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Ashley - The Office Fuck Bunny (Part 5)

As the Office Fuck Bunny I lick my first pussy, and experience my first threesome.
My name is Ashley. I'm twenty-six years old with a high school education, but I make $125,000 a year as the Office Fuck Bunny. Only my boss, Tom, knows my full job description. It's my job to suck Tom's cock once a week and to do whatever it takes to get a client to sign a contract. Sucking cock and fucking clients is a big part of my job.

Now that I'm the Manager of Client Relations I attend all the trade shows we participate in. A team from our marketing department goes to various cities whenever there is an appropriate trade show for our industry. By and large the trade shows consist of a bunch of horny men looking for action while their wives are at home, thinking their husbands are hard at work.

I was attending a recent trade show in Chicago at the convention center when I enjoyed a very special night of sex. I always dress sexy at the trade shows. Flirting with clients is part of my job. All the men in my office know I can distract their clients and get them to sign contracts, as though I'm some sort of enchantress. Thinking about it, that's pretty much what I am. I'm really good at my job.

Nine times out of ten, flirting is all it takes. Once in a while, however, I do have to suck cock and fuck the more difficult clients to get them to agree to terms. I really am a slut.

My husband is a very happy cuckold who encourages my nasty behavior. I always send him photos after I get fucked. He likes to beat off as he looks at his beautiful, cute, 'innocent' wife lying naked with cum dripping from her cunt. To each their own, and it sure spices up our sex life.

The marketing guys all like me to talk to their clients. I am an accomplished flirt. The right smile, the right look, the right laugh hooks the horny clients every time. I am confident. The combination of sexy and innocent on a cute twenty-six year old is too much for middle aged men to say no to.

At the recent trade show my handsome twenty-three year old coworker, Tyler, introduced me to a very attractive married couple. Gail and Tony run a mid sized company in the mid west that was considering our company as a supplier. We chatted and I did my job talking up our customer service and quality. Tyler handled the technical aspects of the sales pitch.

When Gail and Tony walked away to see other exhibits at the show Tyler thanked me for my time. I assured him it was no trouble and that was my job.

Tyler then continued, "Ashley, I can't thank you enough for your help with Jack a few weeks ago. I still can't believe he agreed to a ten percent price increase. I didn't even have to ask. He told me that you convinced him that our quality and service deserved a premium. I am still befuddled. Jack is a real jerk and tough negotiator. You had lunch and a couple of drinks with him and he totally caved."

I smiled at Tyler and said, "Don't forget my little performance showing him my tits at lunch. And I know both of you enjoyed staring at my nipples under my sheer top."

Tyler nodded but then looked me in the eye and asked, "Did he try to get in your pants when you had drinks?"

I smirked and said, "Of course he did. I can handle myself, don't worry about me."

Tyler then probed and said, "So, all you did was have drinks. Is that right?"

I calmly replied, "If that's what you think, then that's exactly what happened."

He then continued, "I don't know what to think. He is pushy. Did he get you to go to his room?"

I nodded my head and was truthful when I answered, "Yes, I went to his room. He wanted to see my tits without the sheer top. Heck, both of you saw my nipples, so it was no big deal to go topless in front of him in his room. And before you ask, yes he did feel me up. No big deal. Are you satisfied now that you know the whole story?"

Tyler looked sad and horny at the same time when he said, I'm sorry you had to do that. I got better terms than I ever thought possible, but it kind of pisses me off that he got to feel you up."

I then had some fun with cute naive Tyler and said, "Are you pissed that he played with my tits, or pissed that he did and you didn't? To be completely truthful, he also sucked on my nipples."

Tyler looked mortified because I read his mind. I let him off the hook by saying, "Tyler, don't worry, I'm just having some fun here. I know you wanted to play with my tits and would jump at the chance to suck my nipples. You're a normal horny guy. At least you got to see my nipples in the sheer top. Relax and go back to work."

That was fun. I knew Tyler would die if he found out I sucked Jack's cock and let him fuck me. Fuck me hard.

I finished my shift and went back to my hotel. I was beat. I had spent all day in high heel shoes flirting with clients. I needed some down time to recharge.

I flopped on the bed, threw my shoes on the floor, and felt really good as I recalled the day. Tired but pleased with my contribution as part of the marketing team.

After an hour so recharging my batteries, I was restless and decided to go to the hotel bar and flirt with horny guys. I'd get them to buy me drinks and I'd laugh at their stupid jokes

When I got to the bar I was surprised to see Gail and Tony. They looked to be in their early thirties. Gail is beautiful beyond words. I'm cute, and some say beautiful, but not in the same class as Gail. She is drop dead gorgeous.

They recognized me immediately and motioned for me to join them. I was somewhat relieved. As much as I enjoy flirting, having drinks with a happily married couple would be fun and relaxing.

I ordered wine as we chatted and got to know each other better. Tony asked about me. I told him about my husband, John, my job and how much I enjoy working with clients of the firm.

I asked about them and found out they'd been married for a dozen years and founded their company together. It is a successful small company with twenty employees. They said they were considering our company and one other to provide the components they use in their product.

I went into sales mode and started talking about our quality and service. Tony looked at me and said, "No business tonight. Let's just enjoy each other's company and have some drinks together." He then looked at Gail and I thought I saw him wink. Weird.

I asked them what it was like to be married for twelve years. That seemed like an eternity to me.

Tony was funny. He volunteered that he and Gail still had an active sex life if that was what I was wondering. I was a little embarrassed and said, "No. I mean maybe. I worry sometimes about things getting too routine. You know what I mean. "

Gail laughed. She shocked me when she volunteered, "Tony and I spice things up from time to time, don't we Tony?"

Tony looked at me and continued the story. "About six years ago we were in a rut, so to speak. And then we got adventurous and went to Club Orient in St.Martin. It's a clothing optional resort. We had the time of our lives, naked all the time. Nude breakfast, lunch and dinner. Nude sunbathing. Nude cruises. And, before the week was over, wife swapping with another couple."

He then looked at me with a grin and added, "That sure spiced up our sex life. Are you shocked?"

I was shocked, picturing the beautiful woman at the bar fucking another man, while her husband fucked another woman. Based on my adventures, and encouragement of my cuckold husband, I shouldn't have been that shocked, but I was.

I paused for a minute or so and replied to Gail when I said, "I am shocked, but shouldn't be. You caught me off guard. Truth is, I fuck other men with my husband's encouragement. I'm really a slut and my husband is a true cuckold. Are you shocked?"

Gail glanced at Tony with a happy look on her face. She smiled at me and said, "Wow. A cute innocent thing like you fucking other men. Have you ever had sex with another woman? We'd love to hear more."

I was getting really aroused with my imagination in overdrive. I looked at Tony and imagined myself sucking his cock. I imagined his cock in my wet pussy. I then had a strange but exciting thought of Gail licking my pussy. I was flushed with excitement.

I was all but panting when I asked Gail, "Have you ever been with a woman? Give me the down and dirty."

Gail was only too happy to fill in the blanks. She elaborated, "Tony and I hooked up at Club Orient with another young couple about our age. Hanging out with them in the nude, having dinner with them in the nude, and dancing and having drinks with them in the nude led to a lot of touching. It was only natural that we would end up fucking each other."

Gail then grinned from ear to ear when she confirmed that she had sex with the other woman at Club Orient. She looked at me with a mischievous look on her face when she said, "Licking another woman's pussy is a real turn on. I liked the taste of her pussy and was over the top when she licked my pussy. You should try it sometime."

Tony picked up the conversation at this point. "Ashley, you've fucked other men since you've been married, so I think you can understand the thrill and excitement that brings to your marriage. You love your husband but enjoy having another man's cock in your pussy. It's just sex, right?"

I quickly replied, "Yes, exactly. It's just sex. John doesn't participate like you guys, but he really gets off on my stories. He beats off a lot. I'm a really lucky woman, having a cuckold husband."

Gail reached over to touch my hand, and suddenly noticed my bracelet. She stared at my LOVE bracelet from Cartier and asked me, "Is that what I think it is? Holy shit, I've never seen one in person, on a real person. I've seen it in the store, but here you are with one on your wrist."

She looked at Tony and clarified her surprised reaction by telling him, "Tony, that's a $30,000 bracelet on this cute, innocent woman's wrist. That's the real deal. It's the same bracelet I've been bugging you for the last three years."

Gail looked at me with a questioning expression on her face when she continued, "Ashley, I have to ask, when did you score that incredible bracelet?"

I wasn't embarrassed at all when I told them both about Phil. I blurted out the truth, "It was a surprise gift from Phil. He is a client of our firm and I fucked him to help land a big contract. I spent the night with him. He fucked me four times that night. A while back this arrived at the office with a note that said he couldn't stop from remembering the best night of sex he ever experienced. He wanted me to remember him, so he sent me the bracelet. And, I do think about him every day when I look at my bracelet."

Tony looked really aroused when he looked at me and said, "I am looking at you in a different light. You must be incredible in bed. A cute, innocent young lady fucking a client to land a contract? I never, in a million years, would have imagined that. I am getting hard just looking at you. I'm sorry, but I am imagining you naked right now. I can't help myself."

Gail jumped in and said, "Me either. Ashley, you are the sexiest, cutest thing I've ever seen. I am also imagining you naked. Tony wants to fuck you and I want to lick your pussy. I know I'm out of line here, but can't help myself."

Tony then added, "Ashley, we don't swap anymore. That was a bit too intense for us. After Club Orient, and swapping for three straight nights, we've only done threesomes. You know, another man to fuck Gail while I watch, or another woman for both of us to enjoy. Gail is bisexual but I'm straight."

Gail was excited and speaking more quickly now. She was obviously aroused. She added, "Most times it's another man. I really enjoy having some stud fuck me in front of Tony. He's a cuckold just like your husband. It's pretty easy to find men who want to fuck me. They are nervous about fucking me in front of Tony, but they always jump at the chance of getting me naked and fucking me."

I wasn't saying anything. Tony and Gail were dominating the conversation. Tony said, "Gail is right. All the guys want to fuck Gail. Finding women is tougher. But, here you are. How about joining us for a threesome tonight? I know you would enjoy it."

I was confused. I'd never had sex with a woman. Sure, I'd fantasized about it, but never thought I would actually let another woman lick my pussy. I was really aroused as I looked at Gail and wondered what it would be like to lick her pussy and have her eat me."

I was shaking when I answered them. They looked like two puppy dogs wanting a treat. I gathered up my nerve and said, "You know what? Why not? Let's do it. I'm game."

It took all of five seconds and the three of us were headed to their room in the hotel.

We walked into the room and looked at each other. Gail came right up to me and starting kissing my lips. Her tongue went into my mouth. I loved the sensation of kissing another woman. We were making out as Gail started to caress my body. Her hands slowly slid down over my breasts. She gently massaged my tits. I was nervous but excited beyond description.

Tony watched as Gail started to undress me. She slowly slid my dress off. I had a sexy bra and lacy thong panties on. Gail stepped back and looked at me when she said, "Tony, look at this beautiful young creature. I'll bet you can't wait to fuck Ashley, but I get first dibs."

I wasn't talking. I was breathless. Gail unsnapped by bra and my 34C natural tits popped out. My dark perky nipples were erect. Tony walked over and caressed my tits. He bend over and sucked my nipples as Gail watched. She said, "That's enough for now Tony. Go sit down."

Tony sat down as Gail massaged my tits and sucked on my nipples. I was wet with desire. Gail slowly pulled my thong down. She smiled as she stared at my trimmed bush. Her hand went to my pussy and I could feel her fingers probe between the lips of my cunt. Her finger slid in my pussy and she rubbed my clit. She licked her lips as she said, "Ashley, I want to eat your tight young pussy."

I was naked. They both inspected me with total lust on their faces.

Gail slowly undressed. She stood naked in front of me. Gail has a fabulous body with 32B tits and big nipples. Her nipples protruded at least three quarters on an inch. They were made for sucking. I bent over and sucked on her luscious nipples. I licked them with my tongue and slowly sucked them into my mouth. I couldn't believe what I was doing. I was really aroused.

Gail guided me to the bed and pulled down the covers. We got in the bed and immediately embraced each other. Kissing, feeling, stroking. I looked over and saw that Tony was naked. He was stroking his hard cock as he watched Gail and me.

Gail switched positions and put her face on my pussy. I did likewise and started licking her wet pussy. I felt Gail's tongue probe my clit. Both of us were dripping wet. I was in heaven as I licked her cunt. We both knew how to please a woman. After five minutes of ecstasy I felt a climax coming. I could feel Gail's body tighten as we both experienced a wild climax. Wow.

I rolled over and we both embraced and started kissing again. Gail caressed my breasts and played with my nipples while I did the same to her. That was more gentle than anything I had ever experienced with a man.

Tony came over and climbed in the bed. Gail rolled over to let Tony embrace me. He took over where Gail had stopped. It was like a tag team. He started kissing me. His tongue went deep into my mouth. Our tongues were intertwined as we kissed. He was gentle as he started to caress my tits. I reached down and started stroking his hard cock. It was slippery and wet. He started to rub my clit as I beat his meat

I hadn't said anything since we got to the room. I looked at Tony and panted, "Fuck me. I need to fuck you now. I want your hard cock in my cunt."

Tony didn't hesitate as I felt his cock slide into my wet pussy. He was on top humping me. My hips were thrusting in unison with Tony. That was a really good fuck. He rolled off and helped me climb on top. I helped guide his cock back in my pussy as he fondled my tits. I sat upright and could feel his cock penetrate deep into my pussy.

Gail watched with a smile on her face as her husband fucked a cute, innocent 'girl next door'.

I bent over with my tits on Tony's chest and continued fucking him for all it's worth. I was really wet as Tony pounded me. I felt his climax coming and joined him as both our bodies shuddered. I felt his warm cum surge into my cunt. I could tell it was a big load of cum.

I hugged Tony and stayed on top of him until I felt his cock slip out of pussy. He was drained. I was drained.

The three of us lay there and caressed each other. Gail snuggled up to me and started kissing me again. She was tender. She then went down and started licking my cum drenched pussy. She was cleaning me as she lapped up Tony's cum that was dripping from my cunt. Unbelievable. I had never had anyone clean my pussy after a good fuck. Gail was really enjoying herself.

When she was done Gail looked at me and said, "Ashley, that was the best threesome we've ever had. You are something. I hope you enjoyed this as much as we did."

I nodded and said, "That was incredible. Beyond anything I've ever experienced. I never thought of myself as bisexual but I know I'll be eating pussy again. You guys opened a new door for me."

Tony was hard again. He asked if I would suck his cock. I eagerly agreed and said, "Tony, I'd love to suck your large cock, but want Gail to take a video I can send to my cuckold husband. I've sent him photos in the past but never had a chance to send him a video. He'd love that."

Gail took my iPhone and started the video. I went down on Tony and positioned myself so he could eat my pussy. Our 69 action was slow and sensual. Gail zoomed in on me licking the tip of Tony's cock. I sucked the head of his dick into my mouth as I stroked his hard shaft. I smiled at the camera and continued to bob my head up and down on his hard cock.

Gail then zoomed in on Tony licking my clit and thrusting his tongue into my pussy. We were in sync and enjoying oral sex like two professionals in a porno movie. We continued to please each other for at least ten minutes when our mutual climax occurred. Gail zoomed in on Tony's cock shooting cum into my mouth. Cum dripped from my mouth as I licked my lips and cleaned his cock. Wow.

I rolled over and smiled into the camera as I addressed my husband, "John, I hope you enjoy this video. I just experienced my first bisexual threesome. Gail and I ate each other before Tony fucked me. I know you'll like watching me suck Tony's cock, so I'll send you this video right away. Have fun beating off as you watch your slut wife sucking cock and fucking. I love you."

I took the phone and sent John the video.

Gail and Tony were naked in the bed as I got dressed. Tony looked at me and said, "Ashley, you can tell Tyler we are going to do business with your firm. You closed the deal. Thank you for a glorious night."

I was fully dressed when I went to the bed, bent over, and kissed them both. I walked out of the room knowing the Office Fuck Bunny scored again. I was good. Tyler would be thrilled.

To be continued...

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