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Blindfold Wife Fantasy

My husband's fantasy but my fun
We have a fantasy box each and my husband's last fantasy was for me to be blindfolded and have sex with an unknown guy. We usually arrange the fantasy for our other half but he was to arrange this and film it so I could watch it afterwards.

This was something new for me and I felt rather nervous at first but the more I thought about it the more exciting I found the idea.

Loads of questions were going through my head,

“Who would he get to do it? Would I know them? When would he do it? What would it feel like?”

It was Friday I had showered and shaved my pussy ready for the weekend. John came home and showered while I got dinner up, we chatted while we ate and were enjoying a nice bottle of wine when John looked at the clock, it was about 7, without a word he stood up and took me by the hand leading me upstairs we usually have sex on a Friday but never this early.

“Feeling randy tonight?” I asked.

John just smiled as he led me to the bedroom where he kissed me full on the lips then undressed me, he sat me in the edge of the bed and went to the dresser drawer where he took something out and turned slowly with a black lacy blindfold in his hand and a big smile on his face.

“We’re doing it tonight?” I asked

“Yes,” he replied “Are you ready? Just relax, enjoy the moment and no touching, OK?”

I felt a surge of excitement as I stared at him, he took out his mobile and called someone and just said “Ready?” hung up and turned back to me. He put the blindfold over my eyes and laid me down the bed, I was completely naked and trembling slightly as I felt his hands caress my body until they reached my pussy, I opened my legs a little as he stroked my pussy lips then licked my clit until the door bell went and he stopped. Without a word he left the room and went down stairs to the front door, I then heard the door open and lowered voices, my heart was beating so hard and fast I realised I was fingering my pussy, it was quite wet and I was feeling more and more excited about what was about to happen.

After a couple of minutes I heard someone come into the room I wondered if it was John or my unknown sex partner? I lay still and listened my heart was beating so hard I could only just hear what sounded like someone undressing then the bed moved as they got on beside me then I jumped as I felt a hand on my cheek, it was a mans hand, it felt warm and gentle as it stroked my face then down my neck onto my breast. I could feel his warm breath on my other breast as he kissed it and licked my nipple slowly he then moved down onto my tummy. I could feel my clit tingle in anticipation, I was getting wetter and moved my legs to enhance the feeling. He lingered on my tummy, kissing me then slowly he moved his hand between my legs I opened them to let him in, he stroked my pussy lips then I felt his tongue on my clit, I thought I was going to explode!

“Who was this guy? What did he look like? Was he old or young? Was I really letting him do this? How big would his penis be? “

I hoped it wasn’t small but I didn’t really care if it was huge I just wanted it to be big enough to fill me. Then that familiar feeling building inside and I came I felt my tummy muscled tighten and I could feel it right down into my bum, I gasped and groaned out loud at which point the stopped and moved away from me.

I lay still again listening, my pussy was still throbbing I thought

“Where was he? What next?“

I heard what sounded like a condom packed being torn open and I guessed a rubber being put on, then he was back. This time he was between my legs, he eased them apart and licked me again slowly then I felt him move up closer his hard penis pressing against my leg then he leaned forward to kiss my breasts again and I felt his hard penis against my tummy and I had an urge to reach down and take hold of it but resisted. He moved back down and I could feel him rub his penis head along my pussy lips before he eased it in. I was really wet, so even with the rubber on it slipped in quite easily, he wasn’t massive but a nice size, he filled me nicely as he moved back and forth a few times then gently pushed it in to its full length. He moved slowly to start with, then gradually faster, I could feel another orgasm building and thought,

“I hope he doesn’t cum too quick, this is nice and I want to cum again”

As he got faster I got more excited until I had a huge orgasm, I clamped my legs round him, his body felt firm and nice, it must have been my pussy contracting on him because I heard him groan and felt his penis pulsing inside me, he was still moving its full length back and forth but more slowly as he held my hips then as soon as I relaxed he withdrew and was gone.

I laid still reaching down to touch my pussy which was throbbing as I rubbed it gently with my fingers and wondered if he would come back? I could hear movement in the room then I heard the door close so I guessed the answer was no. I felt a little disappointed as I didn’t want it to end and wondered if I should take my blindfold off? I decided to wait and see then I heard the door again, someone came in and kissed me on the lips, it was John, he moved to take the blindfold off.

“Not yet” I whispered, “Fuck me first.”

I continued rub myself while he got undressed, I felt him move between my legs as he moved closer and slide in, this time there was no rubber which felt nice, his movements were slow he gently rubbed my clit as he slid in and out of my wet pussy. I felt my orgasm building again until it erupted, I used my legs to pull him in as deep as I could to intensify the pleasure, I remember feeling quite light headed as the orgasm pulsed through my body. He slid his penis out then I felt its head touch my lips, I took it in my mouth and sucked until he came filling my mouth with his warm cum, I could feel it pulsing into my mouth and hitting the back of my throat. I pulled the blindfold off to see him over me with his penis still in my mouth and a big smile on his face, he eased out and I swallowed his cum then I wiped his penis head on my face before licking it clean.

We both showered before watching the video, the guy was young, mixed race, nice body but I didn’t really see his face as John had concentrated on me and what the guy was doing to me, he wouldn’t tell me his name or where he came from but wow! What a thrill, we had sex again after the video.

Although I am not sure if I would do it again I would certainly recommend it, I was surprised that it was his fantasy, I don’t think I would have ever thought of it but wow am I glad he did.

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