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Beth, The Hunter's First

She is the neglected, overworked, under appreciated, wife, mother and co-worker.
I am the great white hunter stalking my prey. She will never know what hit her. She is the neglected, overworked, underappreciated, wife, mother and co-worker.

My camouflage is being a middle aged man that goes to church, volunteers, friendly, outgoing and relatively well off. I am always on the prowl. I am always vigilant. I seek the women whose husband has fucked up. He has neglected to protect his woman.

How has he done that you may ask? My victim will show signs of stress. She will be harried whether it is in the grocery store or mall. She may or may not have kids, but if she does, he will not be there helping her shop and corral the kids. I wait patiently for my opportunity to swoop in and claim my prize.

One such prize was Beth. She worked in my building. She was always stressed about not having time to work, clean the house, take care of her son, cook meals, please her husband and definitely had no time for herself. I gleaned all of this from the countless hours of small talk we participated in.

I would grab Beth a cup of coffee on my way to work, ensuring I had it just the way she liked it. I would bring her back lunch also making sure the things she hated were omitted from her food. I started just getting hugs for my offerings, little quick harmless fatherly hugs that progressed into much more. I cultivated this relationship for well over a year.

I listened as she griped and complained about the husband that never lifted a finger to help with the kids. He never had a spare second to pick up milk or eggs let alone do the weekly shopping. He always expected her to drop everything and be his ready willing sex toy at his beck and call. She was almost ready.

Beth was forty five, average height and just enough over weight to have a great jiggle. She had blazing green eyes and dark brown hair that was lush and full. It fell to her shoulders. Beth was a busty girl. She was a 38D and she knew the men loved ogling her full breasts.

I decided it was time to strike. I brought our lunch into a deserted break room and sat in the back waiting for Beth’s arrival. She hurried in apologizing for her tardiness, a constant occurrence, as she sat beside me. I let out a deep sigh as she sat down.

“What’s wrong Henry? You seem dejected today,” Beth asked showing concern.

“I’m just a little down today. I have just been so lonely lately,” I said sadly.

She came over and hugged me into her full bosom. “Tell momma all about it,” Beth cooed stroking my head softly.

“I have just been without a woman’s touch for so long,” I sighed.

“I feel your pain baby. Mark barely looks at me these days,” Beth said as she released my head and sat back down.

“I would never neglect such a beautiful, sexy woman if she were my wife,” I lied.

“Ah you are so sweet,” Beth said smiling broadly.

“Mark isn’t screwing your brains out every night?” I gushed.

“No he certainly isn’t,” Beth said sadly. “It’s been ages since I felt sexy and exciting,” she concluded.

“We can fix that easy enough,” I said with my toothiest grin.

“How so?” Beth asked sheepishly.

“I was trying to figure out just what to buy you for Christmas. I have a wonderful idea. I want to take you shopping,” I told Beth.

“You don’t have to get me a Christmas present Henry,” Beth said.

“I want to get you something special,” I offered. “It also gives me a present at the same time,” I finished.

“Just what is that?” Beth asked carefully.

“I want you to let me choose the gift as we shop,” I said sneakily.

“That seems fair enough,” Beth replied.

We decided that we would go after work and planned to take my car and save her some gas. We went to the big mall near our office. We started at Macy’s. Beth selected several outfits and tried them on. She came out of the dressing room after donning each outfit and swirled around playfully. I ooohed and ahhhhed at all the appropriate times but declined all of these selections.

“Just what are you looking for Henry?” Beth asked on our way to the next store.

“I want something sexy, something that makes men’s heads turn when you walk past them,” I said wolfishly.

“Oh my,” Beth said turning a tad pink.

Beth was trying on an outfit in the next store when I grabbed a clerk and asked for help. I gave her Beth’s sizes and told her what I was looking for. The clerk assured me she could find what I was seeking. Beth returned with a very nice outfit. I told her that would work for the gift her husband could see that I gave her but I had another in mind as well. The clerk handed Beth the outfit she selected for Beth. Beth took those into the dressing room. She was in there a while before coming out. The skirt was a black wrap around skirt that had a long slit up the side. As Beth walked out her legs looked fantastic. Her blouse was shiny red and very low cut. Her granny bra was showing out the top of this beautiful blouse.

“Well it feels great but I don’t think I can wear this one,” Beth started to say.

The clerk returned with the lingerie I had asked for. She handed it to Beth who looked a bit embarrassed but took the offered items. She disappeared again and when she returned this time she was stunning. Her ample breasts were lifted and separated and a large part was exposed. As she sashayed towards me, her stocking clad legs came in and out of view. I just got a hint of the garter belt holding the stockings.

“You look amazing Beth,” I gushed.

“I feel amazing. I haven’t felt this sexy in ten years,” Beth said happily.

I closed the distance between us and hugged her tightly. I gave her a friendly kiss and when Beth returned my kiss, I got bolder. I slipped my hand into the slit in her skirt. I cupped her pussy and squeezed softly. She moaned as I kissed her again.

“We aren’t done yet,” I said. “We have more to do.”

She changed and I paid for her selections. I took her to a salon that did hair nails and waxing. I whispered to the manager what I wanted and left Beth in their capable hands. I grabbed a magazine and slowly watched as Beth transformed from an unhappy housewife into a M.I.L.F.

“My god Henry you could have warned me about the waxing,” Beth said walking a bit timidly.

“Why do you think I had them plying you with champagne during the hair and nails?” I said playfully.

“It feels so naughty,” Beth admitted.

“That was the point,” I smiled.

We walked arm in arm down to the next stop. She looked a bit apprehensive at first then she went in and started browsing the racks. We were in Victoria’s Secret. She selected a few things but as she started for the dressing room, I pulled her into a special room designed for wedding showers.

“I am watching this time baby,” I said urgently.

She looked like she was going to run but stopped and started taking off her frumpy blouse. She turned and asked me to unhook her massive bra. I did and she let it fall to the floor. She unhooked her slacks and pushed them down her shapely legs. She stood facing away in the biggest pair of panties I had ever seen.

“Girl you can’t ever feel sexy wearing those atrocious panties,” I said yanking them off her smooth white ass. “Start getting dressed, I’ll be right back,” I said as I went looking for a sales clerk.

I showed the clerk the horrible panties and asked for a selection of better undies. I returned to the dressing room just as Beth finished putting on her nightie. She was radiant. Her full breasts were on display, her nipples clearly erect pointed through the flimsy material. I sucked in a breath just looking at her. Beth smiled at the compliment.

“I guess you approve,” was all she said.

“God yes I approve my little sex pot,” I said as I grabbed her and kissed her again.

There was a knock at the door as the clerk entered with a pile of panties. She brought thongs, boy shorts, briefs, sheer lacy panties, bikinis, every type they had in the store and all sized for Beth. We were in there for over an hour. She was so used to being naked before me that it became second nature for her.

“I will share you with your hubby my sweet, however, I want to fuck your brains out before he sees the new you,” I said sincerely.

“That seems fair,” Beth said with a smile.

I paid for all of her selections and we headed out to my place. I dropped the bags on the couch and offered Beth a drink. She asked for some white wine. I poured us each a large glass. She downed hers in one long drink. She called her son and explained she was still working and told him to eat the leftovers in the fridge. She called her husband and explained she might be very late tonight and to eat on his own.

I poured her another drink and lit a fire in the fireplace. I crossed to Beth and lifted her chin before kissing her deep and slow. I let my hands explore her beautiful body. I kissed the side of her neck and softly grasped her full breasts. She started unbuttoning her blouse. She stopped grabbed several bags and disappeared into my bathroom. When she emerged my dick was already hard and throbbing.

She chose the black sheer nightie but added the stockings and garter belt. She chose a tiny thong to accentuate her new smooth look. She looked good enough to eat. Her creamy white skin was a stark contrast to the sheer black material. I led her to the sofa in front of the fire and kissed her again. I let my lips explore her soft feminine form. I clamped my lips on her erect nipple through the sheer fabric. I let my hand slide up her stocking covered thigh then found her mound. I slid two fingers under her panties and slowly teased her smooth nether lips. She raised her hips into my fingers as I searched for her wetness.

I pushed her back gently and I crawled between her open legs. I shoved the crotch of her new panties aside as I planted my mouth over her hairless pussy. She moaned loudly.

“He never eats me. He says it is disgusting all the while forcing my head towards his scrawny dick,” Beth mewed.

“I will bury my face in your sweet puss anytime you like baby,” I said happily licking her glistening box.

I lifted her legs over my shoulders straddling my head. I shook my head from side to side as I drove my tongue in to her sweet pussy. I cupped her magnificent ass in both hands. I would bury my face there later. She started quivering as she had her first orgasm under my tongue. I lapped at her leaking hole and slurped up her lady cum as quickly as it flowed from her convulsing pussy.

I moved up and untied the delicate nightie shoving it off her shoulders. I started sucking her creamy soft breasts savoring every bit of her tit flesh. My dick was aching to be inside her but this was for her. I clamped my lips on one huge nipple swirling my tongue around and around it. A low moan emitted from somewhere deep inside Beth. I moved to her other nipple and repeated but claimed the first between my forefinger and thumb. I pinched and rolled her nipple while teasing the other.

“Oh my god that is so hot,” Beth exclaimed.

I stood and stripped finally releasing my beast. My cock was throbbing just thinking about her sweet neglected pussy. Evidently her husband really has a tiny dick, mine is only six and a half inches but she looked thrilled. Beth threw one of the couch pillows on the floor in front of the fire and slid down and sat on the pillow. She laid back and opened her arms welcoming me between her wide open legs. I didn’t disappoint her.

I let my dick drag along her thigh as I moved towards her dripping wet puss. Beth tired of the tease, yanked me down on top of her. She reached between us and guided my dick inside her sweet wet lips. It was my turn to moan. God she was tight for a woman that gave birth. I was in heaven as my dick sank into her balls deep. I started pumping slowly then gradually increased speed. Beth bit my neck hard and scratched my back over and over.

I poured cum into her as I squeezed both tits roughly. Spurt after hot spurt flew from my dick as I came harder than I had in a year. She started bucking wildly as she came again under me. I collapsed on top of her kissing her softly.

“How long before round two can start?” Beth asked with a smile.

“I guess that depends on how talented your lips are baby,” I teased.

I decided a shower was a good way to recuperate. I led her down to my bedroom then into the bathroom. I started the water as I fondled her heavy breasts. I kissed her biting her lip softly. I tested the water and adjusted it for the right temperature.

I led her into the shower stall by the hand which I raised high overhead placing it on the tile above her. I raised her other hand and kissed her roughly holding her hands in one of mine. I grabbed the body wash I kept just in case. I squeezed a large glob between her full ripe breasts. I rubbed it in making a soapy lather. I quickly had her covered in soap. She squirmed and squealed in delight.

I rubbed my body into hers getting me all covered in soap. I let her hands go and she quickly squirted body wash on my stiffening cock.

“I guess round two starts now,” I said giggling as Beth tickled my rising dick with soap covered hands.

She spun me around and ground her soapy tits into my back, sliding up and down. It felt awesome. I spun her around and slid my soapy cock between her ass cheeks and slid it up and down. I was now hard enough to cut diamonds. I rinsed us off then toweled her dry. I kissed her everywhere I dried. I roughly dried myself then led Beth to my king sized bed. I flipped her on her stomach and crawled between her legs. I slid my dick in her wet pussy from behind.

I started pumping into her slowly. Each time I bottomed out I ground deeper into her amazing pussy. I was also squeezing her big round ass cheeks before sliding a finger towards her tight brown eye. I teased her with a fingertip as I kept pumping my dick in and out of her tight wet pussy.

“Mark says anything back there is nasty and refuses to even pinch my ass,” Beth explained.

“Mark is a fucking idiot. See if this feels nasty baby,” I said.

I lubed my fingers in her wet pussy before returning to her forbidden passage. I teased and wiggled until I had my finger inside her virgin ass. I kept fucking this deprived woman as I started fingering her ass. She squirmed and wiggled and came twice in a row before I finally dumped another load of hot cum in her wet sloppy puss.

“Next time it will be my dick in your tight ass baby. You are going to love coming to the dark side,” I laughed.

She did.

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