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Candy for Aaron, Part 1

A young wife goes wild on her husband's birthday

Part One: A Wild Night

We first met Troy and Pattie at a "new neighbors" party shortly after we moved here from New Orleans a year ago. We live close by (across the street and five houses down), and my husband, Bryan, and Troy hit it off right away. They both liked dirt bikes, cars and the same football team, and I could tell that Bryan was also a little in awe of Troy's general confidence and unmistakable swagger. In a lot of ways, Troy, who was five or six years older, bigger, and a much better athlete, played a sort of big brother role for Bryan. Shortly after we moved in, Troy got Bryan a job at the car dealership where he's a manager. Troy was Bryan's boss at the time. Troy could do no wrong, as far as Bryan was concerned, and he tried in every way to be just like him. As you could guess, Bryan was the perfect employee.

Pattie and I were about the same age, though I can't say I felt as close to her as Bryan did to Troy. There was always something about her that made me keep a little distance. I was never really sure why they took up with us. I always had the teeniest sense that Pattie thought she was above us. I could tell that she really enjoyed the fact that Bryan worked for Troy, and she liked to remind us, very subtly of course, that she was being very generous by being our friend.

Not to say we weren't friends. We certainly were, or at least I thought we were. We shared all kinds of things, but I never could really trust her. I remember one time she asked about my sex life, and I told her it was pretty normal and she said she meant other than my husband. I was kind of shocked. When I told her that Bryan was the only guy I'd ever been with, she just sort of made this face that said I was so not cool. "Frigid?" she said with a laugh that I knew was meant to disguise her utter disdain for me. She reminded me so much of all the popular girls I remember from high school who would be friends to your face and just cut you into little pieces when you weren't around if they thought you didn't believe what they did.

High school was not a favorite memory for me or for Bryan. Neither of us were part of the popular crowd, like Troy and Pattie had obviously been. Bryan wasn't the least bit athletic in high school, though he always wanted to be. He wasn't cute or handsome and didn't have much of a body. It wasn't that he was skinny or fat, he was just pretty much average. He didn't have a car or nice clothes and he certainly didn't have money or an extroverted personality. Of the things that make kids popular, he really had nothing. But I liked him a lot for his kind of funky charm and self deprecation. We were boyfriend and girlfriend from our sophomore year. We never dated anybody but each other. We were both virgins when we got married right out of high school.

I wasn't really much in high school either. I guess I had more friends and certainly got asked out more than Bryan, but I wouldn't consider myself part of the popular crowd. I had a nice body, but I didn't have that cute little bouncy look everyone admired in those days. I was one of those girls that parents would say was going to be "stunning" when she grew up. Well, I never believed that and none of my friends paid any attention to it either. Who cared what you were going to be!

As it turned out, I guess the parents must have been right. Just a few years out of high school, I did change quite a bit, though I'm still not sure why or how. True, I started to wear my hair differently, got contacts, and began to dress in clothes that accentuated my figure rather than the baggy shapeless things I liked in school, but still, I was surprised at the apparent transformation.

I guess I first started to notice a difference while we were still living in New Orleans. I become aware that more and more guys were turning around to look again when I'd walk past. Some just openly stared. I got whistles walking by construction sites (but then what girl doesn't), and I started to get hit on a lot at work or even just shopping downtown, though it took me a long time to realize it.

I remember one time so vividly. I was in a shop in the Garden District just going about my business when this really nice looking guy comes up to me and says that he just has to tell me how "hot" I look, all the time staring right at my chest. I wasn't wearing anything very sexy, just shorts and a scoop-neck top that maybe was a teeny bit small. He could see from the ring on my finger that I was married, but he still asked me if I "date." I just smiled and walked away. I was kind of flustered, but also strangely excited by it all. Very excited, as a matter of fact. I started to notice similar sorts of things happening a lot after that.

When I told Bryan about it later that night, I was astonished at his reaction. I expected that he'd at the least raise his eyebrows and at the most get jealous, but instead he got all excited and had me retell the encounter, what there was of it, over and over. I got the sense that he was even a little disappointed that more didn't happen. I realized that he wanted me to be more turned on by the guy and what he said than he thought I was.

Actually, I was excited myself, but was too shy to say so. I knew that was silly and that I should have told him how aroused I really was. So I decided I would embellish the story a little. That night in bed, he asked about it again, and this time I did add a little more spice to the story than had really happened. I told him that as I turned to leave, the guy put his hand low on my hip, turned me towards him, and asked for my telephone number. I said I smiled and said maybe next time and slowly walked away, turning back to smile every few steps. We had very good sex that night!

That little encounter became an important part of our sex life. Bryan wanted me to promise that if that should happen again that I would give the guy my number or, even better from his point of view, that I would encourage him in some other way, like flirt openly with him. The idea that excited him the very most was for me to let the guy actually touch me intimately. I promised I would, though nothing like that ever happened again, except in Bryan's fantasy. The funny thing is, I really did want to. I just never had the courage. I was brought up to be a "good girl."

Unfortunately for Bryan, though my appearance had changed considerably for the better as I got older, if men's comments, stares, and come ons were any indication, Bryan had remained pretty much the nondescript character he had been in high school. He was very proud of the change in me, however. I think he felt having a good looking wife made him more of a man. He used to call me his "trophy wife," but only in private.

He used to like to compare me to Troy's wife, Pattie. He would tell me that Troy's wife was a little less pretty and not as sexy as I was. I think it was the one way, probably the only way, in his mind, that he could feel at all superior to Troy. In Bryan's eyes, Troy was a player, and I think it made him feel confident and a little proud that he had me and Troy didn't. That's probably why he always wanted me to flirt with Troy, to prove he couldn't get me, I guess. Sad thing is, Pattie could string Bryan around her finger in a minute, and everyone but Bryan knew it. Still, in private, Bryan liked to insist on how much more attractive to guys I was than Pattie. Guys are sooo strange!

Truthfully, though, Pattie and I were physically very much alike, especially when dressed. I guess she likes her everyday clothes to be a little more revealing than I do, but our bodies look pretty much the same. We both have blonde hair and blue eyes. Mine tend to a greener shade than Pattie's and my hair needs a rinse to stay blonde. She insists hers is totally natural. It isn't, I can assure you. We both have really big boobs, though I know from trips to the spa that hers are just slightly larger, though mine probably seem bigger because they are rounder and much, much firmer. Her nipples are larger, and after two kids, brown. Mine are smaller and very pink. My waist, to use Pattie's words, is "impossibly small," though she is by no means much larger.

I think we would both say that our best feature, however, is our round hips and perky butts, and our long and shapely legs, which, especially in heels, make a dramatically alluring package. ("Dramatically alluring!"...God, I sound so much like Pattie when I talk like that.) Our big difference, at least in Pattie's mind, is that I keep myself totally shaved, something that Bryan wanted initially, but which I've come to like myself quite a bit. Pattie keeps hers "closely trimmed." Pattie has never commented on me being shaved, except to arch her eyebrows, but I can tell she doesn't think much of it and probably tells her friends about it. I'm sure she thinks it's rather trailer park.

Pattie likes to flirt with Bryan, though I know she'd never do anything with him. That would ruin the power trip for her. Frankly, she plays him like a musical instrument, and the poor little sap just goes along. I never say anything about it because, truthfully, I don't see a lot of harm in it and it is a good boost for his ego…which needs boosting!

As a matter of fact, it's Bryan's ego that sort of led us into the lifestyle we've been fooling with for the last three or four months. Bryan likes me to get dressed up as sexy as possible and then go to a club or bar and flirt a little and make some guy (or guys) think they have a chance with me. Bryan comes to the bar a little later, watches for a while, and then comes on to me and, of course, ends up "winning" me and taking me home. He wants me to dress and act like a seductress that only he can tame.

I don't mind. It's kind of fun a lot of the time. I like being kind of wild and reckless like that once in a while. It's exhilarating. The only bad part is that, first, I hate being a cock tease, and second, even with all that teasing, it's just never, ever quite enough for Bryan.

When we're home in bed after a night out, he'll tell me that he wishes I would dress a little sexier next time or let the guys go a little further than I do. My God, I don't know how I could possibly dress much sexier without being totally naked. The last couple of times we've gone out my skirt was so short it barely covered my butt and my top was so tight and cut so low I could barely keep myself inside. In fact, while dancing with a guy just a few months ago, one boob actually popped right out! Bryan did like that! (When I told him about it in bed, I did too! Hee hee.)

His latest idea is that I should let guys feel me up when I dance with them or let them put their hands under my dress while we're sitting at the bar. He's pretty disappointed that I just can't get myself to go that far, though in bed I always promise I'll do it next time. I always really intend to, but I always get so nervous when the guy actually starts to touch me that even though I have good intentions, I just can’t actually do what Bryan wants. Which is why what happened recently is so hard to explain.

On Bryan's twenty-seventh birthday late last month, Pattie and Troy wanted to take us to this hot club that they'd recently discovered to celebrate. When the day arrived, Pattie asked if it was all right if a good friend of hers from high school who was visiting for the weekend, a guy named Aaron, could join us. He seemed like a nice guy. Kind of quiet, almost mysterious, and strangely attractive in that way that's so difficult to account for. He was obviously extremely confident and had a way of looking at you that suggested he was interested but not enough to do anything about it. A definite challenge for a woman!

Being as it was Bryan's birthday, I decided that as a special surprise I would try my very best to act out what I could of his little fantasy. I would be as close to his little wet dream as I could be without embarrassing him in front of Pattie and Bryan and their friend Aaron. I knew it wasn't likely I could actually let anyone go as far as Bryan wanted, but I was going to seriously try. I mean I really was. I was going to dress as alluringly as possible and go as far as I could. If nothing happened, I would just make up a story, tell him that I had let a guy touch me. Maybe I'd say Aaron did, since he was a "stranger."

That particular evening was like sauna, so I decided to wear a thin little silk midriff camisole, whose scoop neck was maybe just a teeny bit too low and a size too small as well. The thread-like spaghetti straps looked like they would likely burst under the force of my boobs straining against the thin, see-through fabric. The last time I had worn it, Bryan told me it was the hottest top I owned. A natural choice, then! A tight, black lycra micro mini that I remember him getting all excited about and five inch ankle-strap pumps (and absolutely nothing else!) completed the look I wanted. I told him when we left that I was wearing nothing at all underneath so that nothing would get in the way of any hands that wanted to explore my body! I was completely "accessible," which was his favorite word.

The whole ensemble was probably really right on the boarder of sexy and outrageous, but I was pretty sure I could pull it off okay. I could see Bryan was maybe a little hesitant about the way I was dressed at first, but I was pretty sure either I or a couple of drinks could change his mind pretty quickly. As it turned out, all it took was the look on Troy's face when he first saw me to make things right. He was nearly leering, which I could tell pleased Bryan immensely. I could see his mood change instantly. He was just so proud to have his "bitch" on his arm. The one bitch Tony couldn't have. I just completely relaxed after that.

I also noticed Aaron sizing me up, while pretending nonchalance. His gaze lingered on boobs too long for me not to notice his interest, however. That pleased me. The cooler he acted the more I wanted to get to him. Bending over to adjust an ankle strap did the trick.

I was pleased too, because this night was special in other ways as well. We had been trying to get me pregnant for over a year, and tonight my temperature said I would be at my peak fertility. (It’s also why my boobs were so huge in the teeny camisole!) Bryan has a low sperm count, so we have to make sure we make love during these peak periods. For Bryan, and I guess even for me, too, those times when we have to perform had become pretty much unerotic, and the last five or six times we tried seemed more like an obligation than a good time.

I really wanted Bryan to enjoy me tonight. I had a sense that this could be the night I got pregnant, and I wanted it to be special. I was going to try my best to do enough on this night out to convince Bryan that I had been his erotic dream slut. In bed that night, his fantasy would turn into wild, wild sex! His birthday was going to be most special. The sexy outfit and the little slut wearing it were going to guarantee it.

As a surprise treat for the birthday boy, Troy had taken the ’67 Shelby Cobra Mustang he had just finished restoring out of the garage. It was our ride for the night! Bryan was elated. He loved performance cars, and to his mind there was no finer example of that than the Shelby Mustang. Frankly, I wasn't sure I could stand up to the competition.

So with Troy and Pattie in the front seat, and Aaron, me, and a very, very excited Bryan in the back, we set off for the club Pattie and Troy had picked out. The Mustang, I discovered hasn’t quite enough room for three people. We were literally packed into the tiny backseat. Aaron was sitting so close I could feel the heat from his leg burning against mine. And then I noticed that Bryan was sort of nudging me in Aaron's direction as well. It was strangely exciting.

I felt (and I guess was) nearly naked in the backseat in that skimpy outfit. Every turn we took caused my skirt to ride a little higher up my thigh, and there was simply no room for me to tug it down. When I realized after a while that Bryan was slyly helping it slither up my leg, I decided since it was his special birthday, I'd just let it happen.

With Bryan's subtle assistance, my skirt was soon within a fraction of an inch of showing everything. I decided to just let it be. It wasn't nearly as hard to do as I thought. I could literally feel Bryan's excitement and could see the beginning of an erection pushing against his pants. That was a good omen, I thought!

Aaron, on the other hand, seemed completely detached, but I did noticed him looking surreptitiously out of the corner of his eye nonetheless. It's funny how that excited me. I crossed and uncrossed my legs a few times, which was just enough to push the dress that fraction of an inch higher necessary to reveal all. Without looking, I could tell that my cute little shaved pussy was peeking just below the hem of my skirt. I felt Aaron press himself a little harder against me. I knew I had gotten to him. My heart started to beat as hard as Bryan's. I hoped my increasingly erect nipples straining against the thin silk of my camisole weren't as conspicuous as I feared.

The club was as good as Pattie and Troy had promised. The band was energetic, the crowd young and lively, and the atmosphere dark and tinged with the erotic. And I had managed to show Aaron everything while wiggling out of the backseat!

I was a little surprised, shocked really, when Pattie asked later in the evening if I wanted a little Ecstasy in my drink. I just shook my head no. But when she gave me that "oh, aren't we just the good girl" look and told me that she and Troy took it all the time and that they loved it, I thought, what the heck, why not. A couple of girlfriends I knew in high school had tried it and they all said it was a lot of fun. I had heard that Ecstasy put you in a good mood and made you feel mildly erotic, so I thought that might be just the thing to help me be a little more the girl Bryan wanted tonight. I turned to Pattie and said that I had changed my mind. She just smiled at me and said, "Good thing, darling, 'cause your first drink was loaded with it!" and just burst out laughing.

Bryan and I danced a bit, but I could tell that what he really wanted this night, the thing that got him most excited, was when I danced with Troy or Aaron. And maybe because of the Ecstasy, I don't know, or maybe the drinks, or maybe just the whole mood of the evening, that's what I wanted to do, too.

In fact, I wanted to dance with as many guys as I could. I wanted guys to look at me. I wanted to get them excited! I was glad I had decided to dress so spectacularly sexy. I felt so seductive, so carnal, and really for the very first time in my life, just so totally uninhibited. Thanks to a combination of things, I was sure Bryan was going to have his wish. He’d have a slut wife tonight! Or at least that's what I honestly hoped to be.

Pattie turned out to be surprisingly helpful, dancing with Bryan a lot, which was unusual, since she normally will just get him excited after a dance or two and then ignore him the rest of the evening. She actually encouraged both Troy and Aaron to dance with me. That seemed strange to me, but Bryan was so obviously enjoying it, I gladly went along.

Aaron was by far the best dancer I had been with in a long, long time, something I really, really appreciate. I love to dance, and it might sound conceited, but I know I'm good. I also know how hard it is to find a partner who can bring the good dancer out in you. Aaron could do that, especially that night.

For me dancing is extremely erotic, in some ways as good as sex. I think the way we were dancing must have enhanced all the other erotic stimulants surging through my body, and during one of the few slow dances we danced, I guess I made that pretty evident to him. I didn't move his hand when he placed it lightly on my breast, and when I felt his growing erection moving against my thigh, I just completely melted into him, pushing my swelling breasts against his chest and just grinding my hips into his like some common whore.

I wanted him to kiss me. Desperately so. Dancing, drinks, and Ecstasy had brought me to near abandon. Toward the end of the dance, he put both hands under my skirt and lifted it above my hips, exposing me to the entire dance floor.

I wanted to be exposed. I think I would have let him completely undress me if he wanted. Well, at least I would have something erotic to tell Bryan, I rationalized, as I wriggled the skirt back down and walked to our table.

We left the club about 2:00 A.M., and to Bryan's total shock and joy, Troy offered to let him drive the Mustang. What a great present for Bryan! I was a little surprised when Pattie got in the front seat with him, and literally pushed me into the backseat. But I was frankly tipsy and excited enough not to worry overly about it. Besides, I didn't think it would be all that bad to be sitting beside Troy and Aaron...Aaron, especially. I would make it all part of the fantasy that I would tell Bryan about in bed that night.

We all squeezed into the back seat again, but this time, I knelt on the floor and leaned over the front seat. I was bit drunk, true, and had convinced myself that it would be just a little too erotic to find myself squeezed between Troy and Aaron (whom I was getting to like too much, I knew). But in truth, I had this overwhelming urge to be looked at.

So instead, I leaned over the front seat and innocently showed my cute little ass to Aaron and Troy in the back seat and my boobs to Bryan in the rear view mirror. I was being such a provocative little cock tease, I know. But that's all I really intended to be— a tease! I just wanted to be arousing enough make Bryan's birthday fantasy believable. That's what I told myself, anyway. And anyway, what could happen in this tiny backseat.

So you can imagine how shocked I was suddenly to feel a hand stroking the inside of my thigh. I saw Bryan looking at me in the rearview mirror, but he was looking at what I wanted him too, my boobs hanging half out of the tiny camisole. I saw Pattie look, too, but I frankly didn't care at the moment.

I had to quickly decide about the hand. I realized from the position of the guys in the car that the hand fondling the inside of my thigh had to be Aaron's. Obviously, I should immediately have reached back and quietly removed his hand, but then again, I thought in the haze of too many drinks and the erotic intoxication of Ecstasy, that this is what Bryan always asks me to do. He says he wants a stranger to touch me, and Aaron is a stranger. So why not? Tonight, I would just let it be.

Sensing no resistance, Aaron's hand continued to explore the inner flesh of my thigh. He moved his hand to the back of my leg, slithering tentatively higher and higher, until he found my bare butt and slowly but steadily began tugging my very tight skirt up. And still, I didn't resist. In fact, I actually bent back a bit to make it easier for him to get the skirt up over my butt. The exhibitionist in me wanted both of them to see my body. Exhilaration surged through me when Aaron finally managed to slip my skirt up over my hips.

With my skirt now bunched at my waist, he deftly moved his hand again to the inside of my thigh and gently began to nudge my legs open. This wasn't exactly what I had in mind, but if it didn't go much further than this, I reasoned, (and I didn't think it would, not in the car with Troy right there beside us), Bryan would be very excited about it later that night. So I gave into to the pressure of his hand and parted my legs slightly for him.

It appeared, however, that my idea about what might and might not happen was proving to be completely wrong. I knew Aaron wouldn't be surprised to find me pantiless and shaved. After all, I had given him quite a show on the way to the club earlier in the evening and he had actually felt my bare butt on the dance floor. But I imagine he was surprised to discover my legs opening so easily. So was I.

I realized that if his hand moved just a fraction of an inch higher, he would also discover a rather wet pussy, shaved smooth as polished silk. He found that an instant later.

Again, I didn't protest. The second I felt his hand cup my pussy, I knew I really did have to make a decision. What would Bryan like to have happen and what, on the other hand, would put him in a jealous fit. From our many, many very erotic bedroom conversations, I knew he would get turned on by a stranger touching me—as I said, I had promised to do it so many times and never, ever had the courage to follow through—but I was letting it happen this time.

Tonight, given the mood I was in, I knew I could give him at least that part of his fantasy. After all, it was his birthday. And Aaron was a stranger. And I did feel brave. I decided, I would let his hand stay where it was. Just for a second or two, though! I had convinced myself that I was doing this all of Bryan.

Again sensing no opposition on my part, Aaron's hands began roaming freely over my ass and up and down the insides of my legs. My skirt remained bunched up over my hips, exposing my pert little bottom to him and Troy both. Turning my head slightly, I saw Troy grinning at Pattie. I realized that she could see my skirt up over my hips, too. I hoped she couldn't see what her high school friend was doing to me. I was probably too far gone for it to matter, though.

"How's everything going back there," Bryan grinned, obviously thrilled to be behind the wheel of that over-powered muscle car of his dreams. I could tell he was kind of high and a little turned on by the car…and in no little part by having Pattie in the front seat with her skirt hiked up high on her thighs and enough of her boob peeking out from her dress to make driving dangerous. I wondered if she was wearing panties. Everyone in the car except Bryan could see I wasn't!

Aaron, growing less cautious, began to part my labia and delicately to stroke my clit. I had never been touched quite like that. Shivers ran up and down my spine. My body was on fire. Aaron definitely knew how to please a woman! I really thought I might pass out from the base emotions engulfing me.

"Everybody having fun?" Bryan laughed

"Oh, I think we all are," Pattie laughed back. "Aren't we, Candy?"

"Oh, gobs," I said, getting a little worried now as Aaron's finger began to slip in and out of my embarrassingly wet pussy.

"Candy's probably having more fun than all of us," Pattie said, looking back at me to watch Aaron's finger sliding so easily in and out of me. Leaning provocatively over toward my husband and letting her boobs brush against his shoulders, she added with a giggle, "cause she's had the most to drink." And I heard Pattie and Troy just burst out laughing. "Are you having fun, too, Aaron?" she asked.

Aaron didn't answer. He was obviously intent on something else! I opened my legs a little wider for him.

I sensed him shift his weight slightly towards the center of the seat. A second later, he began to gently pull me over to the left, as if he were lining me up. I realized he must be directly below me now, and wanted me to sit on his lap. He was beginning to pull me harder and harder down toward him. It was going to be difficult to resist for long without making a spectacle of myself.

In my excited haze, I decided what could it hurt. Bryan would get all turned on when I told him I sat on the guy's lap, particularly since he knew I had no panties on. We'd have great sex out of it. So I gave in and slowly let him pull me back onto his lap.

You can imagine how I felt when I realized he was lowering me not onto his lap, but directly onto his very, very hard cock! I just froze. I tried to hold back. My God, I couldn't let him fuck me with Bryan inches away! The head of his dick was actually brushing against my labia before I managed the strength to stop. Unfortunately, with my skirt pushed up above my hips now, which I certainly couldn't let Bryan see, I was in a terrible dilemma. I couldn't rise up and get away from Aaron for fear Bryan would see my state of undress, and I most certainly couldn't push down. And then fate decided the matter once and for all.

Driving a little too fast, Bryan hit a big dip in the road. The car took a tremendous bounce, lifting my bare ass in the air and dropping me straight down right onto Aaron's perfectly positioned cock! In an instant, I was sitting squarely on his lap with my eyes and mouth wide open in total amazement...and with Aaron's iron hard, ridged rod driven deep, deep inside me. In an instant I had been penetrated far, far deeper than Bryan's cock had or could ever manage! I couldn't stop the moan that escaped my lips.

I remember it all so vividly. I see it in slow motion in my memory now, even though it happened in less than half a second, I suppose. I can still feel Aaron's beautiful cock slipping in so easily to the depth that Bryan normally goes, and then, a tiny hesitation, and oh my god, the incredible experience of my pussy being opened deeper and deeper and deeper than it had ever been! By the time my ass had slammed down into his lap, I felt I had been impaled on a telephone pole. I dropped my head on the back of the front seat and bit my lip to keep from screaming out. I had never experienced anything like Aaron's gigantic rod completely stuffed up inside of me, never knew there was anything like that to experience. And what was worse, I was starting to climax!

"Anything wrong, Honey?" Bryan asked from the front seat.

"No, I'm just feeling a little dizzy...from the drinks, I guess," I mumbled or moaned, I don't know which.

"Yeah, those drinks can get way deep inside you, can't they, Candy," Pattie said, grinning her stupid head off and putting her hand on Bryan's thigh. I turned my head to glare at her, but at that moment, Aaron slipped his hand under my ass, lifted and adjusted me slightly, and dropped me back down even further onto his engorged cock It was just enough to put me over the edge. His beautiful tool was exploring regions of my vagina that no other man had ever discovered. I felt almost like a virgin as Aaron's rod parted layer after layer of unused pussy. I started to cum so hard. I couldn't completely stifle a moan. Thank God for the CD player and for Metallica being a loud band.

"Are we coming to our house soon?" Pattie said to Bryan, grinning and emphasizing "coming." Both she and Troy laughed so hard at that. I didn't know what to do. I wanted to want Aaron to stop, but what I desperately wanted was for him to fuck me even harder. I realized quickly that Pattie could see Aaron fucking me, and had, I came to believe, probably encouraged it. I just hoped above all that Bryan would never know that inches behind his back, his wife was having her cunt filled with the most magnificent erection she had ever felt.

Somehow, in my lecherous, drug induced frenzy, I had let Aaron pull the straps of my camisole down my shoulders and to twist my swollen tits free. He was using them now as handles to control me as he plunder my sex with his magnificent fuck tool. I was too far gone to care that Troy had joined in, rubbing the inside of my thigh and pulling my legs apart so Pattie could get a better view from the front seat. I didn't feel any anxiety at all now, though God knows I should have. This was just the most incredible experience of my life. Each bump in the road would force Aaron deeper into me and drive me absolutely crazy.

"You're not getting sick, are you Honey?" Bryan asked.

"Oh, she's pretty sick, all right," Troy laughed

"Way, way sick," Pattie added. "Drive faster," she said to Bryan. "I love to watch what happens when the car hits those dips in the road," she intoned breathlessly.

It was sick, I know, but by then I was so into Aaron's fabulous cock revisiting areas of my vagina that no man other than he had ever been that I couldn't even reply. I, too, wished that Bryan would find every single dip in the road!

"Do you want me to pull over a sec," Bryan said, turning the CD down and slowing a little bit.

I had to do something then. Oh my God. I had to snap out of this sex induced delirium. I quickly tugged the top of my camisole back up, though I mysteriously let the straps hang down my shoulders, and pulled myself back up straight. Only my nipples kept the top from falling back down to my waist.

"No, I'm fine. Really. Don't worry. Everything is fine," I said smiling. But I couldn't stop rocking back and forth on Aaron's beautiful love rod. "Just a little high from the drinks." And at that very moment I felt Aaron's engorged cock begin to pulse and throb and suddenly begin to flood my pussy with what seemed like endless gallons of hot, burning cum.

Each forceful burst of his semen deep in my very, very receptive cunt drove me to paroxysms of pleasure. I had to lower my head again to muffle the most extraordinary climax I have ever experienced. Like miles away I seemed to hear Pattie saying "Oh, yes, everything is fine, really fine! Just keep driving," and just laughing and laughing.

When Aaron pulled out of me, I started to sit up before I realized that he had again managed to pull my camisole all the way down to my waist. It would be impossible for me to sit up now. Then, suddenly, I realized that as Aaron was pulling out of me he was also lifting and moving me over toward Troy. I had a definite feeling that Troy intended to fuck me now too. All I could think was, "Please, God, don't let Bryan see this."

I needn't have worried. Pattie had him completely mesmerized. He couldn't take his eyes off of Pattie, with her skirt now pushed clear to the top of her thighs and her boobs now more than half out of her dress as she squirmed around on the seat beside him. She was obviously very excited herself. I wondered if Pattie wanted Troy to fuck me. And if so, why.

I knew that what was about to happen was so wrong. How could Troy be thinking of doing his friend's wife, especially with him right there in front of him completely unaware? I could blame the drugs, I guess, but in truth, I can't really offer any excuse for myself except that the memory of Aaron's fabulous rod so deep inside me just made me so completely receptive that I couldn't resist at all. When Troy lowered me onto his waiting cock, I offered no resistance, none at all. I quietly began to moan.

Oh my god! Troy's dick forcing its way into my cunt seemed even fatter than Aaron's and every bit as long. Were the two of them normal? Was Bryan's cock just small? With Troy grunting as his dick strained to stretch the walls of my vagina to accommodate his fat cock, I thought Bryan must surely know what was being done to his wife. But Pattie had managed to capture Bryan's total attention now, and when she turned the CD to full volume, Troy just went wild on me.

I tried to control him at first. I couldn't believe Bryan wouldn't see or hear Troy hammering my pussy. But eventually I just gave in. I lowered my head and raised my ass, spread my legs completely open for him, and eagerly accepted Troy's fat pile driver plunging again and again into my willing cunt. He pulled my legs back on the seat and proceeded to fill my quivering fuck hole with his luscious meat. In wild abandon, I met his every thrust. Seconds later, Bryan's good friend had swamped his wife's pussy with another enormous load of cum. And Bryan's wife found herself in the throes of another incredible climax.

I don't know how I got myself back together before we pulled into Pattie and Troy's garage. I know I had to pretend to Bryan to be sick so we could go right home. He didn't get the birthday present he wanted, of course. I surely couldn't let him make love to a pussy filled with Aaron's and his best friend's cum! I promised to make it up to him the next day, and turned over and fell asleep with visions of the two magnificent tools that had plowed Bryan's fertile field.
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