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Annie's Journey - Ch. 1

Annie begins her journey to becoming a hot wife.

My name is Annie and this is the beginning of my story about how I became a hot wife. When it started I was 34 years old and married for 11 years to my husband Rob… I am Japanese and have long black hair, dark brown eyes, and I weigh 110 lbs and am 5’- 4” tall. My measurements are 34C-29-34, I have been told that I am a very pretty woman and have a very cute smile and an outgoing personality… It makes me a little embarrassed to talk about myself like that, but anyway that is what some people told me…

I met Rob when I went to work at his company in Tokyo after I finished university. I studied interior design and English and I wanted to work for a foreign company so I could use my English skills… We met at the office and later started dating and playing tennis together, I love tennis and still play today… Rob was the sales manager for his company and I worked in the sales department as a receptionist and did general office work… After we had been dating for a few weeks I began to fall in love with my future husband and then one night we became intimate and he took my virginity. I wanted him so bad too! Then after that first time I told him about my past just so that he’d know about me.

When I was in college I worked at a hostess bar like of lot of college girls did back then to earn some extra money. Where I worked, the name was ‘Silk Panty’, we had to wear a hostess uniform that was just a short skirt, white blouse, with white bra and white silk panties and we were not allowed to wear panty hose, I didn’t like to wear panty hose anyway. When we were serving the customers, mostly business men who came into our bar for drinks and snacks after they had had dinner, we were encouraged to let them see our panties and well I began to really like it when I was able to show off my panties. I didn’t try to be too obvious about it but I liked to do it. It made me feel good and I would get wet down there when I did it and I liked that feeling… One night I even let one nice man touch my panties under my skirt and I really liked it when he moved his fingers around on my slit… But nothing else ever happened because I was afraid that I could lose my job… Anyway, I told Rob all about that so that he would know about me. I didn’t want him to be ashamed of me or think bad of me for doing that… And he said he thought that what I did was really sexy and he even got excited about it when I talked about showing my panties….

Anyway after about a year, we got married in Japan… Then two months after we got married, Rob’s company transferred us back to the States to Chicago where we still live today. Those first eleven years were very good for us. Rob has been very successful in business life and we had two beautiful children, a boy and a girl. We have a nice large home in the suburbs with a pool and tennis court in the back yard, and two nice cars. We have been very fortunate. I settled into a comfortable life as a housewife and mother getting involved in school activities with the kids, country club activities, and became a soccer mom shuttling the kids to their various activities.

Our sex life also was very good too during the first nine years of our marriage. We had regular sex in the normal positions two or three times a week at least and we both enjoyed each other. Rob is a very good lover, very tender and loving to me… He can eat my pussy so good!! He spent a long time teaching me how to suck his cock and even though I didn’t know it at the time, Rob’s cock is much bigger than average and after a few weeks I learned how to take his more than 9 inch cock down my throat! He was so proud of me the first time I was able to do that! I let him cum in my mouth too and I found out that I really liked the taste of his cum….

After our kids came along, my clit seemed to become larger and more sensitive and my pussy lips would become especially full when I got aroused. My clit became so sensitive that just a slight touch would cause me to experience a mild orgasm and my pussy will get soaking wet with my juices. In the first several years of our marriage when we would go out for a ‘date’ Rob would encourage me to flirt with other men because he knew that it excited me. He would enjoy it when I would ‘accidentally’ show my panties or a little extra cleavage to a lucky appreciative man. I always got very wet and excited when we did this and our sex afterwards was especially good. I finally began to realize that I was an exhibitionist that liked to show off and my husband got excited by that….

But then things began to change for us after we had been married for about nine years…. I had always been completely faithful to my husband but about that time, I began to have what I thought were bad thoughts about other men and doing stuff with them. I don’t know why it started. Maybe it was because I heard that a woman’s sexual maturity really doesn’t begin until she is in her thirties but it did start and it made me feel so bad and guilty that I would think about other men that way besides Rob. So, to make it stop, I tried not to think about sex or anything that might make me think about sex. It didn’t really work, it only made our lives worse as we almost stopped making love and when we did it was not very good…. I felt so bad and was ashamed of myself because I would still have those bad thoughts about other men and doing stuff with them but I didn’t know how to stop my feelings and I was afraid of what it would do to Rob and our marriage if something happened….

I decided to go back to work to try to get my mind off of that and give me something to do during the days. I got a part-time job with a commercial real estate company that managed properties all over the United States.. My job was to design and then maintain a web site so the company could showcase and advertise its renovation projects to potential clients. The first few months were not good, my job as boring and none of my bosses ever paid any attention to my work or anything. Then the company was sold and things seemed to change almost right away when the new management came in to take over. First they gave me a better job in the business development group that would allow me to meet people and new clients and work with them on new projects. After a while they made my job a full time job and then they began to encourage me to be more open when I met with new clients and let my personality come out to help persuade them to let our company do their new projects…

My new bosses helped me get more confidence in myself and my abilities. Then they started to encourage me to wear more revealing clothes to work…telling me that it might help increase business… Today, that could be sexual harassment but I didn’t mind, if fact I liked the idea. So over a few weeks time, my work wardrobe began to change. I would wear shorter skirts, lower cut blouses to show off my cleavage, and I added a new collection of color coordinated silk panties and bras to wear to the office.

Rob noticed the changes right away and said he really like it and complimented me so much on my new sexier appearance… I began to feel like my old self when we were first married. Our sex life was really improving too, back again to two or three times a week… And I began to start flirting with other men again with his encouragement when Rob and I would go out …More than once I showed off my panties to a guy when we went out and it drove Rob crazy!! I even would initiate sex when we were alone at home which was something that I had never done before. Overall, I was just much happier and so was Rob…. I was still having those ‘bad’ thoughts about doing stuff with other men besides Rob but somehow it didn’t bother me as much….

I really began to enjoy my new job then one day in a meeting with a new client, I dropped something and when I quickly reached to catch it, my dress came up and he saw my panties…it was all an accident! But when he saw my panties he smiled at me and said, “OK, Annie, you have the job. I think your company will be great for our project and besides maybe when we are working together I can see those sexy panties of yours again”…. I thought about slapping his face then but I didn’t.

After a few seconds to think about it, I started to feel a warm feeling down there and said back to him, “Thanks for the job, we appreciate your business and I appreciate it too”…

He quickly stood up and shook my hand as he said that he had better leave now but before he left my office he turned and looked at me and said, “Damn Annie you are beautiful and something else…” I just smiled as he left my office and started to think about what had just happened. I have always liked it when a man would see my panties or look down my blouse to see me there. And well I still did…. I laughed a little then I thought that was too easy! Just a little flash of my panties and we got the job! I also felt a nice warm feeling in my pussy and could feel that my panties were wet…Over the next few weeks, I began to experiment and found out that I could usually win over a new client with a little flash of my panties or a look down my blouse at my tits. It also made me feel good inside.

I finally decided I better tell Rob about what I was doing even though I was afraid he might get mad at me. We have always been completely open and honest with each other so I had to tell him. So I started to think of a plan….

One night not long after that, I walked into our bedroom wearing a new white silk robe and stood just in front of my husband by our bed as he was reading. I looked at him and smiled and then I dropped my robe. I was wearing a new very thin white silk bra and a tiny white silk bikini panty that was nearly transparent and almost too small for me and nothing else… In the mirror on our dresser I could clearly see my dark nipples which were hard thru my new bra and the bulge of my aroused clit and thick pussy lips under my silk panties.

Rob smiled at me and let out a soft whistle then he reached his hand out to finger my slit for a second... My nipples were rock hard and I moaned a little as his fingers touched my clit. Then I stepped back a little and his fingers pulled away from my pussy and asked, “Do you like my new see thru bra and sexy little panties?”

“Mmm yes, and I like what’s under them too….God you are so sexy Annie!!!” Rob moaned to me…

I smiled at Rob as I slid into bed next to him and started to kiss him. We kissed passionately for a minute or so then I pulled back to look at his face and told him, “I have been having a lot of fun at work lately with my new clients, and sometimes I let them see my panties under my skirt when we are discussing new projects… usually I let them think that it was just an accident, but it’s not”…

Then I moved my hand to his growing cock and gave it a squeeze thru his panamas then I smiled at him and said, “I like for them to see my panties and maybe now they can see my pussy too with these thin panties on…..”

Rob just smiled back at me and said, “Oh God Annie, you better be careful or else you will have new clients lined up at your door all the way out to the hallway wanting to get a look at your sexy panties….”

I tenderly kissed Rob’s lips then I moved my hand inside his pajamas to squeeze his hard cock again and said, “And sometimes, with an especially nice client, I’ll flirt with him and give him a big smile when I open my legs and lift my skirt a little so he can see my panties between my legs….”

“Mmm God, Annie I love you,” was all that he could say as I pulled the sheets down and took his big cock out of his pajamas and began to suck it… I wanted to taste my husband’s cum so much but before he came he pulled my head up and said, “Let’s take those sexy panties off so I can eat your pussy then make love to you…” Then he slipped my panties off and moved down to take my swollen pussy lips into his mouth…. God he ate my pussy so good that night… I must have cum a few times before he moved up between my legs and started to make love to me….

As Rob slowly worked his big cock into my wet pussy and started to move, I moaned, “Ohhh Rob it feels soooo good, mmmmm….”

I just laid there enjoying the wonderful feeling as he moved inside my pussy… My eyes were closed when he whispered in my ear, “Annie, I’m glad that you like to show your panties to those men, I get excited just thinking of them looking at your sexy panties and wondering what is underneath….”

When he said that I opened my eyes wide and looked deep into his eyes….. I felt a contraction in my pussy then whispered, “And sometimes I get a wet spot on my panties too and I am sure some of them have seen it,” as I watched his face…

Rob just groaned and said, “Mmm Annie, you are soooo hot, mmmm…. Annie it would be ok with me if you let them touch your panties too….”

When he said that, I couldn’t help it… I bucked my hips hard onto his cock taking it as deep as I could…. I felt my pussy contract again around his cock and I knew I was about to cum.

“OOhhh God Rob,,, ooohh God… mmmmmmm”…I groaned…

And then he began to move a little faster and deeper in my tight cunt and said, “Mmm, and Annie, I wouldn’t mind if you let them stick their fingers in your wet pussy….”

When he said that, I couldn’t help it I practically screamed as I could feel my pussy tighten around his cock again and yelled, “OOOOhhh fuck meeee Rob, just fuck mmmmmmeee,,,, OOOhhh God, fuck meeeeee hard Rob….fuck meee fuck meeeeee, I’mmm cummiiiinnnnggggg, please fuuucccckkkk mmmmeeeeee!!!”, then I felt my husband begin to shoot a huge load of cum deep into my cunt….

We lay in each other’s arms for a minute or two just breathing and not saying a word.. I was embarrassed by the language that I had used… I don’t think that I had ever said the work ‘fuck’ before then...Some of the young guys at the office would say it sometimes and so I guess it was in my mind and it just came out…. Even though I didn’t say it before, I had thought about it though with other men….

After a minute, Rob just laughed a little then asked me, “You really like to fuck don’t you???”

I looked at him and softly said, “Yes I like it, Ohhh Rob, that was one of the best ever, Mmmm, I love you sooo much and I like you to fuck me like that….” I cooed as I stroked his soft cock.

Rob just looked at me then said, “I liked it too Annie, I can’t remember the last time it felt sooo good either, I love you,” he said as he held me in his arms. We just laid there together for another few minutes.

“Annie, about what I said… I mean it,” Rob softly said to me.

I looked into his eyes and gave him a little kiss on his lips and said, “I love you soo much…”

And then my husband leaned up onto his elbow and he looked directly into my eyes and told me, “And Annie, I wouldn’t mind it if you touched them and felt their cocks, I would even be happy if you let one of them fuck you too…”

When he said that my eyes flew wide open and I sat straight up in bed and looked at him and said, “God Rob, I could never do that!! I am your wife and I could never ever do that!” I felt a wave of panic overtake me as I searched his eyes…

Rob continued on saying, “No, really it’s OK with me Annie if another man fucks you, it’s only fair… You have never experienced any other cock besides mine and I really would like you to fuck another man so you could have that experience….”

I had a strange feeling in my stomach and said, “God Rob, I couldn’t do that…. I love you and I don’t want to make love to any other man besides you…”

Rob just said, “Annie, it wouldn’t be love, it would just be fucking, not love, just pure sex pleasure that’s all… I just want you to have that experience…. I love you and always will but I am afraid that someday you will regret not ever having that experience and I’ll blame myself for being so selfish….”

I looked into my husband’s eyes as tears began to roll down my cheeks then told him, “I love you sooo much Rob,” then I took his wonderful cock into my mouth again and sucked him till he came again in my mouth….

We fell asleep after that but before I did, I laid in bed next to my wonderful husband just thinking about what he had said to me. I could feel my pussy juices and his cum leaking from my cunt and also was just thinking about fucking….

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