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Ashley - The Office Fuck Bunny (Part 4)

My performance as the Office Fuck Bunny is rewarded. Life is good.
My job as Manager of Customer Relations is going really well. I've held my new job for two months. My boss, Tom, is very pleased with my performance. Sure, I am really the Office Fuck Bunny, but no one but Tom knows my full job description.

Tom recently stopped by my office and said, "Ashley, can I talk with you in my office?"

That may sound innocent but I knew what Tom wanted. He wanted a blow job. That was part of my job description. I sucked Tom's cock once a week. Like clockwork, he'd stop by my office and ask for some personal attention in his office. I didn't mind. I like to suck cock. I give good head. I swallow and like the taste of warm cum in my mouth.

I decided that it was time to ask for a raise. I was making $75,000 a year but knew I was worth more. I hadn't been bold enough to ask for a raise, but I was finally ready.

I went to Tom's office and closed the door. No one would ever imagine what happened when Tom and I met in his office once a week. As Tom closed the door I started unbuttoning my blouse. That was my routine. I unsnapped my bra and let my tits jiggle as I massaged my breasts in front of Tom. He took off his pants and his boxers. His cock was hard, as usual. With a big smile on his face he started stroking his cock. He knew I liked to watch men beat off.

I stood there and watched Tom jerk off. I continued to massage my tits as I blurted out, "I deserve a raise. I've been responsible for a lot of new contracts. I think my salary should be $125,000 a year."

There it was. I was going to say $100,000 but at the last minute decided to up the ante. Why not?

Tom was lost in his sexual stimulation. His cock was wet with cum. I said, "Tom, I need an answer before I suck your hard cock."

Tom mumbled, "Okay, Ashley. You're worth every penny. I wondered when you would realize your true value to me and the company. $125,000 it is. Now please suck my cock."

I was very pleased with myself as I went over to suck Tom's cock. I stroked his hard shaft as I sucked the head of his cock into my mouth. I was slow and steady as I sucked his cock and simultaneously beat him off. It didn't take long before I felt his climax coming. He took hold of his cock and beat off as cum squirted into my mouth. I swallowed what I could but still had a big load of cum on my face when Tom finished shooting off.

Tom was drained. He had a big satisfied smile on his face, as usual. He stood up to put his pants on while I put on my bra and blouse. Our weekly meeting was over. I was grinning from ear to ear as I thought about my raise.

My husband John would be very happy with me. I would tell him, as I always did, about my afternoon with Tom. I love to watch my cuckold husband beat off as I tell him what a slut I've been. The raise would be icing on the cake

When I went back to my office there was a package on my desk. FedEx had delivered a package while I was sucking Tom's cock. I opened the package and saw a note. The note was from Phil. I had fucked Phil two months ago. He was my first assignment as the Office Fuck Bunny.

The note read, "My dearest Ashley, I can't stop thinking about our night together. It was the best night of my life. I want you to think about me as often as I think about you. Enjoy. Love, Phil."

I was thinking about his ending. Love, Phil. I had fucked Phil, but it was just sex. The note was a little too personal. But, what the heck, I wanted to know what was in the package.

I opened the package and saw a small box from Cartier. Holy shit. Cartier. I opened the box and was rendered speechless. I stared at a beautiful bracelet. It was an 18K white and pink gold LOVE bracelet, complete with diamonds. I had never seen anything so beautiful. I put it on and it fit perfectly. Oh my God.

I sat down and stared at my wrist. A present from Phil. An expensive present I never expected. I thought it must be worth at least $5,000, but wasn't sure. I went to my computer and found the Cartier web site. It didn't take long to find the right category and find my new bracelet. I started to shake when I saw the price. Holy shit. I stared at the screen in disbelief. It wasn't $5,000 or even close to that amount. My eyes were bugging out of my head when I saw the price - $33,200!

My head was spinning as I looked at a $33,000 bracelet wrapped around my wrist. It was beyond beautiful. Not gaudy at all. Elegant was the best way to describe it. It was something I could wear every day and no one would ever think it cost so much. Perks of the job. Phil was right. I would think of him every day as I put my LOVE bracelet on. Boy oh boy. I was special.

I tried to get some work done but had a hard time concentrating. Tyler, one of my coworkers poked his head into my office and said, "Ashley, can I ask you for a favor?"

I looked up and replied, "Sure, Tyler, what's up?"

Tyler continued, "Can you go to lunch with me tomorrow. I have a client in town and I think you could help close our deal. You are really good at closing deals. A number of guys have said that having you at lunch always helps with clients. They seem to be mesmerized by your good looks and want to act like big shots when they agree to our terms. They are showing off in front of a beautiful woman. Can you do it for me?"

I just smiled and said, "Sure. No problem. That's my job. It has worked out well. All you guys are lecherous pigs. All I do is dress sexy and smile. You do all the work. Tomorrow it is."

The next day I put on my new LOVE bracelet and couldn't stop staring at it. When I showed it to John the night before he was shocked, but happy for me. When I told him how much it cost he was stunned. I just smiled and said, "I guess I'm a better fuck than I thought."

John was really aroused when I said that. He immediately took out his cock and started to beat off. He asked me to tell him, again, about my night with Phil. He likes to hear about that one night stand. I told him, for probably the twentieth time, how I stripped naked, sucked Phil's cock, and fucked him four times during my night of nasty, dirty sex. John was thrusting his hips as his hand slid up and down his rigid cock. It didn't take long for him to shoot off. Cum all over the place. Just another night at our house.

After putting on my new bracelet, I picked out a sexy outfit for my lunch with Tyler and his client. I put on a black bra and fairly sheer black mesh top. You could clearly see my bra through the top. I put on a leather jacket to hide my tits. A pair of white pants completed the outfit. I was ready to work.

I looked professional, but very sexy in my outfit. Tyler was ecstatic when he saw me. He took one look and said, "Ashley, I'm blown away. We'll get that contract for sure. Jack will be so distracted he'll agree to anything. Let's go to lunch."

We got to the restaurant and Jack was waiting for us. Tyler introduced me as the company's Manager of Client Relations, and said it was my job to make sure our clients were happy with our service. Jack stared at me. He gathered himself, shook my hand, and told me he was happy to meet me.

As we sat down I took off my jacket. Both Tyler and Jack stared at my tits. My black bra was clearly visible through the sheer black top. My perky tits were on display. 32C natural tits are perfect. Not too big, but just right.

I smiled at Jack during lunch. He commented on my beauty more than once. The business discussion was going well, but not as well as Tyler had hoped. Jack was a tough negotiator. I excused myself and went to the ladies room. I had a job to do. I took off my top, unhooked my bra, and put it in my purse. I put my sheer top back on and looked in the mirror. You could plainly see my nipples through the material. Dark erect nipples. 

I walked out of the bathroom and went back to the table. Tyler and Jack were speechless. I smiled and said, "You have both been staring at my breasts. Is this better? Can you see what you wanted to see? Are my nipples showing?"

There was silence. Tyler stared at me. I said, "Tyler, it's my job to access the client's needs. I think Jack needed to see my breasts. Is that right Jack?"

Jack nodded and said, "Yes, that is better. I'm not sure I can finish lunch with your tits showing through that sheer top. I just want to stare. You are one sexy babe. You obviously take your job seriously. I think Tyler and I can get this contract finalized. I have some details to work on tonight, but we should be in good shape tomorrow."

Tyler said, "Sure, that works for me. Let's have desert. I don't want to go just yet. I'm enjoying the company. Ashley, you're not in a rush, are you?"

I replied, "I'm in no hurry. You guys can stare at my breasts all you want. I think a few other guys at the table next to us are enjoying the show as well. You guys are all too much. It's almost like you never saw breasts before."

Lunch lasted a fairly long time. I was enjoying the attention. I was in control. As we got up to leave, I put my jacket back on to cover my tits. I would put my bra back on at the office.

Tyler headed to the door as Jack looked at me and said, "I need to talk to Ashley for a minute. We'll be right behind you Tyler." Tyler looked back, shrugged his shoulders, and headed to the door.

Jack looked at me with lust in his eyes and said, "Ashley, you are beautiful beyond words. Your perky tits have me aroused. Can you meet me at the hotel tonight so we can finalize those details I mentioned at lunch?"

I knew what was coming. I hadn't fucked a client in a few weeks, so I was overdue. Jack was good looking, so I was more than willing to help close another big contract.

I smiled at Jack and said, "Sure. No problem. What hotel are you staying at? I can be there around 7:00 PM if that works for you. Should I change, or is this outfit okay with you?"

Jack was getting hard. I could see his cock bulging in his pants. I looked at his crotch and said, "I think I see my answer. I'll see you later tonight."

I winked at him when I continued, "Don't play with your penis when you get to the hotel. I know what men do when they get excited."

I turned and walked to the door to catch up with Tyler. Jack stood there with a lecherous look on his face. He couldn't figure me out. I showed off my tits but still acted innocent. That's my charm. Cute 'girl next door' with perky tits talking about men beating off . Catches them off guard all the time.

It was a little awkward when Tyler and I drove back to the office. He finally broke the ice and said, "Ashley, you are the best. It was obvious Jack wanted to see your tits. When you walked out of the bathroom with your nipples showing through your top, I thought he was going to lose it. I can tell you, I almost lost it. I never expected that from you. But, thanks for reading his mind. I won't mention a thing to anyone at work. You don't need to worry that I'll blab anything stupid about you showing off your tits to Jack."

I was relieved. It was the first time anyone at the office ever saw me in action. I always worked alone. Tyler was cute. I actually liked showing off my tits to him. If he was a client, I'd fuck him in a second. I just said, "Thanks, Tyler. I know you can keep our secret. By the way, what is your wish list for the contract? I told Jack I'd meet him at the bar tonight for a few drinks. I'll try to sway the contract terms your way."

Tyler gulped when he said, "You're going to meet him at the bar tonight? He will probably try to get in your pants. He is one horny guy. You better be careful."

Tyler then told me what he was looking for in the contract. Not that tough, just higher pricing. No problem for the Office Fuck Bunny.

I called John and told him I would be home late. I had work to do at the office and was meeting a client for a few drinks after work. I knew what John was thinking so I just said it, "I'll probably be home around 11:00 PM. I have to fuck our new client to get the terms we are looking for. I met him at lunch today and he is one horny guy. He'll probably want to fuck me at least twice, so don't worry if I'm late."

I'm still getting used to having a cuckold husband who likes me to fuck other guys. I could only imagine what John was thinking. I knew he would beat off as soon as he could be in private. I also knew he would beat off at least two or three times before I got home. Sometimes he is so worn out he can't get it up to fuck me. Oh well, we could always fuck in the morning.

I headed to the hotel around 6:00 PM. I wanted to flirt with some other guys before Jack arrived. Guys love to buy me drinks and flirt. They all think they can get in my pants. It's a rush knowing that guys get aroused as they look at me in a sexy outfit. I lead them on and make them think they are the hottest stud around. I watch as they adjust their cocks in their pants. It's so predictable.

I did have fun at the bar. There were three guys hanging all over me when Jack walked in. I excused myself from my three admirers and walked up to greet Jack.

Jack looked at me and stared, as though he hadn't already seen my tits at lunch. He was obviously horny. I decided to let Jack take the lead. He seemed to be a control freak. I wouldn't be aggressive. I would be an innocent 'girl next door'. I wanted Jack to think he conquered me. That would be good for his ego.

We sat at the bar, and chatted. Jack was trying to push me off balance. He looked at my tits and said, "Ashley, I'd love to see your tits without the sheer top. Any chance of that?"

I looked at Jack and replied, "No way. I'm a married woman. I may be a tease, but that's it. I don't fool around. Flirting at lunch was fine, and I'm enjoying our time in the bar, but that's it."

Jack then got down and dirty as he replied, "All women are sluts. All women want to fuck. They just need the right opportunity. You have an opportunity, right here, with me."

I was right. Jack was a womanizing jerk who wanted to be in control. I could play him for all it's worth. I was very shy when I muttered, "Not me. I don't fool around on my husband. I'm flattered that you think I'm beautiful, but I can't imagine a situation where I'd ever have intercourse with you. Sorry to burst your bubble."

Jack then grinned with a devilish smirk, and said, "Let's be clear. I don't want to have intercourse with you, I want to fuck you. There's a difference. You know that contract I'm negotiating with Tyler? He wants a higher price. I've convinced him I have a better quote. Truth is, your company is already the low bidder. If I agree to a 10% price increase, would that be helpful in convincing you that the right situation is right here, right now?"

I faked a shocked look on my face and replied, "It's not polite to use the F word. I won't have intercourse with you. But, if you want to see my breasts I could justify that. You've already seen my nipples, so taking off my top wouldn't be too bad. I won't tell my husband, so it will be our secret. Is that okay?"

Jack was a tough negotiator. He said, "That would be worth a five percent price increase, not ten percent. It's your decision. By the way, breasts are tits. A penis is a cock. Intercourse is fucking. Got it?"

I knew where I would end up, but said, "I am a classy woman. I may be a flirt, but I don't talk like a slut. Five percent is fine. That's way better than Tyler expects, so let's get it over with."

We left the bar and headed to Jack's room. We walked into the room, and Jack, the aggressor, was in full control. He sat down, looked at me, and said, "Okay, slut, let's see your tits. You are one cute little slut. Let's see those perky tits."

I put on a good act. I was shy and hesitant. I looked at Jack and said, "I don't think I can do this. I shouldn't be here. My husband would be mortified if he knew."

As I was talking I pulled my sheer top off. I was standing in front of Jack wearing my black bra. Jack said, "Come on slut. Take off the bra. Show me your tits. I know you want me to see your perky nipples."

I was hesitant. I unhooked the snap on my bra and threw my bra to the side. I held my arm over my tits so Jack couldn't see them. I looked like a shy school girl being forced to strip.

Jack was getting aroused. He was rubbing his cock. He said, "Come on. Put your hands to your sides. Let me see those tits."

I slowly dropped my hands to my sides. My tits were out in the open. My nipples were erect. I waited a couple of minutes and said, "Okay. We're done now. You got your look. It's time for me to go."

Jack was breathing heavy. He demanded, "Come over here. I want to feel your supple tits. I want to suck on your nipples. I need more than just a look. This contract is important to your company. You're in charge of Customer Relations, and I need some customer service."

I slowly walked over to Jack and let him manhandle me. He was pretty rough. He kept calling me names. Slut, whore, cheating wife, tramp, you name it and it came out of his mouth. He has no respect for women.

I let him have his way. I let him suck my nipples. He kept rubbing his cock through his pants. He then said, "Are you getting wet? Is your pussy ready for some action. I have a big cock that needs some customer service."

He unzipped his pants and took out his cock. It was pretty big. It was stiff and hard. He started stroking his cock like he was some stud from a porno movie. He said, "Ashley, I'm going to let you suck my cock. I don't want you to touch it. I'll just put it in your mouth."

I looked at his hard cock and wanted it in mouth. I wanted to lick the cum off the tip of his cock. But that wasn't the role I was playing. As I stared at his hard cock I said, "You have a big penis. A nice classy girl like me doesn't let a man put his penis in her mouth. I've never done that."

Jack looked at me in disbelief. He mocked me when he said, "Penis. You call this a penis? It's a cock. Your sissy husband has a penis. I have a cock. You're a slut tonight. Suck my cock, you little slut."

I looked shocked and stammered, "This is going too far. Your penis is not going in my mouth. You are a pervert."

He looked defiant when he commanded, "Down on your knees, slut. Do as I say. Down on your knees and open your slut mouth. My cock needs to be sucked. Stop calling it a penis."

He continued and said, "You should concentrate more on your job. Ten percent is way better than five percent. Do your job, suck my cock and let me fuck you. You're the company whore, aren't you?"

I obeyed his command. I dropped to my knees with my hands at my sides. I opened my mouth. He stuck his hard cock in my mouth, took it out, and then put it back in. He slapped my face with his hard cock, and put it back in my mouth. He was a pervert. He thrust his hips as his cock went in and out of my mouth. I was horny as hell, but also more than a little disgusted by Jack's behavior.

I pulled away and said, "Semen is dripping from your penis. It tastes salty and feels gooey. I don't like this."

He laughed and said, "Lick the tip of my cock. It isn't a penis, for God's sake. And it's creamy cum not semen. Let your tongue swirl the tip and lick my cum, you whore."

I did as he commanded. My tongue swirled around the tip of his cock and I could feel more and more cum dripping into my mouth. It tasted delightful. I was so horny I wanted him to cum in my mouth. I pulled away and looked at him as I pleaded, "Please don't shoot semen into my mouth. That's disgusting and I've never done this before."

Jack was thoroughly enjoying himself. He thought this was the first blow job I'd ever experienced. Every man wants to be the first. That thought drove him crazy.

Jack put his cock back in my mouth and shouted, "Get ready to swallow a load of cum, you little slut."

He squirted a really big load into my mouth. I swallowed. I looked up and said, "Wow. That wasn't half bad. Maybe I am a slut. I'll bet my husband would like me to suck his cock. I think I like dirty talk. Tits, cock, cum, pussy, cunt. I think I've got it now."

Jack was really turned on and his cock was hard again, when he said, "That's right, slut."

He pulled me up and said, "Time to fuck, you cute little cunt. Time for you to get fucked by a real man. You need a cock in your pussy, not a wimpy little penis. Your husband will never satisfy you again after you've experienced my cock in your cunt."

He pushed me onto the bed, reached up, and slid my pants off. He all but ripped my thong off, exposing my tight pussy. He ripped off his shirt and took off his pants.

It was rough. No foreplay. He rammed his cock into my pussy. This was not a gentle fuck. This was a pervert fucking an innocent young woman. I do have to admit, I enjoyed it. I'd never been fucked like that. As much as I didn't want to give him the satisfaction, I shuddered with a massive orgasm just as he let loose and shot a load into my pussy. 

Jack was done. He was very pleased with himself. He got up and looked at me. He gloated and said, "Now you're a real woman. I'm going to relish this night. I've never fucked an innocent young woman like you before. I need to remember this. Stay where you are. I want a photo of you that I can look at and beat off to at home."

He took out his phone and took photos of me on the bed. He made me spread my legs and took more photos. He then said, "I'm going to forward these photos to you so you can remember how a real man fucks."

He made me give him my email. He forwarded the photos to me. That was just what I wanted. That was just what John wanted to see. I was going to forward those photos to John as soon as I left Jack's room. And, I did.

What a night. I was good. I was the best Office Fuck Bunny, ever.

To be continued...

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