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Candy for Aaron, Part 2

Candy's escapades continue at a neighbor's swim party
Part Two: The Party

After a shower the next morning, I tried to make it up to Bryan. I told him that I had sat on Aaron's lap and that I had let him go so far as to feel my tits and ass—through my clothes, of course, not bare. It was enough. Bryan got very aroused and fucked me as well as he could with his equipment, I guess. It was hard not to fantasize about Aaron and Troy plundering my pussy, but Bryan was happy, and though I was a tiny bit hung over, the memory of last night made me happy, too.

Pattie and Troy had invited us, along with a number of others, some from Troy's work and others from the neighborhood, to an afternoon barbecue and swim party the next day. Bryan was still quite turned on by our morning love making and my "slut" story. He told me he hoped I'd try to be a little slutty this afternoon, too. He wanted me to wear this skimpy string bikini I bought but didn't wear on vacation last year. It might have been barely appropriate, if at all, for the Caribbean resort we were staying at, but certainly not for a neighborhood party.

And there was a good reason for that. The whole thing was about the size of a postage stamp! The thong bottom covered about an inch of my pussy and absolutely none of my ass. The bra covered my nipples, but barely. And I do mean barely! I honestly thought that would be way too much for the neighborhood, knew that it would, but I was feeling intensely guilty about last night, I did really want to please my husband. After he agreed to let me wear a sarong over it, I concur. I promised to take it off after we got there and to spend a lot of time jumping in and out of the pool. That seemed to satisfy him.

We walked over to Pattie and Troy's around 4:00. Troy greeted us at the door, pointed Bryan to the bar, and pulled me aside.

"I just want to thank you for last night and tell you what a really great piece you are, Candy," he said quite sincerely, I thought.

Sincere or not, I was really shocked that he would be so blatant. I didn't know what to say, so I just stupidly mumbled "Thank you," and began turning red.

"Your pussy is so tight I was beginning to wonder if Bryan actually used it," he laughed. "You sure know how to use it, though," he added, smirking. "I loved the way you opened up for me."

Again, all I could do was stammer something that I don't even remember. Something really retarded like "Oh, I'm glad." I was totally, totally unnerved, and turning redder and redder.

"Pattie said you'd probably be pretty easy," he added, "but I gotta admit I was surprised at just how easy! I'll want a return visit real soon," he grinned, putting his hand on my ass and patting it.

I was just mortified. I was so shocked I hardly knew what to say. So Pattie was in on it after all. I felt like I had been terribly used. Turning beet red, I again could think of nothing to say but another utterly vapid remark, like "Oh, okay." But I certainly had no intention of letting anything like last night happen again. At least not with the two of them. Not after what I had just heard.

But still, the awful, awful thing was that, way deep inside, I was truly happy that I had pleased him! I hoped that Aaron would feel the same way Troy did. I couldn't understand what had happened to me. God, what is wrong with me!

Bryan was already at the bar having a vodka tonic when I came out onto what Pattie calls the "cabana." A lot of people were there already, most of whom I didn't know. We're still pretty new in the neighborhood and I assumed that many of the folks there were friends from Troy's work. A lot of "strangers," I thought. A lot of guys to make Bryan happy with! But only to mildly flirt with. I’d learned my lesson.

Bryan must have been thinking the same thing, because almost immediately he was encouraging me to take the sarong off. I wasn't quite ready for that, but I did loosen it enough to show a lot of thigh and an ample portion of boob.

Bryan was on his second drink when Pattie came over and asked me if I had seen Aaron. I said I hadn't, feeling my heart starting to beat furiously in my chest and my skin beginning to flush. I wanted to ask her why she had set me up like that, but she never gave me the chance.

"Your wife looks really hot, doesn't she, Bryan," Pattie smiled, intentionally emphasizing the ambiguity of "hot."

"She's way hot," Bryan went along. I could see that he was pleased.

"Oh, Candy, there's Aaron over by the pool. Why don't you and Bryan go for a swim?" Pattie suggested. "I'll fix one of those 'special' drinks you like when you come back," she said, winking at me.

"I'm going to stay here and drink for a while," Bryan said. "You go ahead, Babe."

I knew what he was saying to me. He wanted me to take off the sarong. I was also pretty sure he wanted me to show a little something to Aaron, the object of this morning's sex fantasy. I wasn't sure this was a good idea, I mean, I still had some shred of modesty, but I decided to oblige him anyway. I'd just swim over, let Aaron and his friends have a quick look, and swim back. I hoped that would satisfy Bryan.

Walking to the edge of the pool, I slowly unwound the sarong, turned and nervously dropped it on a chair near the pool. I could see Bryan watching and saw how pleased he was when I peeled the sarong off. Judging from the looks I got, I guess other guys were pleased, too. I liked that I looked pretty good, but I felt totally naked. The bikini really left almost nothing to the imagination. But I couldn't completely lie to myself. I knew that I also loved the reaction I was getting. I was really going to have to try to fight the slut I was becoming.

Leaping into the pool, I felt my top pull completely away. I'd never been in the water in this bikini before, but flimsy as it was, I wasn't too surprised. I pulled it together, knowing it wouldn't stay that way long, and swam over to where Aaron was sitting with two other guys, one of whom was a very tall, athletic looking black man.

I looked back to see if Bryan was looking (he was) and asked one of the guys there to help me out of the pool. I was a little disappointed that it wasn't Aaron who volunteered to pull me up, especially since it was the black guy who lifted me out, and he got treated to the large handful of the wet, bare tit that I intended to be in Aaron's hand. The hand that did hold my boob looked startlingly black on my white breast. Still, I knew Bryan would be in very aroused if he saw that, and that was what I wanted, after all.

I covered up, but not very quickly, thanked the black guy, and said "Hi, good to see you again" to Aaron. I liked that he was getting a good look at the body he had so completely violated last night, even though again he was feigning indifference. Or at least I hoped he was feigning!

I watched the wet skimpy top slip to the edge and just slightly beyond my hardening nipples...and did nothing to fix it. I desperately wanted him to see and appreciate what he had last night. I hard as it was to admit, I wanted him to take me again.

I loved the attention I was getting from the other guys around the pool, especially since I could justify it by saying I was doing it all for Bryan. I hoped he saw the black guy put his hand way up my thigh while we watched some muscle bound body builder throwing Pattie and a couple of other girls out of the water. Each girl managed somehow to lose her top in the process! Despite the competition, I made sure Aaron had a perfectly good view of all of me, as I rose to leave.

Smiling at him, I slipped into the water. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Pattie get out of the pool and walk over to the lounge chairs on the pool deck. A few minutes later, I saw Bryan walk over near her and sit in one of the chairs beside her. I waved to him to tell him it was okay.

The horseplay in the pool was all around me now, and as I had already discovered, this bikini was not a "swimsuit." In the water it covered nothing. I felt someone grab me around the waist, and I turned just in time to see Pattie’s hulky bodybuilder throw me up high into the air, and just like Pattie, I had no idea where my top was after I landed.

The hulk grabbed me again, and this time I flew through the air entirely topless, landing back in Mr. Bodybuilder's arms.

“Got time for another little ride in the sky?” he asked leering at my boobs.

My immediate impulse was to just push him away him, but then I thought that Bryan would probably like a repeat of the show I had just given, especially since he could compare it to Pattie’s “ride in the sky.” “Are you going to be my propeller again?” I smiled.

“I am,” he said, and grabbed me around the waist and quickly threw me well above his head this time. It was frightening, exhilarating, and very sexy, especially with my top completely off. I saw that Bryan had noticed and that the big smile on his face meant he was pleased. But what I truly hoped was that Aaron had seen

The second I landed, the hulk grabbed me again, lifted me clear out of the water and shook me so my tits wiggled all over as if I were some captured trophy. The guys (and some of the girls) yelled for him to take my bottom off and throw me in the air again.

“You got great tits,” he said, pulling me towards him. “I love big tits!” he grinned, reaching over to fondle me openly. I looked to see if Bryan was watching, but Pattie had his attention. Too bad, I thought.

“Looking for this?" he asked holding what I thought was my top. But it wasn't. It was my bottom! I realized in an instant that he had somehow managed to totally strip me while he was throwing me around and that I was now perfectly nude.

“Want another sky ride,” he laughed. “I think the guys around the pool would like to see that!”

“Give me my bikini,” I said trying to sound stern, but ruining it with a little giggle at the end. It was sort of funny.

He grabbed me around the waist and threatened his silly sky ride again.

"Don't you dare," I said sternly but playfully. "Are you crazy? My husband is right there! I'm completely naked, you idiot! Give me my bottom!"

“From what I hear, he likes you being a little whore,” he said, holding me again above his head for my poolside admires to ogle my naked body. He took his time lowering me back into the water.

“You’re still an idiot,” I said, but intrigued about what he’d heard. “Now give me my bottom back!”

"Well, before I do, I guess you'll just have to let me fuck you!" he said, pulling me closer to him and pushing his legs hard between my thighs. "I've been watching you for a half hour and you're turning me on. Your bikini for you pussy. That’s the deal."

I was in a difficult spot now. I was totally nude in the pool and he was pulling me towards him. “Are you nuts?” was all I could think to say. He was incredible strong and his grip on me was like an iron band. There was no way I could resist this without making a complete spectacle of myself. I thought he wouldn’t possibly do what he said with all these people staring right at us, so I stupidly let him pull me towards him.

His huge legs easily pried mine open. He continued to pull me closer, purposely widening my legs to accept his pleasure.

"Stop it!" I said, but again apparently not convincingly. "I told you my husband is right there," I repeated, glancing over to see if he was watching. He was, but with a big smile on his face. I was sure he'd seen the topless flight my bodybuilder had given me, and I assumed that was the reason for the grin. Harmless, sexy fun, he would think. He had no idea I was naked beneath the water. Naked, and open, and almost certainly about to be fucked.

The hulk continued to draw my naked body closer to his. I leaned back, hoping to make it obvious to everyone that we were only talking, but that only provided the opportunity and position he wanted. My legs were now nearly wholly splayed open and he had his hands on my thighs drawing me nearer and nearer his waiting cock. I was defenseless now, using my arms in a desperate attempt to keep my head above water. When I felt his fat cock breech my labia, I just shook my head and splashed water at him.

"You better not get me in trouble!" I hissed, less firmly than I should have. His cock continued unimpeded. I shuddered slightly as he thrust himself entirely inside me, stopped resisting, and let him open me fully.

Now that he was imbedded fully inside me, I peeked quickly over at Bryan. Nothing must have seemed amiss, because he simply continued to grin at me.

The hulk's tempo was increasing and I was having a harder and harder time keeping my head above water, so I finally had to relent, wrap my legs around him, and grab his shoulders. There was no point now in resisting at all. I relaxed and surrendered my body fully to him. It was quite obvious to everyone directly at poolside that I was being seriously fucked, and they were all cheering the hulk on.

"Don't you dare cum in me!" I whispered fiercely in his ear as his cock drove harder and deeper into my loosening sex.

Above my body builder’s grunts, I could hear the pornographic catcalls from poolside.

I looked again at Bryan only to discover that Pattie was diverting his attention. Hate her though I did, I was grateful at the moment that her tits had so enamored my husband. The women at poolside were peering intently at me. But I was beyond caring. I relaxed completely and let Mr. America plunder my sex.

"Don't cum in me!" I repeated as his tempo signaled his quickly approaching climax. He simply ignored me. When he ejaculated inside me, I simply submitted, letting him pull me deep onto his shuddering cock. "You shit!" I said as each spasm splashed more of his seed inside me. "You big shit," I repeated, trying to look stern but failing miserably. The coy smile on my face probably didn't help.

Finished with me, he handed me both my top and bottom, told me he'd be "back for more," and swam away.

I climbed out of the pool, my tiny bikini covering almost nothing at all now, and walked quite arrogantly by Pattie. I was sure she was aware of the appreciative stares I was getting, and I made sure they continued as I toweled off as seductively as possible. I should have been nicer. She probably saved my marriage.

"You happy, honey?" I whispered to Bryan when I strolled back to the cabana where, with Pattie's encouragement, he was drinking his third or fourth vodka. He just gave me this big, huge grin. I guess he was.

Pattie invited us back to the bar area where she handed me the special drink she had made for me, a vodka and cranberry with the unmistakable aftertaste of Ecstasy. I knew I shouldn't do this, but this time I was prepared for its effects and I was certain I could control myself. And I have to admit, I just loved the feeling I got from it, and I was going to make sure that Bryan got all the benefit of it later in bed. I owed him that, at least. Certainly after what had just happened. I drank the vodka down quickly and made no objection when Pattie took my glass and with a knowing smirk went to refill it.

I kissed Bryan sexily and asked for my sarong. He said, no, he liked what he was looking at. I could tell from his speech that he was getting rather drunk and I suspected that Pattie was encouraging it. I didn't know why, but, frankly, I didn't interfere. I was getting a little high myself, and it wasn't entirely from the booze! I loved the way guys were looking at me, and I would have left the sarong off, except that Mr. America’s cum was starting to ooze from my vagina. I needed to go clean up.

“I’ll make you, happy, sweetie. I promise,” I murmured sultrily, and grabbing my sarong, walked to the bathroom.

I cleaned up as best I could. For some strange reason I had an overwhelming need to taste my bodybuilder’s cum, so is scooped a bit from my thigh and placed it on the tip of my tongue. The faint taste of chlorine and salt in my mouth seemed suddenly to radiate throughout my body arousing me in surprisingly erotic ways, but also making me feel extremely guilty. In less than twenty-four hours, three men other than my husband had enjoyed my body and I had given them what they wanted. Now it was Bryan’s turn. I was determined that he would get his wish. Bryan would have his perfect slut wife tonight. I would try to pay what I owed him.

I put another glob of cum in my mouth, tingling to the intense arousal the taste brought about, and removing my bikini bottom entirely and dropping it into the trash, I loosely wrapped the sarong low on my hips and slithered back to my husband. The looks I got as the sarong parted to the very top of my thigh with each step I took told me that Byron was going to be very, very pleased.

I slid sexily onto the seat next to Bryan, and leaning seductively into him, whispered, “Do you want me to finally make all your fantasies come true? I will if you say so,” pulling his hand under the sarong and onto my perfectly bare pussy.

“Oh God, I do!” he slurred.

“Like let someone touch me? Maybe put something inside me?”

“Goddamn! Yes! I wanna see you being really hot, baby. Really hot,” he said, his breath coming hard now and his hand fondling my sex.

“Like this?” I said, opening my thighs for him. “Do you want another guys hand were yours is?”

“Do it!”

“You’re sure, right?” I said, growing hotter and hotter as the conversation went on.

“Yeah, I’m really sure.”

“Okay,” I said moving his hand but allowing the sarong to remain parted enough to show what was accessible.” I leaned back and casually adjusted the bikini top to display nearly the entirety of my breasts and waited.

Less than a minute later, a man slid into the seat next to me. It was the black man from the pool. “Hi, I’m Clay,” he said.

I was taken aback. There’s no clear way to describe the effect this had on me. I was raised in rural Georgia in a time and place when interracial dating and especially interracial sex were just not done. I’d never had a black friend, male or female, had obviously never kissed one, and even more obviously had never slept with one! I was frankly a product of my times and racially prejudiced. I worked hard to get over this, and, to my mind at least, succeeded. But now old fears and feelings came back. I just couldn’t let a black man touch me in the way Bryan wanted.

Then I did something terribly rude. I didn’t answer him. I just got up and moved to the other side of my husband. The look Clay gave me was pure disgust. It was chilling and I was slightly embarrassed, but I just couldn’t allow it to happen. I explained it quickly to Bryan, and he simply nodded.

Clay left and a few minutes later a man I recognized from the neighborhood sat down beside me. He was nothing to look at, sort of drab and nondescript, and as it turned out, a bit shy. “Hi,” he said nervously.

“Hi yourself,” I said turning seductively toward him. I noticed that the tit nearest him was now fully exposed. I made no attempt to adjust it.

“I’m Dexter,” he said, “and you’re Candy.”

Yes, I am,” I smiled, letting the sarong fall completely open. “Have we met?”

“No, not formally, but everybody points you out. You’re really beautiful. I live down the block from you.”

“Well, thank you. There are a lot of beautiful girls here today though, aren’t there,” I said and shifted in my seat to blatantly show Dexter what I was offering him. “But thank you for the compliment!”

“I’ve watched you for a long time. Nobody here can compare to you,” he said, finally getting the courage to look me up and down.

“I’ve watched you watching,” I lied. “It’s kind of exciting. You don’t seem to be one of those leering lechers, so I’ve liked it. You make me feel special. I’ve seen you in the neighborhood and always hoped you’d stop by to chat.”

It was such a blatant lie. I had no idea who this person was, but I did need him to help me please Bryan. But I could tell it wasn’t going to happen without some help from me. I had already openly rubbed his shoulder with me exposed breast, so something else was needed.

I leaned into him and said as sexily as I could, “In fact, you make me feel really special,” and took his hand and placed it directly on my vagina. I turned enough for Bryan to see, expecting him to be very pleased, very aroused. Instead, I found him starting to get sick from all the vodka Pattie had fed him!

I was suddenly just so mad at somebody. This meant I had to go home, and it was way too early, barely past 9:00.

With the help of Dexter, I managed to get him home and into bed where he promptly passed out. I was so disappointed I thought I would cry. Dexter, of course, wanted what he thought he had been promised. Distracted, I let him kiss me and undress me and clumsily move me to the living room sofa.

I should have said something to him earlier, I know, but I let him enter me and take a dozen or so strokes in me before I blurted out that I just couldn’t do this with my husband in the next room. He was a good guy about it, and I promised him that he could fuck me later, and shooed him out the door.

I was utterly distraught. I hadn’t realized until that minute how very much I wanted Aaron and how much I expected that he’d take me some time during the evening. I was furious at Bryan and at Pattie for getting him so terribly drunk and leaving me here to pout.

Then, about a half hour later, the phone rang. It was Troy checking up on his "friend" Bryan. When I told him that he was asleep, he encouraged me to come on back to the party. They were just starting to dance and needed partners. I knew that would be just so wrong, and sadly declined.

Ten minutes later the door bell rang. It was Aaron! I nearly fainted.

Without a word, he walked over to me and began to kiss me, working his silken tongue clear to the back of my throat. He pulled the little teddy I had slipped on from my body with one quick pull and began to caress my breasts.

"Aaron, no! Please don't do this," I moaned between breaths. "This isn't right. I should have stopped you last night."

"I'm going to fuck you now, Candy," he stated simply but powerfully. He had either heard nothing I said or was paying it no attention. "And then I'm taking you back to the party. But first, I'm going to fuck you."

I could hardly breathe, my heart was beating so fast. "Right here?" I managed to whisper.

"Yes, right here. The idea of fucking you with your husband in the next room turns me on. Much like last night."

I tried to object, but ended up saying nothing at all. I couldn't. The Ecstasy had done its work again. My heart was pounding. My eyes glistened. I could hardly breathe. I whimpered "no, no, no," but offered no resistance when he picked me up and carried me to the kitchen table, where he sat me down and effortlessly spread my legs apart.

I nearly died when he knelt down and began to kiss my pussy and probe my clit with his tongue. No one had ever done the things he did to me there that night on my kitchen table. He sucked my clitoris into his mouth and very gently, very delicately placed it between his teeth, biting down ever so slightly. The sensation was simply overwhelming. I was thrashing around and moaning like a mad whore. His tongue meticulously explored the inside of my cunt and I couldn't help but push my vulva harder into his exquisite face.

When he stood up and removed his pants, I saw really for the first time the superb instrument that had so thrilled and filled me the night before. I could do little but gasp. Still, I had the sense to try to stop him again. I tried to squirm away, but he caught me by the legs and pulled me back towards him. I suddenly panicked. Bill was in the next room and I could not let this happen. But he was too strong. I looked down again at his cock. It was so long and so hard, so very obviously manly. And oh my God, so obviously ready to penetrate and so certain to please.

He whispered in my ear how much he appreciated the clean smoothness of my soon-to-be-his pussy. While he prepared me to be fucked, opening my legs completely and adjusting the position of my ass, I made one last effort to get away, but all I ended up doing was wriggling myself right onto his cock.

Feeling his powerful pleasure tool edging into my vagina and his massive cock head parting my labia, I completely surrendered. I found myself suddenly brought literally to tears of gratitude. I began to weep and moan "Oh, thank you, Aaron, thank you, thank you. This is so much what I wanted," as each exquisite inch of his delicious rod slipped deeper into my loosening womb. "God, how I want you," I moaned like whore I knew I would be for him.

Suddenly, however, we both heard the bedroom door open and Bryan stumble into the bathroom. Aaron looked quizzically at me, arching his eyebrow as if to ask, "Well?"

I hoped the light was dim enough so that Bryan wouldn't see when he came back out, but it really didn't matter now. I was too deep into Aaron's entrancing use of my body. I simply shook my head and whispered "Don't stop!"

It was obviously the answer he wanted. He began to drive his bulging cock harder and harder and deeper and deeper into my body. The climax I could sense coming would be unimaginably, I knew. Somewhere in the midst of this incredible fucking, in between Aaron's grunts and my own low moans, I know I heard Bryan pause and stumble back into the bedroom. Aaron didn't hesitate a second. He continued his invasion of my aching cunt. I don't know if Bryan saw or sensed what was happening to his wife. It wouldn't have mattered. There's no way I could have interrupted that ferociously enticing assault on my perfectly prepared pussy. My climax was stunning!

When I came down slightly from my climax, Aaron slowed his rhythm and asked me if I had ever been "fucked in the ass."

"No," I answered sort of questioningly.

Aaron smiled and said, "Good, a virgin ass."

He pulled out of me and repositioned my ass to receive his glistening love rod. For some reason, frightened though I was at what was about to happen, I was deeply impressed that he didn't ask if it was okay to fuck me anally. Not that I would have refused, but I liked his confidence, liked that he would do whatever he pleased to me and never ask. We both knew that, in truth, I was his bitch now, not Bryan's. Sadly, I would gratefully do for him what I could never do for Bryan.

Aaron's first rending of my ass was more difficult than I had thought. He had to struggle to penetrate me at first, (promising that when he had me fully opened he'd make sure that someone kept me that way for when he came back to visit!) His first full thrust also hurt much more than I had anticipated. Even biting my lip, I couldn't help but cry out in pain. Aaron laughed and paid no attention. He was so manly and so in control. I was his fuck meat, little more than that. And it thrilled me so that I was absolutely delirious!

He repositioned my ass, and simply drove harder and deeper. He knew it didn't really matter if it hurt. I certainly wasn't going to say no to him about anything, and he would have paid no attention if I had. He was fucking me for his pleasure, not mine. Ironically, that gave me intense gratification.

"I'm going to finish up in your mouth, Babe," he grunted between piercing stabs deep into my ass. "I don't want cum dripping out your ass while we're partying," he laughed.

Sadly, I was just beginning to enjoy the sensation of Aaron's cock tearing into my ass when he abruptly pulled out, ordering me to open my mouth.

I wanted so much to please him that I encouraged him to do anything he wanted, and I ended up with him trying to force his way down my throat. I gagged and nearly threw up, embarrassing myself totally. I managed to recover just in time to receive Aaron's first gush of warm cum spurting into my open mouth. My mouth filled so quickly I couldn't swallow quickly enough to keep the last of his ejaculation from spraying over my face. He made sure no cum was left unswallowed.

Finished with me, he told me to go find something sexy to wear, something that would show everybody what "I got" while we danced. "We'll go show these rubes some stuff, huh, Babe."

"Okay," I excitedly answered, hardly thinking at all of the consequences. "Let me go change." Right then, I belonged to him. I was his bitch. Totally!

"Something sexy now, way sexy! I'm going to want to fuck you again tonight and I want to watch Troy fuck you, too."

I wasn't sure if he was serious about Troy, but deep down I knew that if he wanted that, he would get it. If so, I hoped both would finish in my mouth. I was already worried about being pregnant from the night before and now from that Neanderthal bodybuilder.

What I really responded to at that moment, though, was Aaron's offer to dance with me. I remembered how exciting that had been…and what it had led to. More so than I ever had with Bryan, I wanted to be so sexy for Aaron when we walked back in to the party and even more so when we danced. I was Aaron's girl tonight and I desperately wanted him to be proud of me. He deserved the best, and I would show them all what a fine body Aaron had draped around him.

I knew just the dress I wanted. It was a sheer little backless V-neck that Bryan had bought me from Frederick's last year. I had never worn it for him. It was just too outrageously sexy. The halter top leaves the sides of my breasts dramatically exposed and the short little full skirt comes literally just barely to the bottom of my ass. I would wear for Aaron!

I went back into the bedroom and quietly rummaged around until I found it. I felt like such a whore standing there in the bedroom with the taste of Aaron's cum still in my mouth. But I also had the memory of Aaron's enchanting cock filling me with unbearable pleasure. I found the dress and the shoes I wanted and went into the bathroom to change. No panties, of course. I was sure Aaron wouldn't want that! The shoes I picked out were very similar to the ones I had worn the evening before at the club, except the heel was a little higher. Looking in the mirror, I was very pleased. The very short full skirt would present no impediment to his hands. The little dress covered virtually nothing. I was positive this is pretty much what Aaron had in mind by "sexy." I knew I was right when, walking back to the front room, I reached up on tip toes to kiss him. He crushed me to him, his hands all over my body. I can't describe the bolt of passion that surged through me.

He stepped back, turned me around, nodding in approval. I nearly fainted in delight. He smiled and asked me how to get me out of the dress quickly.

"It's easy," I laughed, "Just untie the halter top."

An instant latter, the little dress lay puddled around my feet and I was in his arms again, this time pushing my tongue into his mouth.

"Let's go," he said, pulling me towards the front door.

"You want me to go naked?" I giggled, slightly resisting.

"That's right, Baby. I want to show off that gorgeous body when we dance."

I reached down and grabbed the dress, but I let him lead me out the door and on to the porch completely nude. In fact, we were half way up Pattie and Troy's driveway before I could laughingly convince him to stop and let me slip the dress on.

I loved walking nude with him, I really did. It was exciting and dangerous, and I loved the way he didn't even care. When a car drove by and honked, all he did was cup one of my tits and wave at the driver!

At the door, I did ask him to please retie the halter, but he tied it so loose that the top hardly covered my tits at all. He ordered me not to retie it. God, he was masterful! He walked me back into the party with the back of my dress hiked up and his hand all over my naked ass.

The party was in full swing. Everybody was happy I was back. Aaron led me out on to the patio dance floor where we were going to "show the rubes." I don't think I have never danced better. The crowd shouted encouragement, maybe because when Aaron twirled me my skirt left nothing at all to the imagination, or maybe, I preferred to believe, because we danced so well together. When we finally sat down to rest, most of the women were looking daggers at me, but their husbands' eyes were saying something else!

We had a few more drinks, and got lots of compliments (from the guys) about our dancing. We both were feeling very excited, me remarkably so. I couldn't wait to get out on the patio to dance again. Finally, Aaron grabbed my hand and led me out to dance, but this time he whispered in my ear that he wanted me to take the dress off while I danced. I can hardly believe this, but I did it!

I turned around and faced Aaron on the dance floor, blew a kiss to him, and seductively untied the halter top. And then I very slowly danced my way out of it. When the skirt cleared my hips and I kicked it away, I really went wild, dancing like a mad woman. I never saw the dress again.

The next thing I knew I had, I think, four guys dancing with me. None of them touched me, though, which I thought was strange, but I could hear them all talking about my body, especially my tits and my shaved pussy. I even heard one or two girls remark on how toned my body was. I was in heaven.

Somewhat later (I don't know how long), somebody (I don't know who) walked me back to the cabana area, sat me on a bar stool, and started playing with my boobs and a bit later I felt someone approach me from the rear and bend me over the adjacent barstool.

Looking down I saw an enormous black cock just beginning to disappear into my tight, white pussy. I recall hearing a guy say, "Look, Clay's fucking her" and recollect hearing a neighborhood woman I saw standing next to Pattie say, "Surely, he's not going to put that whole thing in her!" and Pattie reply, "That whore? Of course he is!" And I guess he did just that, lifting me off of the ground with each hard stroke. I heard people in the crowd urging Clay to fuck me harder. I intensely remember Clay’s cock erupting inside me a spraying his seed in my womb, and all I could think was how sorry I was to have rejected him earlier. It was the intense sex, exactly what I wanted. I joined the chorus of voices urging Clay to “fuck me”!

When he finished with me, a frenzy of excitement erupted around me. Any number of hands escorted me to a lounge chair where six or seven guys “partied” with me. There were so many guys that I couldn’t recall all of their faces, but Troy says that a few guys who came late to the party also fucked me. I'll take his word for it. The one dominate memory I have is wondering when Aaron would do me. Troy said he used my mouth. I don't even remember. That hurts so much.

I remember with crystal clarity, however, Clay pulling me out of a tangle of guys and cocks and walking me out to the street where two guys in a car were waiting. I heard him bargaining with them, but at first I didn’t know what he was bargaining with or for, until it suddenly became apparent that he was selling me to those guys for cocaine. He then pushed me into the car and left.

Since I was already totally nude, there wasn’t much to stop their instant penetration, one in my cunt and one in my mouth. I wouldn’t have stopped them anyway. It’s so, so embarrassing to remember that I just went totally wild on them. I simply could not get enough cock in me.

Finished with me, they gave me to two young black boys who seemed to appear from nowhere. The one guy in the car told them to take me home, and pointed to our house just down the street. To my present embarrassment, I saw Jerry and Sandra, our next door neighbors, watch me being escorted home totally naked by two black kids.

“You ever fuck a white woman?” the one black boy said to the other.

“No, but I hear they pussies be tight.”

“I’m gone fuck her in her ass, man!”

“Cool. I guess we can do whatever, right. That what D’Shawn say.”

At home, one of the boys bent me over the porch railing (with the porch light on!) and fucked me viciously, alternating strokes between my ass and cunt. When he finished with me, the other took me into the foyer of our house, which also had the lights on, and had me kneel down in front of him with the door wide open while he fucked me in the mouth, then turned me around and enjoyed my cunt, and ass.

Thank God, I had the sense not to go straight to bed, but stumbled into the bathroom. What a shock. I had cum on my hair and on my face, and cum running down my thigh. I managed to take a shower and put on a long, ugly cotton nightgown and slip quietly into bed.

I don't think Bryan ever knew anything, though he told me he had a weird dream about me fucking a guy in the hall. I slept in that awful nightgown for nearly two weeks, pretending to be not feeling well.

Bill was all excited when I missed my period and thought that's probably why I had been "sick" those weeks. I was terrified, as you can imagine. I had no idea whatsoever who the father might be, and knew that we could easily be surprised by a very black baby. I’m going to have to decide soon what to do about this.

There's a part three to this story, but I'm tired now, and besides, Troy is coming to fuck me any minute now.

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