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Can an Affair Save Their Marriage

A well endowed friend offers an unusual bit of advice.
David sat on the bench in the men's locker room untying his shoes after an exhausting racquetball match--which he lost. He was forty-three years old and doing his damnedest to stay in shape. His friend Peter (same age) stood a few feet away, undressing as well. They had been friends since high school. Fate had taken them along different paths in life, but they were now back in the same town; their friendship never having skipped a step. Peter was divorced; David was close.

As Peter removed his shirt he said, "Damn, dude. I don't normally kick your ass quite that easily. What's up?"

David sighed. He was distracted and his racquetball performance showed it. "Fucking Karen. She's gone mental. We're going to counseling and all that, but she's just fucking impossible to handle."

Peter chuckled knowingly. "That's what happens when they hit forty. They lose it. That's what happened with Kelly. I am, after all, the perfect man." Pete grinned and David let out a cough that sounded a lot like, 'Bullshit.' Pete and Kelly had been divorced for a couple of years.

"Maybe she just needs a little 'strange', you know?" said Pete, removing his jockstrap and adjusting his balls, his oversized cock dangling. "My advice? Let her have some fun."

David glanced at his friend's cock as he stood up and shed his own jock, grabbing a towel from his locker. 'Lucky bastard,' thought David. 'Why couldn't I have a cock like that? Would Karen still be acting like a nut job? Well, Kelly had had Pete's big cock for fifteen years and still split. Maybe a big cock wasn't everything.'

They walked to the showers and, since they were alone, continued their conversation.

"Seriously," said Peter. "Lots of people are doing it nowadays."


"Well, yeah," said Peter. "Or at least the wife is swinging." He grinned as he lathered with soap. "Married but dating. Whatever. Karen's hot. She'll have no trouble. I'd do her in a heart beat."

About that time another club member entered the showers so the two friends suspended their conversation. After showering and dressing they continued their conversation outside the club.

"Look, dude," said Peter, "What's it gonna cost you to divorce? More than half of everything you got, right?"

David nodded.

"So you have a lot to lose, right?"

Another nod.

"And counseling sucks and isn't working?"

"Fuck that noise," laughed David. "No more."

"Time to think outside the bun," said Pete as he slapped his friend on the back. "Think about it. I'm here for you, buddy."

David laughed at the mock concern. But he thought about it. A lot.

That evening David cooked dinner and cleaned up. He paid attention to every word his wife said. He got off the computer early and was as perfect a husband as he could imagine. Karen seemed indifferent. And once in bed she was still fairly unapproachable, but he tried.

They gave one another a perfunctory kiss and she rolled over away from him, but he took a deep breath and remained on his side facing her. He stroked her neck, shoulders, and arm, gently working up his courage.

"Can we talk?" he asked.

"About what?" she asked.

"Something very unusual and, well, kinky."

She laughed. "You're kidding, right?"


David had thought all day about how to approach her and had tried about a dozen different lines in his head. All of that went out the window as he flubbed his attempt, but that actually worked because she laughed.

"You want to do what?" she exclaimed. "You want to try swinging? That's how you're gonna save our marriage? By fucking other chicks?"

And on she ranted for a while. As usual she was out of control and didn't hear what he was saying. But when she finally ran out of steam he tentatively tried something else.

"It's not that I need to have sex with anyone else. I just though it might spice things up and rekindle our interest in one another. I could even…you know…remain monogamous while you could date."

David held his breath.

"Seriously?" she asked incredulously.

"Well, yeah. I've heard about that sort of thing. I was thinking we could get you out of Minnesota some time during the winter. Get you a month in the sun and you could…sort of pretend you were single."

She was quiet for a while, apparently thinking as David continued his stroking. He had bared his soul and it both frightened and aroused him.

Despite the gravity of the situation, David now had an erection and Karen noticed. She felt it bumping against her side and was both amused and turned on, but she didn't allow him to know that. It wasn't time. He had gradually been expanding the territory of his caresses and had been tweaking her rock hard nipples. Now he was occasionally brushing against her pubus. He was smooth; she had to give him credit. They were both horny but she was in control.

She laughed sarcastically. "So let me get this straight. I'm gonna take my vacation in, say, January and I'm gonna go someplace warm and sunny and fuck my brains out. After I get that 'out of my system' we'll get together again and all will be well?"

David smiled weakly in the dark. "Well, we're kinda desperate, aren't we?"

Karen kicked back the sheets. She had a hard time controlling her body temperature nowadays and was hot. She hooked her thumbs under the elastic of her panties and slid them partway down. "Take those things off for me," she said.

David complied eagerly.

"Get down there," she said. "You've got me all hot and bothered, you bastard."

David smiled and got on his stomach between her legs and began to kiss and lick her just the way she liked it.

"You're serious about this?"

David pushed his tongue in as deeply as he could, then sort of tapped her clit on the way out. "Yes."

She laughed. "I cannot fucking believe we're considering this." She paused for nearly a minute then continued.

"Okay, then. Let's see how serious you are. Say, 'I want you to suck another man's cock'," she said, emphasizing the word 'suck'.

David put his chin against her clit and complied, albeit tentatively.


He said very clearly and loudly, "I want you to suck another man's cock," and was deeply embarrassed. He was glad it was dark.

She laughed somewhat derisively then pushed his face back into her muff.

"Say, 'I want you to fuck another man.'"

Once again David complied.

Karen laughed. "Damn."

She was quiet for quite a while, grinding against his mouth while gripping his hair. She was fucking his face and loving it. Finally with a loud groan she came, with great spasms of pleasure. She relaxed for a moment, but they both knew she was just getting started.

"Who gave you this idea?" she asked. "Peter?"

David was back to licking and sucking and didn't answer at first. "I hear these things. Read them. It's a pretty common thing." For some reason he didn't want to admit that Pete had suggested this. Why he was "protecting" his friend he didn't quite know. It's just what they'd always done. They always had each other's backs and he just reacted.

Karen chuckled. "Okay, well here's the deal. I think you're lying. I think someone suggested this to you and I want to thank that man personally. Set me up with him so I can tell him myself."

David thought quickly. "It was one of those old guys at the nursing home," he joked.

She laughed. "I don't think so."

She grabbed a handful of his hair and held his face away from her wet pussy. "I'm serious. Set me up with whoever it was. I want to thank him. I am going to suck his cock." She put his face back down. "You make that happen and you got yourself a deal. That will show me you're serious. But don't dick around; you don't get laid until after I meet the man with the bright idea that may save our marriage."

David felt vertigo. Some part of him wanted this to happen for real, but mostly he just wanted to talk about it in bed. He wanted them to share the fantasy, rekindle the sexiness they used to share, make everything 'all better'. But she was calling his bluff. Would she really follow through? And with Pete?

She put her left hand down between her legs, rubbing and touching herself in just the right places and in just the right way. David licked or kissed or sucked as he could but felt like a third wheel. Her ring kept bumping his face painfully. He could just nip and lick here and there. Finally she came with thunderous groans. Then she grabbed his head and pulled his face into her pussy. "I just fucked Peter," she said breathlessly. "And damn, he was good."

David knew she was talking about the fantasy she'd had as she masturbated, but also knew what might be around the corner. It was all he could do not come on the sheets as she held his head firmly, his mouth on her mound. He licked her clit firmly now and then making her gasp. Finally she stopped him. As she lay in the bed recovering David got up to go to the bathroom. While he was gone, Karen grabbed her phone.

She quickly found her contact and typed a text: 'Ask him if he had the balls to send me on vacation alone, but don't push. Let's chat tomorrow. This is fun!!! xoxox'

Peter typed back: 'I cannot wait.'

…to be continued...

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