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Back at Jo's house

More of Jo, MUCH more of Jo
This is the third in a series beginning with Mall-ing Jo, and then With Jo a second time. The work is inspired by Sexywife104. She's well named.

As the big Hemi engine in my Challenger awoke with a growl, Jo turned towards me and said, “You surprised me back there. I didn’t think you’d agree to have Dave watch us quite yet.”

“I surprised myself too.” I replied earnestly, “I’m not quite sure how I’ll handle all this but you and he trust me and so I decided to trust you.

The rest of our ride was small talk mostly about the salient points of my Dodge. Back at Jo’s place she fixed drinks and we went upstairs. In her room she raised her arms for me to lift the stunning black dress from her body. “Thank you,” Jo said, and she carefully placed the garment on a hanger and hung it in her large closet.

I looked into the closet half wondering if somehow Dave had beaten us home. Reading my mind, Jo smiled and said, “We have awhile, Dave probably won’t leave until Helen’s boyfriend comes for her.” Jo padded to a dresser and slipped on a cobalt blue teddy. The effect of the blue silk on her top and the black garter belt and stockings underneath was almost too much for me to bear. Given that I’m in my sixties and just had a nearly violent cum only a half hour before I figured we needed some help and so I took the Viagra from my pocket, grinned and said, Be right back.”

“How soon before it kicks in?” Jo asked.

"About forty minutes,” I replied.

“Well then, how shall we amuse ourselves until that happens?” Jo asked with mock gravity.

For the second time in as many weeks my precum desecrated Jo’s conjugal sheets while I deep tissue massaged her vagina with my tongue and she massaged my back with squirming legs. I love eating pussy – always have and this was a real treat.

I wanted to change positions so I asked Jo to kneel on the bed, legs apart facing the headboard. I lay on my back and slipped between Jo’s legs and reached up to pull down on her hips so that Jo’s sweet pussy squarely saddled my mouth and I said, “Ride me Baby”! Apparently that brought out the cowgirl in Jo because she rode me like a rodeo star while I tongued and sucked her. Next to intercourse, this is my very favorite sexual act. Jo rode me for a long time sometimes cheering me on and sometimes I cheered her on. Although I’d eaten pussy many times this way, this time with Jo was the very first time that the woman above me wore stockings and a sexy garter belt. The effect of her black silk stockings rubbing my full beard and those sexy straps and enticing lace encircling Jo’s sexy hips poised above me was driving me wild!

At some point I heard her say, “Hi Baby” which confused me at first but then I realized that Dave must have come in. I was too occupied eating his wife to exchange pleasantries with the man so I just kept going. In fact, I intensified my ministry to this beautiful cunny of Jo’s because I wanted her full attention. Sometimes I’d reach up and pull her hips tighter to my face and sometimes I’d play with her small breasts and tight nipples and then trace my hands down over her belly and around the band of her garter belt.

As we gathered steam, my grunts and Jo’s took on a palpable rhythm and I began slapping her ass as she rode me. I didn’t slap hard enough to hurt Jo, but hard enough to focus her lust more fully.

When Jo came, I thought she would drown me! She flooded my face. My mouth overflowed and Jo;s cum flowed over my beard, soaking it and spreading out over the sheets beneath us. Her stockings got soaked and Jo nearly collapsed. She lay down beside me and kissed me hard, full on the mouth and hugged herself close to me. “That was incredible” she said, and then Jo kissed me again.

I felt the Viagra kicking in and told Jo, "You’re `gonna have to come back up fast Baby because that blue pill made its way to my dick and I sure don’t `wanna risk losing this erection!" Jo quickly unstrapped and removed her soaking stockings and I stopped her from pulling off the garter belt to save time. I poised to enter her and then pulled back for a second and said, “Condoms!”

Jo stopped me and said, “No condom big guy, I want to feel you cum inside me.“ With that I slipped balls-deep into Jo and we began a nice easy rocking pace. I took my time at first so that Jo could catch up a little having just experienced her orgasm.

I like dirty talk during sex and wondered if Jo does also. As we fucked, I began a litany of things I’d love to do with her or to her. With every thrust of my cock I’d add something, it became almost like a chant.


“Oh god this is good”


“Mmmmm someday I want to fuck you on a beach. Maybe in Aruba”


“*Gasp*, you are so good at this, your little tits make me crazy”


“I want to pose you in topless in a bikini bottom in a department store window. Maybe Wannamaker’s.”


"I want to slap your ass and pull your hair next time we fuck.”


"Mmmmmmmmmm I want to fuck you while we watch a video of someone else fucking you!”

You begin to moan and your hips are meeting me thrust for thrust now.


“I want to take you parasailing and your bikini bottom 'accidentally' falls and you sail bottomless over the miles of beach and thousands of beachgoers!”

Your moans intensify.


“Mmmmmmmmmm I want to lay you nude in a skiboat and cruise the back bays behind Margate and Longport so you’re seen by everyone crossing the bridges to the mainland. Then I want to pull up to the sandy beach on Jonas Island across the bay from Longport and fuck you right there and make you suck my cock!”

[thrust] [thrust]

“I want to take you to Chicago and bend you over the arm of an upholstered chair in the Hyatt Regency overlooking Michigan Avenue and the Chicago River with all the lights of Chicago behind you as we fuck.”

[thrust] [thrust] [thrust]

“Oh God help me, I want to fuck you in a church choir loft!”

[thrust] [thrust] [thrust] [thrust]

“MMMMMMmmmmmm or maybe on a balcony at the Marriott Waikiki overlooking the beaches at sunset.”

[thrust] [thrust] [thrust] [thrust]

“Oh Jesus, I wish I could make you pregnant, knock you up, fill your belly with a baby.”

[thrust] [thrust] [thrust] [thrust][thrust]

On and on we go, fucking, rutting, goading, cursing, loving and there’s no holding back now. I’m going to cum and push it deep inside Jo. Her legs draw up and begin pulling me in still tighter and that familiar chill started up my back as my balls tighten for launch. Jo’s soft moans have done their work and driven me to completeness and with a final push I clamp my body tight to her cunny and drop my load in her. Jet after jet of thick ropey spume flow out of me and inundate her tissues.

We collapsed in each others arms and kissed and kissed and kissed some more. “Do something for me?” I asked Jo quizzically.

“Sure, what?” She replied.

I want to put a pillow under your hips so that my cum flows even deeper into you. While we were fucking, I really got off on the idea of knocking you up and the fantasy that you’d want my baby. So even though you’re past childbearing years and I’ve had a vasectomy, it’ll be a very sweet fantasy for me if you elevate your hips for awhile as though you were actually trying to become pregnant. Even without the fantasy I enjoy the idea of my cum flowing more deeply into your belly.”

“I kind of like that fantasy too,” you said and elevated your hips as I placed a pillow under you. We cuddled like that for a long time and I almost fell asleep but realized that Dave was still on the other side of the room and I didn’t want to overstay my welcome.

“Ok Jo I’m going to go check into a motel for the rest of the night because I’m supposed to be on a business trip.”

“You can go that if you wish,” Jo said, “but you also could shower here and sleep on the recliner in our living room. It’s after three already so you’d not get much for your money at a motel. Besides, I think it would be nice for the three of us to have breakfast together.”

I accepted Jo’s offer and popped into the master bath and grabbed a quick shower. Back in their room I grabbed up my clothes and saw that Dave had retaken his rightful place in their bed. He was lying beside Jo whispering in her ear and gently stroking her belly. As I left them, I turned and realized that something was a little different. I smiled broadly realizing that there was a second pillow under Jo’s hips…

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