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Appliance Repairman

My wife called an applicance repairman and tells the story
I am 25 year old married woman standing 5 foot 7 inches with a 34C chest 25 inch waist and 34 inch butt. My husband is older than I am, have been together for about 8 years and have an open marriage. We are not swingers, but very adventurous, ever since my husband convinced me of how really attractive and sensual I am.

One afternoon I was visiting one of our neighbors from the gated community where we live when a service technician showed up. He was about 6 foot tall with broad shoulders and handsome, chiseled features. My girlfriend explained that he was from the company enlisted by the homebuilder to do the maintenance and repair of all of the installed electrical appliances in the house.

"Haven't you ever called them?" she asked surprised.

"No. Nothing has broken or been in need of repair," I replied.

"So? Look at him. I'll have him tinker with the fridge or something until you leave and then I have him really go to work."

"On what?" Even as the words came out of my mouth the look on her face revealed her intentions.

She just replied with a wicked smile before taking another sip of the coffee we had were enjoying.

"Well, on that note, I guess I need to be gracious and just get the hell out of here so you can have your fun," I stated with a hint of jealousy. I got up to leave and Renee walked me to the door.

"Seriously. You ought to call one day when you'll be home alone. Believe me, it's worth it."

I told her I would think about it as I headed out the front door.

"Let me know when you do. We'll share our stories about the appliance repair man and his tools."

I walked back to the house smiling, thinking of how silly she was. Renee had a stable, conservative husband who might not be as understanding as my own husband. But calling a repair man to have an affair with? It's a lot like the 'Pool boy' stories that every one of our married friends has to tell.

I didn't think about it for a while until two things happened at the house. The dishwasher started to make a funny noise and my husband Jeff told me he would be going to be out of town for a couple of days during the coming week.

I asked him if he knew about the appliance warranty and if he knew who I had to call to look at the dishwasher.

"I can fix it. It sounds like something might be caught under there, " stating his usual reply of 'I can fix it'.

"Yes, but you will be going out of town. And besides, we pay for the service. Renee mentioned that they have had to call a couple of times and the service is good." I knew I was making it easy for him to give in, but thought I would sweeten the deal . "And I have something better for you to be tinkering with before you go out of town."

I leaned in and gave him a long passionate kiss pressing my body against his. I could feel his resistance fading and his interest in me growing. I broke to embrace and led him to our bedroom where I continued to take his mind off the problem dishwasher.

Sunday night I took my husband to the airport and began planning my appliance repairman adventure for the following morning.

The next morning I was up with the sunrise and took a long bubble bath. I didn't need to shave any area since I have undergone laser treatment to remove all of the normal shaved areas as well as my pussy. I sat in the bubble bath thinking about the handsome repairman that would soon be fucking me. I couldn't resist and began to massage my body. I started with my breast which I gave a soft caress until I began to pull on my nipple rings. I remembered I wanted to attach my chain to the two nipple rings in my pierced nipples. It felt so good pulling on my sensitive nipples, all the more exciting as I pictured the look on the soon to arrive repairman's face.

My hand disappeared beneath the bubbles as I stroked my flat stomach, lingering briefly at my navel, before finding my womanhood. I stroked the outer areas, lingering on the barbell that pierced my clit, before slipping one finger and then two inside myself. I was so excited that it only took a few quick thrusts before the wave of satisfaction washed over me.

I sat in the tub for a few minutes before stepping out and examining myself in the mirror. There are no tan lines around my breasts and only the smallest of small tan lines around my ass and pussy. I knew that my repairman would definitely approve. After patting myself dry with an oversized soft cotton towel I slipped into a sleeveless tee shirt. I spent some time applying my makeup and attaching the gold chain to the nipple rings. There is a slight loop in the chain between my tits with the chain that I chose to wear.

Perfect. Now to wait for the expected guest.

Shortly after eight o'clock the door bell chimed throughout the house. I waited for the second ring before opening the door. As I opened the door I did an exaggerated yawn, stretching enough to raise the bottom hem of the shirt to show bare skin underneath.

I opened my eyes as I finished the long slow yawn expecting the handsome hunk from Renee's house. Instead, there stood a long, lanky, skinny as a rail man of about forty five. He had a week old scraggly beard that varied in color from reddish brown to gray. His eyes had clearly been focusing on my vaginal area, but quickly met my opened eyes.

"Oh!" I said before thinking, "I was expecting a repairman from the appliance company.

"That's me," he replied with a twinkle in his eyes which were now roving all over my body.

Unconsciously I tugged at the bottom of the tee, attempting to cover up what I had so freely displayed only moments ago. Then I crossed my arms across my breasts, trying to hide my pointy nipples.

"The kitchen is over here," I stated as I turned and pointed towards the kitchen and dining room area. "The dishwasher is under the cabinet next to the fridge." The appearance of this country bumpkin had thrown me off completely. The warm glow of the self satisfaction from the bath and the burning heat in my pussy began to fade very quickly.

Quickly, I led the repairmen to the kitchen, explaining the noise the dishwasher made and the less then desirable cleaning results it provided, before excusing myself. As I started to leave I noticed that the bumpkin of a repairman had the longest fingers I have ever seen on a man.

As I headed to the bedroom to get dressed rather than parade around half naked in front of a less than desired interloper I laughed to myself thinking about the old adage 'long fingers, long dong'. Yeah, right. He probably had a tiny little skinny cock that only pleased himself.

"Ma'am?" The call came from the kitchen intruder.


"Do you have a flashlight? My batteries have died and I can't see where to disconnect the water line and electric."

'Great, just great' I thought to myself. He was living down to all of my expectations. I headed back to the kitchen to rescue the bumbling fool. It wasn't until I saw him laying down near the dishwasher that I realized the flashlight and other emergency supplies were in the cabinet directly above the dishwasher.

'Oh, well. Maybe I could have some fun teasing the poor man laying on my floor,' I thought to myself. The plan was coming together in my head as I approached the kitchen area.

"Stay there," I ordered as I stepped up to the counter top. I had approached for the man's right side and swung my left foot over him. I was straddling him and I knew that he had a clear view of the reward that would never be his to fuck. I figured I would give him a glimpse of paradise before trashing his hopes and dreams.

I opened the top cabinet and looked for the flashlight that is kept there for just such a situation. I knew I could grab it and hand it to him before making a hasty retreat to my bedroom. But much to my surprise, the spot where the flashlight has set for years was empty. I began moving the other emergency supplies around in an attempt to find the flashlight. I glanced down to see the smirk on the repairman's face as he stared at my moistening lips. I love to show off my assets and it makes me hot and horny to know that someone is enjoying the view. Even with this lanky loser, subconsciously I knew he was looking and getting the full enjoyment.

I turned my attention back to the cabinet and began franticly looking for the misplaced light, when I felt the back of his hand on my left calf. I froze as I tried to sort out what I would do to free myself from the situation, when I remembered his long fingers. A shudder shook my body as I thought about him sliding those fingers into my pussy.

Since I hadn't resisted, the repairman, whose name I could see on his nametag was Ned, had turned his hand and was now sliding it slowly up my left leg. Another shudder shook my body as goose bumps covered my body. Slowly, ever so slowly he massaged my thigh as his hand worked its way up towards my exposed womanhood. I had lowered my hands to the countertop to steady myself as my thoughts raced to decide whether or not to continue with this encounter.

After what seemed like an extremely long time, his fingers found their way to the outside of my pussy. His long fingers slowly stroked the area around my pussy paying attention to the piercing by giving it a light tug and twist before slipping inside my now dripping pussy.

A moan escaped my throat as his fingers climbed deeper and deeper inside me. It seemed like he was touching my very soul of womanly desire as they twisted inside me. Now I was leaning into the counter for support to keep from falling.

I felt his hand grip my right thigh as he pulled himself into a sitting position in front of the malfunctioning appliance. His fingers continued to contort, bend and twist inside me bringing me to the brink of orgasm. Just as I was about to be washed over by a wave of satisfaction his fingers slid out of my now burning honey hole. A sigh escaped me as I thought he was chickening out of our encounter.

But then, he opened my pussy with his mouth slipping his tongue inside to taste the sweet nectar lining my insides. His tongue slipped and slid around my pussy once again bringing me to the brink of orgasm. His ratty beard was burning a rash on the inside of my thighs. Just then he gently bit down on my protruding lips holding the barbell between his teeth and an intense orgasm racked my body. I shook so hard that my knees gave out and I collapsed in a heap on top of Ned.

Ned held me gently, stroking my body, finally being able to caress and knead my heaving breasts. I smiled as his lips sought out mine and we lingered in warm, deep, passionate kisses as he continued to stroke my body. He slipped his arms around me in a tender embrace that allowed me to rest my head on his shoulder. I was sitting cross legged in his lap as I rested my head and thoughts of sleep began to creep into my head.

I was still enjoying the warm feeling that filled me from our escapade as Ned began to stand up while holding me tight against his body. As he stood I wrapped my arms and legs around him for support. I imagined him carrying me to my bedroom and gently laying me down before pulling the covers up to cover my body so I could fall asleep.

Instead, he carried me to the dining room where he hefted me up onto the café dining room table and setting me down. As my ass hit the table he quickly grabbed the bottom of the tee shirt and pulled it over my head and throwing it back towards the kitchen. He grabbed my tits and began to squeeze and twist them until he began to pay attention to the chain strung between them. With one hand he tugged on the chain, drawing a yelp of protest from me as pain shot through my body. He turned his attention back to my nipples as he began to again twist and pinch my erect nipples by manhandling the nipple rings. He lowered his head between my breasts, reaching around my back with his left hand for support while his right hand worked to undo his belt and zipper. His pants hit the floor with a thud as he grabbed the waistband of his boxers to free his cock.

I was still a little lightheaded as he resumed his caress of my body. He pushed me back onto the table and then grabbed his cock with his right hand as he opened me with his left hand. I raised my head expecting to see a long skinny cock, but was shocked to see a long thick cock. It looked like one of the novelty toy cocks you find at the local porno shop, except that the blood pulsing to fill the cock was readily apparent. I knew I couldn't handle the entire cock and was about to voice a protest when he placed the head of the monster against my expecting pussy and pushed it into me.

Pain and pleasure filled my body as his cock more than filled my awaiting pussy. I was stretched beyond anything I had ever experienced. He let the initial shock settle in before he began to gently push and retreat the massive intruder filling me. He pulled my legs up to lay against his body and ran his hands up and down my smooth, athletic legs. His rhythm soon settled in to a smooth, very enjoyable pace. I lay on the cool tabletop as he caressed my legs enjoying more and more the pleasant surprises he was pulling off with me. One hand slipped from the sensual stroking and touching of my legs and feet to resume the pinching and squeezing of my tits. The tenderness of the caress of my legs, the torturous abuse of my tits and the smooth continued stroking of his cock in my pussy started to build the intensity towards another orgasm for me. Both of his hands were now working on my pussy and the surrounding area. As his long fingers explored in and around my opening, my body started to shake from another wave of pleasure. My hands repeated slapped the table as my back arched and my ass worked its way towards a wood burn as I came violently from the sensation of pleasure and pain being inflicted upon my already used and abused body.

As wave after wave of happiness washed over me I opened my eyes to see a mischievous, almost sinister smirk on Ned's face. He was standing motionless with his cock buried deep, I mean deep, inside me. He bent down and kissed me, running the back of his hand over my taunt, sweat covered stomach.

I could feel the small beads of perspiration forming and running off of my body or making a stream towards my navel. His lips found my mouth and I wanted to fill his mouth with my tongue as he had filled my pussy with his huge manhood. While our tongues played hockey his hands continued to explore my body. He ran his fingers through my hair as if offering a dry shampoo, and continued down my body. Now he tenderly rubbed and caressed my tits that only moments before had abused them.

His hands continued down and he rubbed my ass and ran his hands up and down my legs. He grabbed my left foot and worked my freshly painted toes into his mouth. He was sucking on my big toe as I again realized that his cock was still inside me and still rock hard. My mind was fuzzy and still being manipulated by his touching, his fondling of my body. I was trying to focus on his actions when he again began to pull on my nipple chain causing pain in my chest. The pain increased until I responded by sitting up on the table.

As I became fully erect he whispered in my ear, "Hold on."

He wrapped his arms around me and began to lift me off of the table. My mind could not wrap around what was happening until my ass cleared the table and I realized I was now impaled on his cock. My feet could not reach the ground. Quickly I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his hips as my pussy lips were being ground against the base of his massive cock by gravity. His cock now definitely filled my pussy and stretched it beyond its limit. His hands crushed my ass as he lifted me up and down on his massive tool. The sensation was again both painful and pleasurable. He seemed like he was lifting me almost to the point that his cock could slip out of its hiding hole before being dropped back onto its base.

As I settled in to the new situation Ned began to bounce me up and down faster and faster on his cock. I put my hands on his shoulders to lift myself even higher on his cock, enjoying the feeling of its enlarged head spreading and stretching my opening. I dug my fingernails into his skin as I grabbed his ear with my teeth, biting down gently causing him to jerk quickly in response.

He became a madman, now lifting me to the point that I was almost coming completely off of his cock, and then plunging down with his tool spreading me open. Suddenly he released his hold on me and grabbed the edge of the table for support. Now, only my arms and legs held me onto his massive cock. I began to gyrate like a wild monkey sliding up and down on my pleasure pole. Inside of me, I could feel his manhood began to quake and felt him emptying his load inside me. This feeling pushed me over the edge again and I came so hard that we both collapsed onto the table. We lay there panting , sweat pouring from our bodies from a few minutes.

Finally Ned pulled himself upright, his softening cock still inside me. He wrapped his thumb and index finger around the base of his cock as he slowly began pulling it out of me. He lingered with the head of his cock at the entrance to my throbbing pussy lips, but finally pulled free of me. A small bubble of cum dotted the tip of his cock which he wiped onto the back of my leg. He then wiped his other hand on my other leg, smearing his spent load all over my thighs.

He let my legs drop as he pulled up his boxers and got dressed. I still lay on the table, unmoving from the extreme exercise. I could feel his cum seeping out of me, running along the crack of my ass and dripping onto the table. I propped myself up on my elbows and looking at the long, lanky Jed Clampett look alike that had just ravished me.

He looked me up and down and simply said, " You should really get a ring for your pussy and a chain to run between your tits and your pussy."

"I have two rings that matches my nipple rings. One for my snatch and one for my navel. And I have a chain that reaches my tits and my pussy," I responded in a rather self serving manner.

"Next time wear them."

"What makes you think there will be a next time." Now I was getting indignant with my responses.

He stepped closer to the table and made little rings around my pussy with his finger. "You know there will be a next time. And probably sooner than later."

I trembled at his touch. My lips were sore and swollen, but his touch was soft and tender. I jumped when he slid his middle finger inside of me, and quickly withdrew it.

"Next time," was all he said as he walked into the kitchen and resumed his work on the malfunctioning dishwasher.

I lay back on the table and probably drifted off with a quick cat nap, before rolling onto my side and hopping down from the table. I staggered back to my bedroom into the bathroom making my way to the walk-in shower. There is only a half wall around one and a half sides of the shower stall. There is a short row of blocks that keeps the water from leaking out of the shower, but otherwise the shower os open to full view from the remainder of the bathroom and just outside the door leading to the master bedroom. The hot water covered and soothed my body as I slowly launched myself into lathering up my body. I had completely bathed and shampooed my hair, allowing the foam to slip down my body. As I finished rinsing my hair I opened my eyes and jumped in surprise. Ned was standing there watching me bathe. He handed me a towel from the rack with a smirk.

"Just wanted to let you know the dishwasher is working fine. No more noises, and the water is cycling normally." He was very professional in his delivery, but his eyes continued to rove all over my naked body.

When he finished his little speech to satisfy the customer he resumed," If you want me to come soon tell the dispatcher that your refrigerator isn't getting cold and that the stuff in the freezer is starting to melt. I'll be here the same day you call. Otherwise, just say one of your other appliances is making a strange noise. A rattle, a squeak or a knocking noise. I'll be here in a day or two, if there isn't some major emergency."

"You're pretty sure of yourself, aren't you?"

"Your friend Renee likes her man, but she's never had what you just got. I'll stick with serving you."

"We'll see," I responded vaguely but knew that one of my appliances would soon be on the fritz.

He turned and left me alone with my thoughts in the shower as I patted myself dry. I made my way to the walk in closet where I began to dress. That's when I realized the security cameras were still turned on and taping every room in the house. I looked through the recorders until I found the disks from the kitchen and dining room.

"Hello, Renee? Are you busy? Why don't you come over and I tell you about my appliance repairman. Better yet, I'll show you what happened!"

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