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Bob, Jacqueline, Jae and Shaft

Bob plays with the secretary, then takes her home to share with Jacqueline...Fun,fun fun
It was only a few months ago, and I had been working back late in the office one evening. There was only myself and Jae, our receptionist. Jae had only been working for our company for no more than 6 months. Every time I would walk past her desk, I would make a conscious effort to stop and chat to her. There had always seemed to be a bit of harmless flirting between the two of us.

Jae was an attractive voluptuous women, with all her curves in all the right places. She had large breasts, a big round ‘I want you to fuck me’ arse, smooth solid legs, (not that I took any notice of them,) and dark brown hair that hung just below her shoulders. You could tell Jae was more than happy with her body, by the revealing clothes she would wear to work.

Jae was never afraid to show plenty of her ample cleavage, or a dress that showed off her large shapely legs. On many occasions while talking with her, I would fantasize about how good it would feel driving my cock deep in to her big round arse, while my body would slap in to her full cheeks on every thrust. Since the first day she began working at our company, I’d dreamt on many occasions of sucking her large nipples, and too many other things to mention.

I knew her nipples were large, for every time we talked I’d noticed they were either erect, or as we were chatting they would become erect, like they were beckoning for my undivided attention. As I was walking out of the office on this particular evening to head home. I stopped at Jae’s desk to say goodnight, like I’d always had done. I couldn’t help but notice, she wasn’t looking her normal cheerful self.

“Why such a sad face?” I asked, in the nicest possible way, “Shouldn’t you be home with your husband?” I continued, before even giving her a chance to answer my first question.

Jae then looked up at me with a half arsed smile, before answering, “He has gone out with his mates for the evening. The bastard said he won’t be home to the early hours of the morning, and told me not to bother waiting up,” she said, and I couldn’t help noticing a hint of anger growing in her voice.

Jae was now gazing deeply into my eyes. She was silent for a brief moment, before catching me completely by surprise with what she said next. “He hasn’t touched me, or made love to me in months, and I’m so horny. I was really hoping to get lucky tonight,” her eyes not leaving mine for a single moment as she spoke these words of desperation.

I could feel my cock stirring in my pants, and decided I was going to see how far I could take this. I’m a man who always likes to help a woman out, when she is in need.

“We can’t have that now, can we Jae?” I said, our eyes still locked in there hypnotic embrace with each other.

“Are you offering to help me with my… tension?” she said, ever so seductively.

“We have been flirting for months, and to be honest Jae, I find myself fantasising about you all the time,” I replied, not quite realising how straight forward I was being with her.

“What do you fantasise about?” Jae asked, as she licked her lips.

“Kneeling in between your legs, with your dress pushed up over your waist, and my tongue exploring your pussy, while you sit in your work chair; amongst many other things,” I replied, my heart had begun racing with excitement.

Jae then moved herself back in to her chair, casually lifting her dress above her waist, and putting one leg on her desk, exposing her soaking wet panties. She then began rubbing her pussy through her panties with one hand, and squeezing and pulling on her breasts through her dress with the other.

“Bob, I would love for you to taste my pussy,” Jae replied, pulling her soaked panties to one side, showing me how wet her pussy was. I could see her juices trickling down between her arse cheeks.

I then continued around to her side of the desk, kneeling myself in between her thick legs. Jae had already begun rubbing her harden clit furiously. I could see it in her eyes, she was beckoning me to eat her aching sex. No sooner had I begun to lick and suck her wet lips and her throbbing clit, Jae arched her back as she pushed my face hard into her dripping wet hole.

“Ooohh, ooohh, aaahhh, Im cuummiing, Bob. Ahhh” she screamed, flooding my face, gush after gush of her sweet love nectar.

It obviously had been a while since a tongue had ventured in between her sweet lips. I know I lick pussy well, but that was record time for a woman having an orgasm on my face. I let Jae slowly come down from her orgasm, only licking her outer lips ever so lightly. I then inserted a couple of my fingers into her dripping pussy, and begun eagerly to lick and suck her clit with passion.

“Oh yes Bob, my pussy loves your tongue,” Jae said, as she swayed her head from side to side.

Jae then removed both her large breasts from her dress, and was pulling hard on her erect nipples, as I continued giving her pussy a well-deserved work over with my tongue and fingers. My face was drenched in her love juices, and it was even dripping from my chin. After Jae had several more earth shaking orgasms, I then stood up with my fingers still deep inside her wet hole, her juices dripping from my hand on to her work chair and the floor. I had then begun kissing her deeply, giving her a taste her own juices.

“Bob, please... Fuck me,” she begged, “I need to feel you inside me.”

I was now fucking Jae’s wet hole hard and fast with three fingers, I then grabbed one off her large breasts and started sucking hard on her erect nipple. Before answering her, I felt her entire body shaking with yet another orgasm. I released her nipple from my mouth, and then whispered in her ear as I slowly removed my fingers from her pussy, and placed them up to her mouth for her to lick clean.

“Why don’t you come back to my place for the evening? That way, my wife and I can both enjoy you.” I asked Jae, as she licked my fingers clean.

“Oh yes Bob, anything to have you inside me,” she’d eagerly replied.

“Remove your wet panties, and give them to me.” I demanded,” I want to be able to smell you on my way home.”

There was no hesitation on her behalf. She gladly removed her cum soaked panties, and eagerly handed them to me.

“Ill text you my address, and will see you in an hour,” I said, as I walked out of the office, not looking back at Jae once.

I was about half way home, when I had heard my phone beep, it was a text from Jae, ‘I’m so fucking horny. I want your cock so bad. Are you sure your wife will be fine with this?’

I pulled to the side of the road, and sent her our address, followed by a short note, ‘She will love to watch me fuck you, and she would love to taste you for herself.’

Jae’s reply was simple, ‘See you soon.’

It had taken another 15 minutes before I got home. I entered, and was greeted by my gorgeous wife Jacqueline. She had embraced and kissed me as she normally did. Jacqueline pulled herself away, looked at me with a quizzical look on her face, and asked, “Is that another woman’s pussy I can smell, and taste on you?”

“It is, and she is on her way over,” I truthfully answered.

I then proceeded to fill Jacqueline in on the events of this evening, followed by showing her Jae’s cum soaked panties. She placed them up to her face, inhaling Jae’s intoxicating womanly fragrance.

“Oh, mmm, babe. She smells delicious. This is going to be so much fun,” she said, as she tasted Jae’s panties, and I continued my story.

My lovely wife was dressed in track pants, and a blue t-shirt, and wearing no bra. As I had finished explaining the evening’s events. I could see the lust in Jacqueline’s eyes from her listening to my story. I then pulled her close, kissing her deeply and passionately, and slid a hand in to her pants, where I was greeted by her sopping wet pussy. She was so wet, I could feel her juices where flowing down the inside of her thighs.

“Ah, ah, ahh… mmmmm” my wife moaned, as I felt her juices covering my fingers, “I want to watch you fuck her, my love,” she whispered in to my ear, as I felt her body shake with her first orgasm of the evening.

No sooner had I removed my hand from in between my wife’s legs, I heard a car pull up in our driveway. We both waited at the front door until we heard Jae knock. I opened the door, and Jae was standing there looking a little flustered, wearing a long blue summer dress. By the way her nipples were protruding, I had gathered she wasn’t wearing a bra underneath. Jae was a fraction taller than my Jacqueline, and as I introduced them to each other, my wife gave her a hug, followed by a long passionate kiss.

Jacqueline then pulled herself away, and said to Jae, “I hear Bob gave your pussy a good licking? And he left you aching for his cock!”

Jae was a little surprised by how straight forward my wife was, she went a little red in the cheeks before answering, “Oh yes, he did lick my pussy real good, and I do want his cock, and now I want you,” she said, before locking her lips again with my wife.

I then removed a hand bag from Jae’s hand, then proceeded to unzip her dress from the back, before pulling it down to the floor. Jae wasn’t wearing a single thing underneath. She was now standing naked, with her lips still entangled with my wife’s. I then proceeded to remove my wife’s pants, and with a bit of help from Jae, we removed her top. No sooner where the two naked, they both began caressing and fingering each other’s moist pussies, as if they had been lovers for years.

Jae turned to me and said, “In my hand bag, I brought a friend with me. Could you get it out please, and let’s have some fun.”

I opened her hand bag, not quite knowing what to expect. Sitting on top of everything else in the bag, was a large, thick, black vibrator. I removed it, and placed her bag on to the floor.

“I call it ‘Shaft’,” she said, removing the vibrator from my hands.

“Why don’t we take this to the bedroom, and get ourselves a little more comfortable,” my wife suggested, very excitedly, as she ran both her hands up and down the large black vibrator Jae had named appropriately ‘Shaft’.

The two naked woman walked ahead of me, and behold what a lovely site that had been. My wife with her hourglass figure, and Jae with her voluptuous figure. Both very sexy women in their own individual ways. I followed them into our room, my eyes continuously going from one to the other. My senses were going wild at the wonderful view before me. Jacqueline had climbed onto the bed, laying on her back, spreading her legs wide. Jae turned the vibrator on to about half, and ran the thick tip all over my wife’s dripping pussy.

“Oh yes, yes, please... fuck me, please.” My wife begged of Jae, “Stretch my pussy with your ‘Shaft’. I want it deep inside me…pleeease.”

Jae then bent over the bed between my wife’s legs, and only inserted the thick tip of ‘shaft’ into her tight wet hole. Jae was now fully exposed to me, her arse and her pussy pointing in my direction. Jacqueline had begun moaning louder with every thrust of ‘Shaft’ in to her tight hole. Jae was inserting a little more of ‘Shaft’ each time it entered my wife’s pussy. I couldn’t contain myself with such a sight before me. I grabbed Jae’s large hips, and inserted my hard throbbing cock into her dripping pussy.

Jae let out a scream as I entered her. Her body immediately shuddering with an orgasm, as I begun to thrust hard into her, “Ahhh, mmm, mmm. I’ve been, ah, ah, looking forward to, mmm, this all night Bob.”

I could see ‘Shaft’ was now over half way in to the depths of my wife’s pussy, and by the way she was bucking into it and pulling hard on her own erect nipples, I knew she was going to cum all over ‘Shaft’ very soon. Her body had then begun to tense, and Jae pushed shaft almost all the way in to the depths of my wife’s love hole, stretching her, and at the same time licking her clit furiously.

Jacqueline then grabbed Jae’s head with both hands, then screamed, “Fuck, fuck… I’m coming so, ahhh, ahhh, fucking haaard.”

Jacqueline arched her back, her whole body shook intensely as she came hard. Jae then slowly removed ‘Shaft’ from my wife’s pulsating pussy. What had happened next, was such a turn on to see. Jacqueline began rubbing her engorged clit, squirting her cum all over Jae’s face. I could feel Jae’s pussy clenching my cock hard, and feel her juices dripping off my balls, as she had orgasm after orgasm. It almost made me cum, but I wasn’t ready yet, I wanted to fuck Jae’s voluptuous arse. I removed my cock from Jae’s still trembling pussy, and laid myself on to the bed, cock facing up.

“Climb on Jae, I want to fill your arse with my cock,” I asked of her.

Jae climbed on top, no questions asked, her back facing me, and guided my cock into her rear entrance. I almost came right there and then, this was a fantasy come true. I had then slowly begun to fuck her big round arse, and Jacqueline now had ‘shaft’ in her hands, massaging the outer lips of Jae’s pussy. Jae had then leant back on me, giving Jacqueline full access to her dripping pussy. I could feel the vibrations of ‘shaft’ through Jae’s pussy on my cock, as I was thrusting myself in and out of her shapely arse.

Jacqueline looked straight into Jae’s eyes, and said, “Now it’s your turn,” as she pushed ‘shaft’ all the way into her sopping wet pussy.

I could feel every inch of ‘shaft’ entering her, the vibration was going all through my body. My wife was now fucking Jae hard, and I was fucking Jae’s arse just as hard. She could do nothing but moan and cum as we both fucked her.

“Oh yes, oh yes, like that, aahhh, aahhhh,” Jae screamed, her arse clutching my cock tighter and tighter as we fucked.

Her whole body shook with yet another orgasm, and with a few more thrusts of my cock into her, I exploded, filling the depths of her arse with my cock juice. I continued to slowly fuck her big arse. I could feel my cum dripping from her onto my balls. Jacqueline removed ‘Shaft’ and then licked my cum soaked balls, and Jae’s dripping pussy, getting a real good taste of both our juices.

I laid on our bed exhausted. I couldn’t help but notice Jacqueline was whispering something into Jae’s ear, followed by the two of them giggling like two school girls to each other.

“Your wife has just informed me that you don’t mind a bit of anal play. Considering my trusty ‘Shaft’ has enjoyed the two of us. Fair is fair, we think your arse should be stretched and fucked by him as well,” Jae said, as she stroked the cum soaked black vibrator.

Well I’m definitely not a man to argue with two horny woman and replied, “Only if you sit on my face Jae, and let my wife do the fucking.”

With that, Jae positioned herself in the reverse cowgirl position over my face, she then lifted my legs as she lowered her pussy onto my tongue, giving my wife complete access to my vulnerable arse. My wife, being the good woman she is, gave my butt a good licking before covering ‘Shaft’ with plenty of lubricant.

I was licking Jae’s pussy for the second time tonight, she then leant over still holding my legs, and begun sucking my semi hard cock, as Jacqueline proceeded to push the tip of ‘Shaft’ into my arse. My wife knew how to play with my butt well, she only used the first few inches of the large vibrator, fucking me steadily.

My cock was rock hard, and I had found myself thrusting into Jae’s mouth, in turn I was also fucking the vibrator ‘Shaft. Jae’s juices began flooding my face as she came, I couldn’t hold myself back as I felt one of the most intense orgasms I’d ever had the pleasures of experiencing, flood through my entire body.

It started from my occupied rear entrance, travelling all the way through my body, before I erupted with what I would have to say, would be the most amount of cum I’d ever ejaculated in to any woman’s mouth. Jae swallowed every drop, not wanting any to go to waste. Jacqueline then slowly removed ‘Shaft’, and Jae released my legs slowly, as my body was still convulsing from my amazing orgasm. Jae had some of my cum on her face, which my wife was more than happy to clean up with her tongue, whilst the two where kissing.

We then said our goodbyes to Jae for the night. Jacqueline gave her another deep passionate kiss, and said, “If your husband doesn’t want to show you any attention, feel free to come over. We would be more than happy to give you all the attention you need.”

Jae smiled, and happily said, “You will both be hearing from me very soon. I have never had so much fun. I thank the both of you. Bye for now.”…

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