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Captives to Lust -- Chapter One

Captives to their lust, resistance is futile and infidelity can’t be stopped
This is my first attempt at writing. There is a long introduction, but if you are patient, you will find an intense scene that should reward you with pleasure.

"Glorious euphoria is my must, erotic shock is a function of lust. Temporarily blind, dimensions to discover, in time each into the other."


“What am I doing here?” I asked myself that question a hundred times on my flight to Pennsylvania. Was I out of my mind? Possibly. Not in a way that would get me committed to a state mental institution, but driven to this present state of “insanity” by an all-powerful, all consuming, out of control lust. Now this might be an acceptable form of insanity if the object of my lust were my wife, and this lust was unleashed in my marital bed. But Danielle is most definitely not my wife, and she has a husband of her own to share her bed with. Yet here I am, driving in a rental car to a high school I have never seen before in a state far from my own, to meet a woman that I fell in lust with online. The autumn weather is unusually warm and I feel the humidity rising, adding to my already heated state.

And as if this is not bad enough, I have never even met her before. Truth be told, I have never even seen a picture of her. You see, my “affair” with Danielle, whom I have nicknamed “D”, has been an on-line affair. It was innocent fun and flirtation at first, but the talk quickly turned sexual, and though we hid many details of our ordinary, everyday lives (such as pictures of each other or the names of the towns we lived in), we were soon sharing the most intimate desires and fantasies we had with each other – intimacies that we had never shared with another soul in our lives. It is one of those relationships that can only develop online – two people intimately acquainted with one another’s sexual cravings and needs, while the rest of our lives remain mysteries. We like it that way. The mystery adds another element of sexual excitement and tension to our friendship. In many ways we know each other better than our spouses do, and yet there remains the unknown, the mystery of the other, as if the rest of our life is shrouded in a misty fog that never lifts – never to be seen by the other. We see shadows of each other’s daily lives, but shadows only. To D, I am her dangerous mystery man, and D is my flirtatious tease and the fantasy of all my dreams.

Sure, I know what Danielle looks like, she has described herself to me in exquisitely sufficient detail for my blood to begin boiling at the beauty of her firm, taut frame, the splendor of her auburn hair, the glory of her bountiful breasts, and the magnetism of her hypnotic eyes, eyes big enough and dark enough to lure a man in without thought given to right or wrong. At six foot four, I tower over her, but she likes the feeling of a man having that strong, commanding presence. And that is what I provide to D, a strong, commanding, confidant force in her life that arouses a deep and dark desire inside her. Long before I knew of D’s beauty, I was captivated by her sexual charisma, her sensuous attitude, that sexy, flirtatious way she talks and laughs, her lust filled mind, and her deliciously naughty attitude toward sexual arousal and erotic pleasures. At some point we pierced the shadows enough to reveal our true names, and a deepening curiosity propelled us to exchange phone numbers so we could talk with each other. D loves my deep, sensuous voice and my naughty laugh. And my body responds instinctively to her flirtations and teases, delivered in an alluring voice that arouses me deeply. These stolen conversations, hidden from our wives, families and co-workers, delight me, and they have brought all her subsequent emails to life, for now I can “hear” her written tease, just as if I am talking to her on the phone. We lead secret, parallel lives of sexual desire, fantasy, and lust as we delve further and further into our most hidden sexual cravings. We are now confidants, sharing a sexual fantasy life together, safe to confide in each other without fear of rejection or ridicule. Our lusts feed off each other and have grown voraciously the more we talk, pushing us past our former boundaries into new forbidden desire. And in this intimacy there has grown a deep bond of trust and friendship between us, permitting a safe and satisfying place to explore and release our deepest primal needs through secret emails and hidden conversations, though we have long ached for more. The dream, often expressed, was to meet and fulfill our fantasies, but that itself was a fantasy.

Like me, D. is not satisfied with the sometimes monotonous love making of her marital bed, we crave something more. Deep inside us, straining for release is a darker desire, more primal in its passion and its urgent need. It drove us together in conversations that led us down the road into the taboo, the forbidden, and the depraved. This is what I have become, a married man seeking erotic excitement and sexual thrills through my conversations with a woman I have never met – the most exciting, sexy, flirtatious, seductive, strong willed, witty, intelligent woman I have known, a woman of intense sexual desire with a craving to explore all that there is to explore in this physical world of sexual stimulation and orgasmic sensation. We both are in search of the excitement that can only be found as we push past the boundaries of civilized norm, as we release ourselves to the primal lusts that are buried deep inside us, freeing ourselves to be possessed by the lust that will carry us further into that glorious sexual euphoria that we crave.

I arrive at the high school a few minutes early, walking into the building unnoticed. D. is the coach of a girls volley ball team, and this away game is nearly two hours from her home. It is a special game, as tonight there is to be a college recruiter in the bleachers watching and evaluating D’s coaching skills, with the tempting prospect of offering her a job coaching at a nearby prominent public university .

I walked in unnoticed as if I am a parent of one of the students, stopping off at the gymnasium on my way home from work, looking forward to watching my daughters playing on the volleyball team. No one bated an eye at me. Wearing my tailored suit and silk tie, I looked about as safe a man as could be, but what no one could know just by looking at me, was that I am a dangerous man – very dangerous. Not to the students there, or the faculty, but when a man is driven by a lust for a women as intense as mine, there is little that can be done to prevent me from “capturing” my prey. And D. is my prey.

I took up a seat in the bleachers, not too far forward so as to be noticed, but close enough to watch as the high school girls practiced before the start of the match. Volleyball. It’s a fun, fast paced sport, and things have changed a great deal since I graduated from high school too many years ago. Tight black shorts, almost painted on the girls, topped off with shirts that cling to their lean, young, firm bodies. It was no wonder that so many male students turned out, I thought to myself as I looked around the bleachers. And the girls on the court are definitely pretty. I saw more than a few fathers, faces beaming with pride for their daughters, with eyes that wandered over to the other girls practicing, watching with excitement as they bounced up and down on the gym floor, some girls creating an additional bounce as their breasts teased us all.

But I was not here to watch these high school girls – I was here to find a true woman, one full of passion, independence and fire. And there she is. I recognized her immediately from the way she had described herself to me. She put every other woman and girl in sight to shame. Her confident smile radiated warmth, masking the animal desire that I knew she hid beneath her charming ways and tasteful, though alluring, attire. The skirt was perfectly suited to reveal her sexy legs, and short enough to draw the attention of every man, but not too short to cause derisive comment. Her blouse was chic and feminine, but not girly; stylish and sexy, but not overly provocative – clinging adoringly to her womanly curves. She had left just enough buttons undone to provide everyman with a stimulating view, but not so much as to be reported to the administration or commented on by the other wives present, though their minds registered a certain jealousy at D’s abundant cleavage. There she was, the perfect package of sexual stimulation, doing her job, instructing her girls and preparing them for a tough match. And I knew what she would be wearing under that short skirt and revealing top, for we had talked about this before. The thin lacy bra that hardly covered her nipples, a matching tiny sheer blue satin thong, that would not hide her bare pussy, and underneath that skirt, the perfect set of silky, bare legs that every man in that gym was staring at. And admiring them most of all, a man that didn’t move far from Danielle’s side, was Sam, the man there to evaluate her for his university. We had talked about him more than once before. Sam, the overheated, overbearing, propositioning man that so desperately wanted to see and feel D’s married legs, thought tonight was his night, the night when all of his dreams would come true – despite her frequent refusals to bend to his desire. This was not his first meeting with D, nor his first observation of her, and with each meeting his advances became more bold. It was as if he held out the carrot of a prime coaching position at his university if she would but bend to his will. What I knew, that Sam didn’t, was that tonight D was going tease him with her legs, and then put him in his place in a way that he would never forget so he would leave her alone for good. If she didn’t get the job, so be, but she would not be treated as a piece of property to be bartered for. That was the plan anyway.

So why was I here? Part of me was nervous that D’s plan could backfire. A side of me, the protective side, wanted to be there to make sure things didn’t go badly for her. But my conscience, what little I have left, would prickle at the notion that I was simply there to watch out for Danielle. No, the darker side of me, the animal in me, was there to find her. This was the one time when she would be far from home, away from her friends and family, and I knew the exact location and time that she would be there. I was on the hunt for her, and determined to unleash the beast inside of me that all of our sexual cravings and desires might be satisfied. I say our desires because they are her desires as well, and yet she would never have consented to me being here, never agreed to meet me, never permitted me ever see her, so I come, unknown and unrecognized by her or anyone else by sight, prepared to take break down all of her walls of considerable resistance.

The match went on, back and forth, in a tight game with exciting tension until the end, when D’s team won, and through the match, while others watched the players, I just basked in my view of D. The sumptuous joy of finally seeing the woman of my every fantasy. It was heaven to be this close, even if yet unknown to her. As things wrapped up I lingered behind and watched her, following at a discrete distance as she walked down a dimly lit hallway, Sam in tow behind her. The plan was for her to spend the night in town and have further meetings with Sam while the assistant coaches took the team back home. I waited close by, but hidden in the shadows. He stopped her, pressed her against the wall, and talked to her sweetly, placing his right hand on D’s hip to hold her, while his other hand stretched to the wall behind her, and his arm blocked her in. I watched as his body pressed against Danielle, pinning her to the wall and then heard her voice raise in thunder next to his ear “No! Get your paws off of me Sam. I’m not going to say this again!!”

An ordinary man would have jumped back at the shout in his ear, but Sam was prepared for this and just pushed against D harder.

“I warn you Sam. You are going to regret this." She did not cow to him, her strength and determination was on full display, and I admired her for it, but he did not back off. I panicked for her. Did she plan for this? Did she have a way out of this? But before I could act, I heard him let out a torturous scream as Danielle’s knee rose and made swift and brutally painful contact with his groin, causing him to jump back and away from her just long enough for D to take up flight away from him. She ran, and Sam moved to pursue her, fast on her heals, screaming obscenities as he chased her. And I moved out of the shadows behind Sam and flew towards him to stop him – the noise of my shoes disappearing in his shouts of rage. He didn’t have a clue I was there, nor did Danielle. Just as she turned the corner of the hallway, now out of my sight, fear on her face as she worried that she could not outrun him, D heard the crash behind her, and out view. It sounded as if a body had been thrown against the metal lockers, and then collapsed to the floor. Then screams and grunts with the sounds of a pounding. But she didn’t stop to see what happened, she sped away in full flight out of the school and to the safety of her car. In a panic, she sped out of the parking lot and away from this maniac that was determined to have her.

D’s plan had gone terribly wrong. She had misjudged and underestimated Sam, and it shook her to the core. Speeding away from the school and driving to the closest town, Danielle quickly pulled into the parking lot of a nice little bar in the center of the old downtown. She needed a drink to settle her nerves, and this seemed just the place. She was so shaken that she hadn’t noticed a car follow her into town and not long after she moved into the dimly lit bar, I followed behind, taking up my seat some distance from her, but with a great view of her as she sat there, drink in hand, on the bar stool. A Crown and Coke in her hands, just enough good Canadian whiskey to give her a buzz fast, take the edge off her nerves, and enjoy the all-male company she found in the bar. She was, after all, the supreme flirt, and what better place to have a little fun teasing than a town where no one knew who she was. What the husband didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him.

I watched her in wonder, as she calmed down and regained her composure and confidence. Her skirt had ridden up a bit on her legs, flashing a beautiful thigh to me and the other male admirers, and she knew they were watching her, I could see it in her eyes and in the way she flirted with them, the way she teased them. Always the flirt D. That’s one of the things I adore about her. Here she is in her glory, men on different sides offering her glances, stares, and words of sexual innuendo, and she soaks it up, reveling in the effect she has on them and power she exercises over their fast rising libidos.

With the third drink offered, Danielle’s flirtations increased with the bartender, a well-built young man that clearly liked what he saw before him. The fact that his eyes openly linger over her breasts, looking down her shirt, as he hands Danielle her drink, only increases her excitement, and when his eyes finally leave her exposed cleavage and turn to stare directly into her dark seductive eyes, unashamed of his voyeurism, she feels an electrical shock of sexual excitement. And he flashed a sparkling smile at her, as if to say, “nice view darling.” She lived for moments like this, where men adore her body, and flaunt their desire for her publicly. Danielle knew she shouldn’t feel this way, after all, she was a married woman. But that fact only increased the excitement of naughty moments such as this, and flamed the desire in her womb. To know that a man is so aroused by her, and so openly expressing it, despite the wedding band on her finger, is intoxicating, and she squeezed her legs tighter together as she felt the tingling in her womanhood and the moistening of her pussy. D beamed a smile back to him and said something dirty, and then called him a naughty boy for checking out the body of a married woman, and her face went flush with excitement as she leaned over the bar to give him a better view down her shirt. You are such a naughty girl D., flaunting your body like that. Such a temptress. God I love it. The bartender cast his eyes down and leered at her tits, openly, wantonly, and with her eyes glued on his face, her teasing response is the unbuttoning of one more button on her blouse.

I was inflamed with desire as I watched D lure him in. Like a young adolescent that had never seen a woman’s breasts before, the bartender’s jaw dropped, his eyes fixed on her tits, and an audible moan escaped with his breath, sending another tingle through Danielle’s body, evidenced plainly by her nipples which immediately hardened and pushed through the fabric of her thin bra and blouse. D’s sexuality was on full display for this man, and her arousal at his lewd stare at her tits was apparent to everyone. D knew this, but it only excited her more. She loved being the naughty girl, the dirty girl, and here in a town far away from her own home, where there were only strangers about, this was the perfect place to let her hair down, and enjoy the thrill of flaunting her body and her own desire to the men that surrounded her. After a minute or more of his gaze down Danielle’s shirt, enjoying the view of white flesh on display to him in her small demi bra that barely covered her nipples, she nonchalantly asked him if he liked her satin blue bra. He stumbled over the words “fuck yes” and she let out the husky laugh of a women in heat.

D looked over to me, not knowing that I was her online pal, the man that had spent hours with her pursuing the sexual delights of the darker side of our fantasies. This display of sexuality for the men in the bar was tame compared to our flights of fantasy, though more dangerous since they were close enough to touch her and act on the temptations she were creating. D was clearly enjoying being the center of sexual interest here, openly flaunting her female charms to all of us. I winked at her as she caught my eye, and she blew me a kiss and laughed again. Her playfulness was arousing every man in the bar, and they all stared at her in disbelief, wondering how they could be so lucky as to be in the presence of such a divine flirt.

When Danielle slipped off the barstool and excused herself to make her way to the ladies room at the back of the bar, her skirt rode up still higher, and she made no attempt to pull it down or cover up, as she enjoyed men’s eyes looking up her skirt, trying to catch a glimpse of her matching satin blue thong. By this time they knew that was what she was wearing, for D had told them that and much more in the increasingly sexually charged conversation that surrounded her. She was in a fog of lust, and I could see it in her eyes as she once again looked at me. My eyes tightened as they stared into hers, piercing her soul as she gazed into mine. D held my gaze for a long moment and shuddered as she saw in me a primal lust that touched deep inside her. I saw it in D’s eyes as her nostrils flared and she gasped for breath, a sexual fire ignited deep within her, and her eyes now conveyed to me a raw animal passion. It was as if our bodies had touched each other and set off an electrical storm inside of us, though we had not yet touched or spoken. After pausing for an eternal moment, during which I saw the tip of her tongue rub the edge of her upper lip, she turned and made her way down the dark back hallway to the ladies’ room. Three doors opened into this hallway, the third door being an exit into the alley behind the bar. Danielle glanced at it before opening the door she wanted.

Once had made her way back there, I gently moved out of my seat toward the bathroom hall, listening to a loud ruckus of men proclaiming her availability, and taking bets on who stood the best chance of bedding her. The consensus seemed to be that the young bartender would win the bet. I just smiled to myself as I walked away from them.

I took up position just outside the bathroom door, my back pressed against the wall facing Danielle’s doorway, again hidden in shadow. As she stepped out to return, I leaned forward into the light, and she froze, gasping audibly. The fear in her eyes softened as she saw me, recognizing me as the man with whom she had just traded a penetrating, soul connecting look. D’s fear dissipated, but she wore her arousal on her face, and reflected it in her eyes. I moved to her, pushing her back against the wall, pressing my body into hers, and bending down I kissed her, a deep, passionate kiss – not the kiss of strangers, but the kiss of a man and woman that knew each other’s craven desires intimately. An urgent kiss. A needy kiss. The kiss of a man possessed by lust. My body pinned D against the wall and my left hand moved to her breast as my right hand wrapped around her neck. I fondled D’s heavy globes, massaging them and playing with her hard nipples, all while holding her neck as if I possessed her. Our touch sparked a fire deep inside her and it stoked my own bonfire of lust, burning out of control deep within me. My inflamed and hardened cock pressed into her body with raw desire. She moaned into my mouth, the mouth of a man she had just met, or she thought. I reached down and took her left hand, finding the wedding band, and twisted it on her finger as I looked into her eyes. The dirty shock of it sent a wave of electricity through her body and I saw the depravity in her eyes. She loved this. A married woman, openly fondled and played with in the dirty hallway of a bar. There was more than lust in D’s eyes. I saw a fire burning hot, and the look of a wild animal. She was set afire with the possibility of breaking her martial vows with a complete stranger in a dirty, lewd, forbidden act of animal lust. And the depravity of it sent waves of passion through her body. D’s pussy soaked into her panty as her body prepared itself to be fucked.

But then the fire in Danielle’s eyes dissipated. Her lust was real and evident, but I could see her mind fighting with her body to assert itself, to regain control, to avoid this dirty act of adultery and debauchery. D started to push me away, tell me that she couldn’t do this, she was a married woman after all, not some cheap slut that fucks total strangers like an animal. I smiled a dirty smile at her words, but my hands moved to Danielle’s arms, and my grip tightened. Fear returned to her eyes as she looked at me.

I broke the silence: “No, you’re not a cheap slut D.” With that her eyes widened with questioning confusion. Only one person called her that. But it couldn’t be. Could it?

I continued speaking: “I know exactly who you are and what you are deep down inside. I know the animal passion and primal lust that consumes you, just as it consumes me. I know you intimately, deeper and more profoundly than any other man knows you D."

By now her eyes looked like saucers, staring intently at me. Her mind was racing, fighting off fear, processing so many details and observations. Who was I? How could I know her intimately? That voice. That voice. Why did it sound so familiar? Could it really be?

“It’s me D. It’s James. Don’t be afraid.”

Her mind was wild with confusion. “Could it be? Could this possibly be him?” D’s mind argued with her body, which instantly recognized me for who I was. Her fear vanished and I saw the anger rise in her face and eyes as she realized that it was true, and I had tracked her down, and found her without her permission. I covered Danielle’s mouth just as words began to fire off like a machine gun, only increasing her anger and breaking the lust craved mood of just moments ago. I didn’t want to create a scene and have the entire bar descend on us, so I grabbed D., and pulled her out the back door into the dark night of the alleyway, where I pushed her up against the brick wall, all the while covering her mouth and trying to reassure her that she was safe.

“It’s more private out here,” I said, “A much better place for you to yell at me without disrupting the customers.”

I released my hand from her mouth, but once again, she was pinned to a wall by the force of my body. I held her in my control and would not release her, not that she wasn’t making her displeasure known to me. I held her arms over her head, just as we had often fantasized about, grabbing her by the wrists, pressing my tall, heavy frame against hers, holding her tight in my grip as she struggled to get free from me. This was one of the very fantasies we had so often dreamed of.

“God I love the fire in you!” I said as I beamed down at her face. I was responding to D’s body, her shouts, and the flame I saw burning in her eyes.

Danielle’s response was more vitriol, as she could not break my hold. “Fucking beast! What the hell do you think you’re doing with me? Who the hell do you think you are coming down here? What the fuck do you think you are doing?” The anger spit from her lips in rapid fire, leaving no question of her unhappiness to see me.

My voice was calm and deep. “I’m here to protect you D.”

The words were hardly out of my mouth and she was at me again with another verbal onslaught. “Protect me? Protect Me?!! Is this what you do to protect me?”

One hand took hold of both Danielle’s wrists and pressed them back against the wall, while my other hand move to her mouth and covered it.

“Listen D. I was at the school. I saw what happened. I was there. Who do you think took care of him? Who do you think stopped Sam from having his way with you? He didn’t just slam into those lockers all by himself. He didn’t just trip and fall to the floor.”

D’s eyes softened, and I removed my hand from her mouth. “That was you? You stopped him? You, ….” Danielle’s words trailed off into silence as she reflected on what I had done to Sam. What I had done for her. I truly had protected her. D’s plan to put Sam in his place had gone badly wrong, and I was the one that had stepped in and saved her from being assaulted by him. I had been Danielle’s protector. Her body relaxed, I saw understanding on her face and she stopped fighting me. Then the fire grew again in her eyes. “So what the hell do you call this? Is this how you’re protecting me now?” Her head moved from side to side, looking at the way I had restrained her.

I smiled back at D and said: “This is the fulfillment of your fantasy. I know you D. I know your dark desires better than any other man alive, certainly better than your husband. I know what you want, I know what you crave. Just let go. Let me give you what you know you want”

With that my free hand unbuttoned D’s blouse and my eyes fed on her lustily. A shiver went down D’s spine as she looked into my eyes and saw a primal lust that needed to be quenched. We both knew that she alone could quench this lust of mine. Only D could satisfy me.

Her resistance slackened and she stopped fighting me. Her body was responding to her own desire, her own lust. I opened Danielle’s bra and gazed at her tits, a long awaited moment that did not disappoint. After so much time dreaming of her, fantasying about her, wanting her, craving her, needing her, here she was, her beautiful breasts on display for me, firm and warm, nipples hardened, ready for my touch. And my lust was on full display for her, rising in me to a new height as I feasted off the vision of her flesh.

My free hand went to D’s warm succulent breast and I played with the smooth flesh that I had dreamed of for so long. My thumb brushed her nipple as my fingertips took in her weight, and I held the object of my desire in my hand. I pinched D’s nipples with my fingers, and then pulled on them firmly, then massaged her with growing effect as I felt her body respond to my touch and I saw her own eyes glaze over with lust.

My cock was firm with desire and D felt it pressing against her body as I continued to pin her to the brick wall of the alley. When I pulled a pair of handcuffs out of my suit pocket her mouth opened wide, and I slapped them around her wrists before she could react further. My hand went back to my pocket and I fished out a length of rope, coiling it through the cuffs holding her wrists above her head, and then I swung the other end of the rope up and around a pipe attached to the building that ran horizontally above her head, tightening the rope so she was held in place with her arms over her head, still pressed against the wall of the bar. It was one of her fantasies, and now it was playing out in real life.

“My god, what are you doing to me?” A look of disbelief and lust mingled on her face.

My mouth moved to your ear: “Making you my captive.”

I felt the electric shock move through her body as I uttered those words, and my own beast rose up from deep within me. I was now past the point of stopping, past the point of resisting, past the point of turning back. Seeing her, hearing her, smelling her, and now touching her, I had no control over my own actions. I succumbed completely to my lust, and craven desire. I was a man controlled by a primal force that moved deep within me, a primal force responding to D, to her tantalizing body, to her strong will, to her depraved desires. I knew the dark lust that burned deep inside her, and it inflamed my own lust – D was now irresistible to me. I was a captive to my lust for her.

I bit her neck gently and then with more force as I worked my way down her tender flesh towards her breasts. My head buried itself between her mounds and she felt the warmth of my breath on her skin as I lingered there, nibbling, kissing, licking, biting her. Moving to one side, my tongue reached out and circled D’s flesh around the edge of her engorged nipple, teasing her without mercy, but not touching the nipple itself. One hand moved to her other breast and began to play with it, manipulate it, massage it, tweak her nipple, and then palm her tit and knead it before pinching and pulling on the nipple. All the while my mouth teased her other breast, and she squirmed, trying to move her body so as to place her nipple into my mouth, all without success. After what seemed like endless minutes, my tongue finally glanced across her nipple, gently flicking it, sending a shock through her body. Then my mouth moved and took D’s tit into my warm, wet opening, and I began to suck on her tit with deep pleasure. It was heaven. I sucked on D and then pinched her nipple between my upper teeth and my tongue, followed by the rapid flicking of my tongue over her nipple, causing her body to squirm more and more. D released a deep moan. And I repeated my movements over and over again.

My mouth and hands switched positions as I went to work on her other breast with my tongue, and her body continued to respond to my lips, my tongue, and my hand. D’s breathing became shallow, her breathes more labored, as little moans escaped her lips while I played with her succulent tits.

Then I stood up and looked into D’s eyes. I saw a deep hunger and unquenched lust. These were not the eyes of a faithful and loving wife looking at her husband. These were the eyes of a wanton woman, overcome with desire, out of control, needing to be taken and used by a rough man, a beast. This had nothing to do with love and everything to do with lust. D’s eyes confirmed what I already knew to be true; she needed this. And yet, her mind, her conscience, and her independent spirit fought it.

Through the delirium she spoke: “So this is why you came here? To take from me what Sam couldn’t take? To force yourself on me?”

“I’m not going to rape you D. I’m only going to give you what you want. What you crave. What your body needs. You’ve told me so yourself many times before.”

My voice was calm, determined. As I spoke my right hand moved from her tits, down her stomach, past the hem of her skirt, and found the warm flesh of D’s smooth leg. My fingers wrapped around her leg and then turned towards the inside of her thigh. She did not resist me and I felt her body respond to my touch. My hand began to push slowly up her thigh, my arm pushing her skirt up as my hand climbed higher. The feel of D’s bare skin was intoxicating to me, and I reveled in her body as my hand caressed her bare flesh. I reached the edge of her panty clad pussy and felt a blast oven radiating heat from her womanly delight. The heat emanating from D’s pussy was overwhelming. She was on fire. But she continued talking to me as I pulled back her panty to expose her swollen, moist, lips.

I gasped as I sucked in a breath, stunned by the beauty of your smooth pussy. Shaved, moist, swollen with sexual need, D’s pussy begged for my touch, and I was lost in her womanly charms. I felt my need for her more desperately than ever. I had to have her. Everything about her seduced me, and created a beast inside me, and now, gazing at her golden treasure, I was overcome with lust for her. There was no turning back. D would bend to my will. She would succumb to my animal lust. I would have her. I would make her mine.

D spoke. “That was fantasy. That was online talk. It’s not real. It’s a dream. I am not going to let you treat me like some slut or some whore. I am not going to let you seduce me to break my marital vows. You may think you know me, but you don’t know ….”

D’s voice was cut off mid-sentence as I pushed a finger into her bald pussy. She was dripping wet, and her mouth opened wide as she released a guttural moan. A second finger was inserted and I pushed deep into her cunt, penetrating her as far as I could, and the walls of D’s pussy contracted, tightening her grip around my fingers buried deep inside of her. I began to slowly finger fuck her, and her body responded in kind, moving to my fucking motions. I bent my fingers and scratched the inside walls of her pussy, and it sent a shiver through her. D’s eyes rolled back into her head and stayed there for a moment or two before they opened again to look at me.

“I’m not your whore. Let me down from here and let me go!” She said it with a force and fire that I loved, for it was her strength, independence and fire that drew me to her, that along with her deep seated lust, a lust she had long ago confided in me. But as forceful as her words were, her body told me a different story. She had stopped resisting me and her body was responding to my touch and meeting the thrusts of my fingers. She could have stopped me but chose not to. I might push her, but I would never force myself on her, and she knew that too.

My free hand grabbed D’s face roughly and pulled it to me, as I prepared to speak.

“You want this D. Admit it. You need it. This is what you have waited for.” My words were deep and sensuous with my own arousal.

“I won’t betray my husband. I’m a faithful wife, a good wife,” D was pleading with me now, but it was as if she had already recognized in her own mind that she had lost the battle with her own will, her own conscience.

She tried turning her head to look away from me, but I twisted it back, forcing her to look into my eyes as I spoke again, this time with more force.

“Really? A faithful wife? A good wife?”

I wasn’t going to let you off that easy, as I taunted her.

“Is that why you openly flaunted your body in the bar a few minutes ago? Is that why you unbuttoned another button on your blouse? Is that why you gave them a show and let them look up your skirt after shamelessly flirting with them like a single woman, a woman looking to get laid? “

The look in D’s eyes was a mixture of contempt and arousal. She knew what I said was true but she did not want to admit anything to me, did not want to give in to me. I just stared back into her eyes, where my beast was on full display.

My hand moved from her face to her throat as I wrapped my fingers around her neck and held her tight in my commanding grip. She was now putty in my hands, her body responding with pleasure to my every touch. I pushed her head back against the brick wall and looked her directly in the eyes, inches from her face as I spoke again.

“Admit it D, you love this. You want me to take you. You want me to make you do this. You don’t want to be the good little wife anymore. Not today. Not now. There is an animal deep inside you screaming to get out. I’ve got you tied up in an ally, finger fucking your pussy, and its soaked. You want this D more than anything else in the world right now. Just admit it. Tell me that you want me to take you. Say it.”

There was defiance in her eyes. And in her mind she struggled with the lust that had already betrayed her body and was now doing battle with her mind – a losing battle. D didn’t want to admit it, but being strung up in the alley like this, a piece of flesh ripe for the taking, excited her like nothing else she had ever experienced before. She didn’t want to be made love to. She wanted to be fucked. And the fact that she was married, and that this was so wrong, only excited her more. It was dirty, and she got off on being dirty. It inflamed her desire even more knowing how bad she were behaving, how she was betraying her husband. D was at this moment the bad girl, the dirty girl, and it excited her like nothing else could. She was living for only the moment, only for the physical sensations. But could she really admit that to me? A shiver went down her spine and her pussy was flooded with a new wave of her juices. If D’s mind was still fighting me, her body had already surrendered itself.

We stared at each other while I continued to finger fuck her gaping cunt, and her juices ran down her leg as her desire grew more intense. Seeing D there, strung up on a rope, arms above her head, tits hanging out, pussy completely exposed with my fingers jammed inside, pumping her, was an overwhelming visual stimulation for me. It was such a look of animal lust and wanton depravity, and though she did not have the same view of her body as I did, in some way her mind wandered to a spot behind me, and in an almost out of body experience, she looked down on her exposed body and this decadent couple, and shuddered at the debauched scene of carnal delight as a dirty smile appeared on her face. D’s senses were on overload as she dwelled on her own depravity.

In exasperation, she pleaded with me: “I can’t. Don’t make me do this.” It was almost a whimper.

“I’m not going to make you do anything D. I will not force myself on you.”

With that, I pulled my fingers out of her tight pussy, and she gasped as she felt the emptiness between her legs, and the loss of sexual stimulation. In that moment she knew that it was hopeless to fight her desire. She was completely consumed by her own lust and she had to have this.

The expression on D’s face was surprise, loss, and yearning, as she pushed her body towards my fingers, trying to make contact with my hand, trying to get me to fill her empty space again.

“What do you want D. Tell me,” Stern but quiet words from me.

She were flustered, didn’t want to say it, but she tried. “You know what I want.” The silent look from me told her that wasn’t want I wanted to hear.

“James, please. God I need your fingers inside me. Just do what you were doing.”

But I wanted more from you. “I know what you want D. I have always known what you crave, what you need from me. But I want to hear you say it. Tell me that I can have you. Tell me that you surrender your body to me.” I spoke with intensity.

“Fuck, you’re an animal!” She spit the words out.

“Yes D., I’m an animal, and that’s what you want. You want to be taken by an animal. But before I take you, I need to hear you admit it, to me and to yourself.” My eyes bore through her as I spoke.

D began to whimper “just put your fingers inside me. God, I need you. Isn't that enough?”

But it wasn’t enough. I pushed her more. “You know what you have to say D. Give yourself to me. Surrender.” My mouth was next to her ear and I all but growled the words.

There was a pregnant pause, then the words flew from D’s mouth in an enraged and aroused torrent.

“God damn you. Okay, you want me to say it? You want me to admit it? Fuck, have it your way. I want you! Take my body and make me cum!! Is that what you want to hear? I’m giving myself to you. I surrender!! Okay. Is that it? Or do you want me to admit that I’m an unfaithful fucking wife that wants to be fucked by a man I just met? Is that what you want James? Okay, I’m a fucking adulteress. Just use me!! Use my married body! I need to be used!! Fucking do it!!!!”

It was as if gasoline had been thrown on a fire, my eyes went wild, reflecting the lust of a beast, my nostrils flared, and my fingers pushed into D’s dripping cunt and began fucking it with abandon. She just opened her legs more and let out a small scream as I unleashed myself upon her body. Danielle’s steamy cunt was pouring out her liquid nectar, and it ran down her legs in a stream. My fingers were making dirty noises as they moved in and out of her sloppy pussy, and the filthy sound just fed our lust. My mouth moved back to one of her tits, clamping down on it and I began to suck her, while my free hand moved to her unclaimed tit, kneading it, rolling it, massaging it, and pulling on her nipple. D’s body was given over completely to me and it responded to my every touch. Her senses were overwhelmed, electrical shockwaves flowing from her pussy to her inner core, pushed on by more electrical shocks descending upon her from the breast I was sucking on, and yet more from the tit I was kneading. Wave after wave of sensation washed over her body as this triangle of currents stimulated her inner core. She were on fire, and my manipulations of her flesh drove her up the peak of the mountain of desire in ever increasing delight. Every bit of D’s flesh was screaming to be touched. She was panting like an animal, and urging me on.

“Gaaaaawwwwwwwd. Fucking good. Yes!! That’s it. Do me. God that feels so good. Don’t stop.”

Gone were thoughts of the prim and proper wife. Pushed out of her mind was any care for her husband or her marriage. Danielle released her cares as mother, as wife, and gave herself over to her carnal cravings. At this moment, she was a woman of inflamed desire, succumbing to her inner animal, releasing herself to the dark desires within. D was overcome with a sexual fire that blotted out everything else in her world. This was all about the physical sensation, the craving for stimulation and the drive to find the ultimate sexual release. This had nothing to do with love, it was all about lust. And she was now submitting to another man in her quest to find the ultimate glorious euphoria of a blinding orgasmic shock.

As I played with D’s body I fought back my own desire to take her in hand and penetrate her now with my enraged cock. I was a man possessed. Possessed by a lust that D had created, a lust that was in essence a response to her body, and her erotic and seductive ways. D had seduced me long before I saw her here today, seduced me with her mind, with the fire and passion of her soul, and with her devilishly tempting erotic desires and fantasies. I had known D for months and craved her more and more each day as she seduced me with her flirtations, her intelligence, the strength of her mind, and the depravity of her fantasies. She tempted me and tortured me until my body was aroused like a beast, a beast that aroused her own lust, and I could take absence from her no longer. I had to have her. I had to take her. My lust for D now governed all of my actions, and my finding her and using her body to fulfill my most primal desires became my all-consuming need. D had become my narcotic, and I needed a fix. But what I could not resist from a distance, what compelled me to come this great length to find her and make her mine, was nothing compared to the power she exercised over me once I stood face to face with her. Once in D’s presence, any semblance of civilized man left me, flew from me, and my soul was overwhelmed by the beast deep within me – the beast that D had created. I succumbed to the most primal, base instincts that man has, thoughts of my wife and family completely blotted out, there being but one goal before me, one primary function, that to satisfy my most depraved cravings and animal needs by using her body for my own delight and satisfaction.

I was nothing but an animal holding her captive to my most beastly cravings, and nothing could stop me now, no marital vows, no wedding ring, not love or decency – it was all about D, possessing her physically just as she had possessed me through the lust she had created and nourished in me.

She was lost in her own lust as she pressed her back against the wall, arms pulled over her head, legs spread enough for my fingers to penetrate her pussy and finger fuck her like the wanton woman she was. My thumb moved over her hood and pressed down on her engorged clit, and D’s body tensed as she let out a scream of delight, and I began to rub it , while my fingers still pushed in and out of her cunt.

I watched her face contort in pleasure as I worked her clit. By the time both of my hands were engaged in erotic play and teasing of her orifice and clit, she was lost in her own world of divine ecstasy. My fingers tenderly and aggressively rubbed her clit, circling and pushing, then I pinched it so very carefully between my thumb and fingers, sending another shock wave into her body. All the while my other hand was busy with her wet hole, thrusting two then three fingers in and out of her at an ever increasing tempo. D’s breathing was rough and ragged, she was moaning louder with each minute, and I loved watching her body responding to my touch, arousing itself to new heights of pleasure. Watching D, the most erotic and passionate woman I know, climb to the peak of arousal is the most exciting thing that I can imagine, and nothing can add to my excitement and pleasure more than watching her scale the peak to a blinding climax. And so I continued to manipulate her flesh, rubbing her clit, finger fucking her pussy, and now rimming her ass with another finger – all with the goal to bring every nerve ending in D’s body to overload, and hear her scream out in orgasmic delight. She were nearly there. It was then that I decided to push her over the edge, with my words.

“My god look at you. You dirty, filthy tease. Naked, in an alley. Your body a toy to be played with. And you love it! You need it!! This is what you have wanted D. This is what you have craved. You’re no man’s wife here. No one’s mother. You’re just a woman in heat that needs to get off. Tell me you need it. Tell me you need to cum D. Say it!!”

And she did, in grunts, as I continued to work her clit and pussy.

“Yes! I need this. I need to fucking cum! Don’t stop now. Give it to me. Make me cum. Oh god please make me cum!!!”

As I fingered her and played with her tits, D continued to talk, rant, sometimes scream at me:

“God that feels so good … Play with me, play with my married pussy … oh god, yes! … I’m your dirty plaything … fuck … yes, yes, right there … that’s it, play with me … God I’m such a dirty girl ….” On and on as I tortured her body and brought her closer and closer to orgasm.

She was so ready to cum, so ready to push past that final mountain top in a screaming blaze of overloaded sensations. D screamed and as she did, I felt her body tense, her back arch, and she let out a deep, guttural moan that wouldn’t end, becoming more of a scream as it trailed on, and it didn’t stop until all of the air in her lungs had been exhaled, and she gasped for breath, and then started wailing again. And as D climaxed, her cunt was flooded with her cum, and it poured out of her hole and ran down her leg as D’s entire body shuddered and spasmed. As the orgasm washed over her body, D’s face contorted into the perfect mixture of pleasure and complete overload, and she collapsed when it was over, the ropes holding her body up. I grabbed her, untied her, and took her into my arms to hold her from falling to the ground. When D’s eyes opened, there was a fog there, with a spark of lust shining through, as if a beacon were calling to me.

“I’ve got you D. Don’t worry, I’ve got you,” I whispered it into her ear as I held her tight, holding the woman of my lust filled fantasies, the woman of my greatest desire, pulling her into my arms and holding her tight. As Danielle looked back at me her lips curled up into a little dirty smile, and I saw pleasure written all over her face.

It was not long before D’s eyes bore into mine with a deepening lust. She had just cum and cum hard, but her fire was burning hot again. She had never done anything this dirty in her life before, and now that she had surrendered herself to me, and given herself over to the dark lust inside of her, it was clear that she craved more. And my eyes conveyed back to D my desire for her, my passion to have her, my need to take her and make her mine. D looked into my eyes and saw a brute animal, a craven beast, and it sent a chill down her spine and a splash of new liquid into her pussy. This was the moment she had long waited for, the living out of her darkest fantasy, right here, in a public alley, body exposed, ready to be fucked, not made love to, but fucked hard and rough like a slut, ready to be taken and used like a piece of property, warm womanly flesh ripe for a man’s pleasure. And D knew from the look in my eyes that she had aroused a beast inside of me that could not be stopped and would not be satisfied until I had taken her and used her body until there was nothing left for me to take and use. And she released herself to me in that moment, fully, completely, and without reservation. Her body belonged to me, and it excited her like nothing else had before.

D’s legs had regained their strength and as she straightened up I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her face right up to mine and spat out my words to her.

“Now It’s my turn D. Now I’m going to use your body to get off. I’m going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before, the way you have always wanted it. This is what your body needs, isn’t’ it? You don’t want me to make love to you like your nice husband does, do you?”

I pulled on D’s hair as if to emphasize my point, and demanded that she respond to me.

“Do you? Answer me!”

D let out a weak “no” and that did not satisfy me.

“That’s not good enough D. I want you to say it like you really mean it. I want to hear what you really want from me.”

My mouth was nearly touching the flesh of her face and she could feel the spit hit her checks as I spat out my words.

She complied with my demands and spoke out forcefully: “No. don’t make love to me. Fuck me.”

I just glared at her and she knew I demanded more.

“God dammit, I want you to fuck me! Take me! My body is yours. Use it. Fuck it. God damn treat me like an animal and fuck me like an animal, but just fuck me!! What do I have to do to get you to shut up and fuck me?!!” You were getting the hang of this, you knew what I wanted from you and now you spoke with conviction, with fervor.

“Show me what you want. Open up my pants and show me,” I leered into D’s eyes and saw lust overtake her more.

D’s hands were at my zipper and hungrily moved to release my hardened cock from its prison. As she pulled it out her, eyes widened and she looked greedily at the object of her desire, willing it to enter into her inflamed pussy and give her relief. D stared at my cock, then looked back into my face – a crazed, wild look having taken hold of her. My god, here she was, the good little wife, waiting impatiently to be fucked by a man she didn’t love. Look at what she has become.

I grabbed one of D’s arms with my free hand, and violently twisted her body around, using my grip on her hair, and my hold on her arm, and then forcefully pushed D up against the brick wall, her ass pointed at me and her face pressing hard against the cold surface, as my body pushed in behind her and pinned her once again to the wall – just the way she wanted it. D felt my hard cock press against her ass, and it pulsed with the beating of my heart. I reached down between her legs and as I did, her legs spread for me as if by involuntary reaction – nature’s response to a primal urge to be fucked. I reached up and grabbed her thong which had been pulled to the side, grabbing it tight in my hand, pulling it hard towards me and shredding it as I ripped it off her body. Instinctively D pushed her ass away from the wall and assumed the fuck position, making herself open and ready for my rod. I grabbed her around the waist and pulled her back towards me, and she felt the head of my cock pressing against her opening. Danielle’s steaming pussy warmed my aching flesh as I held her there, ready to plunge deep within her. My mouth moved to her ear and I growled.

“You’ve waited a long time for this, haven’t you D?”

Her response was a whimper of need. I pushed her face harder into the wall and using my grip on her hair, twisted her head back to look at me. I taunted her.

“But good little wives don’t do this sort of thing, do they?”

I drew my hand back and slapped hard across her ass. D let out a squeal and felt the twinge of pain, as my hand pulled away, leaving a deep red mark in its wake.

“You like that, don’t you? D. is a naughty girl and likes to be handled rough, don’t you?” I teased her.

She felt me pull my arm back and her body tensed, bracing for another slap on her ass. My hand came down harder, and I began to spank her bare ass – her skirt having been pushed up around her waist – alternating between ass checks, and D whaled in pain as she heard the smacks of my hand. The pain mixed with electrical charges that began to stimulate her pussy and all of the nerves of her body. Pain turned into sexual arousal and stimulation like she had never felt before. D was such a dirty girl and she felt the arousal of that recognition fully. She had never felt this way before, but she loved it – and I Ioved taking her there. D’s breathing became more labored and I felt her body respond to me, but she had not answered my questions. I spoke again.

“You didn’t answer me D. Good little wives don’t do this sort of thing, do they? Answer me D.”

I pulled hard on her hair and held her body tight and under my complete control. Now I was ensuring that her mind and passion were submitted to me as well as her body. When D didn’t respond I pushed her.

“Do they, D? Good little wives don’t go into a dark alley and let a man they just met fuck them, do they? But you aren’t a good little wife, are you D? “

She knew she had to respond to me if she was going to get what she craved, so D relented and gave in, expressing what she knew to be true but what her mind hated to admit. I was forcing her to admit who and what she was.

“No” Her words were slow, and determined, but loud and clear. “You know I’m not. You know what I want. A good wife doesn’t ask a man to fuck her like this. A good wife doesn’t beg to be fucked by another man.”

D was building up steam, gaining her confidence, feeling stronger, admitting what was in her heart here at this specific time, this specific place.

“Do you want me to say it? Do you want me to tell you that I’m an adulteress? That I want to betray my husband? That I want to cheat on him? Is that what you want?”

My one word answer in her ear: “Yes.”

D went on. “Fine. I want you to fuck my married pussy. Make me an adulteress. Make me betray my husband. Just do it. You know I’m not a good wife. Make me betray my vows. I want to betray my vows. Just fuck me!!”

D’s exasperation was growing, her need unbearable. I felt her body pushing back against mine, willing my cock to enter her, squirming in a lust fueled state like she had never felt before. She felt so dirty. Pushed up against the wall in a public alley, skirt hiked up around her waist, thong ripped off, tits hanging out, pussy dripping her nectar and needing my cock inside it so desperately. This raw, lewd scene only fueled D’s lust more. She felt like a craven woman with nothing in the world as desperately important right now than getting a cock inside her aching pussy. Nothing in her marital bed had ever felt this intense. Her need had never been greater. D felt like she was ready to explode. But I still was not satisfied.

“That’s a good start D. But if you aren’t a good wife, what does that make you?”

I could hear her gasp as she contemplated the question. “Why couldn’t I just fuck you?”, she thought. “Why couldn’t I just be happy using you?”. D’s mind struggled with that question and then realized that I wanted to control more than her body – I wanted all of her, including her mind. She was going to have to surrender her body, will and mind to me. Complete submission to me was what I wanted from her. As I spoke to D, one of my hands wrapped around her and pushed down her sweaty flesh towards her pussy. Such smooth, tender lips of bare flesh, nicely shaved and ready to be fucked. My hand went flat against D’s pussy, fingers not piercing her opening, and pulled her back hard against me, and she moaned as she heard me again in her ear.

“You’re such a naughty girl D. Just admit it. Admit what you want, and what you are. If you want me to fuck you, then you have to tell me.”

“Alright. You win!!” you screamed at me. “I’m an unfaithful wife. I want your cock inside me. No, I need your cock inside of me! If that makes me a slut, then I’m your fucking slut!! Are you happy now?!! Just put it in me and fuck me. Make me your slut. Fucking make me your slut!!!”

The words were barely out of her mouth when I thrust my cock into her tight cunt, impaling her fully in one hard thrust. She let out a gasp as I filled her open void, and her body was pushed hard against the wall as I pounded into her married hole. She was filled completely, and the sensation of friction took hold of the rest of her body as I began to fuck her hard and rough like a man possessed. I was a man possessed, possessed by a beast, possessed by a deep and overpowering lust for her. I had to have her, had to taste her, had to feel her body next to me, had to be deep inside her, using her flesh to satisfy my wanton desire. D’s pussy felt like heaven, a warm, velvety glove gripping my needy cock. I was in ecstasy, as my dream of finally subduing her, taking her captive and fucking her had been accomplished. I had lived for this moment, and it was fully satisfying in every way. My cock pushed in and out of her cunt with a fever I had never known before, her wet walls gripping me as I moved in and out of her slick opening with abandon.

D’s tits swayed violently as I pummeled her body, and the dirty, lewd sound made from my cock penetrating her sloppy wet cunt drove us deeper into a fog of lust. I pulled against her hips as I ground into her, sinking my ridged erection deep into her slick wet pussy. We both moaned in ecstasy as our bodies were joined together. I reached around her and twisted one of her nipples before tugging on it. She let out a gasp.

“You’re such a dirty girl D. Such a nasty woman. You love this! You love this dirty fucking. And god I love it. I love you giving yourself to me like this!!”

My words staggered out in gasps, between my thrusts, and they struck a chord deep inside of her. D began to scream back to me, her dirty words fueling her own sexual excitement, taking her to yet a higher level of stimulation and arousal.

D screamed out: “That’s right. Fuck me. Fuck your slut. I’m your filthy fuckslut!!”

She didn’t stop: “Use my body! It’s yours. Ravish me!”

D’s dirty words inflamed my need and hers as well. My body was arched over hers and I pounded into her seeping cunt as her fluids leaked down her inner thighs. Our bodies smashed together in a noisy cascade of rapid pounding and deep grunting, as we both sweated heavily together.

I grunted into her ear as I fucked her: “Your mine D. , …. I own you., …. Your body belongs to me!”

Danielle screeched back to me: “Use it! Use my body. Fuck my hole! I love being your slut. Do whatever you want to me. Just use me!!!”

“Fuck, you’re so nasty D!!!”

The depravity of it all sent us both into a sexual frenzy like we had never experienced before. The decadence of using each other’s bodies for nothing but physical stimulation and release, out here in the open where someone could find us, was exhilarating, thrilling, and overloaded our senses. Every nerve in our bodies screamed out in ecstasy.

The walls of her cunt sucked me inside, bringing me as deep as possible into her velvety paradise. D’s mouth dropped open as I increased the rhythm of my thrusts. Her knees went weak and she was barely able to hold herself up as I fucked her from behind, stabbing my cock deep inside her over and over again, our bodies slamming together in carnal knowledge. Danielle moaned and whaled, looking back at my face, and then rocked her body and rolled her hips, as I filled her tight pussy with my cock. You were desperate for this – desperate to cum. And you were rapidly climbing that summit and building to your peak, approaching the edge of total ecstasy.

You were ready. So needy. So close. And just as you prepared for the climax of your life, we both heard a sound and saw the bartender enter into the alley from the back door, stop, and stare at our public act of fucking. You gasped, your mind hesitating momentarily as I looked away from him and keep fucking you. The entire bar could empty into the alley but I wasn’t going to stop. I needed you more than I needed anything in my life and I was determined to finish this – to get off on your body and fill you with my married cum. In an instant, another electrical shock ripped through your body as you let yourself be watched in such an animal act of lust. It was so debauched, so obscene, and it sent you into a new realm of sexual arousal you didn’t think possible. I sensed this and pushed you further. I grabbed your hair, turned your head, and forced you to look back at him .

“Look at him D. Look into his eyes as I fuck you. Watch him while I fill you with cum! Keep looking at him while I empty my balls inside you.”

That was it. My words and the private audience pushed you over the edge. Your body couldn’t take any more stimulation. Your nerves were on overload, and so were mine. Your eyes locked onto the eyes of the bartender, and he could see the wild animal behind your dark pupils. In a wanton scream you let loose your final dirty words:

“I’m your fuck toy! Your piece of flesh. I need your cum. Give it to me. Give your slut what she needs. Give me your cum!!”

With that, Floods of intense heat overtook your body and your face twisted and contorted as your legs quaked uncontrollably. I held you firm. The walls of your pussy gripped my cock, milking me as you began to orgasm. I held your hips tight to keep in position, continuing my deep thrusts and violently slamming my throbbing erection into your pussy.

You went silent, biting down on your lip as your eyes rolled into the back of your head. Your climax took over. Your legs spasmed and you felt a blinding sensation overtake you. Every nerve in your body was on fire and the air escaped your lungs, leaving you to gasp for breath. Everything went black as you felt an erotic shock of glorious euphoria overcome your body, which started bucking uncontrollably. You gushed, cum flowing straight down your leg, soaking it, soaking me. I held you tight as you trembled.

Your contracting pussy walls suckled my organ as you came, begging for my cum. I let out an animalistic roar, and my cock erupted, shooting ribbons of seed into the depths of your cunt. My fingers dug into your flesh as my hips bucked into you. I coated your insides with my pearly load, and we collapsed together against the wall, totally spent and utterly satisfied.

I finally released you, and you turned around to face me, your back pressed against the wall of the bar for support. There you were, full of sweat, tits hanging out, cum running down your leg, and your pussy raw, open and on full display for me and the bartender who was standing but 15 feet away. You looked at me and smiled a dirty smile. I saw deep satisfaction in your eyes, those captivating eyes that haunted my fantasies. You turned your head and looked back to the bartender. You felt dirty. You had let me fuck you, violate your marital vows, in a filthy alley, in front of a stranger, and it had excited you. You had no sense of shame, no desire to cover up, no regrets. You stood there, cum oozing out of your cunt, looking into the lust filled eyes of the man you had flirted with earlier. Just a half hour ago you thought you were being naughty giving him a look down your shirt. Now you stood here, naked and fucked, with no inhibitions. You were embracing your darker desires and you now reveled in them. You had descended down a decadent path that brought you more stimulation and a harder climax than you could ever have imagined. There was no turning back now. You were my slut, my plaything. You knew that this wasn’t the end of our affair, it was just the beginning. There was so much more to explore, so many directions that our lust could take us in on this mission to let our primal passions possess us. We were on the road to depravity together, and we were going to enjoy every minute of our lust craven descent into the gutter.

You looked back to me, a question on your face. I read your mind. “the bartender. What now? What next?” I smiled a dirty smile at you, and your nipples hardened again as you opened your mouth and let out the laugh of a wanton women, a woman in heat. I bent down and kissed your soft lips, biting your lower lip, and sensed your renewed hunger. This was going to be one wild ride for both of us. And I pulled you tight as I hugged you and whispered into your ear:

“You’re the best D. And that was the best fuck of my life. No one comes close to you. No one excites me the way you do. No one can bring me to a climax like you can. No one can hold a candle to you D. You are the sexiest woman I know and by god the most seductive. You know you are the one that made all of this happen. You created the lust inside me that made this happen. You are the perfect woman to fulfill my fantasy, any man’s fantasy.”

You just smiled at me, and gently rubbed the side of my check with your hand.

“You know that I ‘m not done with you, don’t you?” I growled.

Your eyes locked on mine and I heard you say:

“You better not be done with me mister, because I’m not done with you either.”

And you pushed your head in and kissed me, just as we heard the bartender clear his throat.

Our heads turned together to look at him as we nuzzled each other, and you just let out a sexy giggle.

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