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Beth’s Punky Reggae Party - Part 2

(She had always been a little self conscious about her weight and had never been on top)
The sexual chemistry between Beth and I began to percolate. We looked forward to Wednesday and chatted on the phone frequently, having phone sex on the days we couldn't get together.

Her husband was a Lawyer and frequently traveled out of town, we made good of every occasion even if it meant cutting school. On one such occasion she invited me over for coffee, but I knew she had other things on her mind.

I parked my car in the cul de sac a block over and walked to her house, she had nosy neighbors and didn't want them to see a strange car parked in her driveway. The whole clandestine, sneaking around affair had a great effect on my libido and I had a hard on even as I approached her home.

On ringing the doorbell she popped her head out and quickly pulled me inside the house. Kissing me as she shut the door made it explicitly clear that she was in the mood for some rocking sex. I looked her over, admiring her bare legs and firm breast jutting out from the terry cloth jump suit-shorts she wore.

I patted her sweet ample ass, which she wiggled in a teasing way, as she lead me on a quick tour of the house. Beth had a love for gardening and she had a green thumb, there was a small garden where she grew her prize roses and orchids, but the thing she was most interested in showing me was a small leafy plant.

“I grew this from one of the seeds you gave me” she laughed.

I continued to follow her lead me to a small room, it contained a few exercise equipment, a small sofa and a TV.

“This is my inner sanctum” “I come here to escape” she stated, and with that she rolled herself into my arms.

I loved being around her for she made me feel so cavalier. I loved raunchy and dirty sex and so did she, but she provided an added dimension that elevated things to a different plane.

Kissing her, I held her tightly, she melted in my arms grinding her hips hard against my cock. I felt the intense friction of her pussy pressing through the flimsy material. She was a very sensitive woman and could cum quite easily, often with very little effort on my part.

Eating her pussy started a chain reaction which would leave her quivering and shaking, she enjoyed sex and never seemed to get enough. I loved the fact that she was a big woman, and had a little meat on her. I loved give her a tongue bath running my tongue over every inch of her body.

I quickly stripped out of my clothes, as did she and while she was attending to my cock I suckled her nipples with the kind of caress that soon had them standing pointedly.

“Oooh, I love sucking your big black cock makes me feel so nasty”.

“What would your husband say if he knew?”

“He would kill me but I just can't stay away” she nibbled me hard for my insolence.

“Ouch!” I chuckled, and in spite, I grabbed a handful of hair and forced my cock deep into her mouth choking her.

We were quite playful enjoying the sexual tension.

In a move that neither of us anticipated and what would later be a staple in our lovemaking. I lay on my back with the intention of enjoying a perfect sixty-nine, overcome by the sight of her thick legs as she stood over me.

“Turn around and face me, I want you to sit on my face” I said.

She looked at me glassy eyed and slowly descended till she was straddling my face. My cock now stood totally erect, jutting out like a tower pointing skyward. Reaching back she felt its heat and hardness and quickly pulled her hand away. Looking into my eyes as she began to scoot her pussy back and forth we both discovered its inherent eroticism.

(She had always been a little self conscious about her weight and had never been on top)

Her weight pressing down against my face turned me on and changed this mild woman into a tigress. Not normally vocal she began to say nasty things telling me how she was going to ride my face and then my cock.

Her pussy became extremely wet and her curly red pubes were now slick and sticky against her skin. I licked and sucked her pussy, worshiping this beauty thoroughly enjoying my position beneath her.

Beth rode my face with gusto, my tongue reached and titillated her in the right places. Being on top she could more accurately control the pressure and stimulation she received.

She raised and lowered herself hovering above my face as I stuck my tongue out.

“Stick your tongue out!” she demanded.
“...that’s it ...I'm going to ride it.” “fuck me with your tongue ... stick it in my pussy” “oooh that is so hot ....arrrg I am going to cuuum” as the word trails off in her throat.

My cock remained fully erect I was so completely turned on, and now as she lay quivering I mounted her huge frame plunging my cock into her now well lubricated pussy. I pounded her without mercy ramming my cock deep inside her pussy.

Her pussy walls clenched and hugged my cock greedily refusing to release its precious captive, her lips slipping out and up the gripping my cock on its upward voyage before retreating with each relentless attack.

I felt the familiar tingle in my body and told Beth, I am getting ready to cum, she however had already become familiar with me and in anticipation she said.

“I want you to cum in my mouth, I want to taste your hot seed splashing against my tongue.”

I had never cum in her mouth and her words set my seed to a roiling boil.
Kneeling she moved into position to be anointed, sticking her tongue out as my Excalibur released its seething liquid. Beth hungrily licked and sucked my weapon dry adding a few extra pumps to ascertain she had accomplished her mission.

I kissed her lips tasting the mix of our juices and knew I had found my soul mate.

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