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Ashley - The Office Fuck Bunny (Part 2)

I get a promotion. I'm now Customer Relations Manager, in charge of fucking clients,
When I woke up after a night of sex with Phil, I felt really guilty. My wonderful husband probably didn't sleep a wink. I was sure he spent the night beating off. I couldn't believe I had texted John photos of myself, naked, with cum dripping from my pussy. What was I thinking?

Phil woke up, kissed me, and whispered, "Ashley, l am exhausted. You really know how to fuck a guy into oblivion. I've never experienced a night like last night. You are beautiful beyond words. And cute as a button. Your tits are magnificent. And boy, can you suck cock!"

I just smiled. I felt guilty but I was horny again. I reached over to stroke Phil's cock and was pleasantly surprised to find it rock hard. Phil started massaging my tits. He was moaning as he rolled me on my back. He eased his large cock into my wet pussy and started fucking me, for the fourth time since dinner the prior night 

After five minutes or so, Phil rolled over and helped me get on top. I guided his hard cock back into my pussy. Phil played with my tits as his cock slid in and out of my cunt. He was staring at my tits in the morning light. He was panting as he said, "Ashley, your tits are beyond fabulous. Firm, but supple. I love your tan lines. You have one lucky husband."

It was then a pang of guilt ran through my body. John was home, waiting for his slut wife to return from a one night stand with a stranger. I felt ashamed as I continued to fuck Phil.

Phil pounded his cock in and out of my pussy. He was fast and furious. The prior night, he was slow and gentle. I think he knew this was the last time he would fuck me, so his intensity was heightened. It didn't take long before he shuddered, and I felt another load of warm cum surge into my pussy. I lost it as well. My orgasm was massive. I couldn't stop shaking

Phil rolled off me, exhausted. I got up and went to the bathroom. I wanted to go home to John. I took a quick shower and made sure I washed all the cum off my pussy. I wanted to douche but hadn't thought to bring one along. I wouldn't make that mistake again.

I got dressed while Phil stayed in bed. I went over and gave him a big kiss. I fondled his limp cock as I buried my tongue in his mouth. He kissed me back, and didn't want me to leave.

I walked slowly out the door, and with a wave of my hand, was gone. I was headed home to my horny, cuckold husband. I felt like my life had changed, forever.

When I got home I wasn't sure what to expect. John was waiting at the door when I walked in. I hung my head and wouldn't look him in the eye. I was embarrassed, and ashamed, of myself.

John came up and gave me a big hug. He kissed me with a passion I didn't know he had. He started rubbing my tits. He was a dog in heat. I felt relieved as I led him upstairs. I stripped out of my dress and stood there naked. I had left my panties at the hotel. They were ruined from all the juices flowing from my cunt.

John was aggressive. He took off his boxers. His cock was ready to fuck. He pushed me down onto the bed and immediately got on top of me, ramming his cock into my pussy. He fucked me hard.

He then said something I'd never heard before. He couldn't help himself as he said, "Take this you little whore. A slut like you needs a hard cock in her pussy. I'm going to shoot a big load of cum into that well used cunt of yours. You deserve a hard fucking for cheating on your husband like you did."

I wasn't prepared for his dirty talk. But, I deserved it. John was really pumping my pussy, hard and furious. His entire body shook when he spasmed and shot his cum into my sore pussy.

I really was a little whore. I'd been fucked five times over a period of only twelve hours. I'd been fucked by a stranger and my cuckold husband.

John said he had to take a shower and go to work. He kissed me gently on the lips and said, "I love you with all my heart and soul. I love having a slut wife. I"m embarrassed to say, but I'm very happy you fucked Phil last night. I can't believe I want my beautiful, cute, gorgeous wife to fuck other men, but I do."

I kissed John back and said, "It's only sex. Fucking is only sex. I am a horny slut, but love you more than I can say. I am very excited to know you want me to fuck other men. I can assure you, I"ll never cheat behind your back. I'll never fuck another man if you tell me not to. I'm the luckiest woman alive."

John went to work while I stayed in bed. I called into work and told the receptionist I wouldn't be coming in. I told her to tell Tom that I had a sleepless night, and needed some rest. Ha ha.

I got up early the next morning. I was refreshed from a day off from work and a good night's sleep. I took a long shower and then took my time picking out my outfit for work. I felt sexy as hell. I wasn't sure if Tom knew that I had spent the night with Phil, and fucked him four times, or not. I wanted to show off a bit.

I put on a silk blouse with a thin, almost see through, bra. I picked out a nice pair of dress pants and a pair of 'fuck me' high heel shoes.

I was in a great mood when I arrived at work. Having been fucked five times in the past twenty-four hours probably had a lot to do with my good mood.

Around 11:00 AM, Tom walked by my desk and asked me to come into his office. He closed the door behind us. He had me sit in one of the four upholstered chairs as he sat in the chair across from mine.

Tom looked at me with a smile, and grin, on his face as he said, "I hear you and Phil had a great night together. He came in yesterday and signed the contract we had been negotiating. He said you deserved a lot of the credit for him signing the contract."

I smiled and replied, "I didn't really do much of anything. I'm very happy to hear he signed the contract, but I think he's giving me too much credit. All we did was enjoy a nice dinner together."

I didn't know what, if anything, Phil had told Tom. I was a little coy in my response, but what else was I going to do, or say.

Tom got up and walked behind me. He started to rub my shoulders when he said, "Phil told me you spent the night with him. He said he fucked you four times. He said you have the nicest set of tits he's ever seen, or fondled. I have to admit, I have always fantasized about your tits, and having Phil describe them to me was almost too much to handle."

I was embarrassed with Tom being so direct. He knew I was a slut. Before I could reply, Tom's hands moved down the front of my silk blouse. He brushed his hands gently across my nipples, which immediately responded by getting hard and erect. They poked through my thin bra and blouse as Tom caressed them.

I didn't stop Tom. My pussy was wet. I was calm when I said, "I'm surprised Phil was so direct with you. I knew you wanted me to entertain him, and since he was handsome and sexy, I spent the night with him. My husband was okay with everything, so it wasn't like I was cheating on John."

Tom began to massage my tits as he started to unbutton my blouse. I knew this was wrong, but I wasn't going to jeopardize my job. When all the buttons were undone, Tom pulled my blouse to the side. He reached down and unhooked the front snap on my bra. My tits flopped out as the bra pulled to the sides. He gently fondled my tits and rubbed my hard nipples.

Tom was panting when he said, "I can't believe I'm feeling you up. I can't believe what great tits you have. I've dreamed and fantasized about this ever since I first hired you. I shouldn't be doing this, but I can't help myself."

He asked me to sit next to him on the couch in his office. We went to the couch, sat down, and he went back to playing with my tits. His hand also went to my pussy as he rubbed my pussy through my pants. I was getting really wet.

I looked at Tom and said, "I'm not going to fuck you, if that is what you are thinking. A little touch and feel is okay, but that's where it stops."

Tom kept feeling me up when he said, "Okay, I'm fine with that. Playing with your tits is what I really want."

I looked at Tom and said, "Don't you want to beat off? I like to watch a man beat his meat. I'll bet you beat off when you found out I fucked Phil. You did, didn't you?"

Tom looked embarrassed, but quietly replied, "Yes, I did beat off yesterday. I do want to beat off in front of you."

With that said, Tom unzipped his pants, and pulled his hard cock out to play. I watched as he slowly stroked his slippery cock, which was wet with cum leaking from the tip.

I rubbed my pussy and massaged my tits as I watched Tom beat off. I was horny. Watching men embarrass themselves really turns me on. I reached over and said, "Let me help."

I ran my hand up and down Tom's rigid shaft. Cum was leaking all over my hand. I bent over and started licking the tip of Tom's cock. I sucked the head of his cock into my mouth. I stroked his cock as it slid in and out of my mouth.

Tom was in ecstasy. I could feel his climax coming. I took my hand off his cock, and said, "Let me see you finish. Let me see your cum squirt from your dick. You are a real pervert, beating off in front of me."

With that, Tom let go. A large stream of cum squirted from his cock. It dripped all over his pants, and actually reached the carpet. That is exactly what I wanted to see. My boss, beating off in front of me, with a climax that made a mess in the office.

Tom gathered himself and pulled his pants back on. I put my bra back in place, buttoned my blouse, and tucked my blouse into my pants. Other than a cum stain on the front of Tom's pants, neither of us looked like we just had a little R-rated sex party.

Tom seemed to be back in control, and said, "Ashley, after talking with Phil, and realizing the role you played in getting him to sign the contract, I want to offer you a promotion. I want you to take the position of Manager of Client Relations. The pay will be $75,000 per year, which is almost double your current salary. Your job will be to entertain customers and help the firm close difficult contracts."

I was speechless. $75,000 was a crazy amount of money for a twenty-six year old woman with only a high school education. I knew what this was about when I replied, "I suppose you want me to fuck other clients, like I did with Phil. I need to know exactly what you expect."

Tom was a little nervous when he said, "Yes, I want you to entertain our important clients. I'm not going to tell you how to do your new job. It's your job to get them to sign the contract. I have to think every client is different. Phil wanted you to spend the night, and you did. He wanted to fuck you, and he did. I think he is probably at the extreme and most clients won't require that kind of handling."

I didn't hesitate, and responded, "I can handle that, and I certainly appreciate the increase in my salary, along with the title that goes with the job. I accept. When do I start?"

Tom told me I would start my new position the following Monday. I would have my own office and share an assistant with him. He would hire my replacement as soon as he could find an acceptable candidate.

I was getting ready to leave when Tom said, "By the way, we have a problem client that you may be able to help us with. Have you heard of Williams Electronics?"

I said, "Yes, I think I have. Back when I was sixteen, I dated a boy, Brian Williams, and I think that is the name of his father's company. I remember Mr. Williams. He was a lecherous, creepy guy. He gawked at me all the time. Holy shit, you want me to entertain Mr. Williams?"

Tom looked concerned when he replied, "Yea, that would be Mr. Williams. He stares at every pretty woman he sees. I've been to lunch with him a few times and he is rude to the waitresses. He makes inappropriate comments. I'm not surprised to hear he lusted after a sixteen year old. But, you're twenty-six now, and married. I think he is all bluster. Flirting with him should close the deal. You won't have to fuck him. At least I don't think you will. You okay with this?"

I was flabbergasted. I never expected this. What was I getting into? I was calm when I said, "You're probably right. Mr. Williams will enjoy having lunch, or dinner, with me. I can wear something sexy and flirt with him. He's probably fifty-two, which is twice my age. In fact, he's the same age as my father. He'd never try anything with me, since I know the family."

I fucked his son for ten months or so, back in high school. Brian and I were a really hot couple in high school. Mr. Williams would stare at me when we were at his pool. I had big tits, even in high school. He never did anything but stare.

I left Tom's office and thought about Mr. Williams. I didn't think I could ever fuck him. He's the same age as my father. That would be creepy.

I went home that night to give John the good news. At least I thought it was good news. I was nervous that I had accepted a job as the office slut, and hadn't asked his permission. I stripped off my clothes, and put on a silk bathrobe.

When John got home, I had a nice glass of wine waiting for him. I was naked under my bathrobe. He looked at me and said, "Wow. What's up? Does this have anything to do with you spending the night with Phil?"

I took a deep breath and spit it out, "I'm been offered a new job at the company. It pays $75,000 per year and I get my own office. I will be the Manager of Client Relations."

John looked at me, and asked, "What are your responsibilities? What exactly does Client Relations refer to? Are you suppose to entertain clients like Phil?"

I blushed when I looked John in the eye, and said, "I think you can call me the Office Fuck Bunny. I'm supposed to do whatever it takes to get a client to sign a contract. I suppose I'll be fucking a bunch of guys. I'm sure I'll suck most of their cocks. Are you okay with that?"

I opened my bathrobe and sat in the chair, naked. I continued, "I'll let the guys see my tits, just like Phil did. They can suck on my nipples, just like Phil did. I'll fuck them if they want. And, I'll send you photos like I did with Phil."

As I was talking, John was stroking his hard cock. He looked like he was in a trance. He all but stuttered when he said, "I don't know. Once, with Phil, was great. I'm not sure about you being the office whore. What will everyone think?"

I knew John was uncertain. I calmly tried to reassure him when I said, "No one in the office, other than Tom, will know what the job entails. It will be up to me what tactics I use to close the contract. I suspect some harmless flirting will be all it takes in lots of cases. Maybe some touch and feel will get the contract in others cases. I know there will be fucking involved, but have no idea if it will be once a week, or once a month. Only time will tell."

I then added, "Tom felt me up today. As we discussed the job offer, he unbuttoned my blouse, unsnapped my bra, and played with my tits. He beat off as I watched, and I briefly stroked and sucked his hard cock, before he climaxed. I'll always tell you everything that goes on."

John splattered cum all over the place, as soon as I told him that Tom had played with my tits. He looked at me and said, "Tom played with your tits? You beat him off? You actually sucked his cock? Did he fuck you?"

I almost laughed and replied, "No, he didn't fuck me, and I told him he never would. I only sucked his cock for a couple of minutes. Playing with my tits is one thing, but fucking is out of the question. That will be a special service for customers only."

John looked relieved, but still had a concerned look at his face. He said, "I'm a cuckold, aren't I? I should feel ashamed, but I'm not. I love you and want to hear your stories after men take liberties with you. Thinking of my hot wife fucking other guys will drive me crazy. Knowing you will be sucking their cocks is almost too much for me to bare."

I knew this was tough on John. I stayed calm and said, "It will be okay. It will just be sex. Fucking other guys, and sucking their cocks sounds nasty, but as long as we are honest with each other, it's just our way of having fun. If you ever want me to stop, I will. Immediately. That's my promise."

I continued, "My job starts Monday and I already have an assignment. It's weird. Mr. Williams, the father of one of my high school boyfriends, is a problem client of the firm. Tom wants me to use my charms to close the contract. I have no intention of fucking Mr. Williams, but it's not out of the question. Are you still okay?"

John didn't answer my question. He came over, kissed me, and led me upstairs to fuck.

I knew I'd never have to worry about our sex life. John would always be ready to fuck, as he fantasized about me fucking other guys. And, it wasn't just a fantasy, it was reality.

To be continued...

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