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Be Careful What You Wish For

Husband wanted to watch his wife with another man but it goes totally wrong for him.
Tim and Diane had been married for almost 15 years. They were by all accounts the typical middle class family. They had a great marriage and both of them got along extremely well together. They were high school sweethearts as Tim was the football captain and Diane was head cheerleader. Tim had a very successful job and Diane volunteered for a number of different organizations. Diane was also a great mom as she did everything for her two children.

It was about a year and half ago when Tim got the urge to see Diane sleep with another man. He had read hundreds of stories about it on the internet on how great it was to see their wives with another man. Tim had become obsessed with the idea and now wanted to make it a reality. His desires grew more and more over the next couple of months.

Diane was 38 years old and by any account was classified as hot by men. She was 5’5 and around 115 pounds. She had light blonde hair to go along with a very firm body. She didn’t look anywhere near her age.

Tim hadn’t mentioned anything to Diane about his desires so far. One night in the bedroom he brought it up with Diane. Diane was speechless as she couldn’t believe her husband could even ask her to do something so horrendous.

This didn’t stop Tim from asking her over and over again. Tim's desires grew by the day as he really wanted to see Diane fucked by another man.

Tim’s 40th birthday was coming up and Tim had an idea. He asked Diane, “For my 40th birthday there would be no better present than you sleeping with another man while I watch.”

“Why Tim? Why do you want me to do this?” she asked him.

“I don’t know why! My desires to see you with another man are very real. I need you to do this for some strange reason.” Tim replied back.

“If it means that much to you I guess I will try it.” Diane softly said back.

“It will only be for one time!” Tim quickly replied back.

Tim search all over the internet until he found his man. The stranger had told Tim that he was just an average 40 year old guy. There was nothing special about him at all. This was good for Tim as he didn’t want a guy to compete with. He just wanted a guy who was average and not some stud with a big cock.

Tim had set everything up with this guy without even seeing a pic of him. He took the guy for his word and put all of his trust into him. He set up this whole thing up at a very nice 150 dollar night hotel. He wanted everything to be perfect. They ended up setting up a date two weeks out. Tim must now wait a little while longer for his dream to become a reality.

The next two weeks were agony for Tim and his wife Diane. Diane still hadn’t come to grips about why Tim wanted to see her so badly with another man. She tried to make sense of it all, but came to the conclusion that it was just a male thing.

Well, the big day was here. Tim was only hours from getting his wish of seeing his wife with another man. He paced the house all day long as his adrenalin kicked in. The bad thing was that Tim had never once thought about the repercussions to all of this. He read about all the good stories on how good it was but never read or he purposely skipped the ones that didn’t work out so well. His desires to see his wife with another man had always trumped any thoughts that this all could go so very bad.

The time came as Tim and Diane waited in the hotel room for this gentlemen to arrive. Tim had told Diane that he was just an average 40 year old guy just like him. There was nothing at all special about him.

They both jumped up as there was a knock at their hotel door. Tim went over to open up the door as his wife waited anxiously by the bed. As Tim opened up the door he about fainted. In walked a gentlemen who was nothing like what he had envisioned. He was a very good looking guy who was around 30 not 40 like he had thought. His body was immaculate and no where close to what Tim would call average.

He quickly introduced himself to Diane as she had a stunned look on her face. He told Diane how sexy of a woman she was and that he hoped that she would enjoy this night. Tim was basically out of the picture now as this good looking stranger had taken over.

Tim was extremely nervous now as he moved out of the way. He didn’t want to be involved in any way. He just wanted to watch. He parked himself off to the side of the bed. His wife had on a beautiful black tight dress that showed off her tight little body. Tim was so wrapped up with his thoughts he didn’t even noticed how sexy his wife looked in the dress.

This handsome stranger began to seduce Diane almost right away. He gave Diane a very passionate kiss on the lips and began to pull her dress straps down over her shoulders. He was very pleased as her beautiful firm breasts quickly appeared. Things were moving along very quickly as the stranger had Diane’s dress down onto the floor. She stood in front of him with just a pair of red thong panties on and nothing else. She looked absolutely gorgeous.

Tim grew more anxious by the minute on whether he should put a stop to this or not. This wasn’t exactly what he had expected to happen. If he did stop this now he would look like a hypocrite to his wife. He had worked so hard to get her to go along with this idea that he knew their was no going back.

Diane’s soft body looked beautiful. The good looking stranger began to caress her with his strong hands. He knew exactly what to do with her and she began to melt right their in his arms.

The stranger then pulled away and removed his shirt. His chest muscles bulged out as his abs were extremely ripped. Tim mumbled to himself how this was no average body as he was originally told. Tim now felt like he was being played by this stranger.

The stranger laid Diane down on the bed. He kissed and caressed every inch of her body with his mouth as she squirmed about on the bed. He licked all around her red thong panties and teased her with his tongue. He then reached up and began to slide her red thong panties down her gorgeous legs.

He softly teased her pussy with his tongue as he gently ran it back and forth across her clit. Tim was never one for oral play that much, so this was a totally different experience for Diane. He worked his tongue into Diane’s pussy and her body shook uncontrollably on the bed. He sucked and licked on it until she couldn’t take it anymore. She softly moaned out and grabbed the back of his head with her hands. She pushed his head tightly against herself as she cried out into a strong orgasm.

The stranger now got up off the bed while he unbuckled his pants. Tim was about to be in for another big surprise. The stranger dropped his pants and boxers and his huge cock appeared. It hung several inches down in between his legs and it was way bigger than Tim had been told. This certainly was no average cock.

Tim looked crushed as he sat in the corner of the room. He had been Diane’s only sex partner and his 6 inch cock was no match for what the stranger had between his legs.

He climbed on top of Diane and the moment of truth was coming up fast. Tim had waited months for this minute to happen, but now wondered if he was making a big mistake. He sat in the corner quietly as the handsome stranger lied on top of Diane.

He kissed and caressed Diane as he rubbed his big manhood against her waiting pussy. It was 5 minutes later when Diane suddenly moaned out. Her fingernails gripped right into the back of the stranger. His cock had now penetrated her sweet pussy. He slowly worked his cock into her as she moved about the bed. This again was a new experience for her since his cock was way bigger than her husband's.

The stranger began to make love to Diane and she moaned out in ecstasy. As more and more of the stranger's cock slipped deep into Diane’s pussy her orgasm began to build. A few minutes later Diane’s body tightened up as she let out a scream. She began to cum all over the stranger's cock as Tim watched on helplessly.

Tim sat in the corner and shook his head in disbelief. His wife had cum harder for this stranger than she ever did with him. The stranger continued to fuck Diane as she felt the enormous power his cock had on her.

He fucked Diane good and hard for 15 minutes and Diane moaned out even louder. He then pulled Diane up on top of him. Diane began to slide herself up and down on his huge cock. She now felt what it was like to be fucked with such a huge cock as the stranger's cock slid extremely deep into her. He then grabbed her ass with his strong hands and began to fuck Diane hard and fast. His cock raced in and out of Diane’s pussy as she cried out loudly. She had never been fucked like this before and it didn’t take very long after that she screamed out into another powerful orgasm.

The stranger rolled Diane over again on the bed and had her on all fours. He mounted her from behind and slipped his huge cock back inside her. He fucked her very hard from behind, causing Diane to cum again. He then grabbed her upper arms and pulled her up toward his body. He whispered dirty things into her ear as his cock was being rammed very hard into her. A few minutes later she screamed out again as she came extremely hard on his cock.

Diane’s body then crashed flat onto the bed. The stranger held his cock inside her as he continued to fuck her while her body laid straight out on the bed. He caressed her ass with his hands while pushing his manhood deep into her. Her cries could be heard from the room next to them as she squirmed about the bed. A few seconds later the stranger pulled his cock out of Diane. He laid it right across her butt crack. He began to move his cock back and forth and then started to explode all over her back and ass.

Tim sat there in disbelief. Diane laid on the bed totally worn out as she had come several times on the stranger's big cock. Tim told him that he had seen enough, so the stranger got dressed. He kissed Diane on the forehead as she laid on the bed still recovering. He quickly left and Tim went over to console his wife. Tim now had seen what he wanted and now had to deal with the aftermath of it.

It was about two weeks later when Diane told Tim that the stranger had contacted her. She said to him, “He wants us to come over to his house tomorrow night?”

“What? He contacted you? What did you tell him?” Tim asked.

“I told him that I was ok with it! I thought you wanted me to do this. Right?” Diane said to Tim.

“Well, it is a little soon don’t you think? Do you want to go to his place?” Tim replied back.

“I am ok with it. Are you ok with it, Tim?” Diane shot back.

“I guess so along as you are.” Tim said back softly.

Tim knew he was in big trouble now. His head began to spin in all directions as he really had thought things wouldn’t go any further between them. He was also surprised at how eager his wife seemed about doing this again. She didn’t object to the idea at all.

The next night Tim and Diane made their way over to his place. They were shocked to see how nice of a place he had. They later found out he owned his own business and was really well off financially.

They walked up the steps to this two-story mini mansion. The handsome stranger quickly opened the door to let them in. It didn't take long for Tim and Diane to be led into his spacious bedroom. He had a huge bed that was covered in silk sheets. He had glowing candles lit that circled around the whole bed. The room had a very romantic setting to it with soft music playing in the background.

Diane quickly ducked into the bathroom for a minute. She came out of the bathroom with an extremely sexy outfit on. The outfit barely covered her breasts while the bottoms ran up her butt crack. Tim’s jaw dropped as he found out that Diane had bought this outfit especially for this night.

Tim then slithered off into the darkened part of the room where he wouldn‘t be seen. Diane and her lover quickly embraced each other while he gave her a long passionate kiss on the lips. They both then crashed down onto the bed, holding each other tightly. They kissed and caressed each other for a good twenty minutes as whatever clothes they had on got tossed onto the floor.

Diane’s lover hovered over top her petite body as his big cock slid into her. She cried out as he began to make love to her. This time seemed very different than the last time as there was more passion and romance involved.

They made passionate love to each other for a good 30 minutes as Diane cried out several times in orgasm. Her lover finished her off while he fucked her from behind. As Diane screamed out he came all over her gorgeous ass.

Tim watched on from the darkness of the room as his thoughts ran rabid in his head. He had never expected Diane to be so involved with this handsome stranger. He knew things were getting out of his control as Diane and her lover laid on the bed cuddling each other.

A little later Tim heard noises coming from the bed. Diane and her lover had now begun to make love to each other once again. This was all new for Diane as she and Tim would make love only once and no more. They rolled all over the bed as Tim sadly watched on. Their love making session lasted almost an hour and they did it every which way possible. Diane cried out, "Oh fuck me! Oh fuck me!” over and over.

Diane then begged him to cum inside her as he pounded his cock into her. A few minutes later he exploded inside her while they held on to each other tightly. Diane had never experienced a session like that before in her life. She ended up cumming several times on his cock.

Tim’s heart was broken as he watched Diane kiss her lover passionately on the lips. He never wanted her lover to cum inside her. That just wasn’t part of the deal, but it happened anyway. Tim knew at this point that he had lost all control over the situation.

A few weeks later Diane asked Tim a very important question. Her lover wanted her again, but this time he wanted her for the night without Tim being there. Tim wasn’t for the idea at all, but Diane went ahead and spent the night with him anyway. The next morning when she returned home Tim noticed something very different about Diane. She walked in with her hair a mess and her clothes barely on her, but he noticed something more concerning about her. She had a look of confidence and happiness on her face. Tim asked her what had happened.

Her response was, “ He made love to me four different times. He took me all over the house in every position imaginable. He made me cum again and again. I came too many times to even count.”

Diane spent the night at her lover's a few more times over the next few months. Tim had no idea what to do anymore and then Diane dropped the biggest bombshell on him yet.

She said, “Tim, I thought it over and I decided I am going to move in with him. I am sorry, but I had never felt anything like this before in my life. I really can‘t describe it to you.”

Tim was devastated. He couldn’t believe what mess he had caused. All he ever wanted was to see Diane sleep one time with another man. He had no idea things would end up like this because of his sexual desires.

It was moving day for Diane. Tim walked out of their home that they owned together for the last 15 years. His high school sweetheart and partner for many years was gone. The house was cold and empty as he closed the door for the last time. He wondered why he had ever wanted to see his wife sleep with another man in the first place.

The moral of the story, “Be Careful What You Wish For!”

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