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Larry begins his sexual journey

Larry was hard at work on a new accounting cost model project. As the newest member of the firm and a recent university graduate, he was fortunate to draw this assignment. Stan stopped by to offer his congratulations. Stan was a long time member of the firm; and, had taken Larry under his tutelage at the firm. Larry was grateful as he was new to the area and did not have family or friends in the town since moving here from college.

“Congratulations on your new project assignment. Don’t make me look bad by screwing it up”, Stan chided with a sly grin.

“Don’t worry; you will look like a genius!” Larry replied, his expression turning more serious. “I know you put in a good word for me….thanks.”

“Nah”, Stan replied. “You earned it.” Stan asked, “Why don’t you come by the house on Saturday? We can catch the game on TV, have a couple of brews and throw something on the grill.”

“You know, that sounds great. I’ll bring the beer”, stated Larry.

A couple of days passed and Larry was looking forward to the visit at Stan’s. He had not made many friends since moving here from college as work kept him busy. Stan was older than Larry; but, had made him feel welcomed at work. Larry followed the GPS directions and easily found the Howard residence – home of Stan and Clare. He hopped out of the car and with a cold 12 pack nestled under one arm as he approached the front door and rang the bell. Larry was not prepared for what happened next as it was Clare that answered the door. She was dressed – if you can call it that – in a beach wrap that barely covered a well filled animal print bikini top. For a woman in her 40s, she was gorgeous with long dark hair, a dark tan and a body that would make most 25 years olds green with envy. “Ammmm….Mrs. Howard?” Larry timidly asked – his gaze drawn downward to that bikini top. He quickly raised his glance and Clare gave him a knowing grin. He could feel his face beginning to blush.

“Hon, don’t you ever call me Mrs. Howard again”, she said as she smiled. “I’m Clare; and you must be Larry. Stan said you were coming by to watch the game. Come on in, put the beer in the fridge and I’ll find Stan. Just make yourself at home, hon.” She turned to walk back through the house and Larry couldn’t help but feel relief as it was impossible for him to keep his eyes off her ample breasts that spilled out of her bikini top.

Stan came strolling into the kitchen and said, “Hey, man. How’s it goin’? We’re set up out back. Grab a couple of brewskies and let’s go.”

Larry complied and followed Stan out to the back patio near the pool. They sat in the covered area and flipped on the big screen. Larry and Stan each opened a beer and reclined back to watch the game. Larry looked around taking in the setup. There was a covered sitting area with a fire place, grill and big screen TV. This area was beside the pool that was partially covered. On the far side was a sunken Jacuzzi. The backyard was surrounded with landscaping such that it was secluded from neighboring houses. It was exactly what Stan called it…”The Oasis”.

“So how do you think the game will turn out?” asked Stan. “I don’t know”, replied Larry, “but I have to pull for the underdog”. They both focused on the TV as they enjoyed the cold beer

Clare came from the house towards the guys. She had since removed her beach wrap and her bikini clad body was on full display. Larry could not help but stare as she approached. “You guys doing ok out here?” asked Clare.

“We’re good, babe, thanks”, replied Stan

“OK…I may lay out at the pool for a bit and catch some sun.” And with that she disappeared into the small pool house. Stan looked over and noticed Larry’s gaze was drawn to his wife.

“I’m a lucky man – don’t you think?” asked Stan. Larry, realizing he was just caught staring, tried to stammer out an apology. “No worries”, said Stan with a knowing grin. “She is a beautiful thing and besides, she likes it when guys take notice of her. She particularly gets a charge when she attracts the attention of younger men.” Larry wasn’t sure how to respond; but, could sense Stan gauging his reaction closely for some reason. Larry stood up and held his empty beer can, “I could use another – how ‘bout you?”

“Sure, bring me one as long as you’re up”, said Stan.

Larry quickly walked over to the fridge and grabbed a couple of beers. He had just sat when Clare exited the pool house. This time, however, she was totally nude. She slowly strolled to the poolside and began spreading towels on a lounger. Larry’s gaze was most definitely focused on Clare. He could also feel his cock beginning to harden. This was going to be a problem, Larry thought. Larry possessed average looks - but he had a tremendously large penis. This has been both a blessing and a curse. His size frightened some girls to the point that they couldn’t have sex. Combined with his shy make-up, Larry led a rather vanilla love life. That is up until this moment in time. Larry shot a quick glace over at Stan. Stan was watching his wife and had a big grin on his face – then shifted his head towards Larry.

“See Larry”, exclaimed Stan. “I told you I am one lucky bastard! Isn’t she smokin’ hot?”

Larry was unsure what to do; however, his erection was well on to being full. Oh my God, he thought – I can’t hide this. Clare finished unrolling the towels and turned towards the guys. Larry couldn’t take his eyes off her near perfect breasts. There wasn’t a tan line to be found on that hot body; and, her breasts were standing upright and perky. She casually walked toward them both. Stan said, “Larry, it’s ok, man. Clare is the love of my life; but, there is something you should know about us. We live a different life than most. I really don’t know how to describe it – other than to say it is better experienced than discussed.”

Larry’s mind was reeling. A few minutes ago he was drinking a cold one with his mentor and new friend; and, now this naked Goddess was fast approaching.

Clare stopped in front of the guys. She reached up to her breasts and rubbed them over – giving particular attention to the sensitive nipples. ‘Hmmmm”, she murmured. “God almighty look at the bulge in his shorts”, she said looking down at Larry’s lap. It was true. His cock was at full attention; and there was no hiding it. Clare reached over and grabbed a cushion from one of the chairs and dropped in on the floor. She quickly knelt onto the cushion and said, “Come on big boy, stand up and let’s get these off of you.” And with that she tugged Larry’s shorts down as he stood. His giant cock sprung free. Both Clare and Stan gasped as they saw his naked cock for the first time.

“I told you”, said Stan, “I knew he was hung.”

“God I can’t wait to get that monster inside of me!” squealed Clare. And with that, she reached out and took hold of Larry for the first time. She slowly ran the nails of one hand down the length of his cock until she was tickling his balls. Larry shuddered. His senses were on overload as this all was happening way too fast. His cock, however, was in the driver’s seat; and as such, something was going to get fucked. Larry looked at Stan as if to ask permission; and, Stan’s smile and hand gesture was a sufficient reply. Meanwhile Clare had settled on her knees with Larry’s dick in her hands. She gently massaged his cock and balls; and then said, “That has to be the best cock I’ve ever seen.” With that said Clare leaned in and licked the head. She then opened her mouth and took as much as she could take down her throat – all the while massaging the balls. Larry closed his eyes in bliss. Never had a woman taken this much of his massive cock down their throat; but, here was this bronzed goddess working his dick like never before. Clare’s head bobbed back and forth; and, Larry could feel his balls begin to tighten. Clare set a frantic pace; and, Larry realized this was going to reach the end quickly.

“Agggghhhh…that is so good – you’re going to make me come”, uttered Larry. Clare’s pace increased and Larry could feel it rising inside him.

Stan, who had been a silent witness thus far said, “She loves the taste of cum, man. It’s ok - let her have it all!”

Larry reached up and grasped Clare’s head. His hips were thrusting back and forth. “Oh my God”, he hissed. “I’m going to cum!!” Clare increased the pace of her oral efforts; and, with her free hand began to massage the area between Larry’s scrotum and anus. “Aaaaaahhhhhhh”, groaned Larry. His orgasm was imminent now. Clare’s pace had increased to a rapid, blissful climax as Larry’s balls were tight against his body.

“Aw, God….oh my God, here it comes!” screamed Larry. The first contraction shot a generous load of warm, salty cum down Clare’s throat. She pulled his penis out and let the next shot hit here square on her face. She stuffed his cock back down her throat and let it empty its massive load. Larry’s knees nearly buckled as he emptied his ball sack. Clare’s hand continued to massage his balls and shrinking cock long after the contractions ended. Larry fell backwards into the seat as Clare released his cock.

“Hmmmmm”, moaned Clare. “That was very hot, hon. Gosh almighty, I hope you can get that big boy ready soon as I need it between my legs.” Larry was still coming down from the incredible oral pleasures. Clare looked over; and, Stan leaned in and kissed her. He licked the remnants off her lips and turned towards Larry and said, “You know that you must take care of her now, right? After all, she has done well for you.”

Larry, whose cock was beginning to swell with lust once more said, “I think I can handle it, boss!”

Clare said, “I believe he will fit into our group just fine, don’t you?” Stan nodded in agreement.

“Group?” said Larry as his erection was nearly full. Both Stan and Clare grinned…..

“You’ll soon see”, said Stan.

To be continued…..

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