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Caribbean Temptation and Seduction: Chapter Three - The Submission

Caribbean Temptation and Seduction: Chapter Three - The Submission

A married woman’s escape into the temptations and seductions of the Caribbean
While part of a continuing story, this chapter can stand alone.

Brooke woke up the morning after her night of debauchery with a smile on her face. Her sleeping husband’s arm was wrapped around her naked body. The fog of morning slowly gave way to visions of the prior night.

Jake, the “bad boy”, and his cock buried deep in her mouth, as she deep throated this stranger in the dance club bathroom. The pounding her husband had given her from behind later that night, as she watched her sister play with three men outside her bedroom window. The vivid recollection of her own fuck session with her husband John, being turned into a peep show for a total stranger. Her husband was none the wiser about it.

The “peeper” was the stranger her sister Christy had brought “home” with her. This was the man without a name, that Brooke had given head to, while her husband slept. She gently rubbed her stomach as she remembered swallowing her second load of strangers’ cum in a few short hours last night. Brooke all but succumbed to his sexual charms, but somehow managed to resist actual penetration by him, thereby preserving her last measure of fidelity to her sleeping husband.

As she awoke from a night of temptation, the likes of which she had never faced since her marriage to John, there was only one real question in her own mind; how much longer she could resist these temptations?

She lay in bed, with her unsuspecting husband of three years. The exhilaration and tingling sensation at the memory of the past evening gave way to a feeling of guilt. How could she have done that? Two strangers in one night. True, she had held fast to her line and there was no penetration; no fucking. Yet after three years as a faithful wife she had twice, in one night, succumbed to an overpowering primal lust and given her body over to two men to play with.

She had enthusiastically sucked their cocks and swallowed their cum, like a porn star in a movie. More than that, she had loved every dirty minute of it. Brooke’s stomach turned as she recalled the discovery she made last night. She now realized that her husband couldn’t fully satisfy her sexual need, not because he wasn’t a good and adventurous lover, but because she loved him. Brooke needed -- craved -- the physical arousal and sensations that only the touch of a stranger could give her; dirty sex with a man that didn’t love her -- complete submission to her animal lust and primal cravings. Brooke needed to be taken and fucked, not made love to.

Perhaps back in their suburban bubble she could have resisted these temptations, but here, in this Caribbean island paradise, where temptation and seduction were in the very air that she breathed, she succumbed to the dark desires of her heart.

As the moments ticked by, Brooke made peace with herself. It was, after all, a vacation without boundaries, and she certainly proved that true in one evening. What John didn’t know couldn’t hurt him. Or so she told herself. The important thing for Brooke was that she let off some steam, and enjoy her passions, before she returned to the more confining world of her life back in the states.

Her guilt faded. She was determined to have some fun without getting too crazy in the next couple of weeks. What was past was past, and left behind. She could still have some sexy fun, without losing complete control again.

Letting out a deep breath, Brooke relaxed and made peace with herself. She began to select in her mind which tiny bikini she was going to wear that day, when they all went snorkeling. Her nipples hardened and her pussy tightened, as she imagined all the heads that she would soon be turning. Then a dirty smile grew on her face as she imagined the lust that she would be stirring in the husbands of the other woman. Stirring a man’s lust was Brooke’s favorite pastime, here or back in the states, and nothing was going to change that.

By the time Brooke was on the boat with her husband John, her sister Christy, and Christy’s “lover” Shawn, she had lost count of the number of men that had openly stared at her body on her walk to the dock. The tiny bikini barely covered her bountiful breasts, and shaven pussy. And the lack of lining was sure to garner more attention. The men all stared with lust filled eyes at her hardened nipples pushing through the material. Her swollen pussy lips were revealed perfectly by the clinging fabric. More than one wife or girlfriend hit, slapped, or pulled their man to break the trance like gaze at Brooke’s body, openly on display for all to see. She aroused the desire of every man that saw her, and the jealousy of each woman with a man that was looking. And they were all looking. Brooke fed off of this male arousal. It energized her and aroused her like nothing else could.

Of all the appreciative men that Brooke crossed paths with, the boat captain (turned snorkeling instructor) that was taking them out that day, had the biggest smile on his face. He slowly looked her up and down, taking in her beautiful form, as if to memorize every curve. The captain’s comfort in openly checking out John’s wife, made John uncomfortable, and he cleared his throat and told him that they were all aboard and ready to leave.

It was another perfect day in paradise. The foursome laughed and joked as the boat made its way out to sea. The party atmosphere was fueled in part by the liquor they drank, the sun on their tanned skin, and the salt water spraying in their faces, as they raced through the water towards their destination.

Though Brooke disliked Shawn, and his cockiness around women, she was glad that he loved snorkeling as much as she did. Neither her husband, nor her sister, were too excited for this outing (though they did enjoy being out in the water on the boat). Brooke found herself making dives with Shawn when the other two had tired of it, creating a small bond where only animosity had once existed.

As Brooke climbed the ladder into the boat after the last dive, the captain was there to give her a hand and pull her up. Shawn was behind her, his face close to her thong covered ass. Brooke being Brooke, wiggled her butt as a tease, and Shawn being Shawn, slapped her bare ass and called her a cock tease. Brooke froze on the ladder and her head snapped back to look down at Shawn. Her arms were upstretched, the captain looked down at her tits, and Shawn looked straight at her ass. It was the perfect position for an outrageous flirt. Sandwiched between two men giving her lecherous stares, an electrical current began pulsing through her body, shooting straight from her hardening nipples to her tingling pussy.

“Who’s a cock tease?” Brooke spoke in protest. Her voice was all innocence, and she batted her eye lashes at Shawn. There was no hesitation in his response:

“Damn Brooke, I have never seen a woman flaunt her body at men in such a provocative way as you do. Fuck, it’s as if you were the star stripper at a men’s club the way you parade around. You do these little dance moves and shakes, all the while dripping seduction with every word you utter, and every look you give.” As he said it, he mimicked Brooke by wiggling his body.

“Come now Shawn, it’s just little old me in a bikini. I’m not the only woman walking around in one of these things you know.” She smiled down at him, that flirtatious smile so many men loved.

Shawn didn’t take his eyes off of her ass as he began his reply: “Well, none of them have this perfect ass of yours, and none of them are shaking it in my face.”

His voice was dripping with lust. As he spoke, Shawn’s right hand slid up to Brooke’s bare ass, and he began to gently massage her right cheek. As he touched her, Shawn locked eyes with Brooke, challenging her.

Brooke was not one to back down to a challenge, and Shawn knew this. Her eyes tightened as she stared back at him.

In a teasing voice Brooke rose to his challenge: “So you like to feel up my ass while my husband and your girlfriend are below deck a few feet away? Is that how you get your kicks Shawn?”

Her eyes did not turn away from his nor did she blink, and the captain stood above her, watching with growing interest as these two peacocks tussled.

“She’s not my girlfriend. She’s my toy. And yes Brooke, I do get my kicks out of rubbing your ass while your husband sits a few feet away, oblivious to it all. And what’s more, you do too.”

Shawn’s hand was still rubbing her ass when Brooke threw back her head and broke into a laugh.

“You can think that if you like Shawn, but believe me, there is nothing about you that tempts me, or gives me any kind of kick.”

With that, Brooke pulled herself up into the boat, pushed past the amazed captain, and strutted towards the cabin, with its blaring music, to get a drink. The exchange had shaken her, not that she let on. Brooke was used to being in control – with men fawning all over her – and to being the one in charge. Here the tables had been turned on her. Brooke’s only way to deal with it was to make a joke of it and then make a quick escape.

She was also troubled by the realization that she enjoyed Shawn’s hand pawing her ass.

Her mind was in a swirl as she gulped down a drink, trying to come to terms with the fact that her body had responded to the touch of a man that she despised. How could her body betray her mind like that? It was a discomforting thought, but one she quickly pushed aside.

The rest of the afternoon was filled with food, more drinks, and sunbathing on deck. The talk soon turned to the topic of more dancing that night, at yet a different night club. The captain assured them the music was better, the people more beautiful, and the setting more romantic, than the club they had been to the night before. It was enough to persuade Brooke, so plans were made for another night of fun, flirtation and dancing.

By the time the two couples reached the club, they were already buzzed from the drinks they’d had that afternoon. The first thing they did was find a table, and order a round of drinks. The building was vibrating to the music, the lights were dim, and the drinks were strong. The good captain had been right about this place being full of beautiful people, for they were surrounded by young, in-shape, tempting bodies in scanty clothing – all gyrating to the heavy beat of the music. But his idea of romantic may have missed the mark, as he confused romance with erotic. High up in the club rafters were three “cages,” each containing a nearly naked man and woman dancing provocatively together. Grinding together might be a better way to describe it. It was as close to a show of foreplay as was legally possible. It added an electric element to an already sexually charged atmosphere.

John looked about the place with concern, but Brooke’s squeal of delight and her obvious excitement at being there, quickly ended his hope to leave. He swallowed hard and pushed down his discomfort at this open display of sexuality, both in the paid dancers as well as on the dance floor. The patrons took their cue from the cages, and openly fondled one another as they danced and grinded in a decadent display.

Brooke was in heaven. This was the perfect place to display her body, flirt, tease and completely let lose. Here she could be the object of display to an adoring and lusting group of men that were not bashful about enjoying her sexy body. A body which was barely wrapped up in a short, tight white dress, with a plunging neckline that all but revealed her tits. Sitting was a challenge unless she wanted to flash her microscopic thong. Leaning over was sure to reveal more than an eyeful -- and most likely a nipple – all to the delight of the buff men that were already captivated by Brooke’s sexuality. It oozed from her and enveloped the men around her like a fog that they could not escape. Nor did they want to. She was captivating, and John grew uneasy as men openly stared at her, lust in their eyes, and sex clearly on their minds. There was no doubt what each man looking at Brooke wanted to do with her. Dancing was only a stepping stone towards their ultimate goal in the fulfillment of their undisguised desire.

Dancing with his wife did not exactly ease John’s concerns about this place, especially since he knew that Brooke would want to get out on the dance floor with someone who could dance better than he did. Men continued to stare at Brooke as they danced near her, brushing their bodies against hers in the tight confines of the dance floor. This was something that seemed more intentional than accidental. John and Brooke danced on for several dances before returning to the table for more drinks. Even the waiter was openly staring down Brooke’s dress as he took her order, and consciously bent over her to get a better look as he returned with her drink.

“I know that you are going to want to dance with someone that does it better than me Brooke…” John’s voice faltered at that point before he continued. “…but, I’m just not sure about the men in this place. It has the atmosphere of … well, it just seems like the kind of place where men, ah, well, where they …”

Brooke finished John’s sentence for him: “Where men take advantage of women and pick them up for a one night stand? Is that what you’re worried about John? That some guy is going to seduce me on the dance floor and have his way with me?”

The look in John’s eyes and the expression on his face answered her question. Brooke went on to reassure her husband that she would be careful tonight, and that there was nothing to worry about. She loved him and was not going to let anything ruin their love for each other. And if it made him feel better, she would even limit her dancing to him – her husband with two left feet – and to Shawn, her sister’s lover, a gifted dancer, and the man that she despised.

The look of relief on John’s face was priceless. While Shawn was a wolf and ladies’ man, known to seduce married women whenever he could, John knew that his wife despised him. So the thought of them dancing together did not worry him in the least. Shawn was a great dancer, and loved it as much as Brooke did, so it seemed like the best and safest solution to John.

When Christy and Shawn returned to the table for drinks, John asked Shawn if he would mind dancing with his wife, to keep her safe from the lecherous men out on the dance floor.

“And you trust her with me?” Shawn’s voice was laden with surprise.

John laughed hard and then replied, “Well Shawn, let’s just put it this way. I may not trust you, but I have no doubt that my wife is more than motivated and able to fend off any moves that you may try to put on her. We both know that she is not part of your fan club.”

Shawn looked at John, and then at Brooke, who sat their stone faced, and then back to John and said,

“You are right about that. It will be like dancing with a woman with ice in her veins.”

At that, the entire table erupted in laughter, and they all relaxed and finished their drinks. Since Shawn was now slated to be Brooke’s dance partner, Christy jumped up to find a man to hit the dance floor with, and disappeared into the crowd. She was soon followed by Brooke and Shawn, and John lost sight of them as they melded deep into the crowd of dancing revelers. He ordered another drink and sat back in his chair, scanning the room and enjoying the parade of sexy women in their revealing clothing.

Shawn pulled Brooke to the back of the dance floor, far away from the prying eyes of her husband John. Brooke knew that he was trying to get her to a place where he could make a play for her, but she was not worried in the least. John was right, she really didn’t like Shawn. Alarm bells might have sounded in her mind, if she had thought about the way her body had reacted to his touch this morning, but she too thought of herself as the ice woman when it came to this man.

They both threw themselves into the music, and danced together as if they had been partners for years – their moves mirroring each other perfectly in time to the beat. Their bodies moved together as one, touching, sliding, and gyrating together as they lost themselves in the heavy rhythm of the music. It was effortless, as they danced on, song after song, working up a sheen of perspiration as their bodies worked out to the drumming beat.

The music and dance energized Brooke, as did the electricity she felt from their bodies moving against each other in this mating ritual of dance. Brooke was lost in the music, lost to the moment, caught up in the sexual energy and excitement that she had always known on the dance floor. She did not pause to realize that her body was reacting to Shawn’s, as it would to any other sexy man she had partnered with. It seemed so natural for her to respond this way. She simply gave in to the excitement of the moment.

Here she was dancing with a man she didn’t like, a man that she had no fear of, but enjoying the touch and feel of their bodies blending together. They were sliding up and down, back and forth, as if they were lovers. Shawn’s hands were all over her, pulling Brooke into him, holding her close, feeling her hair, her neck, her bare back, her soft ass.

This is what Brooke loved about dancing. The feel of a man’s body against her own. The look of lust in his eyes. The arousal of his touch. The urgent desire felt as his cock pushed against her body. Brooke fed off a man’s desire and the current of electricity that shot between her breasts and her pussy. From her finger tips to her toes, she was overwhelmed with desire and raw lust. She pressed herself against him and reveled in the animal lust she felt, as she ground her pelvis into his cock. All the while she was looking straight in his eyes, with a hard stare of sexual need. Shawn responded by grabbing Brooke’s ass firmly with both hands, and pulling her harder into his cock as he thrust it up and down – dry humping her there on the dance floor.

“You like getting me hard, don’t you?” Shawn spoke over the music into Brooke’s ear.

“Damn right I do. Silly question Shawn. Every woman loves to arouse a man. Any man. It gives us a feeling of power. Of control.” Brooke was not hesitant in her response.

“But I thought you despised me?” Shawn was enjoying this.

“I don’t have to like a man to enjoy the effect that I have on him Shawn.”

“Here in paradise, you pretend to be such a bad girl Brooke, but I know better. You are the good little dutiful wife. I know what the other guys here don’t know. You’re all show and don’t really have what it takes to truly tease, tempt, play and seduce a man on the dance floor.”

Shawn’s words were a taunt to her. And he knew exactly what he was doing. As he spoke, Shawn’s hand moved to Brooke’s breast, and squeezed her tit through the fabric. He stared directly into her eyes as he openly pawed her, daring her to brush his hand aside. And as he suspected, Brooke rose to the challenge. She was not one to back down from a dare easily. She glared back into his eyes and spoke coldly to him.

“I can play the game as well, or better, than any woman on this dance floor Shawn. Don’t underestimate me.”

“Oh really? Are you telling me that the married woman I’m holding (he squeezed her boob for added emphasis) is really a bad ass seductress?” There was disbelief in his voice, but his hand remained on Brooke’s breast, and she had did not push it away.

“I’m not an adulteress, Shawn, but I am no angel either. I let my hair down on the dance floor as much as anyone.” There was certain defiance in her voice.

“So you’re not little Miss innocent after all?” Shawn sounded incredulous, and his hand gave her breast another squeeze. “Don’t tell me that you are a dirty girl now?” Sarcasm rang in his voice as he pinched her nipple.

Shawn knew he had her when a small gasp escaped from her lips and her eyes briefly closed. But Brooke didn’t know it yet, and she still played the game, thinking she was in control of the situation. She recovered quickly and looked back into his eyes as she addressed him.

“I’m telling you that I can play the game better than anyone here, and what happens on the dance floor, stays on the dance floor. It’s is only a little dirty fun. No harm is done.”

With one hand again massaging her boob, and another now seductively rubbing her ass, Shawn replied, “So you aren’t going to slap me for feeling you up on the dance floor then?”

His eyebrows wiggled up and down in jest and he cracked a lecherous smile. Brooke cocked her head to the side as she spoke. “And that’s somehow worse than your grinding your hard cock into me all night long?”

“Hey, just wanted to make sure I wasn’t breaking any of the ice queen’s rules,” Shawn replied with a laugh.

“There are no rules on the dance floor silly.” She said it with that innocence and lust combined that only Brooke’s voice could achieve.

As they talked and teased back and forth, Shawn continued to play with Brooke’s tits, rubbing them, kneading them, twisting and pulling on her nipples, and palming them through the fabric. All the while his other hand was massaging her ass, and moving closer and closer to her inside thighs, where he stroked her in an expert fashion. Clearly Shawn was experienced at seducing women. His gentle stroking and soft whispers into Brooke’s ear was having its intended effect. Her body continued to respond to his touch.

This was his moment to move. Not only was she deeply aroused, she could not back down now. Shawn’s hand, still on her breast, pushed the fabric of her dress to the side and grabbed onto her left tit – flesh against flesh -- giving it a good squeeze and cupping her firmly. She made no protest. Brooke’s only response was a wicked smile of delight. And when Shawn took her hard nipple between his fingers and squeezed it tight, she let out a moan of delight as she closed her eyes.

Brooke was in a trance; a sexual trance. Her eyes were shrouded in a cloud of lust; a primal lust that had overpowered her. She may despise the man that was holding her against his body, but her body had responded to his. She succumbed to the dark, primal lust inside her. It was not love that drew her to this man. It was raw lust. And the fact that she didn’t like him only aroused her more, in a dirty way. Brooke’s body responded to Shawn’s in this ritualized mating dance.

Just as she had done the night before, Brooke was overwhelmed by a primal sexual need from deep within. She let go of all restraint, allowing her animal lust to overcome any sense of propriety, or any sense of fidelity. She ground her body against Shawn’s, massaging his hard cock by pushing her frame tightly against his. And as she looked into his eyes, it was with a challenge, as if she was taunting him, and thinking, if not saying, “Is that all you’ve got?”

Shawn pinched her naked nipple again, and the fingertips of his other hand pushed up her thigh and glanced across the fabric of her wet thong. At the same time, he ground his cock into her. A gasp escaped from Brooke’s lips and her body responded by pushing into Shawn harder, grinding down on his cock. She was lost in lust.

“You’re a very dirty girl, Brooke.” Shawn’s voice was deep and full of desire. As he spoke to her, Shawn’s hands continued to play with her bare breast, and her bare ass.

“Only on the dance floor, so don’t get any ideas.” Brooke spoke matter-of-factly, but she continued to grind into Shawn’s hard cock.

“Do you do this often? Play with a man, toy with him on the dance floor?” Shawn truly did want to know.

“Not really since I married John, but I’m experienced at this art. I know how to tease a man on the dance floor and walk away,” Brooke taunted him.

“Then you really are a cock tease, aren’t you? Just like I told you on the boat this afternoon. You like to bring out the wolf in a man, and then tell him no. But beware Brooke, not all wolves will take no for an answer once you have aroused them.” Shawn’s voice grew darker, and his eyes narrowed, as he said this.

“Is that supposed to frighten me or something?” She was not the least bit intimidated.

“Actually Brooke, I am beginning to think it might arouse you, not frighten you.”

“You can think whatever you like Shawn, but that doesn’t make it true.” Brooke laughed hard, only encouraging Shawn to push her farther.

Shawn’s hand cupped Brooke’s ass and began a descent down her crevice, tracing a line directly to her two holes. With the fingertip pressing against the first opening, Shawn pulled her face to his and kissed her on the mouth. As he applied more pressure to her opening, she let out a gasp. His hand continued on, his fingers moving slowly down. Brooke’s legs spread without thought, and Shawn’s fingers moved closer to her dripping wet pussy. As his fingertips touched the sliver of material guarding her womanhood, Brooke felt the excitement of the moment, and her pussy soaked itself even more.

Finding no resistance, Shawn pulled the tiny thong to the side, and teased the edge of Brooke’s swollen lips in a circular motion. She had all but stopped dancing, and was there in his embrace, offering her body to him for his touch, as if they were alone in some private place. She ached for his touch, and twisted her frame to try to make contact with his fingers.

After a seemingly endless torture, he finally pushed his fingers into her waiting, pussy. Electrical shock waves pushed through Brooke’s body. She was overwhelmed by his touch and her need. She pushed back against his fingers, willing them to penetrate her deeper. After a few thrusts, he pulled out and found her clit, applying just the right pressure to send Brooke into a deep audible moan of pure pleasure. It sounded more animal than human, but then Brooke’s animal instincts had taken control of her, so the response was natural.

Wanting more than he could get on the dance floor, Shawn grabbed Brooked and pulled her through the crowd towards the back door. Pushing through, they found themselves in the dark on a secluded beach-side. Dragging by the arm her through the warm sand, towards a grouping of palm trees. He pushed her up against a tree, and began to kiss her deeply and passionately.

He reached down, found her tiny thong, and with a strong grip and a sharp pull, ripped it from her body. The shredding fabric being pulled from her startled her, but Brooke did not break their kiss. Now Shawn’s hands were freely roaming her body. He was playing with her tits, fully exposed to the salty air, and rubbing her pussy, so wet and ready to be used.

His fingers began to penetrate her tight pussy and provided welcome stimulation as he finger fucked her. He alternated his assault on her pussy with a move to her clit. He rubbed her clit, bringing her ever closer to orgasm, only to pull back from the edge, and repeat it all over again.

Brooke’s breathing was labored, her pussy on fire, and her nipples sent electrical charges to every nerve ending in her body. It was most keenly felt in her cunt, which was pulsating with need. She was moaning now, holding nothing back from him. Brooke was a woman in heat, and she didn’t care who it was that was going to give her what she craved – what she needed.

Her sister’s man may be taking advantage of her, but she wanted to be taken advantage of. She may despise him, but the dirtiness of being used and pleased by a man she despised, only inflamed her desire more. She may be betraying her sister and her husband together, but somehow the dirty act of betrayal only excited her more. Dark, depraved desire overtook Brooke, and she embraced it completely. Brooke’s dress slipped from her body to the sand, as Shawn opening toyed with her. He played her body like a great artist would play a Stradivarius .

There she was, on a warm evening, at a sandy beach in paradise, cumming on Shawn’s fingers as he expertly fingered her. Eyes closed as she gasped for breath, moans turned to harder cries, her body tensed in climax. Wave after wave of orgasm overcame Brooke. Shawn did not relent on her pussy -- he continued his assault on her clit. Overwhelmed in climax, she begged for him to stop, not thinking she could take anymore. But her actions told him otherwise, and he did not relent. Brooke was glad he didn’t. She lost count of how many times she came on his fingers.

Finally, in a wild scream of delight, she came so hard that she lost control of her body. He held her there, pinned to the tree, as her cum ran down her leg in a river of arousal and satisfaction. She collapsed into Shawn’s arms, her body shaking from the intensive climax.

When Brooke had recovered, she saw Shawn standing there with his hard cock in his hands, stroking himself to the pleasures of her naked body. She was about to move to her knees to address his need, when Shawn wrapped a hand around her neck and pushed her back against the trunk of the tree. There was a look of confusion in her eyes. She didn’t understand why he was stopping her.

“I want more than your mouth, Brooke. I want all of you.”

His voice was husky, eyes shrouded in lust, and a certain look of beastly menace was on his face. Brooke tried to protest, but Shawn would have none of it.

“When I pulled you from that dance floor and dragged you out here, you know what I was going to do with you, didn’t you?” He almost growled the words. “Look at me!”

Brooke had diverted her eyes, she hesitated and he tightened the grip around her neck. She looked up and saw a beast staring back at her. It both frightened her and excited her.

Her voice was halting now: “No. I … I can’t.”

Anger rose in Shawn’s voice as he replied with steady emphasis. “Oh yes you can. And you will! Fuck, you want this girl. You want this more than anything else.” Shawn’s face was down next to her ear, and she felt him spit the words out.

“Admit it! You knew I was going to fuck you when you came out here!” He was yelling now. “Say it! Don’t play the innocent girl with me. I know you Brooke. I know what you want. I know who you are. I know what you are…”

He left the words hanging in the air. And he was right. She knew what he would do to her when she came with him, and she wanted it; wanted to betray her husband with this man that she despised. The ultimate dirty sex, giving herself over to a man she didn’t like. It was all about physical stimulation, lust, and craven desire. It had nothing remotely to do with love, and it made her feel dirty.

Dirty excited her, and this was the dirtiest thing she had ever encountered. Sure, she had fucked strangers before she had married, and that was dirty. But it didn’t compare to the raw, dirty, depravity of fucking a man she despised out of an uncontrollable animal lust. And nothing else could come close to the feeling of the double betrayal. Becoming the unfaithful wife at the same time she betrayed her sister by fucking her man.

It was true. Shawn knew her. And he knew that she craved this more than she had ever craved anything before. For the first time in her life, she had lost control. This dark, dirty, deceitful man, held her in a power that she could not begin to understand. But somehow, that too inflamed her lust. She was captive to her lust, and held captive by this man that she could not control.

Finally, with a strong voice, she admitted the truth. “Yes. You’re right. I knew that you were going to fuck me when you brought me out here. Are you happy now?” She threw the question back at him, defiance in her voice.

Shawn pushed his cock to her wet opening, holding it pressed against her, but not penetrating her. “Say it. Tell me what you want.” His voice was eerily calm, quiet, at ease.

“I already told you what you want to hear. Just do it.” There was an anxious edge to Brooke’s voice now.

“No. Not until you tell me what you want. Say it. Tell me what you want me to give you. Tell me what you want me to do.” His voice was more intense, as he pushed her and taunted her.

“Damn you.” Brooke was practically screaming now. “You arrogant, sexist, pig. You think you are irresistible. You think every woman has to have you. You sick predator. Just take what you want from me. Fucking do it!!”

“You just can’t bring yourself to say it, can’t you? You can’t tell the man you hate, that you need his cock buried deep inside your cunt, can you? Well gorgeous, you’re not getting anything else from me unless I hear the words I want to hear from your mouth.” There was anger in his voice, and confidence. He knew that he had her. He knew that he had won. He knew that he would get what he wanted from her. And he was right.

With a sigh, and after a pause, the words poured out of Brooke like a rushing stream.

“Fuck me you dirty bastard. Take that cock of yours, ram it in my tight cunt, and fuck it like you own it. Betray my little sister and fuck me! I want it. I need it! Turn me into a fucking adulteress, but just do it! Fuck me hard, and dirty, and make me cum on your cock!”

She was screaming now, and Shawn didn’t wait any longer. With a forceful thrust, he buried his hard, throbbing cock deep into her pussy, impaling her in one move. It took her breath away and Brooke gasped.

Then Shawn began to fuck her like the animal he was, pounding into her like a beast out of control, filling her velvety tight cunt with his large cock. It was all that she had hoped and craved; a dirty man, fucking her, out of raw lust, in a dirty way, on the open beach, where strangers might see. He pounded in and out of her with such force and power, she could hardly breathe – her body being slammed back into the rough tree trunk, tearing at her skin. The pain morphed into sexual pleasure. Brooke reveled in the sexual pummeling he was giving her. She might have trouble explaining the marks on her back to her husband, but that thought didn’t enter her mind now.

She was lost in a cloud of lust, and focused completely and totally on the cock that was ravaging her needy cunt -sending sensations through her body more powerful than she had ever felt before. If she thought of anything else at all, it was the fear and excitement of Shawn’s hand gripping her neck, tightening in a show of power and control over her – over her body, and over her will. She belonged to him now. She had surrendered herself to him. And she reveled in the dirty sensation of this bad man owning her and using her for his own pleasure.

As Shawn continued to ravage her body, Brooke saw movement in the shadows close by. They were being watched. In normal circumstances, she would have run for cover, but these were not normal circumstances. Not only was Shawn gripping her by the neck, pinning her to the tree as he fucked her, but Brooke was completely consumed by lust and could not break free from the feelings of a building climax. Brooke was captive to this man fucking her, and to her own sexual need.

The stranger stepped out of the shadows and in the moon light, Brooke recognized his face. Here stood the captain of the boat from early that day. The man that undressed her with his lecherous looks just a few hours before, was now gazing upon her naked body, as Shawn fucked her with abandon. Their eyes locked, and as the situation sank into her consciousness, electrical shocks rocked her body. She fed off this dark, dirty exhibitionism, and her building climax intensified as she drank in her own depravity. He took out his cock and began stroking it while he watched Brooke get fucked. She felt Shawn’s tempo increase to a frantic pace, and then his body tense. He was about to fill her perfect pussy full of the cum she craved. She encouraged him with her words.

“Yes. Fuck your slut. Fill me with your hot cum. Use my married cunt and cum inside me. Fuck me good, you bad boy. Take me and fill me!!”

All the while Brooke continued to stare into the eyes of the captain. Her dirty words aroused both men, and pushed Shawn over the edge. As he came in her, Brooke felt her own orgasm overtaking her body; a response to the frenzied fucking she was getting by her “brother in law,” and her locked eyes on the dirty man that was enjoying this live sex show. As Shawn grunted with each shot of cum, Brooke’s moans turned into a low howl, and then a scream as her body shook in orgasmic bliss – her mind and all of her nerves overloaded with sensual stimulation, shock, and pleasure. Her body quaked as she screamed, and their animal chorus rang out loud and clear on that moonlit beach – unafraid of who might hear them.

Shawn was pleased with his conquest. He never failed to fuck a woman that he targeted, and he was pleased to keep his perfect record. He loved seducing married women, but then Shawn liked dirty fucks. This was even dirtier, as he just fucked the sister of his main squeeze. It gave an extra edge and intensity to the fuck. And Brooke was a great fuck. She had the perfect, tight, pussy that grabbed his cock and milked it good. Shawn knew he would have to have her again. He could think of more than a few dirty scenarios that he would like to push on her.

It was then that he finally realized that they were not alone on the beach. Shawn turned and saw the boat captain, and rather than finding embarrassment, he found opportunity. Shawn motioned the captain over, and Brooke’s eyes went wide.

“You want to fuck her too?”

The captain’s response to Shawn’s question was quick and firm. Brooke’s weak protests were muffled as Shawn wrapped his hand around her mouth. The excitement in her eyes told him all that he needed to know. She wanted this. She wouldn’t admit it, but she wanted it. And he was right. It was one of her dirtiest fantasies.

Shawn turned her around, bent her over, and offered her to this new man. With her face pushed up against the tree, the Captain wasted no time in finding his target. His cock pushed smoothly into her well used pussy, still dripping with Shawn’s cum. Clearly, he was not concerned about getting sloppy seconds.

Brooke couldn’t believe what was happening to her. She had broken her no penetration rule with Shawn, and now a near stranger was fucking her cunt with abandon. But she didn’t fight it. In fact, she was surprised to find building pleasure in the walls of her pussy as she was fucked for the second time that night. Brooke began pushing her ass back to meet the thrusts of this lecherous man. Somehow it excited her to give herself to a man like this. “My god, I really am a slut,” she thought to herself.

As she said that, her hand moved to her clit and she began to work it with a fever and furor that she had not known before. With Shawn acting as cheerleader, telling her what a bad girl she was, what a perfect slut she was, and telling her of all the depraved things he was going to do to her in the weeks ahead, Brooke felt the orgasm building again. It struck her hard, and wave after wave hit her as she came on this bad man’s cock. As the walls of her pussy tightened, gripping the captain’s cock like a vice, she felt him spasm and shoot load after load of hot, heavy cum into her swollen, cum filled cunt. She was in orgasmic bliss. As he withdrew from her, the captain disappeared back into the shadows. Brooke collapsed into the arms of Shawn, who held her and cradled her as he praised her for embracing her dark and dirty side.

“I always knew it was there,” Shawn said. “I know a fellow traveler when I see one. I felt the connection, deep down. A craving and dark desire; an animal need. All I had to do was tap into it and release it.”

“You can’t tell John.” There was fear in her voice.

“Of course not. And I know you won’t tell Christy.”

“Oh fuck. I’ve betrayed my husband and my sister with one man,” Brooke said.

“Yes you have. You are a very bad girl Brooke, a very dirty girl. And now, you are my dirty girl. You know that I’m not done with you.” Shawn gave her a devilish grin.

“That’s what I was afraid of, and ...” Her voice trailed off.

“Don’t stop. Finish your thought,” Shawn urged her.

Brooke, with a look of resignation, looked up at Shawn and continued.

“It’s what I was afraid of, and excited for. Have you ever feared something and craved it at the same time?” she asked.

“That’s what I specialize in,” Shawn replied, and gave her a wink.

As he spoke, a shudder went through Brooke’s body, and she knew that there were no boundaries that could contain her on this journey she had begun; this road to depravity.

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