

Annie slumped into his arms and opened her legs to give Steve better access to her wet cunt and cooed, “Oooh good.” But before anything happened, Steve withdrew his fingers from my wife’s cunt and said it was time to go. As Annie put on a light coat to cover up, I ducked into our bathroom just before we left and took a little blue pill just in case then we left to go downstairs.

Annie and I entered a large conference room that had a sign outside the door that said ‘Private Party – Do Not Disturb’. The room had been arranged for the party with several sofa beds and couches scattered around a large heavy conference table that was set up near the front of the room. Steve and Lisa introduced us to the couples that were there. There were twelve other couples besides Annie, Lisa, Steve and I. They were all attractive people and looked to be in their late 20s to late 40s. The girls were all wearing panties, short mini skirts, or tight jeans and most had something on covering their breasts, two girls however were already topless. A very attractive blonde woman wearing a black bra and black bikini panties came up to us and gave us each a glass of red wine in a plastic cup as she said, “Just a little refreshment to relax before the fun starts,” and she smiled at me and then Annie.

Steve and Lisa introduced us to all the couples there and all of the guys told Annie that they couldn’t wait to get to know her a little better. Annie just smiled and said, “I can’t wait either.” I could tell my wife was a little nervous but I also could tell by the sparkle in her eyes that she was excited and ready for some fun too.

Steve introduced us to another couple as Lisa had stopped to talk with someone else. Mark had been in the air-force but now was an air traffic controller, he introduced his wife Elanna and told us he met her in a bar in the Philippines and married her two weeks later. Elanna looked like she was about 18 years old, she is a slender Filipino girl about 5’-1” tall and was wearing a tiny red bra which was nothing more that a couple of thin strips of fabric that tied behind her neck just barely covering her nipples on her small breasts. She also had on a very tight fitting tiny red bikini panty. The outline of Elanna’s naked pussy was easily visible. Like many slender Asian girls, Elanna’s thighs did not come together at the top but left a one inch or so gap which made it easy to see her thick pussy lips and her slit under her tight fitting panties.

Steve was standing next to Annie with his arm over her shoulder, his hand was inside my wife’s blouse playing with a nipple as Mark went on to say to us with a smile on his face, “Don’t worry, Elanna is 28 years old even though she doesn’t look like it”.

Steve then said, “Elanna is an exotic dancer and she always gets our parties started with a little dance for us,” As he said that he reached over to pat Elanna’s pussy thru her panties.

Elanna smiled at Steve and then told us, “I work a couple of nights a week at a strip club. I like it, I like the attention I can get from the men who watch me dance.” Elanna then looked up at Steve again and smiled as she thrust her hips at Steve and opened her legs wide so he could finger her cunt thru her panties.

Mark smiled at his wife as she humped Steve’s fingers and then added, “Not to mention the sex she gets, she is my little fucking whore wife and I love her for it!”

“Mmmmm, well, sometimes I’ll let a guy fuck me if he gives me a good tip, I like to fuck a lot and if I get money for it even better huh Mark?” she asked as she looked and smiled at her husband.

Steve pulled his hand away from Elanna’s cunt then stepped away from us for a second and said in a loud voice that all could hear, “Listen up! We will be getting started in a minute. Same rules as always, no condoms.”

A tall brunette woman yelled from the back of the room, “Yea, we want that cum!” Several people laughed.

“And no fucking your own wife or girlfriend till the last fuck of the night.” Steve continued. Then he turned to Elanna and asked, “Can you get us started Hun?” as he pushed the start button on a little boom box sitting on a table next to the large conference table in the front of the room.

Elanna smiled and then climbed up on the top of the big table and began to sway her hips to the music. She moved easily and turned slowly around as she swayed her hips and wiggled her tight little ass to the music. As she turned again to us she reached behind her neck and untied her tiny bra and undid the clasp in back as the bra fell away exposing her small but perfect tits and large brown nipples. She massaged her breasts as she continued to sway to the music. Elanna spread her legs wide and was running her fingers down her tummy to her panty clad pussy as she moved her hips to the music.

Some of the guys began to chant, “Show us your beautiful pussy Elanna, we want to see your cunt!” Elanna smiled at the guys who were cheering her on and then reached down to start slowly pulling her panties off. Elanna pulled her panty down a little showing the top of her naked pussy as she continued to sway her hips to the music as she smiled at the guys.

“Take it off Elanna, we want to see your beautiful cunt!” the guys yelled. Elanna smiled again and pulled her panties all the way down and stepped out of them as she opened her legs wide and thrust her hips forward to show everybody her wet open cunt. Elanna continued to sway her hips to the music as she started to finger her pussy.

Annie was unbuttoning her blouse and started to take it off I as looked around the room to see the other girls and guys taking off their clothes. Steve had his hand under Annie’s mini skirt and was fingering her pussy under her skirt. My cock was getting hard just watching Elanna dance. Elanna continued to move to the music and turned around to bend over to show us her little asshole and wet cunt as she continued to finger her pussy as she swayed back and forth. She then turned and squatted at the edge of the table to open her cunt wide as she took her fingers out and extended them to me to taste and I took her wet fingers into my mouth to taste her sweet juices. Steve had moved behind Annie now, she had taken off her blouse and was reaching to undo the clasp of her mini skirt. Annie’s eyes were closed and she had a smile on her face as she pushed back against Steve’s fingers in her pussy.

Elanna looked into my eyes and asked, “Will you fuck me?” as she opened her legs and moved to the edge of the table. I undid my trousers and stepped out of my shorts as I moved between Elanna’s legs and slipped my cock into her wet slippery pussy.

I watched as Steve leaned Annie over the table and moved behind her to fuck her from behind. Annie arched her back to offer Steve total access and said to him, “Give me your cock! Fuck me!” All the couples in the room then started fucking and sucking as the party started.

I fucked Elanna hard as she thrust her hips up off of the table, her pussy was really tight and she could really move. Elanna was saying, “Ooohhh fuck my cunt hard, fuck it hard! I want your cum in my pussy. Fuck meeeeee!” she yelled as she continued to buck her hips against my thrusts.

Soon I was cumming in her cunt. Elanna continued to fuck me till my cum began to leak out of her pussy then she started to roll away as another guy had his cock in his hand guiding it into Elanna’s open mouth. I pulled away from between Elanna’s legs as cum ran out of her cunt onto the table.

I looked over to see that my wife had Steve’s cum running down her legs as another guy moved behind her and stuck his hard cock into her wet cunt as he massaged her breasts and pinched her nipples. Annie had a big smile on her face as she looked into my eyes and pushed back on the cock in her pussy.

Just then, Lisa was standing in front of me and gave me a little kiss before dropping to her knees taking my cock into her mouth and sucking me deep into her throat. Within a couple of minutes, my cock was hard again and Lisa led me to one of the couches and got up on her hands and knees and asked me to fuck her ass. I moved behind her and pressed my cock into her cum covered asshole and fucked her hard as another guy got in her face and fed her his cock. I looked over to find Annie and saw her on another couch across the room. She had a cock in her ass fucking her hard as she was sucking another guy. Annie’s eyes were sparkling she clearly was enjoying the party!

For the next hour or so, the action continued hot and heavy as the guys moved from girl to girl fucking and sucking. Then after a while, everyone seemed to need a rest to recharge. I was sitting on a couch with my arm around a cute little red head I had just finished fucking. I could see Annie across the room sitting with her back against a couch with her feet up on the edge. Her legs were spread open and her cunt and asshole were easily visible even from across the room. I could see cum leaking from her cunt down into her asshole. Annie was absolutely beautiful! She had a big smile on her face as she was talking to the guy sitting next to her. I looked around the room and everyone looked happy, the girls all seemed to be smiling and chatting and most had cum running down their legs or leaking from their cunts or assholes. The party was going well!

As I was looking around the room, a short muscular guy with a thick cock walked over to Annie and dropped to his knees and began to eat her cunt and tongue her asshole. I looked over to see Annie smile at him and lift her hips up off the couch as he licked her asshole. I saw my beautiful wife mouth the words “Ooohh fuck me,” and then he moved up between her open legs and slipped his thick cock into her open pussy and began to fuck her as a broad smile spread across Annie’s face. God, I love watching my wonderful wife getting fucked!

While I was watching Annie, an attractive black woman came over to me and sat down on my leg with her wet pussy on my thigh. She looked at me as she moved her wet pussy back and forth on my knee and thigh and said, “Hi Rob, I’m Linda, Gene’s wife and I want you to fuck me now. Will you fuck my pussy?”

I looked up at her and said, “Oohh God Linda, you are beautiful!” as I looked into her dark eyes and down at her neatly trimmed pussy. Her bush was trimmed very close and was shaped into a heart just above her aroused swollen clit. “I like your pretty pussy too,” I said as she leaned back, smiled, and opened her pink cunt for me to see. She then straddled me and lifted her cunt over my hard cock and then lowered herself onto my dick as I began to fuck her. She worked my cock skillfully in her pussy for a few minutes before my balls tensed and I dumped a big load of cum into her cunt. Linda moved off my cock as my creamy cum was running down her dark thighs.

As Linda was moving away, I saw Elanna walk by in front of me leading a tall guy by his big cock over to the vacant couch next to me. As she walked by she smiled at me and winked. Two other guys were following Elanna close behind. Elanna turned and had the tall guy lay back on the couch and as he was lying down with his big cock up in the air, Elanna turned around and straddled him facing away from him and lifted her hips above his cock. She wiggled her ass as she lowered her tiny body onto his cock as it disappeared into her asshole and then lay back on the couch as she began to work her hips on the cock in her ass with her legs spread wide open.

The two guys following Elanna got up on the couch on either side of her face. She smiled at one of the guys as she took his cock in her mouth and then reached for the other guys cock with her hand and began to stroke him. Three of the girls including Annie and Lisa then gathered around watching Elanna as Steve came over and moved between Elanna’s open legs. The girls were saying, “Fuck em Elanna, fuck them.” Elanna opened her eyes and smiled at the other girls as she continued to fuck the cock in her ass and suck and stroke the cocks in her face. She looked at Steve and smiled again, then opened her legs further in an open invitation as Steve moved forward and pushed his cock into her wet cunt and started fucking her. Elanna had a cock in her ass, in her cunt and in her mouth as she stoked another guy with her hand.

The girls were saying in unison, “Fuck them Elanna, fuck them, fuck them!” Lisa had slid her hand onto Annie’s ass and was fingering her ass from behind as they watched Elanna fuck four guys then Annie opened her legs letting Lisa’s finger find her asshole. Elanna continued to fuck the four guys for another minute before the guy she had in her hand began to cum all over her tits. That set off a chain reaction as the guy in Elanna’s mouth began to cum and shoot his load down her throat. As she tried to swallow his cum, the guy fucking her ass thrust up hard and began to shoot his load into her tight asshole. Then Steve began to fuck her harder and then tensed and shot his load deep into her stretched pussy.

Soon, Elanna had cum leaking from her lips, on her tits and leaking from her ass and pussy. She looked up at the guys and said, “Mmmm, I love cum baths”, and smiled as Lisa and Annie began to lick cum off of Elanna’s tits and then moved down between her legs. I could see more cum leaking from Annie’s cunt and run down her thighs as she helped Lisa eat Elanna’s cunt and asshole. My wife looked so hot!

Shortly after we all took another break, rested, and recharged for a while after watching Elanna getting her cum bath. The blonde girl who had served us a cup of wine just after we arrived was resting her head in my lap licking my cock as I fingered her open wet cunt which I had fucked earlier that evening. Annie was sitting with Mark with one of her legs over his lap holding his limp cock in her hand as he fingered her pussy. He said something into her ear and Annie smiled and stroked his cock and said something back to him and kissed him on the lips as he stuck two fingers into her wet cunt. Annie is such a beautiful fucking slut wife!

Just then Steve stood up from near the front of the room and said, “Ok it is ass fucking time on the stage. Annie, since you are our guest of honor tonight, would you like to take the stage?”

Annie looked up and smiled and said, “I would love too!” and then she looked over to me and smiled and winked.

Steve said, “Oh good because I want to be the first to fuck your ass again, any of you girls want to join Annie?” Lisa raised her hand and Steve said, “OK, come up here you beautiful slut,” and winked at his wife. Lisa got up and walked up to the table and climbed up on it and got on her hands and knees as Annie joined her.

“Ok guys line up by the table,” Steve said. I got up and moved to the table as I looked at Steve and said, “I think I’ll fuck your beautiful wife’s ass too.” Lisa smiled at me as Steve climbed on top of the table and got behind Annie as she started wiggling her ass at him and said, “Please Steve give me your big hard cock in my ass, I want to feel your cum inside me again, fuck me in front of everybody!”

Steve moved behind Annie and worked his hard cock into her ass and started to fuck my wife hard. As Steve was fucking Annie’s ass, I climbed onto the table and got behind Lisa’s inviting ass and stoked my cock into her cunt a couple of times before I buried it into her open asshole. Both girls moaned, “Ooohhh fuck meee,” as Steve and I synchronized our rhythm and fucked each other’s wives for a couple of minutes before I began to shoot my cum deep into Lisa’s asshole. Just then Steve began to cum inside Annie’s ass. Another eight guys had lined up around the table as most of the girls were watching Annie and Lisa take it in the ass. As Steve and I pulled our cocks from Annie and Lisa, cum dripped out of their open assholes and down into their cunts. The next guys in line then moved up onto the table to take our places.

Both Annie and Lisa smiled as we watched and then said, “Fuck us, we want your cum!”

Annie and Lisa continued to fuck all the guys who lined up behind them and cum in their ass while the girls around the table cheered Annie and Lisa on to fuck them all and take their cum. After about thirty minutes of non-stop fucking, both Annie and Lisa were beginning to get tired as they could barely stay up on their hands and knees. Cum was gushing out of their gaping assholes and dripping down onto the table forming a large puddle.

After all the guys in line had had their turn, Steve said, ‘Last fuck!’ and got up on the table behind Lisa. I moved behind Annie at the same time and reached around her to caress her breasts as I leaned forward to kiss her on the neck and whispered into her ear, “I love you, you beautiful fucking slut.”

Annie smiled and pushed back against my cock and said, “I really love you too, now fuck your slutty wife in the ass so everybody can watch me getting fucked!”

I fucked her gaping asshole for a few minutes as she pushed back hard against my cock until I finally came again in her ass. As I came in Annie’s ass, all the guys and girls around the table cheered and yelled. Annie smiled at them and she continued to fuck me till my cock softened and fell from her dripping asshole. After my cock slipped out of her ass, she fell forward onto the table and looked up at everyone watching and said, “Ooohhh I feel soooo fucked, sooo well fucked, I love it! Thank you all so much, I love to fuck and I love to be watched!” and smiled at everyone again.

The party began to break up shortly afterwards and I helped Annie find her mini skirt and blouse before I got dressed and put her light coat around her shoulders and together we walked back to our room. Annie was covered with cum. We fell in bed together as Annie was saying, “I feel sooo fucked, sooo well fucked! Ooohhh God, I love to fuck!” Then she kissed me before she fell asleep exhausted.

I woke up about two hours later and just laid in bed with Rob sleeping next to me and I began to cry. Not sad tears but tears of joy. I felt so satisfied and so well fulfilled as a woman and I loved the feeling of the cum that was still leaking from my holes and thought to myself how much I had changed in just a few months time and how I would never go back to the way I was before Rob finally convinced me to start fucking other men. As I lay there, I was thinking about how wonderful it made me feel to be watched by all the people at the party getting fucked by all those men and I knew that I wanted to do it again and again.

The next morning before we left to return home, I saw Steve and told him that Rob and I would love to join their group. That was five years ago now and since then we have a party together almost every month and it just seems to get better and better for Rob and I. I love my life!
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