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At Long Last - We Do Our Hotel MMF Fantasy

This was my most vivid fantasy come true. My wife with 2 others (and me)
If you have read our stories then you have read what we have been heading for. There is always going to be a next time. There is always going to be some new thing to try. This is a story that I (the guy) have fantasized about for a long time and have just been waiting for the right conditions.

Finally, a few weeks ago, we had the opportunity. In order to do this, my wife and I needed to get far away from our own neighborhood. My wife had insisted on at least a thirty mile distance, so we decided to go to a hotel and stay. With this distance, we can get lost and be different people. We packed our car and headed for a place where we were strangers, and others were strangers to us. We had struck up a pen-pal relationship with another guy using our adult website. It was mostly me actually, but the wife was constantly peeking over my shoulder.

After a few e-mails and picture exchanges, we both finally decided that this guy might be all right, as his age is about right, he seemed polite and he said he would obey our rules. Oh, and he has a friend that may come with him, that also fills our criteria. So we headed out on our private adventure. We had both been abstaining from sex for a few days, as we wanted our sex drives to build and for this to be an awesome experience. Her pussy was freshly shaved and I had picked out just the right clothes and sexy underwear for her to wear. I could smell the vanilla fragrance that she had applied on her, as we drove down the highway with her in the passenger seat.

We arrived at the hotel and checked in. After preparing our room she again freshened up in the bathroom and we had ourselves a drink. We had smoked a little something in the car so we were both relaxed, and filled with anticipation. I gave her a little kiss and gently ran my finger inside her panties. She was so wet already. I pulled my fingers up to my mouth to smell the scent. Damn! I do love that smell. I put on a porn film using my computer and told her to please lie on the bed and enjoy her drink. I excused myself and went down to the hotel bar to meet our "friends". I spotted them, based on their description, and saw that they were already sitting there.

The first guy was a nice gentleman and he had a relatively shorter and quiet friend with him. We had a drink together and make sure that we are all right with one another and make sure we were all right with what I wanted to happen. We again discussed the scenario. I again presented the scenario and reiterated my ground rules. They were both cool with everything and his friend agreed, as I had asked, to stay in the bar and wait on his buddy to come back down and get him. It should take about forty-five minutes to an hour, which was all part of my plan.

I took him back to the door of our room, and asked him to wait out in the hallway for about two inutes, as I went in and complete setting up the scene. My wife was still sitting up in the bed and had finished all of her drink. I pulled the sheets back and looked at what she is wearing. It was a sexy camisole and cotton panties, but her panties were soaking wet. I placed a blindfold on her eyes and gave her a big wet kiss. She moaned a little and then squeezed my hand knowing something was about to happen. I covered her back up with the bed sheet and I told her to lie back against the headboard again and obey everything that I tell her to do. I turned on some soft music and turned down the audio of the porn movie she had been watching, but not quite all the way down. I went back to the door and let our new friend inside.

I motioned with my finger for him to be quiet. In our discussion down at the bar he had agreed to minimal talking, as did his friend. I led him over to the bed and he observed my wife quietly propped up. I remember looking over at the porn movie that was playing on the computer. It was a hot scene with some girl eating a cream-pied pussy that some guy had just blown his load in. I pulled the bed sheet back and revealed her sexy body to our new friend. Her pink nipples were erect and pressed up against the inside of the top. Her panties were clearly wet, and her legs were already spread wide open per my earlier instructions. I stepped back and sat in a chair by the bed, as he started to run the back of his fingers over her big tits.

He pulled up her top and continued doing the same, as he couldn't wait to get started on sucking those big tits. He sucked on them pretty hard, and started leaving black and blue sucker bites just like kids would do back in high school. She tensed up a bit, but then arched her head back and moaned a little. He had run his fingers across her panties and brushed against her clit. He started going for more as he pulled her panties to one the side exposing her shaved pussy. His finger slid inside her wet hole and she moaned yet again. He had one hand on her tit and the other one was finger fucking her for a few seconds then he pulled his finger out of her and smeared the pussy juice on her face and lips. She licked it off and ran her tongue around her lips trying to taste more.

He stood up and took off his shirt and pants, letting them fall onto the floor. I remember that I sat perfectly still and had an incredibly dry mouth as I continued to watch. I couldn't seem to help myself, so I started rubbing my cock through my pants. He re-positioned himself between her legs, but still held her panties to one side exposing her beautiful, wet pussy. He had his finger in her as he lowered his mouth to her crotch and started licking her. She initially tensed up, but then immediately started enjoying this new tongue on her pussy. I couldn't believe I was actually watching another guy eat my wife’s pussy. She gasped again and tensed up, and then pressed her pussy hard up against his face. This was a new tongue that she had never felt before and it was probing the inside of her pussy lips.

He reached up with both hands and grabbed her tits as he kept eating her out. I could see he was getting real hard as he started to kind of hump the bed. He ran his tongue way up inside her pussy hole, then he rose back up and his face was totally wet. I saw his hard cock pressed out through the side of his underwear and running down his leg. He stood up, dropped his briefs, and with barely any pause, shoved his cock in my wife’s pussy.

My cock was now completely hard and all I could do was just sit in the chair. I had worn jeans and they had become extremely tight and uncomfortable. I stood up slowly, and undid my belt, dropping the jeans on the floor. He was starting to get a quick rhythm with fucking her pussy and was not going to let up a stroke. I pulled down my underwear in front and propped my balls and hard cock out, then walked over to her face and start rubbing my cock across her lips.

She was fucking another guy who had a pretty fair sized cock. I had dreamed about this, but to actually see another cock fucking her pussy. I could hear the suction of his cock going in and out. I again held my cock out for her to take in her mouth again. She was sucking it with pleasure and enjoying it, but I suspect her pussy was giving her the most pleasure right now. I reached for the camera to take a few pictures of his cock going in and out of her pussy, but I was careful not to capture any face-shots except for hers.

After about two or three minutes of her enjoying two cocks, I pulled back out and walked around to the other side of the bed. The guy just kept on fucking her pussy. I climbed up next to her on her right side and start kissing her deeply. Our tongues were dancing with force in each other’s mouths. All the while his hands are pinching both of her nipples as stroke after stroke of his cock was going into her pussy.

I kept kissing her deeply and she would whisper to me, "He's fucking my pussy."

"His cock is inside me and it feels so good."

He stopped and then pulled out, but I was still kissing on her. He walked up to her face on her left side and placed his cock right in her face. She immediately stopped kissing me and turned her head to face his pussy-juice covered cock. She opened her mouth and started sucking it and licking it all off. He was not ready to cum by any means, so she used her tongue to dig into the eye of his cock to tried and see if she could detect a little pre-cum taste. She moaned as she got just a little taste of it.

I just watched in amazement as he face fucked her for a couple of minutes. Then he moved back down between her legs and continued to fuck her. She slowly turned her face back facing me and started kissing me as if there had been no interruption. I could taste the pussy juice in her mouth. He would return back to the foot of the bed and went back to fucking her. He would again stop and pull out of her, and again he came back up and interrupt our kissing to get his cock sucked again. Afterwards, he again returned back to fucking her pussy, She again just turned her face back to me and just keep kissing me.

Her panties were still on, but still pulled to one side; they were now completely soaked now. I’m not sure if they were covered in her cum or his saliva, but it was all over them. A few moments later, he looked up at me as if to give me a signal that he was very close to cumming. I got up and again picked up the camera, placing it is video mode. I moved around to the foot of the bed and zoomed it in close to capture his cock going in and out of her cunt between his legs. I wanted the image to cover the screen. He started going faster and deeper inside her. His cock was so hard. I was recording the full image of my wife’s cunt getting fucked.

He quietly said to her, "I'm going to cum in you... I'm going to dump all my cum into your pussy."

She pulled away from me and said, "Do it...cum in my pussy... cum in me! My husband wants my pussy full of your cum! Do it! Cum inside my pussy!"

He kept on fucking her harder and harder, then looked at me and said, "I'm going to cum in your wife, I'm going cum in your wife's pussy!"

She replied, “Cum in my pussy, use it. Fuck it hard. Dump all that cum in me.”

I just kept on filming as I could see his cock pause in the rhythm and then throb and throb. He pumped his cum in her pussy. Slowly he stopped fucking her. At first he left his cock deep inside her when he stopped, then he slowly pulled his cock out of her. A stream of white, glistening cum could be seen running out of her little hole and also dripping off the tip of his dick and onto her thigh. He placed those panties back over her pussy as if closing a door.

He moved up to her face as she opened her mouth. She cleaned the cock juice off of his cock and balls as he rubbed his cock all over her lips and cheeks. His cock left a trail of wet semen across her face. He quietly retrieved his clothes off the floor and started getting dressed. No further words were exchanged as he left the room, and we both heard the door shut.

Her tits were covered with his sucker bites and there is a stream of cum running down her face. Her panties were incredibly soaked, and the inside of her thighs were even wet, as was the bed sheet underneath. I knew she could squirt, but never had seen this much. I moved over and again started kissing her. I ran my hand inside her panties and felt all his cum that he left behind in her hole. My cock was so hard, as I've wanted her like this for so very long. Really, I have longed for her to be used and then returned to me.

I pulled her panties to the side just as he did and start fucking her. I could feel the warm cum run out of her pussy as my cock went in it. I slowly fucked her and squeezed on her sucker bit tits, but we were interrupted as we heard a quiet knock on the door.

I remember saying, “Excuse me honey”, as I quickly placed my cock and balls back inside my underwear.

She was still blindfolded as I answered the door. I knew all along whom it was going to be. It was the friend that we had left in the bar. He came in and assessed the surroundings. I motioned for him to have a seat in the chair. It was the same chair that I had been sitting in only a few minutes before when I was watching the first show. He undid his zipper and pulled out his cock and balls tucking them just over the elastic band of his underwear, like I had done, only he left all his clothes still on. I grasp both of her hands and pulled her up from the bed. She took a couple of steps as I guided her towards that chair. I pushed her down to the floor of the hotel room, onto her knees.

Her top was still pulled up and her panties were still wet and cum covered. A clear wet spot on the crotch was very visible. I guided her head over to his semi-erect cock. She took it with her hand and then squeezed it hard, as she cupped his balls with her other hand. I pushed her face and mouth towards the dick and she took it in her mouth. Just the cap at first, but she ran her tongue all over it. After a few moments, she started taking further in her mouth. Finally, I saw it go far down her throat. She continued for a while only occasionally stopping to lick his balls. She would again lick the cap of his dick and then take him again the whole way.

Soon she was completely deep-throating him in a fucking fashion, as far down as she could. Saliva was running out of her mouth. A couple more minutes passed and I reached again for the camera. I got some close-up of her taking that cock in her mouth. Now that it was completely erect I was a bit shocked that she could still get it all down. The pace had gotten faster now as he started reciprocating her stroke with his hips. She was squeezing his cock with her hand as it slid deep into her mouth. He looked over at me to let me know he was close. I continued to use the camera.

His started pinching her hanging tits and nipples with his hands. She kept servicing his cock. I admit it; I was somewhat envious. He started to groan and began to breath quite heavy. He took both hands from her hanging tits and grabbed the arms of the chair he was sitting in. His cock exploded into her mouth as he let out a grunt of pleasure. She made a satisfied whine with her voice as he dumped as much of his cum into her mouth as she could take. Some still managed to run out of the corner of her mouth. Maybe it was just sloppiness, but most all of it was still in her mouth. He pulled his cock out, and she turned her mouth towards me and opened it to show me his full load of cum puddle on her tongue.

She stood up from the floor still blindfolded. I guided her back over to the bed. She sat back down and I placed her back in a propped-up position against the headboard where she started. She had let his cum run out of her lips and run down onto her tits, leaving them covered with his cum, wet, and messy. Several streams of cum were still dripping off her chin. He re-zipped his pants and left the room quietly and we again heard the door shut for the second time tonight.

It was now over. The both guys had actually done just as I had requested of them. She was used and cum-filled now. Of course I took more close-up videos and pictures. The room smelled of sex, and the bed is soaked. I now have her the way I wanted her – “used”. I removed her blindfold so that she could observe the room and the aftermath.

I told her, “There are lots of pictures and videos to look at and there is no better time to watch them then right now.”

There is still plenty of night left and we have the room. Now she is all mine, but was used by others. She pleased two other cocks as I watched. I wanted her this way for so long. If you don’t know what I mean then I probably just can’t explain it to you. Now, the night continues for me, because now it’s my turn. I do love her so.

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