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Another Step Further Down the HotWife Path

Amber travels further down the HotWife path and brings a coworker home.
The next time my husband shared me after our Tahoe first was after my work's Christmas party. During the party he asked me who I thought was handsome. I have no problem pointing out other good looking men, or men that I'd like to fuck.

As it happens there was one guy at the party I was very interested in, Andre. When I pointed him out, my husband immediately chimed in that he thought Andre was a candidate. Andre was in his early twenties, tall, fit, and black.

At first I was a bit concerned about exposing our budding sexual adventure's with someone we knew, let alone someone I worked with daily, but with each cocktail my worry faded to want. My husband has always told me he fantasized about seeing me with a huge black cock. I immediately knew this was my chance to hopefully give him something he wanted to see while at the same time getting something I wanted too, Andre.

My husband was exhilarated as he told me how he was imagining all the times Andre probably secretly checked out me out, thought about me in a bikini, panties, naked. He was even more turned on by the thought that Andre had fantasized about me sucking his cock, riding his cock, and him fucking with reckless abandon.

I was equally turned on by knowing I could see Andre naked and feel his body against mine. I was tingling with excitement that I could have him, fuck him, anything I wanted without any repercussions.

Near the end of the party, after much flirting and sexual innuendo, I straight up asked Andre if he wanted to fuck me. I asked as my husband was sitting right next to me. Andre looked at him a bit shocked. I followed up by telling him it was ok with my husband and asked if he wanted to come to our house.

Andre looked at and asked my husband if I was serious and if it was ok with him. My husband told him that if he was as interested in fucking me as I was in fucking him, then it was ok.

An hour later Andre was in our living room, shirtless, kissing me as he undid my top and exposed my bra. My husband had his phone out filming it. Andre then unzipped my skirt and let it fall off my hips. Andre pulled me close to him as he kissed me, pulling my exposed stomach to his.

Moments later I was sinking to my knees and undoing Andre's pants. I knew my husband loved the visual of seeing me on my knees sucking a strangers cock. I undid Andre's pants and knew that in the seconds to come I was finally going to see what I wanted for so long.

I pulled down his boxers and his growing cock bounced free. It was at least 8 inches long and wide, and it was still getting hard. My husbands later told me my eyes lit up as I saw how big Andre's cock was.

I wasted no time. I took hold of his hardening manhood and felt its size in my hand. My heart began to beat faster. I knew it was soon going to be at full size.

I looked up at Andre as I had his cock in my hand and opened my mouth. I leaned in and took it in my mouth. He moaned immediately as my tongue and lips touched the tip of his hard dick. He was looked down watching me the whole time. He was watching a co-worker of his, a married co-worker, suck his cock in front of her husband. My heart was pounding with excitement and sexual desire.

It was surreal to have his big hard cock in my mouth, enjoying it, and imagining what would come next, all while my husband looked on filming. Andre was quickly fully hard I couldn't wrap my fingers all the way around his cock. I could barely fit it in my mouth with enough room to suck it properly.

I put on a show for my husband while making sure Andre got the best my mouth offered. I stroked Andre's cock as I sucked it, licked it, held his balls, and many other things you might imagine. Andre moaned and mumbled compliments throughout my cocksucking.

The best part of the night began after Andre was satisfied he had watched me suck his cock enough that he would never forget the image or the feeling. Andre guided me up and onto the sofa. He stepped out of his pants and was soon totally naked in front of me in my living room.

Andre's huge 9.5 inch black beast of a cock was rock hard and swayed as it pointed toward me. Andre kneeled down in front of me and reach to my hips and began to pull off my panties. It was as erotic to see the look on Andre's face as he slowly slid my panties off my hips and down my legs, exposing my pussy. It was extra exhilarating knowing my husband was watching and filming.

I lifted my hips for Andre as he slid my panties down so he could get them off easy. My husband later told me he loved that I did that, that I help Andre get my panties off by lifting my hips. He explained it was erotic to see a woman submit and give into a man's desire.

Andre let out an excited moan when he saw my smoothly waxed pussy. I'm not sure if it was because I was totally smooth, or if it was the realization that he was looking at my pussy, at someone he worked with's pussy.

I paused a moment as Andre looked at my naked body. I then looked at my husband briefly as I began to spread my legs for Andre. I wanted my husband to see into my eyes, and the camera to capture, that I was spreading my legs for another man.

I heard my husband moan, "Oh yes."

I looked at Andre and saw his eye were fixated on my pussy as I spread my legs for him, as I spread them so he could fuck me. I love it. I love that I could, that my husband wanted me to. And then Andre took over.

Andre moved in between my spread legs and rubbed the tip of his cock against my smooth pussy. I watched, Andre watched, and my husband watched, and he filmed. Then Andre pushed.

"Ohhhhh!" I moaned loudly as I felt the tip of his huge cock begin to enter my cunt. I tilted my head back and moaned with pleasure as Andre steadily pushed his hard black meat fully into my eager pussy. It was a fantasy come true.

"Oh fuck, Amber," Andre mutter with primal pleasure.

Andre's cock was as deep into me as any cock had ever been. It was awesome. Andre looked from his cock buried in my pussy to my face. He stared for a moment, no doubt etching in his memory forever the image of his bare cock inside me. He smiled and gave a thrust as he looked into my eyes. I smiled.

"I'm fucking you," Andre whispered to me.

I raised my eyebrows approvingly. He then pulled his cock out a bit and then slid it back into me firmly. I couldn't help but let out a moan of pleasure. Andre smiled when he heard my moan, knowing that I was enjoying being fucked by him, but maybe more because I was enjoying it in front of my husband.

Andre pulled out again and thrust in firmly. Again and again he pulled out and each time he thrust his cock into my pussy with authority. My body rocked on the sofa with each thrust. The sofa began to slide on the hardwood floors with each thrust. My body felt electric all over with each thrust of his hard dick into me. I loved it.

I couldn't help but moan with each thrust. His cock was huge and filled me tightly. It was an awesome feeling to be filled to maximum. I didn't want it to stop, and it didn't for some time. Andre took me in several different position. He turned me around and bent me over the of the sofa, he laid me on the kitchen table, bent me over the kitchen table, and had me on all fours on the floor. I'm sure he wanted the image, and the knowledge, that he had fucked me in many different positions before the night ended.

I distinctly remember when I was bent over the kitchen table and Andre was taking my pussy from behind, my husband filming me head on so he could capture the look on my face at the same time he caught the look on Andre's face. It was erotic and electric to be filmed by my husband as I was fucking another man. I remember looking state into the camera and smiling.

We finished with me on the sofa and with him on his knees between my legs. Soon after Andre had me back on the sofa, and was steadily thrusting his black manhood in and out of me, I felt Andre's hands on my hips. He began holding me still as he pulled out and rammed his hard meat into my pussy. Then he began to pull my body, my pussy, to him as he thrust his cock forward.

I couldn't take the pleasure anymore, it was overwhelming. I moaned loudly in sheer pleasure, "O fuck yes Andre!" Then my body erupted in a spectacular orgasm.

My entire body tensed up. I arched back, pressing my head into the sofa's back as I enjoyed what Andre had brought on. My hands clenched he sofa's pillows as an amazing orgasm washed over me. I trembled and moaned in a way I haven't before.

As my orgasm subsided, I could feel the erratic nature of Andre's thrusts. I knew he was close. His fingers tightened on my hips. His moans came faster and in short sharper notes. Then I felt his cock begin to swell inside me.

"Oh, fuck!" I thought. "He's going to cum inside me!" For a moment I was terrified he would, but at the same time thrilled he might. I knew my husband had fantasized about it, but in reality it probably wasn't a good idea. I'd didn't want the experience to be tainted if it ended with my husband being worried, but at the same time I wanted to feel Andre's cock explode inside me.

I wanted to feel Andre cumming in me, to see the look on his face as he shot his cum deep into my cunt. I wanted to look at him in the days to come at work and whisper a reminder to him that he had fucked me, and had cummed inside me.

"Oh fuck Amber," Andre moaned as his cock bottomed out inside me.

He looked down into my eyes and I was sure he was going to explode inside me. But he didn't. He pulled out and grabbed his cock with one hand. He quickly straddled my waist and chest and aimed his hard huge black cock at my face.

"Ohhhhh yes, open up!" he moaned and loosened his clenched fingers from around his cock.

I opened my mouth. His cock erupted.

A huge stream of hot cum shot from Andre's pulsing cock and landed on my lips, tongue, and chin. Andre body tensed and jerked with the pleasure of orgasm. Another huge stream of cum shot from Andre's cock. Most if it went deep into my mouth. Then another stream of Andre's cum landed on my forehead and into my hair. And a last smaller rope of cum landed on my lower lip and tongue.

Andre looked down. His face reveal complete satisfaction. He looked down at my face covered with is cum. My mouth was open and my tongue was out so he could see his cum on it and in it. I also wanted my husband to see that I had let another man cum in my mouth; that I had tasted another man's cum. I swallowed and smiled.

I looked from Andre to my husband. He was smiling also, and filming. I raised my eyebrows to signal him I was happy and excited by what had just happened.

Andre looked to my husband and said, "Fuck man, thank you for letting me do that to your wife."

More from my husband's perspective about that night:

It felt surreal as I watched Andre fully entered my wife, as his huge cock filled my wife like she had never been filled before. It felt like I was in a dream as I watched as he fucked her like I had always imagined he wanted to, like my wife wanted him to. He took it slow at first, enjoying the fact that he had his cock inside her, then he began to thrust and work his cock back and forth, in and out, of my wife's pussy with authority. My wife moved also; she raised and rocked her hips to his thrusts. It was totally erotic. It was raw sexual passion and lust.

I watched as he took my wife in many different positions: from bent over the sofa, to being on all fours on the floor, to laying back on the kitchen table and bent over it with her chest pressed to it.

My wife cam first. It was erotic not only to see, but to hear. I watched her body tense and tremble with a much anticipated orgasm as I listened to her moans of total satisfaction.

Andre finished shortly after she had. He had my wife on the edge of the sofa when it became time. He didn't warn her he was about to cum and for a moment I thought he was going to cum insider her, but he pulled out just in time. He quickly straddled her on the sofa and then erupted and shot what seemed like a half dozen long full streams of hot cum all over my wife's face and into her open and wanting mouth. I watched in utter exhilaration as stream after stream of his cum shot from his huge cock into her mouth and all over her face as she looked up at him. She finished by swallowing the cum that was in her mouth and sucking and licking his spent cock as it softened.

I can't want until the next time.


I want to thank the readers for the remarks about our encounters. It's nice to know there are others who think like we do. It's encouraged me to pursue my husband's other sharing desires.

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