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Can I See It?

“Can I see it?” I asked him with a giggle and received a playful
telling off from Danny who told me it wasn’t a peek show.
I pouted and hung my head and gave a few sniffles.

Danny’s friend was staying overnight on his way to the City
the next day where he had a job interview. We’d been chatting
and drinking and Danny happened to mention that Mickey,
his long term friend from way back in his college days, was
hung like a stallion and put many a black man to shame.

The drink had certainly loosened tongues and inhibitions
and I know that I would have never dared to ask that sort of
question had I not been drinking as much wine as I had been
doing that afternoon.

I carried on with the pouting and the sniffles amidst the
laughing of both Mickey and Danny and then Danny said “Well,
what are you going to show Mickey in return?” They both laughed
and I stuck out my tongue and then my chest. Mickey might
be blessed in the cock department; I was blessed in the breast

I took a long swig of the wine, placed the glass on the table
top and cupped my breasts and smiled “These!” They both
laughed but I could see Mickey was interested. I knew it
was the wine talking, but I was interested in seeing his
cock. Danny, bless him, wasn’t that large or that thick,
but the sex sessions were very good though and had a wonderful
tongue that kept me very satisfied along with my toys.

Another bottle of wine was opened and my glass was refilled
and I saw Mickey looking at Danny, who just winked. I had
a feeling there and then that my tits would soon be out on

“Well, can I see it?” I asked again as I took a long drink of
my wine. Yes, I know it’s for sipping and not drinking like
beer, but I was nervous and I really did want to see it. They
laughed again and Danny said to Mickey “She does have a nice
set of tits” and then looked at me and smiled. “Show him honey”.
I looked at him, took another drink of my wine and my hands
shook as I put the glass back onto the table. I smiled, it
was a nervous smile, but I stood up, still smiling, fingers
trembling as I lifted up the front of my top to reveal my red
brassiere. I know I was blushing, I could feel my face go
the colour of the bra. They were looking at me, I was looking
at them. Danny was smiling, no, he was grinning. I took the
top off and stood there in front of them dressed in jeans
and a bra, I tried to smile, but it was a nervous smile.

I cupped my breasts as I looked at them and then I pulled the
tops of my brassiere cups down to reveal my breasts. I knew
my nipples were hard. I looked at them, Danny still grinning,
Mickey with his eyes locked on my now semi naked breasts
and hard nipples. “Not enough take it off” Danny said to
me. I looked at him, his face still held the grin. I shrugged
my shoulders, reached behind me and unclipped the brassiere,
letting it fall to the floor. I now stood there, facing them,
topless with my breasts bare for their eyes. I needed another
drink, so I reached down for my glass and drank the rest of
the wine before replacing the now empty glass. I still stood
there in front of them.

The blushing had gone, the shaking fingers had gone, the
nerves had gone. I smiled at them, Danny’s grin had been
replaced with a broad smile, and his eyes sparkled. I looked
at him and then to Mickey as I cupped my breasts, I ran my thumbs
over my hard nipples as I sat back down and refilled my empty
wine glass. As I reached for my top, I looked at Danny and
he was still smiling but also shook his head telling me not
to put the top back on. I smiled as I took a drink from my glass.
My nipples were aching and tingling and I saw Danny’s hand
go to his groin to adjust himself. I knew then he was either
getting hard or was hard. I wondered if Mickey was getting
the same way too. I wondered if I would ever get to see this
apparent big cock of his. I also wondered what the hell I
would do when I did see it and where all this was going. I put
those thoughts out of my mind as I cupped my breasts again,
jiggling them as I let out a giggle.

“Come on then, fair is only fair” I said with a pout as I ran
my thumbs over my nipples again and then pinched them with
my fingers and thumbs. I was still wondering if I would get
to see it and Danny turned to Mickey and said “Well, I guess
she has a point” and he laughed as he stood up and unzipped
his jeans. I was so hoping that Mickey was going to do the
same. “Hey, that’s cheating; you told me I’d get to see Mickey’s
cock not yours!” I said as I watched Danny take out his semi
erect cock. He just laughed as he held it in his hand and as
I reached for my top he sat down and said “Okay, fair is fair”
and then looked at Mickey giving him a wink. Mickey looked
at me as he stood up and already I could see the outline of
his cock in his jeans and if that wasn’t a pair of socks down
there, then he was indeed big.

As he reached for his zipper, I reached for more wine, my
throat was dry and I licked my lips after taking a drink.
I licked my lips again as he reached inside. I squirmed as
he pulled it out. I said “Fuck” as I saw it and Danny certainly
wasn’t lying, it was big, thick too. “Fuck” was the only
word I could say as he showed me just half of it and it wasn’t
even hard. My eyes were locked on his cock, I felt my breathing
increase and although I didn’t want to, I couldn’t stop
my fingers from playing with my nipples again. “Oh fuck” was all I said when I saw him open his jeans and the
whole length came into view. I’d seen big cocks, but only
in the porn movies, but never one in the flesh so to speak
and this one was all flesh and a lot of it too. My hands cupped
my breasts as I stared at Mickey’s monster. My fingers took
hold of my nipples again. I looked at Danny; he smiled and
nodded in the direction of Mickey. I gave him a quizzed look
for I wasn’t sure what he meant. He nodded again.

“Surely not; surely he didn’t want me to play with it did
he?” I thought to myself. I reached for my wine glass again.
I needed a drink and now I needed the glass refilling and
reached for the nearly empty bottle that was now empty as
I poured the rest of the contents into my glass. I took another
drink and looked over at Danny, he was still smiling and
his semi erect cock was still out of his jeans, as was Mickey’s
cock. I smiled at them both as I took another deep swig of
my wine and put the glass back on the table. My nipples tingled as I took hold of them again. I knew that
they were both looking at me and I was getting a little more
excited as I tugged on my nipples. I looked back at Danny
and he smiled as he took hold of his cock and began to play
with himself and that is when I understood his nodding.
He DID want me to play with Mickey and then the tingling increased
once I understood that. I now wished I had a skirt on instead
of these jeans. I pinched my nipples again as I looked at
both cocks and smiled as Danny’s cock stiffened and then
looked at Mickey’s cock again and his too was beginning
to grow. I couldn’t stop myself from tugging harder on my
nipples, pulling on them and I was so wet now it was becoming
unbearable. I just sat there, playing with my tits and nipples,
watching two men, one a stranger, playing with their cocks.
I was wet, very wet, soaking wet in fact.

I looked at Danny, he made a motion with his eyes and mouthed
what I thought was ‘undress’. I looked at him again, he mouthed
the same word. I squeezed my nipples harder, almost letting
out a squeal as my fingers tugged on them. I glanced down
at Mickey’s hand that was now running very slowly over his
cock. Danny was now very hard and I was very wet.

I stood up and felt their eyes following my fingers as I unzipped
my jeans, and then the button holding them together. I hooked
my thumbs into the waistband and slowly peeled the jeans
over my hips. Danny, of course, would have already known
that I would be naked underneath my jeans, I was always naked
underneath my outer clothes, I never wore any underwear.
This fact would soon come to Mickey’s knowledge too as I
slid them over my hips and then down my thighs. I heard an
intake of breath and it wasn’t mine as the jeans fell to the
floor. I kicked them off and stood there totally naked and
feeling very hot and horny. I looked at Danny and smiled
as I sat back down and picked up my glass to drain the last
of the wine.

“We need more wine honey” I said to Danny as I placed the glass
back on the table and watched him tuck his cock back into
his jeans and stand up. I looked at Mickey, well more at his
cock as I leaned back in the chair, spreading my legs as I
did and watched him watching me as my fingers ran up and down
my very wet slit. Danny came back with the wine as my forefinger
slipped inside my slit, burying it deep inside my pussy.
I didn’t stop fingering myself as he replenished my now
empty glass; I was too busy looking at the monster growing
and too busy thinking about it buried deep inside me.

I watched Danny has he sat back down and his grin returned
as he in turn watched me finger fucking myself. I then watched
as he unzipped himself and took out his hard cock again.
I smiled and smiled again when Danny nodded in the direction
of Mickey. I knew what he meant and what he wanted me to do.

I stood up, licked my finger clean as I walked over to Mickey
and sunk to my knees and rested my hands upon his thighs.
I looked at him and smiled as I lowered my mouth to the tip
of his cock which he was still holding. As I took the head
to the monster cock into my mouth, he thrust his hips upwards,
driving his cock into my mouth. I reached up, tugged at the
jeans and managed to pull them down to his ankles and then
helped him out of them. His cock in my mouth throbbed and
I wanted to feel that throbbing inside my very hot and wet

His cock slipped from my mouth as I stood up and placed my
legs either side of his thighs, his strong thighs. I took
hold of his cock and guided him into my pussy. I moaned as
I lowered myself onto him. It filled me, filled me wonderfully
as I sunk onto him. I let out another moan as he grabbed my
hips, slamming upwards, driving his thick hard cock deep
and hard into me. I saw Danny stand up, I saw him remove his
jeans, I watched as he moved towards me holding his cock.
I smiled as his cock brushed my lips; I let out a deep moan
as I felt Mickey’s fingers take my nipples as my mouth closed
around Danny’s cock.

Mickey slammed upwards, Danny thrust forwards, both were
filling me to the hilt. I moaned on Danny’s cock as I felt
Mickey’s fingers tugging and pulling on my nipples. I enjoyed
the pain, the exciting pain of having my nipples treated
that way. I enjoyed a spanking too but at this moment in time.
I was enjoying a fat cock in my pussy and a hard cock in my mouth.
I was enjoying his fingers pulling and twisting my nipples,
his upwards thrusting of his hips that powered that big
fat cock deep inside me. I enjoyed the throbbing cock of
Danny in my mouth, cupping his balls wanting him to cum in
my mouth. I didn’t have to wait too long for that to happen
as I massaged his balls and I knew he was close as he groaned
out. I sucked harder; I let him fuck my mouth, letting him
grasp my hair as he pulled my face down onto his cock; his
cock that was ready to shoot his cum into my mouth.

I felt my own orgasm building as Mickey continued to forcibly
fuck me, the pain, the nice pain of his thick cock filling
me, stretching me. My own body shook as I felt his cock hold
there, clenching my muscles around it, pumping it as my
juices began to freely flow over his cock and down the insides
of my thighs. I had to let Danny’s cock go as the orgasm ran
through me; I had to let out a scream as the flowing juices

Danny grabbed my hair again, pulling me roughly back onto
his cock, growling at me, to me, telling me to suck it. He
slammed his cock into my mouth and held my head still. I felt
the pumping; I felt the warm fluids hitting the back of my
throat, I had to swallow as fast as I could. I’d never known
Danny to shoot that much before, he was flooding my mouth
and I was struggling to swallow it all without spilling
any. I didn’t stop sucking until I felt Danny push me away.
I looked up at him as I swallowed the last drop and he smiled.
Mickey’s cock was pounding me so hard it was hurting, but
the hurt was a pleasant hurt and one that I was enjoying and
one that was so fucking close to bringing me off again. I
was closer, he was close, I needed one more before he exploded,
just one more, please, just one more.

I slammed up and down, feeling the wonderful pain as he stretched
me, as he filled me. “Pinch my nipples” I uttered “Pinch
my fucking nipples” I moaned and as he did it sent me over
the top and the orgasm hit me, ran through me. I let out a scream
as I felt my juices flowing, my legs trembled, and my nipples
ached. I sat there, tight on him, his cock buried so deep,
so filling.

He was close; I knew that as I got off of him and looked down
at his cock, a cock covered in my juices. I sunk to my knees,
took his cock in my hand and looked up at him, I smiled as my
tongue snaked out, licking his shaft, cleaning his cock
of my juices as my hand worked up and down on his cock. I took
the head in my mouth and gagged as he tried to push his whole
cock into my mouth. I worked with my hand and mouth and suddenly
felt him hold my head still, my hand worked faster and then
I felt it, I felt the first stream, then the second. I swallowed
eagerly, quickly not wanting to spill a drop. The third
stream was followed by the fourth and last as I took his cock
as deep as I could, sucking the very life out of it and his
balls. I stood, still holding his cock and then turned to Danny
and smiled.

I sat back on the couch, my legs wide open. I needed one more,
just one more. I closed my eyes, held my pussy open and my
fingers worked fast and furious on my clit, rubbing it hard
as I bought myself to my final orgasm of the night.

I let out a big sigh, a sigh of happiness and contentment
as Danny refilled my glass again. I looked at him and said
“When is Mickey coming back?”

We all laughed and clinked glasses.

The end.
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