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Annie's Journey - Ch. 4

Annie finally becomes a hot wife!
For the next several days after last Friday night with Tom and Eric, I was quiet and didn’t feel like having sex which was really unusual. Rob kept asking me if everything was OK and I told him it was, but it wasn’t. I had to have some time to think about what happened Friday night. But finally I had to talk with my husband after I got home from the office one night. I walked into our den and sat down next to him on the sofa and said, “Rob I need to talk with you.” Then I took a deep breath and started.

“I’m scared,” I told my husband as I took his hand in mine. “I’m scared of what happened last Friday, I believe you when you say it is Ok if I’m with another man and I thought that I was going to be OK but I’m still scared.” Tears were welling up in my eyes and I took a tissue and wiped them dry.

Rob just held me and softly said, “Honey, it’s OK what happened, I love you and you love me. Everything is going to be alright.”

“But two men felt my tits and sucked my nipples and saw my pussy, and they put their fingers inside my pussy Rob,” I sobbed.

Rob just held me and said, “I know, I know. It’s OK.”

“But Rob, I liked it. I liked it so much. That’s what I’m afraid of. If I start doing that I don’t know if I could stop it,” I softly said to him as tears ran down my cheeks again.

“Annie, honey, it’s Ok, I was there and it’s OK,” Rob told me as he squeezed my hand again and pulled me over to him and hugged me. “Annie it’s Ok, it’s just sex, fun, pleasure, not love. I know that you love me and you know I love you. And I want you to have that experience.”

I looked deep into my husband’s eyes as my tears continued to flow, “Rob, I like men to look at me.. I’m sorry, but I like other men to look at me and see my panties and even see my pussy.. And I have those thoughts about what I want them to do to me, but, and I get excited thinking about it, I want to fuck them Rob, I want to feel another cock in my pussy fucking me.. And that’s what makes me afraid. I’m afraid of what that might do to us. I don’t want to hurt you, I love you sooo much and I never want to hurt you,” I sobbed as my tears ran down my cheeks.

Rob just held me tight and looked into my eyes and said, “Annie, it’s OK, I love you and always will no matter what happens. You are my wife and that will never change. You are a beautiful, healthy, sexy woman. It’s normal to have fantasies. You are normal Annie. And it’s OK what happened. It’s Ok to have the feelings you have and It’s Ok to get excited when you think about ‘bad’ things you’d like men to do to you.”

I searched my husband’s eyes as he continued, “I have fantasies too, everybody has them.. That’s why I got so excited when Tom and Eric were touching you.. I liked seeing you with them and I would have loved to watch them fuck you Annie.. It made me excited knowing that those guys wanted to fuck my beautiful, sexy wife. It made me excited seeing you act like a slut too.. I love for you to act like a slut sometimes and I want to watch other men fuck you and I want to see your face when some guy cums inside you and you have a huge orgasm.” Then he just held me.

I looked into his eyes and thought for a minute or two then I smiled up at my husband and kissed him and we cuddled for a few minutes before I pulled back and looked into his eyes and asked, “Did it get you excited when I showed my pussy to the cabbie?”

Rob laughed a little then said, “Oh God yes Annie, my cock got so hard seeing him watching you finger fuck your pussy.”

“Rob, I loved doing it with him watching me.. If he would have stopped the cab and got in the back, I would have fucked him, I wanted to fuck him so bad,” I said as I looked deep into Rob’s eyes..

He pulled me tight to him then said, “I would have liked that.” Then we kissed. That night Rob and I made love, not just fuck, we made love and I felt so good about what was happening to me.

During the next few days at the office, I wore my sexist clothes and I showed off to some of my special clients and I even let one nice man who I was flirting with touch my panties and he slipped his finger under the edge and fingered my wet cunt for a few seconds before I make him stop. I was afraid that I’d get too loud in the office and get caught!

When I told Rob about it that night he just said, “God it is nice to have my slutty wife back again!” Then he took me into our bedroom and fucked me really good and after that we started fucking every night again too! He fucked my pussy, my ass and my mouth every night and I loved it all! I felt so good about myself again and loved being my husband’s fuck slut! Everything was getting back to the way it had been then on a Friday two weeks after that Friday with Tom and Eric, I got a call from Tom.

When I got home that night, I walked into the den where Rob was reading and stood in front of him and lifted my short skirt so he could see my little thong panties. My pussy was really wet and my panties had a big wet spot over my cunt. Rob looked up at me and smiled and then fingered my pussy and asked, “Has my beautiful fuck slut wife been bad today?” I smiled down at my husband then straddled his legs and sat down facing him with my shirt up around my waist. He kept his fingers on my pussy too and rubbed my wet cunt thru my panties.

“Mmm no, I haven’t been too bad today,” I moaned while looking into his eyes. “I was really pretty good today, and guess what?” I asked.

“What?” he replied.

“I got a call from Tom this afternoon and he wanted to know if we’d like to meet him and Eric next Friday up at the Lake Michigan resort hotel that they are thinking about buying. It would be a sleep over he said.” I smiled then I continued on to say, “I told him that I’d have to ask you first then I’ll let him know.” My husband just looked up at me and smiled and continued to finger my cunt and told me that he thought that it would be fun. Then I kissed him and told him, “And I won’t be scared either this time.” Later that night, I sent Tom an email letting him know that we’d be there then Rob and I fucked till midnight.

The next morning, Rob had gone to his usual Saturday golf game and I decided to take a nice leisurely bath. After I finished and was getting dressed I looked at myself in the mirror and realized that I needed to trim my bush again. So I got my scissors and started to trim myself but then had a nasty little thought and got back into the bath with my razor and a hand mirror.

Thirty minutes later I was looking at myself in the mirror again and admiring my efforts. I had completely shaved off my bush and around my cunt and asshole and was completely bare! I put on a tiny pair of white silk thong panties and carefully inspected my work, no hairs! And I could easily see my cunt and asshole when I bent over, God I felt so slutty and was anxious for Rob to get home that afternoon!

When Rob came in late that afternoon, I was wearing a new short white micro mini skirt and a beige silk blouse and no bra. Rob just stopped in his tracks when he saw me and whistled at me and said, “Wow, you are looking great! I love that little skirt!” Then I just smiled at my husband and slowly turned around and raised my hands over my head so my short skirt would ride up and he could see my bottom. Then I bent over and shook my butt at him and his eyes were locked on my ass. Can you see your slutty wife’s asshole I asked.. I could tell by the smile on his face that he could! Then I turned around to face him with my hands still over my head and his eyes got real wide and he said, “Wow! God Annie you shaved your pussy! I love it! I can see your cunt lips and everything under your panties! Oh fuck!” And we did!

The rest of that week was great! Rob and I fucked everyday and he kept teasing me about Friday night and what he hoped would happen. I teased him back saying that, “It was going to happen!” And finally Friday came and that afternoon we drove the 50 miles up to the Lake resort hotel where we were to meet Tom and Eric.

We checked into the hotel and went to our suite and I changed and got ready. I put on a new very short tight black micro mini skirt and a low cut white silk blouse and no bra. I wanted Tom and Eric and of course my husband to see me and thinking about that made my tiny little white silk thong panties wet! When I walked into the living room area of the suite I smiled at Rob and told him, “I’m a little nervous right now, but I’m not scared.” He knew what I meant and he walked over to me and gave me a very tender kiss and hugged me and told me to enjoy tonight. I smiled back at him and said I would! Then I put on a light coat and we left to join Tom and Eric at the restaurant.

They had a private dining room reserved for us and when Rob and I walked in and I saw them at the table I smiled at them and slowly took my coat off. Both Tom and Eric stood up and applauded me and Tom said, “Oh God you’re absolutely beautiful Annie, and I really like your blouse!”

I knew he could see my dark nipples poking against my blouse and that made my pussy even wetter! I turned around slowly with my hands over my head so they could see my wet thong panties and my pussy before I went over to Tom and kissed him on the lips and then I did the same with Eric. I felt so hot and excited right then and Rob was smiling at me the whole time!

We had a wonderful dinner. I flirted with the waiters and Tom and Eric and I know that at least two times the waiter saw my hard dark nipples and even my pussy thru my panties. I loved it! I felt so slutty and I could tell Rob was enjoying it too because he just kept smiling at me and encouraging me to show off. I was also very careful not to drink too much too. I just had one glass of wine.

After we finished desert and were having a cup of coffee, Tom leaned over to me and put his hand on my thigh under the table and slide it up to my pussy. I smiled as I opened my legs for him and he slipped a finger under the edge of my panties and fingered my wet cunt then my clit. It didn’t take much for me to have a little orgasm and I bucked my hips up to him and moaned pretty loud. Then I laughed and told the guys that I wanted to go back to our suite to continue our little party before we made a scene in the restaurant. Oh God, I wanted to be fucked!

We walked back to our suite with Tom and Eric on either side of me with their arms around me and Tom even had his hand up under my short skirt and he was cupping my ass as we walked. I kissed him when we got to the elevator and then he fingered my cunt thru my panties again and I had another little orgasm! When we got back to our suite, I excused myself to freshen up and then went to the bedroom and changed into something a little more comfortable.

I took off my blouse and short skirt and my wet panties then put on a very thin white silk gown and looked at myself standing in my 4” heels in the mirror. In the light, the gown was almost transparent and I could easily see my naked pussy and dark nipples thru the thin silk. I smiled to myself as I turned to go into the living room. I could feel my juices running down the inside of my legs too! When I got to the door from the bedroom, I stopped and posed a minute because I knew that the light from the bedroom would make my gown see through and I wanted the guys to see me!

I spread my legs wide and smiled at Tom, Eric, and Rob and then walked on into the room. Rob just smiled at me and Tom and Eric just sat looking at me with their eyes wide open. I walked to the center of the room and stopped and then I unbuttoned my gown and let it slip off onto the floor. I was naked in front of Tom and Eric and I felt so slutty!

I stood in the center of the room for a few seconds with my legs spread wide just smiling at the guys then I asked, “Do you like what you see?”

Tom, Eric, and Rob all smiled and nodded yes.

Then I softly asked them, “Do you all want to fuck me?”

“Oh hell yes!” Tom and Eric said almost at the same time.

Tom stood right up and walked over to me and kissed me and slipped his finger into my dripping pussy. I kissed him back and reached down to feel his hard cock in his pants then Eric got up and kissed me too. I felt his cock too and it felt really big! Then I just slowly turned and walked back into the bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed and lay back spreading my legs wide and asked, “Who’s going to fuck me first?”

Tom and Eric were taking off their clothes and so was Rob, he looked at me and mouthed the words ‘I love you’ to me and that made me feel so good! I was watching Tom and Eric too because I wanted to see their cocks. Tom was the first to pull his pants and boxers off. His was the first cock besides my husband’s that I had ever seen in real life up to then. It was very thick but not as long as Rob’s but I thought it was beautiful! I sat up on the bed and reached out and touched him then I pulled him to me so I could kiss and lick the tip of his cock. I could taste his juice too and I liked it!

By then, Eric had his clothes off too and I looked over to see his big cock. Eric was even longer than my husband’s but not as thick but it was still so big! I reached out to his cock and pulled him over to me too and then kissed the tip of his cock and licked around the head. He tasted good too! My pussy was so wet and I could feel a tingling down there and I wanted to be fucked. I looked up at Tom and laid back on the bed with my legs spread open and said, “Oh please just fuck me now.”

Tom pushed me back on the bed and got between my open legs and started rubbing the head of his hard dick between my swollen pussy lips and clit. It felt so good! I looked over to Rob and he was watching as Tom began to slip his cock into my dripping cunt and I smiled. Then I closed my eyes and just concentrated on the feeling of the first cock besides my husband to ever fuck me. As Tom slowly worked his cock inside me, I opened my eyes and looked up at him and softly said, “Mmmm fuck me, Oh God it feels so good, I love how your cock feels inside me, Mmm fuck meeee!” Then I bucked my hips up to take his cock deeper into my throbbing pussy..

Tom slowly worked his thick cock all the way into my stretched cunt and started to fuck me with long full strokes as I met his thrusts. I was beginning to feel my pussy contract around his thick cock then all of a sudden I came! It happened so fast, I guess because I was thinking about a different man fucking me instead of my husband and I felt so slutty. I screamed out, “OOOh Fuck!! Fuck me hard, fuck my cunt! Fuck it hard!”

Tom just continued to fuck me for a few more minutes.. The feel of his fat cock in my cunt was wonderful! He was thicker than Rob and I loved the full feeling I got in my pussy when he would fuck me deep. After a few minutes Tom began to pick up his pace. “Mmm fuck me Tom, fuck me! Fuck! Cum inside me. Oh God cum inside my fucking cunt!” I yelled as I felt his cock throb and hot cum flooding my pussy.

My eyes were closed as I concentrated on the feeling of his cock in my pussy and then I could feel his cum beginning to leak from my pussy down my crack to my little asshole.. I opened my eyes and looked over to see Rob watching me stroking his cock and I smiled at him and blew him a kiss. Rob smiled back at me and blew me a kiss too.

Then Tom rolled off me and I just laid on the bed for a couple of minutes enjoying the feeling of Tom’s cum in my pussy. I had finally done it. I fucked another man besides my husband and I loved it! Rob was still smiling at me and stroking his big cock when I turned to Eric who was laying on the bed with us and opened my legs wide so he could see my dripping cunt and smiled at him. He didn’t need any other invitation!

Eric moved up to my face so I could suck on his big cock for a minute before he moved down between my legs and started fucking me. I loved the feel of his long cock filling my squishy cunt all the way to the bottom. He was a little longer than my husband and he was able to touch me in places that Rob had never reached and it felt so good to me. Eric fucked me with long deep strokes and I met his thrusts as he fucked in and out of my dripping pussy.

Then he stopped and laid down beside me then pulled me on top of him so I could ride his big cock. I looked down into Eric’s eyes as I lifted up a little and positioned his big cock at my dripping opening and then sunk down to take his cock deeper into me than ever before. I fucked Eric real slow lifting up all the way and then dropping down to take all of his cock back into my tight tunnel. Eric then began to steadily fuck me with long strokes. “Ohh fuck me Eric, fuck me. Mmmmm fuck me,” I groaned as we fucked.

Then Tom moved over in front of me and offered me his cock. As Eric was fucking my cunt, I took Tom’s thick cock into my mouth and licked his beautiful cock and sucked him deep into my throat. We fell into a nice rhythm with Tom fucking my mouth and Eric fucking my cunt from below. I was in heaven, with two different men fucking me at the same time!

After a few more minutes, Eric started fucking me even harder and I felt his cock start to spurt his cum inside my pussy as I had another wonderful orgasm. Then Tom’s cock spurt another load of cum in my mouth. He tasted different than Rob’s but I loved it and swallowed it all as I looked over to my husband to see him watching me. Then Tom, Eric and I just fell over on the bed for a few minutes.

They held me and I loved the feeling as they caressed my body. Then after a couple of minutes, I rolled over and sat up and with my legs spread wide apart and took my hand and fingered my dripping cunt and scooped up some of Eric’s cum from my pussy onto my fingers and then sucked them into my mouth to taste his cum too as I looked at my husband with a smile on my face.

“Rob, Please fuck me too,” I softly asked..

Rob moved over to the bed from his chair and I moved to get up to my hands and knees and then I looked at my husband with a devilish smile on my face and said, “Fuck my ass, I want you to fuck my ass while they watch us.” Rob just smiled at me and moved behind me and dipped his cock into my dripping cunt before he pulled it out and rubbed it over my brown hole. Rob slipped a couple of fingers into my little rosebud and moved them around then he put the tip of his cock against my tight asshole and pushed.

As my husband’s big cock slipped past my tight ring I looked over to see Tom and Eric both stroking their cocks as they watched me getting fucked in my ass and I loved it. I love to be watched! I smiled a slutty smile at them and said, “Watch Rob fuck me, I love to fuck and I love it in my ass.” Then I started fucking Rob as he slid in and out of my tight ass and told him to fuck me hard. I love to be fucked in my ass!

As Rob was fucking me, I looked down between my legs and I could see Tom and Eric’s cum dripping out of my pussy while my husband fucked my ass, Oh God what a nasty fucking slut I was becoming and I loved it! After a few minutes, I felt the beginnings of a huge orgasm deep inside my body then my ass contracted hard on Rob’s cock as he continued to fuck me. “OOOOhhhhh Fuck!! Fuck… I’m cummmminnngggg! Fuck!” I screamed as my body shuddered.

At the same time, I felt Rob’s cock swell and spew a huge load of cum in my ass. I fell forward on the bed as Rob fell onto my back and we just laid there for a minute as we caught our breath. After a little while, Rob’s cock began to soften and slip out of my ass along with a huge load of cum which ran down into my gaping cunt.

Rob then rolled off of me and I turned over and laid on my back with my legs spread wide and I took my fingers and ran them down over my pussy and still open asshole and scooped more cum out and then licked my fingers clean as I looked over to Rob and smiled a wicked smile. Then I looked at Tom and Eric licked my lips and said, “I still want to fuck some more.”

Tom moved back onto the bed and turned me over and pulled me up to my hands and knees and said, “I’m going to fuck that beautiful ass now Annie!” Then he dipped his cock in my cunt for a few seconds before he pushed it into my gaping asshole and started to fuck me hard. Tom was fucking me hard and it didn’t take him long to cum again for the third time!

I was sucking Eric’s cock while Tom was fucking me and when he finished I looked up at Eric and asked him, “Do you want to fuck my ass too?” Then Eric pulled me up to him and kissed me on the lips and hugged me and whispered in my ear, “Annie, I’ve never done anal before, my wife hates the idea of it.”

I pulled back and looked into Eric’s eyes and smiled at him and softly said, “I’ll help you, I love it.” Then Eric got behind me as I got back onto my hands and knees. I reached back between my legs and held his cock and moved it in my slit for a second or two then positioned his big cock against my asshole and said, “Push easy.” Eric then leaned into me gently and I felt his cock head began to open my little brown rosebud and then he slipped into me and stopped.

My ass was full of cum and was loose after Rob and Tom had already fucked it. “Ok, fuck me now,” I told Eric. He then began to slowly move into my ass and as his cock filled me, I pushed back till I felt his big balls against my ass. Then I pulled forward till his cock almost slipped out of my asshole then pressed back again. Then Eric began to fuck me. God did he fuck me! His long cock filled me so deep and then he started to pump me hard.

His big balls were slapping against my ass as he fucked me hard and then I began to feel a deep churning in my body and I had a huge orgasm as my whole body trembled. “OOhhh God fuck me, Fuck meeee!” I yelled. As my ass contracted on Eric’s cock, I felt him add his cum to Tom’s and my husband’s. Then he fell forward onto my back as we lay on the bed and he said to me, “That was the best feeling I ever had Annie, you are fucking great!”

Somehow, knowing that I was the first women he had ever fucked in the ass made me feel so slutty and nasty and I loved it.. I softly told Eric, “You were great too, I want you to fuck me again too.” Then I turned over and kissed him gently on his lips.. But Tom and Eric were both done even though I tried to suck their cocks back to life. After about twenty minutes of tender hugging and cuddling. Tom and Eric got up and got dressed as I watched from the bed. Before they left, they each gave me a deep kiss and tenderly stroked my tits and pussy as I lay with my legs spread open for them.

Rob walked them to the door and when he returned to the bedroom I was still stroking my swollen cunt. I was a mess! I could feel cum still leaking from my pussy and asshole and I felt so slutty and nasty! Rob just smiled at me and lay down beside me on the bed and slipped his fingers into my cum filled cunt and said, “Annie, you were wonderful tonight. I loved watching you fuck Tom and Eric.”

I kissed him and then I told my wonderful husband, “I feel so good now, so well fucked and I loved it Rob, I loved Tom and Eric fucking me and I don’t want to stop. I loved it knowing you were watching me fuck someone else. And Rob, I want to fuck other guys too. I don’t want to stop.” I softly said as he kissed me again.

“I don’t want you to stop Annie, I want you to fuck other men whenever you want, it’s Ok, I loved the look on your face when Tom first came inside you. You looked so happy. All that I ask is for you to tell me if you fuck another guy if I’m not there with you,” Rob told me.

I looked deep into my husband’s eyes for a few seconds and then softly said, “I promise I will tell you,” then I smiled up at him and asked, “Please, just hold me. God I love you so much.”
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