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Bringing your work home

Hubby's request for three-way may cost him a wife.
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"Come in!" I called out, as I sat with the phone, on hold. The door opened and in walked Kathryn, green eyes flashing and that wicked playful look that seemed to always surround her.

Having grown bored with the hold music, I hung up to see what was on her mind. Kathryn had joined the office a couple of years before. Highly attractive and fiercely competitive, she had quickly become well respected. I had taken her under my wing, quickly showing her the ropes and she had now become my closest competitor. We also had become fast friends.

"What's up?" I asked her, as I saw the playful look give way to nervousness. Kathryn walked over in front of my desk lazily dragging her hand across the leather back of the chair normally reserved for guests. "John I…." She began then stopped, "We have…uh..."

Faltering again.

Seeing her distress I got up and walked around to her, pulling her chair out I guided her into it and started to walk back to my seat. "Kathy relax! It's me John. Whatever's bothering you will be fine. I mean hell if you can get me through my divorce there can't be anything I wouldn't be able to help you with. Now tell me what's on your mind."

The smile flashed briefly and she seemed to collect herself. "All right," she paused, "Remember when I told you that Dennis and I were having some problems?"

I nodded and she continued. "Well it wasn't really relationship problems, it was more like bedroom problems."

Grinning evilly I put on my innocent schoolboy look.

"Ooooh, you mean like SEX!" I exclaimed drawing a deep blush from Kathryn.

We had always been very open and flirty with each other and I was always the one to shock her innocence with my rather open attitude on the subject.

"Yes John," she said, smiling in spite of herself, "Exactly like sex."

"Kathryn how in the world could he have a problem with your sexual relations? I mean look at you! You're a gorgeous 32-year-old woman. Any guy would give his right nut to go to bed with you."

Kathryn dropped her head a moment. "Thanks John. You see Dennis has always wanted me to do a threesome. I have always laughed it off and avoided the topic but lately he asked me pretty directly if I would. I tried a different tactic and told him if we did then It would have to be a man. I thought for sure he would give up at that!"

"And did he?" I gently asked her.

"No. No he didn't. He actually thought it was pretty exciting. I can't for the life of me figure out why, but he actually seemed as eager as ever. My final condition was that I got to choose who it would be. John I uh…" She paused, the blush returning. "John I want it to be you."

I sat there quite speechless. Many times in our playful bantering we had felt the physical tension between us. I had wondered occasionally just when that would boil over one day and become an affair for her. This however I had never figured on, Kathryn's husband actually wanting this to happen.

Kathryn looked up blushed and dropped her eyes again, composed herself, then looked directly into my eyes.

I could see the anxiousness, waiting to see if I would throw her out of my office. I held her gaze until she dropped it one more time.

"Stand up Kathryn," I said firmly.

Uncertainty crawled across her face as she braced for the worst.

"There are a few things we have to get straight. First, I am nobody's entertainment."

Kathryn began to object. "John I…"

"Silence!" I said, quickly cutting her off. " I would like nothing more than to fuck you, Kathryn, but it will be on my terms. I will not perform for Dennis or on Dennis. If he gets off on watching me fuck his wife then he will be a very happy man when we are finished."

Kathryn was beautiful at that moment. She seemed lit from within as she realized what I was telling her.

"Secondly," I said, causing her to completely focus again on my words. "I will not go in front of Dennis fumbling like some teenagers on Prom night. You will do exactly what I tell you to when I tell you too understand?"

"Yes John, I..." she began again.

"Quiet, little one. Now listen to me." She stopped talking and stood there waiting for me to speak. Leaning over I pressed the no calls or visitors button on my phone. I leaned back putting my feet up on the corner desk, my eyes traveled very deliberately down Kathryn's white blouse noticing how her bra was visible against the material but tastefully hidden. I watched her blush as she realized how I was looking her over. My eyes traveled further down to the swell of her hips and the navy business skirt she had worn today, then further still assuming that the hose I saw were not stockings.

"Are those panty hose Kathryn?" I asked her.

"Yes John," she quickly answered.

around here." I brought my feet down and reached into my drawer. "Do you have a spare pair in your purse or desk?"

She looked at me a moment as she came around my desk. "Well yeah but."

"Good," I said cutting her off again. "Lift your skirt up above your hips."

"But John I can't! we're in the office and…"

"Then go back to your office, Kathryn, and let me get back to work," I said very matter of factly as I started to close the drawer.

"No, wait!" she pleaded, as she bent and started to pull her skirt up.

I opened the drawer again and grabbed the scissors, I watched as she wiggled her hips until she was able to get the skirt past them.

Reaching out I grabbed Kathryn by the elastic top of the panty hose and pulled her closer till she was standing between my legs. Bending forward and to one side I made a small snip at the back waste band, set the scissors down, and reached around with both hands to grab either side of the small cut.

Looking into her eyes I gave a huge tug tearing the pantyhose from her body and letting each side fall around her ankles.

Scooting my chair back I positioned her against my desk and pulled one ankle up to my lap forcing her to sit down.

"You are never to wear panty hose again. They are the ugliest things known to man."

I told her as I proceeded to cut around her ankle leaving only the small sock that was inside her high heel. The maroon strip of panty between her legs showed the darker sign of her arousal as her moisture built. I indicated the other foot and Kathryn obediently lifted it to me. I finished cutting the hose away and looked up to see Kathryn sitting on my desk, her skirt bunched around her waist, the sparkle back in her eyes, and both feet on my lap.

"Take off your panties, Kathryn, and do it from where you are."

Kathryn reached down and pushed her underwear over the swell of her hips, rocking to one side she slipped the satiny fabric quickly beneath one cheek then rocking the other way got them free. She tugged them up as they pressed her knees together before lifting a foot to pull it out then repeating on the other side, then returning her high heels to each armrest on my chair.

Holding out my hand she gave them to me before returning her hands behind her to prop herself up. I took her panties and inhaled deeply as I looked deep into her eyes forcing my message through my stare, You belong to me, it said. Kathryn lightly licked her lips that had gone dry.

I spied my box of paper clips and removed a couple, placing them between my teeth. I just smiled at the puzzled expression on Kathryn's face. I knew from late nights on road trips that Kathryn's sex life was fairly plain. The only thing unusual was her husband's obsession for a threesome. All that was about to change I thought as I worked the buttons of her blouse apart. Kathryn was already breathing heavy as I unhooked the convenient front clasp on her bra.

Her breasts were solid C cups, firm and perky. I also noticed the nipples were perfect for what I had in mind. Leaning forward I sucked the first one into my mouth. With light nibbles, firm pulling sucks, and rapid flicks of my tongue, they quickly hardened, poking out at being so roughly handled. I felt Kathryn moan as one of her hands cupped the back of my head.

I quickly brought her panties up and wiped her shiny breast dry, Pulling and slightly twisting her nipple it stood just a little taller as I quickly spread one of the paperclips then placed it upon her breast.

Kathryn groaned as her sensitive bud took the pressure of the thin steel. I knew she was feeling the light throbbing that would continue to build as I repeated what I'd done on her other tit.

I sat back to admire this beauty perched upon my desk, legs slightly spread wearing only an open blouse and bra, with heels and a couple of paper clips. Her eyes closed and she rolled her head back savoring the throb of her breasts, her mouth slightly open as she gave voice to the low moan her body was feeling.

I reached forward and laid my hand flat over her dewy tenderness, the lower pad on my middle finger strategically resting against the hooded upper section. The heat coming from her pussy was amazing and I lightly began to move in slow circles. Kathryn's sounds followed my actions and I knew I had complete control. This little minaret was dancing to the string of my hand.

My movement became longer, the circles became strokes, her pants became deep breaths and her body became mine. Rolling my wrist I slid my middle finger inside her without missing a beat. My thumb rode along top keeping her swollen button from getting lonely.

Leaning forward I let my snaking tongue dance along her groove, tasting and teasing a counterpoint to the steady thrusting of my hand. Inside I pressed up lightly, seeking that spot rarely found in wives taken for granted.

I knew I had found it when all her breath left her body at once. Her hand slapped onto the back of mine as if begging me not to continue, but continue I did. I felt the sponginess of her G spot pulse with titanic release. Kathryn screamed with a whispered howl, her body rigid as it fought the flood of sensation. One foot slipped from my chair and I quickly threw my free arm around the other to keep it firmly in place.

Kathryn began to rhythmically moan as quiet as she could, I felt the warm sticky release flood the back of my hand. Lifting my thumb I slowly let her ride until the orgasm dispersed, relishing the gradual descent like the end of a summer rain.

I stood and opened my pants letting my hardened cock slip through the front. Holding out my hand I helped Kathryn stand then turning her around, pushed her gently across my desk. She walked her legs apart until her flat tummy rested on the damp mess she had left upon my desk calendar.

I took just a moment to admire the firm shapely young ass spread wide upon my desk. I would hold that image in my mind for years to come, the opening of Kathryn to my pleasures. I stepped forward and rubbed along her sticky crease coating my manhood in her essence. A gentle push and I slid my full length inside, pressing her thighs tight to the desk.

I set up a firm rhythm, fucking her completely. A wicked new thought came to me and I pulled Kathryn up off the desk just far enough to whisper in her ear. "You have asked me to be your lover and your husband approves, right baby?"

Kathryn answered with a long hissing "Yessss."

"Good, then here is my answer. I will fill his wife's pussy with my seed. You will take the rest of the day off and hurry home to him. Take him to bed making sure he at some point tastes me. When you're done give him the good news and make the plans." And with that I filled her completely.

The nasty thoughts and warm flood deep with in her, set Kathryn off again. I felt her contract against the pulsing of my cock. I kept thrusting until the pulsing streams had stopped, then quietly held her still as she milked every drop free of my shaft. I slipped free and sat back in my chair reaching for her panties. My pearly essence just beginning to emerge from her as I slipped them under first one foot, then the other, and quickly pulled them up hoping to keep as much inside as I could. We both dressed and she quickly made ready to leave only stopping long enough to kiss my deeply before hurrying home to her husband.

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