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As easy as 1 2 3 the conclusion

My first extra martial blowjob. It didn't stop there, and I enjoyed it

I had just given Bob my first non martial blowjob, while my husband fucked me aggressively doggy style.  It was great. It was crazy the way I felt giving Bob a blow job while his friends looked on with envious eyes. They were all good looking college aged males that I wanted to get to know a little better.

Knowing that they watched as I sucked Bobs cock made me more excited. Knowing that their cocks wanted the same treatment was making me even crazier. Which one would it be I wondered to myself as I gazed over their erections?

The four of them fondling their protruding bulges stood around me while Bob ranted about the quality of  the oral skills I possessed. Their eyes seemed captivated on my swaying exposed breasts and ass. I was far more interested in having their cocks in my mouth, sucking them off one by one.

I felt a stinging slap across my bare ass, delivered by my husband as he taunted my cum filled pussy with his fingers. He pushed them in and out deeply before placing his cum coated fingers to my mouth. Loving the taste of cum, I eagerly began sucking from each of his fingers as I treated them as mini cocks.

"Mmm" I moaned while slurping the creamy texture from his fingers and wanting to suck more cock. Yes I wanted to suck their cocks I thought to myself, but what was his plan?

"Mmm" I moaned, savoring the cum flavor in my mouth in attempts to provoke someone to putting their cock into my mouth.

"Bob, did my wife give you a good blowjob or what" my husband asked with his fingers going in and out of my saturated pussy.

Smiling a satisfied smile, Bob said "she sucked my cock like no other woman has done before. Then she swallowed every drop of my cum before polishing the knob clean" he added.

I loved hearing another man talk tell my husband about how well I had sucked his cock. It made me hot for more.

"I would like my wife to give each of you a blowjob," my husband taunted, knowing good and well that they would take him up on his offer. I was buzzing with electricity when I heard the offer as I loved giving head, and my man knew it.

"Oh yes Baby, I will suck each of them for you, if that is what you want me to do".

I was glad he wanted me to suck off their cocks, because he knows I love sucking cock. I am enjoying this new concept of sucking cock while my man watches me. I wanted to know which cock I was going to suck next, it didn't matter aslong as I sucked cock.

 One by one, they each moved closer to where I was at, still on my hands and knees. There were four of them I thought to myself and my man wants be to give head to each of them. I was ready for the challenge and after all I was only sucking cock I thought.

Raising onto my knees, I placed my hands on the two cocks on my left and squeezed. I could feel the throbbing through their shorts as I slowly lowered them down to the ground. Grasping a hard cock in each hand, I pulled them closer to me until their cocks were side by side at my face. Their cocks were hard and felt good as I rubbed them along my face. I kissed the underside of each thick veined shaft, nibbling my head towards the plum shaped helmets waiting for me.

"Thats right, stroke them cocks girl" my man advised as I jacked off one in each hand.

Pulling the foreskin over the their knobs, it was easy to see how excited they were. Pre cum leaked from their tiny slits as I stroked the foreskin up and down. My own pussy was raging as my tongue pressed into the tiny slit for a sample of what was to come.

"Yes baby, I'm stroking them. Nice and hard is how I want them in my mouth" I replied sassily

"Mmm" I moaned after tasting their offerings as I held both throbbing cocks side by side while they looked down at me. My tongue strolled down one shaft, then up on the other one, before swirling the ridge line of each knob. My salvia covered each knob as I took it into my mouth and released it immediately. They glistened in the sunlight as I began taking each one back into my mouth and pumping up and down on their rigid shafts.

"You guys like that" my husband asked as I was deep throating each of their cocks

"Oh hell yes" one responded as he felt my lips pressing against the base of his shaft. "She really knows how to suck cock" he added quickly

"Are you having a good time baby" my man asked, knowing good and well I was

With a mouth full of young meaty sausage, I moaned "mmmhmm" when I felt the first cock throbbing like crazy in my mouth.

"Oh shit" he exclaimed while pumping a massive load of creamy jism into my wanting mouth.

"Thats right, fill her mouth up, she loves the taste of cum" my man laughed as I slurped his cum into my mouth.

"Mmm" I moaned while taking his cock into my throat in attempts of sucking every drop of his now semi hard cock. He withdrew his cock from my cum filled mouth, allowing me to swallow before taking the second one back into my mouth. Opening my mouth wider, I took the thicker cock into my mouth and sucked like a Hoover while descending down the shaft. His cock was coated in a mixture of cum and salvia when he withdrew it and began jacking it off.

"Oh yeah, blast that cum all over her face and watch what she does" my man instructed

He released several thick streams into the air, landing all over my face as the next two had their shorts off and ready. His cum rolled down my face, into my mouth and even dripped from my chin onto my breasts.

After he was done discharging his load, my tongue nastily reached for every precious drop it could retrieve.

"Mmm" I moaned after depositing as much of his creamy cum as I could into my hungry mouth.

The next two stepped up to my face, delivering much bigger and thicker cocks as the first two. Oh yes I thought as I reached up to grasp then in my hands.

In now time, I had their cocks devoured into my throat. Alternating sucking and biting as I took each of their cocks to the limit while they forced them as far as they could.

"Thats right baby, deep throat their cocks" he advised as I was pushing down to the base.

My husband was playing in my pussy again as I could see he had the others kneeling right behind me. He was fingering me hard, spreading my inner pink fully as they looked on. Two fingers, then three, then four thick fingers buried to the upper knuckles and I loved it.

"Mmm" as he continued to press his hand inward, stretching my vaginal walls apart. "Mmmm" as I deep throated a cock and held it their, pumping my lips against the hairy base. In seconds, he sent a load of cum that gagged me.

"Swallow it baby, don't let any hit the ground" he instructed as he pressed his fist to my stretched opening.

"MmHmm" I panted, attempting to swallow and catch my breath at the same time as he squirted another blast of cum into my throat. Pulling my mouth to the top so I could get some air, I lapped every drop of his cum into my mouth.

"Ahhh" as his fist penetrated the opening and the final cock was too far gone. He jacked off his cock with a couple of fast pounds and sent cum flying all over my face and chest as my husband withdrew his fist and walked to the front. He was stroking his cock in my face, it was hard and throbbing. The purple knob looked like it was about to burst as he grabbed me by the head and held me in place.

He stroked his cock, releasing a stream of cum into my eyes and nose, then another one into my mouth. He swept all the cum onto my lips with his cock before I continued to polish his knob free from any signs.

Bob and his friends thanked for an eventful afternoon before turning towards their area. I thanked them for allowing me the opportunity of having such a good time.

We got dressed and headed for the car and sped back towards our home.

"Mmm that was so much fun, I really enjoyed sucking all their cocks Baby" I told my husband

"I enjoyed watching you as well" he replied by describing how I hot it was to me sucking off those guys.

"And you know what else I thought was real hot" I added

"What's that" he asked

"When you all were behind me, so close I could feel everybody's breath on me" I answered

"Well that would be a different story" he chuckled as we approached the house

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