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Back Stage

He made her the company whore, but the girl and his wife comspired back stage

John Walker was not a small man but he was almost dwarfed by the company's CEO. John always had a little squeamish feeling when he talked with Mr. Offenbach. As a fairly tall man himself he was not used to look up to someone else's eyes and therefore he was always slightly irked by the fact that he had to do so when he had to talk to Offenbach while standing.

Jim Offenbach skillfully steered the conversation to the object that interested him lately, a young lady whom he wanted to meet at tonight's party. He took John's arm and steered him in the direction of the Patio. From there they descended the three steps that led into the dark garden.

Once they were away from the house, Offenbach led right into the subject he wanted to discuss. "John, as I expounded at the meeting, I am proud of you and your accomplishments here. And to all the things I have talked about, I must add also that it was you who found the young lady about whom I hear all kinds of good news. I can't even recall her name at the present. Tell me a bit about her and also how you convinced her to join us. She is truly an asset to the organization, just make sure that everything looks legitimate."

"No problem, Chief," answered John. "She is unusual, but that is to be expected for a girl with the unusual name of Tarina. I want you to meet her tonight and maybe get better acquainted with her upstairs in the extra guest room next to the study of mine. She is very good looking, although not the ravishing beauty to make her Miss Universe. She is effervescent, full of energy, has a good humor, and is willing to do whatever needs to be done in her capacity." I then told him how I spotted her, how I recruited her, and how she came to assume her position with us.

Jim has business on his mind at all times and as usual he mixed business and social times together, breaking up my tale into a number of chunks. Therefore I better leave Jim in the garden and just tell you the story of Tarina directly.  

I saw her for the first time at a company party right here in my house. I soon found out who she was and that her husband is am accountant with us and is on the road 90 percent of the time to check on our various branches. So I figured she might be a bit frustrated, which would help to convince her to join forces with us. I took her aside and told her that I had a few questions for her and maybe some good advice.  

I took her for a walk in the garden and asked her if she knew that her husband was in line for a promotion. She said that she knew and that she also knew that there were two other gentlemen the company was looking at for the new post. That was right, I told her, another exec and I must make that decision by the end of next month, eight or nine weeks from now.

"Do you come from a wealthy family?" I asked her. "Oh no," she laughed.  

"Well then," I continued. "You probably have noticed that men in higher positions have beautiful wives much more frequently than people in the lower echelons. Higher executives start out the same as the lower ones, but they rise up the ladder much faster. Their wives are the reason.

Let me explain, and I hope I don't offend you with my openness. The movie stars who get the choice roles are the ones who know how to play the game. Just as we men use our talents to make a good living for ourselves and our wives, so some women use their talents, their assets, to influence the right people, the ones that will move hubby up the ladder.

Naturally, that woman must be beautiful, full of life, and have a good sense of humor. These are attributes that we men appreciate in a woman. And she must be ambitious. I remember a revealing conversation with Susanne, a beautiful lady, who told me that there were a number of good reasons for her doing what she did. She explained, 'I definitely enjoyed the variety of men, I enjoyed the feeling of doing something naughty, I was helping my husband to advance, and I enjoyed giving pleasure to someone else.' Then she added with a wistful smile, 'and to myself also.' She also confided in me that her husband eventually found out what she was doing. He was not upset after she pointed out that their personal life had never been effected one way or the other."

I had Tarina's full attention and so I continued. "In fact, in the circle of the rich and the famous the husband usually knows about his wife's activities.

In case nobody ever told you, it is part of my job to decide, together with Paul Mentor, who gets promoted if there are several equally qualified contenders. I am probably violating some company policy but you have made quite an impression on Paul and me and so we decided to tell you about that little secret as to how life is conducted back stage.

Now you have the facts before you and I want you to think about it and let me know your decision. If I judge you correctly you are the ambitious type, am I right?"

It took her less than five seconds to make a decision. There was no hesitation in her voice when she agreed, "yes I am ambitious and I will do whatever it takes. Furthermore, Mr. Johnson, I think it would be great fun showing you a good time. We are quite secluded here and I would love to give you a little sample." She took my arm and steered me around the corner, sat down on the bench and opened my zipper."

"I love it when I get one that is not real hard yet and I have the privilege to bring it to full bloom. Give me ten seconds," she announced. The next moment she had my dick in her mouth and started to move her lips up and down. It appeared to me that she didn't have the finesse of a more mature and experienced woman, but she made up for with eagerness. How wrong I was I found out later on her first afternoon visit. It was quite obvious that she wanted me to enjoy the blowjob.  

I didn't last very long. I didn't want to be missed on the floor, and the excitement of there being the chance of discovery hurried me on, too.

I took Paul aside to tell him that I had just secured some extra pussy for us if we could keep her husband traveling even after his promotion, which anyway was still another two to three months away.  

When the party started to break up I took Tarina aside again to tell her that my wife plays golf every Friday with a gaggle of other wives and that I expect her about two in the afternoon. I instructed her to wear a front buttoned blouse, a miniskirt, and definitely no underwear. She did not flinch a bit, just smiled and said, "I will be on time."  

Friday morning I went to my office as usual, but I got very little work done, I was nervous about how this would work out, and at the same time I was excited with the prospect of having some young pussy available. I forgot to tell you that I am fifty-one.

She arrived at exactly two with a big, happy smile on her face. She looked absolutely ravishing. She was dressed as I had told her, her make-up was absolutely perfect, just enough to enhance her beautiful face, especially her eyes. In my mind I had pictured her being somewhat unsure of the situation, but that was not so.  

She took control the moment she walked in by hugging me tight and then kissing me with a passion I had last experienced when I was a young lad of eighteen, about thirty-three years ago. Instead of me having to calm a hesitant Tarina's nerves it was she who had to calm mine.

We went to the living room where I asked her if she wanted a drink. She laughed at me. "It seems to me that you need a drink real bad, I can feel that you are wound up tight inside, so let's have a drink. I am here to have fun myself, and I want you to have fun. I want you to enjoy this afternoon."

She had shocked me. When I had talked to her in the garden last weekend, I had thought of her as a quiet, somewhat pliant, pleasant girl that I had to seduce slowly to keep her from bolting. Was I ever wrong.

When I handed Tarina her drink she stood up, raised her glass and announced, "this is to a long and enjoyable friendship." She sat down then, looked at me with an impish smile, and continued, "I want you to know that I would never have considered your proposal if it had not been for our age difference. Yes, there certainly is some titillation in knowing the husband's wife could find out that her husband is having a good time with another female.  

After her short speech she stood up and put her drink on the coffee table. She turned to face me and then played with the top button of her blouse, giggled, and slowly opened the first button. She stopped again. She seemed to have great fun performing in the middle of the living room and I was wondering what she was going to do next.

Her next words were, "I am not really a slow person, I only want to savor the moment and keep you guessing. I didn't know that it could so much fun teasing a man. I have to do that more often."  Her hands moved very slowly up to her blouse again, first cupping her tits and then rubbing her nipples through the thin material. "HMMM," she whispered, "that feels so good, I will let you do that to me later, right now I want to tease my nipples hard by myself."

But she did open the third button eventually.  "I can't believe how wet I am not doing any more than what I do every night when I undress." She giggled again, and then added, "next time I will let you help me." After she had all her buttons open she slightly turned her head, cocked it, and looked at me with that pixyish smile of hers, " you will now be treated to a sight that only one other man has ever seen, so I want you to pay strict attention." I appreciated her humor more and more.

The blouse opened in slow motion and I did pay close attention. She had beautiful tits, smallish, a bit cone shaped, which made them point directly at me, with lovely red aureoles framing each erect nipple. I had the impression that she wanted me to stay in my chair and so I did, but it required lots of will power.

Tarina showed her sense of humor again, "you poor man probably rushed home from work so that you wouldn't miss me and as a result you skipped your lunch. It is only fair for me to offer something to put in your mouth as an appetizer to quell those hunger pangs. And after that I will offer you a banquet where you may eat as much and as long as you wish."

The minx suppressed her laughter but the sparkle in her eyes gave her away. She had more to say while she slowly moved the zipper down on her skirt, "your time will come, my friend. Lo, and behold the Vixen of Benson Biogen, Inc." She raised her arms straight up, which made her tits stand out pointing at me even more than before. Her shaved pussy showed dew drops, which shimmered in the room's light like precious pearls.

Her arms came down again and two seconds later she stood in front of me and took my hands to pull me out of my easy chair. Her arms went around me while her body contorted itself to fit mine as closely as possible. Her lips eagerly closed on mine, her tongue straining to get access to my mouth. One hand finally snaked back to the front and down my thigh to search for the object that was straining to be set free. She rubbed it for a while through the trouser fabric, then squeezed it lovingly. With one fluid motion she sank down to kneel on the carpet, her hands already busy on my belt. The zipper came next and my pants were stripped from me. My skivvies lasted about two seconds longer and my dick was finally set free.

But only for a second or two. Then it disappeared when two hot lips closed around it and started to move back and forth along the shaft, every so often withdrawing to let her tongue have some fun licking and vibrating the most sensitive spot below the head. A hand now joined in, gripping my dick at thee base and moving in unison with her lips.

She stopped suddenly and stood up, embraced me and kissed me hard. She leaned back a bit to look into my face while she stripped off my shirt. That done Tarina laughingly explained, "this was just a prelude, sort of reminding your prick what a girl's pussy feels like and what to do there."

Again she started kissing me, this time with urgency. Her hands were scratching my back, her tongue did a dance in my mouth, her body molded itself to mine. She straddled my prick and her thigh muscled massaged it and squeezed it. While her body was molded tightly to mine, she still managed to wiggle a bit from side to side, rubbing her tits and her belly against mine. When she finally set me free I was hotter than I had ever been in my live.

Tarina gave me one more look like Cheshire cat and then turned, bent over, and wiggled an invitation. The next moment I found myself deeply imbedded in her, her juices lubricating her pussy to the point of dripping out onto the carpet. I tried hard to think mundane thoughts to make the fuck last, but it was useless, I was charged too much, and I soon exploded with an orgasm that rippled down my legs . I was not sure if I could keep standing. The climax gripped me with such a force that I was short of breath, gasping for air.

I collapsed into the deep cushions of the couch where I was joined by Tarina. She took my face into her hands and kissed me tenderly. Then she placed a finger on my lips that told me to be still while her other hand was busy playing with my chest hair. After she took her finger from my lips I still had to wait a bit before I was able to speak.

"Woman, you are unbelievable. You just did something to me that no one else had ever done. "

Tarina giggled, and then laughed out loud, "you just met an innocent young housewife who was seduced and forced to service some senior executives and maybe will have to do the same  even to  the CEO sometime in the future. That turned this innocent housewife into a semi-professional call girl. So, what do you expect from a semi-professional?!"

We were both in a good mood, sipped our wine, and had a friendly chat. We called Paul and set up an appointment for the next day. Suddenly I remembered that my wife could come home any minute. We kissed a quick good-bye and she drove off.

Late the next day Paul called to tell me his adventure with Tarina and we compared notes. What stood out in capital letters was her tremendous sense of humor, and her sincere efforts to please. And that she enjoyed sex.

About four weeks after our first meeting she asked me to tell her a bit more about Susanne, who I had mentioned before. So I told her that she was sorely missed for reasons I had not told her about.

" Susanne was an unusual lady," I started. We miss her as a person, and also because she was a wonderful entertainer. You see, we have important clients, also prospects, coming to town for meetings and the company pays for their room at the Grand Hotel. We also pay for their evening dinner and drinks. Many of these men enjoyed a relaxing evening and good conversation, especially if the dinner companion was a beautiful lady with lots of humor.  

And Susanne had lots of fun providing this companionship, she once told me. The company, naturally, was most appreciative and we always handed her an envelope with three hundred dollars for her own spending account. At first she barked at receiving money, until she understood that we would not feel right using her services for free." I stopped here to watch her reaction. It was not long in coming.

"I bet she also wound up in bed many times," laughed Tarina. "She must have had lots of fun, free dinners, free drinks, mature men to fuck her, and then getting paid for all that enjoyment. That's a job right down my alley." This time she laughed so hard that tears rolled down her cheek. After her laughter had died down and she had wiped her eyes she asked in a serious voice, "where do I apply for this position?"

I had the distinct feeling that she was serious about stepping into Susanne's shoes, and I was right, as it turned out. And that is how Tarina became the official company entertainer, entertaining men as well as herself.

About a month after this conversation, when she was firmly recognized as the entertainer, we had our monthly office party and here she finally met our CEO, Jim Offenbach. This party was held at Paul's house. Tarina recognized him at once when he arrived; she had heard that he was the tallest man in the organization. Jim was always surrounded by females, attracted by his rugged maleness; he could easily play a cowboy in a Western movie. In addition to that he was suave, the typical playboy of the right sugar daddy age, complete with a shock of salt and pepper hair. It was no wonder then that women of all ages found him immensely attractive.  

Tarina was waiting for the right moment to pounce on him. This moment arrived as he untangled himself from a bunch of ladies in order to talk to one of the execs on the other side of the room. As he walked through the crowd he almost collided with a young vivacious lady, who introduced herself, telling him how glad she was to finally meet him. I had watched Tarina's performance and admired her split second timing and perfect execution. Everything had looked innocently accidental.

It took Jim just two seconds to forget where he was going. Instead he led her to the middle of the room where people were dancing. He was an excellent dancer and Tarina was in her element. I was absolutely sure that he had a boner in his trousers; he certainly was in a hurry to lead her out the back door onto the porch. For what happened next I have to rely on Tarina. She confided in me during our next afternoon meeting after I swore an oath of secrecy.  

She would not go into details, except that it was a less than satisfying performance and the only good of the meeting was a proposal. He had offered her five hundred dollars if she would visit him in his office twice or thee times a month for a blowjob. I didn't ask Tarina if she accepted, but knowing her, it could have gone either way. By now I knew that Tarina marched to her own drummer. And there was more to that girl as I would find out a bit later.

The following Friday I came home in the afternoon as usual just before Tarina's arrival. Within one minute Jim Offenbach called and ordered me to leave at once and meet him and one of our top clients at the airport. I posted a note at the door for Tarina, wrote a short note on the kitchen table for my wife Gwen, and was off at once.

The golf game came to an early end when one of the ladies of the foursome became violently ill. The other three, after a short drink in the bar, then called it a day and went home. Gwen arrived just before Tarina, and just after I had left, finding Tarina's note on the door. That's when she felt her time had come to carry out a dream she had had for some time, so she confessed to me later.  

From here on I will have to reconstruct my story, relying on what the two women later told me.

Tarina arrived as usual right on time and was very surprised to be greeted by Gwen instead of me. Gwen explained what had happened and poured two glasses of wine, not asking if Tarina wanted one, making sure she would stayed a bit. Gwen sat down on the couch and asked Tarina to join her because she wanted to talk and get to know Tarina better.
"I would like get to know you better," Gwen had started, "after all, I am sharing my husband with you." Gwen was amazed that Tarina did not show any reaction besides taking another sip of her wine.  

After a moments silence, Tarina spoke up. "Aren't men pretty dumb in some respects. Like your husband believing that you were in the dark. I certainly was aware that you knew, and not only that, but that we knew of each other."

"You are a very perceptive lady," commented Gwen, "At least he did not choose a bimbo. You are right. I have been aware of my husband's philandering for some time and I am not concerned, in fact, I think I even got more intimate attention now than before.  
I think we could be real friends, we think alike. I am a firm believer in the old saying that what is OK for the gander is also OK for the goose." Gwen had made her offer, now the ball was in Tarina's court.

I had not known that my wife had lusted after girls, to my knowledge she had never shown any interest in that direction. But as Tarina said, we men can be very dumb at times. I don't know if Tarina harbored similar wishes, or if she wanted to make sure that peace prevailed, or if she felt blackmailed, or maybe just to please someone. At any rate, the two women did wind up in our bedroom.

Gwen took Tarina in her arms, hugged her and whispered in Tarina's ear, "I have waited many years for this. I never met a girl before with whom I wanted to share an afternoon. You are different, both loveable and loving, sweet and giving of yourself, I could almost fall in love with you. Right now I want to make love to you, I want to taste you, I want to feel you tremble in ecstasy."  

She took Tarina's head between both hands and placed soft kisses on Tarina's eyelids, the tip of her nose, her forehead. She ran the tip of her tongue over Tarina's eyebrows, down one cheek to the girl's lips, letting her tongue wander just at the edge of Tarina's lips. Soon both could not wait any longer, they embraced and kissed with passion, their mouths half open, their tongues seeking each other in a frantic effort to get acquainted.  

It was a long time before they broke their kiss. They opened their eyes and looked at each other. Their passion flared up again after just a few seconds, their lips found each other again for a kiss as hot, or even hotter, than before. Tarina's hands on Gwen's back had wandered to Gwen's ass and pushed hard to try and get their bodies closer still. When reality slowly returned Gwen suggested they get more comfortable.

Locking eyes with Tarina she slowly opened the top button of Tarina's blouse, taking her time.  The other buttons followed in slow-motion to let Tarina enjoy being undressed by someone else. Tarina smiled back at Gwen and remarked, "this is fun. I have never been with another girl before, but I think I will enjoy my time with you."

When Gwen was done with the last button the blouse opened to reveal two tits crowned by erect, stiff nipples, set in the center of reddish aureoles. That combination made Tarina's arousal quite obvious. Tarina did not mind, she was proud of her breasts and enjoyed having them admired by her partners, and today especially. Gwen commanded her, "keep your arms at your side until I tell you, right now I want to take my time to feast my eyes on your lovely twins."

After a minute she brought both hands up and softly stroked Tarina's boobs, lovingly caressing them. She extended a finger and let it walk around the nipple, lightly teasing it occasionally with her fingernail, causing each nipple to stiffen even more. Tarina was quivering ever so slightly. But when Gwen replaced her hands with her mouth the girl could not hold back  any longer. Her arms went behind her friend's neck to keep those delicious lips from leaving their post except to move over to the other side.

Gwen's hands had snaked down Tarina's body to hold her tight while she attacked the two nipples. After a while one hand moved further down to land between the girl's legs and urgently demanded access. Tarina's body reacted at once. Her legs spread slightly and the finger, unhindered by panties, found its target where it started dancing a slow dance, bringing loud moans from Tarina's open mouth. She started shaking under the twin attack on her sensitive parts and Gwen released her, leading the highly aroused woman to the bed.

She stripped the blouse off Tarina, opened the zipper and pulled down the miniskirt. She tried to push Tarina backwards toward the bed but her friend had other ideas. "Stop right here," announced Tarina. "You have me naked and you are still dressed. That has to be changed right now. And you better stand still while I undress you or else I will have to teach you a lesson in obedience." It was hard to say who of the two laughed harder.

When Tarina had removed Gwen's blouse and bra she stood back a step to get a good look at her friend. After a few moments of inspection she stepped close again to Gwen and smiled at her.

"Gwen, I have never done this. I have never touched another woman's breast, let alone take her tits or her nipples in my mouth. But with you I will enjoy it, I know." She took a deep breath, bent her head and took Gwen's left nipple in her mouth. She played with it, sucking it, torturing it with her tongue.

She soon found out that she liked what she was ding and paid a visit to the left nipple. She ran just the very tip of her tongue around the nipple, then let her tongue wash it and finally she put her mouth over it, never letting her tongue come to rest. It was Gwen's turn to shiver, and when Tarina's hands moved up to fondle and squeeze each tit in turn she moaned loudly.

Gwen was too aroused to wait any longer. She took Tarina's head between her hands and forced Tarina to let go of her twin victims. She pushed Tarina back to fall backwards onto the bed. Tarina bounced back up at once, just as Gwen let her skirt fall to the floor. Gwen reached for her panties but never came close.

Tarina slapped the hands away, she was going to remove Gwen's panties and she was not to be denied. She wanted to do it slowly, to savor this precious moment. She looked up into Gwen's eyes with a look designed to mock her while her own hands hooked into the waistband and slowly, tantalizingly slowly, pushed the panties down Gwen's legs. She also noticed with satisfaction how wet they were.

Gwen's chance was now and she took advantage of Tarina's preoccupation at once. Bending down she put her hands behind the sitting girl's knees and brought them up, spreading the legs at the same time. Now she had Tarina where she wanted her friend. On her back, with knees almost touching her belly, pussy fully exposed and ready for what Gwen had dreamed about.

She didn't lose any time, afraid Tarina would turn the table on her. Her tongue swiped over Tarina's clit three or four times, then went away to more harmless areas, a maneuver designed to tantalize. Wet kisses marched up and down the inside of one thigh, then the other. Tarina felt the kisses coming closer again to where she hoped they would stay. Instead they skirted that spot and went up her belly, stopping at her belly button where the tip of Gwen's tongue explored for a moment. Tarina's body jerked and she managed a hoarse, "Noooh, please."

Gwen's lips went down again, slowly wandering over Tarina's belly to her clit, but staying just a hair's breadth away from it. Gwen's teasing was almost unbearable to Tarina who was ready to attack Gwen any moment when Gwen finally kissed Tarina's love button. Tarina let out a shriek of joy as her body reacted with a shudder.

Gwen was not done teasing, she wanted to bring Tarina to the very edge of endurance. The lips now went south again, slowly along the inside of Tarina's thigh to her knee, there speeding up, hurrying further all the way to Tarina's feet. They received their share of kisses and when Gwen sucked the big toe into her mouth Tarina almost exploded. Her body jerked and she let out a series of quick shrieks. She had arrived at the brink of what she could endure without breaking apart into pieces.

Gwen sensed her friend's state. She shot forward to Tarina's pussy,  and with one quick motion pulled aside the pussy lips and buried her mouth and tongue as deep as she could into  Tarina's open pussy. Her reaction was immediate and violent as her pent up frustrations were set free. Her body convulsed in a violent orgasm, her hands almost ripping holes in the bed sheet, her mouth was open bit there was no sound, yet, she didn't have enough breath left to be vocal. She thrashed about, her back arching and collapsing several times.

Her climax was almost painful and when it was over, her muscles ached, she felt sore all over. Her breath was ragged for a long time. When she finally could focus her eyes again she smiled at Gwen and said, "please let me rest a spell, you have put me through the wringer. I never experienced anything like it. I will have to get even with you."

Two seconds later the phone rang and Gwen picked up the receiver. It was loud enough for Tarina to hear Jim's voice telling Gwen that he would be home in about twenty minutes. That was not enough time for revenge and the two girls promised each other another date soon.

They dressed and did their miracles with their hair and their faces, removing all traces of their fun time. They even thought of making the bed look pristine. Tarina remembered her car parked outside and rushed out to move it so John would mot expect her here.

They moved to the living room and made themselves comfortable with a glass of Pinot Noir, waiting for John to arrive. They looked forward to enjoy his discomfort finding Tarina at home with his wife.

Tarina startled the older woman when she suddenly burst out laughing. She laughed so hard that her sides began to hurt. When she had herself in hand again she apologized. "I am sorry but this is absolutely too funny to keep to myself.  Gwen dear, if I can't share with you my thoughts, I will break apart. They have been with me for some time as I look at the world around me, but our situation at the present brought it into clearer focus.

Your husband tried to get into my pants by telling me about how life is played back stage. He didn't seduce me, I was the one who wanted to get his pants off, because I knew that he could boost my hubby's chances for a promotion. I then made him invent Susanne, because I wanted to be an important cog in the machinery of the company for the same reason.

You and I know how to handle our husbands and make them do what we want them to do, and so do all the other smart women in the world. Gwen, we love our guys, but when I see them congratulating themselves for being so clever, I just can't help laughing. But let's make sure they never find out that ii is their wives who really are in charge back stage."

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