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Bye, Bye, Boston

Bye, Bye, Boston

She had a special way of saying goodbye to Boston!
My name is Bethanny. I'm 29 years old and I have brown shoulder length hair, about 5'6", slim with a tight little 38D – 24 -36 body. I workout at the local gym a lot to keep in top shape - and to show off my body to all the hunks that go there as well! I'm probably most proud of my tits though, aside from being enormous on their own, they have thick dark nipples and when excited they stick out at least 1" and are as round as the end of your little finger. Through the years there have been many men and women that have enjoyed these treats.

My body serves me well because I have this little problem. You see, I am a slut. Not one of those "I like to flirt with anyone I see" kind of flirts though. No, I take it a lot further that that. I crave sex like most people crave air. I need it. I want it, and I can never get enough. My husband, Tom, treats me very well and understands my problems and needs. No one man is capable of satisfying my need for sex and to be humiliated and degraded.

Tom allows me to pursue my sexual needs and his only stipulations are that I not get pregnant to anyone but him, I always insist on my male lovers wearing condoms, and that I'm always available to him for sex. The first condition is no problem because I am on the "pill" and have been taking it religiously since I was in my early teens. The second condition is impossible to comply with though, as I crave the feeling of a man's sperm pumping into my body. And the third condition is irrelevant because... well I want sex all the time, whether I am on my period or even when I'm sick with the flu or a cold! If I'm awake I want sex, and if I'm asleep I want someone to wake me up to have sex!

When we lived in Boston, we tried swinging with other couples, lesbian sex with women, and threesomes with other guys, but none of that was what I needed. I mean, the sex was okay and I had a good time, but I wasn't made to feel cheap and that's what I wanted most of all.

A couple years ago, Tom got an opportunity to take a new position with a firm in Los Angeles. You see, my Tom is a corporate lawyer, and a well-known company in Los Angeles asked him to come work for them. Well, I had grown tired of Boston and its cold weather. Besides, there just wasn't enough local action to keep a girl like me busy! So I thought a change of scenery might be just what I needed. The warm weather would sure be nice... who knows, maybe if I was able to sunbathe I might just be able to attract the attention I needed from some of the neighborhood boys!

So after talking it over, I told him I was all for the move and so he called the firm in Los Angeles the following week and accepted the job. Tom gave his two-week notice to the company he was working with and I began packing and taking care of all the details in changing addresses. Tom earned enough as a corporate lawyer for me not to have to work. The fact that I didn't work allowed for me to be home for sex with deliverymen, repairmen, and whoever else I could get to come over.

The Friday before we were to leave for Los Angeles, the moving company came to pick up our things. The new firm had graciously offered to move us as a condition of his new position so we didn't have to worry about that. So while Tom was putting in his last day at the Boston company, I was at home waiting for the movers.

The moving company phoned me to say their men would be coming between 9am and 10am. I decided to have one last romp before we left Boston so I dressed in my shortest miniskirt and a halter top that emphasized my huge tits. I didn't wear a bra or panties, but I made sure I had my makeup on nice and slutty looking. I wanted the guys to think I was a whore so they would hopefully feel comfortable taking advantage of what I was offering! The truck finally arrived at 10:30 - a half hour late... I was getting very frustrated.

Waiting there with increasing impatience, I was getting hotter and hornier with every tick of the clock. I had almost given up and masturbated to take care of the growing itch myself, when the doorman in the apartment lobby buzzed me to say they were on the way up. My hardened nipples were very obvious through my bright pink top and the two guys stared at them when I opened the door. I didn't ask their names, I just showed them where the things were that they needed to take. The bigger guy, a big black buck about 25, looked me up and down before picking up an easy chair. The other guy was also black although a bit smaller and older, about 35 I'd guess. He picked up a box of books and things of Tom's and the two of them left to go put the things in the truck without saying a word. However as they waited for the apartment building's service elevator, I heard the bigger black guy talking, saying that I must be a hooker or call-girl. I smiled - that was exactly what I wanted them to think. When I heard the elevator return and its familiar ding as it got to my floor, I made sure I was bending over the table reaching for a box I had placed there for just this reason. It gave my boys a perfect view of my uncovered ass and pussy.

As they came in the apartment I could feel them staring at my exposed crack before the older black guy asked.

"Can I give you a hand there, lady?"

I stood up and turned around to answer. They had brought a third guy up; he was Hispanic and about the same age as the younger black man.

"I'm no lady stud, and I want a lot more than a hand from you," I said, shocked at my own brazenness. The older black guy passed his end of the love seat to the Hispanic guy and closed my apartment door. Then he walked over and spinning me back around to face the table, he unzipped my miniskirt, letting it drop to the ground around my ankles. I stepped out of it while he untied the top of my halter top so my tits were freed and exposed to the others.

The older black guy bent me forward onto the dining room table and spread my legs. He squatted behind me and without so much as a howdy-do, shoved two fingers into my wet cunt. I gasped at the suddenness, but immediately began moaning as he began fingering my hungry hole.

As he sawed at my ravenous cunt, I began wriggling and twisting, trying to get him to hit all the spots I needed touched. I moaned and gripped the table; he was very familiar with a woman's anatomy! He was touching places that hadn't been touched in ages, and I was loving every dirty second of it!

While I was being mauled by the older black man, his younger counterpart was busy watching, staring at my shaven dripping pussy while the Hispanic ogled my swaying, bouncing tits.

Finally satisfied that I was wet enough for him, the man with his hand in my cunt decided to put it to better use. He stood up and quickly dropped his jeans, freeing up his large black cock. He was already hard and I could see the thick mushroom head glistening with a drop of precum.

"Fuck me with that black cock, stud!" I moaned with need. I wanted to be fucked hard and fast. He was up to the challenge too. Grabbing me by the hair, he positioned his cock at my pussy entrance and in one savage thrust, his cock disappeared into my willing cunt. He immediately began pumping hard and fast in and out of me as if he had an appointment to make! It didn't matter to me, I like it rough - the "Wham-Bam-Thank you Ma-am"! He fucked me hard, fast, and deep for about fifteen minutes before I heard him groan and felt him empty his hot seed deep inside me.

I didn't have to wait long for the next round. As I lay over the table panting from the first fucking, the bigger, younger black man stepped up to the plate. When he undid his jeans and I saw what was next on the menu, I about died. This guy must have been half horse! His cock had to have been 11 inches long and 3 inches in diameter!

"Oh my God! What is that!" I gasped as he displayed his trophy-sized cock. I'd had some pretty big men in the past and even bigger toys, but I had never seen anything to compare to this mutant cock. It was a challenge I couldn't pass up.

"I want every inch of that big beautiful beast in me now!" I said. He grinned broadly and bent me over the table again. Putting the head of his black python at my hole, he began pushing forward. At first, I took it fairly easily, but very quickly I sensed that this was going to be different from anything else I'd ever done. I could feel him start to stretch my pussy wider and wider and I began panting with effort as he kept coming.

"Oh my god! Oh I'm so full," I moaned. But he kept on pushing.

"Bitch I'm not even halfway in yet!" he said, the smirk on his face obvious in his voice as well. He pressed onward and I gripped the table edge as his cock plowed deeper and deeper.

"Oh fuck! Oh you're splitting me apart!" I cried as his never-ending cock pushed deeper. I knew I would never get that enormous monster completely inside me.

He just swatted my ass hard and told me to hold still as he pushed harder into my taunt cunt.

"Oh please! Please stop, you're killing me!" I screamed as I felt him bottom out inside my pussy. I had never had anything so huge in me and I thought any second he would tear me in two. But he just grabbed my hair, almost bending me double backwards and pushed on. I was on tiptoes trying to relieve the pressure he was exerting on my cunt when he finally announced he was completely inside me. He stayed there for a couple moments before shoving me back down on the table as I grabbed the sides of the table he began fucking me. And he fucked me so hard and so deep that I was sure I was going to die right there!

"Ohh... fuck... me!" I screamed as his jackhammer cock pounded mercilessly into me. He slammed into me so hard I was hitting the table edge and bruising my thighs against it. But my cunt was loving every inch of this beast. I had never felt so filled with cock. I was delirious!

Just as I was hitting my stride riding this bronc, the Hispanic wanted his turn. So my black stallion turned me away from the table and bent me further over while the Hispanic dropped his drawers. The guy wanted a blowjob, so I took his lovely cock in my mouth while my black lover continued his assault on my abused cunt. While I was busy sucking him, he took his liberties by pawing and mauling my hanging tits. He squeezed them so hard I moaned and then he pinched and twisted my nipples. I loved being his playtoy. I sucked the Hispanic's cock for about five minutes before his copious amount of sperm filled my mouth. I managed to swallow most of it but some spilled from my mouth onto my tits when I stood back up.

"You spilled some slut!" He grinned devilishly and took the cum from my tits smearing it all over my face. I moaned loudly as he smeared his sticky cum over my face, humiliating me further.

After about 20 minutes of hard, brutal pounding, my black-cocked lover was ready to cum. I felt his gigantic cock swell a bit more as he stiffened.

"Oh God! Ohh yes, give me you cum, you black bastard! Ohh, fill my cunt with your hot cum!" I screamed. And he did just that. I felt his cock explode and his searing hot cum splash against the walls of my pussy, burning in my belly He shot load after load deep into my gut before he pulled out smearing the remainder all over my bald quivering slit. He used his cock to smear his stickiness all around my throbbing lips and clit before he reached under me. Then he did something I had never had done. He used his hand and fingers to rub his cum into me fingering my leaky hole and smearing the cum around. His fingers in my still tender slit and the warmth of his cum made me lose my mind!

"Ohhh fuck! I'm cumming! Oh My God I'm cumming!" I screamed as a tremendous orgasm crashed over me like a tidal wave. My thighs shook and I had to grab hold of the table while my stud held me up with his pussy hand as I bucked and twisted in my delirium. Finally I could no longer stand and I fell to the floor gasping and convulsing as the cum leaked out from between my trembling legs.

The three men left me laying on the hard linoleum floor as they went back to work, moving my things downstairs to the truck. They intentionally left the door open as they went back and forth so that anyone who walked by would have a perfect view of my naked whorish body. I didn't have the strength to crawl away or even to shut the door, I could only hope that no one would walk by. The shame and humiliation I would face if someone from my building found me served only to turn me on even more. I felt like such a fucking slut!

Once the men had finished moving my belongings down into the truck they came back up one last time.

"We're all through moving your things. But before we go, we are going to "pack" you once more!" the older black man said with a sneer.

I was still too exhausted to refuse or stop them, and I wouldn't have if I could. I merely groaned my acquiescence and rolled wearily onto my back spreading my legs. They all took turns fucking me twice more before leaving. The first time they filled every one of my holes to overflowing - pussy, ass, and mouth. The second time however was the most delicious - as each came, they shot their last loads onto my body covering me with their white, hot love. I had sticky cum in my hair, and on my face, tits, and belly. They left me spread-eagled in the middle of the living room, covered in their cum like a used tissue. I was in heaven.

I lay there on the floor of the apartment for fifteen minutes before I regained enough strength to get up again. I sat down in the only chair we had left in the apartment - a folding metal chair. The coldness of the metal seat at first shocked my inflamed ass and pussy, but quickly the cold became soothing. As I sat there regaining strength, I relived the whole experience in my mind, smiling and giggling like a little schoolgirl at her first sex-ed class!

Three strange men had treated me like a common whore and I hadn't even asked their names! I put a tight pair of panties on to hold the cum in my ass and pussy and called my husband. I recounted the whole experience telling him in vivid detail what had happened with the deliverymen. He was amused at how excited I was in telling him the story and his only concern was that they wore condoms. I assured him that they had and then I wished him a good day and said I would be anxiously waiting for him to come home. I checked the clock. I still had four hours before he got home from work.

After everything that went on, I still found my need for sexual fulfillment wasn't appeased. I wanted more! So I quickly slipped on a flirty little dress and headed for the elevator. My ass and pussy were full of strangers' cum and I was happy. Once outside on the street, I hailed a cab and told him to take me to this seedy little dive I knew. This bar was known for being a hangout for bikers, hoodlums, and other unsavory types... just the kind of place I was looking for. I knew what I wanted and I knew I'd have no problem getting it there.

The taxi dropped me off outside the Dew Drop Inn. After paying the bill - and assuring the driver I would be ok - I walked inside. There were about four guys drinking at the bar and a couple guys playing pool. As I had figured, I was the only woman in the place. Which wasn't all that unusual - it was a pretty rowdy place and not in the best of neighborhoods.

As I walked into the bar, I drew the attention of every man in the place. I had to smile... you'd think that none of them had ever seen a woman before! I casually walked up to the bar and sat at the counter. The men went back to whatever they were doing as the bartender asked what I wanted.

"I want to be fucked and fucked hard!" I told him. The words had no sooner left my lips when the whole bar stopped dead in its tracks. Every man had turned to face me with their mouths hanging open. One guy at the nearby table was choking on his beer and you could hear the pool balls rolling across the table and falling into the pocket.

The two guys playing pool began walking slowly towards the bar.

"What did you say, miss?" the bartender asked again.

"I said, I WANT TO BE FUCKED, AND FUCKED HARD!" I repeated louder this time. "Any of you guys got a cock for me?"

"Lady, I don't know what your deal is, but if you are a cop, there are laws against entrapment," the bartender told me sternly.

I stood up and walked to an open area between the bar and the tables and unzipped the front of my dress, dropping it to the beer and blood stained floor around my ankles. Standing there in nothing but my cum-soaked panties and heels, I scanned the men's faces.

"Does this look like I'm a cop? Now come on guys, who wants a ride?" I asked, showing off what I had to offer.

The bartender nodded to one of the guys who moved to lock the door. Two guys pushed a couple tables together and lifted me onto the tables. One removed my soaked panties and gave them to the bartender who hung them over the beer taps.

"Hey guys, this slut is already full of cum!" the guy who removed my panties said. "Guess we don't have to ask, now!" he laughed as he shoved four fingers into my sloppy cum-filled cunt.

Another guy took hold of my hard stiff nipples, pinching and squeezing them hard. The nipple pinching was quite painful and I moaned as he abused my nipples, but I was really enjoying being treated so roughly. My pussy began getting wetter and I could feel my passions building.

"Come on guys someone shove a cock in me! Three holes guys, no waiting!" I cried.

For the next two hours I was subjected to the roughest sex I'd ever experienced. I was double and triple-penetrated and assfucked repeatedly. Every man in the bar including the bartender fucked me at least once. I was filled to overflowing with sweet hot cum. I had pool cues shoved deep into my ass and cunt and really got off on it.

When all the men were sexually exhausted, then they started to degrade and humiliate me. They made me their nude bargirl and as I walked around serving their drinks they were slapping my ass and pinching my nipples. My ass was red and raw from the hard slaps and the nipple pinching made me cry out in pain. I was made to kiss and lick men's asses, suck their cocks, and every imaginable shameful thing you can think of. I was dragged repeatedly into the bathroom and made to sit on the toilet with my legs wide apart while they pissed on my pussy and between my legs. The when they finished pissing, they made me lick them clean. I was enjoying every filthy act!

Finally all the men had done all they could. I was cum-filled, humiliated, debased and completely happy. I was sore and exhausted but finally had gotten all the sex I could handle. So I gathered up my dirty, wrinkled dress off the filthy floor and put it on. Then I went to each of the men, kissed them deep and hard and thanked them for their attention. The bartender called me a cab and I returned home just in time to take a hot shower and get cleaned up for my husband when he got home.

We left Boston the next morning, but I will always have fond memories of my last night in Beantown!

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