Attention to the Mrs.

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He suckled my nipples through my tank top
It was an early night when my hubby and I decided to go to bed. He was not in the mood to have sex, which was not surprising since of late he just was so tired he just crashed. I on the other hand was very horny and I really needed to feel his cock deep in my pussy. I was starving for a good fuck. I decided that I was going to ease him into having sex.

I usually go to bed with a night shirt or short nightie, but tonight I was going to put on some white cotton bikini underwear that I knew he loved with a white cotton tank top. I wanted to make sure he could see my breasts and nipples through that top so it was a bit worn through. My hubby was not much into sexy lingerie, he loved cotton panties. I always thought it unusual something so simple turned him on.

So I came out of the bathroom, all ready for bed with a tube of lotion in my hand. I asked if he would give me a body message and use the lotion. He repeated that he was tired but that he would be up for rubbing me down. I stood there just looking at him getting ready for bed. He wore tight black boxer briefs, which I absolutely love. My honey has the best looking ass I have ever seen on a man. He has a head of blond hair with some gray, steel blue eyes and fine thin lips. Those lips maybe thin and fine, but when he kisses me so passionately I just melt.

I crawled onto the bed and I made sure that my breasts were very close to his head so he could see how I was already aroused. My nipples were pushing their way through this worn ribbed tank top. He could see that I was a bit horny; he could always tell when I am in the mood. My eyes change to a greenish color and the look of a sexy kitten. I got close and kissed him on each eyelid, then each cheek until I finally made it to his lips. I licked the outside of his lips and slowly inserted my tongue in his mouth. He did respond and kissed me back passionately just the way I like it, slow, passionate and intense. We slowly pulled away from each other and I could see in his eyes he liked the kiss very much.

I asked if he was ready to give me a massage and he said in a minute he just wanted to cuddle a bit before and hold me. We lay on the bed intertwined and giving each other little kisses on our lips then working our way to each other’s chests. He started to rub his hand over my breast, caressing it then he very gently tweaked me nipple, then he moved his hand to my back and towards my ass. I just love when he touches my ass. He slowly rubbed his hand up and down my ass then grabbed it my intensely and I arched my back. His body pressed against mine felt great. The anticipation of fucking him got stronger.

He released his hold of me and started to kiss my forehead, then moved down to my eyes, then nose, then my lips, he gave me sweet pecks, which I didn’t mind at all. He worked his way down to my neck, which got me to roll my eyes knowing that his next move would be towards my breasts. Like most women my breasts and nipples are extremely sensitive and a direct link to my pussy.

He already knew that from the years of me telling him what turned me on and how to push my buttons. He did not remove my tank top he started kissing my breasts each one gently; he knows that he can’t get the other jealous. He started to focus on one breast, the nipple in fact. I started to feel the moisture from his mouth on my top soaking it as he began to suck my nipple. It was sexy and I felt great, I started arching my back the whole time. While he was suckling one hand went down my body past my stomach to my panties.

He started stroking the outside of my panties then started rubbing my pussy and I was feeling very relaxed and sexy. Not 10-15minutes earlier he was telling me he was just too tired to have sex. I was proud of myself that I got him to relax and have a little fun with me.

He finished suckling the one nipple then he said “I need to suckle the other my dear because we know she gets jealous, don’t we”. I looked dead in his eyes and said “yes we do know that, so please continue”, he did. He was feeling great and I love all the attention and foreplay. The longer he played like that I knew that my orgasm was not far away.

He continued to rub the outside of my panties then he moved his hand to my pussy and lifted the panties so he could feel how wet I was, and baby I was dripping wet with excitement. Typically my hubby does not want any foreplay and just hops on and off when he wants to get the job done. Not me, I love lots of foreplay and when he puts his mind to it, I am butter in his warm hands. He could do just about anything to me and I would not say no.

My top was soaked from his sucking both my breasts, it was as though I was leaking milk. The room was cool and when that air hit the wet spots on my top, my nipples were even harder, larger and ready to be man handled with some nibbles and some hard tweaking. He started to work his way down by kissing my belly and licking the belly button. He got to my pussy but he did not pull them off. He started to kiss the outside of the panties then blew some of his hot breathe on the outside which made me arch my back even more.

I was so ready to get fucked by this man. It was tough to control myself from not hopping on his cock and riding him until I came all over the place, but I held back so I could enjoy all that he wanted to give to me.

He started to lick the outside of my panties, wow that felt great, He managed to wiggle his tongue under the panties to lick a part of my pussy. He smiled and said “clean shaven, just the way I like it”. He reached with his other hand and pulled the one side of my panties so he could see my pussy. He looked at it then looked at me and then started to lick the slit of my pussy and his eyes never left mine, it was so intense.

His tongue worked its way through the slit then to my clit and the minute his tongue touched it I arched my back even more and he knew that he was close to giving his wife a well-deserved orgasm. During this time I tried reaching for his cock but he would not have any part of it. He wanted to pleasure me which I was not going to argue with. I lay back and watched him work his magic with that tongue. Overall I have to say that he knew how to eat a woman’s pussy. He was the best at oral sex I have ever had and I repeatedly told him that. That made him feel great, so confident and eager to please me.

He slowly started to remove my panties making sure not to let that clit go unattended, with all that licking I was getting closer and closer to my orgasm. I asked him if he wanted to do 69, he said no that he wanted it to be my night of pleasure. I was not about to argue that so I let him continue. He licked my clit intensely, and then he nibbled it a bit. I asked him to nibble harder that I wanted to feel his mouth, teeth, and tongue on me all day. Just like a good boy he did what I asked. I was loving every bit of it.

I got to a point of no return, I asked him to lick the outside of my pussy then work his way to my vagina and tongue me and he did, then he worked his way back up to my clit and sucked it like I would suck his cock., well that was it. I started to breathe heavier, my back was arching uncontrollably, my legs were quivering and then, oh my god, there it was the most relaxing and at the same time intense orgasm. It felt as though it lasted for 10 minutes, but it was a long 1minute. Then I collapsed in total satisfaction.

He lay his head by my pussy and said “did you like that baby, do you feel good now?” I said “oh baby, I am in heaven, I feel great”. I lay there with him in the afterglow of it all but I did not want to leave him without cumming, so I asked him if he wanted a blowjob but he declined and said it was my night not his and to just relax and we could cuddle and went to sleep.